TRUMP: A Pre-mortem? Or, Death By A Thousand Cuts?

Submitted by Caleb Pilgrim

To return to Trump ….Today is day 1075 since President Trump’s inauguration in January 2017. According to the Washington Post, by December 16, 2019, he, Trump, had made a mere 15,413 false or misleading statements (otherwise known as lies). Some claim that he even lied about his father, Fred Trump’s place of birth.

Arguably, the Post’s figures might well have been inaccurate. We do not know and we will never know the exact number of lies Trump would have told family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, his Cabinet members individually or collectively, or even lies he might have told himself during the period. The Post’s figures might therefore have been limited to his “public” lies, and the Post’s estimate far too low.

Such has been POTUS’s achievement here – a far cry from President George Washington who allegedly never told a lie – that American social scientists have now developed a new category pertaining to lies: awarding politicians, such as Trump, “the bottomless Pinocchio”. He is clearly unable to control his lying; a medical condition sometimes known as “mythomania”.

By contrast, a pastor friend, a diehard Trump supporter and a black evangelical here in the N.E USA, like another friend and former Barbados unsuccessful political candidate in last year’s May 24, 2018 election; these see Trump, notwithstanding his “truthful hyperbole” as a great man of destiny. To be fair, the Pastor’s wife, more wise, more discerning, early intimated that as far as she could see “God is not the author of confusion”.

The die, however, has now been cast; the Mueller Report completed; the transcript made available; the Whistleblower’s report publicized; ditto the IG’s report; the respective House Committees have done their inquiries and Reports. and the House has voted its two Articles of Impeachment. The Senate reconvenes in short order.

It now remains for the Senate under Chief Justice Roberts to schedule and conduct its impeachment trial of the President, a rarity, in the context of looming Primaries and a 2020 Presidential election. Senators McConnell and Graham, prospective jurors in any impeachment trial, have said that they already decided the matter. What happens if or when Senator Schumer and the Democratic Senate minority somehow file with C.J Roberts a motion to disqualify McConnell and Graham and any other juror who has already prejudged the matter? And, witnesses such as Bolton and Mulvaney? Remember that for many Republicans Trump remains the only game in town.

It is therefore appropriate to essay some brief, if random, remarks on POTUS, his Administration, certain of its policies and his prospects at this juncture.

In using the term “pre-mortem”, I do not mean to suggest that Trump’s defeat this November is a foregone conclusion. We have been here before with disastrous consequences, as former Secretary of State Clinton belatedly discovered. In a sense, he must harp on the economy. and his apparent “success” …. the economy stupid”?

Yet, there is an inescapable law of diminishing returns. Just ask any older man. (Even King David, 1 Kings 1, when he was old and cold). This law, it seems, applies in almost every sphere, including politics.

Consider a politician, a man not unlike Trumpf who thinks one way. He then speaks a second way. He then acts a third way. He trifles, obfuscates, deflects, dissembles, even lies. Bullshit and trivia persist as standard, daily political fare. His public, usually fickle, often misinformed, uninformed or even dis-informed. But, as Lincoln remarked, you can trick them some of the time, but not all of them all of the time.

As reasonable people, we must therefore resist the idea of The Idiot Posing as Intellect, or some Trump (The Tramp-in-Chief), a renegade bolshevik businessman and Putin stooge masquerading and declaring himself (soi-disant) a man of high IQ and “a very stable” geni-ass. (Cf. his late Wharton School Professor, William T. Kelley, a nonagenarian, who described him as “the dumbest goddam student” he, Professor Kelley, ever had in more than 40 years teaching at Wharton; Kissinger’s reference to him as not having “a very orderly mind”; or Tillerson’s description of him – unretracted – as a “moron”; his former lawyer, Attorney Cohen’s testimony that he pressured Fordham and Wharton not to release Trump’s academic transcripts; his absence from the Dean’s list at Wharton despite his boast that he had graduated “top of his class” at Wharton; all in the context wherein he (Trump) demanded to see President Obama’s transcripts and academic materials). Truly, a man of seemingly impregnable, untouchable ignorance, with legions of rats of all varieties scurrying around upstairs.

Perhaps, Republican Senator Romney, when he was thinking more clearly, had Trump’s measure, when he counseled Trump against releasing his tax returns, and then subsequently described him as a “fraud” and a “conman”. Thus, by way of example, Trump has always proclaimed his love for the military. Yet, beyond his serial draft dodging, and whatever his personal demons, the only war he (Trump) seems ever to have fought may well have been limited to some gilded boudoir with relatively expensive “toys” such as “Stormy” Daniels and Karen McDougal, going rate between US $125K and $150K.

No one can say that he (Trump) had been in the US Air Force; then exiled himself to Canada, Sweden, Denmark, the U.K., or elsewhere, rather than kill so-called “gooks” in the “swamps” and muddy/paddy fields of Vietnam. He made the great escape. He now poses as a “chicken hawk”, like many another draft dodger.

The Reader might still note that in terms of re-election strategy, it is still open to Trump and his advisers to start a war, if necessary, and before the elections, if this will gee up his domestic support. E.g in the case of Iran. Many a red blooded American would then rally to “the cause”, with typical shouts of “USA” “USA”. The problem will be one of graduated response and escalation? In response, the Ayatollahs and the Iranian National Guard may have to decide on the feasibility of shutting down the Gulf – following up on their attack on Saudi oil infrastructure some time ago. Beyond profiteering by armaments manufacturers, the military-industrial complex, billionaire investors, what would be the implications for the world economy, OECD and LDC countries and the least developed countries?

As to the issue of race, Trump’s re-election strategy, the Black, Latino and minority vote.

Fortunately, many no longer deny the fact that POTUS is a racist. For too long, the naive denied this fact, despite the overwhelming evidence, (his spawning of birtherism, his notorious ads about the Central Park Five after their sentences had been vacated and all criminal charges against them withdrawn; the EEOC housing discrimination complaints against him – I would not be surprised if there was not at least one Barbadian family allegedly victim of his housing discrimination; his abuse of African countries and Haiti as “s—hole” countries; his attacks on the inner city as “rat and rodent infested”; his own admission that he is a “white nationalist”).

As to his palpable disdain for Mexicans, rumor once did percolate that his daughter, Tiffany, had dated a wealthy Mexican young man while at Wharton. Imagine some Mexican with his grubby paw on his beautiful, pristine, blonde, blue-eyed daughter! Enough to make a “nationalist” nauseous! Who knows the source(s) of his animus against Mexico and Mexicans?

To my mind, to deny that President Trump is a good old fashioned racist largely surrounded by white supremacist advisers, such as Stephen Miller, is like witnessing a man in a bank, pointing his gun at employees and customers on the bank’s floor, and denying that the gunman was a bank robber. What stupid poppy cock!

