Phartford Files: Surrogate Racism, Conscience and Voting in Parliament

Submitted by Ironside

After a long break, I was hoping to postpone my return to this blog and come back with a less political issue than the recent legislation passed in parliament. No such luck! So let me get right to it.

If we had any doubt that this BLP administration is NOT FOR POOR PEOPLE, that doubt was pharted out load and clear with the passage of the Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill 2020.

Can you imagine somebody borrowing three to five thousand dollars from a credit union to repair a house or even add a “water-toilet” to a house and having to move somewhere else while the construction is in progress? Move where? Into their representatives’ luxury dog houses? Up their backsides? THAT would be very uncomfortable, Ms. Caddle!

Right now, we are just very pissed!

Did we actually vote for you to oppress us? To play God? What kind of anti-democracy is this? The time is coming; is now upon us, when we are going to have to ask and answer this question with passion: How can we achieve remission of these serial sins perpetrated on the people of Barbados by this government?

Now as far as I can see, the fronting Ms. Caddle is a black woman; same Harris colour range I see in the HOA. So is this racism? No! it is surrogate racism! This is a case where one race perpetrates discrimination on its own race on behalf of another race because they belong to the same class as the oppressing race or is beholden to that class. It’s complicated, I know. But it does sound familiar, no?

Only conscience-dead, soul-neutralized , control conniving, power-hungry, party-before-people representatives would even think of some of the provisions of this law, far less dare to pass it in the lower house where they sit as paunch-bellied, fatted calves put there unwittingly by a desperate but unthinking electorate. We already know that many of them ain’t going to get back their seats. But they don’t know that. Yet!

Some of these de-souled representatives should spend some time on a psychiatrist’s couch trying to understand why they are such control freaks! Hard job because I suspect it is more African nature than Caribbean nurture. But if you have lost your soul, there ain’t much left to psycho-analyze, is there?

But we get it! Hotels are in the dump, so we “have” to give them business! Architects can’t get million dollar work so cut out the small draftsman who charges on average $800 – $1,100 (as against about $6000 on average by architects) to help you meet TCP regulations.

I have a few questions for these architects; why wunnh doan get up off wunnah lazy arses and market wunnah services across the region? (a few do by the way). You really think you can become millionaires in Barbados by exploiting membership in or connections to a party? You think we foolish? You really want to charge a man or woman with some tenantry land $6000 to design a simple, no frills bungalow? Is he or she supposed to borrow that too? Dear God!

And just when you think some kind of investment commonsense would prevail in Barbados, we have Hyatt. Only idiots would think that Barbados needs more hotel rooms. A load of speculative crap! That is what I love about covid-19! Showed up all the shitty thinking about more hotel rooms, brands etc!

Hyatt is not about hotel rooms. It is about property transfer to the already propertied and the creation of an opportunity to rub backs, massage palms and God knows what else! And well correlated with this Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill 2020. But, no real change in the structure of the economy!

The economy was in a tail spin even before covid-19 so the government has got to divert attention from the fact that it has no real programme for creating long-term jobs, despite all the high-level consultative meetings and covid-19 rhetoric inspired by a WHO-Chinese Communist Party conspiracy.

All of this comes after sending home several thousand civil servants as part of an IMF agreement which the electorate agreed to with both eyes open! And who were the first casualties? Women: the same “mesmiated” women who more than likely will be the ones repairing or improving their homes. What a fiasco!

Excellent attempt at bull shitting, all around, though!

But we are thankful for the brave battle fought by Caswell Franklin, the PDP and independent senators. Guys you did the best you could. Now that the government knows that we didn’t grow up stupid under the trident, here is what it needs to do:

Please show us that democracy in this country is not dead! If you “care” about democracy, that is!

But here is what the people themselves must do for themselves going forward: keep tabs on the voting patterns of its representatives. This pharticidal, farcical excreta about “party first” must stop. Since we can’t recall OUR representatives we need to pressure their tails. Poor people should know whether representatives like Cynthia Forde voted for this bill. Having positioned herself as a champion of poor / elderly people, voting for this bill wouldn’t make sense. Our representatives need to vote with their consciences; if they have any left!

The media – including this blog – must now do its share and post the names of those who vote for and against a bill. As well as those who were conveniently absent themselves for the vote. This is not privileged information. It is the people’s information. It is a logical right of citizens in a democracy. This government pays EACH minister $17,000 plus perks per month from the tax payer’s purse. Thousands have lost their jobs! What poetic injustice! Time to yank the ropes on the fatted calves.



  • “How can someone who refused to support the Black Lives Matter campaign, on the bogus excuse of her position in CARICOM, now claim to support the call for reparations?”

    “Mr. Beckles’s own reparations campaign originated with a phone call. The United Nations was preparing to convene its first global conference on race and racism. The 2001 summit, in South Africa, would be an opportunity to reckon with slavery and colonialism on the world stage. Mia Mottley, education minister of Barbados at the time, was calling to ask if he would lead their country’s delegation.”

    Maybe because she’s not now coming to the reparations table? “We need a global recognition that historical injustices require an apology from the world,” says Barbados Education Minister Mia Mottley”


  • What these people gone and get themselves involved in though..


  • It’s not sustainable and cannot be tolerated anymore…we have reached the part where it must be exposed at the international level….it has to be wrestled to the ground, it has become a living thing…

    “Foster: It will hurt country

    Added 27 October 2018

    Dereck Foster

    Day to support Black businesses in Barbados Read MoreRecord job creation in US Read MoreYes, WI can, says Simmons Read MoreBottas gets win in F1 season-opener Read MoreWanted: A more efficient airport Read MoreLow-hanging fruit for all Read MoreSesame Street special tackles COVID Read More
    Businessman Dereck Foster is warning that corruption is “the biggest single problem” facing Barbados.

    Foster, who is executive chairman of Automotive Art, the Caribbean’s largest automotive aftermarket retailer, said the country was facing “tough economic times” and “the short term is going to be painful for lots of businesses”.

    But he stressed: “I think the biggest issue in Barbados by far, and that needs to be addressed in the most urgent and severe manner, is the issue of the level of corruption throughout the society.”

    Foster, whose business operates throughout the Caribbean, and has operations in the United States and Europe, said while he was hearing a lot about rooting out corruption at the Government level, he also wanted members of the local business community, who were found to be corrupt, to face “dire consequences”.

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  • @ WURA-War-on-U July 7, 2020 7:01 PM
    “It’s not sustainable and cannot be tolerated anymore…we have reached the part where it must be exposed at the international level….it has to be wrestled to the ground, it has become a living thing…”

    And that is the reason that will be behind any refusal to pay any reparations, in cash, for chattel slavery in the English-speaking Caribbean territories.

    If these tin-pot dictators for black West Indian politicians cannot avoid the temptation of converting their own taxpayers’ hard earned money into their own piggybanks what would you expect they will do with any ‘Reparations’ cash bounty manna dispensed from this ATM heaven.

    Just take a perusal of the many Auditor-General’s reports and see what these politicians and their collaborators have done to the ‘forced’ savings of hard-working taxpayers over the last 25 or so years in order to ‘foresee’ what will be in store for the proceeds from any ATM ‘reparations’ deal.

    The mantra still remains:

    ‘Reparations, Yes! Money or cash settlements, a big resounding NO!’

    At least not under the control of the current crop of educated crooks for politicians.

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  • Got that right Miller…the people have to show Mia who is boss, don’t think she and her gang of sell outs and colony overseers are understanding that THEY WILL BE REMOVED…they are not continuing a slave society with the victim’s own money into another generation…they will be brought up on charges if they continue to SABOTAGE BLACK EFFORTS to be independent, self-sufficient and prevent the people from using their own money to progress, create wealth and sustain themselves and to create positive futures for their future generations, if she and her fellow thieves in the minority community continue to rip off the black majority to enrich themselves, the people are understanding now that they all MUST BE STOPPED…


  • Yes Crooks/Rats and sell outs in the parliament, you continue to violate the rights of the Black majority 50 years post independence, both you and the Crooks in the minority community, the criminal class posing as the private sector…. and something must be done about all of you basura.

    This Article of human rights speaks for itself. The African descended in the Diaspora in the Caribbean and the Americas as a collective have the right to self autonomy, particularly when their lives, futures, wellbeing, their right to equal opportunities, their right to access to their own money, their right to be free from colonialism and modern day slavery, their right to exist, their descendant’s right to a future are all threatened generationally by corrupt governments.

