Leroy Parris and His Overseas ‘Stash’

Leroy Parris

Leroy Parris

In May 2012 BU posted on the matter Everton Cumberbatch Versus Leroy Parris, Larry Tatem and Breakers Investment Inc Case number”2008/770. Arising from the law suit one gleans that Leroy Parris has access to monies which he is the beneficial owner lodged in offshore accounts totalling in the million of dollars.

In todays Sunday Sun we learned of a case where Leroy Parris has applied to the High Court of Barbados to overturn an order freezing his assets and those of his company Branlee Consulting Services Inc.  In his Affidavit to support the application Parris listed assets as a residence at #8 Dayrells Heights, St. Michael valued $3.5 million; property at #243 Crystal Heights, St. Michael $1.5 million; Lots #’s 403, 404, 601, at Crystal Heights valued at $1.5 million; Lot 7 Dayrells Heights valued at  $450,000; three lots at #’s 17,18,19 at Sentinel Gardens. Barrack, Christ Church; and lot 15 at Westmorland, St. James valued at $2.2 million. In addition accounts were listed at Scotiabank and the Central Bank totalling $12 million dollars.

Relevant Links:

Under the FATCA agreement of which Barbados is a signatory although the intent is to identify US citizens who own bank accounts overseas, there is the opportunity for private individuals to be captured if   ‘current (mailing, residence, post office box or c/o) address is in the U.S, sole address is a care of address or hold mail among other indicators’– see FATCA Frequently Asked Questions.

It is obvious even to a Leroy Parris apologist that over the years he would have stashed significant monies overseas as the Barbadian middleclass has done over the years. Instead of filing a frivolous lawsuit which his lawyers have been accused of doing by the Caribbean Court of Justice why not drawdown from his overseas stash? The country and his friend the Prime Minister needs the forex now more than ever.


  • Today’s Sunday Sun quotes Leroy Parris as having 5 million deposited with the Central Bank. As far as BU is aware a central bank does NOT accept deposits from individuals.


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  • @ David he may have bought debentures.


  • @Hants

    Holding debentures is NOT a deposit with Central Bank.


  • @David,

    I have never heard of an individual depositing money in a Central Bank but I could be wrong.


  • @Hants

    Correct, obviously the newspaper got it wrong.


  • David
    FATCA is about tracing the foreign accounts of US citizens/residents. Unless Parris used an American passport in setting up foreign accounts he could have easily escaped the FATCA ‘policing’.

    In addition, he might have used a string of dummy corporations over a number of offshore jurisdictions. There could have been trusts involved, blind or otherwise. Numbered bank accounts, and so on.

    Moreover, not all institutions recognize FATCA, though most do. In recent times European banks, especially, are trying to avoid FATCA as a results of the large fines imposed on them by these American extra-territorial regulations and in relation to American citizens/residents.

    Anyhow it is reasonably unlikely that someone using a Barbados passport or that of a third country would not be able to ‘avoid’ the long arm of Uncle Sam.

    FATCA makes Barbados and most other countries mere colonial outposts. Even if you sent 20 USD from Trinidad to St. Vincent both jurisdictions have to report the transaction to the US Treasury Dept.

    Then again a growing number of financial people are now dealing in Euros and other currency to avoid imperial outreach. Every time a transaction is done in USD the American presume their laws apply, regardless of citizenship or where you may be.

    If he had a little bit of advice the authorities in Bim would not be able to find a yin without his cooperation. If there’s any money, in the first place.

    We have never been convinced that these people have any real money. Or even know how to thief big. To us these boys are all petty criminals.


  • John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    We love to see the Deeds for the land he listed , for we have the Plantation deeds for them and we know Beatrice Henry nor Violet Beckles sold his crook and scumbag ass nothing,

    As said before , no clear title of land and they did a lot of selling with CLICO and Terra Real estate , By now who dont believe the true now its all in your face ,, He own Nothing , But now caught red handed,


  • It is good to see that the watchdog committee is still alert and vigilant.