Yet, Trump can still make inroads into the Black Vote (with “Blacks For Trump” and some of his allies). What if Trump and his advisers, including Secretary Carson, following the reparations advocates decide to expend some political capital and give black families some sort of money (not “40 acres and a mule”, far less will do), or even Yang’s “Freedom Dividend”? Many a hungry belly black may well be seduced by such an obvious political ploy and vote for Trump.

As to his foreign policy, unlike the Kennedy Doctrine, the Johnson Doctrine, the Nixon Doctrine, and others, the Trump doctrine seems at best a series of ad hoc, incoherent, non-sequential non-points, never going beyond slogans such as “MAGA” and “America First”, reflecting Trump’s typical, torrential nonsensical tweets.

Several decades ago, the British Yearbook of International Law kindly published an article that I had written on some aspects of trade in the natural resources of Namibia (1990?). The French Revue des Revues subsequently dismissed the article in two words “tres interessante”. However, we all got it wrong. There was/is no such country as Namibia, per Trump in one of his recent addresses to the UNGA, He should be forgiven for not knowing the name of such a namby pamby “s–hole” country. And, thank God for small mercies insofar as he did not confuse Namibia with NAMBLA.

Imagine, also, that iyou were an immigrant, a green card holder, and a veteran who had been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. You return “home” to the USA. You find yourself in conflict with the law, felony or misdemeanor. You are convicted in a court of law. You are then deported to Mexico courtesy of a Commander-in-Chief who never served. (ICE officials who might never have served either). And, there are several hundreds such deported veterans in limbo in Mexico, a country they would have left in their very early childhood when their parents brought them to the US as minor children.

We need not speak of the moral obloquy involved in Trump’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents and caging them, with resulting psychological problems.

In the final analysis, in Trump, we have a man singularly classless, embarrassingly clueless, uninformed and unfathomably uncouth. Bristling with hubris, fire and brimstone, he is more the common man’s” Lord Haw Haw”. But, give him credit. He has normalized the abnormal…He has successfully weaponized unspeakable, mass ignorance and intellectual dishonesty in the U.S. No wonder he says he loves “the poorly educated”). He has so consolidated his leadership of the Republican Party, and might yet demoralize his divided 2020 democratic opposition, all with untold implications.

Caveat: As I have said, always beware of any politician who promises that he will end corruption and “drain the swamp”. Experience teaches that he merely brings in his own new, personal swamp, a la Trump.

A second term, however, is no picnic. Just as Nixon defeated George McGovern overwhelmingly and was then driven from Office, early in his second term; just as Bill Clinton’s Presidency was almost derailed early in his second term by the Lewinsky affair, so too Trump’s chickens may come home to roost before any second term or early in his second term if he should win. Few, if any, at any rate, can indefinitely survive a thousand cuts.


  • @ John:

    Re Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler & their re-election:

    One fully understands the desire of Trump’s supporters to displace the foregoing. And your angst!

    However, although none of us has a perfect crystal ball ….. Dream on! It is your dream, and a pipe dream! It is not going to happen. They will all be re-elected.

    Have you considered the length and quality of their service to their constituents, their organizational strength on the ground in their respective constituencies?

    Put away your fog machine for a change. You are obviously not seeing well or thinking properly.



    A self-declared black “independent” is a Democrat too proud to admit he is just another animal in the herd.

    Of course, you have nothing to say about the damaging effects of Democrat-supported mass immigration on the economic and political fortunes of the black working class. Or about the utter failure of Democrat anti-poverty programs (I just read, for example, that Mayor DeBlasio’s signature affordable housing initiatives have produced fewer than 3,000 new units in all these years). Way to go.

    Instead you visit further abuse on the outstanding black men who have been lynched by the feminist predators and grifters of this generation.

    The black victims I have named are just the tip of the iceberg. The United States has more than 4,500 colleges and universities, where more than 20,000 men have been suspended, expelled or otherwise severely sanctioned for “sexual harassment” (aka “courting” and “mating”) under the so-called Title IX procedures designed by the feminist brigades. A disproportionate number of these 20,000 men are blacks railroaded by white accusers.

    As a lawyer, you should be ashamed of yourself for implicitly endorsing Democrat/feminist ideology and the kangaroo courts it has created.

    And just so you know, most Americans $hit and eat in the same place. In fact, as recently as 2017, over 40% of Americans admitted that they had dated a co-worker. That percentage has been falling as feminism tightens its grip on the culture.


  • Caleb Pilgrim
    January 24, 2020 3:56 AM

    @ John:
    Re Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler & their re-election:
    One fully understands the desire of Trump’s supporters to displace the foregoing. And your angst!
    However, although none of us has a perfect crystal ball ….. Dream on! It is your dream, and a pipe dream! It is not going to happen. They will all be re-elected.
    Have you considered the length and quality of their service to their constituents, their organizational strength on the ground in their respective constituencies?
    Put away your fog machine for a change. You are obviously not seeing well or thinking properly.


    Just having a little fun seeing who’s who!!


  • Caleb Pilgrim
    January 24, 2020 3:56 AM

    Have you considered the length and quality of their service to their constituents, their organizational strength on the ground in their respective constituencies?


    I have!!

    Pelosi’s district is the pits.

    Check these photos.

    Guess that is way of gauging her service to her constituents.

    You can tell us how long she has been at it and how her organizational strengths helped her constituents!!'s+district&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=HJRgwYBhAjr_DM%253A%252C4-YVjgG1XKqqdM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQw-1Un-WrEmzNOVTwP7WYB6pFsiQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiPu4jam5znAhUFmVkKHclkDToQ9QEwDXoECAYQHA#imgrc=HJRgwYBhAjr_DM:





    RE “Caleb Pilgrim January 4, 2020 8:09 AM Trump, as you well know, is not stranger to harsh invective, insulting, repeated name calling, etc. There are copious examples of his marauding, and unfortunately, civil discourse has become more debased”…. CP GOEBBELS IS AN EXPERT IN THIS FIELD. THEN HE SANCTIMONIOUSLY DEFENDS THE ME-TOO MOVEMENT WHILE HIS CONVERSATION TO A WOMAN IS BEYOND THE DARKEST HUE!


    RE Caleb Pilgrim January 24, 2020 3:24 AM “Simple, Ewart, as your grandmother would have taught you: “don’t eat and sh-in the same place”.





  • John
    January 24, 2020 8:34 AM

    Caleb Pilgrim
    January 24, 2020 3:56 AM
    Have you considered the length and quality of their service to their constituents, their organizational strength on the ground in their respective constituencies?


    Many democrat run plantations, sorry, districts, are “sh!thole counties”.

    What’s to consider?


  • @ Ewart:

    Re your “feminist mob” etc. we need to digress from Trump, because of the important issue you raise, viz. the alleged sabotage of prominent black males accused of “sexual harassment” (your parens) and sexual assault.

    Wow! So extreme, Ewart. What a slashing attack! What a diatribe! What a dinosaur! And I thought I was bad. But, you, O’ Lord.

