Pedro Caddle, Maximum Sentencing Please!

Peter Caddle

Peter Caddle

BU’s Note: Local media has reported that Pedro Caddle turned himself over to authorities in the company of his Attorney at law on Friday 30, 2013. Given the nature of this matter BU withholds the name of the person who submitted this writing two days ago which was not picked up by BU.

Once again, the police are seeking public assistance in locating Pedro Caddle, who is wanted in connection with a number of “serious criminal matters”.  Pedro has been recently released from prison, where he has been held since 2011, following a May 2011 request for public assistance in locating the man, then too being sought in connection with a number of “serious criminal matters”.

Of course, Pedro’s venture into “serious criminal matters” began well before 2011.  The readership may recall that Pedro was a victim of a shooting incident while at the QEH in 2002.  Public transcripts on the ensuing trial state, “Pedro Caddle, a person who by his own admission is constantly in trouble and always being shot, went to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on that day in question for dressing for one of his numerous gunshot wounds, and was shot again by an unknown assailant.”

Without fully being aware of the total number of charges and convictions made against Pedro during his lifetime of crime, I cannot say definitively what he is and is not guilty of, however, a minimal amount of investigation would  reveal that the number of reported burglaries in St. Joseph increase significantly during the periods when Pedro is not incarcerated.

His criminal activity has targeted locals and tourists alike.  There have been allegations made against Pedro with respect to an armed robbery at the Round House in 2011 and again this very week at Sea U guest houses.  In fact, Pedro was indicted in a burglary made against my own Canadian family while on vacation in Barbados as far back as 2001.

The above was offered to provide some context.

How many times does Barbados intend to arrest, charge, convict and release this seasoned criminal?

Has any assessment been done on the destructive economic impact Pedro has had on Barbados in missed tourism opportunities, lost marketing dollars, or the cost of his many runs through the legal system.

Is any consideration made for the long-standing emotional trauma he has caused his many victims?

Lastly, and what I really want to know is, when, Barbados, is it enough?


84 thoughts on “Pedro Caddle, Maximum Sentencing Please!

  1. Under Freundel, it gine take quite a long time for his case to be called. By then he would be 55 yrs old Guess that is a good thing with the slow nature of Freundel.

  2. It seems the criminals got the law worked out better than the lawyers. They are arrested for 22 burglaries and on their arrival at the Magistrate court plead guilty to all 22 one time and get the maximum of twenty two, two years to run concurrently, which is 18 months. A lawyer can correct me if I have the wrong impression. That should be forty four years then this foolishness would stop. Everything is too easy on the criminal. We built a state of the art prison which is the best in the Caribbean. If it was like Haiti or Bahamas where you sleep in shifts no one would want to go to prison so fast.

  3. Caddle , gunmnan Big Zeus, the Browns Beach chain sntacher and their ilk are more dangerous to Barbados than a Cat 5 Hurricane. As violent low life they prey on unsuspecting tourists who spend their hard earned monies to come to Barbados for a memorable vacation. At the same time the tourists are bringing desperately needed foreign exchnage to keep our people employed with a decent standard of living..
    The Caddle’s of this world are national security threats to Barbados and our economy and should be treated that way. Caddle should spend the rest of his life in jail. His kind is worse than a terminal disease. They must be kept out of the general population for good.

  4. @Looking “Caddle , gunmnan Big Zeus, the Browns Beach chain sntacher and their ilk are more dangerous to Barbados than a Cat 5 Hurricane”

    Please note that a category 5 hurricane in Barbados would kill dozens or hundreds, would cause billions of dollars in damage, and it would take Barbados 10 years to recover.”

    Pedro Caddle and his ilk are criminals and yes dangerous, but do not fool them into believing that they are more dangerous than a serious huricane. They are not.

  5. Pedro is also probably neglected or abused in childhood, likely abandoned by his father, and he is likely of minimal intelligence, with no saleable work training or skills.

    However jailing him for life or killing him is not a solution.

  6. Pedro Caddle has NOT been convicted of murder, so why should he be killed, when we don’t even kill convicted murderers?