  • John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    David February 15, 2015 at 6:48 PM #

    Today’s Sunday Sun quotes Leroy Parris as having 5 million deposited with the Central Bank. As far as BU is aware a central bank does NOT accept deposits from individuals.

    Well David we know the was on some shit for a long Time ,, NOW all welcome to the World of PLANTATION DEEDS. ALL OF THIS WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL ALL THINGS ARE CLEARED ,,



  • Thanks Pacha, the bigger point BU wants to make is that Parris should have a stash in the US and the UK.


  • West Indies 90/5,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,against IRELAND!

    What has to happen to kill the WICB(C)?


  • David

    How you noticed that a high percentage of recent posts had to do with corruption or mal-administration?

    Surely, this must be a sign of the times, no?


  • @Pacha

    Smoke and mirrors, obsfucation BS will take us so far before reality sets in.


  • Parris holds St Kitts and Dominican passports.


  • @Bajan New Yorker February 15, 2015 at 9:49 PM “Parris holds St Kitts and Dominican passports.”

    Did he buy these passports and if so why?


  • @David “It is obvious…that over the years he would have stashed significant monies overseas as the Barbadian middleclass has done over the years.”

    Dear David: The Barbados middle class is one serious illness away from begging their old mothers for a half of a breadfruit to feed their children.

    If as you believe the Barbados middle class has millions stashed overseas how come that enrollment at UWI has dropped by 40% You mean to tell me that middle class Bajans have money stashed in foreign bank accounts and won’t use any of it to educate their own children.


  • As for Leroy Parris’ belly aching in today’s Sunday Sun, please tell him that most Bajans don’t give an @ss whether or not he can pay his bills. Tell him that we say WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.


  • John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Well he better get a plane ticket to get all the money in other banks, as long as he lives poor in BIM , but we sure some one have his back and they did the speaker of the house right Prime Minister Crook,
    We sure he have cash some where him or his wife,


  • Pachamama February 15, 2015 at 7:17 PM # David FATCA is about tracing the foreign accounts of US citizens/residents. Unless Parris used an American passport in setting up foreign accounts he could have easily escaped the FATCA ‘policing’.

    Original article is correct, anyone with an address in the US is ‘open’ to the tentacles of FATCA. Irrespective of nationality. FATCA is about capturing taxes on income earned. While that is targeted mainly at US citizens, due to the ‘rules’, others are open to inclusion.


  • “@Bajan New Yorker February 15, 2015 at 9:49 PM “Parris holds St Kitts and Dominican passports.”

    You can buy passports from both countries as long as you have the moola.

    Another big reason for Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister of Barbados, to be very ashamed of himself and his cavalier attitude toward crimes being committed by his friends. Prison was not designed only for the poor and those who cannot pay rent.

    One big reason why Bajans should be very mindful of their children being vaccinated with anything that’s currently being investigated.



  • I see the man’s lawyers are starring at CCJ!!



  • More pain for policy holders.

    There will be no pensions for CLICO policyholders this month because the company has run out of cash.



  • BU understands Leroy left the island for Miami yesterday and will be onward bound to the UK. Hardship you say?

    On Monday, 16 February 2015, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • Gone to get some cash maybe?


  • For attorney fees of course!


  • @Well Well February 16, 2015 at 11:16 AM”One big reason why Bajans should be very mindful of their children being vaccinated with anything that’s currently being investigated. http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/mass-sterilization-kenyan-doctors-find-anti-fertility-agent-in-un-tetanus-vaccine/

    Dear Well Well: Surely you are aware that Health Impact News is not a legitimate medical publication, but is in fact an anti-vaccine rag.

    Furthermore I am sure that you have been vaccinated against tetanus etc. and that it has not affected your fertility.

