Barbados Murder Statistics February 2020

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Based on data collected at the time of this post, February 2020 saw at least two murders taking place in Barbados. The victims were Shakeem Holder and Keron Howell, ages 22 and 26 respectively. Holder was stabbed in the parish of St. Michael while Howell was shot in St. John. The total murder count for the year thus far is five persons.

Information was collected during the month of February and compiled based on the following online sources: Nation News, Barbados Today and Loop Barbados.

Barbados Murder Map Jan to Feb 2020
Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January to February 2020
Barbados Murders February 2020 Table

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144 thoughts on “Barbados Murder Statistics February 2020

  1. Beast of Prey ( GP)

    U at mariposa again
    Go bag uh head ole fool nothing u have ever said was of interst to anyone on BU whether it be good or bad
    Now take my advice and leave Mariposa alone

  2. UPDATE: Shooting death in Checker Hall

    Who ever is in charge needs to find another job
    The rate of criminal activity and violent crime contiues daily and its seems that policies meant to deter crime in Barbados is not working at any level
    As one blogger suggest (maybe govt is waiting )for all.stupid black men to kill themselves for the shootings to stop
    Silly as that comment may sound
    At the rate crime is continuing in barbados govt might be thinking like wise

  3. Wondering if any further updates would be given as to the cause of death of the body found in the well
    Not really expecting any updates that like the many deaths by fires would remained un-accounted
    But that is barbados
    No transparency yet govt wants all to believe the many utterances on the Corona virus
    A govt prone on secrecy cannot be trusted

  4. My God woman, show some sympathy for the victims and their family. Your delight in these unfortunate incident is showing.

  5. Yes, her delight in these unfortunate incidents is (definitely) showing.

    When you have political operatives fabricating stories, purposely misrepresenting facts and blatantly lying to REPEATEDLY give the impression ‘government’ (NOT the POLICE) is responsible for giving the public details on murders and purposely with-holding information relative to crimes committed in Barbados, emotions such as showing sympathy for the victims and their relatives, ‘goes through the window.’

    Sympathy becomes secondary to their silly political agenda.

  6. The stock market is an indicator of how the economy is doing.(Quote)

    This is the sort of financial and economic illiteracy that passes as knowledge on BU.


    “Chase said, “This morning I am sad to report that 10-year-old Demarco Gibbs is now brain dead. He was beaten by four boys and struck in the back of the head, suffering brain damage from the incident. There is nothing more the medical team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital can do for him and they have done their utmost best. His mother Tricia Gibbs is totally distraught.”

    Chase made an impassioned plea for the perpetrators to be held accountable for their actions. She is calling for changes to laws that protect minors from criminal prosecution”

    I am speechless.

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