  7. He burn down the woman house and now she children aint got na place to live. You dont know him so shut up. The man is bad for society. One less him improves the society 10-fold. Rememeber when he was in a high-speed chase and had a child in the car? There are many more things but I wont say it here on BU

  8. What a joke. I couldn’t believe it when I saw his ignorant face grinning at me from the Nation newspaper AGAIN. Will he have to kill someone before he is put away for good. If ever there was a case for innocent citizens carrying out their own form of justice, then surely this piece of scum is it. People are going to soon have to take matters into their own hands and start protecting themselves because the authorities obviously can’t or won’t. What a joke our judicial system and this country has become.

  9. Was it him who threw the molotov cocktail in the woman’s house last week? To do that means you intend to kill someone, it was just luck or chance the lady escaped with her life. Reform those criminals who want to be or can be reformed, Simple Simon, but they must be removed from the general population first for our own safety. His crimes are only going to escalate.

  10. @Nia
    It WAS HIM who threw the molotov cocktail. Yet Simon talking shite. If that woman and child were at home and was burnt to death, he would be talking about Caddle had a hard upbringing. This man is an adult who should be removed from society in one way or the next.

    I dont want to wait til he rapes, robs or kills my mother or daughter.

    • There is a large comfortable middleclass in Barbados who are blissfully unaware about the reality of life on the ground.

  11. Forgive Simple Simon for she know not what she speaketh. She just want to sound like a modern educated woman.
    ….those are the same comments that our modern educated magistrates make when they laugh and send these criminals back out with 30 concurrent sentences too…

    No wonder the police are fed up.
    No wonder the people are fed up
    No wonder nothing works

  12. On Saturday morning at Cheapside market my mother told me about an incident that occured. An old man went to use the bathroom and was followed by a young man whose intention was to rob him. He attacked the old man and robbed him of his wallet. The old man screamed and shouted, persons nearby heard the commotion and ran to his rescue. The young criminal was caught and given a good beating, the butcher donated his apron to assist in tying up the culprit until the police came. I commend the citizens in the market for being their brother’s keeper. Well done!

  13. David, Simple Simon: You are both wrong.

    First, Pedro does indeed have skills and intelligence. I knew him when he was a young teenager. He was full of life and spunk – not at all slow of wits. Consider this: a man who commits this extreme number of offences and is not dead and in fact, has not been committed to life in prison – he is by no means dull. In fact, while the rest of the men lime night after night on the block, Pedro is the ultimate hustler. ALWAYS up to no good.

    Second, David – why in the world would you think that the middle class is not affected? Pedro doesn’t target one class. He is an opportunist. I know this because I am also one of his victims. Simple Simon – you would be singing a different tune if you were too.

  14. @Maximun Sentencing

    You should reread the comment. BU is saying that middleclass Bajans are unaware of the activities of the Pedro’s of his world from their ivory towers.

  15. I read it right the first time. Read mine again. Why would the middle class be unaware or unaffected? Pedro’s activities affect any class. I am middle class. What about the owners of Sea U, Round House, Edgewater? What about the many middle class home owners in the Bathsheba and Cattlewash areas that have been affected by this criminal. Again – Pedro is an opportunist. All are affected.

    • @Maximum

      Agree that all are affected but there is a prevailing mindset – among the middleclass especially – that unless it happens to me I will not get involved to join/volunteer do something about it. We install electronic security or burglar bars, buy a dog and there our responsibility ends. To actively participate in Neighborhood Watches and knock down the barriers which prevent solid social interaction with our neighbours etc is seen as a nuisance.

  16. David you are sounding like someone who despises the middle class. You have an axe to grind with the middle class??

  17. “Neighborhood Watches and knock down the barriers which prevent solid social interaction with our neighbours etc is seen as a nuisance.”

    David you are out on a limb with this one, many middle class neighbourhoods have set up neighbourhood watches.

    • @islandgal

      Yes many have Watches but they are not active. You can confirm this with the police. Regarding your comment whether BU has a problem with the middleclass – to whom much is given much is expected.