    And futhermore since tetanus is an extremely serious disease….I have know 3 people in my little village who died of tetanus in the 1960’s 70’s and one other who spent months in the intensive care unit of the Queen Elizabeth hospital who would you sit where ever you are and seek to encourage people not to vaccinate themselves and thier children.

    Since I work in agriculture and since tetanus is spread through dirt I receive a tetanus vaccine every 10 years


  • And furthermore since the Kenya fertility rate is 4.5 per woman if as health impact news says anti-fertility drugs are in the tetanus vaccine it is clearly not suppressing Kenya’s fertility rate.


  • John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Leroy now have to expose the overseas accounts to maybe live like he want, All now will just have to check him well to see if he comes back with blood diamonds to launder in Barbados and the Royal Shops ,


  • St George's Dragon

    Apologies for going off-topic but It is important to nip incorrect rumours about the harmful effects of vaccines in the bud. Here is the detailed information about this continuing hoax:


  • Gone to hide funds at HSBC UK


  • @Well Well, Leroy Parris is the Ambassador at Large for Dominica thanks to his friend corrupt Roosevelt Skerrit. The other clown is his friend Denzil Douglas of St Kitts.


  • China’s Churning Out Billionaires , was the headline on the Bloomberg news site.

    So I wondered, has anyone reread ‘Animal Farm’ recently?

    The more things change the more they remain the same!

    When did it become acceptable to have millionaires and billionaires in a communist economy?

    No wonder Putin ‘fears’ China’s growth and reach and has effectively installed himself to the apparent joy of his infatuated citizens as Czar for life.

    Fellows like Duprey and Parris are essentially cut of that same cloth: they see themselves as entitled; deserving of riches skimmed from the hard work of Joe and Jane Baje and as Czars for life over the fortunes of we the gullible masses.

    Is it too late for another revolution!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Bajan New Yorker February 16, 2015 at 7:43 PM

    I keep telling you that Greenverbs Parris is the smartest Bajan that ever lived and is the smartest the Caribbean ever produced, after the Trickidadian Duprey.
    These two smartass rats had every corrupt West Indian top politician in their filthy pockets.

    It is claimed that corrupt Douglas used to receive large sums of CLICO money to help pay the airfares of those overseas voters. It is left to wonder who would be fitting the bill this time around for the hundreds of overseas voters who “freely” returned to cast their ballots. Many do come out of the UK for sure.

    A smart Bajan by the name of Poochie Parris and a smarter Trickidadian by the name of Duper Duprey got to know West Indian politicians were corrupt. So both hatch a plan to scam poor CLICO policy holders by ‘buying’ the small island prime ministers:

    Which one did the CLICO fountain of gold blessed most abundantly?

    Was it punch-drunk Owen?
    Was it squeaky doggie Denzil?
    Was it the dead Queen David?
    Or was it our rooster Ladyboy Skerrit?


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    Is $’s in BBD or USD Iso CCY Code?

    Where’s Pacha?
    It’s Black History Month Half Time


  • Looks like Parris was on island.


    CLICO’s former boss Leroy Parris (right) is accompanied by his lawyers Michael Yearwood (left) and Hal Gollop QC after yesterday’s court hearing. (Nigel Browne.)

    LEROY PARRIS may have to wait a little longer to find out if he can access funds from his multimillion-dollar bank accounts that the High Court has frozen.


    Yesterday, the former CLICO boss’ attempt to have the decision reversed was adjourned for hearing on a date to be announced before a new judge.

    After listening to over two hours of legal submissions during an in-chambers hearing, Justice William Chandler reportedly recused himself from the matter on the grounds that he was already hearing the substantive application in which CLICO’s judicial manager Deloitte Consulting Ltd has applied to have CLICO’s sealed audit report of June 21, 2013 opened.

    Please read the full story in today’s Daily Nation, or in the eNATION edition.

