Good Riddance to Guyana’s Former PPP Regime

Submitted by Rickford Burke

Good Riddance! The PPP’s demise has inspired a renaissance of national pride and cemented a determination to unite, rebuild and develop Guyana

Part I

Grainger and Romotar

Grainger and Romotar

On May 11, 2015, the Guyanese electorate decisively voted the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) out of government and granted the mandate to govern Guyana to the A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) Coalition. The immutable right of the franchise was exercised to condemn the 23 year-old dinosaur and brutal ethnocracy into the dustbin of history.

The dinosaurs were so astounded at their defeat and shattered façade of invincibility, that they confused themselves into pandemonium. Initially, on May 12, PPP presidential candidate Donald Ramotar and their former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, mendaciously bluffed of victory, but shrank into wind-balls when challenged to produce such evidence.

On May 14, they tipped their hand. With countenances of dejection, they torpedoed claims of irregularity and posited that vote tabulations were derived from “fraudulent” Statements of Poll (SOPs). Their shenanigans bemused the nation, as their claims of victory a day prior posed an unprecedented paradox.

Their agent provocateur masqueraded on television in an obvious state of lunacy. The intent was to incite mobocracy. However, their only success was giving credence to the ancient proverb: “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”

Their jugglery constrained Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Mr. Keith Lowenfield to immediately disclose that a process of vigilant scrutiny had detected about 300 fraudulent SOPs, out of 2,299. The CEO said the bogus documents were quickly quarantined and secured for investigation because of a criminal attempt to corrupt the elections process. He unequivocally assured that the fake SOPs were not used to tabulate votes.

On May 15, the dinosaurs exposed their hand completely. They acknowledged possession of copies of the alleged “fake” SOPs. The Elections Commission did not disseminate these documents, yet the PPP had them to use as props to bolster their bogus claim of irregularity. Naturally, they unwittingly evoked a sea of suspicion.

It is irrefutable that documents in the fraudulent SOPs in the PPP’s possession were the same fraudulent documents which someone clandestinely snuck into the computer room at the Elections Commission. The PPP was in government and in control of the elections machinery. The dinosaurs got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, trying to “rig” and corrupt the elections. The Commission had caught on to their practice, in previous elections, of using corrupt staffers to criminally insert bogus SOPs into the IT process to fraudulently increase their votes on paper.

They had no clue that the Commission’s 2015 SOPs had undisclosed identification features similar to money. Hence, when their hands got trapped in the cookie jar, they panicked and shouted for “thief.”   There must be an investigation into this attempt to steal in elections and the culprits must be brought to justice.

PPP leaders are so pugnacious and power drunk that they contemptuously rejected the will of the people. They self-righteously arrogated to themselves the monarchical right to “rule,” and covetously clawed to occupy every inch of political space. For twenty-three years they imposed an ethnocracy and acted like they owned the country. They subjugated entire minority villages and towns, blocked opposition personalities from employment at home and abroad, and curtailed the freedoms of the media.

They misused tax information to criminally blackmail political opponents and journalists. Public corruption became their way of life. They raided the treasury. Some ministers of government had multiple state vehicles for themselves and family. Over twenty state-owned vehicles were allegedly transferred to private individuals. Five billion dollars were spent without the approval of Parliament. The one billion “Clean Up Guyana Fund” allegedly turned out to be a campaign slush fund that is now being investigated for fraud.

Within hours of the initiation of the investigation an arsonist attempted to burn down the building housing the records. This is the modus operandi of the dinosaurs who arrived in the halls of power dingy with indigence, but allegedly left like progenies of FIFA – as millionaires and billionaires.

It is therefore no wonder that they strenuously resisted leaving office and had to be evicted from State occupancy. They employed every delaying tactic invented in human history to stop the declaration of the results, and arrogantly intimated that their approval was a prerequisite for a declaration. They demanded five separate recounts, all of which lacked legality. Ultimately they failed to establish a single material irregularity. The true and accurate was declared on May 16 and the new President, Brigadier David Granger was sworn in on May 17.

Overseas and local observers; the American, British and Canadian governments; the Chairman of the Elections Commission as well as Commissioner Vincent Alexander, have all sanctioned the accuracy of the results and dismissed the PPP’s claims as whimsical nonsense.

The dinosaurs are so fatally geriatric in their thinking; intellectually stagnant and bankrupt, morally washed-out that they could not even invent new ideas to manifest their perfidy. They relied on their old trickery of fraudulent SOPs. When that failed and they were defeated, they resorted to their 1950s mantra of ‘rigged’ elections.  They fail to comprehend how foolish they look and how alone they were. No one allowed them to strain credulity with their bogus claims.