    ▼Article XXI. Right to autonomy or self-government 1. Indigenous peoples, in exercising their right to selfdetermination, have the right to autonomy or selfgovernment in matters relating to their internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing their autonomous functions. 2. Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and develop their own decision-making institutions. They also have the right to participate in decision-making in matters which would affect their rights. They may do so directly or through their representatives, and in accordance with their own norms, procedures, and traditions. They also have the right to equal opportunities in accessing and participating fully and effectively as peoples in all national institutions and forums, including deliberative bodies


  • This is how the African descended BAJANS INCLUDED…come together as a collective…


  • The frauds in the parliament are at it again, no consultations with THE PEOPLE on how and with whom THEIR MONEY is being spent…which new crooks or same old crooks they’re introducing into the lives of the people…..but they are getting one thing right, they continue to import basura like themselves…….watch and monitor them intently….because note on nelson they want a consultation with the people, on marijuana, they want a consultation with the people….the sell outs in motion.

    “The deeply controversial Cahill waste-to-energy project by the former Government is dead and buried but the Mottley administration is about to unveil another waste-energy facility on the same spot at Vaucluse, St Thomas.

    The revelation has come from Minister of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce Dwight Sutherland as he led off debate today in the House of Assembly on two companion pieces of legislation – the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) Amendment Bill 2020 and the Utilities Regulation Amendment Bill 2020.

    While the Minister did not reveal the identity of the investors behind the $320 million project, he said the biomass energy plant would rely on 20 per cent local organic waste, while 80 per cent of the waste required by the facility would be imported. He further touted the project’s ability to generate a good returns on investment and create several jobs for Barbadians.”


  • When the racists still believe they are large and in charge..


  • Dear Nouvel Arrivants,

    You will not find a more pliable set of people anywhere on this planet. In fact, Bajans continue to boast about how they were the best slaves. Please continue to make as much money as you can while bribing the moronic politicians and disrespecting the natives. With the full and enthusiastic support of The 95%, you will soon control 100% of the medium-sized to large businesses. Leave the nut vending and grass cutting to the acquiescent locals.

    A. Dullard


  • David
    “If we can focus on the substantive issue raised- from your reading, is there a plan to make the certificate a requirement to get insurance for the property?”

    I haven’t a clue what the plan is to be. But I imagine that if a national building code becomes law that it will be a reference point for mortgagors and insurers. Just makes sense all around.


  • @enuff

    There your earlier point that many of the adhoc home improvements by working class people may be affected if the certificate becomes a requirement for insurance and other compliance orders. It will conflict with the message that poor people insure their properties to use a simple example. How can we avert this as an issue?


  • William Skinner

    I may be wrong but I think one of the major requirements of getting a chattel house insured is that it is attached to the foundation. Many of us will remember when we just used to put down four or six big corner soft stones , depending on the size of the house, and then pack the rocks to fill in what we called the “ foundation”. As early as the late 70s – mid eighties, the insurance companies began make having the houses actually attached to the foundation a requirement for coverage.
    Perhaps they now have other requirements.

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  • NorthernObserver

    Insurance operations are smart. Once you PAY they are quiet. The problem comes when you file a claim, and anything is missing or lacking approval/certificates. The claim is denied.
    Since under “building” there are multiple pieces of legislation, the issuance of an occupancy permit usually includes certification of payment to suppliers, and is referenced to the timing on the placement of charges (liens).
    In ‘old Barbados’ one reason why so many block exteriors were unrendered or without pigmented coating, related to a level of completion and tax bills/payments.
    All these “improvements” will raise the value for tax?
    Expect property tax to rise sharply and be base X1, X2, X3 etc depending on construction and residency of the owner. Another method to encourage passport sales.

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  • @NO

    Thanks. An informed national debate is required. The average Bajan takes so many things for granted. They do not show enough curiosity about matters that will affect them, especially big ticket items.

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  • Piece the Prophet

    @ Dullard

    De ole man doan see you here too regularly

    Mostly cause I dont be here meself heheheheh

    You said and I quote

    “…With the full and enthusiastic support of The 95%, you will soon control 100% of the medium-sized to large businesses.

    Leave the nut vending and grass cutting to the acquiescent locals.

    A. Dullard”

    Bajans is some of de most stoopid people on de planet!

    But dem feel dem bright as RH.

    And like to talk nuff bout dem accomplishments.

    While going back irreversibly to Pre Emancipation days

    With eyes wide open we have a nation of blind people with eyes “wide shut”

    Leave them for when their disaster cometh they will then and only then understand the seriousness of their plight.

    Just a little more needs to happen

    Sit quietly and watch!

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  • Vincent is seeing clearly now…Piece.

    “Vincent Haynes Christopher Robinson….start wrong end wrong…..races do not exist…..presumably what he is trying to say is that it was wrong for one ethnic group to seek to split from another ethnic group who were their colonial masters with it’s history and all it implies, as happened with Bim in ’66…..he seems to have forgotten that at Bretton Woods in 1943 the US told the UK to divest itself of it’s colonies in order to borrow money which was paid off in 2005 and it was a mutuality of will that created our departure from the kingdom……the destruction of the sugar industry since 1966 is agreed…….Nelson’s removal will affect the UNESCO status and rob the country of being able to tell it’s history…….trying to argue based on a mythical point is foolishness…..race was a colonial construct in order to divide and rule in order to feed it’s greed through the capitalist system.”


  • Here we go again
    Here we go, here we go, here we go again
    Here we go, here we go, here we go again
    Here we go, here we go, here we go again
    Here we go again
    Here we go again
    Here we go, here we go, here we go again
    Here we go, here we go, here we go again
    Here we go, here we go
    Here we go again
    The deeply controversial Cahill waste-to-energy project by the former Government is dead and buried but the Mottley administration is about to unveil another waste-energy facility on the same spot at Vaucluse, St Thomas.

    I noticed that PLT has already delivered a broadside against the proposed spending on the project

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  • Was the Bretton Woods conference in 1943? It is true that Harry Dexter White, if any single person, was the Father of Barbados independence because he was the person who told Keynes to get rid of the colonies.
    The papers are in the Library of Congress.

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  • NorthernObserver

    Is Cahill dead? Wasn’t there some form of legal action by some “successor” entity. Is this the ‘settlement’?


  • @NO

    Yes this was confirmed by the prime minister. She has not updated the matter to suggest it was resolved amicably read without adversely affecting the public purse.


  • Now…… are these people mad? How can they be announcing another waste to energy plant in this climate? Haven’t they got the memo????? This is a time of change!

    This is blatant disrespect to the people! How do you come and expect to put lipstick on a DLP pig and expect us not to know that it is now just a BLP pig? STILL A PIG!

    No discussion. No explanation as to the difference. No disclosure of the parties involved.

    They think we are to distracted to care? No, no! We understand quite well that when we are in a hole this will only bury us deeper.

    They have the gall to think that the promise of jobs will make people forgetful? Preying on desperation???

    There are other ways to create jobs that are far more useful!


  • Correction – too distracted


  • A recent study has shown that East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) are less likely than South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis) and whites to attain leadership roles in American organisations.

    Researchers from MIT Sloan School of Management, Columbia Business School and the University of Michigan examined this problem to understand the scope and root causes of what is referred to as the ‘Bamboo Ceiling’ — as bamboos have played an economic and cultural role across Asia…(Quote)


  • .”Nelson’s removal will affect the UNESCO status and rob the country of being able to tell it’s history…”

    which translates to …nelson’s removal will affect their ability, the sell outs in the parliament and the minority thieves to tell their barrels of lies effectively to another generation of the Black majority….and sell even more lies to gullible tourists who would believe any old shite that makes them feel superior…..

    i gotta post that committee report again, on the decision made at taxpayer’s expense to remove that racist statute over 20 years ago..


  • Build Black…buy Black…don’t mind the frauds in the parliament…

    “Danielle Mullen, the owner of Semicolon Bookstore, a Black-owned book store in Chicago, says that the global Black Lives Matter campaign has resulted in a huge financial boost for her business. She says that her store has gone from selling 3,000 books a week to 50,000 books a week.”


  • @ Donna July 8, 2020 4:14 PM
    “This is blatant disrespect to the people! How do you come and expect to put lipstick on a DLP pig and expect us not to know that it is now just a BLP pig? STILL A PIG!”

    How else would the kickback pigs identified by their red lipstick get their share of the consultancy and legal fees from the taxpayers’ trough just like the previous set of hogs painted in blue and yellow?

    We know who will be footing the bill for these pre-project-implementation fees but the ‘Big’ question still remains:

    Where would that rather large sum of capital investment money (whether it be Bajan dollars or US$) be coming from as was the in the case of the Cahill heist?

    Tell the Bajan public where is the ‘foreign’ money coming from to finance this reincarnated Cahill-like project and then the taxpayers might just be prepared to back, financially the project which has been in the works since the days of the Greenland ‘toffee’ dump.

    These crooked black politicians just can’t help themselves, can they now!

    God bless the prophet “Piece de Legend” for prescient warnings!


  • Cahill was not proposing a biomass WTE plant. Theirs was waste period, including tyres. When last I checked, I don’t think tyres were biomass. I don’t anything about the economics, so I can’t weigh in on that aspect.

    David – Incentive!


