TRUMP: A Pre-mortem? Or, Death By A Thousand Cuts?

Submitted by Caleb Pilgrim

To return to Trump ….Today is day 1075 since President Trump’s inauguration in January 2017. According to the Washington Post, by December 16, 2019, he, Trump, had made a mere 15,413 false or misleading statements (otherwise known as lies). Some claim that he even lied about his father, Fred Trump’s place of birth.

Arguably, the Post’s figures might well have been inaccurate. We do not know and we will never know the exact number of lies Trump would have told family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, his Cabinet members individually or collectively, or even lies he might have told himself during the period. The Post’s figures might therefore have been limited to his “public” lies, and the Post’s estimate far too low.

Such has been POTUS’s achievement here – a far cry from President George Washington who allegedly never told a lie – that American social scientists have now developed a new category pertaining to lies: awarding politicians, such as Trump, “the bottomless Pinocchio”. He is clearly unable to control his lying; a medical condition sometimes known as “mythomania”.

By contrast, a pastor friend, a diehard Trump supporter and a black evangelical here in the N.E USA, like another friend and former Barbados unsuccessful political candidate in last year’s May 24, 2018 election; these see Trump, notwithstanding his “truthful hyperbole” as a great man of destiny. To be fair, the Pastor’s wife, more wise, more discerning, early intimated that as far as she could see “God is not the author of confusion”.

The die, however, has now been cast; the Mueller Report completed; the transcript made available; the Whistleblower’s report publicized; ditto the IG’s report; the respective House Committees have done their inquiries and Reports. and the House has voted its two Articles of Impeachment. The Senate reconvenes in short order.

It now remains for the Senate under Chief Justice Roberts to schedule and conduct its impeachment trial of the President, a rarity, in the context of looming Primaries and a 2020 Presidential election. Senators McConnell and Graham, prospective jurors in any impeachment trial, have said that they already decided the matter. What happens if or when Senator Schumer and the Democratic Senate minority somehow file with C.J Roberts a motion to disqualify McConnell and Graham and any other juror who has already prejudged the matter? And, witnesses such as Bolton and Mulvaney? Remember that for many Republicans Trump remains the only game in town.

It is therefore appropriate to essay some brief, if random, remarks on POTUS, his Administration, certain of its policies and his prospects at this juncture.

In using the term “pre-mortem”, I do not mean to suggest that Trump’s defeat this November is a foregone conclusion. We have been here before with disastrous consequences, as former Secretary of State Clinton belatedly discovered. In a sense, he must harp on the economy. and his apparent “success” …. the economy stupid”?

Yet, there is an inescapable law of diminishing returns. Just ask any older man. (Even King David, 1 Kings 1, when he was old and cold). This law, it seems, applies in almost every sphere, including politics.

Consider a politician, a man not unlike Trumpf who thinks one way. He then speaks a second way. He then acts a third way. He trifles, obfuscates, deflects, dissembles, even lies. Bullshit and trivia persist as standard, daily political fare. His public, usually fickle, often misinformed, uninformed or even dis-informed. But, as Lincoln remarked, you can trick them some of the time, but not all of them all of the time.

As reasonable people, we must therefore resist the idea of The Idiot Posing as Intellect, or some Trump (The Tramp-in-Chief), a renegade bolshevik businessman and Putin stooge masquerading and declaring himself (soi-disant) a man of high IQ and “a very stable” geni-ass. (Cf. his late Wharton School Professor, William T. Kelley, a nonagenarian, who described him as “the dumbest goddam student” he, Professor Kelley, ever had in more than 40 years teaching at Wharton; Kissinger’s reference to him as not having “a very orderly mind”; or Tillerson’s description of him – unretracted – as a “moron”; his former lawyer, Attorney Cohen’s testimony that he pressured Fordham and Wharton not to release Trump’s academic transcripts; his absence from the Dean’s list at Wharton despite his boast that he had graduated “top of his class” at Wharton; all in the context wherein he (Trump) demanded to see President Obama’s transcripts and academic materials). Truly, a man of seemingly impregnable, untouchable ignorance, with legions of rats of all varieties scurrying around upstairs.

Perhaps, Republican Senator Romney, when he was thinking more clearly, had Trump’s measure, when he counseled Trump against releasing his tax returns, and then subsequently described him as a “fraud” and a “conman”. Thus, by way of example, Trump has always proclaimed his love for the military. Yet, beyond his serial draft dodging, and whatever his personal demons, the only war he (Trump) seems ever to have fought may well have been limited to some gilded boudoir with relatively expensive “toys” such as “Stormy” Daniels and Karen McDougal, going rate between US $125K and $150K.

No one can say that he (Trump) had been in the US Air Force; then exiled himself to Canada, Sweden, Denmark, the U.K., or elsewhere, rather than kill so-called “gooks” in the “swamps” and muddy/paddy fields of Vietnam. He made the great escape. He now poses as a “chicken hawk”, like many another draft dodger.

The Reader might still note that in terms of re-election strategy, it is still open to Trump and his advisers to start a war, if necessary, and before the elections, if this will gee up his domestic support. E.g in the case of Iran. Many a red blooded American would then rally to “the cause”, with typical shouts of “USA” “USA”. The problem will be one of graduated response and escalation? In response, the Ayatollahs and the Iranian National Guard may have to decide on the feasibility of shutting down the Gulf – following up on their attack on Saudi oil infrastructure some time ago. Beyond profiteering by armaments manufacturers, the military-industrial complex, billionaire investors, what would be the implications for the world economy, OECD and LDC countries and the least developed countries?

As to the issue of race, Trump’s re-election strategy, the Black, Latino and minority vote.

Fortunately, many no longer deny the fact that POTUS is a racist. For too long, the naive denied this fact, despite the overwhelming evidence, (his spawning of birtherism, his notorious ads about the Central Park Five after their sentences had been vacated and all criminal charges against them withdrawn; the EEOC housing discrimination complaints against him – I would not be surprised if there was not at least one Barbadian family allegedly victim of his housing discrimination; his abuse of African countries and Haiti as “s—hole” countries; his attacks on the inner city as “rat and rodent infested”; his own admission that he is a “white nationalist”).

As to his palpable disdain for Mexicans, rumor once did percolate that his daughter, Tiffany, had dated a wealthy Mexican young man while at Wharton. Imagine some Mexican with his grubby paw on his beautiful, pristine, blonde, blue-eyed daughter! Enough to make a “nationalist” nauseous! Who knows the source(s) of his animus against Mexico and Mexicans?

To my mind, to deny that President Trump is a good old fashioned racist largely surrounded by white supremacist advisers, such as Stephen Miller, is like witnessing a man in a bank, pointing his gun at employees and customers on the bank’s floor, and denying that the gunman was a bank robber. What stupid poppy cock!