    You have been probably listening way too much – who is/was that fat, old white druggist, arrested for unlawful drug possession at a Miami airport as he was apparently Rushing around – with his tired, old, right wing propaganda about “feminazis”. Going forward, you must ignore his (Limbaugh’s) nonsense and his ilk.

    Was he not also accused at some point of sexual harassment, handsome as he is? But, as they say, every piece of cloth has its tailor.

    Yet, again, the mere fact that that madcap old dodo bird, John, a fellow blogger, from his benighted perch, cites Limbaugh, another misogynist like POTUS, that ought to have been enough for you to disregard Limbaugh.

    As to Cosby and some of the others, know I have had and continue to have some serious problems with the prosecution of idiots like Cosby, and others, where some victims claim to have been sexually abused very, very long ago, and even where Prosecutors agreed not to prosecute, e.g Cosby. You should not renege on a deal. I believe that his (especially Cosby’s) prosecution and conviction ought to have been barred.

    As I recall, the old English common law (you may remember this as a Black Englishman in Little England) required that if a woman was raped, she should make a hue and cry shortly or immediately thereafter. You do not wait until you are nearing the end of or well past your life expectancy. Even “Snoop Dog”, confronted with similar rape/sexual assault allegations, stood his ground and required his accuser to first go the hospital, get immediately examined, have a rape kit, then go immediately and file a complaint with the police (I note in passing that the rouge police can sometimes do a little raping themselves).

    Cosby, an alleged Ph.D from either UMass or Temple U, and despite his invariable hostility to many, if not most, black people whom he considered lazy, feckless, largely unintelligent “ghetto” non-achievers, was such an ignorant ignoramus that he admitted to an opposing lawyer in deposition that he had repeatedly bought Qaludes to drug women in order to rape them. He did not plead the 5th. He did not follow Reagan’s – another thespian and a genius – example in Iran-Contra, saying @ 125 times “I do not recall”.

    They are not perfect, many of these women accusers, Ewart. Some may even have been complicit in Cosby’s pay to play schemes. They are, nevertheless, these women accusers, like all of us men, flawed human beings, their flaws despite being made in God’s image.

    They must, however, be respected for their intrinsic human worth. Rape and Sexual Assault is not some pretty Rubenesque painting like the “Rape of the Sabine Women”. They have the right to accuse as much as the defendant has the right to due process. You would seem to dismiss them out of hand.

    Respectfully, Ewart, try to become more ideologically attuned.


  • Bidens and the Democrats like they got more trouble coming, this time from Rudy!!



    I am not a “player”, but I spent a long time on university campuses, as both student and teacher. And I try not to be a slave to currently fashionable ideas (as you seem to be).

    I can say without hesitation that there are an astonishing number of agitated or emotionally unstable women out there who lose their bearings from time to time, especially when they become involved in sexual relationships. Many of these women play fast and loose with the truth, and they have been emboldened by the rise of feminist ideologies.

    The defamation and demonization of men — of all stripes — from Prof. Fryer to Bill Cosby, is a disgrace. The Democrats bear much of the responsibility for what has happened.

    The world’s greatest psychologists have had many things to say about women. Their observations are largely ignored these days in the rush to consecrate Feminist Goddesses and denounce “toxic masculinity”.
    So it’s a good thing that many Republicans bring a skeptical attitude to these cultural shifts. God bless Donald Trump.


  • “Abuse of power is about using the office for personal gain. Why did he asked for Biden to be investigated? Did he withhold aid as others have corroborated?”

    where you get that from? Unless i had on blinkers all of the bombshell witnesses brought to corroborate the withholding aid story said under cross examination that Trump never said that aid should be withheld.
    Then i heard and saw Trump saying “no Quid pro quo” and advising
    Mr whatever his name is to do the right thing.


  • On the facts, Donald Trump did not withhold aid from Ukraine. He may have initially intended to withhold the aid, but once he found out his political enemies were going to make political hay from this issue, the money was released prior to a September 30 deadline.

    That is why Team Trump says the Democrats are hounding the president for a sin he never committed.


  • To correct the record (after more Caleb mischief), Bill Cosby did not confess to using Quaaludes to rape women.

    He merely acknowledged what everyone of my generation privately knows:viz., that in big cities prior to the 1990s, it was an accepted practice for men to help women pretend they were more chaste and virginal than was really the case. One way to do this was to “seduce” women with alcohol and drugs — such as Quaaludes — so that women who wanted and enjoyed libidinous behaviour could still claim afterwards that they had done something “crazy” because a man had “tricked” them.

    All part of a longstanding game in which women force men to take responsibility for everything — even things women themselves want. Of course, the game turns deadly serious once big money and feminism are added to the mix.


  • The Pentagon has just alleged that 34 servicemen suffered traumatic brain injuries following the Iranian attack on the U.S military base in Iraq.

    POTUS had reported that there were no injuries to US servicemen.



    “The truth behind the rhetoric”. Excerpt Below)

    Salvador Rizzo By Salvador Rizzo

    One president, three years, 16,241 wrong claims

    President Trump completed three years in office on Jan. 20 — and The Fact Checker reached a three-year milestone of its own. We’ve now documented 16,241 false or misleading claims from Trump since he took office.

    It’s an astronomical number, averaging 15 per day. Our Trump database has nearly 7,000 more entries “than there are visible stars in the night sky,” as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out this week.

    We started this project as part of our coverage of the president’s first 100 days, recording 492 claims, an average of just under five a day. Readers demanded that we keep it going for the rest of Trump’s presidency.

    Little did we know what that would mean.

    Trump’s pace has accelerated at an explosive clip. He made more false and misleading claims in 2019 — 8,155 — than he did in 2017 (1,999) and 2018 (5,689) combined.

    Put another way: He averaged six such claims a day in 2017, nearly 16 a day in 2018 and more than 22 a day in 2019.

    In 2018, Trump barnstormed the country in an effort to thwart a Democratic takeover of the House. The two biggest false-claim days were before the election: Nov. 5 (139 claims) and Nov. 3 (128).

    In 2019, the key reason for a Trumpian surge in October and November was the uproar over a phone call on July 25, in which the president urged Ukraine’s leader to announce an investigation of former vice president Joe Biden — eventually leading to his impeachment in the House and an ongoing Senate trial. Almost 1,000 of the false and misleading claims made by the president deal with the Ukraine investigation, even though it only became a category four months ago.

    For instance, nearly 70 times he has claimed that a whistleblower complaint about the call was inaccurate. The report accurately captured the content of Trump’s call and many other details have been confirmed. Nearly 100 times, Trump has claimed his phone call with the Ukrainian president was “perfect,” even though it so alarmed other White House officials that several immediately raised private objections.

    About one in five of these claims are about the economy or jobs.

    As Trump approaches a tough reelection campaign, his most repeated claim — 257 times — is that the U.S. economy today is the best in history. He began making this claim in June 2018, and it quickly became one of his favorites. The president can certainly brag about the state of the economy, but he runs into trouble when he repeatedly makes a play for the history books. By just about any important measure, the economy today is not doing as well as it did under Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson or Bill Clinton — or Ulysses S. Grant. Moreover, the economy is beginning to hit the head winds caused by Trump’s trade wars, with the manufacturing sector in an apparent recession.