  • “Tell the Bajan public where is the ‘foreign’ money coming from to finance this reincarnated Cahill-like project and then the taxpayers might just be prepared to back, financially the project which has been in the works since the days of the Greenland ‘toffee’ dump.”

    we can be sure of one thing in the lastest scam to rip off the treasury….when it’s all over, the taxpayer’s, the majority populaton will once again BE SUED by the time BLP is kicked out of the parliament we will be hearing all about it…it is A TREND……..another layer of scamming for the thieves in the parliament and their fellow thieves in the minority community and whomever else they recruited to help them to set up the people for explotation and robbery.


  • Enuff,

    After the controversy of the Cahill project you don’t come and casually toss this out as a done deal!

    Who in their right mind would trust this sneakiness????

    If this is an above board project, it is bungled communication!

    These people are showing arrogance. They are not learning. Their heads are hard. Hard ears yuh wun hear??? By and by……


  • Buy Black…support Black businesses ONLY..

    It’s only the bevy of frauds and thieves in and out of your parliament cant see that Black businesses are the future….newsflash for Mia and her minority thieves, it’s called BLACK SOLIDARITY worldwide….so FIRE BURN your evil attempts to keep Barbados as a modern day slave ssociety at the people’s expense…….you stinking trash..

    “An earlier report published on theGrio noted that July 7 was designated as a day of solidarity in America, where Black people were urged to support Black-owned businesses only.

    “This movement is an awakening of the national consciousness of Black people in America and abroad.” The website reads, “We need economic solidarity in America amongst all Black people unequivocally.

    “Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and his agency Roc Nation have taken out multiple full-page ads in newspapers across the country highlighting Black businesses.

    According to BET, dozens of Black businesses were highlighted by Carter in The New York Times, The Denver Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Austin American Statement, The Orlando Sentinel, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.”


  • Barbados is famous for having a corrupt judiciary that violates the international rights of the Black majority and intentionally block any fairness and justice in the court, while promoting crimes against those impacted, allowing a white dirty, sexual predator from UK to assault a Black female and politically interfering in the judicial process so he can walk free is but one of thousands of example, effectively making sure that the female got no justice, that is the Mia government…they promote and maintain corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges and a corrupt DPPs office all at the expense of the majority, who have never seen any real justice to benefit them their children and grandchildren since 1966..

    All indigenous African descended have the right to equality, the judicial systems in various countries that continue to discriminate against the African descended by daily dispensing inequality and discrimination are violating those human rights.

    ▼Article XXII. Indigenous law and jurisdiction 1. Indigenous peoples have the right to promote, develop and maintain their institutional structures and their distinctive customs, spirituality, traditions, procedures, practices and, in the cases where they exist, juridical systems or customs, in accordance with international human rights standards. 2. 3. Indigenous law and legal systems shall be recognized and respected by national, regional and international legal systems. Matters concerning indigenous individuals or their rights or interests in the jurisdiction of each State shall be conducted in such a way as to afford indigenous individuals the right to full representation with dignity and equality before the law. Consequently, they are entitled, without discrimination, to equal protection and benefit of the law, including the use of linguistic and cultural interpreters.

    States shall take effective measures in conjunction with indigenous peoples to ensure the implementation of this article.


  • Barbados Today with another good editorial totally mirroring our comments here with one solid kernel on all these hasty decisions and walk backs after public outcry.

    Is this government trying to test how far it can go?

    Lynette Holder also sharing licks on the ‘level playing field’.

    This is a new day! We did not share thirty lashes for nothing!

    The answer to the question how far you can go is – it is time to put in a reverse!

    A word to the wise.


  • This is a surprise. However, given that this current government is one of integrity and intellect, we can surely expect that detail of the investors and the ultimate ownership of the plant will be forthcoming.

    Unlike that of the Cahill which was actually a shell company in the Channel Islands, with absolutely no relationship to the real Cahill group in Canada.

    Will be interesting to see the ownership structure, even if there is no government input, because for projects of national significance, such ownership structure should be declared. However, I am sure that the persons in the current excellent government are well aware of this.

    If the government is involved, then some cos analysis and projections of savings to the country will be forthcoming, we may expect.

    Good news that we have progress.


  • @Crusoe

    Let us agree we need a WTE solution to attack the piles of garbage being dumped in landfills and gullies. However this does not negate the importance of the government being transparent. It can learn from the Cahill fiasco.


  • So instead of Kerry the Fraud of parliament make sure his CLIENT gets his compensation from Massy to take care of himself and his family, he is writing letters to the injured man who has a family WITH BELLIES TO FEED …and talking shite about he is being disgraced when the piece of shit went out of his way TO DISGRACE HIMSELF.

    Now his lowlife scum lawyer actions got people asking if he collected the compensation THEN LOANED HIS INJURED CLIENT HIS OWN MONEY…many lawyers in Barbados are stink like that…it’s nothing new.


  • @ Hogging the Blog

    Why you don’t stop misleading BU? Why you don’t do some research first to understand what you doing?

    The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People is a non-legally-binding resolution passed by the United Nations in 2007. Among the indigenous peoples are those of the Americas (for example, the Lakota in the USA, the Mayas in Guatemala or the Aymaras in Bolivia), the Inuit and Aleutians of the circumpolar region, the Saami of northern Europe, the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders of Australia and the Maori of New Zealand. {Quote}

    It don’t got nothing to do wid the descendants of Africans dat get bring to the West Indies as slaves.

    Click to access 5session_factsheet1.pdf


    Hogging the Blog = 57


  • Well this is the result of corrupt leaders kn the Caribbean and their own selfish AGENDAS which includes NEVER putting the Black majority populations first…they believe once elected that it’s all about them and THEIR CORRUPTION.

    Mia wanted to be famous…well there she blows…famous for all the wrong reasons. Don’t care about the BLACK population who elected her, pay her and her fellow parasites in the parliament salaries, the same black people who fund the whole island….she believes a dirty centuries old racist statue meant to degrade and demean the majority population is more important than black lives….she believes that evil, tiefing fraudulent minority racists are more IMPORTANT than Black businesses, she believes that minority thieves and criminals are more entitled to the marijuana than the black majority she still helps criminalize for the plant hence she is telling herself that the plantations she recently put in the hands of minority racists who are now retrofitting them as marijuana slave plantations for the black population to work on…will be a success.

    get rid of Mia, she is anti-black and self-hating and hate the idea of progressiveand wealthy BLACK SOCIETY.


    (Adopted at the third plenary session,
    held on June 15, 2016)


  • “BEARING IN MIND the progress achieved at the
    international level in recognizing the rights of indigenous
    peoples, especially Convention No. 169 of the International
    Labour Organization and the United Nations Declaration
    on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
    BEARING IN MIND ALSO the progress made in nations
    of the Americas at the constitutional, legislative, and
    jurisprudential levels to safeguard, promote, and protect
    the rights of indigenous peoples, as well as the political will
    of states to continue their progress toward recognition of
    the rights of indigenous peoples in the Americas;
    RECALLING the commitments undertaken by the
    member states to guarantee, promote, and protect the
    rights and institutions of indigenous peoples, including
    those undertaken at the Third and Fourth Summits of the
    RECALLING ALSO the universality, inseparability, and
    interdependence of human rights recognized under
    international law;”


  • ya see the ni*ger Robert telling ya straight up that black people are not indigenous to the the Caribbenb or anywhere else and neither do they have any international human rights…i dare him to bring any Articles that says so…

    i dare him to bring any document that says so..

    i dare him to point out in any of the ariticles i will continue to post, that black people in the Americas and the Caribbean are not included and have no international human rights.


  • Many of the first slaves were brought to Latino countries by the tens of millions and they ARE ALL BLACK…many were already in Latino countries BEFORE THE transatlantic slave trade….so those Articles on international human rights, according to robert the ignorant shithead……DO NOT APPLY TO THEM EITHER…because they are Black and of African descent…therefore not human…

    those who yall favor with light skin and fair hair…ARE THE DESCENDANTS of TAINO INDIANS…many of us also carry their bloodlines…they too are INDIGENOUS to the Americas…

    Colombia is the only country that opted out of 1 Article……which has nothing to do with anything…


  • “Currently, in Latin America and the Caribbean the population continues to increase and age steadily. The region will experience an increase in the population of older adults that makes the formulation of new policies that ensure a better quality of life for elderly people indispensable.”

    when these laws are being formulated for Latin America….the Caribbean is included, it is part of the AMERICAS…but don’t expect the dumb, backward and ignorant yardfowl to know this…same way they deliberately ignore the laws protecting the elderly in Barbados that were specifially ratified FOR LATIN AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN ELDERLY….same way they ignore all laws that protect the human rights of the majority Black population..

