Phartford Files: Surrogate Racism, Conscience and Voting in Parliament

Submitted by Ironside

After a long break, I was hoping to postpone my return to this blog and come back with a less political issue than the recent legislation passed in parliament. No such luck! So let me get right to it.

If we had any doubt that this BLP administration is NOT FOR POOR PEOPLE, that doubt was pharted out load and clear with the passage of the Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill 2020.

Can you imagine somebody borrowing three to five thousand dollars from a credit union to repair a house or even add a “water-toilet” to a house and having to move somewhere else while the construction is in progress? Move where? Into their representatives’ luxury dog houses? Up their backsides? THAT would be very uncomfortable, Ms. Caddle!

Right now, we are just very pissed!

Did we actually vote for you to oppress us? To play God? What kind of anti-democracy is this? The time is coming; is now upon us, when we are going to have to ask and answer this question with passion: How can we achieve remission of these serial sins perpetrated on the people of Barbados by this government?

Now as far as I can see, the fronting Ms. Caddle is a black woman; same Harris colour range I see in the HOA. So is this racism? No! it is surrogate racism! This is a case where one race perpetrates discrimination on its own race on behalf of another race because they belong to the same class as the oppressing race or is beholden to that class. It’s complicated, I know. But it does sound familiar, no?

Only conscience-dead, soul-neutralized , control conniving, power-hungry, party-before-people representatives would even think of some of the provisions of this law, far less dare to pass it in the lower house where they sit as paunch-bellied, fatted calves put there unwittingly by a desperate but unthinking electorate. We already know that many of them ain’t going to get back their seats. But they don’t know that. Yet!

Some of these de-souled representatives should spend some time on a psychiatrist’s couch trying to understand why they are such control freaks! Hard job because I suspect it is more African nature than Caribbean nurture. But if you have lost your soul, there ain’t much left to psycho-analyze, is there?

But we get it! Hotels are in the dump, so we “have” to give them business! Architects can’t get million dollar work so cut out the small draftsman who charges on average $800 – $1,100 (as against about $6000 on average by architects) to help you meet TCP regulations.

I have a few questions for these architects; why wunnh doan get up off wunnah lazy arses and market wunnah services across the region? (a few do by the way). You really think you can become millionaires in Barbados by exploiting membership in or connections to a party? You think we foolish? You really want to charge a man or woman with some tenantry land $6000 to design a simple, no frills bungalow? Is he or she supposed to borrow that too? Dear God!

And just when you think some kind of investment commonsense would prevail in Barbados, we have Hyatt. Only idiots would think that Barbados needs more hotel rooms. A load of speculative crap! That is what I love about covid-19! Showed up all the shitty thinking about more hotel rooms, brands etc!

Hyatt is not about hotel rooms. It is about property transfer to the already propertied and the creation of an opportunity to rub backs, massage palms and God knows what else! And well correlated with this Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill 2020. But, no real change in the structure of the economy!

The economy was in a tail spin even before covid-19 so the government has got to divert attention from the fact that it has no real programme for creating long-term jobs, despite all the high-level consultative meetings and covid-19 rhetoric inspired by a WHO-Chinese Communist Party conspiracy.

All of this comes after sending home several thousand civil servants as part of an IMF agreement which the electorate agreed to with both eyes open! And who were the first casualties? Women: the same “mesmiated” women who more than likely will be the ones repairing or improving their homes. What a fiasco!

Excellent attempt at bull shitting, all around, though!

But we are thankful for the brave battle fought by Caswell Franklin, the PDP and independent senators. Guys you did the best you could. Now that the government knows that we didn’t grow up stupid under the trident, here is what it needs to do:

Please show us that democracy in this country is not dead! If you “care” about democracy, that is!

But here is what the people themselves must do for themselves going forward: keep tabs on the voting patterns of its representatives. This pharticidal, farcical excreta about “party first” must stop. Since we can’t recall OUR representatives we need to pressure their tails. Poor people should know whether representatives like Cynthia Forde voted for this bill. Having positioned herself as a champion of poor / elderly people, voting for this bill wouldn’t make sense. Our representatives need to vote with their consciences; if they have any left!