  18. Simple Simon
    I think in your zeal to be socially correct, you are not feeling the pain and fear coming from Nia and the others here. When some thing like this festers, people will take the law in to their hands. People kill in these circumstance when they know that he coming back to perpetuate his terror is not an option. Given what I am reading here, this young could be cut short. Dwelling on his hard up bring does not soothe the emotions here.

    Some middle class people come from these low socioeconomic backgrounds, but they have removed themselves so far that they are actually cut off from what is happening there.

  19. David – what do you want the middle class to do? I wrote the original letter above to raise awareness and create some kind of stir.

    Your statement on volunteering and the middle class is as inane as your comment on awareness and the middle class. You’d have to come with much more evidence for me to believe that the middle class doesn’t actively volunteer their time at any and all points – including crime prevention.

    • @Maximum

      Do you live in Barbados (rhetorical). Don’t you hear the commentary all the time that in the Heights and Terrace people don’t know who are their neighbours? As long as this state of affairs exist it will be a challenge to repel the criminal element from penetrating. It is in this context we write.

  20. Lemmie you mean MOST middle class people come from the lower socio economic backgrounds. Yes there are some who would rather forget that they grew up poor or that they have poor relatives. But many of them have been rejected by the poor when they made that leap into the middle class because of jealousy and fear. Some prefer to remain in the ghetto because they feel comfortable there. Some just can’t make it up that ladder and are forced to remain where they are. There are also some middle class who have brought the ghetto with them and we now have many middle class slums.

  21. There was a time in Barbados when every seven years or so, bad guys who believed they where bigger than the police would feel the full weight of the law. Melrose St. Thomas comes to mind. The point is that the police have to put these “criminals” in their place. SIX FEET DEEP.

    Sadly, after this current choir boy commissioner it has come to an end and now the criminals terrorize all in their quest for gun, money, drugs and fame. I do not believe in police unfairing innocent persons, but PEDRO CADDLE and the likes of him should be SIX FEET DEEP, long time.

    Anyone, who will rob you is a potential killer – will do anything to escape.

    Anyone, who will rob tourist, shoot tourist and local alike giving us a bad name in the outside world. – Is an enemy of the state, and should be put down. When we realise the true extent of crime and how we are running away our source of income it may be too late.


  22. David those who live in the Heights and Terraces are too busy working a to keep up with the Jones than to be fraternizing with the neighbours. It is hard work to maintain that status. You have forgotten that many of the villages are made up of families all related.

  23. So wait – middle class is:
    “blissfully unaware”
    they do not get involved
    they do not know their neighbours

    Do you live in Barbados? Because you would know that the middle class doesn’t live in exclusively in the Heights and Terraces (in fact, I would venture to say that those are namely the upper class) but are in fact a part of MANY neighbourhoods – including my own and the many, many surrounding neighbourhoods from here.

    I’m looking forward to your next stereotype.

    • @islandgal

      Then deal with the consequences. Grab the dollars because of so called lifestyle obligation but appreciate that there will social consequences.

    • @Maximum

      There is not about labelling. This is about dealing with a reality which is, the predominant middleclass in Barbados aspire and do live in the Heights and Terraces. This cannot be refuted. The majority of us don’t know or socialize with our neighbour 3 houses down the line. This is a social in-cohesion which has now come back to bite us in the ass. In a 2×3 country like Barbados we should in theory be able to come together driven by a civic mindedness and join hands with the police and all relevant partners to identify and deal with major criminal elements in our society. We should be able to join with NGOs and lobby MPs, government to have penal/court and other reforms to support the kind of affirmative initiatives we need to take back our damn country.

  24. Why are we blaming Pedro? He is part of the problem. It is the criminal justice system that is at fault in Barbados. If we enforce tougher laws on the books in Barbados for these repeat offenders; we wouldn’t have this kind of a problem to deal any longer. Three Strikes and your out seem like a good idea right about now.

  25. Obzocky
    Would you extend that three strikes concept to traffic tickets, shop lifting, petty larceny etc.. Do you have the prison space and funds to feed these offenders from age 25 to 55.