    Show me any Article that says those international laws ONLY APPLY to Latin American countries…


  • The ignorant negro carries a CURSE…

    Neither of those two corrupt black face governments told the people about the San Jose Charter on the rights of the elderly in Barbados either….in their minds, they do not count, have no rights and are not human..;_ylu=X3oDMTEyazNpcWwwBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQzAwOTRfMQRzZWMDc3I-/RV=2/RE=1593637652/RO=10/

    “We, the representatives of the Governments gathered in San José, Costa Rica, from 8 to 11 May 2012 at the Third
    Regional Intergovernmental Conference on Ageing in Latin America and the Caribbean,
    Determined to identify the key actions relating to the human rights and social protection of older persons
    in Latin America and the Caribbean..

    Aware that age continues to be an explicit and symbolic basis for discrimination which affects the
    exercise of all human rights in old age and that older persons require special attention from the State,
    Expressing concern over the dispersion of measures to protect the rights of older persons at the
    international level, which hinders their implementation and results in a lack of protection at the national level,
    Convinced that it is essential to take additional steps to protect the civil, political, economic, social and
    cultural rights of older persons, including the possibility of developing new international instruments,
    Recognizing that, despite the efforts made by several countries in the region to incorporate greater
    solidarity into their social protection systems and expand the protection of the human rights of older persons,
    limitations and exclusions persist, which affects the quality of life and dignity of these persons.”

    Did Barbados ever ratify this San Jose Charter on the Rights of the Elderly in Latin America and the CARIBBEAN.. THAT THEY ARE ALSO SIGNATORY TO…..i won’t hold my breath because from the Supreme Court to the Bar Association, to the Parliament and everyone else sees the elderly as convenient targets to be robbed and abused, their estates stolen, their beneficiaries robbed, their bank accounts robbed and everyone has been having a field day abusing the elderly from the 1960s.

    I know they ALL IGNORE THE CONTENTS OF THIS AGREEMENT/Charter…especially as it dictates the EXPEDITING OF ALL LEGAL MATTERS pertaining to the elderly in the judicial process, they deliberately ignore that section and DRAG vulnerable elderly people, many with health issues, through the repulsive court system FOR YEARS on end….maliciously stressing them out until they DIE….savages..

    and all of them who love to jump into the media with their pretense and empty lip service hves always known about all the abuse toward the elderly using the Supreme Court, because some of them have been in the parliament over 30 years.

    The Charter explicitly states that the elderly from the AGE OF 60 should have all their matters LEGAL and otherwise expedited PROMPTLY …especially in THE JUDICIARY…

    the wretches in the parliament and bar association are still holding on to that document and not IMPLEMENTING anything in it like the crabs they all are.

    ..just like they are still holding on to the International Human Rights for the Indigenous Africans/Caribbeans in the Americas and are only now looking at it since they have been EXPOSED…..but there is nothing in that document to CYA cover your asses…. with…


  • Definition for fools who sit in front of computers and don’t know how to do research…we already know that the gaggle of lawyers in the parliament are INCAPABLE of translating or interpreting simple documents, even nonlegal ones….we know…so they will need layman’s help..

    if ya ask 50 lawyers in Barbados for legal interpretations…ya get 50 different answers…


    the quality of involving or being shared by all people or things in the world or in a particular group:
    “we affirm the universality of human rights”

    “RECALLING ALSO the universality, inseparability, and
    interdependence of human rights recognized under
    international law;”

    What do you mean by inseparability?

    incapable of being separated, parted, or disjoined: inseparable companions. noun Usually inseparables. inseparable objects, qualities, etc. inseparable companions or friends.


    the dependence of two or more people or things on each other:
    “the new economic interdependence of the two nations”


  • Now if the useless fowls are up for scratching and digging, they can go dig up that Blog where Comissiong was hot and sweaty to INCLUDE the Venezuelans and i can’t remember if he said other latin countries IN THE AMERICAS… i thought he meant the descendants of slaves ….in his scam to get reparations for the enslavement of the AFRICAN DESCENDED…..yall should ask him WHY….least that is whom i thought he meant, but ya never know with these sell out, lying deceitful negros….i even took a turn in his ass and asked how come Venezuela did not give reparations to their BLACK CITIZENS when they were enriching themselves only with OIL WEALTH for decades….black citizens they mistreat, oppress and exploit STILL…

    yall can also ask Blogmaster to help ya find the blog,


  • why do they even bother with schools in Barbados…when some who think they are bright do not understand simple things.

    Understanding the term “indigenous”
    Considering the diversity of indigenous peoples, an official definition of “indigenous” has not been adopted by
    any UN-system body. Instead the system has developed a modern understanding of this term based on the

    well i rest my case…as i said, in the minds of the ignorant…indigenous…a very LOOSE definitiion…only applies to people with fair skin and curly or straight hair…ENSLAVED originally by spanairds and portuguese…in the minds of the ignorant…it does not apply to people of African descent …..

    …….it is a SELF-IDENTIFYING description….there were Blacks in the Caribbean with their OWN LANGUAGES and OWN cultures thousands of years pre colonial invaders…….there are still descendants alive TODAY…there were Blacks in the US thousands of years before colonial invaders…. with their own languages and cultures…descendants still ALIVE TODAY……..inseparability..

    ….it does not take away from the fact that African slaves brought to the CARIBBEAN…the AMERICAS… had their own languages, own cultures and were COLONIZED, exploited , DISPLACED AND DISPOSSESSED…nor that the AFRICAN DESCENDED who were brought as slaves..MIXED WITH those who were in the Caribbean …precolonial invaders…….they too can CLAIM INDIGENOUS STATUS…..inseparability.

    BTW…since you are looking at some old ass document from 2007…and obviously knew NOTHING about the 2016 document on human rights….it never separated the latin countries from the other countries IN THE AMERICAS……INSEPARABILITY..

    …. nor the indigenous in the Caribbean nor the indigenous in the US and Canada from other indigenous groups and cultures, it NEVER stated that the African descended pre or post colonial invaders WERE EXCLUDED…..inseparablity……. that you in ya dumbness believe that only certain countries are the only indigenous……it specifically says INDIGENOUS TO THE AMERICAS another very broad and LOOSE description…..fool…


  • Definition for fools who sit in front of computers and don’t know how to do research…we already know that the gaggle of lawyers in the parliament are INCAPABLE of translating or interpreting simple documents, even nonlegal ones….we know…so they will need layman’s help.. {Quote}

    @ Hogging the Blog

    You real ignorant yuh hear. You post a whole heap uh shyte that definitely show we that you don’t know what yuh talking bout. Yuh know why? None of the information you does copy and paste to BU is your original thinking. It does be somebody else thoughts. You expect to copy and paste things here and everybody gine say “you go, girl” and nobody shouldn’t ask you nothing and should take it for granted that you got all this knowledge?
    The reason why you does get flustered and does curse and get on bad when anybody challenge you bout it, is because yuh don’t know and yuh can’t explain other people work.

    First things first, I gine show you how yuh CONFUSING yuh stupid self. EVERYBODY reading how you INTERCHANGING DEFINITIONS BETWEEN universal human rights law, universal declaration of human rights and declaration on the rights of indigenous people.

    Fool, idiot, foolish bitch. The UN create a comprehensive body of human rights law that was built on the CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS AND THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS that was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1945 and 1948.

    Since then, the United Nations has gradually expanded human rights law to encompass specific standards for women, children, persons with disabilities, minorities and other vulnerable groups, who now possess rights that protect them from discrimination that had long been common in many societies. {Quote}

    Fool, idiot, knucklehead, UN DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES was adopted by UN General Assembly Resolution 61/295 on 13 September 2007.

    So you trying to tell we that the descendants of African slaves in the West Indies had to wait until 2007 to get rights because the universal human rights did not apply to we?

    You trying to tell we somebody had these rights hide way some place and you now find them?

    The bottom line is you is a foolish, ignorant bitch that doan got nothing else to do but look for things on Facebook that sound juicy and post it to BU, trying to mek we here feel you got all this knowledge.

    You need to get a life.

    And look at this here, out of 147 comments, you got 66. 66 comments that ain’t got nutten to do wif de topic.


  • yeah well…reading your first sentence and last sentence only , it’s clear you made a whole fool of yourself……talking about an old document from 2007…which has nothing to do with the indigenous in this document DATED…2016…which does not apply only to a few countries but encompasses the WHOLE OF THE Americas…..and does not single out any ONE people to be EXCLUDED because it is called universal human rights, but you stink things so want to reduce black people to nobodies and slaves to keep an evil slave society going to rob them IN BARBADOS…that you are willing to ignore their human rights…

    an undereducated illiterate like you can never define anything for me nor mine, you are just a slave….outside of a few other idiots…you are the first REAL slave i met on the blog…


  • Jackass. I gine show you how foolish you is.

    The Pygmies are indigenous to Africa, them ain’t Black? The indigenous communities in South Africa that are known as the Khoe-San / Khoisan, which comprises the San and the Khoekhoe ain’t Black people? The Aborigines that indigenous to Australia ain’t black?

    You mixing up yuh self and saying things I NEVER said. You just making up things as yuh go long. I never said nothing bout indigenous people are red with straight hair and I never said certain countries are indigenous because indigenous apply to PEOPLE and NOT countries.