    The president’s constant Twitter barrage also adds to his totals. Nearly 20 percent of the false and misleading statements stemmed from his itchy Twitter finger.

    Trump’s penchant for repeating false claims is demonstrated by the fact that the Fact Checker database has recorded more than 400 instances in which he has repeated a variation of the same claim at least three times.

    Our award-winning database has an extremely fast search engine that will quickly locate suspect statements the president has made. We encourage readers to explore it in detail. We recently added a new feature that provides a URL for every claim that is fact-checked, allowing readers to post the link on social media.

    For the full fact check, click here.


  • The official position is that this is a lag injury. Trump needed the room to deflate the tension anyway.


  • @ Ewart:

    Among Dr. Cosby’s victim, was a white female psychologist (or psychiatrist, I don’t remember). She had allegedly indicated that she had been in a consensual relationship with Cosby and had voluntarily sexed him throughout their consensual relationship.

    Then, one night, she alleged, that he (Dr. Cosby) drugged her, and then as she discovered upon awakening the following morning, he had sexed her. I believe that she reported that she was confused if not perplexed at Dr. Cosby’s behavior, as it seemed totally unnecessary to her that they had had sex on a regular, consensual basis.

    You know, Ewart, that we are straying too far from Trump, except insofar as he (The Tramp-in-Chief & a-Presidential Grabber) would probably have done a little like Dr. Cosby, “just grab them by the ‘p—‘. They let you do it because you are a star”, and quickly moved on to his next victim.

    Should we not stand for what is right?


  • The Washington Post is a propaganda sheet owned by Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, a political enemy of Donald Trump. It publishes lies about Trump every day, including this story about Trump’s “lies”.

    For example, per Caleb’s post:
    “the economy is beginning to hit the head winds caused by Trump’s trade wars, with the manufacturing in an apparent recession”.


    In 2019, US manufacturing employment ROSE by 264,000 jobs to 12.84 million. The percentage of US employment in manufacturing INCREASED in 2019, for the first time since 1984.

    These are inconvenient facts for Trump haters, but they are TRUE.




    ‘Amazing and yet I hear that when Joe Biden has a rally 300 or 400 people show up. Hey CNN tell us again that Trump is losing! Just like 2016 right?’


    Can any of the current frontrunners beat Trump? I doubt it. Perhaps a dark horse will emerge from the pack and gain popularity, but I doubt that, too. If one does, then I will spend some time reading up on them. Otherwise, I will concentrate on following the leaders. Here are my short, succinct thoughts on five of them:

    Joe Biden still holds an early lead in the 2020 Democratic presidential race. BIDEN: Creepy Joe. Career politician Joe. Scandal-ridden Joe. Very old, slow Joe. Even Obama is embarrassed by him. He may be there as a placeholder for crooked Hillary, who hopes the Democrats will beg her to run again once they realize that Sleepy Joe has loser written all over him.

    WARREN: Pocahontas promises free stuff and reparations. Maybe she should give Native Americans in her state some money out of her own pocket. She needs to pay them back for stealing their heritage in order to further her career. Trump would scalp her.

    MAYOR PETE: Butti-whatever is a novelty. Some people think it’s time for our first gay president, but we already had one—Obama. We already had a first-man, too

    BERNIE: He’s even older than Biden, but it doesn’t deter him from cranking up his communist claptrap for one more drive toward the presidency. I showed him driving a Model T because Bernie is too old and his communism is nothing new.

    KAMALA “Horizontal” HARRIS: I thought she might be the frontrunner by now, but the ‘female Obama’ is not off to a fast start. Perhaps because people are completely and utterly sick of the lying fraud that is Obama. SHE IS NOW OUT OF THE RACE BUT STILL PLAYING THE RACE CARE WHILE MARRIED TO A WHITE MAN WHO SHE HIDES UNDER HER SKIRT.

    They’re all losers. I hope Hillary will jump back in to save her party, which she owns lock, stock, and lying corporate media barrel. Trump defeating her a second time would be glorious.


  • Rush Limbaugh has always said the Democrats will sacrifice Sleepy Joe because they know he can’t beat Trump.

    It looks as though they want the sacrifice to in some way wound Trump.

    Joe Biden is a goner, the book on his family’s dealings and the constant evidence from Giuliani makes him damaged goods.

    Trump did not have to do anything.

    So who are the Democrats going to run?

    I reckon they will wait until Feb 3 to see how Iowa turns out.

    I like Tulsi Gabbard, she is the most normal looking and sounding of all the people they have in the primaries.


  • … but the biggest plus in her favour is that she has taken on Hilary Clinton frontally over what are clearly lunatic rantings about her faithfulness to America.


  • A debate between Trump and her would be worth watching.


  • John

    For God’s sake, Tulsi Gabbard is a Nobody, running for the attention, the connections and the money she will need to secure a Cabinet position or to mount future campaigns for the Senate. There is ZERO chance of her winning the Democrat nomination.

    It’s between Biden, Bernie and Liz — all of whom have big liabilities.


  • Biden is gone!!!

    Bernie and Liz are lunatics!!


  • @ John January 24, 2020 5:48 PM

    John you know very well, with your 20:20 vision, that Trump will be returned as the Commander-in-Chief come November.

    How else would the prophecy be fulfilled as written in your storybook?

    Do you think the heirs of fortunetellers only live in the minds of climate-change prophets of ‘fiery’ doomsday’s disasters of Noah’s ‘watery’ equivalent?

    “The earth was made out of water and water was all around it.
    Long ago the earth was covered with water and it was destroyed.
    But the heaven we see now and the earth we live on now have been kept by His word.
    They will be kept until they are to be destroyed by fire.
    They will be kept until the day men stand before God and sinners will be destroyed.”


  • Bah, Ewart. Sheer humbug —-re the Washington Post’s expose on Trump’s lies to date. Where exactly did you get your lie-o-meter (a/k/a your polygraph machine)? From Mrs. Ram’s shop recently closed? Also, was it made in China and mass produced by slave labor? This VIP (Vagabond in Power – Fela), POTUS, his very existence is most probably a lie. He recognizes no truth.

    PS: He even lied on each of the 34 American servicemen who suffered traumatic brain injury because of the Iranian ballistic missile attack on US military base in Iraq.


  • President Trump Is The Storm Of The Century…


  • Here we go again.

    The President probably was inclined to minimize US injuries “for reasons of state”, and if Obama had done the same, he would have been applauded for his shrewdness.

    But Trump made his “no casualties” announcement the morning after the Iranian missile strikes. At that time, the Pentagon did not know of any injuries, because the soldiers had not yet been checked with hospital brain scans.

    So Caleb takes an innocent Trump announcement and turns it into a lie based on evidence that emerged only after the President had spoken.







