Emancipation Day In Barbados: A Significant Milestone In Our Development As A Free Nation; But The Nation And The Advocate Elect To Grab For Headline News



On a very hot afternoon, Bajans turned out for the Emancipation Day walk from Heroes Square to the Bay Street Esplanade on August 1st. The National Cultural Foundation CEO stated that the spirit of the emancipation will be carried out more than judy one day a year. Emancipation Day is celebrated each year on 1 August in recognition of the abolition of slavery. The island’s slave revolt is said to have been led by a man named “Bussa”. Still today, he is honoured as a national hero and a statue of him stands on what’s known as Emancipation Roundabout in St Michael. Each year a ceremony celebrating the abolition of slavery is held on this spot with parades, speeches, educational displays and performances.

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Both major newspapers elected to run with headline stories which have ignored the significance of Emancipation Day celebrated today in Barbados. This is a significant occurrence when we consider that Arthur at the start of his third term appeared to be big on educating Barbadians on their history. He blessed the National Heroes Project, he twisted the Nelson statue, set-up the Pan African Commission, wasn’t there the Commission which made a recommendation on race relations in Barbados? Anyway, if we judge from the actions of the Advocate and Nation newspapers it has been a wasted effort.


A safe holiday to all Barbadians

7 thoughts on “Emancipation Day In Barbados: A Significant Milestone In Our Development As A Free Nation; But The Nation And The Advocate Elect To Grab For Headline News

  1. if you do not know where you come from and know who you are ,you are going no where fast. Barbados reminds me of Cuba in the 50’s. It is fast becoming the playground of the rich, famous and foreign. They will rape us and then leave us to wallow on our barren little rock.

    oops I fogot we will soon be heavy with oil!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sadly from what I am seeing we have gone too far already.
    We have been raped and continue to be raped just take a look at the outcome of the Paradise issue, the barrier issue at Colony club, the chain at Queens Fort Drive, the gates at Porters the select billioneres parties held at Illaro Court for the wealthy ones to seek election funding, where people like Derreck Smith, Michael Smurfitt, Michael Paynter, Ron Joyce, COW, Bizzy so they feel that they are obliged to commit funding for this gang of crooks.
    See the St. Peter development council and see who has signing authorities ( 2 persons Julie and Owing Arthur funny you say ) for this bank account and who the million dollar donations are coming from people like Derreck Smith of Sandy Lane fame

  3. Let me ask all Barbadians to ponder these thoughts though my comments are not appreciated by a few mostly I suspect BLP followers who try desperately to silence me.

    Slavery and the ensuing Emancipation day that commemorates it has done little to teach the twenty first century Afro Barbadian how little they have accomplished since the dark days of slavery.

    Let us use the blogs of the BU, BFP, DLP and BLP as but one example to illustrate what I mean. How many persons using these blogs use their correct names? And why don’t they? Because THEY say NOT ME and the blog operators concur, because they themselves are operating under a cloak of secrecy that if their real identities were known they might be harassed, beaten or even killed by police, BLP members etc. How does this differ from slavery?

    How can you live in a Nation where residents cannot speak freely including the press without fear of brutality. We saw it at the QEH, we saw it again to a lesser extent with a reporter at the seen of the recent bus accident though in that case I too concur that it was inappropriate to be taking pictures of deceased victims but the matter could have been diffused more tactfully.

    However, how can a predominantly “black” Government who has been in power now for ten or more years say they have learned anything from slavery when one considers that Ezra Alleyne a BLP lackey says 145,000 Barbadians STILL do not draw a pay cheque out of a total population of 275,000?

    Now you would think that successful black and white people in Barbados who say how dreadful slavery was and how it should never be allowed to happen again would put their money and their humane and Christian values were they genuine where their mouths are and I am not talking about giving “free” lunches to anyone. I am talking about giving a hand up and opportuinities, training etc to the masses so that they too can “Live the dream”.

    Instead what we are seeing is, that decades after slavery it will still take decades even under the most ideal conditions to eradicate or reduce the high level of poverty, inequality, prejudice etc in Barbados because the Government is not addressing it nor do the successful black or white peoples care if they do or not. And this is a very dangerous position to be taking where the major population 95 % are descendants of the slave trade.

    Instead Foreigners and the wealthy are getting almost every available tax dollar while most of the Foreigners pay no taxes. And on top of this unacceptable situation those who want to speak out about this disgraceful situation are afraid to do so because of serious reprisal from THEIR BLACK GOVERNMENT. How much better is this than slavery?

    We were reminded quite recently in the press although I for one do not advocate violence that it was a Trini by the name of Bourne I believe who organized the riots 7o or so years ago because of similar injustices. Even back then it was obvious the Government or wealthy people of Barbados was not getting the message.

    Fast forward 70 years and they still are not listening to the majority of Barbadians. Instead we are threatening them with harm if they do speak out. This is a very dangerous attitude to take and my position would be that the next time I voted for a Government I would vote in Ganghis Khan if he was an option rather than the BLP Government!

  4. Quel surpris!

    A thought provoking, well reasoned post, and no innuendo.

    Congratulations David, keep up the standard.

  5. Thank you Idealist and let me remind my enemies I am a whiteman who neither needs to do this nor can I benefit from it and I have white friends in Barbados who probably hate my guts for doing it and I couldn’t care less.

    I do it because I think Barbadians must realize nothing is going to change for them until they “change” this present BLP Government as Owen Arthur and his party has become the friend and supporter of the privileged. We need a party that sees the need of the majority and who has the intestinal fortitude to see that they get it.

    I personally think that David Thompson is the leader that is needed and he has some very good people supporting him. As you know and I think this is a very appropriate comparison people with cancer consider every option in finding a cure. They even take unconventional treatment hoping for a cure.

    That is the attitude the average Barbadian must adopt and that is Arthur and his bunch of misfits has not cured or even addressed the real needs of the MAJORITY of Bajans so why not try the treatment David Thompson is advocating as a cure? Surely he cannot make it any worse because things are desperate in Barbados right now.

  6. Question to T.D. Allamby. I have just read your comments.
    How is it inappropriate for a news photographer to be taking photos of an accident scene where there are dead bodies? And if they were no dead bodies?

  7. I have been asked a question which I will answer but my position still stands I will not be participating on blogs in Barbados again for obvious reasons to most with intelligence and reason!

    “Unapologetic” and I am doing this very reluctantly because of my deep sorrow for the those who lost loved ones and not wanting to re-open sad memories. And I really wonder if like some others your question to me is not loaded for ulterior motives.

    I went back to the Nation News “Archives” because of your question fearing that perhaps I might have read the story incorrectly.

    Here is what it said verbatim ” Rawle Culbard shot photographs of bodies from an area which was not cordoned off”. I interpreted that to mean the bodies of the deceased. But really how important was that for you to go after me having regard for the sorrow, hurt and pain the survivors are going through and who might read the blog.

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