    And another thing, the 2016 document include making legal recognition for transgender people a global priority,
    Ending Child Marriage. Meeting the Global Development Goals’ Promise to Girls, Children Behind Bars. The Global Overuse of Detention of Children.


  • We need Black governments who are interested in educating the people and not only corruption and enriching themselves….

    robert the undereducated illiterate…that’s it for me and reading the shite you write because you know not that you know not …..with ya slave mind….so stop wasting any comments by directing them to me..

    i know people in US whose ancestors were ENSLAVED, brought from Africa through the Caribbean…..and they are ALSO descended from the indigenous native indian through THEIR OTHER PARENT be they slave or native …inseparability…so the document i have …WHICH THE SLAVE robert doesn’t….CANNOT EXCLUDE THEM who know themselves as….the indigenous AFRICAN…


  • We can also find the indigenous Africans who share bloodlines with the indigenous Carib and Arawaks across the Caribbean, including Barbados….Dominica and St. Vincent are packed with them, descendants STILL ALIVE TODAY.. ….all the way up to Belize….in the Americas….no one can dispute that…

    am sure Angela Cole classifies herself as Carib descended from her St. Vincent bloodlines…..that cannot be disputed either…they are indigenous to the Carib-bean..

    so miss me with the damn 21st century slave ignorance….am sick of the slaveminded black clowns…

    ..the indigenous Africans who were in the AMERICAS…including the Caribbean pre colonial invaders………whose bloodlines are STILL ALIVE AND WELL TODAY…..inseparability……have all right to classify themselves as indigenous and EXERCISE their international human rights so they are NO LONGER robbed, exploited, discriminated against, have racist, apartheid societies created just for them generationally using their own money, by their own dirty anti-black colonial governments, like in Barbados….

    maybe if the colonial criminals had not created so many divisions and told so many LIES over the centuries…….their 21st century SLAVES would not now be so confused…..and am sure embarrassing even them…..

    my good deed for the day..


  • David
    We are jumping the gun. The Minister simply said the FTC was preparing the rate regime for biomass technology for a WTE plant. He also said there were investors behind a WTE plant. No one has said a WTE is about to be built tomorrow. There must be the requisite planning application, EIA (environmental, economic, social, cultural etc) and public consultation etc. Eveything starts with investor interest then the application process. The previous government, for whatever reason confused everything, and went for unproven plasma gasification with all its issues. Do we accept that Vaucluse has emerged as a location for the clustering of waste facilities and that we need to deal with waste management? Let’s await the application.


  • @enuff

    Fair enough. Some Communication addressing status would be useful to preempt the usual political dry talk.


  • Robert i agree with you one hundred percent this Waru pest is a real jackass who just copy and paste stories to BU.Up to now she is unable to reply to anything you have said.Just the same warm over stale soup for her fans Miller , Gazzerts, Piece and Donna.They need to tell her to take a long vacation instead of hogging every topic with shite talk.


  • In the meantime, the majority population have to know they have to support their own people, own communitites by building their own Black businesses….and buying Black…you are not slaves unless you allow your self to be…build up and enrich yourselves and your own people..

    “Let’s keep that dollar circulating!

    The My Black Receipt Movement just reached their goal of tracking more than $5 million spent supporting Black owned businesses in just 16 days.

    My Black Receipt is a movement dedicated to encouraging people to spend their money with Black businesses by asking them to upload receipts of their purchase. The initiative is being led by Kezia M. Williams, CEO of The Black upStart along with Torrence Reed, CEO of Zoom Technologies, Darryl Perkins, co-founder of Broccoli City, Talib Graves Manns, CEO of Knox Street Studios and 19 Keys, CEO of Goldewater. “


  • @ Robert July 9, 2020 12:31 PM
    “And another thing, the 2016 document include making legal recognition for transgender people a global priority…”

    And what’s the Bajan government’s position on this ‘agreed’ priority?

    Or is the current administration going hide behind the veil of referendum as it is doing with the mary jane 30-0 bag of hypocrisy while it wastes time and energy in discussing the merits and demerits of having an idol dedicated a well-documented white racist in a mainly black ex-slave country?

    What about same-sex marriages? Is the same administration awaiting the go-ahead from the local Church or its Mother in England?

    How can a government invite people of 21st Century moral attitudes (and from enlightened jurisdictions) to live and work in Barbados when same sex relationships are deemed immoral and illegal?

    Why would IT-savvy males want to live in a minimally Covid-affected Barbados where they could spend the rest of their productive lives behinds bars if caught in the act of anal sex even in an age of ‘LGBTQ’ rights? Don’t LGBTQ lives matter in Bim too?

    People of the millennial generation aren’t going to come and live in Bim for any extended period of time if they are going to find themselves charged for smoking marijuana or having sex according to their own preferences.

    First get rid of those backward stupid Victorian-era laws on your statute books before inviting ‘modern’ open-minded and intelligent (and skilled) people to your house of cards promoted as a tropical paradise for long-stay visitors but built on a foundation of barbarity, immorality and hypocrisy of the highest order.

    But there is hope in the air to see who is truly ‘for what’ as a ‘coming’ event on the horizon puts the (w)hole referendum mask to the long-promised test of transparency and good governance.

    Long live Queen Lizzie Her Majesty!


  • Fowl cock,

    The last time I was that kind of fan of anybody was 1981. That was when I grew up. It was also when Alvin Kallicharran stopped playing for West Indies.

    WURA and I agree and disagree whenever I see fit.

    I am NOBODY’s fan nor fowl.

    Unlike your limited range self. You are like a fighting cock kept on a leash.


  • Miller,

    Apparently you did not get the memo. Some humans who worship the God of love believe that they should define who is and who is not human and entitled to human rights. They claim this God of love does not make mistakes and yet here are these supposedly defective sorry excuses for human beings. They claim He gave us free will and yet they want to deny these “defective” beings that right.

    The state should only seek to control behaviour that does harm to somebody else. In other words, one person’s rights stop where someone else’s rights begin.

    The state should not allow these unloving followers of the God of love whose sole purpose in life seems to be to make the lives of anyone not like themselves as miserable as possible to prevail for one moment longer.

    I have suffered more harm from these so-called Christians than I have from those they persecute.

    What harm can two consenting adults do to anybody by sexing in their bedrooms? What does their getting married do to anybody?


  • @ Miller July 9, 2020 9:32 PM

    Agree 100 percent on this. The dominant powers have commanded the Nelson riots in order to divert the naive and blind masses from the real problems.

    Socio-culturally, Barbados is located somewhere between the Islamic state and Saudi Arabia. Our ISO-Taliban is not an aberration, he only documents the obvious prejudices of the establishment and masses against minorities in Barbados (disclaimer: I do NOT mean our white fellow citizens here).

    Barbados is thus on the one hand very attractive for senior clerical fascists from the evangelical Koran belt of the USA. On the other hand, however, it is exactly the opposite of what young top performers in the IT industry want, the group PLT is so keen on.

    We don’t even have a casino and a brothel right on the pier for the tourists who come from long cruises. Simply ridiculous and backward. Of course, now some will accuse me again that Tron wants to stage a scandal. But the fact is that such services are part of the standard program in many places in the Caribbean. This is why we are falling further and further behind in tourism. Our services only meet the needs of early retirees and pensioners.


  • Miller, well said and bang on re barbaric, hypocrisy.

    Bible held tight under the breasuses, head high, nose up and eyes sneering, till de neighbour bedroom reach an is baccanal adultery.

    Stabbing she friend in de back, gossiping and tearing down.

    Then to church pun a Sunday and how Miss Millie is so God fearing.

    Victorian hypocrisy indeed, but Barbados has been ever thus.

    Bunch of wolves in sheep clothing.

    O God Our Help In Ages Past Indeed. Has to ve a forgiving God to direct all those storms to bypass, because sins of the heart are far more damaging and long lasting than alleged sins of the flesh.

    One thing that has always applied in Barb-ados, Every Skin Teet Aint A Smile. Victorian indeed.


  • The indigenous African descended in Barbados and the Caribbean and across the western Diaspora have the right to be consulted in matters regarding their own wellbeing and futures. Small island leaders are famous for promising transparency in their LYING manifestos, famous for promising ITAL and other policies that would see the BLACK people who elected them participating more in their own futures, consulted more on how THIER MONEY IS SPENT…yet as soon as these lying, deceitful governments are elected and settle into their high paying jobs and scam making opportunities, they forget all their empty promises and proceed with CORRUPTION as usual…ah want the 21st slaves to come out and say this is not true and that this Article on human rights does not apply to the Black populations in Barbados and the Caribbean.

