If Not Mia Mottley, Who?

It is approaching two years since Mia  Mottley and the Barbados Labour Party were swept into government in unprecedented manner 30-0  – the question forming on the lips of some – do we have political leaders/parties in waiting to rival Mia Mottley and the Barbados Labour party?

A strong democratic systems demands a robust dissenting view.

The Mottley government has aggressively implemented an austerity program  AND had a few bad implementations.


  • Redguard…are u retarded, not the same as being special needs. Please show me where i said the FBI lost a report in Barbados.

    And then ask the government that was in parliament back then. They are still there. And when u do dont ask me to spell shit out for u.

    Ah notice a lot of u are embarrassing the flawed education system for billions of people to view and analyze ya brain damage and they are watching.. Keep it up ah hope it gets ya some help


  • “New day same foolishness”

    look at the bright side, this time ya got ACCOUNT NUMBERS…who knows what ya will get next time…it is a toss up.


  • Govt priorities should be planned around climate change. With the constant repetitive rumblings of the earth
    Govt should focus most of its attention on strengthening the foundations of our health care buildings
    Or initiate measures for new locations for health care facilities n
    further inland fromour sea shore
    Puerto Rico rocked by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake


  • @ Enuff January 6, 2020 10:17 PM
    “Did MAM promise to rescind the concessions? Tell BU what the law prescribes in terms of granting concessions and what options exist for rescinding such concessions. I don’t know so I am asking. Leh we start on some sound footing. I am yardfowl for truth, fairness and logic.”

    If you are Not a Bajan paling cock but a real a red rooster for “truth, fairness and logic” why not seek the solution to the following enigma?

    How can you grant concessions to a ghost? There is a luxury vehicle being driven by a mirage on the road for over 2 or so years but there is no hotel to welcome and accommodate guests; not even a Sales Director to prepare its marketing budget.

    Who then is hologram behind the wheel in that duty-free luxury ride at taxpayers’ forfeiture while the working poor people are burdened with taxes on their water bills and must make monthly tradeoffs between buying healthy foods or paying a garbage tax?

    We are not opposed to granting duty-free concessions on vehicles to people who are ‘genuinely’ employed by forex-earning businesses. But these must be genuine applications in respect of real persons and contributing to the country’s forex earning efforts; not ghosts working at imaginary hotels .

    Where did the forex come from to pay for the landed cost (plus dealer’s markup) of this luxury vehicle to be driven on the country’s makeover donkey cart roads?

    If it came from the foreign exchange holdings of the person driving around or as part of the FDI injection into the project (and by multiplication into the economy) then this would shine a positive light on the decision made by the previous MoF.

    Other than that, then, the decision to grant this concession to a nonexistent Sales Director employed by a pipedream of a hotel can only be seen through a ‘corrupted’ lens and merely as a down payment towards the ‘PIP’s electoral war chest

    “Enuff”, my man the full back playing the role of goalkeeper for the “Reds”, haven’t you heard the saying that ‘a promise is a comfort to a fool’?

    Abijah’s mum was also promised “Lady Justice” will be on her side.

    Where is Justitia today if not dying in a ditch but still blindfolded after crashing into a new roundabout and with Prudentia taken to the Coverley medical centre with a self-inflicted snake bite?


  • @Piece the Legend January 6, 2020 9:10 PM

    Oh you legend!

    You run the DLP business if you criticize the BLP. If you really want to break the duopoly, it won’t work through a third party. The Westminster election system doesn’t allow that. We need a second party in the Westminster system INSTEAD of the DLP.

    You should therefore focus your attacks on the DLP, for example through your cartoons or by handing over incriminating evidence to the American Embassy. Let’s talk again about a new party once you have destroyed the DLP. In the meantime you should support the BLP.


  • Miller…they are pretending that the FRAUD they talked about surrounding that scam vehicle when they were waving around thier RED BAG packed with corruption evidence on TV,.. no longer exists…ya done know how they love to pretend already..


  • @Mariposa January 7, 2020 8:51 AM “Govt priorities should be planned around climate change. With the constant repetitive rumblings of the earth. Govt should focus most of its attention on strengthening the foundations of our health care buildings.”

    The earth has beenr umbling since the beginning of time. What did you beloved DLP do to strengthen buildings? And didn’t I hear that under Donville’s term as Minister of health a replacement for the QEH was proposed? What ever became of that?


  • I don’t even know why sane people would sully their own reputations defending any of these filthy lowlifes, these are the same slimy negros would set up an injured person TO DIE FIRST after dragging them through the SUPREME COURT for years on end…rather than PAY THEM THEIR PERSONAL INJURY COMPENSATION…but WAIT..it gets even worse..

    YES…THAT IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE…no secret at all


  • As a matter of fact…ah don’t know any of ya..stay away from me, if ah see any of yall coming near me in the street ah go HOLLER FOR MURDER…and scream…TERRORISTS..

    we are NOT FRIENDS..


  • Still trying to confirm this but until then…ah don’t know alyuh.


  • When ya spent decades TERRORIZING ya own people, VICTIMIZING ya own people…ROBBING ya own people…only those who are just like you would admire, defend and protect you..


  • @WW&C
    ever since I stepped foot in the BU hallways, you have been after CGI.
    First it was PVH, and anything related to him. Then it switched to BEB and anything related to him. In between it was about any lawyer, there was one in particular who you said was responsible for CGI’s dealing with injured clients. Now you have gone on to the Directors of CGI.
    Obviously you or someone close, was denied a claim you thought should have been paid, or paid less, or have delayed the matter in the courts ad nauseam.
    Funny how so many of your posts with local people link back to CGI?


  • Northern though..i am not the one setting up people who are injured , dragging them through the toxic, corrupt Supreme Court, waiting for them to die, imagine that, the damn gall and balls on these lowlifes….and the list goes on..

    i did not pretend that i did not have a problem with insurance companies that take simple cases, easily resolved and drag them through a corrupt supreme court for 15 years or more…this has not been happening yesterday it has been happening for 2 DECADES or more..and even longer than that with insurance companies who have been preying on the people on the island for DECADES, thanks to the cabal of sell out crooks..

    ….how is that fair to the people who are injured and ya see those halfassed Directors who have EMBROILED THEMSELVES in all types of criminal activities, they make the decisions to make sure people SUFFER…unnecessarily.

    and ah have not started in on the sell out thieves for lawyers yet..who have destroyed thousands of cases belonging to their own clients..


  • NorthernObserver


    nearly every nation in the Caribbean area in under alert…as are many others. What is not to be missed is the level 4…do not travel….for Iran on Dec 26, and Iraq on Jan 1 2020. Ya think they knew something was about to happen?


  • Northern…look…and then there is this…all of this has to end. Cannot be allowed to continue.

    “I have an elderly friend who recently lost all her land in Barbados Her lawyer embezzled all of it from her. She lives in NY and is devastated by his actions he presented himself as professional and courteous in the beginning. He has stopped taking her calls she can’t seem get this matter resolved. She has fallen physically ill because of this ultimate betrayal all her pleas have fallen on deaf ears.”


  • Well well someone else come around to my point that this guy Gazzerts is a jackass.He seldom understsnd what he is rushing to defend and just jumps on other people’s bandwagon.Imagine he on here encouraging Waru to spread misinformation about a person not knowing whether it is the father or son.I would hope they throw a lawsuit in her and include you as well for spreading defamation stories about them to teach you both a lesson.


  • Throw a lawsuit in that..yall LIARS, THIEVES, FRAUDS and MONEY LAUNDERERS.

    then when i wake up fully, i will give you some more to throw a lawsuit it….deranged, uneducated yardfowl…


  • Hi Lorenzo,
    A jackass requiring two to fight him…

    Must be a “Super jackass”.

    The other guy said he doesn’t drink coffee and I know you will claim you don’t eat grits.

    It’s dinner time, enjoy the grits.


  • Throw a lawsuit in that..ah want international investigators to find all that stolen money…and estates….no good, low class, common class..THIEVES..


  • All of them and their brain dead yardfowls need to be in PRISON.

    the other deranged fowl is yet to be seen but don’t worry, let me wake up properly and ya will see.


  • All of you gotta go…ticktock, ticktock, ticktock…. and ya see those insurance companies that are now world renowned MONEY LAUNDERERS aka the deluded Oligarch (oligosh) …they gotta go too, no one will allow them to continue.


  • Listen to Atherley speaking about alyuh..in the parliament….you and all ya corrupt NOBODIES gotta go…it has gone beyond the norm and you FOOLS act like that is normal.


  • Ya see you evil ass yardfowls, you little pimps should have your drinks spiked by those you pimp for.


  • I hope PLT has seen this video, it is all over facebook, defending Money Launderers Inc. is not an option.


  • When they start their sweep, they must pick up each and every last one of you…AND FRREZE ALL YOUR ASSETS.

    ya think ya so untouchable.


  • The new ones in parliament who are still untouched by all this corruption, money laundering, bribery, thefts of estates from those and their beneficiaries living on the island and ABROAD and THEFTS OF PUBLIC FUNDS…should now know what they have to do or get pulled into the orbits of those who are now very EXPOSED….it’s not rocket science.


  • Wuh wanna spread wunna DISEASED TENTACLES far ENUFF…US and other jurisdictions really need to TAKE A LOOK.



  • 63 Canadians killed in a plane crash this morning (Wednesday) near Tehran. Mechanical failure it seems.


  • For the deranged and uneducated yardfowls ETHICAL HACKING IS A THING…why would you think you could hide the money laundering video with Dale Whistleblower looking like he is about to make a run for it.