  • Caleb

    On January 31 2020, David Drummond, the highest paid black corporate lawyer in the United States, will officially retire as general counsel of Google, Inc — following claims of sexual harassment by a company employee.

    The #MeToo feminist onslaught on the Black Male continues.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Archer, I can only presume you are being deliberately provocative with many of ur posts….like ur last one re the Google head lawyer.

    The info is out there for all to … well… Google… but you seem to condone lax and careless fraternization by senior execs/ academics as long as they are Black.

    Strip away your shouts of “lynching” a la Clarence Thompson and beneath you see the same callous (I am untouchable) behaviours that white men have always adopted .

    The simple fact is that for every instance of feminist overreach and discriminatory take-downs (and there is that surely) many of the brothers were simply incorrigibly sexual predators who felt entitled to the charms of the lovely ladies who flooded into their domain.

    As I recall re the Google attorney he ADMITTED the affair and many of the supposed misdeeds … his actions were irresponsible and bluntly speaking extremely disgusting.

    To put it in stark unvarnished terms : he basically screwed whomever of the female employees who said ‘let’s do it’.

    He had an extra maritial child with one employee, left her and started up with another… he was that supreme type of player and as wealthy and connected as he was he surely felt untouchable.

    You may consider that shizzing where you eat but it’s amazingly ridiculous whether Black or White… he NOR you can’t pull the race card for this type of caddish lothario acts.


  • Dribbler

    I’m guessing that, like many West Indian men, your judgment is clouded by your chivalry to women.

    Lucky for you, West Indian women are not as cunning or as treacherous as the American female. You have no idea what goes on in North America, though I’m sure you think you do.


  • @Caleb
    He did not plead the 5th. He did not follow Reagan’s – another thespian and a genius – example in Iran-Contra, saying @ 125 times “I do not recall”.
    Can you plead the 5th in a deposition in a Civil Case? Cosby never thought that admission would see the light of day remember it was settled out of Court.

    In other news Cosby never knew he had a character witness in Ewart and BTW Catholic Ewart is all for sexual assault of women by powerful men, much like how powerful men in the Church assaulted minor boys.


  • Sergeant

    Apparently you like it when witches successfully wage gender warfare against men.

    You are a full-fledged masochist. Let’s hope you get to really enjoy yourself when some worthless female has you locked up for ten years.


  • @ Sargeant:

    Whether Cosby could plead the 5A (5th Amendment) in a civil deposition?


    Or, alternatively, he could have done the old Reagan rope-a-dope – “I can’t remember”; “I don’t recall”; repeated ad nauseum.

    Even though this might not have been credible, the opposing lawyer deposing Cosby, could not tell Cosby what he (Cosby) actually remembered, given the length of time which had elapsed since the alleged sexual assault(s), Cosby’s age, etc.

    The lawyer could try to refresh his recollection; but if he doesn’t remember, he doesn’t. An idiot who, apparently having escaped the possee for decades, then fortuitously decided to dig his own grave.


  • Caleb

    is missing the point. He is focusing on the Cosby case. The impact of #MeToo feminist fanaticism is much, much bigger than Cosby, who is only an entertainer, and probably the least important person on the list of prominent black men ruined by feminists.

    The most important black victims are the top scholars and corporate executives whose careers have been wrecked. There are very few black men who have reached the summit of academic achievement or the top of the corporate ladder, and when even one or two of them are destroyed, the position of the entire black race is damaged in ways most of you obviously do not, and cannot, understand.

    Take Prof. Roland Fryer. Before some malicious white assistants wrecked his career (because he made some jokes they didn’t like), he was literally the only black man in the world who could conceivably have won a Nobel Prize in Economics in my lifetime. Now that won’t happen. For the foreseeable future, Arthur Lewis will remain the only black who has ever won a Nobel for scholarly work (I.e., work in a scientific field, assuming you accept the scientific statis of Economics). The political implications of this are monumental.


  • Biden is being eviscerated in the impeachment of Trump, this is going wrong for the Democrats.

    Logic says it is not going to help him in the primaries but who knows.


  • The latest recording exposes Trump as a liar yet again.


  • @ Ewart

    Economics is not a science.


  • @ Ewart Archer January 25, 2020 2:49 AM
    “The most important black victims are the top scholars and corporate executives whose careers have been wrecked. There are very few black men who have reached the summit of academic achievement or the top of the corporate ladder, and when even one or two of them are destroyed, the position of the entire black race is damaged in ways most of you obviously do not, and cannot, understand.”

    A good few people would support your position on the ‘feminists’ fanatical’ attacks on those easy high profile targets.

    Why are they (the feminists) not going after the men in Islamic-controlled communities and societies who are known to perpetrate all the abusive acts which the same fanatical members of the #MeToo movement publicly railed against?

    Why can’t the same “# MeToo” movement push for a level playing field to allow Westernized men to marry more than one woman so that there would be absolutely no moral justification for “prominent black men” to exit through the social door of hypocrisy and go seeking for extramarital pleasures when they can each become a mini King Solomon of the Alpha variety?

    Or is that asking you to cross a bridge too far in your Judeo-Christian world of (im)morality?

    But you can always buy a raft of convenience to cross the river of polygamy by defecting to one of the ‘Christian’ cults like the “FLDS” which have embraced it as a means to an end in solving the adulterous problems of society.


  • What Graham is telling Biden is to retire and go home and enjoy his grands.

    If it falls to him to investigate his old friend from the Senate it will be a distasteful job but one he will do and do thoroughly.


  • Did Trump really say to Lev Parnas “Take her out” and “Get rid of her”, referencing Marie Yovanovitch, U.S career diplomat and then Ambassador to the Ukraine, per a recording released yesterday?

    And, did she not say that “she is going to go through some things”?

    Did Yovanovitch later receive instructions to “take the next plane” out of the Ukraine?

    Should such information not be seriously considered by a Senate currently conducting what might ultimately be a pre-determined Republican dominated shambolic, scam impeachment trial?


  • Did he also say he does not know Parnas?


  • Yes as to his (Trump’s) claim that he does not know Lev Parnas, not withstanding enormous evidence to the contrary.

    As to his denial, I fear we may be in uncharted territory insofar as there may be no real satisfactory method to calculate the infinite number of POTUS’s lies (he calls them “truthful hyperbole”) that he has told to date and going forward, without making it up (statistically).

    Clarification; it was Trump not Yovanovitch who threatened that she (Yovanovitch) would be “going through some things”


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    David, the man is reportedly averaging *** 22 lies a day***. According to our perceptions prior to 2016 ADT (anno DT) that would normally doom the chances of any president However, this man is immune to that.

    Recently I saw an article discussing how “Scientists Are Trying to Figure Out Why People Are OK with Trump’s Endless Supply of Lies”… it validated a simple truism via reports from various academic studies which we all know well: We BELIEVE those whom we like, even when we know they are lying!

    So what if this man is caught again in another multiplicity of lies. He is loved.