    ▼Article XXIII. Participation of indigenous peoples and contributions of indigenous legal and organizational systems

    Indigenous peoples have the right to full and effective participation in decision-making, through representatives chosen by themselves in accordance with their own institutions, in matters which affect their rights, and which are related to the development and execution of laws, public policies, programs, plans, and actions related to indigenous matters. States shall consult and cooperate in good faith with the indigenous peoples concerned, through their own representative institutions, in order to obtain their free, prior and informed consent before adopting and implementing legislative or administrative measures that may affect them.


  • Miller…slave robert is conceding that the Articles on human rights does apply to the BLACK POPULATION across the Caribbean and the Diaspora…i never said it does not apply to gays etc WHO ARE INDIGENOUS TO THE CARIBBEAN TOO as the AFRICAN DESCENDED…but when ya looking to escape from the trap ya laid for yaself, ya will come up with any old shite….sheman lorenza and robert the 21st century slaves…

    they must think that 400 years equates to a few years….they dumb enuff…

    Donna…that is how the voyeurs love to be in everybodys bedroom business but their own sex lives are as NASTY and PERVERTED as ever, the low class leaders…and their slave fowls…


  • wuhloss, murdahhhh!!!!, Piece, Millier, Donna,….everybody…including the 21st slaves…….we gathering…lol


  • It’s a revolution…..not to be confused with a trend….lol


  • yep…shut down the evil centuries old racist shit once and for all….NOT A TREND BUT A REVOLUTION.

    “NEW YORK (AP) — A national coalition of labor unions, along with racial and social justice organizations, will stage a mass walkout from work this month, as part of an ongoing reckoning on systemic racism and police brutality in the U.S.

    Dubbed the “Strike for Black Lives,” tens of thousands of fast food, ride-share, nursing home and airport workers in more than 25 cities are expected to walk off the job July 20 for a full day strike. Those who can’t strike for a full day will walk out for about eight minutes — the amount of time prosecutors say a white Minneapolis police officer held his knee on George Floyd’s neck — in remembrance of Black men and women who died recently at the hands of police.

    The national strike will also include worker-led marches through participating cities, organizers said Wednesday.”


  • Wuh even the saharan dust plume knows where the AMERICAS ARE LOCATED…but the 21st century slaves on BU….still don’t…lol

    “The animation above shows the spread of aerosols from the Saharan dust plumes moving westward across the Atlantic Ocean from 1 June to 26 June 2020. Normally, Saharan dust plumes disperse in the atmosphere and sink into the Atlantic before reaching the Americas. However this year, the dense concentration of dust traveled approximately 8000 km and can be seen arriving near the Caribbean and the southern United States.”


  • @ Miller

    I was gine to ask if you is a piece uh idiot, but you like you is a whole idiot!!!!

    What the shyte that you write in you July 9, 2020 9:32 PM post got to do wid me? Why you don’t go to the BLP headquarters or parliament and ask the prime minister?

    I find dat when people mek comments to other people you does come out wid yuh malicious self playing you is a lawyer fuh dem and does ask a lot of foolish questions and talk shyte like if somebody call you.

    Another thing I notice bout you. All somebody dat you does worship got to do is say something and you does run wid it. You does don’t want nuh proof, you does tek it up and run wid it like how a lil puppy does run wid a bone.

    Dah en man fashion. Mind yuh damn business.


  • robert is conceding that the Articles on human rights does apply to the BLACK POPULATION across the Caribbean and the Diaspora {Quote}

    @ Hogging the Blog



  • “The son of the shopkeeper disrupted a BLP plan… he was USED and now SUED”

    ah wonduh who dah body is…..Piece wuhloss…they must really be missing you and ya tinfoil…at least you were harmless…

    they won’t hear stay away from these stinking vipers, thieves and sellouts…..if ya really want to do something help chase them away from the people…their victims…and help lock all of them to shite up…


  • I have been reading about this for years and seeing it on fb for a few more years and keep wondering WHAT THE HELL is racist ARGENTINA DOING in BARBADOS…..especially with sell out negros in the parliament..

    “Sabrina Halima
    Why do black people suffer day n night.
    The Argentinian solution : how black people disappeared from Argentine

    ‘I love Messi’

    <As I watched the Argentina and Iceland match back in 2018 WC and wondered why there were no black players in the Argentinean team when other South American teams had black or biracial players, I remembered a conversation I had last year.

    It was while I was on a cruise from Florida to the Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

    Between an Argentinean doctor and myself, who had walked up to me during lunch one day and struck up a conversation with me.

    There was no hiding the attraction.

    We had bonded much to the chagrin of her three Argentinean friends.

    On the deck of the ship that day, she kept going on about how she loves black men and looks forward to traveling so she can meet them.

    I asked her.

    “Don’t you have black people in Argentina?”

    She said with a matter of fact candour.

    “No. Long time ago, after slavery, we killed them all.”

    I was taken aback.

    She smiled.

    And continued.

    “Very bad. I am ashamed of my people. It was very systematic though. Very well thought out. First they forced most of the men to fight for Argentina against Paraguay. They knowingly sent them into battles that were poorly planned so that the Paraguay army will do for them what they couldn’t themselves do. Kill the blacks. Most of them died there. The remaining of them they forced to live in this province were there was a plague. A disease that the government refused to curb so that it can also do for them what they couldn’t do. Kill the blacks. The refused to set up hospitals, clinics, adequate shelter, food outlets, nothing. They created the best environment for the disease to thrive. It killed the rest of the men that had survived the war. The darker you are, the higher the chance they will send you to that place to live or to the war to die. The lighter skinned women they forced them to sleep with the white men, so that their children are biracial, then they forced the children when they grew older to sleep with white men, so that the blackness of the skin of the children became whiter and whiter until there was no longer any visibly black people seen. It was so bad that blacks fled to Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and even Paraquay where they were better treated even though not as well as they should be treated as human beings deserving full equality. Atleast those ones did not want to kill them and accepted to give them protection and a means of livelihood. As a matter of fact in Chile, there was a city called Arica where Black people were so accepted and respected that in the 1700s two black free man, one called Anzuréz were elected mayors. But the white colonial masters from Spain came six months later and nullified the elections, they were afraid of other cities giving black people too many rights. But the blacks who had found succour did not complain, they sent word for others to flee Argentina and come join them. Afterall what was cancelled elections compared to certain death?”

    Then she went silent as though trying to replay the magnitude of the crime in her mind again. Then she said it in a sombre tone in order to drive it home to me.

    “The ones the Argentineans did not kill through war or disease, and rape and impregnate, fled the country and ultimately we got rid of the blacks.”

    I listened in rising sorrow.

    She continued academically.

    “So although they abolished slavery in 1815 in Argentina, it continued until 1853, after that the main preoccupation of the leaders was how to get rid of the black slaves and their descendants. Our president who ruled us from 1868 to 1874, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, wrote in his diary in 1848, this was long before he became president and slavery ended that – ‘In the United States… 4 million are black, and within 20 years will be 8 million…. What is to be done with such blacks, hated by the white race?’ – It shows that he was already thinking of how to eliminate black people before he became President and when he became President, he succeeded.”

    “Didn’t the world say anything?”

    “No. They ignored it. I am sure most of them wanted to do the same thing but failed. At that time, they admired them. I remember when I will go to Brazil as a child, my father’s friend will say in disgust as he looked at the black Brazilians – we should have had your guts and finished them off. All of them. Make Brazil white just like Argentina.”

    “And the Europeans?”

    She laughed.

    “It is an open secret, just like King Leopold and his genocide in Congo. No one talks about it, but they know about it. Atleast the older ones do. The younger ones not so much. Why do you think all the Nazis ran to Argentina after World War 2?”

    I was silent.

    She continued.

    “Because it was the perfect place for the most evil racists in history to live.”

    Then she looked out to the infinitely blue sea around the ship and sighed audibly before she continued.

    ” Sadly, to some extent, it still is welcoming and accomodating of racial hatred. We took the Tango from the African slaves and made it our own. In Argentina, not one person will tell you the true history of that dance. They don’t want to associate it with Africa. In fact if you ask them about black people in Argentina they will tell you that there has never been black people in Argentina. They teach them in schools. They rewrite the history. They make it all white. And as I said it is all underneath the surface. They never come out and say we hate black people. Argentina is only for whites or anything like that. They have just fixed the country to only be for white people.”

    I looked at her friends, Argentineans like her, who were lounging on the chairs on the deck, clad in their tiny bikinis, drinking pina coladas and smiling.

    She followed my gaze and then turned to me.

    “Don’t be fooled by all those smiles, scratch the surface and you will see that all they want is for you to disappear.”….


  • Only the slaves aka yardfowls in Barbados believe racism is ok, to be embraced, tolerated and feel proud of when it’s practiced against themselves and their people, only their sell out leaders invite it into the lives of the black people relentlessly cause they will never be intelligent at any level to know or do better……..they do not even care to upgrade the education system to include African history, all they want to do is maintain a slave society in Barbados so their fowl slaves won’t ever find out that they live in the Americas…


  • I dare anyone to watch Whispering Death cry and still say that white privilege doesn’t exist and we should just get over it. Maybe next time he will speak of racism among umpires and match referees. He has done it before. After watching yesterday’s five poor onfield decisions reversed on review, the white privilege was clear to the extent that the English commentators were bewildered. I could see their brains ticking as though they were seeing with new eyes.