  • Theo…remember how much lip and sass yardfowls were on here giving me, shite about court clothes and lawsuit as though i should be impressed…lol…well looka dem now with their money laundering video from parliament they tried to COVER UP…….DUMB Enuff..


  • Since the sleaziest of the yardfowls love to attack you, what do you think their punishment should be for being TRAITORS to the country and people who spent taxpayers hardearned money to educate and raise these fools.


  • The Minister of Disinformation has put up a poll of 232 comments to determine whether there is any competition against Mugabe Mottley

    What is most concerning for de ole man, and might be to some readers IS THE TOTAL ABSENCE OF ANY so called political party here on Barbados Underground from May 24th 2018!

    And let us not even talk about NO SOLUTIONS BARBADOS AND HIS Prostitution of the Word, he does not count!


    Any one of the three options IS SERIOUS CAUSE FOR CONCERN!

    I wonder where Senator Caswell Franklyn is on this?

    Probably at home, post his robbery experience, POST-ROBBERY, (remember the use of the word)!

    Pre-Robbery the Senator had alot to share with Bajans BUT IT SEEMS LIKE THE GUN IN HIS FACE HAS HAD THE DESIRED EFFECT as Mugabe planned


  • What amazes me is that intimidation (robbery) of Caswell Franklyn, the resulting chilling of his efforts and the traumatic effects, cannot make it to a post on BU.

    The salt-bread thief got more ink.


  • @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    The Saltbread teif and Donald Trunk!

    But you gots to be careful cause as soon as you say anything about those inconsequential blogs, DE BU BORG does say how we are not living in a vacuum, and we need to look at de rest of de world

    I wrote this for Caswell Franklyn earlier but it hasn’t posted yet

    “…@ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    For there to be any lessening in the Voilence & Robberies & the Crime Caswell, YOU HAVE TO BECOME THE FACE OF A KINDER & SAFER BARBADOS!!!

    You need to made a video Caswell where YOU, and the members of your inert People’s Party for Democracy and Development, all assemble back at the same place where the robbed you AND SOUGHT TO MADE AN EXAMPLE OF YOU, but faltered!

    You and your PdP party need to reach out to one of the lip service corporate entities AND SPONSOR A COMMUNITY OUTREACH At the same watering hole.

    Get one or two of the soft drinks places AND THE BAKERIES AND CHICKMONT AND THE BARPACK PLACE, to give you free food and drink AND INVITE BAJANS AGAINST CRIME, to the same place.


    YOU have to create A NEW VERSION OF THE GATHERING FOR THE PDP that is based on YOU CASWELL.

    during this island wide outreach Caswell wunna going have food and drinks at 1/2 the usual price but you going be sharing what happened to you AND ASKING ALL BAJANS TO STOP THE VIOLENCE!

    You is de only politician out dere with de credentials TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE CASWELL


    I KNOW HOW TO MAKE THE PDP WIN CASWELL, and if wunna serious, I WILL HELP WUNNA, but I fear more and more that Joe is a ***

    I, Piece the Legend, HAVE SPOKEN


  • Your assistance please with an item thank you


  • A Happy and Beautiful Sunday to all of Barbados
    Hoping all have a great day


  • I hope that this comment is not considered a personal attack but more as some friendly advice.

    I saw the poll that was given as a part of this post. I will urge the blogmaster that when giving such a poll, he also give the number who participated.

    The following are all equivalent to 60%: 6000/10,000, 600/1000, 60/100, 30/50, 15/25, 12/20, 6/10, 3/5

    So whilst 56% i impressive, I am wondering if it is a statistic generated by Lorenzo and two more accomplices in a group of 5.

    Please let us know the N’s of your poll, at least the total.

    (It would also be great if we were informed of the existence of polls of this type before they are closed.
    For those who would like to put their fingers on the scale, we must demand greater transparency.)


  • Piece aka tin foil hat man

    You keep spinning yuh wheels in dirt expecting Atherley to take your advice
    However Atherley is not interested in anything u say since Atherley has already sold his Soul to the devil and is quite comfortable playing the role of opposition a role politically constructed to take away any hopes of any other party winning the govt
    Atherly knows his party chances of winning govt is between slim and none and that he belives to be a for gone conclusion with acceptance
    However he also knows that playing the role of dark horse gives the blp a better chance of winning the next election
    Notice more often than not his reluctance to crticise govt in harsh response to ongoing issues that affect the economy and barbadian households
    He is a blp and would remain a blp
    Reason why he is dubbed the ” wolf in sheeps clothing”


  • A article in one of barbados local newspaper speaks of angst by farmers who are witnessing govt taking possession of grassland to plant trees
    Areas of land which were parcelled out for livestock pasture
    Where is the hue and cry from the voices of the opposition
    If Atherley is so concerned about the barbadian household and economy when govt first rang tge sounding bell on planting trees Atherley voice would have been the first to be heard
    But No. He rallies around this govt knowning the significance of the role he has to play in helping govt win the next election by any means necessary


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