    – See more at: http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/63637/parris-wait#sthash.5osbiOZT.dpuf


  • @millertheanunnaki February 16, 2015 at 8:34 PM #

    I note that the vote count in St.Kitts has been stopped……..very interesting.


    Possibly you could update us on St.Kitts’ elections and background to it.


  • Can someone please explain how an Order to Freeze assets can possibly be overturned, when the evidence which led to the Order is contained in a sealed Forensic Report? Once the Forensic Report is unsealed, it can be used as evidence either to prove that the Order to Freeze was unjust, or alternatively that criminal charges and proceedings should commence with all due haste. In the meantime, I do not see how any Judge would entertain a submission to overturn the Order.


  • Bare Tricks!!!!

    Could they have been trying to trick the court into a position where the original matter could have been thrown out on a legal technicality?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ bdosmike February 17, 2015 at 7:38 AM

    You really are quite unfamiliar with the local ‘justice’ system.
    Why not ask the CCJ for an informed assessment of what is and isn’t possible when it comes to justice à la Barbade?
    The motto for justice in Barbados is:
    “Put a highly sensitive matter before the courts and let it languish, sine die, to face its inevitable outcome with the effluxion of time.”

    Leroy Parris knows fully well this move to shame him is just one big charade. He is just one shameless sob who is prepared to be the public’s whipping boy fully aware he is well-protected by the evil forces right through the Bajan society web of corruption and hypocrisy.

    Parris has rewarded handsomely those devils in high places and they dare not bite the hand that once fed them.
    Not even archangel Raquel can touch the leper Leroy as long as God Fumble and Pals are on Le Roi ‘s side.


  • Why did Justice Chandler not recuse himself at once? He listen as reported for two hours?


  • ac February 16, 2015 at 9:23 PM #

    “……however she left the clean up job for the yardfowls who now have pick up the gauntlet and proceed with one intention purposefully and forcefully to deceive the policyholders that their best interest would be served by catching small fry, a bunch of hypocrites….”

    I was not going to respond to this nonsense, but after re-reading it, I became quite disturbed. However, since the Jeff Broomes issue is not the “place” to discuss CLICO, I have brought my reply to a CLICO post.

    It is mind boggling that idiots can be so loyal to mere mortal members of the DLP, and would prefer to lay blame of this CLICO scandal at the feet of BU, the Judicial Manager, BLP and even the policy holders, in an attempt to vindicate Parris, because they “see this Leroy Parris sleigh hammer attack a ways to an end and a way to decimating govt and a chastisement of sort for PM Stuart support of Parris”.

    Fortunately, the Deloitte forensic report revealed a number of financial anomalies undertaken by the executives and “related parties” of CLICO Holdings (Barbados) Limited, and in particular, Parris. Comments on BU relative to the CLICO scandal, have been based primarily on information outlined in this report. However, contributors have been described as “BLP yard-fowls” by those persons whose specific agenda is to protect Parris because of his intimate relationship with the DLP.

    Parris was CHBL’s Chairman and Chief Executive Office. Anyone who holds such a position, can be easily identified as being responsible for CLICO’s Barbados operations and, in keeping with protocol, he has to take full responsibility for whatever occurred under his watch. Hence, by no means can he be considered “small fry”.

    Those of us who are rational in thought are cognizant of the fact that the JM’s civil suit was based on the certain information in the report, and NOT THE OPINIONS of BU contributors. Also, these opinions will not be admitted into evidence. Therefore, it is a monstrous perversion of common sense to imply contributors have an “intension purposefully and forcefully to deceive the policyholders”. Obviously, these comments must be directed to the Judicial Manager.

    So, are these DLP shiite hounds who call themselves AC, suggesting that:

    1) The Judicial Manager’s civil suit against Leroy Parris should have NOT BEEN FILED, because they “now have pick up the gauntlet and proceed with one intention purposefully and forcefully to DECEIVE the policyholders that their best interest would be served by catching small fry [Parris]?
    2) As Chairman and CEO of CHBL, Parris should not be held accountable for the part he played in this debacle, so it would be in the policy holders’ best interest to let him go scot free?
    3) The JM has rescinded its mandate to protect CLICO and the policy holders, by filing the civil suit?