    Go Mickey! Between you and Darren Sammy you can make a difference.


  • Lord, I wish Tony Cozier were still alive!

    He’d have a word or two to say about it! He did before with great passion and conviction.

    There could be no arguing with Tony Cozier. His writings must be in the archives. They would be invaluable.


  • Well….as someone said, when the fake professor gotta go and use his private fb page it’s in keeping with consistency of they not knowing what the fuk they are doing….one person says A somewhere, i could swear i saw it on BU…another one comes out on FB and says B…we will soon hear that their page got hacked …lol

    “Avinash Persaud
    6 hrs ·
    There are so many inaccuracies in the report on the “Government intends to build a Waste to energy plant” that I do not know where to start. The Government is not spending $320m on a Waste-to-energy plant and the project will not import 80% of biomass.

    The Government is in the process of giving regulatory approval to a privately financed, locally owned, Green Energy Park will generate up to 30 MW of electricity from three renewable sources: waste-to-energy, biomass and solar. This will be the largest renewable energy plant in the island and will have the capability of producing over three times the amount of renewable energy presently received into the grid. The waste-to-energy portion of the project will use combustible waste produced on the island that cannot be recycled, removing the need to build a new $40m landfill. The SSA will save over $10m a year from no longer having to pay for this waste to be processed and the Government will also save $10m a year in foreign exchange from no longer importing fossil fuels for energy. The Government is not putting up any money. The plant will eradicate the noxious odours and fires from the land fill which negatively impact the communities around Vaucluse. The intention is for the biomass plant to use as much locally sourced biomass as possible. This will include King grass and other sources of woody waste and will give a huge filip to local farmers. Because this will require the replanting of up to 10,000 acres of land, which will take time, this will be phased in over the next 5 to 7 years. The Green Energy Park will also install solar panels on old closed landfills bringing that land back into economic use. What has just happened is that we have agreed that the effective feed-in tariffs for these different energy sources, where the highest rate will be capped at 49.25 cents per kWh, considerably cheaper than what I believe was the 66 cents that the expensive and still experimental-at-commercial-level technologies of the Cahill project proposed. Moreover, there will be a new innovative pricing framework that requires a lower price to be paid to the Green Energy Park if it does not hit its renewable energy targets. The GEP will have over 50% local ownership from a consortium of local savings institutions and proven renewable energy companies and will be required to ensure the local shareholding is as broadly held as possible so expect to see some offers to the public and credit unions to buy shares in small denominations. This is the first phase of a big project, the solar phase of the project can start within the year with the waste-to- energy and biomass plants within two years,”


  • Yeah…people we know are wondering why government policy is being discussed on a private fb page, who is the real communication whatever…shouldn’t this be a public announcement….one goat sutherland contradicting the other goat the fake professor…should be clarified…how will anyone know what is really happening, when ya getting two different stories, i only just saw all of this by chance. am sure the slave fowls will love if we all pretend that this stupidity is not going on….check this out Donna…

    “Tara Inniss-Gibbs
    Tara Inniss-Gibbs Nigel Reece but we have a very large and unwieldy civil service and about 30 Government Ministers, GIS, CBC and a whole host of Government budgets dedicated to communications. I don’t expect to find Government policy or its directives explained on personal Facebook pages. Come to the public and expect this project to be heavily scrutinized based on the failures of the last WTE scheme

    Avinash Persaud Tara Inniss-Gibbs Happy for the scrutiny. I am not responsible for communication but I think you will find there is much more on GIS than ever before. I will urge them to put more up. It is in line with our much communicated strategy of 100% fossil fuel free by 2030.
    · Reply · 6h · Edited
    Nigel Reece
    Nigel Reece Tara Inniss-Gibbs agreed

    Ash Hedli
    Ash Hedli Tara Inniss-Gibbs government still buying themselves nice MP vehicles down there?
    Hide or report this
    · Reply · 6h
    Gercine Carter
    Gercine Carter Avinash Persaud Dr Persaud, for the record and the benefit of all following this discussion, here is what Minister Sutherland said in Parliament: “The FTC as I speak to you is preparing a rate for biomas technology for a waste-to-energy plant at Vaucluse in St Thomas and Mr Speaker, the size of this plant is a 25-megawatt waste-to-energy and biomas plant and the investment for this plant is some BDS 320 million of investment…so that investment of $320 million in a 25-megawatt waste-to-energy-plant at Vaucluse will do several things for us. It will address our garbage situation because we are burning organic waste, disposing of agricultural waste and through the Minister of Agriculture, he will make available all the fallow land, all the idle land to be used for the production of biomas…because when we start this plant we are looking at 20 per cent local organic waste and we are importing 80 per cent, because that can’t deter us because all the cost benefit analysis is being done by Minister Caddle and her team and all prospects look good in terms of the return on investment and in terms of what investment will come to this country next year and I think even before.”


  • We can’t make this up..when ya see the fowl slaves skulking around on BU….watch out….lol😂 🤣🤣😁😁😍

    “Avinash Persaud Dear Gercine, I did not say mis-reporting, Minister Sutherland has been trying to correct the inaccuracies himself and I am also trying to do so, because the main point is that the public needs to have the accurate information.

    Karen Jordan Maybe the government could start by being frank, truthful and giving the public who pays them ALL the info instead of pieces. Is that difficult? This sounded like a trumpian reply… insinuating fake news when the Newspaper was completely relating what they heard.
    Hide or report this
    · Reply · 5h
    Ann Harding
    Ann Harding Show us the detailed plans for how this proposed waste-to-energy plant would work. What specifically are the input materials, what pre-processing is required, what is the volume of water to be used, what are the emissions? We need full details, not platitudes about “how happy” we will be

    Kristina Hinds Wonderful. So the Minister Sutherland did not know what he was talking about? How can a representative of the people provide such wrong information in a public forum? Meanwhile we are to accept as fact what you post on FB. This is less than professional and does not inspire confidence. The Minister should be the one making this detailed clarification because this looks like incompetence, if what you report is true.
    Hide or report this
    · Reply · 6h
    Martin St Mark
    Martin St Mark Kristina Hinds Look like Minister Sutherland has the foot in mouth disease and or some type of attention deficit disorder.

    Peter Lawrence Thompson Why did Minister Sutherland communicate so poorly about this

    Kristina Hinds Avinash Persaud this is private FB page. As far as I know this is not where official information comes from. The MP’s aside was in parliament which is an official forum and it was inaccurate (according to you). This is not good.
    Hide or report this
    · Reply · 5h
    Peter Lawrence Thompson
    Peter Lawrence Thompson Avinash Persaud it would be most helpful if the government communicated through GIS releases at the earliest stage of discussion of such proposed projects. Much opposition is born of distrust… and much distrust is born of this type of clumsy communication.


  • lol….wuh i remember Mia big up herself and all the slave fowls were bigging up BLP for exposing 🤣🤣and shutting down the Cahill scam…they used social media very effectively….at that time……BACCHANALLLLLLL!!!!

    Baron Bishop I really do not have a lot of patience for the arrogance permeated in this thread. Let me be frank about some issues.
    The first time the public heard about this project was when Dwight Sutherland MP raised it on the floor of Parliament. Given his role as MP and a Minister, I as a taxpayer and voter assume that he is seized of the facts around the project.
    Given that this BLP team spent countless hours demanding, successfully, that Cahill Waste to Energy project be scrapped, it would be imperative that this project be fully discussed with the public at an early stage. We are now hearing about this as the signature page is being prepared. This is the epitome of arrogance on the part of a Government that continues to behave as tho it can do as it like and get away with it.
    You, Avinash Persuad, is an employee of Hon MIa Mottley PM. You were not elected to office and as far as I am concerned, you don’t work for me. A project of this magnitude and importance to Barbados should be advised to the country by the PM or a competent Minister in a public forum. Face Book nor any social media is the forum to first provide such details on this project. That smacks of disrespect to us the electorate and the taxpayers. I am not amuse or impressed.
    I attended most public fora on the Cahill Project and witnessed the venom of BLP operatives on that project. I too was concern that it was bad for Barbados or that some corrupt practices were occurring. Now, under the cover of darkness, you slip in another similar project without regard for the views of the citizens.
    You, Avinash Persuad et al, made heavy weather of the BIBA fides and character of the Cahill investors. Now, as you sign off on this project, the island is not to know who the investors are. This is not one of your personal pet projects where you can wheel and deal. You are talking about my island, my economy, my society and my children’s future. I must have a say in this.
    So in summary, I can cannot speak to the specifics of this project, but I feel highly offended by you Avinash Persuad and your political colleagues whom all seem to feel that you are bright and we are stupid. Get off FB with this and invite the public to town hall meetings.