Yet, Trump can still make inroads into the Black Vote (with “Blacks For Trump” and some of his allies). What if Trump and his advisers, including Secretary Carson, following the reparations advocates decide to expend some political capital and give black families some sort of money (not “40 acres and a mule”, far less will do), or even Yang’s “Freedom Dividend”? Many a hungry belly black may well be seduced by such an obvious political ploy and vote for Trump.

As to his foreign policy, unlike the Kennedy Doctrine, the Johnson Doctrine, the Nixon Doctrine, and others, the Trump doctrine seems at best a series of ad hoc, incoherent, non-sequential non-points, never going beyond slogans such as “MAGA” and “America First”, reflecting Trump’s typical, torrential nonsensical tweets.

Several decades ago, the British Yearbook of International Law kindly published an article that I had written on some aspects of trade in the natural resources of Namibia (1990?). The French Revue des Revues subsequently dismissed the article in two words “tres interessante”. However, we all got it wrong. There was/is no such country as Namibia, per Trump in one of his recent addresses to the UNGA, He should be forgiven for not knowing the name of such a namby pamby “s–hole” country. And, thank God for small mercies insofar as he did not confuse Namibia with NAMBLA.

Imagine, also, that iyou were an immigrant, a green card holder, and a veteran who had been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. You return “home” to the USA. You find yourself in conflict with the law, felony or misdemeanor. You are convicted in a court of law. You are then deported to Mexico courtesy of a Commander-in-Chief who never served. (ICE officials who might never have served either). And, there are several hundreds such deported veterans in limbo in Mexico, a country they would have left in their very early childhood when their parents brought them to the US as minor children.

We need not speak of the moral obloquy involved in Trump’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents and caging them, with resulting psychological problems.

In the final analysis, in Trump, we have a man singularly classless, embarrassingly clueless, uninformed and unfathomably uncouth. Bristling with hubris, fire and brimstone, he is more the common man’s” Lord Haw Haw”. But, give him credit. He has normalized the abnormal…He has successfully weaponized unspeakable, mass ignorance and intellectual dishonesty in the U.S. No wonder he says he loves “the poorly educated”). He has so consolidated his leadership of the Republican Party, and might yet demoralize his divided 2020 democratic opposition, all with untold implications.

Caveat: As I have said, always beware of any politician who promises that he will end corruption and “drain the swamp”. Experience teaches that he merely brings in his own new, personal swamp, a la Trump.

A second term, however, is no picnic. Just as Nixon defeated George McGovern overwhelmingly and was then driven from Office, early in his second term; just as Bill Clinton’s Presidency was almost derailed early in his second term by the Lewinsky affair, so too Trump’s chickens may come home to roost before any second term or early in his second term if he should win. Few, if any, at any rate, can indefinitely survive a thousand cuts.


  • All Trump fans are trolls

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  • @ Celeb Pilgrim…Goebbels, Goebbels, Goebbels…You have outdone yourself this time. Your LIES and UNTRUTHS are reaching your Vaulted Ceiling of 16.000+, are you going to Die without Repenting? ARE YOU NOT SHAME OF YOURSELF, DO YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR? And if you Examine yourself and your Motives and feel that all is well, your Mentor has you where he wants you to be, with your EYES WIDE SHUT and you are as those who the Prophet Isaiah Describes…


  • Thank You BM


  • @ John January 16, 2020 9:25 AM

    So why don’t you come out and state unequivocally that the African slave trade was one about making money (getting rich) by all the parties involved (black, brown and white and whether Jew, Christian or Muslim) and stop hiding behind your façade of hypocrisy by giving the Quakers (the big stakeholders in the business) a free pass?

    The Quakers went into the ownership of slaves, not to save their black souls by telling them about a blue-eyed sweet Jesus but because they saw the opportunity to make a good living compared to back home in England and to accumulate wealth for their offspring through the control of resources whether natural as in the Amerindian lands or over animal as in the ownership of black slaves from pagan West Africa.

    Why don’t you pass on to your Jim Crow loving friends the following biblical invocation:

    “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil…”


  • Your soul or spirit is universal…
    there are no black spirits or white spirits…
    …. there are good spirits and evil spirits…


  • The tactic Rush used is called getting out ahead of the story.


    It is also known as making mock sport at the Democrats!!

    The Democrats are in all likelihood going to become like Wily Coyote so no need to apply much logic!!

    Road Runner will just disappear into the distance.

    Just like Wily never learns, so too the Democrats!!





    China just agreed to buy $200 billion worth of US products

    China has agreed to buy hundreds of billions of dollars worth of products from the United States as part of their “phase one” trade deal.

    The agreement signed Wednesday will have Beijing purchase an additional $200 billion of US goods and services over the next two years.

    The increase in purchases will be compared to 2017, before the trade war started. China imported over $185 billion in total US goods and services that year.

    In exchange, Washington has agreed to reduce tariffs on $120 billion in Chinese products from 15% to 7.5%.

    Taken together, the phased purchases by China would result in a dramatic surge in US exports. Total exports to China would increase to over $260 billion in 2020, and roughly $310 billion in 2021 if the deal holds.

    “We think it is highly challenging for China to import $200 billion more goods and services from the US over the next two years without reducing imports from elsewhere,” said analysts at UBS.

    Agricultural goods account for a big chunk of the new purchases. Under the agreement, China will buy an additional $12.5 billion of those goods in year one, and then $19.5 billion in year two, compared to 2017.

    Among the products it has promised to buy are soybeans, pork, cotton and wheat. Trade in soybeans and pork in particular has been hit hard as tensions have escalated between the world’s two largest economies.

    Both products were among thousands of US goods hit by Chinese tariffs in July 2018, in response to the Trump administration’s taxes on $34 billion of Chinese goods.

    In addition to the purchases announced on Wednesday, the initial deal provides better protection to American companies that have long complained about thefts of their intellectual property and trade secrets.

    Going forward, a senior US administration official told reporters that Washington would be “actively monitoring” data sources from both countries to ensure that China is fulfilling its promise.



    The U.S. General Accounting Office’s (GAO) Report, recently released, (see link above) determined that POTUS ACTED UNLAWFULLY, i.e in violating the law, in withholding Congressionally approved aid to Ukraine.

    Note that the GAO is an important non-partisan agency.

    There thus appears ample additional justification for holding a lawless President to account, unless he is “above the law”, as his defenders would somehow have us believe. Let us not be deflected!


  • The GAO is an ACCOUNTING agency that does financial audits and audits of internal control systems.

    What business does it have offering legal opinions?

    And even if the Trump administration committed a technical violation of the law, we should note that the United States has SO MANY LAWS, that ALL administrations violate the law in some manner.


  • For example, Obama used drone strikes to carry out extra-judicial killings of American citizens abroad; launched military operations against Libya without seeking Congressional approval; and instructed the IRS to perform stricter tax reviews of Tea Party organizations.