  26. David
    Remember, criminals do live in middle class areas, but there they are called sons and daughters. Ask the father of the boy who stole the money from QEH and the bank. By the way I understand that that boy is related to Fractured BLP.

  27. @ Islandgal246
    “The young criminal was caught and given a good beating, the butcher donated his apron to assist in tying up the culprit until the police came. I commend the citizens in the market for being their brother’s keeper. Well done!”

    I agree with all you said except about giving him a good beating. Justice is never served when the mob is judge, jury and executioner. Yes, assist your brother and sister and restrain the alleged culprit until the arrival of police.

  28. I never said that Pedro was a saint. I said that he was not a murderer. He is in police custody. In due course he will be brought to trial. A jury of our/his peers will listen to the evidence and will determine his guilt or innocence. If the jury convicts, then the judge will sentence, and he will be jailed.

    I was just saying that we have processes in place and we must let these due process work.

    I believe that our system still works.

    I still trust our police.

    I still trust our juries.

    I still trust our judges.

    I still trust our prison officials.


    However Unless Pedro changes his ways is is highly unlikely that he will live to be three score and ten. People who behave like Pedro does have a life expectancy of about 40. If he continues along his evil path he will inevitably get into a dust-up with the police, with other prisoners, or with some of his “friends” in the community and at some point he will be the loser.

    Right now Pedro does not know it but he has no family, as family is properly understood. He has no “friends” only people he uses and people who use him.

  29. Then this is not a middle class problem, as you were previously suggesting… this is a problem for the whole of Barbados.

    You’re right – the island is “2X3” – so the middle class sprouts everywhere… because there’s not enough space for all of it to move somewhere else – even if it wanted to – though not all aspire to the Heights and Terraces, besides. Drive through many of our neighbourhoods and note the big, tall wall houses next to the small, wooden humble homes. St. Joseph. St. John. St. George. St. Philip. St. Andrew.

    It seems we have different definitions of the classes economic classes of Barbados.

  30. In my neighbourhood there are now all types beginning to creep in. 1. Those who are middle class, move in and don’t say one word to their neighbours and are not interested in developing any type of community behaviour whatsoever. They have their big house, big job and car and they are happy. 2. Those who are lower or middle class and move in and DO see the benefits of having a proper community-oriented neighbourhood and act accordingly. 3. Those who bring their ignorant, dysfunctional behaviour (which is a precursor to criminality) from whatever lower OR middle-class community it is they originate from and are disturbing the peace and harmony that once was. And 4. those who are accustomed to their neighbourhoods being peaceful, law-abiding and community-oriented and see it slowly change for the worse, but feel powerless because they don’t really have anyone they can align themselves with, apart from the number twos who sadly are too few and far between.
    I hate the number ones the most because they tend to be the norm and if they understood the importance of establishing proper relations with your neighbourhoods then the number fours would either have to fall in line or go find somewhere else to live.

    • @Maximum

      We are on the same side of the issue. The middleclass carries a greater burden because this is the educated class and the ones who occupy leadership positions to lead change.

  31. Simple Simon
    Again I suggest that you read what Nia is saying. When Mr. Caddle is released on bail as they normally are, we shall have a crime of passion on our hands. The criminal justice system is not working. I say this because I once lived in a community where there was a Caddle and one day while he was up in the bread fruit tree for which I was responsible I had to gave him and his friend some good advice which he dutifully heeded for he knew fully well the consequences. The Caddles of this world think people who tend to keep themselves out of the police way are “soft”; he shall be a statistic in the crimes of passion.

  32. I mean the number THREES would have to find somewhere else to live.
    And by proper relations I don’t mean you have to be all overly friendly or up in your neighbour’s business or over at them every second or anything like that. Just simple acknowledgement that you are sharing a common space and it is in everyone’s best interest to come together to establish certain standards as to what is or is not acceptable behaviour.

  33. The fundamental problem remains.
    There is to leadership to provide and enforce RULES, and meaningful penalties for breaking those rules.

    Put an idiot in charge and you can destroy the best of anything.

    It is only to be expected that there will be different types of personalities in every community. What is missing is a set of established RULES and behaviors which are enforced.

