Black Lives Matter – Part 1


Submitted by Grenville Phillips II

The US owes black Americans, who are descendants of those enslaved, a debt.  From their emancipation, black Americans have suffered open discrimination, without resource, until the late 1960s.

Black Americans tend to be given the scraps in education and jobs.  Other groups easily push them aside as they get US politicians to address their concerns.

Europeans, Asians, Latinos, Muslims, and those who practise homosexuality, bisexuality, and gender-change, have gotten politicians to address their wants.  But the critical needs of black Americans are ignored.

The recent protests are an opportunity for black Americans to receive what is owed.  The US has tried to pay it since emancipation, from giving 40 acres and a mule, to desegregating schools, to outlawing colour discrimination, to instituting affirmative action.  Most Blacks should be much further ahead, but they are being kept back.

Welfare programs have forced generations of black Americans to live in the worst, and least healthy housing.  That forced their children to attend the worst, and lowest achieving public schools.  That deprived their children from qualifying for the affirmative-action places at colleges and work.

The curse for many urban black Americans, is to become just another generation on welfare, with the hope that their children will do better.  The trend over the past 50 years is that most of them will not.

Stuck in depressed areas, can make crime appear to be a viable option to making money.  Statistically, black Americans in depressed high-crime areas, will likely have more conflicting interactions with the police.

The US prisons have a disproportionate number of black Americans, who will likely spend most of their lives there.  This is because the US passed three-strikes laws, where the conviction for a third offence is a mandatory life sentence.  So, what is the solution?

First, the US should fund the education of all black Americans, to the fourth generation.  Second, black Americans should be allowed to send their children to higher performing primary and secondary schools.  Third, the three-strikes law should be abolished, or limited to serial murderers and rapists.  Fourth, those serving mandatory 3-strike life-sentences should be resentenced.

Black Americans can only benefit from the debt payments if they receive them.  Black Americans have been blocked from receiving their payment.  Fortunately, removing this blockage is within their control.

Black Americans should not vote for the party that: passed the unjust three-strikes law, forced them to attend the worst public schools, blocked their children from attending better charter schools, and enabled generational welfare.

Donald Trump can be crude.  Many of his supporters are left in dismayed frustration at some of his insensitive cringe-worthy statements.  Trump provides the media with a consistent stream of appalling statements, which they publish almost every hour of every day.  This steady negative diet has pushed his opponents into an emotional realm beyond anger.

Jesus said that we may know people, not by what they say, but by what they do.  So, what has Trump done to repay the debt?  The intuitive answer is that, compared with the actions of Presidents Clinton and Obama, Trump has only added to the amount owed.  But what is the truth?

Trump signed the most comprehensive sentencing laws, to correct the unjust three-strikes laws that disproportionally targeted black Americans.  Trump also signed a bill that would permanently give more than US$250M every year, to black colleges, universities, and other institutions that have a large percentage of black students.

It was actually Clinton who signed the unjust three-strikes law that led to mass incarcerations, and Obama who maintained it.  They also forced black Americans to attend the worst public schools, and enabled generational welfare.

It was the Democratic party that: resisted desegregating schools, established colour discrimination, and actively opposed Republicans like Martin Luther King.

Black Americans have tended to be tricked, misled, and harmed by their charming community leaders, who received trinkets in return for keeping blacks in line.  From the chiefs who sold them into slavery, to the overseers who forced them to work on plantations, to the community leaders who mislead them to vote Democrat.

Black Americans owe it to themselves, and their children, to investigate which party has always kept them in bondage, and which has always tried to liberate them.

There were 1.3 million black Americans who woke up and voted for Trump in 2016.  By his actions, and any other relevant measure, that investment was not wasted – but he just will not stop saying stupid things.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

118 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter – Part 1


    RE Doesn’t it take one to know one?

  2. @Wily Coyote June 10, 2020 8:07 AM “USA Embassy protesters In Barbados take NOTE, US Embassy has ID video surveillance, have it on good source the majority of the protesters have been identified. Likely in the future when any of these protesters apply for US VISA or whatever documentation it will be DENIED.”

    Scare tactics by the deceitful Coyote.