  • Note: some of us – as is our 1st Amend right, have never agreed with President Obama’s excessive military use of drones – a sanitized form of killing; he may have used drones more than any other Commander in Chief.

    In addition, some of us were seriously troubled by his immigration policy as the so-called “Deporter in Chief”.

    However, Obama is no longer President, as the right seems to think.

    Moreover, none of the foregoing absolves Trump from his excesses.



    This is the Modern DemonRAT Party – THE COUP KLUTZ KLAN!






    Report: Whoops, Nancy Pelosi’s Son Paul Jr. Was Exec at ‘Ukraine-Based Gas Company,’ Similar to Hunter Biden

    A new report out reveals that Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi also worked as an exec at a gas company with strong ties to the Ukraine, similar to Hunter Biden.

    The Democrats are treating the Ukraine like “” for their lazy, do-nothing privileged kids.

    A new report out reveals that Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi also worked as an exec at a gas company with strong ties to the Ukraine, similar to Hunter Biden.

    How deep does the Dem/Ukraine corruption go, for crying out loud? We’re going to need bigger shovels to dig through this never-ending mess.




    “This is also the reason there must have an Electoral College!! I do not want the crazies in Calf. and NY electing the President”.


    When the Democrats lost the civil war they assassinated the president and created the KKK!
    Then they lied and said that they would support Black voting rights in their State Constitutions and the new Reconstruction civil rights Amendments (13th,14th, 15th) in order to be accepted back into the union.

    When they were allowed to get involved in politics again, they sued and went to the supreme court to deny Black voting rights and were allowed the remove Black voting rights and protections from State Constitutions and effectively denied Blacks real political power by bullying them into voting for Democrats. (As Republicans, Blacks had been US Senators and Congressmen, not just voters!)

    The Democrats’ aggressiveness and brutal attacks are ignored as they claim to be the defenders to society and justice! They are the KKK, and Antifa are the Fascists who attack anyone who disagrees with them! They smear and attack everyone who does not cower.

    That is why they hate Trump! He fights back! Since the Democrat/NeoMarxist/globalist media attacks Trump relentlessly, he must use Twitter to share his thoughts without a filter of lies.

    Democrats are the Goliath who had been taunting our David. But in 2016, Trump hit them in the forehead with an amazing victory that they cannot allow themselves to accept because Democrats demand the right to think that they are the real ‘moral majority’ and that they are correct!


  • What do you think I am expecting, GP? I am expecting your sleazy senators to acquit. I am simply stating that it is becoming far more uncomfortable for them to twist themselves into the increasingly complex pretzel shape that acquittal will require. I am enjoying watching their discomfort.


  • Donna
    January 16, 2020 8:55 PM

    I am expecting your sleazy senators to acquit.


    What if the acquittal is bipartisan?


  • There are sleazy Democrats as well seeking re-election in Trumpland. Joe Manchin often goes with the flow of sludge.

    I am not brainwashed. Some Democrats stink!


  • Senate just voted 89-10 in favour of Trumps USMCA!!


  • Donna
    January 16, 2020 10:00 PM

    I am not brainwashed. Some Democrats stink!


    So let’s get this straight.

    You support the impeachment of Trump for interfering with his political opponent’s campaign.

    Is Biden Trump’s political opponent?

    Believe it or not, the answer is no.

    Until he gets the nomination he is just an also ran!!

    See if you can answer a couple of simple questions.

    Will Biden be nominated by the Democrats?

    If he isn’t will the impeachment be a complete waste of time?

    Only one of your two assertions make sense and can stand rational analysis.

    For the next how ever many weeks, Crazy Birney, Pocahantas and Klobachar will be stuck in the Senate 6 days of the week and can’t campaign for the nomination.

    Biden however can, as can the others.

    The only one on the slate that even sounds/sounded remotely sane is Tulsi Gabbard, but she is supposed to be a Russian agent according to Hilary.


  • “When the Democrats lost the civil war they assassinated the president and created the KKK!”
    “they sued and went to the supreme court to deny Black voting rights and were allowed the remove Black voting rights and protections from State Constitutions and effectively denied Blacks real political power by bullying them into voting for Democrats.”

    You are either stupid or fraudulent pushing the trope that right wing are not racist and fight for rights of non-whites

    that is racism populism psyops of CA AIQ SCL Turning Point that gives us trash like Trump Brexit Israel extremism


  • John Boy Walton is pushing the white mans bent spin about Mansa Musa and burying truth about their own wicked slavery infamy

    Mansa Musa was the richest man in history

    and built proof / example of African civilisation with Timbuktu which wiped London off the floor before European destruction

    African and Arab slavery treated people as servants not subhuman animals and rewarded them for loyalty with riches and freedom

    castrated slaves were Queens staff

    white Europeans brutalised their slaves as subhuman animals


  • cheatin’ like colonialists aka devils is in their DNA all day everday


    see them from day one
    with a gun in their hand
    where they shot down man


    see them from day one
    guns in hand
    where they sell youth man


    see you from day one
    with a bible in one hand
    gun in the other one


    see them from day one
    cash in hand
    to buy youth man

    who is your maker
    don’t be a forsaker

    how can you say you love the creator
    when you’re fighting your brother
    where is your love

    who’s love is greater
    don’t save it for later
    40 years in the wilderness
    learning bush craft
    they tricked us
    I saw them from day one
    with a gun in one hand
    bible in the other one


  • Exclusive: Peter Schweizer book, “Profiles in Corruption,” out Jan. 21…ALREADY A BEST SELLER

    Peter Schweizer, the controversial author of the massive seller “Clinton Cash,” will be out Jan. 21 with a new book going after several of the 2020 Democratic contenders, “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite” (HarperCollins).

    The state of play: Schweizer, who spent a year and a half on reporting the book, told me that it is “a sweeping, detailed look at how the leading figures of progressivism have leveraged the power of their positions.”

    • “Progressives are unique on the current political landscape because unlike moderates, conservatives, and libertarians, they want to rapidly expand government power, thereby creating new opportunities for an even greater abuse of power,” he added.

    The big picture: The book includes chapters on Joe Biden and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti — as well as Sens. Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar.

    Schweizer is the president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI). He has written multiple bestselling books exposing corruption in Washington.

    • “Clinton Cash” was on the New York Times bestseller list for 11 weeks.
    • Schweizer’s most recent book, “Secret Empires,” was on the list for five weeks.


    Schweizer’s last two books were filled with explosive revelations about career politicians. Clinton Cash, his 2015 book, uncovered significant corruption swirling around the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative and how the Clintons orchestrated a massive international pay-for-play political scheme. Secret Empires, his most recent book, uncovered much about Joe and Hunter Biden as well as other career politicians. Much of the revelations about Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma originated in Secret Empires.


    It has also been revealed that the book will expose the “Biden Five,” a group of Biden’s family members beyond son Hunter Biden who have siphoned tens of millions of dollars from taxpayers and from guaranteed loans. The Burisma Ukrainian natural gas company scandal surrounding Hunter Biden that was at the center of the House Democrats’ partisan impeachment push in Congress is just “the tip of the iceberg” when it comes to Biden corruption, and much more will be exposed in this book.

    What Urena’s tweets casting doubt on Schweizer’s forthcoming book more accurately demonstrate, however, is that the official channels of the highest levels of the Democrat Party–Urena is former President Bill Clinton’s press secretary–are worried about this Profiles in Corruption book and what it may reveal about top Democrats. And they’re so worried they’re already, ten days before its public release, publicly rebutting the book before they even see what’s in it


  • Where have we heard

    “I never had sex with that woman”

    “I don’t know who this man is”


  • Specious honkies like John Boy with his bent spin falsely claim Slimy White Slavers bought Black Children fairly from Blacker Blacks

    But :

    They were not the sellers property to sell
    Rival tribes captured other tribes children to sell to appease colonial market and avoid war
    Stolen Property was traded for glass beads, cowrie shells, manilla, guns, ammunition, whisky, tobacco and other products as well as currency
    Brit and European and American slave traders lied that they would treat the stolen children well, but raped tortured, whipped, lynched and hung them just to put them in their place as subordinates sub humans
    slave traders made massive fortunes buying them for trinkets selling them for $1,000 (equivalent of $70,000)
    slave stock was forced to breed up 15 children

    Lumping Blacks as Blacks is pure ignorance as Africa is bigger than USA, China, India, Japan, and all of Europe combined.
    There are 54 countries and over 3,000 tribes, where colonialists used the divide and rule MO


  • 555dubstreet

    So you are admitting that (1) black Africans sold other black Africans to the white man as slaves, in exchange for cheap, brightly coloured trinkets; and that (2) black Africans never stopped offering other Africans to the white man as slaves (until the white man stopped buying slaves), presumably because, to this day, black Africans are so morally defective that they see nothing wrong with slavery, and, indeed, have never apologized to anyone for practicing slavery.


  • @ Ewart Archer January 17, 2020 11:44 AM

    Good points which have been known and debated from the 18th century especially by the KKK hiding behind the Church.

    What we want to hear from you is why the white man had to use the guise of Christianity to engage in such a mutually beneficial trade.

    At least the Jews had the smarts to never accept liability for their involvement in the Trans-Atlantic human cargo business for it would have been exceedingly difficult for them to build a ‘just’ case for reparations against Germany for their horrendous suffering in the slave-like concentration camps.

    It was all about money and profits, not so? Just it is about the war against terrorism today.


  • What we want to hear from you is why the white man had to use the guise of Christianity to engage in such a mutually beneficial trade.


    You got it back to front.

    God used the Quakers as his instruments to end slavery.


  • @ John January 17, 2020 4:05 PM
    “God used the Quakers as his instruments to end slavery.”

    Where you see that written in the Bible?

    Why not the Jews, Yahweh’s favourite people? They were in the slavery business long before the Quakers; both as victims and enslavers themselves.

    Maybe the Society of Friends in Barbadoes took the following verse from the KJV rather too seriously and tried to apply it to their black property to exact both fearful obedience and forced respect:

    “All who are under the yoke of slavery should consider their masters worthy of full respect, so that God’s name and our teaching may not be slandered.”


  • I fail to see the relevance of any of your questions, John. Donald Trump is being impeached because he used the powers of his office for personal gain. Joe Biden was then and still is the front runner and stands a very good chance of winning the nomination. It is also thought that he could win back the working class voters in key swing states with whom he always had a good relationship. Do you think Trump would wait until after the nomination? He wants a candidate so far to the left that he/she could scare those who have been taught to fear “socialism” without even understanding what it mans..


  • Biden is an idiot constantly making gaffes.

    Until Joe Biden gets himself nominated he will face no election.

    If anyone is guilty of using powers of office to influence an election it has to be the Democrat Congressmen/women and their misuse of Congress … Partisan vote.

    It so happens that there will be 3 presidential candidates in the senate who will also be trying to influence the 2020 election.

    In fact, Democrats are on record as saying they can’t beat Trump at the ballot so impeachment is their only option!!

    This is their election strategy because they have nothing to offer.

    It will however backfire and just make Trump’s candidacy stronger!!

    Wile E. Coyote!!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Donna, the series of queries/statements that John posed are not only irrelevant but ridiculous.

    It’s impossible that a mathematics and science A-level student of high grade achievement could offer such incongruous logic with a serious intent.

    He can poke as much fun as he wants with the Pochoontas and related talk but Irecall that as a school boy there was a time for the smack talk like “beak brek” and such childish folly but then there was a time to “brek down” some chapters in Biswass or Camus and the foolish talk time end …. one time.

    This man never ceases the foolish talk it seems.

    His entire reasoning is FALLACIOUS as u so succinctly noted.

    ‘[He[ is being impeached because he used the powers of his office for personal gain.”

    Very obviously ANY interference in the US political process is unacceptable and possibly illegal regardless of the named opponent.

    Or to use the analogy offered by @Northern… If I am already down to run at Churchill Downs but all of my top contenders have a to contest a series of qualifying races before I know who will be my opponent(s) I CANNOT disrupt activities at Belmont in Long Island for one key contender and claim I am not cheating because he is not my actual opponent…yet!

    That reasoning is quite amusing if one is joking but joke or not it can get you banned from the ‘Crown’ or Impeached if u are running the Presidential race!


  • So what is the “personal gain”?


  • “So you are admitting that (1) black Africans sold other black Africans to the white man as slaves, in exchange for cheap, brightly coloured trinkets; and that (2) black Africans never stopped offering other Africans to the white man as slaves (until the white man stopped buying slaves), presumably because, to this day, black Africans are so morally defective that they see nothing wrong with slavery, and, indeed, have never apologized to anyone for practicing slavery.”

    No that’s what white boys (aka scum) say. Not me.

    I am saying jah finds babylon guilty for the taking breeding and brutality of slavery and must pay reparations for their crimes

    circa $2 trilllion from USA and £500 billion from UK to redeem and save their wretched souls

    white people are ungodly


  • You cannot claim legal ownership of human being as chattel and claim that the transfer of ownership was secured by a transaction of glass beads.

    14,000,000 African children were taken from their mother and motherland on a ship to Americas and bred for 20 generations to make more slaves to build the countries for no pay.


  • @ John January 17, 2020 7:42 PM

    You are such a confusingly conflicted mixed-up kid of mulatto origins that you really need to seek guidance from above to straighten you out.