    …one look at the PM, AG, DPP, CJ and COP easily explains our predicament….. THEY look like they each need guidance themselves- so how the hell can we expect leadership from them?

    …so um like um is every man fuh heself….and the first to recognize this seems to be the likes of Pedro….

  34. “one look at the PM, AG, DPP, CJ and COP easily explains our predicament….. THEY look like they each need guidance themselves- so how the hell can we expect leadership from them?”

    And wunna steady blaming wimmen, wuuna got some DEAD men and blaming we wimmen fuh the ills of society. Stupse…put some women in charge and wunna gine see who is de boss!

  35. Simple Simon has always volunteered huge, huge amounts of time. Simple Simon was volunteering long, long before Well, Well was born. Simple Simon don’t need a Bajan from over in away like Well Well etc. to teach about volunteering

    Simple Simon always speaks to the neighbours

    Simple Simon speaks to the neighours even when the newcomers don’t have enough sense or good manners to speak first.

    But Simple don’t get up into the neighbours business. Simple understands the value of discretion.

    Simple still believes that we have to let due process work. Simple knows that the majority of Bajans share my views.

    Because if we don’t want due process what do we want, chaos? vigilantism? do we all want to be like Pedro?

    I thought not.

  36. Last night I dreamt about the men and woman of Royal Barbados Police Force. Who gave their all to keep our beautiful island safe? Some have gone on to the Lord (Lion-Man- Watson, Arthur, Taylor, Inspector Alga Mason, just name a few) and others have retired, (Inspector- Nurse, Inspector- Gittens, Assistant –Commissioner Alvin Griffith, Track- Suit-Top, Dirty Harry, Invader one/ two, Big- Sam, Rat- Brown, Merrick, Senior Superintendent Byneo, Starkey etc. Most of these men were attacked to the C.I.D during their time of service to our beautiful island. This kind of police officer is missing today in Barbados; its no wondered our crimes rate is so high today.
    I saw these men in action when Doctor- Rat and Buddy Braithwaite was on the loosed. I saw these men in action when Mark Young and Harding were on the Loosed. I saw these men in action when Sand- fly was on the loosed. I am telling you this because I was born and bred directly behind one of the major police stations in Barbados; and knew these men and women on a personal level And I am grateful for the service these men and women have given to our beautiful island.

  37. The original letter was not about omitting due process. The original letter calls for maximum sentencing – within the scope of this process.

    The original letter perhaps suggested that we should review the way “due process” works – and if it doesn’t, then another, more effective, “due process” should be adopted… one where repeat offenders are treated more strongly and jailing for life is indeed a feasible option.

    Simple Simon does not appreciate the CHAOS that already exists with “due process” the way it is right now.

    I, for one, will be hoping very hard that Pedro is jailed till the end of time, or at least until he’s too feeble to make it out his front door.

  38. Simple Simon | April 28, 2013 at 10:28 PM |
    Pedro is also probably neglected or abused in childhood, likely abandoned by his father, and he is likely of minimal intelligence,
    Could this same americana yardstick be applied to the operators and directors of Trade Confirmers, Clico, ICCB , Jack Warner and all the host of fhieving tucking businessmen and professionals in this country who juck out our eyes everyday, but unlike Pedro,they do it without a gun or physical force.
    For the last 150-200 years, Bajan fathers have been noticably absent, as many of them went off to work in the Panama Canal, building the railway in Costa Rica, cutting canes in Cuba, working on farms in America and Canada, and driving and conducting buses in England. To imply that Bajan mothers were incapable of bringing up their sons to respect law and order and to be good citizens, is an insult to our women folk.

  39. @ Islandgal
    What put what wimmen in what charge what?!?
    …think we talking bout frying fish cakes?

    …the first drug man that gives you an ultimatum…..and you guaranteed to pee ya-self and run hiding behind Islandguy….
    Wuh even 99% of so called men lack the balls to demonstrate true leadership in today’s world….you think um easy?!?