    It was reported in one study (back to that truism) that when a statement was attributed to this man, for example, that “vaccines cause autism” then automatically Republican supporters of Trump believed the claim more …. (And of course that Democratics automatically tended to disbelieve such assertions attributed to him …and to a lesser degree Repub who did NOT support Trump also disbelieved].

    When the same folks (republicans especially) were given assertions with no attribution they were generally much less gullible in accepting falsehoods!

    And to reinforce the effectiveness of the patchwork of disinformation, a Duke psychology professor and the author of The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone—Especially Ourselves, was quoted: “People don’t mind so much if their politician lies because they think it’s for the common good. And politicians liberate themselves from the shackles of morality by thinking: If I was elected, people would be better off.”

    So there you have, he is elected, he definitely believes (the US) people are better off, he can do no wrong… If you are elected on LIES why would you establish a morality of honesty!

    In sum, POTUS can be as pathological in his fabrications as his mind can conjure…he is believed by his electorate contigent regardless….venit, vidit, vicit!


  • Media player

    Prince Charles snubs US Vice-President Mike Pence

    The Prince of Wales was greeting dignitaries, including world leaders, at an event to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz – but seemed to ignore US Vice-President Mike Pence.

    A Buckingham Palace official has denied this was a snub, telling the BBC that the prince and Mr Pence had a “long and warm conversation” before the ceremony began.

    Read more: World leaders gather in Israel for Holocaust forum

    23 Jan 2020


  • RE… • de pedantic Dribbler January 25, 2020 9:51 AM
    David, the man is reportedly averaging *** 22 lies a day***.

    This is the Pattern of the Left…Accuse Accuse Accuse Project Project Project…

    RE• de pedantic Dribbler January 9, 2020 11:20 AM “@Freedom, can you PLEASE authenticate that image. When was it taken, where, who was the photographer cited. You may share your opinions as u like but to propogate repeatedly what was noted as a false is to be a liar. Are you a liar? Please authenticate the image”….“She posted a debunked false image of a Black woman and POTUS and then he and a Black baby”



    Trump hugs, kisses and holds hands with mom of gunned-down NYPD cop as he hails her service and that of other fallen officers and demands death penalty for ALL police killers

    Detective Miosotis Familia died in the line of duty in July of 2017 in New York President Trump consoled the 90-year-old mother of New York City police officer who died in the line of duty last year after she was fatally shot by a mentally-deranged individual. He told Familia’s mother and children, ‘She’s right now, right there, and she’s looking down, and she’s so proud of you. She’s so proud of you. And you are great’






  • Parnas is under Federal Indictment.

    Anything he says will be self serving.

    Waste of time.


  • The same folks who celebrate the testimony of jail house informants are telling us that Parnas is not reliable because he is under indictment. The US Justice system is full of convictions because people under indictment turned State witness in exchange for leniency or the promise of a reduced sentence.

    Don’t worry about Parnas, Trump doesn’t know him (photos to the contrary) and Trump never cut down a cherry tree.


  • DPD:

    The man (POTUS) is sui generis. Which one of us could be so liard personally or professionally with impunity? Not a one. But teflon too can be finite. Just ask the late, fellow New Yorker, the “Teflon Don”, John Gotti.


  • “Nation News was reliably informed that a truck, which was transporting equipment at the facility, ran over the woman. She died on the spot.”


  • The US Justice system is full of convictions because people under indictment turned State witness in exchange for leniency or the promise of a reduced sentence.


    What you will probably find is that these don’t deal in hearsay!!


  • Simple example.

    An accomplice to a murder admits being present and can identify the location of the body in exchange for leniency.

    The photo op Ms. Mockley took with Trump and the First Lady at the UN does not mean Trump knows Ms. Mockley.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Pilgrim, the original ‘Don’ Gotti is an interesting reference for this don.

    Original ONLY got nailed due to 1) those surveillance tapes at his club, 2) cunning prosecutors and their RICO spurred legislation and 3) the bad-boy who ‘sung for his life’.

    If we can only get this equally criminally minded Don via a similiar route things looking dread: *meaningful tapes are not being revealed, *not one jot of smartly conceived charges laid have any legal impact and *men from his choir have sung lustifully but their songs aren’t putting any restrictions on this man!

    Oh I’m sure u recall how loved the original was in the Queens section of NY were he had his massive July 4 free fete and across the boroughs generally were his largesse was extended. He too could do no wrong in the eyes of many….

    All dat said, it’s also true ‘night does run till day catch it’ but for long periods in certain climes there is endless night!

    This looks like that sorta forecast!


  • Dear Black Americans,

    Please be advised that the Democratic Party doesn’t give a rip about any of us getting reparations. It’s all a smokescreen to get votes. My great-grandmother was a slave, and my father was raised on the Burleigh Plantation in North Carolina; so all this talk about reparations does indeed get my attention. I’m thinking I would qualify to get something. Who would get reparations? Who should get reparations?

    If they had been interested in black Americans getting reparations, it would have been promoted by and occurred with Barack Obama and the democratically-controlled Congress and Senate when he was in office. Once again, the Democratic Party is talking loud and saying nothing.

    Did you hear the first “black president” pushing for reparations? Did his Stimulus Package include reparations? Of the $831 billion, how much of it was designated for advancing the causes of black people? Do black people even know what their cause is?

    The fact of the matter is that his Stimulus Package was used to fill the pockets of his cronies. Solyndra, Honeywell; the list goes on. Cash for Clunkers was a farce. How did black Americans benefit from the Stimulus Package?

    It was aimed to restore trust in the financial services industry, yet there was a 58.2% increase of black Americans on food stamps, and a 9% decrease of black Americans owning homes.

    If you have not figured it out yet, these people don’t care about black people. Their agenda is far bigger. It always has been, and always will be. The Democratic Party is done with black Americans. They have moved on to other groups for bloc voting. Their agenda thrives when people are being controlled. They don’t want people to have economic freedom. Look at the features of the Cloward-Piven Plan below.

    As far as Republicans and white Americans; historically many of them shed their blood for us to be free from slavery. Many white people died to free us from the evils perpetrated by the Democratic Party. All this was done after black African leaders and traders sold black Africans to send to America.

    So many black Americans are clueless regarding history accurately told. This is why the Democratic Party has perpetrated the big lie of the party’s switching. There’s not one shred of truth in their ridiculous deception. This lie is to cover what they have done to us. They thrive on deception; always have and always will. That’s why I ran for my life away from them.

    Look at what they are doing now! They want us to pay for the dismembering, burning, and liquefying of our own tiny citizens! They want us to rejoice and celebrate around murdering children after they are even born. It’s promoted like it’s a badge of honor. Will we owe something to the siblings who will be cheated as a result of the loss of those amazing lives? Wake up! Get a clue!

    In the final analysis, if there were ever any reparations given to black Americans; it should come from the Democratic Party and the black Africans who sold us for their own financial gain. They are the ones who perpetrated all of the evils through which black Americans suffered. Prove me wrong. In the meantime; MOVE ON! Reparations will never occur.