The media – including this blog – must now do its share and post the names of those who vote for and against a bill. As well as those who were conveniently absent themselves for the vote. This is not privileged information. It is the people’s information. It is a logical right of citizens in a democracy. This government pays EACH minister $17,000 plus perks per month from the tax payer’s purse. Thousands have lost their jobs! What poetic injustice! Time to yank the ropes on the fatted calves.



  • Social Media is a brutal place.


  • @Ssrgeant

    Thanks, Barbados welcomes all earned media that comes its way in these hard times.


  • The indigenous African in the Americas, in Barbados and the Caribbean who prefer to live in voluntary isolation away from other groups, protecting their own communites and wealth, also has that right to live freely. There should be no criminal class minorities like there is in Barbados, living freely off the majority Black population, there should be no minority thieves believing they have some right to live off the backs of the majority population generationally like parasites, there should be no minority criminals whether local or foreign believing they have some permanent right to steal from the treasury, pension fund and anu loans taken in the people’s names, their should be no minority racists believing they have some right and entitlement to the people’s land, bank accounts and generational wealth, stealing from the current generations and generations of the Black unborn..

    ▼Article XXVI. Indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation or initial contact 1. Indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation or initial contact have the right to remain in that condition and to live freely and in accordance with their cultures.

    States shall, with the knowledge and participation of indigenous peoples and organizations, adopt appropriate policies and measures to recognize, respect, and protect the lands, territories, environment, and cultures of these peoples as well as their life, and individual and collective integrity.


  • “especially the part about initiating legal action against the person involved unless they retract the allevations made.”

    ya should be watching FB too… Kerry the parliament fraud will have to sue tons of people all into 2023….making sure he is KICKED OUT OF THE PARLIAMENT…ya must think people are afraid of crooked lawyers, maybe only you the Fowl Slave..


  • Well PLT certainly told them off.

    “Peter Lawrence Thompson
    19 hrs ·
    Mr Jemmott is one of the best teachers that I had some 50 years ago, but he doesn’t quite penetrate to the heart of the matter.

    He notes that White supremacy constitutes an ideology, but he seems shy to dig into the history and origins of this ideology. He does not quite untangle the inter-relationship of race and class in Barbados. This is again because he tiptoes around our history.

    The fundamental poison of our history is not enslavement per se, but the deep assumption of White supremacy that made enslavement of African people possible. That assumption is so embedded, so pervasive, that it is woven into every moment of existence in Barbados.

    It’s not just in Barbados, of course, it’s deeply entrenched in all of western civilization. Read Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau, Kant… all giants of the western intellectual tradition; you will find that among the foundation stones of their work is the bedrock assumption that Black people were less than human. Indeed that all non European people were lesser beings. The rot is that deep. Upon these philosophical foundations came laws, attitudes, convictions, beliefs, religion, social structures, economic models,… everything poisoned to the very core with the assumption of White supremacy.

    This is the heart through which we must drive the stake.

    It’s easier said than done.”

    time for the poisonously racist, greedy, tiefing low class minorities to make other financial living arrangements, stop living off the backs of the black majority generationally, if ya so superior as ya believe, ya should not need to…


  • Phartford Files = 305

    Hogging the Blog = 129

    42.3% of the comments.

    Now, dah is wuh yuh duz call HOGGING THE BLOG (and wid shyte, too).


  • now that it appears the CJ will retire, i hope that MAM will not appoint the spouse of a minister to the post. seems like that is the inthing


  • nepotism, cronyism and corruption have always been the in thing for the revolving parasites in the parliament, that’s all they know, that’s all they want to know…they think it’s a good look, they always feel proud to be thus toxic and nonprogressive, never looking out for the best interests of the people who elected them.


  • Fowl Slaves….something new for you to learn and pass it on to ya children and grandchildren, or not, in ya UNEDUCATED state..


  • RIP…

    “Zindzi Mandela, South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark and the youngest daughter of Nelson and Winnie Mandela, has died at the age of 59, according to the South African government.”


  • This is what the Fowl Slaves should be concerned about, this image being shown worldwide….


  • Ah glad alyuh getting exposed all over Facebook….ah want the fowl slaves to go out there and give anybody lip, ah dare them, ah double dare them to venture out on any social platforms talking their usual stupid slave shite…


  • As if we didn’t know then the BU doctors would try to brainwash us with nonsense…as i said when i saw it, it looks like a poison list and now they are admitting it.

    In a PDF on the CDC website titled “Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary,” the CDC lists all the excipients (often referred to as bulking agents or fillers) being used in vaccines that are currently being injected into adults and children across the country.

    The list, current as of January 19, 2019, was “extracted from manufacturers’ package inserts,” according to the CDC.

    To read the full, disturbing list of vaccines ingredients Big Pharma is pumping into bodies, including “chick embryo cell culture” and “formaldehyde”, click through to the CDC website here.”


  • I am sure i was talking about the missing TB buses recently, apparently they must have found one, but still can’t find BM506…am sure the tiefing fowl slaves would know where to find that missing bus……the people now gortta keep their eyes fixed to make sure those electrical buses THAT THEY PAID FOR don’t disappear one by one……the tiefing fowl slaves don’t play, just remember that ir’s the LOANS BORROWED IN YOUR NAMES bought those buses and the loans will have to be REPAID by your children and grand children, don’t mind Ignorant Enuff acting as though this government is doing some favor to the people, borrowing tens of millions of dollars that must be repaid….BY THE PEOPLE…then trying to take credit for something that should have been done years ago…

    ……they sold a whole bus….but to whom, ya can’t exactly miss the design of those buses.

    “The fate of Transport Board bus BM 506 remains a mystery to financial controller Felicia Sue.

    Sue replied “yes” to this conclusion offered by chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley when she made her second appearance before the committee yesterday.

    The missing bus was one of several areas of concern highlighted in the report of Auditor General Leigh Trotman in an audit carried out on the Transport Board by the Audit Department.

    When former quality assurance manager Sylvan Codrington appeared at a previous hearing, he said he had all of the relevant documents on BM 506, which, he informed, had been sold before the audit”.


  • The Indigenous African must be aware of workers’ rights at all times, especially in vulnerable societies in the Caribbean/Americas where greedy exploiters and oppressors calling themselves employers still carry a colonial slave master mentality and lurk to take advantage.of and rob helpless victims, while the local leaders enable and collude with these crimes against those who are unable to fight back. I remember when some Vincentians were brought into the island to work construction for the lowlife likes of Bjerkham and Tempro etc, the usual minority racists, parasites and thieves, they were mistreated so badly, slave like treatment, that they had to go to the newpapers, expose it, and beg to be returned to St. Vincent, Ms. Fighting Imperialism said nothing about that when she whirlwind herself up to the ILO telling lies. Even worse, they allow Bajan workers to go to certain countries and work under horrible conditions, then boast how well their seasonal slave like worker programs are going, Frauds.

    ▼Article XXVII. Labor rights
    1. Indigenous peoples and individuals have the rights and guarantees recognized in national and international labor law. States shall take all special measures necessary to prevent, punish and remedy any discrimination against indigenous peoples and individuals. 2. States, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, shall adopt immediate and effective measures to eliminate exploitative labor practices with regard to indigenous peoples, in particular, indigenous children, women and elderly persons.

    Where indigenous peoples are not effectively protected by the laws applicable to workers in general, States, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, shall adopt all necessary measures to: a. protect indigenous workers and employees in relation to hiring under fair and equal conditions in both formal and informal employment; b. establish, apply, or improve labor inspection and the enforcement of rules with particular attention to, inter alia, regions, companies, and labor activities in which indigenous workers or employees participate; c. establish, apply, or enforce laws so that both female and male indigenous workers: i. enjoy equal opportunities and treatment in all terms, conditions, and benefits of employment, including training and capacity building, under national and international law; ii. enjoy the right of association, the right to form trade unions and participate in trade union activities, and the right to collective bargaining with employers through representatives of their own choosing or through workers’ organizations, including traditional authorities;