    When it ain’t rich white businessmen giving you $100,000 to pass over $ millions of public money to their companies, it is some underworld thug giving an alternative between taking a bribe or getting shot…which choice you would take?

    This is not deciding what outfit to wear to Reggae on the hill (wear mud boots)

    …and all this must be managed in an increasingly public arena where every action is second guessed on BU… by Lemuel and BAFBFP.

    You best stick with the little garden and leave these duties to men with balls…..if wunna could find some…

    When the soft men finally realize that their balls are inadequate, the job will be taken up by BBE’s bushmen…. THEN you will see true leadership… 🙂

  40. Criminals like Pedro will continue to run riot in Barbados, as they know full well that the average Bajan will run like hell at the first sign of trouble ,instead of confronting the often cowardly individual.
    What happened last week during a funeral at St Patricks Church is typical. A church full of people running like hell from a man with a cutlass.

  41. @Simple Simon
    The old school days return;Simple Simon met a pieman going to the fair;
    Says Simple Simon to the pieman,we bleeding hearts are queer.
    Supt Big Grant,Inspector Connell,Sgt Philip Best,Shun-a-Frog,Powpow Simmons,Barney Lynch,Byron were among the most feared policemen because
    they had a mission in life:to rid Barbados of criminals.In those ‘bad’colonial days you got no mercy.As Rev Graveney Bannister,a magistrate,recently told an offender who knowing him to be a priest,begged for mercy,Rev Bannister told him ‘you want mercy,you ‘en gine get it hay;you go to the church for mercy and off to Dodds he was sent for a couple years.That’s the justice we want in Barbados.Stoby,Collymore,Douglas,Belgrave were no nonsense jurists.
    As for Caddle,the saying A man gotta do what a man gotta do will eventually bbefall this repeat offender.Woggy,Hall,Mark,Buddy,Dr Rat all gotta doed.

  42. @ Maximum Sentencing “one where repeat offenders are treated more strongly and jailing for life is indeed a feasible option.”

    I think it is reasonable to give repeat offenders longer sentences.

    I think it is reasonable to jail dangerous offenders for life.

    But we have to do it within a fair and transparent process. And we need to review life sentences. Because if a fella has reformed and yes I understand that it is sometimes very, very difficult to tell whether a fella has indeed reformed,, then we should let him out if he is no longer a danger to the public. Because after all it is we the taxpayers who have to pay to keep the offenders in jail. And keeping people in jail is expensive.

  43. SO!!
    Yuh Mean ONE CADDLE ent de same as de nuddah CADDLE.??

  44. David wrote,”middleclass Bajans are unaware of the activities of the Pedro’s of his world from their ivory towers.”

    You are wrong David.”middleclass Bajans well aware. That is why their “Ivory Towers” have guard walls, 2 or 3 big dogs and Guns.

  45. Of course, we don’t want our police to be Judge/ jury/ executioner. But, sometime there is not alternative but to eliminate these repeat offenders. It took the language of the bullet to end the careers Mark Young, Sandy- fly and Packrat, in the 1980’s. These youthful offenders had not problem shooting at, or shooting police in the 1980’s.

  46. And it was said that when Lion Man was on his death bed, he was balling for murder and owning up to the many men he had killed. Having or exercising the 007 License to Kill, invariably come back to haunt us in later years.

  47. @Colonel Buggy “Having or exercising the 007 License to Kill, invariably come back to haunt us in later years.”


    It is not only for the criminal that we have judge/12 jury people/executioner. It is also for us. If we have to put a man down, it is better that it is a shared responsibility.

    It is easier or conscience especially in those long. long dark hours of the night when we are alone with our conscience.

  48. There’s this song – Criminal Mind, by Gowan (great Canadian 80’s tune) – well, it came randomly on my ipod the other day and because I was thinking about Pedro and the justice system, it really hit a chord with me. I listened 3 times. The song concludes that not everyone processes guilt in the same fashion:

    Before you hand me over
    Before you read my sentence
    I’d like to say a few words
    Here in my own defense…
    Some people struggle daily
    They struggle with their conscience
    Till the end
    I have no guilt to haunt me
    I feel no wrong intent.