    Based on their comments, it can be clearly seen that, for the AC consortium, their sympathy is reserved specifically for Parris and not the victims of CLICO.

    Liked by 2 people

  • Why would Parris’ lawyers have asked the Judge to censure the Nation when he went public with a press conference with the CBC and BT.


  • @David 8:27 Very good point. When I read of that turn of events this morning I wondered why he even agreed to sit in the first place. It’s not like he woke up yesterday morning and discovered “Hey, it just crossed my mind that I am already involved in this matter and can’t sit in judgement”. Wow, what twist and turns.


  • @ David February 17, 2015 at 10:24 AM #

    “Why would Parris’ lawyers have asked the Judge to censure the Nation when he went public with a press conference with the CBC and BT.”

    I was wondering the same thing.

    Perhaps it was a deliberate strategy not to invite the Nation to their press conference, because they wanted to argue that the Nation’s reporting of the CLICO court case was contemptuous.


  • David; re. your 10:24 am post.

    That Press conference has always seem like a sore thumb and anomaly to me.
    What was its real purpose?

    Similarly, what was the purpose of providing the Nation with gratuitous information through Parris’ presumed comments re. “hardship” to its reporters about the chilling effects of the freezing of the $4.5 million?

    It seems to me to be a case of the lawyers following an eminently flawed strategy insisted on by a well heeled and headstrong client and not a case of implementation of tried and tested strategies by eminent Lawyers and QC’s to boot.

    On another matter, it seems that the matter of “deposits” or “debentures” in the Central bank has not yet been clarified as deposits still seems to be being used re. that matter by people who should know the difference.

    Can we assume that the Nation is faultless in the above matters given its recent track record?


  • @Are-we-there-yet

    The responsibility rests with a responsible media, in this case the Nation newspaper, to clarify.

    Regarding the press conference there must have been a strategy behind it. Artax’s suggestion seems farfetched but who knows.


  • are-we-there-yet February 17, 2015 at 11:48 AM #

    “It seems to me to be a case of the lawyers following an eminently flawed strategy insisted on by a well heeled and headstrong client and not a case of implementation of tried and tested strategies by eminent Lawyers and QC’s to boot”………………………………………………..

    Prior to 2010, when we learnt that Fumble was Gollop’s lifelong friend, I never really thought of Hal Gollop as any big time lawyer. Since 2010 after Fumble became PM, he seems to be trying to make a name for himself even by receiving the noted QC designation.

    Is he really in the top drawer of lawyers when in the case of the “barefoot” preacher, he brought the case against the church wardens and not the church? Even I a non lawyer knew that if you were bringing a case it would have to be against the church. That tells you how learnt he is!

    He now seems to have a beef against the Nation as it is exposing his client even though he exposed how ignorant his client is when he had CBC cameras there in his office. Why the hell was CBC drawn in to this and did CBC not have any other news to cover on that day?

    To quote you… “That Press conference has always seem like a sore thumb and anomaly to me. What was its real purpose?

    “This proves that CBC is a biased waste of time and is the play toy of the DLP.

    There is something special about this man Leroy Parris. How else can one explain that even in the face of all the evidence, he is still being presented as honest and has done nothing wrong? What is it that he has on the DLP that he is protected at ALL costs?

    Oh to be a dem. The DLP will not always have power, look at Denzil Douglas, he is shell shocked today!


  • David;

    My point was why have the press conference at all?

    Are we now into a new phase where trial is by press conference and who puts on the best showing at their press conference wins?

    That press conference was surreal, as I think I commented earlier.

    It was good for the blogging community and the Nation as it might provide a defence for any comments that flows from it. But it always seemed to me as being “not the done thing”.

    That’s why I think the money and not the lawyers were leading in that event.


  • Prodigal Son re. your 12:33 pm post;

    I agree with practically all you have said above.


  • David February 17, 2015 at 12:30 PM #

    “Regarding the press conference there must have been a strategy behind it. Artax’s suggestion seems farfetched but who knows.”

    Although farfetched, mine was a hypothetical suggestion, which was not properly explained. But I’m convinced there was a strategy, especially when you take into consideration the publicity and attention in the press the Michael Carrington case received.

    We are all aware that the Nation sensationalizes simple news reports for the benefit of selling newspapers. However, as it relates to the Carrington affair, the Nation was able to publish information which was not published by the Advocate or broadcasted by CBC. Like it or not, we must admit the newspaper’s reporting of the information was consistent and sufficient enough for anyone to analyze and come to an informed conclusion.

    Important associates and members of the DLP have been implicated in the JM’s civil suit, [Leroy Parris and the late PM David Thompson and his wife, the present Deputy Speaker, Mara Thompson]. Also, recall that Parris’ suit came on the heels of another civil suit against the DLP’s speaker.

    Parris and his legal team probably decided to draw “first blood” (and subvert media attention) by having his lawyers present, during the press conference, copies of letters to substantiate payments he received, because the Barbadian mentality is one that usually interprets anything displayed by lawyers as being legitimate.


  • Parris ‘should’ have foreign bank accounts. David why dont you tap into your spy base and substantiate that comment.


  • “HSBC: Swiss bank searched as officials launch money-laundering inquiry
    Officials open investigation into suspected ‘aggravated money laundering’ and search bank’s Geneva premises”

    It is time we become serious about combatting corruption in our country.

    There comes a reckoning in everyman’s life. Call it a crossroad. We are now at that crossroad.

    Barbados has no future unless it is prepared to tackle, charge, imprison and confiscate those sums of monies that were gained from those individuals who were directly involved in The Clico affair.



  • Nobody in Barbados will have sympathy for Leroy Parris. Why ? He has been obnoxious, arrogant and unkind to all those he came into contact with over the years.

    All the while he has been creating an empire by clever manipulation of funding the source of which is questionable.

    He once stated that his boss told him to get involved in politics, so he bought a whole set of politicians.

    Would wish that the forensic audit be opened and everything made public. But then many will be tainted…..

    Death was a merciful relief for our leader, but then again the future would have unfolded in a different manner.


  • @ Eye of the south

    But why is it that we don’t seem so upset or surprised when people like COW and Bizzy “buy a bunch of politicians”?
    …although they mostly brag in white circles, They have been known to do it on TV …. of course Bizzy sometimes cries in the process …so he does not come across as obnoxious, arrogant and unkind.

    Bushie can’t wait to see the names of these other ‘PET’ politicians listed when the shit hits the fan…


  • Bushie, isn’t that level of ‘corruption’ “when people like COW and Bizzy “buy a bunch of politicians” unfortunately par for the course.

    Donations to political parties or as in the US a political action group raising funds to the tune of 3/4 BILLION $$ to spend on their chosen politicians is done at every election cycle (well, not that type of money each time).

    We caught Parris and Thompson in a blatant illegal act and that has allowed us to better understand the scope of the CLICO corruption and the misdeeds.

    But, does Bizzy, COW or Rayside pass money directly under the table to sway a contract? I don’t know that.

    So far, other than Caswell’s veiled comments that Ministers may be driving cars registered to corporations with whom they are doing business we do not have any direct links.

    So I understand the corruption thing and your indignation of its pervasiveness but how exactly do you see us changing that other than electing different politicians.

    And of course, then David’s mulberry bush theory comes into play.


  • One of his lawyers decided to really go the whole hog today!!

    Vernon Smith has taken offence to the ruling of the CCJ.