    Since freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are both highly cherished American values, can you explain to us why the U.S. Embassy might withhold visas from Bajans who chose to peacefully speak and assembly?

    And what if those assembled have already chosen NOT to apply for an American visa now or in the future?

  3. No, but since you are so sure he is a buller a typical Bajan response would be to ask how you know and to conclude that he mussy bull you!

  4. These sick christians are so obsessed with sexual matters above all else. Oh, and the use of a few so called bad words. Biggest sins ever!

    Steupse! The bedroom and bad word police!

  5. Another 3 BLACK LIVES WHO DO NOT MATTER …. summarily executed in Chicago.

    Score now stands at 250 for 2020.

  6. Oh they matter! And there are many organisations and individuals working to change that situation just as their are people here who work to reduce such occurrences here. I myself do my bit in that regard. Thing is though, we don’t pay the gangsters to kill us. We do however pay the police. Paying the people who kill you with your hard earned money is a double whammy. Would you be happy paying a surgeon to kill you? You pay a surgeon to save your life. You pay a policeman to do likewise. Each take an oath. They must be held to those oaths.

    I have often walked and chewed gum. Can’t you??????

  7. @ Wily Coyote June 10, 2020 8:07 AM

    That’s right. A facial match via database will only take a second at most. The USA already has enough criminals from Barbados, for example a certain Mr Inniss, who was convicted of the most serious crimes. I wouldn’t be surprised if politicians from Barbados are generally scrutinised very closely when applying for visas.

  8. Is it black skin and afro hair that is killing the Blacks in Chicago
    or is it the 2nd amendment laws for proliferation of Guns and USA’s Gun Fever

  9. Earlier the issue of facial recognition was mentioned on this blog, now there is news that Amazon has announced a one-year moratorium on the Police use of Amazon’s facial technology (Rekognition), however they are not the only vendors/developers of this technology. There is a company (Clearview AI) which seems to have no qualms on who uses the technology and unbeknown to the Public police forces in various jurisdictions have been using the technology. Clearview mines its images from the billions appearing on social network all over the world, that innocent photo you took with your grandmother will be in someone’s data base.

    As usual the old bromide will be issued by some folks “If you didn’t do anything wrong you won’t have anything to fear”. Its not the fear of committing an unlawful act it’s the privacy that has been invaded and who knows how those images will be used in future.

  10. With the discussion that John and GP are so fixated on, the black issues in the US. Well, the special interests sabotaged the black communities with drugs in the 70’s. Who do you think introduced crack cocaine to them? Similar to the atrocious experimentation on black people using syphilis, by supposed authorities.

    But what comes around goes around and now fentanyl, in all of its forms, is decimating the white communities, after being introduced into the black communities. But the amount of white US middle class and rich kids on it is causing panic among the wealthy class.

    And yes, I can make that allegation, if someone can randomly claim that Obama was homosexual without any evidence whatsoever.

    It is only now that fentanyl is causing havoc with the rich white kids that the authorities are seriously trying to address the drug issues.

    Yet they continue to put people into jail for marijuana. Which is why the drug issue is a construct, not an issue of crime.

    How much money has the a certain agency made from drugs to use in funding espionage in various countries. How much of it went astray, into people’s pockets?

    But, whuh comes roun goes roun. Fentanyl got them in trouble. Just as bad as crack, but white kids now too.

  11. Wunna know where a certain fella’s grandfather and father made their money? You really think you could become a multimillionaire in New York in the 50’s to 70’s and not be in with the mafia? Especially in construction? To become that wealthy in New York in construction it is a given that you had to be in with the mafia, the teamsters union and so on.

    He aint one a you, you silly gooses. Never was. Was always an entitled, spoilt brat. Yet the morons will get in front a tv in some back country in Wisconsin or Wyoming and parrot on about draining the swamp and voting for their boy.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  12. It is an affront to every honest and hard working person, that pimping, getting construction contracts through mafia connections, being a skeezy landlord, racially discriminating for years, most certainly many other nefarious deeds in all of those arrangements, can be rewarded, let alone worshipped by some, largely because of their own insecurities and bigotry.

    Nasty, nasty people.

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