    Avinash Persaud Got to go know friends, I hope this has been helpful. Best wishes for your day.

    Christopher Gajadhar So we gonna take 10K acres of arable land and plant grass for fuel? Haven’t we learned by now that this monocroping style is not sustainable over time. This is not a good idea for farmers and not a good idea for our soil long term. We need to adopt more organic practices and go towards a more permiculture style. If it’s one thing Covid has taught us, food security is the most important factor for the survival, maintenance and growth of a country. I vote no.”


  • It keeps getting longer and longer, read the comments if you have the time…lol


  • WURA,

    I am happy to see that my people are in agreement – distrust born of lack of communication, arrogance and now we can add misinformation and a sloppy lack of professionalism.

    This is obviously not a case of “many hands mak[ing] light work” but rather “too many cooks spoiling the broth”.

    I think by now they should be getting the message that we did not share thirty lashes for nothing.

    This continued bungling will cost them. Any attempt at deception will be challenged. If they are trying to see how far they can go, the answer is – time to put in a reverse.

    We the sheeple have evolved into people.

    It is past time for our politicians to evolve into servants of the people.

    “Resistance is futile.” We can do this the easy way or the hard way.

    Their choice.


  • Yep…a different generation is calling them out, taxpayers can say their tax dollars over the decades were not wasted on some…whose eyes are wide open…

    they want to consult on removing a relic of racism that should have been removed over 20 years ago, they want to consult on marijuana, things that will bring confusion and have the people talking about it for years on end without any resolution..before you know it another 20 years is gone while everyione is distracted…people with commonsense are thinking about their future generations….these frauds are definitely not part of the equation…who can blame them, can’t leave this level of corruption for our current nor our future generations, they all need to sit the fuk down…


  • We see that right and wrong are not absolutes. Before determining if an action is right or wrong, we must ask who is performing the action.

    A dystopian society…….
    It is clear that we have run out of ideas, as the ‘bad’ ideas of yesterday are recirculated.
    We have discussions after actions are taken. Laws are proposed and on airing are found to be flawed.
    Maloney was a ‘bad guy’ and is now a favorite business partner.
    RA as a firework would be rated as a dud. Is he still a senator?
    The only thing we do effectively is to hammer the poor and the weak in the law courts.
    Correction: Very efficient at separating people from their money/property
    I am betting myself that one day, one these new judges will walk away, no longer contented to act as perfume upon a pig.


  • Can anyone tell me what WURA contributes to the blog? The woman posts over 30% of the contributions, sometimes 5 or 6 consecutively. I can’t see why people are in a twist about an announcement about an imminent investment in WTE. Are we so backward?


  • Fowl slave…yall are the ones got exposed not me, and the professionials, it’s not me alyuh have to answer to….is alyuh little minority racists went terrorizing the professionals and lying them …you are the ones threw fuel on the fire…instead of pretending you did not create this mess……your mess, you clean it up……

    i know that the slaves are not deluding themselves that they can take me on now when am not the one to be worried about….am not the one planning to give yall any votes….i was planning to throw stale piss on ya if ya came around me anywhere at all….


  • Donna i got a solution for you.Instead of bitching regularly that you give Mia the vote and watch ma come 2023 you can return your vote to the in my view Dead Labour Party led by the political nightwatchman or noin Piece with the mock party.It seems you want Ms Motley to become David Copperfield and make right in 2 yesrs what your Dems mash up in 10.How unreasonable could you be? You forgot we had covid 19 just when things were starting to look up?Thank god this government and not your try a thing one was in office because by the time they would have acted based on the reaction or lack thereof the country would have been doomed in my view.Just yesterday we received 30 new buses along with garbage trucks before.None of these were purchased by your Dems in 10 years to my memory.Therefore things looking up if you have problem return home to the Dems in 2023.


  • See what me, a poe ah piss!


  • Enuff,

    If it is your default position to believe everything this administration says even when two members are saying different things then that is your prerogative. Do not expect the rest of us to take your position! WE DO NOT TRUST OUR POLITICIANS! Is it your position that we are backward for not trusting our politicians????

    If it is, I can think of a few choice words to describe you!


  • Here comes the fowl cock on a leash with his cockadoodledoodoos!

    My man, I am as much entitled to my opinion as you are. Why do you insist on attacking me for my opinion? I can hardly say a word without you popping your fowl head out trying to silence me, something a person of your limitations will never accomplish.

    Why don’t you praise your gods and leave me to make my own decision?Have I ever tried to stop you from praising your gods?????

    Do I ever call your name on some enemies list or make reference to you other than when you refer to me?

    Is this how BLP fowls are trained to attack fellow citizens???

    Has your supreme god made a new commandmant that states, ” THOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GOD BUT ME??”


  • Bloody bird brain!


  • Donna
    Mi lady you can call me anything you wish. Like MAM, my back broad and my pot doan bubble at you!🤣🤣🤣


  • So many of us can say the same thing….indigenous African in the Caribbean…people always tend to forget that there are indigenous people still alive to day in the Caribbean and many of their bloodlines still exist…Caribs and Arawak descendants are still around although the black Dominica government is a full disgrace.

    “David Williams I am Carib/Kalinago. Indigenous to the Caribbean before Europeans and other ethnic groups came into our lands. Dominica 🇩🇲 is we’re in from. Descendants of warriors. We still exist ✊🏽”


  • @ Enuff July 10, 2020 6:02 PM

    I have my own theory about WARU. In many countries there are IP associations where you get money for text contributions on the internet. Measured by the number of contributions by our power user and keyboard warrior, WARU should be a multimillionaire by now.

    But WARU must be careful that she doesn’t end up like this outspoken Barbadian who also made millions from the Internet (in his case streaming service for adults). 😉


  • Donna…they graduated to fowl slaves…


  • @ Enuff July 10, 2020 6:02 PM
    “I can’t see why people are in a twist about an announcement about an imminent investment in WTE. Are we so backward?”

    Of course you can’t see! Liars are blind to the Truth.

    Should the “backward” people, who are being left in the dark, conclude that the Andrews’ Factory sugar and electricity generation project has now been taken off the table since it no longer contains any kickback sweets for the current crop of certified crooks?

    What is going to happen to that US$270 million loan sitting idle in some Japanese bank just waiting to be drawn down?

    Why is the current administration trying to outdo the previous DLP administration so early in its term?

    What’s the rush to fulfil your political death wish?


  • right…make it about me and not about the people who are really pissed off right now that yall old fake professor thought he was hoodwinking …lol

    yall better start organizing that town hall meeting…ah can’t wait to hear the outcome…

    am trying to decide what to do with myself right now…not a fella to answer to..

    looks like i might even get a nice little vacation some time in the future….anyone care to take bets on when..


  • that’s why people marvel at the idiocy….one clown jumped up and talked about some WTE in the parliament…..another clown jumped out on a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP and said somehting completely different, two different stories and that’s ok with the fowl slave…and everyone must be thus dumb too…


  • Milluh
    Stupse! As usual naffin here.


  • It’s only the fowl slaves in Barbados don’t seem to know anything about any of this, they don’t who they are……they don’t even know the Caribbean is in the Americas so go figure and they want everyone else to follow them down that deep, deep rabbit the 21st century no less…

    Investigating the “Taíno” ancestry of the Jamaican Maroons: a new genetic (DNA), historical, and multidisciplinary analysis and case study of the Accompong Town Maroons


  • @ Enuff July 10, 2020 7:46 PM

    Ya got that one, right (on)!

    “Naffin” to convert into kickbacks and Bajan progues.

    No buildings to demolish as payback for campaign contributions.

    The red ‘Twiddle’ Bees are trying to outfox the yellow Twiddled-thumb Dems in the race to prove which one can bilk the Treasury the ‘most’.

    What’s next on the agenda of consultancies and kickbacks?

    Another reincarnation of the Pierhead marina or the Sugar Point cruise-ship docking facilities?

    How about another study to come up with a plan for the resuscitation of the sugarcane industry in order to get the Indar the dealing Weir(d) into another ‘sweet-heart’ kickback scam?

    Why not show us where we can find in your manifesto of promises the re-incarnation of a controversial Cahill?

    There is absolutely no need for additional studies and consultancies to be underwritten by taxpayers to the private benefit to your ‘red friends and Co’.

    Just get on with the job which you have been elected to do.

    Here is what you said and promised to the same “backward” people you are now treating with disdain:


     Put in place an efficient, cost-effective plan for integrated solid waste management, including reduction of landfill space, energy recovery, and incentivising or mandating recycling.

     Remove derelict vehicles and dumped appliances and establish an effective system and location for bulky waste collection so as to keep communities clean.

     Review Waste To Energy and other modern technologies to determine from a social, economic and environmental perspective the appropriate waste disposal methods best suited to a modern, tropical, environmentally-conscious island.

     Explore existing opportunities such as those within the sugar industry and factories.



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