    How can you argue, on the one hand, that it was the fault of the Africans for selling their own into slavery while on the other hand you are here arguing that the enslavement of the West African blacks was all part of Yahweh’s plan so that they can adore and worship him but only through the door of salvation opened by the Quakers?

    You hear that, all you blacks on BU?
    According to the gospel of Sir Johnny, slavery in Barbados was the best thing that ever happened to your ancestors who were bought and brought from Africa for it made the way for you to live in paradise today.

    You must obey your white masters and they will intercede on your behalf in order for you black underlings to see the face of Yahweh and work in his fields and the yard and kitchen; but never in his library so that you can learn to read the true Word and free yourself from mental slavery.

    No wonder our Johnny boy is such a dye-in-the-wool fanatical friend of fascist Trump and foe of Obama’s presidency.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Johnnnn, u are man who at a moment in time focused intently on details froom books and scientific experiments, read, assimilated , interpreted and then responded 100% accurately to a series of questions and further experiments… so either you have early onset problems with that “beautiful mind” or meking bare mock sport to ask the tripe at 9:22 PM!

    I do hope it’s the latter…because stupidity does not sit well on you!


  • Kill the Boer lyrics has been changed to Kiss the Boer with sound of gunshots in the song. Kill the Whites should be changed to Kiss the Whites same way


  • A fascist is a creature of the left, like a Democrat.

    Trump is not left!!

    He is right, and invariably correct as well!!


  • @ DPD:

    Re John’s “A fascist is a creature of the left, like a Democrat. Trump is not left!! He is right, and invariably correct as well!!!”

    Voila Perfection! He (Trump) is “invariably correct as well”. Man now, i.e Trump, made Perfect. This new theology appears consistent with Trump’s view that he could pardon himself.

    DPD: Does not J’s definition of “fascist” also remind you of the exchange between Alice and Humpty Dumpty? Humpty, as I recall from my Primary School days, asked Alice what did her name mean. In substance, she replied that either her name had no meaning, or she did not know what it meant. Humpty Dumpty then berated her that that was stupid, claiming that his name meant handsome, cuddly, or some other such selective, arbitrary nonsense.

    Similarly, as to John’s definition of “fascist” as being like a Democrat, I guess Bloomberg ($52 bn) and Steyer ($37 bn?), Democratic billionaire candidates, meet J’s curious definition of “fascist”. They seem to meet his new dung-meister test.

    As for me, I was rather impressed by the fact that Steyer’s father, Roy Steyer, was a Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, prosecuting German Fascists who sought to annihilate western democracy. Steyer, who often invokes his father’s memory, must have learned something about fascists from his father.

    May be that is why he was among the first to oppose Trump and call for his impeachment. It is clear that Trump, following other “un-democratic” leaders, e.g Putin, Kim Jong On, Tsi, Buterse, Bolsonaro, er al, would prefer to have all power concentrated in the Executive under him. That is why he is being impeached.


  • @Ewart Archer

    You don’t get what it’s all about you Thick Ass Cunt Glass Beads Transactions was for the scum devil white man to claim legal ownership of gods stolen black children


  • “A fascist is a creature of the left, like a Democrat. Trump is not left!! He is right, and invariably correct as well”

    Trump said a long time ago he could run for Democrats or Grand Old Party but thought Republicans were dumber and conned easier

    Christ in his Kingly Character was a Black Man

    We all know the Devil is a liar
    saying the KKK were left not white supremacists
    saying Hitler was a socialist not white supremacist
    saying a glass beads transaction will give you legal rights to own and abuse other peoples children and start white supremacy racism out of jealousy


  • The Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI) was so called because surprise, surprise it was socialist.





    Re John’s January 18, 2020 8:39 AM “The Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI) was so called because surprise, surprise it was socialist.”

    “The rise of FASCISM is not really comprehensible without paying attention to the rise of COMMUNISM,” he said. “In the 20th century, they were the two movements that proposed to set democracy aside and replace it with something else in order to make the country stronger.”

    FASCISM IS COMMONLY ASSOCIATED WITH GERMAN NAZI AND ITALIAN REGIMES that came to power after World War I. Fascists aim to use the country’s assets to increase the country’s strength. This leads to a nationalization of assets, Montague said, and in this, FASCISM RESEMBLES MARXISM.

    In both struggling Germany and Italy, THE LEFT — CONSISTING OF THE COMMUNISTS AND SOCIALISTS — was gaining traction. In Italy, especially, it appeared that a socialist revolution was imminent. HOWEVER, THE EXISTING GOVERNMENT AND CONSERVATIVE CAPITALIST ELITES LOOKED UPON COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM UNFAVOURABLY.

    The National Fascist Party (Italian: Partito Nazionale Fascista, PNF) was an Italian political party, created by Benito Mussolini as the political expression of Italian Fascism (previously represented by groups known as Fasci).

    The Fascist conception of the State is all-embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism is totalitarian, and the Fascist State—a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values—interprets, develops, and potentiates the whole life of a people.




    Much like Marxist/ Democrat Socialist Celeb Pilgrim AKA Goebbels and others, notably here Fascists scapegoat and demonize other groups, though those groups differ by country and time. That is why the German Nazi regime demonized Jews and others. FASCISM IS BASED MORE ON FEELINGS THAN PHILOSOPHICAL IDEAS. That is why they Always use emotional rhetoric to sway public opinion. EMOTIONS DO NOT LEAD REASON DOES. They are not about reason Period!


    Six feelings that act as “mobilizing passions” for fascist regimes. They are:

    The primacy of the group. Supporting the group feels more important than maintaining either individual or universal rights.
    Believing that one’s group is a victim. This justifies any behavior against the group’s enemies.
    The belief that individualism enable dangerous decadence and have a negative effect on the group.
    A strong sense of community or brotherhood. This brotherhood’s “unity and purity are forged by common conviction, if possible, or by exclusionary violence if necessary.”
    Individual self-esteem is tied up in the grandeur of the group. “enhanced sense of identity and belonging.”
    “The beauty of violence and of will, when they are devoted to the group’s success in a Darwinian struggle,” THE IDEA OF A NATURALLY SUPERIOR GROUP OR, ESPECIALLY IN HITLER’S CASE, BIOLOGICAL RACISM, FITS INTO A FASCIST INTERPRETATION OF DARWINISM.


  • 555dub:

    Re John – “The Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI) was so called because, surprise, surprise it was socialist”.

    We must not digress from Trump, his policies and looming impeachment, too much.

    I have, 555dub, a goldfish in the aquarium in my living room. His name is “Bicycle”, because surprise, surprise, he regularly cycles around the aquarium at great speed. He is, in fact, a bicycle????

    Therefore, 555dub, do not get exercised by “John”. Who knows? As a humorist, I said earlier that he was, possibly, a damned good one, if unfortunately some of these issues were not quite so serious.