    “Following the court’s dismissal last Thursday of a submission filed by him and two others – Hal Gollop, QC and Steve Gollop –– Smith told Barbados TODAY he was “very offended” by the judgment handed down by the Trinidad-based court in the appeal case brought by Systems Sales Ltd.

    In fact, he described it as “diatribe”, while expressing outrage that the regional court, which is this island’s final court of appeal, had spent more time criticizing the legal applicants and other members of the Barbadian judiciary, rather than dealing with points of law or their submissions.

    “When I read it [the judgment], I was absolutely amazed. It was a judgment by way of diatribe”



  • A story in BT has DD shaking his head.


    Another charge
    Scotiabank robbery accused back in court
    Added by Barbados Today on February 17, 2015.
    Saved under Court cases

    The young man who appeared in a Bridgetown Court last week accused of robbing the Black Rock branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia on January 27, went before the District ‘B’ Magistrates Court today.

    Malcolm Marlon Archer, 20, of Lowthers Hill, Christ Church, who was earlier remanded by Magistrate Douglas Frederick for robbing the bank of BD$13 956 and US$308 while having a firearm with him, re-appeared at the District ‘B’ Court on a possession of cannabis charge.
    After pleading guilty to the offence, Acting Magistrate Anthony Blackman fined Archer $500 forthwith, with an alternative of two months in jail. The fine was not paid.

    Meanwhile, his mother and stepfather had their matters adjourned until June 3, by the same court. Adrian Athelston Pinder, a 50-year-old steel bender, is accused of dishonestly receiving stolen goods, that being BD$3 650 and US$50 belonging to Scotia Bank, between January 27 and February 8.

    Archer’s mother, 43-year-old housekeeper Mohandai Durga-Pinder, who allegedly received $500, which was the proceeds of a crime, has been charged with money laundering.

    Pinder and Durga-Pinder were granted $10 000 and $2 000 bail respectively, and must report to a police station once a week.”

    So a young (probably unemployed) man robs a bank of about BDS $15.000 and allegedly shares part of his “stash” with his parents, including $500,00 with his housekeeper mother, who probably used the $500.00 to purchase groceries. And his mother is charged with money laundering, within days of allegedly receiving $500.00 from the proceeds of crime.

    But, LP and his associates robbed CLICO investors and policy holders of hundreds of millions of dollars, part of which were scrubbed through his attorney’s account, and nobody has been charged with a crime years after the robbery and scrubbing.

    Something is wrong with this picture.

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  • @ Due Diligence

    Maybe you will now understand the reasoning behind Leroy Parris’ article on the front page of our local newspapers recently.

    It could easily have read ” you pariah and persons who have aided and abetted me in this big foot crime against the peeple of Bulbados should go on notice that, in the unlikely event that I should fall in this big up theft and the millions of dollars that we have fleeced together, as you can see from this full page article, if my new housing accommodation becomes Dodds or if I have to move from where I am, ALL UH WUNNA GOING DOWN WITH ME!!!”

    “My name ent Pinder, I is Leroy Parris”


  • Tell me something I don't know


    The CJ really should dismiss this case. How could you choose not to have audience with someone who has not paid their bar fees but accept papers filed by them. Especially since these jokers have been so defiant and vocal. maybe that is why they didn’t want Madam Justice J Cornelius – she would have had the intestinal fortitude and independence to throw out the case but the CJ allows Hal the Ponificator and pal of the PM to hurriedly pay his dues. Justice will be served.


  • Due Diligence February 18, 2015 at 11:41 AM #

    Yes. And I am getting very worried about it. Surely you and others can appreciate, that if one pulls a string hard enough and long enough…..

    THAT is the worry. Exacerbated by the arrogance and nonchalance of the administration, including an apparent lack of interest in how folks are treated at the QEH, due to the state of the QEH and its operations, including the position of the economic state.

    There are many things wrong, but all some folks can talk about are blogs and a lot of irrelevant trivia.

    Instead of LEADING.


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