PPP leaders are shell-shocked from the nation’s salvo of good riddance and the boomerang of the door of government slamming shut in their faces.  Guyanese want nothing more to do with their corruption and treachery. There is a pervasive disinterest in anything emanating Freedom House. The prevailing view is if they feel they have evidence of election irregularity, they must file an elections petition and litigate the issue in the Supreme Court, or, get lost.

These dinosaurs have disgraced and driven our nation into the gutter. They plundered our money and squandered our resources. They converted our standards into garbage and placed our laws into the cesspool. They ran one of the most corrupt governments in the world. Former President Bharrat Jagdeo increased his own salary to become one of ten most highly paid Heads of State in the world.

The dinosaurs ran aspects of the people’s government like criminal enterprises. Criminals and death squads were indistinguishable from legitimate security forces. They were complicit with political murders and extra-judicial killings, and overtly facilitated gangs that engaged in murder for hire. Over 400 extra-judicial killings, murders and political assassinations remain unresolved.

They made our country their playground of racial divisiveness and ethnic strife and divided Guyana based on race for their political expediency.  We as a people must dismantle all forces of division. Never again must we allow an entity that derives its political power from racial divisions and bigotry to govern Guyana.

But alas, change has come to Guyana and the people exhaled free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last! The day finally came when the Guyanese electorate said good riddance to a cabal of political thugs who looted our country.


  • Michael Slager, Cop Who Fatally Shot Walter Scott, Indicted For Murder
    [Michael Slager, Cop Who Fatally Shot Walter Scott In South Carolina, Indicted For Murder]

    A grand jury has indicted a South Carolina police officer in the shooting of an unarmed black man, the prosecutor announced on Monday.

    North Charleston Police officer Michael Slager has been charged with murder for the April shooting of Walter Scott.

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  • New Venezuelan decree claims ownership over Guyana’s continental shelf | Caribbean News Now

    Regional news archives from Caribbean News Now!: The source for the latest news throughout the Caribbean


  • Guyana has made it clear to Venezuela, that it will not take this coastal grabbing act lying down.
    One wonders what is Guyana’s sister Caricom countries position of this situation, especially those who are now benefiting from Chavez’s Petro Caribe deal.


  • It is interesting to listen to Bajans and others complaining about Venezuela muscling Guyana but silence about Guyana before. Why the double standard?


  • “Guyana says Venezuela threatens ‘peace and security’ over oil and border row
    Potentially valuable oil discovery in waters claimed by Guyana sets up conflict as Venezuela extends territorial claims further into Atlantic Ocean”


  • Once more I can present to you another two shocking stories surrounding Britain’s three-and- a- half million citizens of South Asian descent (Bangladesh, India and Pakistan) who are currently residing in the UK. These communities appear to be living in a parallel culture to the mainstream population creating their own rules and riding rough shod over what some would call standard norms of an egalitarian society. Take a look at the two stories below. http lutfur-rahman

    On my last visit to BIM, I noticed a large spike in their numbers. What is the government of Barbados doing to ensure that the cultural and accepted norms of her society are not being eroded by this group of people? What grounds are the government taking to ensure that this group of people are discouraged from applying for citizenship?

    Take a country like India with all her numerous multi-billionaires yet half of her population lacks toilet facilities. Now ask yourself this question are these the sought of people you want living amongst you?


  • What is the Government of Barbados doing…?
    Not a shiite …as usual…

    So we are seeing the systematic establishment of a completely foreign community in little Barbados. A separate school system, separate financial system, separate dress system, separate cultural system…
    …and Froon and his clowns don’t see the need to do anything…. fact, to facilitate and accelerate this, they recently approved the establishment of an exclusive housing area for this ‘separate’ community.

    They have also facilitated the situation where representatives of this community now control practically all medical facilities in Barbados….while the Public Health system is being allowed to die….

    You are right about India….
    One of the most depressing places on earth….

    Anyone choosing to live in Barbados should EXPECT to integrate and SUBJUGATE themselves to Bajan norms and drive change as INSIDERS …not strangers ….. or they should leave…

    But brass bowls adapt quite easily into topsies as you know….


  • @ Bush Tea,

    The Asian community is a very hard working and an ambitious one. The absolute grinding poverty from which the majority of them descend from has a major impact on their characters and their love of money.

    I believe that one of the links was not available. It was a story on how mass voter fraud was carried out by an Asian of Bangladeshi descent at a recent election in London. Over the last few years in the UK there have been a number of incidents where this community has carried out mass electoral fraud.