    Even now, he might well be hallucinating again, vaping, or doing his regular job like some cosmetologist trying his level best to apply lipstick to one ugly, pig, Trump, white supremacist, (a white “nationalist” by his own admission) and his Administration.

    There is, so far as I know, nothing in the statute books to prevent a man or a woman from being felony stupid, and his or her flagrant abuse of the right to free speech in democratic society. The days of seditious libel, etc, have long passed.


  • “Death by a thousand cuts” is an appropriate title….. so far 850
    Now I fully understand ‘pre-mortem’ …


  • Sweet Like Sugar

    River Jordan gonna roll, roll, roll, yeah
    Jordan River, roll River Jordan
    Calling us home, calling us home
    We got to back home, back to Africa
    It’s just calling us home, calling us home
    Mount Zion high, where we want to go
    It’s just calling us home, calling us home
    So long we’ve been down in slavery, well
    And now we just got to be free
    Yes, we want to be free, well
    Jordan River, roll River Jordan
    Calling us home, calling us home
    We got to back home, back to Africa
    It’s just calling us home, calling us home
    So long we’ve been bound in shackles and chains, whoa
    And now, we just want to go home
    We got to go home, we want to go home, whoa
    Jordan River gonna roll, roll, roll
    Jordan River, let it roll


  • We must not digress from Trump, his policies and looming impeachment, too much.


    The Democrats need impeaching for colluding with Trump to ensure he wins.


  • What is the personal gain?????

    It matters not what Biden is, only what swing voters see him to be. Biden was beating Trump by degrees in all polls, including Fox polls. That is why all the Ukraine shenanigans started around that time. And to be sure, Biden has lost some ground since to Bernie and Elizabeth who are probably too far left to win.

    So…….. here’s the strategy – make sure the possible threat loses the Democratic nomination. Win the presidency. Outrun the statute of limitations for his crimes and AVOID PROSECUTION OR JAIL TIME!

    How’s that for personal gain or to be more accurate, avoidance of great personal loss?

    Whether or not Biden ever had a real chance is debatable. But….. does anyone really believe that Trump, with all that power at his disposal, would leave THAT to chance???????

    Steupse, John! Steupse!





  • Why are we obsessing over Eastern European animals and their version of socialism? We have more important issues in the Caribbean then Hitler and his butchery.


  • “Why are we obsessing over Eastern European animals and their version of socialism? We have more important issues in the Caribbean then Hitler and his butchery.”

    Trolls are quoting database of rightwing lies used for anglo-american Judeo Christian white supremacy racism populism psyops
    Hitler was not a socialist the nazi party was rebranded for populism there was already a Social Democratic Party and Communist Party in Germany


  • RE Hal Austin January 18, 2020 6:49 PM “Why are we obsessing over Eastern European animals and their version of socialism? We have more important issues in the Caribbean then Hitler and his butchery.”

    SOCIALISM IS WORLDWIDE WHAT DO YOU THINK WREAKED HAVOC ON THE CARIBBEAN? WHAT DO YOU THINK MANLEY BELIEVED IN AND FORBES BURNHAM AND ERIC WILLIAMS AND MAURICE BISHOP AND CORDE AND OUR OWN BELOVED ERROL BARROW? They All put Socialist Dogma and Practices in action and we have spent years trying to dig ourselves out of the Socialist Induced Seductive Hell Hole Camouflaged as a Utopia.




    “Liberals have wreaked more havoc on Blacks than the supposed Legacy of Slavery they talk About”…


  • 555dubstreet

    It’s a good thing you are hiding behind an Internet handle.

    Because if I ever find out who you are, I’m going to teach you a lesson for using such vulgar and insulting language to address me.

    You are a semi-literate baboon.


  • I understand the Democrats have added a third article.

    They are going to impeach Trump for colluding with them … interference in the election process.


  • Biden was beating Trump by degrees in all polls, including Fox polls.


    Same polls that had Trump losing!!!

    Smart politicians trust the voters, not the polls … even Batman knows that!!

    … and Trump is beyond smart .. a stable genius!!


  • PPS. The man has documents.



  • President Donald J. Trump used his official powers to pressure a foreign government to interfere in a United States election for his personal political gain


    This is a brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election and interfere with the 2020 election, now just months away


    Donna, dpd

    You see the difference hopefully!!

    What a difference a word makes.

    It is all about politics.

    The Democrats are interfering in two United States elections, past and future using their official powers as the Congressional majority.

    Trump has manipulated them into this position as they feel this is the only way to defeat him!!

    He is just too damn good.

    They admit Biden has no chance, nor Pocahantas, nor Klobachar nor any other Democrat!!

    In the words of Al Green, congressman, “If we don’t impeach this President he will get reelected”!!

    So much for polls.

    See how simple this crap is!!

    It is all a political game being played by the Democrats abusing their official power as Majority Congressional representatives to both unseat a duly elected President AND interfere in an upcoming election.

    This will probably end in charges of treason against someone!!

    They have given Trump no choice!!

    Comey, Krapper, Brennan, Schiff, Nadler et al are seriously exposed.


  • Schiff and Nadler are protected as members of congress but the others are not!!


  • The Speech or Debate Clause is a clause in the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 6, Clause 1). The clause states that members of both Houses of Congress
    …shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their attendance at the Session of their Respective Houses, and in going to and from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.
    The intended purpose is to prevent a President or other officials of the executive branch from having members arrested on a pretext to prevent them from voting a certain way or otherwise taking actions with which the President might disagree.
    A similar clause in many state constitutions protects members of state legislatures in the United States. Legislators in non-U.S. jurisdictions may be protected by a similar doctrine of parliamentary immunity.


    Actually, they aren’t.

    They too could be in serious shiff!!


  • The internet is controlled by racist warmongering white supremacists hi tek spy states like USA UK Israel who censor criticism against them as military attacks while putting out bent prejudice propaganda to brainwash people and have been killing and droning muslims since their 2001 false flags and non-stop wars

    Trump is a alt-right troll who is now Potus a position labelled as most powerful man in world

    but abuses laws and claims everything is national security issues so he can act outside law

    he is being impeached for national security issues himself

    if he had half a brain he would have got his minions to pressure Ukraine for him, but his minions may have told him to fuc off

    John likes to act like he is a thinker but is just copying all the right wing trash he can find on net

    Freedom Crier likes to make out she is a holy warrior as she cuts and paste all the nonsense she can find

    you can only assume white people crave power so they can reign in dominion like satan

    BU lets the right wing trolls put up their lies so they can capture good brains and their ideas which white trash will pervert with their crap





  • 555dubstreet
    January 19, 2020 8:34 AM

    The internet is controlled by racist warmongering white supremacists hi tek spy states like USA UK Israel who censor criticism against them as military attacks while putting out bent prejudice propaganda to brainwash people and have been killing and droning muslims since their 2001 false flags and non-stop wars


    So why are you on it?