  49. “Having or exercising the 007 License to Kill, invariably come back to haunt us in later years.”
    Perhaps wunna beginning to see why it takes a REAL MAN to be an effective leader in the overall community interest. There will be some infectious personalities from time to time in every community and unless there are leaders willing to EXORCISE such from the society, the disease will quickly engulf the whole community.
    ….It is a dirty job, but if not done we all will die….

    God bless the bleeding heart, wishy washy do gooders, but they need to stay at home and play with the pets….and send forward righteous men with balls.

  50. unfortunately some people never learn,these must be dealt with harshly.there is no choice any kindness is viewed as weakness,any inch becomes a mile.there has to be a red line.

  51. Some interesting statistics on the WHO worlds murders (per 10,000 citizens)
    Honduras -91.6 , El Salvador -69.2, Jamaica 52.2, Venezuela-45.1 , Belize- 41.4, USVI-39.2, Guatemala -38.5, St Kitt & Nevis-38.2, Trinidad & Tobago_35.2, Bahamas-27.4, Puerto Rico-26.2, St Lucia 25.2, Dominica- 25.0,, St Vincent & Grenadines -22.9, Panama-21.6,
    Brazil-21.0, Montserrat -19.7, Guyana-18.6, Mexico-16.9,Bermuda-12.3, Grenada-11.6, Barbados -11.3, RUSSIA 10.2, British Virgin Islands-8.6, Cayman Islands-8.4 , Anguilla-6.8, Cuba -5.0, Suriname-4.6, Martinique 4.2, USA -4.2 , SWITZERLAND 0.0.
    All of the countries before the USA have very strict gun control laws.
    Switzerland ,with a zero murder rate, insists that all of its able citizens own firearms and qualify periodically as marksmen.

  52. Colonel…………………outside of Switzerland, someone is supplying illegal weapons for these high rates of murders per capita to be occurring.

    With regard to Switzerland, every one has a gun, if you know the guy sitting next to you is armed or your neighbor is armed, do you think it’s a good idea to try to rape or rob them? this brings all kinds of other arguments into play.

  53. The bad boys of Barbados like Pedro Caddle are treated too lightly by the Justice system. He knows full well he does not want to die therefore as fast as he hears his name as wanted and dangerous he walks into a Police station and give himself up knowing the Justice System will work in his favour like Garcia.

    Garcia is now special. He gets a three hour interview and nearly three full pages of coverage since he was set free. He is now a Barbados Hero.


    Why could they not let him go off and spent his time here out of our eyesight

  54. Clone Garcia is now special. He gets a three hour interview and nearly three full pages of coverage since he was set free. He is now a Barbados Hero.
    All that left now is deciding which roundabout our newest National Hero’s statue will be erected. Perhaps his lawyer will now have a bit more time on his hands to offer his services just as freely to the many Barbadians,who we have see from time to time appearing in the press complaining about the injustices in this society.

  55. It is becoming sickening when Garcia said he will apply through his lawyer for citizenship. His Lawyer said he is taking the Barbados Government to the International Human Rights court. Only in Barbados.

  56. @ Clone
    “Sickening” is a good choice of word. The problem with sickness is that once it starts, unless there is strong intervention either from the body’s internal defenses or from a GP, things get progressively worse at an exponential rate…
    …it looks like this place is well on the way to being run by homosexuals, with crooks dominating our legal systems and idiots in parliament.

    Notice how often some of us talk about the Singapore model….about how in Barrow’s day our two countries were on parallel courses..
    …how many realize that the difference is in the decisive leadership exercised in Singapore as opposed to the laissez faire approach ’bout here?
    If Raul Garcia had arrived in Singapore with those drugs….could he and Commissong now be talking bout taking that country to any international court…? …he would have been but a brief note in history…

    Peter Wickham could be on Voice of Singapore all day preaching the gospel of bullers having access to their Boy Scouts? ….he would be somewhere cowering with his like-minded friends…

    Commissong has all the time in the world to champion the cause of a foreign drug mule who found himself in a difficult bind, while our legal system BEGS a REAL hero to champion justice and truth.