    It is another way that the Democrat are using race to cause division in the country. It’s starting of the election season, so why not cause a rift between blacks and whites just for their votes. The Democratic party could not care less about Africa-American, except for your vote. Which party was against slavery, Republican. Which party supporters the KKK. Democrats The African-Americans have the lowest unemployment rate that it’s ever had. We still have a lot to work on together, and we do have some ways to go, but we can do it, if we didn’t have people driving wedges between us. I use to be a Democrat until I looked at their ideas. All they want is power of control, So they can control you. Janice Gilmore Ponds


  • President Trump’s Defense Team Hit Dems So Hard That Even CNN Admits, ‘The President is Winning’ (
    Written by Cristina Laila

    You know it’s bad for the Dems when even CNN admits President Trump is winning in the impeachment trial.

    CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin admitted on Saturday that President Trump and the Republicans are destroying the Democrats.

    “I just think that the Republicans are winning here. The President is winning here,” CNN’s chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said on Saturday.

    President Trump’s defense team methodically shredded the Democrats’ impeachment case by rebutting Schiff’s lies.

    Trump’s defense team completely destroyed 3 days’ of Adam Schiff’s lies in just two hours.

    Deputy White House Counsel Mike Purpura opened the White House defense of President Donald Trump with video of Adam Schiff’s fake call and transcript which he read during the House impeachment proceedings.

    GOP Senator John Barrasso said Schiff was so freaked out when Trump’s lawyers confronted him about his fake call and transcript that “the blood drained from Schiff’s face“.

    Jay Sekulow dunked on the Democrats and brought a copy of the Mueller report.

    Deputy White House Counsel Patrick Philbin obliterated Pelosi and said she had no authority to launch the impeachment inquiry, without the full House vote.

    Trump’s lead impeachment lawyer Pat Cipollone closed the day with a devastating blow to the Dems.

    And today was just the appetizer — Trump’s defense team is reportedly gearing up to go scorched earth on the Bidens on Monday.

    Trump Legal Team Lays Out 6-Point Case Crushing Democrats’ Impeachment Claims

    President Donald Trump’s legal defense team laid out an aggressive six-point case dismantling the Democrats’ impeachment case on Saturday that was simply built around highlighting the facts of what happened surrounding Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

    Trump’s defense team only used two of the 24 hours that they were allotted during their first of three days that they have to argue in front of the Senate that Trump should be acquitted from the Democrats’ partisan impeachment charges.

    Laying out Trump’s six-point defense was deputy White House counsel Michael Purpura, who said the following:

    “The transcript shows that the president did not condition either security assistance or a meeting on anything. The paused security assistance funds aren’t even mentioned on the call.”“President Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials have repeatedly said that there was no quid pro quo and no pressure on them to review anything.”“President Zelensky and high-ranking Ukrainian officials did not even know, did not even know, the security assistance was paused until the end of August, over a month after the July 25 call.”“Not a single witness testified that the President himself said that there was any connection between any investigations and security assistance, a presidential meeting, or anything else.”“The security assistance flowed on September 11 and a presidential meeting took place on September 25 without the Ukrainian government announcing any investigations.”“The Democrats blind drive to impeach the president does not and cannot change the fact, as attested to by the Democrats own witnesses, that President Trump has been a better friend and stronger supporter of Ukraine than his predecessor.”
    “Those are the facts,” Purpura said. “Each one of these six facts standing alone is enough to sink the Democrats’ case. Combined they establish what we’ve known since the beginning, the president did absolutely nothing wrong.”

    SIX FACTS that sink Dems’ case:

    •Transcript shows no conditionality
    •Zelensky: no quid pro quo/pressure
    •Ukraine didn’t know of aid pause
    •No Dem witness testified that POTUS said any conditionality
    •Ukraine got aid, did nothing for it
    •Trump strengthened Ukraine support

    Purpura later highlighted that Ambassador Kurt Volker, the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine, who was not on the call but who met with Zelensky the day after the call, testified that in no way, shape, or form in either the readouts from the United States or Ukraine did [Zelensky] receive any indication that Trump was pursuing a quid pro quo.

    Purpura cut back to Volker’s testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee last year where he confirmed under oath that there was no quid pro quo, no bribery, and Ukraine was not even aware that there was a temporary hold on U.

    GOP Senator John Barrasso Says He Saw Blood Drain From Schiff’s Face When Trump’s Defense Team Played Video of Fake Call and Transcript (VIDEO)

    After playing the clip, Purpura said: “[Democrats] didn’t tell you about this testimony from Ambassador Volker.

    Why not? President Zelensky himself has confirmed on at least three separate occasions that his July 25 call with President Trump was a good phone call and normal and that nobody pushed me. When President Zelenksy’s advisor Andriy Yermak was asked if he had ever felt there was a connection between the US military aid in the request for investigations, he was adamant that we never had that feeling and we did not have the feeling that this aid was connected to any one specific issue.”

    Purpura continued to hammer on the fact that all top Ukrainian officials indicated that there was no quid pro quo and later added that it was insulting to Ukraine that Democrats were essentially stating that Ukraine was not telling the truth about the situation.

    Purpura also hit House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who is one of the Democrats’ impeachment managers, for fabricating quotes from Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Zelenksy by playing a video clip showing Schiff fabricating the quotes during a televised congressional hearing.

    After playing the clip, Purpura said: “That’s fake, that’s not the real call, that’s not the evidence here, that’s not the transcript that Mr.

    Cipollone just referenced and we can shrug it off and say we were making light, or a joke, but that was in a hearing in the United States House of Representatives discussing the removal of the President of the United States from office. There are very few things, if any, that can be as grave and as serious, let’s stick with the evidence let’s talk about the facts and the evidence in this case.”

    Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow noted that Democrats’ entire case was built on the notion that they were able to read “everybody’s thoughts, they can read everybody’s intention, even when the principal speakers, the witnesses themselves, insist that those interpretations are wrong.

    ”Sekulow spent a significant portion of time going after leftist Democrat Rep. Jason Crow (CO) for his dishonesty this week while presenting the Democrats’ case in front of the Senate.

    “Manager Crow said this, ‘what’s most interesting to me about this is that president Trump was only interested in Ukraine aid.

    ’ His words, nobody else, ‘the U.S. provides aids to dozens of countries around the world, lots of partners and allies, he didn’t ask about any of them asked he didn’t ask about any of them just Ukraine,’” Sekulow said as he highlighted Crow’s remarks. “Here’s what actually happened: President Trump has placed holds on aid a number of times, we can just take basic due diligence to figure this out.”