    Are you any (or all) of the adjectives above?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, a small matter: Hasn’t @Freedom crossed that warning line you set about cut n paste of debunked lies repeatedly above? She posted a debunked false image of a Black woman and POTUS and then he and a Black baby and subsequently he with Pres Reagan attached to a fabricated quote. When I asked her affirm validity of the first two images she refused and basically attacked me as a propagandist.

    I appreciate her free speech rights but isn’t it fair that when she is called out for her LIES …. if she simply continues the nonsense unabated rather than ‘correct’ them that her posts be removed or restricted to verifiable comments!

    Just asking. I know you can’t be a truth meter but still…

    @John, you continue to make lots of mock sport, I see! … So its just a question of “What a difference a word [or words] makes” in comparing the two statements vis:

    President Donald J. Trump used his official powers to pressure a foreign government to interfere in a United States election for his personal political gain …. vs … This is a brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election and interfere with the 2020 election, now just months away

    For your informed benefit… if according to YOU its brazen and unlawful to interfere with the 2020 election then the POTUS is GUILTY and should be impeached: He had his personal lawyer Guiliani, Lev Parkas, Devin Nunes, Amb Gordon Sondland and others directly interfering with gettin oppo research on candidates, isn’t that correct!

    He has a Justice Dept special investigator trying to revise and interfere with the narrative of the 2016 elections thereby ‘overturning’ opinions on what many believe actually happened. Not so!

    He should definitely be impeached by YOUR own words.

    Remember the psychological ploy of attacking and labelling your opponent as doing the EXACT crimes you are perpetuating is very well known.

    So be careful with your Speech n Debate clause research… the person you need to watch is Nunes. He has already been caught in some blatant lies… the last one about not knowing Parnas. This is the same guy who accused his Dem counterpart of coaching the whistle blower and here he is working with an accused dirt digger and acting as if he never met or had any interaction with the man.

    How carefully do you review the right wing diatribes you read BEFORE you opine… even if you just mekking sport a man of your smarts should offer more interesting commentary!

    And be even more careful with the talk of “It is all a political game being played… abusing [the] official power […] to both [RE]seat a duly elected President AND interfere in an upcoming election.”

    It is a FOREGONE conclusion that details of the the depth off the presidential malfeasance will come out… just a matter of WHEN…

    Thus there is a very likely scenario that this man is reelected and THEN removed either via the 25th Amendment or otherwise via Congress.


  • “Because if I ever find out who you are, I’m going to teach you a lesson for using such vulgar and insulting language to address me”


    well stop engaging like a wanker

    you talk trash like scum and deserve to be cussed and cunted out

    you have the same prejudiced views as John Jack and most probably are one and the same


  • @Dee Word

    Leaving it to you and others to debunk. Have no time to read nonsense. Most here do not.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Realistically @David neither do I read her really… It’s only the graphics that caught my attention.

    Frankly if I were in your position I would delete her completely unless she was making an ORIGINAL comment or showing a link…. particularly as she is NOT read .

    The multiple lonnnng posts just clog up the blog.

    Anyhow…This too shall pass, I imagine.


  • @Dee a Word

    Thanks for the feedback.



  • DPD,

    Scroll past the Looney Tunes. We all do! There are not many black Barbadians she can fool with her lying pictures, quotes etc. The only people who will read her are those who already share her twisted views. She will not convert anybody. This is not America. We live on earth, not EARTH TWO.

    JohnJanuary 18, 2020 11:23 PM

    Biden was beating Trump by degrees in all polls, including Fox polls.


    Same polls that had Trump losing!!!

    Smart politicians trust the voters, not the polls … even Batman knows that!!

    … and Trump is beyond smart .. a stable genius!!


    I refer you to my last post where I stated –

    “Whether or not Biden ever had a real chance is debatable. But….. does anyone really believe that Trump, with all that power at his disposal, would leave THAT to chance???????”

    You have made no dent whatsoever in my argument. You are becoming more and more like Looney Tunes. You are descending into the ridiculous and resorting to the posting of crazy videos. It is sad to watch.

    It is pointless arguing with an inhabitant of an alternative universe that exists only in his sick mind. From now on I will place your posts in the looney bin with those of Looney Tunes.



  • @Hants

    About the PM and CARICOM

    A region divided will soon fall, whence Caricom? Memories are short I suppose when someone mentioned “shole” countries people were saying it aint me it’s the other guy.


  • It is a bold step taken forced by her chair of Caricom at this time?


  • My alternative universe is called reality!!

    What’s your alternative universe called?


  • @ Sargeant:

    Well said. Remind me what we’re the causes of the rise and FALL of the long defunct West Indies Federation? Even so, why is it that today some scholars no longer speak of the so-called “Third World”, which, among other things, once upon a time urged a new international economic order (NIEO) and a new international information order (NIIO), among other reforms of the international system as well as the international legal order?


  • Says the lunatic.


  • Every Barbadian, every West Indian either knows personally or knows of some fellow West Indian who has been an undocumented alien in North America.

    At the same time, unlike “W” and President Obama, it is no secret that Trump has declared his preference for immigrants “from Norway”, while at the same time denigrating immigrants from Nigeria, Haiti, and other predominantly black “sh–t hole” countries.

    In discussing Trump, one would therefore be remiss if one did not include some brief remarks on Trump’s immigration policy.

    I was intrigued some time ago when I saw a Hispanic immigrant, on TV, about to cross the southern border, declaring that “Trump es el anti-Cristo”. From some of the illegal immigrants’ point of view, based on his hostile, discriminatory actions and statements, Trump might well be the Anti-Christ.

    This brings me to one aspect of the subject of illegal immigration, specifically, the deaths of adults in ICE’s custody during the Trump Administration, and the deaths of minor children in ICE’s custody during the aforementioned Trump administration.

    Of course, the Trump Chorus will, predictably, claim that illegal immigrants also died in ICE’s custody when Obama was President. However, this is sheer bogus, a red herring, and worthless, asinine drivel as a defense of Trump’s policy.

    As to the deaths of immigrant minors while in ICE’s custody under the Trump Administration, see e.g.

    As to the death of adult illegal immigrants while in ICE’s custody under the Trump Administration, see, e.g.

    There are a plethora of additional sources

    Note also that the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is not known as a progressive lawyers association such as the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) active in such civil rights cases as in the defense of the 9 Scottsboro black boys accused of raping 2 white women in Scottsboro, AL, in 1931. The Guild has also been counsel in many other cases defending the rights of minorities, along with other progressive and civil rights organizations.

    The relatively small number of deaths reported is not conclusive, however, given that some illegals may have been released, and then died shortly thereafter, like the patient who is briskly wheeled from the operating room after a “successful” operation, then dies in the recovery room.