    Does anyone think than any young boy in Singapore would be foolish enough to consider growing up to be a Pedro caddle or a Garcia?
    ….But we have created a situation here, where some must be seriously tempted…

    Plant okras and you reap okras.
    Plant wild bush and yuh will get thorns..

  57. RBPF let the two English women who refuse to allow the court to try Crawford their prime suspect rapist take a look at Caddle. He resembles Crawford who the English women are adamant didnt do the crime but he younger. His MO is the cowardly preying on tourists while they sleep so he could be the Holetown rapist. You never know Caddle is a fellow who does’nt give a hoot about society or laws. Only the threat of capturing him dead or alive flushes him out. Commissong who’s shown he will go to any lengths to make drug dealers and murderers feel at home in Barbados probably accompany him to the police.

  58. @ David
    “Caddle was tagged today with 9 charge.”
    You know the game David……for which he will plead guilty to all and get a single concurrent sentence of three years of which he will be required to serve only 18 months.

    …2 months per charge.

    BUT is does save the courts having to actualy DO work to find him guilty ….and then all that extra work when his lawyer appeal this …and challenge that…

    …man plead guilty and let evabody guh long bout duh business do!…
    Who cares about JUSTICE, morals, and sending proper messages to our children, citizens and potential visitors..

    Classic case of pissing into our own tent.

  59. Bushie you rave and rant about homosexuals but I have never heard you do the same about adulterers. You are very narrow minded when it comes to discussions like these. Homosexuals like adulterers are born of heterosexual or bisexual parents. Man has been bulling from the time begone. Doesn’t the bible say that man was made in the image of God? Some say the good book teaches tolerance, it also teaches hatred as well!

  60. Clone | May 3, 2013 at 5:26 PM |
    It is becoming sickening when Garcia said he will apply through his lawyer for citizenship. His Lawyer said he is taking the Barbados Government to the International Human Rights court. Only in Barbados.
    He should try the CCJ for a million bucks. I hope that the lawyer will also take Cuba and the USA to the IHRC.

  61. @ Islandgal
    Bushie has zero tolerance for shi*te.

    There is a big difference between homosexuality and adultery (which is wrong, disruptive to good social order and reprehensible).

    The former is UNNATURAL and a clear sign of something that has gone wrong in a personality. While the latter is just plain wutlessness like stealing and cheating, (but is based on natural inclinations.)

    Bushie has no problem with homosexuals per se…EXCEPT when they seek to force their UNNATURAL tendencies to be accepted as NORMAL by the rest of society.

    If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself stricken with a disease you do not address the “problem” by seeking to infect everyone else… even if you are on the radio everyday….

  62. How is it possible that of all the emails he reads, 99% supports his arguments. If a caller opposes his arguments he looks for the most frivolous points to hold on to. He actually bullies callers to come around to his way of thinking. Bullying seems to be his favourite pastime.

    As long that he is around the next election and supporting the BLP, they will spend another five years in opposition. The majority of people just does not like what he is trying to do to Barbados
    David still waiting on your article on Peter Wickham and the Boys Scouts

  63. Everytime I hear Garcia name call I want to puke.Every time I hear Commissiong name call I want to puke.Look at the number of Guyana citizens in the news recently.Not a good example of offering citizenship to any and everybody in Caricom.The Guyana dollar and the Jamaica dollar values vis a vis the US dollar is making Barbados attractive to the flesh trade.And A J Nicklaus tink dem haff a rite fuh sen woars to Barrruhbados fuh get wuk fuh wuk.

  64. Seems Commissiong’s time would be better spent working for Caricom and international clients………..better success rate, maybe the local laws are stopping him from being an adequate lawyer for local people…………not my favorite person, i dislike his sidekick, scum of the earth.

  65. It is surprising that Ronnie Clarke,who is Programme Manager of VOB, would allow Peter Wickham to expouse his Botsy Theology ,on what has become Down to Arse tacts, when Peter is in the saddle.

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    I’m going to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a difficult
    time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
    The reason I ask is because your layout seems
    different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique.
    P.S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

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