    Due to the high level of emigration to the UK we have seen an increase in landlords building virtual shanty town structures in their back gardens to accommodate these new arrivals. Guess who the main culprits are?

    Bush Tea I am warning you guys what you must expect when you allow such people into your country. You will see a diminution in the quality of one’s life. Some of the readership here may be alarmed with my sentiments. All I would say is don’t knock the prophet. We should know by now the mentality of these people and what makes them tick.


  • The former PPP government of Guyana has at this moment not accept the results of the elections.The Indian fools and some stupid blacks too are still protesting.They did that nonsense even on Wednesday at the official opening on the new parliament.
    Indians are destructive. In Trinidad & Guyana even though those countries have an abundant of natural resources just like in India as Exclaimer explained very few of the people live a comfortable life.
    An Indian always played the victim’s part even though them are the perpetrators. The PPP is now claiming that the APNU_AFC government is on witch hunt.They claimed the government is targeting Indo_Guyanese and dismissing them from their jobs.Yet the PPP while in power fired almost all the Black Guyanese employed in the foreign service and the general public service of Guyana.The PPP is now claiming victimisation. Classic Indian behavior. I ask that bloggers take a daily read of Kaieteur News columnist Freddie Kissoon. I believe it is amust read for those who want a real insight into thinking and behavior of Indo-Guyanese especially those associated with the PPP.I read the column every day. Ironically,Freddie Kissoon is an Indian but one with a difference. He is a decent human being. I planned to pay him a visit next I visit Guyana.
    Wherever Indians go destruction follows. Guyana,Trinidad,Fiji & Mauritius are just a few of the countries that have been wreck by the presence of Indians.
    Barbados is next


  • “South Asian Americans are big US election donors

    ……………Among the big donors and fundraisers are some from the Indian and Pakistani American community. They do not yet have the numbers to wield significant influence as voters in US politics, but they are a highly sought after lot when it comes to campaign cash………..”


  • In the UK Asians of the sub-continent are being allowed to infiltrate and influence the school boards and wangle their way to the chairmanship so as to have the final word in appointment of teachers and principals.Recently,in the Midlands,the Board of Education was forced to become involved and carry out a shakeup at a few Secondary schools where these dutty beard fanatics removed the customary Christmas activities of the schools and replaced it with studies and practices of their goat loving,smelly religious bigotry.If you were to listen to BBC Scottish Radio,you would hear the music one hears on Radio Guyana and All India radio,a lot of that meowing crap(to our ears and sensibilities) they call music.They have a lot of it in Guyana and in Trinidad.Let the goat smelling chairman of the Barbados Transport Authority know that Bajans will not tolerate that stingy all-for-me-and-my-fellow-indians crap they get away with in Guyana and Trinidad.One I-en-no-bajan indian is one too many in Barbados.Leave this place and carry your nastiness to Calcutta or Kolkata or whatever and at the same time help the Untouchable to fund some funding to erect toilet facilities in India so that the 80% of your population of 1.2 billion do not have to urinate and defecate in public.


  • The recently elected government in Guyana seems to have in place a plan that will bring stability, competency and fairness to Guyana and by extension the Caribbean region.

    The Guyana Business Minister commented, “We need to end this culture where people think that knowing a Minister is going to automatically grant you a ticket to a menu or a buffet of concessions.”

    How refreshing to hear a Caribbean politician using unambiguous language. A far cry from our vice riddled politicians.


  • All we read about in Guyana under the PPP and in Trinidad under the PP(wunna notice all these P’s in these 2 party names)is CORRUPTION,THIEVING,LYING,CHEATING and an obsession with a place call INDIA.These scumbag Indians of the political class in both Guyana and Trinidad do not have the interest of the country at heart.Their sole intention is to thief,take,pretend and mislead


  • Corruption will lead to the death of our nation. I have just read an amazing piece in the Kaieteur News entitled “Reflecting on corruption”.

    There is nothing more sad when an individual or a group “does not have the interest of their country at heart.”. I ask myself if the William’s clan have the interest of Barbados at heart. I would also pose the same question to Stuart, Mia, Carrington, Mara and all those actors who belong to the political stage and our business community.

    Let us hope that these people are clean. The Barbados of tomorrow will have no sympathy or empathy with those individuals who may have defrauded the state. It is time for these people to show their stripes and to come out and declare to us Bajans that they have the interest of their country at heart.

    On a final note for this evening I would encourage your journalists to start investigating your local politicians. Take a look at the combative nature of UK journalists. Tony Blair appears to be the subject of much speculation at this minute.


  • The world’s largest “democracy”.


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