    iii. iv. v. are not subject to discrimination or harassment on the basis of, inter alia, race, sex, origin, or indigenous identity; are not subject to coercive hiring systems, including debt servitude or any other form of forced or compulsory labor, regardless of whether the labor arrangement arises from law, custom, or an individual or collective arrangement, in which case the labor arrangement shall be deemed absolutely null and void; are not forced to work in conditions that endanger their health and personal safety; and are protected from work that does not conform to occupational health and safety standards;
    vi. receive full and effective legal protection, without discrimination, when they provide their services as seasonal, occasional, or migrant workers, as well as when they are hired by employers, such that they receive the benefits of national laws and practices, which shall be in accordance with international human rights laws and standards for this category of workers; d. ensure that indigenous workers and their employers are informed of the rights of indigenous workers under national law and international and indigenous standards, and of the remedies and actions available to them to protect those rights. 4. States shall take measures to promote employment of indigenous individuals.


  • The NegroRats of the criminal class in the parliament and La Basura in the minority criminal class should read this.


  • President George W. Bush’s chief speechwriter, Michael Gerson, has a message for people who are excusing President Trump’s racism:

    “I had fully intended to ignore President Trump’s latest round of racially charged taunts against an African American elected official, and an African American activist, and an African American journalist and a whole city with a lot of African Americans in it. I had every intention of walking past Trump’s latest outrages and writing about the self-destructive squabbling of the Democratic presidential field, which has chosen to shame former vice president Joe Biden for the sin of being an electable, moderate liberal.

    But I made the mistake of pulling James Cone’s ‘The Cross and the Lynching Tree’ off my shelf — a book designed to shatter convenient complacency. Cone recounts the case of a white mob in Valdosta, Ga., in 1918 that lynched an innocent man named Haynes Turner. Turner’s enraged wife, Mary, promised justice for the killers. The sheriff responded by arresting her and then turning her over to the mob, which included women and children. According to one source, Mary was ‘stripped, hung upside down by the ankles, soaked with gasoline, and roasted to death. In the midst of this torment, a white man opened her swollen belly with a hunting knife and her infant fell to the ground and was stomped to death.’

    God help us. It is hard to write the words. This evil — the evil of white supremacy, resulting in dehumanization, inhumanity and murder — is the worst stain, the greatest crime, of U.S. history. It is the thing that nearly broke the nation. It is the thing that proved generations of Christians to be vicious hypocrites. It is the thing that turned normal people into moral monsters, capable of burning a grieving widow to death and killing her child.

    When the president of the United States plays with that fire or takes that beast out for a walk, it is not just another political event, not just a normal day in campaign 2020. It is a cause for shame. It is the violation of martyrs’ graves. It is obscene graffiti on the Lincoln Memorial. It is, in the eyes of history, the betrayal — the re-betrayal — of Haynes and Mary Turner and their child. And all of this is being done by an ignorant and arrogant narcissist reviving racist tropes for political gain, indifferent to the wreckage he is leaving, the wounds he is ripping open.

    Like, I suspect, many others, I am finding it hard to look at resurgent racism as just one in a series of presidential offenses or another in a series of Republican errors. Racism is not just another wrong. The Antietam battlefield is not just another plot of ground. The Edmund Pettus Bridge is not just another bridge. The balcony outside Room 306 at the Lorraine Motel is not just another balcony. As U.S. history hallows some causes, it magnifies some crimes.

    What does all this mean politically? It means that Trump’s divisiveness is getting worse, not better. He makes racist comments, appeals to racist sentiments and inflames racist passions. The rationalization that he is not, deep down in his heart, really a racist is meaningless. Trump’s continued offenses mean that a large portion of his political base is energized by racist tropes and the language of white grievance. And it means — whatever their intent — that those who play down, or excuse, or try to walk past these offenses are enablers.

    Some political choices are not just stupid or crude. They represent the return of our country’s cruelest, most dangerous passion. Such racism indicts Trump. Treating racism as a typical or minor matter indicts us.”
    — Michael Gerson (Quote)


  • @Robert July 13, 2020 7:06 AM
    Interesting analysis! I see nothing much has changed since my “sabbatical” LOL!
    You get the same problem in the average HED classroom and on call in programmes. “Irrelevance”, one of the many black holes in this highly educated society! It’s a Bajan thing!


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