    Sekulow gave the following examples of instances where the Trump administration has placed holds on foreign assistance:

    In September 2019 the administration announced that it was withholding over $100 million in aid to Afghanistan over concerns about government corruption.In August 2019 President Trump announced that the administration and Seoul were in talks to substantially increase South Korea’s share burden-sharing of the expenses of U.S. military aid support for South Korea.In June, President Trump cut or paused over $550 million in foreign aid to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala because those countries were not fairly sharing the burdens of preventing mass migration to the United States.In June, the administration temporarily paused $105 million dollars in aid to Lebanon, the administration lifted that hold in December with one official explaining that the administration continually reviews and thoroughly evaluates the effectiveness of all United States foreign assistance to ensure that funds go towards activities that further U.S. foreign policy and also further our national security interests, like any administration would.In September 2018, the administration canceled the $300 million in military aid to Pakistan because it was not meeting its counter terrorism obligations, you didn’t hear about any of that from my Democratic colleagues, the House managers.
    Sekulow further noted that two of the Democrats’ witnesses said during their impeachment investigation that the Trump administration has withheld aid from numerous countries across the world for a wide variety of reasons.

    “Manager Crow told you that the president’s Ukraine policy was not strong against Russia, noting that we help our partner fight Russia over there so we don’t have to fight Russia here, our friends on the frontlines in trenches and with sneakers and this was following the Russians invasion of Ukraine in 2014, the United States has stood by Ukraine, those are your words,” Sekulow continued.

    “While it’s true that the United States has stood by Ukraine since the invasion of 2014, only one president since then took a very concrete step, some of you supported it, and that step included actually providing Ukraine with lethal weapons including javelin missiles. That’s what President Trump did.”

    “Here’s what Ambassador Taylor said that you didn’t hear in the 23 hours, you didn’t hear this, ‘javelin missiles are serious weapons, they will kill Russian tanks,’” Sekulow continued.

    “Ambassador Yovanovitch agreed stating, that Ukraine policy under President Trump actually got stronger, stronger than it was under President Obama.”

    White House counsel Pat Cipollone noted that Trump’s defense team was going to go in-depth next week in examining evidence that Democrats intentionally did not present to the American public during there three days in front of the Senate.

    “They’ve come here today and they’ve basically said, ‘Let’s cancel an election over a meeting with the Ukraine,’” Cipollone said.

    “It would be a completely irresponsible abuse of power to do what they’re asking you to do: to stop an election, to interfere in an election and to remove the president of the United States from the ballot.”


  • Here is a summary from From the horses mouth so to speak in link form.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David Blogmaster, there is one thing CERTAIN whenever we see these long articles posted by any of the TDS (Trump Deranged Stooges) crew: they have NOT read and digested it.

    Invariably it contradicts itself and leaves out quite salient facts…. But so what: that’s their way.

    But cant you ask these folks to desist from pasting long, long pieces … Just summarize and give the damn URL.

    BTW I laughed this morning when I read that the lawyers had played a clip of Schiff mocking Trump in order to show that the congressman was “lying” about Trump. They would have never done that in a real serious court as Schiff was clearly being facetious and sarcastic (and had said so)…

    When you can’t attack the FACTS successfully then you attack the person giving said facts.

    Heh, whatever works!


  • @Dee Word

    Scroll pass, sometimes the blogmaster will delete.

    One thing BU exchanges have proved over and over is that book learning ain’t sense.

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  • RE One thing BU exchanges have proved over and over is that book learning ain’t sense.






  • de pedantic Dribbler
    January 25, 2020 6:30 PM

    @David Blogmaster, there is one thing CERTAIN whenever we see these long articles posted by any of the TDS (Trump Deranged Stooges) crew: they have NOT read and digested it.


    You ever heard about speed reading?


  • de pedantic Dribbler … guess the concept of speed reading is foreign






  • Trump going to New Jersey on Tuesday, 100,000 ticket requests for a 7,400 convention centre.

    New Jersey is supposedly Democrat but Van Drew switched and became Republican as a result of the impeachment.

    We will see if he wins reelection as a Republican in 2020.


  • Submitted by Caleb Pilgrim
    To return to Trump ….Today is day 1075 since President Trump’s inauguration in January 2017. According to the Washington Post, by December 16, 2019, he, Trump, had made a mere 15,413 false or misleading statements (otherwise known as lies). Some claim that he even lied about his father, Fred Trump’s place of birth.


    You omit to mention he has kept more promises than he has made.

    It’s true.

    From the horse’s mouth!!

    Even the press agrees.


  • @Miller January 25, 2020 8:56 AM “to allow Westernized men to marry more than one woman.”

    I asked my Muslim friend how come he has only one wife. He is young, healthy, handsome, hard working etc.

    He replied “I only able wid one.”

    Maybe most men KNOW the same.



  • @Ewart Archer January 24, 2020 1:04 PM “He merely acknowledged what everyone of my generation privately knows:viz., that in big cities prior to the 1990s, it was an accepted practice for men to help women pretend they were more chaste and virginal than was really the case. One way to do this was to “seduce” women with alcohol and drugs — such as Quaaludes — so that women who wanted and enjoyed libidinous behaviour could still claim afterwards that they had done something “crazy” because a man had “tricked” them.”

    I spent much time in multiple big cities prior to the 90’s and I can’t say that I ever encountered or even heard about the behaviour which you have described.


  • @Ewart Archer January 25, 2020 2:49 AM “The most important black victims are the top scholars and corporate executives whose careers have been wrecked.”

    So are you telling us that these top scholars and corporate executives are so foolish and ill disciplined that they cannot keep their hands in their pockets, their zippers zipped up, and their silly jokes out of the office?

    If they can’t manage these simple things perhaps they are not so smart then?

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  • Silly Woman

    You do not understand what has happened in North America.

    The rules of the game have been changing rapidly, and new rules have been applied — sometimes retroactively — to punish prominent black men.

    As recently as the 1990s, for example, many universities had no restrictions on sexual relationships between professors, or between professors and students (provided the professor did not “owe the student a grade”). In fact, when I started teaching, ALL my partners were either students who had just completed one of my classes, or faculty colleagues. Today, things have changed so completely that you can be fired for making an off-color joke in your office that is overheard by a woman. Needless to say, the new draconian rules have been adopted unevenly and unfairly, and have been used against black men.


  • Silly Woman
    January 25, 2020 7:57 PM

    @Miller January 25, 2020 8:56 AM “to allow Westernized men to marry more than one woman.”
    I asked my Muslim friend how come he has only one wife. He is young, healthy, handsome, hard working etc.
    He replied “I only able wid one.”
    Maybe most men KNOW the same.


    All your Muslim male friend was telling you is that “darling you could put it on a plate wid peas and rice ah doan want ah doan want ah doan want”

    Stop interfering with the men!!

    Listen to Dave Martin, 27:12.


  • @Ewart Archer January 25, 2020 8:46 PM “when I started teaching, ALL my partners were either students who had just completed one of my classes.”

    All I can say is “Ewww, nasty”

    In all of my life i have NEVER considered having sex with my teacher.

    The thought of having sex with my teacher is as disgusting as the thought of having sex with my grandad.

    Nasty, I say.

    If what you say is true, it is no wonder that your poor judgement has caused you to become an angry, bitter, lonely old man.

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  • The folks on this thread who have closed minds (e.g., Dribbler, