Calls for Investigation into Election Violence in Guyana

Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

On Election Day, Monday, March 2, 2020, operatives of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) allegedly attempted to commit election fraud and violence. This attempt to engender destabilization was foiled. Moreover, twelve PPP mercenaries were arrested in the Alberttwown, Georgetown near polling stations at the St. Ambrose Primary School.

Guyana Police Force has confirmed receiving reports that the men allegedly colluded with an agent of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to steal Statements of Poll (SOP) from polling stations at St. Amborose Primary School. A SOP is the official record which states total votes cast in favor of the parties contesting the election.In the 1997 election, PPP agents were accused of changing vote tallies on SOPs. This triggered an international Commission of Inquiry. The 1997 elections results were subsequently vitiated due to constitutional breaches by then Supreme Court Justice Claudette Singh, who now heads the Elections Commission.

The men were caught with guns, ammunition and bulletproof vests, and were traveling in vehicles with fake license plates. The arms, ammunition and a vehicle were seized by Police. PPP agents accosted, harassed and intimidated voters in some areas. They allegedly followed voters, took their photographs and video taped their movement to and from polling stations. These are known voter suppression tactics. The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) condemns these illegal acts and calls for a comprehensive, criminal investigation of PPP’s Election Day activities.

Surveillance video captured the twelve men, who Police detained, at different times in the company of senior PPP officials on Monday in the vicinity of polling stations around Georgetown.  This development is worrisome and reminiscent of the past. On April 9, 2001, eyewitnesses informed Police that they saw a security personnel located at the top floor, rear exit of Freedom House, the PPP’s Robb Street, Georgetown, headquarters, fire into a crowd of protesters, killing 43 year-old Donna McKinnon. No one was charged for McKinnon’s murder.

Meanwhile, Guyanese law enforcement and Immigration officials Monday allegedly detained and deported Brent Kartcher, a 73 year old Texas oil executive, Libyan national Marwan Al-Ayed and Vadim Kyrillov from Austria. The trio arrived in Guyana last Saturday in a private jet. They were taken into custody at the Georgetown Marriott Hotel where several PPP operative and expatriates have been frequenting for meetings.

CGID appeals for calm in the face of obvious incitement of violence and calls on the Guyana Police Force to take swift action against breaches of the peace, security and the law.

31 thoughts on “Calls for Investigation into Election Violence in Guyana

  1. The population is very small, the oil profits large. Even if the corruption is as great as in Angola or Nigeria, enough is falling off for the native masses.

    In my opinion, 90% of the commentators on BU underestimate the boom in Greater Guyana. What we see there surpasses the most daring tales of Thousand and One Nights.

    In Barbados they chat and sleep, while in the south new streets and hotels are being built every day. Barbadian society today is an open-air museum for the time 30 years ago. While in Barbados Senator Caswell demands social rights for lazy workers, in Guyana they work from sunrise to sunset. It is only a matter of time until the Guyanese have bought up Barbados completely. I know of many cases in which they have already offered twice the market price for land in Barbados.

  2. You almost talk like Thompson (“society more than an economy”). When people have an empty stomach, they become criminals. Look at the poor pepper islands and the criminal rabble there. Once all the stomachs in Greater Guyana are full, crime will drop to a low level, just like it was before Burnham the Slayer.

    In Barbados, however, all the social benefits have killed the economy. Senator Caswell and his friends must finally realise that they have ruined the island with their course of social appeasement. The blue establishment and its supporters in the trade unions always talk only about the welfare state, but have no idea of the free market economy that ultimately finances these benefits.

  3. No matter who wins the election in Guyana, the loser will accuse the winner of electoral fraud….. wait and see…. same old, same old….

    • @ks

      The question your comment provokes is if such a climate is supported of investment we hear our regionalist advocating.

  4. It’s striking how Greater Guyana is always badmouthed here in BU, even though the country has very bright prospects. We also hear in Barbados that the elections are rigged. I only remind you of the months of discussion on BU, where the DLP-instructed commentators accused the BLP of not having democratic legitimacy because the blue rats did not make it into parliament.

    The whole world is reporting about the elections. Greater Guyana will overtake Barbados in GDP this year. It is time to kneel before the new Caribbean masters and pay homage to them.

  5. What riots? There were few deaths on election day, which is a normal average. You must finally give up the belief that everywhere is as peaceful as Barbados.

    Shots of joy from automatic weapons are perfectly normal among seasoned men.

  6. This suggestion of fraud in elections in Guyana is not new. A comrade once related to me that back in 1976-1977, he had occasion to meet with the late Forbes Burnham. Barrow had just been defeated by Adams in the ‘76 General Election. Burnham’s question was, reportedly, “how do you lose an election? Perhaps, “plus ca change, plus ca reset la meme chose” ….


    on another note:
    Isnt the closing of the three restaurants because of something wimilar to what ARTAX? and JOHN A. was pushing about Solution Barbados 10% sale tax?

    From what I read they seem to be saying that they paid no corporate taxes because they didn’t make profit but the 2% levy is what finaly pushed them to closing .

  8. Is not Owen Arthur one of the observers for elections in Guyana, this time around?

    Mr Integrity & Good Governance himself?

  9. Rigged elections are not uncommon. Just look at Barbados and ask yourself why the DLLP won the elections in 2013 despite the catastrophic economic situation. We all know the answer.

    The only difference between Barbados 2013 and Guyana 2020 is that Guyana has a lot of oil and we just have a lot of slackers and boarders in the public service.

  10. US, UK, Canada, EU say Region Four results not credible
    -urge completion of tabulation

    This story is developing and will be updated.

    The envoys of the US, UK, Canada and the European Union today said the full count of Region Four’s elections results was not completed and they questioned the credibility of the results released today by GECOM.

    A statement by the envoys follows:


    The following statement is released on behalf of the British High Commissioner, H.E. Greg Quinn, the Canadian High Commissioner, H.E. Lilian Chaterjee, the Ambassador of the European Union, H.E. Fernando Ponz Canto, and the Ambassador of the United States of America, H.E. Sarah-Ann Lynch.

    Based on our observation of today’s GECOM proceedings at their Region 4 office, and the fact that the full count was not completed, we question the credibility of the Region 4 results published by GECOM today.

    We urge the Guyana Elections Commission, and all relevant actors, to expeditiously complete the tabulation on the basis of the statement of polls.

    We call on all Guyanese to remain calm and patient, and for all leaders to exercise responsibility and restraint.

  11. OSA is an official observer. And what happens? He can’t even guarantee fair elections.

    Truly, our Most Honourable Prime Minister is a political genius. She discredits OSA on all fronts. He’ll fail at LIAT just as he’ll fail at GECOM. The woman is simply brilliant at how purposefully she is putting her political mortal enemies into the electric chair without them even realizing it.

    Having already liquidated Donville Inniss, this is her second masterpiece. My personal tribute to her.

  12. Guyana election: Two main parties declare victory as tensions rise

    People in Georgetown, Guyana, wait in a queue to cast their voteImage copyrightREUTERS
    Image captionVoters queued at polling stations on 2 March but are still waiting for the results to be announced

    Guyana is stuck in political deadlock after both main parties declared victory in the country’s election.

    President David Granger urged his supporters to be “patient” while waiting for election officials to reveal the results of the 2 March vote.

    Mr Granger was defending a narrow parliamentary majority against Irfaan Ali of the opposition PPP party.

    Former president Bharrat Jagdeo, also of the PPP, has accused the election authority of committing fraud.

    Full election results are not expected until Friday.

    President David Granger and familyImage copyrightREUTERS
    Image captionPresident David Granger, seen with his family on election day, urged his supporters to be patient

    Addressing supporters at US-based NGO the Carter Centre, President Granger said: “I am asking you to be patient.”

    He said he hoped that “the Chairman of the Election Commission would make some form of declaration [on 5 March] but right now, it is quite impossible”.

    “I crave your indulgence. Let us patiently wait on the declaration from the Elections Commission and as soon as that comes, we will be in touch with you, our faithful supporters,” he added.

    Irfaan Ali with wife and supporters in LeonoraImage copyrightAFP
    Image captionIrfaan Ali’s PPP party declared an unassailable victory in the election

    Mr Granger’s party, the Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change (ANPU-AFC), is supported by the Afro-Guyanese community. After the vote it said it was readying a victory party.

    But the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), backed by the Indo-Guyanese population, also claimed it had a clear lead.

    What were the parties campaigning on?

    The election campaign was dominated by how to use the windfall from oil finds which could put Guyana among the top 10 oil producers in the world.

    Production in the offshore oil fields – estimated to contain at least eight billion barrels – started last year.

    Analysts question whether the country will be able to use the new riches to spark much-needed development, avoiding the so-called “oil curse” of economic mismanagement and corruption seen in other oil rich nations with weak institutions.

    The government said it expected up to $300m (£230m) in oil revenues this year, a huge figure for its 780,000 inhabitants.

  13. Does anyone reading here, know the TRUE ,OPEN SECRET, backround story to the surprise indian defector from Guyana’s ruling coalition Gov’t to the PPP’s bullshit no confidence motion?? Allegedly, some wealthy Trinidadian buisnessmen with intent to invest in Guyana’s oil boom, BRIBED him to vote in support of the then secret no confidence motion against granger’s gov’t?/. Coincidentally, The Opposition Leader of Trinidad’s “Hindu”, Indian party(UNC/COP/PP) was visiting guyana to give a speech to Guyana’s Chamber Of Commerce.Question,were ANY Africans present at tha private meeting??? The defector, coincidentally, is a “Hindu”, who, when questioned by fellow Guyana coalition gov’t colleagues on his betrayal, he was alleged to have declared BOLDLY….,
    “I AM A HINDU….!!!”

    Good luck with unchecked Indian Immigration into Barbados 🙂

  14. The IMF estimates that the Guyana GDP will grow by 85 per cent this year; and in four years, average wages will jump from US$5000 a year to $19000. Global Witness recently did a report on Guyana and its negotiations with Exxon. Worth reading.
    @ Tron, where are you?

  15. Yeah, the deal with Exxon is suboptimal. Surely the following deals will work out better. I think the Guyanese are capable of learning here.

    Dear Hal, however, when talking about the contrast between blacks and Hindus, remember that it is an artificially constructed contrast. As you know yourself, the British were world champions in inciting the native tribes against each other. From a British point of view, there are neither blacks nor Hindus, only coloured people who need to be suppressed. Those who are clever in the Third World stand together and show solidarity.

    Only one power profits from unrest in the Third World, namely the rule of the white man over the world.

  16. Dear Tron,
    Either you are Naive, ignorant of history, a calculated liar, or worse….A combination of ALL three! The british colonists were many things, but unobservant ain’t one! According to research on Trinidad’s LARGEST, most influential & learned Slave owner & importer, William Hardin Burnley, he not only SPECIFICALLY hated Africans, but he was the one who insisted on immigration of a SPECIFICALLY Hindu Indian Labour force! Burnley, CAMPAIGNED for this AGAINST the resistance from the mayor et al, who found it more expensive to get indians when africans were already their ‘speciality’, and an abundance were already available!
    William Hardin Burnley however, as learned as he was, was aware of the “Hindu” Varna/Caste RACIST anti-black theology and PUBLICLY boasted to his fellow slave owning colleagues that The Hindu/Indians were so racist against africans, that they would scorn the africans and most importantly, NEVER unite with africans against the colonizers! So said so done!

  17. Also Tron,
    The founder of the presbyterian church in Trinidad , Rev. John Morton, was a racist, anti-african canadian, who, while on medical vacation in Trinidad, ‘Discovered’ the indian population. Morton, was very candid with his views, and kept well written diaries of his thoughts and experiences. Rev. Morton, wrote that indians were PART OF the white race and that they were more INTELLIGENT & BEAUTIFUL than AFRICANS!! This stated reasoning was why he REFUSED to prosleytize to africans or educate them. The FLEET of “Canadian Mission to INDIANS” (C.M.I.) schools were set up by morton & his FLEET of nuns to specifically educate and champion privileges for who he wtote were his lesser fortunate COUSINS to the white race! These C.M.I. schools gave and give a leg up over the formerly enslaved Africans and are still doing so today! These schools were changed in NAME ONLY, and are still INDIAN schools… Naparima Girls, Naparima Boys, Hillview college and many more!
    Rev. John Morton, and his racist countrymen, had specific pity & empathy for Indians because he and other colonist europeans saw them LEGALLY as HUMAN BEINGS (of the ‘white’ ‘race’ family) BUT NOT formerly enslaved AFRICANS! So caring & thoughtful to indians the canadian missionaries were, they travelled to India, to learn HINDI and taught in it at the schools, at the request of the pundits! Rev. Morton also wrote that the feeling of racial kinship between indians and europeans were mutual, as he encountered many Hindus that told him he was a ‘fellow’ ‘Brahmin’ with mutal ‘aryan’ ancestors from “Hindu” history!!Morton,his missionaries and his fellow canadians, SPECIFICALLY targeted AFRICANS, NOT indians for scorn, derision,and racist abuse… a sad reality that continues in present day canada. There is a racist hierarchy,


  18. The whites have obviously brainwashed you.

    As long as the coloured peoples fight each other, the high lords of the north will rule the whole world. Divide et impera.

    Thanks to people like you.

  19. Tron-esh,
    Thank you for confirming my suspicion…. You are an INDIAN pretending to be african , to insiduously, subversively ‘steer’ africans away from being critical of Indian racism, to focus on ‘whites’ and ‘others’…. How TYPICAL of you Tronesh!
    No intelligent African , would read my informed contributionS & respond with that drivel.

  20. …. UNLESS….Ohhhhhh, Tron/Tronesh, do you have a “preference” for straight haired, non-african women??? Because you could be one of those self-loathing negroes who looove talk “unity” with other non-africans against “the whites”, as an excuse, to satisfy your true, lustful ambition…..i.e. Sexual/romantic “unity” with indian women/men (wickham???). That’s an old negro trick/hustle from the black power days of the 60’s-70’s, and i for one am tired of it!!! I do not have a problem with “The Whites”
    My problem is with ANTI-AFRICAN RACISM which is not ONLY “The Whites”!!! White/European racism is culture based/derived,
    Indian Anti-black/african racism, emanates from RELIGION!!! The ” Hindu” religion TEACHES that Africans are sub-humans that do not deserve love, empathy, land, education, justice, clean water or even clothing!! Their scriptures (Vedas) teach these thinfs, and that being born with BLAVK skin & African features, nose, lips, hair, is BAD KARMA , that indicates evil deeds done in a previous life

    N.B. Conceptually, “Evil” , in christianity & islam (Abraham-ic faiths) are based on ENTIRELY different moral/ spiritual concepts of right & wrong to ” Hinduism” a.k.a. Brahmin-ism

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