    Needless to say, we also confront the problem of catastrophic injuries sometimes suffered by so-called illegal immigrants while in ICE’s custody or inmates in private prisons some time reportedly owned by the Corrections Corporation of America (stock symbol – CXW (NYSE).

    What happens when the so-called illegal, catastrophically injured, is swiftly, hastily deported back to his country of origin? The law says “there is no wrong without a remedy”. How does the illegal get a visa from the US Consul/Embassy to return to the USA to litigate, to seek justice and compensation for the catastrophic injury or injuries he has suffered? Sometimes, the West Indian, typically proud, and often disposed to guard his or her privacy, may even be reluctant to disclose the details of his injury, except in extremis.

    Also, we need not mention the psychological havoc on the thousands of children separated from their parents and in caged detention.

    The Yale Law School (YLS) some time ago successfully raised the issue of prolonged, if not permanent psychological damage suffered by such minors, resulting from such lengthy traumatic separations from their parents.

    In the circumstances, the Trump Administration has persistently violated the human rights of the so-called illegal immigrants and their children at several levels. The Administration has violated several international conventions protecting the rights of immigrants, and the rights of children.

    This cannot be seriously disputed. The underlying Trump policy, despite pretexts, is little more than pattern and practice bigotry and illegal discrimination against the usual black and brown victims.


  • PS: Not to forget his (Trump’s) war against, his hostility to sanctuary cities, inclusive of sanctuary churches which would give refuge to some illegal immigrants a/k/a undocumented aliens. Who will protect such humans from the awesome power of the State, sometimes so arbitrary and capricious and violative of the human’s civil and political rights?


  • The death of any child in detention or in custody should concern any reasonable person. Ditto any unfortunate undocumented alien. Worse yet the alien who suffers catastrophic injury while in detention.

    You must not be so ignorant as to seek to trivialize, deflect and ignore such serious matters. If you have a defense, make it.


  • I don’t have much interest in US domestic politics however it seems that PM Mottley is walking a fine line in not accepting an invitation to meet with the US Secretary of State. She does not want to get involved with the anti Venezuela/ Maduro or the anti Chinese position of the USA. So it seems she is posturing as a defender of CARICOM which nobody really cares about (not even CARICOM states) and hopefully avoid a direct confrontation with the USA. I can only hope the USA gives Barbados a pass on this one and not take vindictive action.


  • Trinidad has joined Barbados to boycott the meeting.



  • @ Blogmaster:

    Mottley is right on this particular issue.


  • @ Ping Pong

    The president is punching above her weight. Her excuse (reason?) for not meeting the Secretary of State is a presumption that the US want to divide Caricom. But her reaction drives a coach and horses through Caricom foreign policy. Is this Bajan logic?
    As chair of the regional organisation she should be fighting for policy alignment, not grand-standing. Already we have some Caricom nations supporting Taiwan and others China. At some point China will force them to choose.
    We have some supporting Madura in Venezuela, and others support the US/Guiado project. Instead of running around the world making evangelical speeches the president should be at home doing the basic homework.
    Was her decision a Cabinet decision or did she force that policy on the Cabinet. What amazes me is how a Cabinet, many of whom are better academically qualified than the president, can stand her constant humiliation. They should bring her in line or get rid of her.


  • Trinidad not attending

    St.Kitts not attending

    Grenada not attending



  • @ Ping Pong:

    Yes. However, I would not be so airily dismissive of your right, indeed duty to be interested in comparative politics, particularly, as involves U.S domestic politics, etc. Why?

    I do not know the exact level of aid that the USA currently provides Barbados. However, one must recall that the US once declined to pay Barbados any compensation for decades use of the Naval Base in St. Lucy, based on an argument that the Congress would/could not authorize compensation for retroactive use. I also seem to recall that a former Ambassador, the Hon. Theodore Britton, Jr., Ambassador to Barbados and Grenada, a Reagan appointee, presumably on Washington’s instructions, declined to provide technical assistance to the Barbados Government with respect to the problem of beach erosion. Britton, I seem to recall could only propose a rather curious (some might say ridiculous) lo-tech solution.

    In sum, what have you done for me lately? Shouldn’t one be concerned about US policy as impacts Barbados? I dunno. Perhaps things may have changed significantly. B

    I also argue that the tens of thousands of Barbadians residents in the USA, legally or not, should reasonably compel one’s interest in US foreign and domestic policy. Aren’t you, your brother’s keeper?
    One could go on …


  • Loonier still.


  • @David and Hal
    Trinidad and Grenada were never invited to meet with the US Secretary of State. The last news report I read said that St.KItts was attending.

    Jamaica economy is growing. It seems that this is in part due to massive Chinese investment and this development has attracted the attention of the US. Jamaica decided to support the anti Maduro stance of the US. What happens in Venezuela will have little impact in Jamaica unlike Trinidad or Guyana which are “cheek and jowl” geographically next to Venezuela. Barbados has nothing to gain getting involved in Venezuela other than not antagonizing the US. PM Mottley is attempting to “play dead” (defending CARICOM) hoping that the US will ignore her. Her only possible misstep is to openly accuse the US of trying to divide CARICOM which is somewhat comedic since CARICOM was already divided and is not unified on much to start with.


  • @ Caleb

    as a citizen and resident of Barbados I have zero impact on what happens in the USA.


  • @ Ping Pong

    You have done me the dishonour of linking me with BU David. Don’t.
    A united Caricom would have told the State Department no thanks when the invitations came through. They would have said we come as one or not at all.
    It is this disunity that is a major challenge for the president, not making unscripted, repetitive and silly speeches like a drunken preacher. Her big task is at home and in the region, not nonsense about punching above your weight and being world class. The president is turning a personal obsession in to a national objective.


  • You have done BU David and honour by posting on his blog Lol



  • @Ping Pong

    From all this blogmaster has read there is uncertainty about which leaders have been invited. The popular commentary suggests this is the USA courting Caribbean countries to support a pro Trump Secretary General of the OAS to the fight Venezuela issue.


  • @David
    The popular commentary suggests this is the USA courting Caribbean countries to support a pro Trump Secretary General of the OAS to the fight Venezuela issue.
    I was wondering what the end game was, when the big fish cozy up to the minnows you can bet somethings afoot.


  • @Sargeant

    Your boy Gaston has thrown his support behind Mia.



  • @ John January 21, 2020 12:54 AM

    Sir John, are supporting the Trumpeter in his attack at Davos against the scientists who are expressing concerns about climate change by calling them modern-day fortunetellers and charlatans?

    Do you consider the 17 year old Greta Thunberg to be a child-genius of a wacko?

    For if you do back the trumpeter in denouncing the lily white girl for her Joan-of-Arc qualities then you would have to call out those Bible-thumping preacher men who have been announcing the end of the world and the return of an imaginary Jesus for hundreds of years.


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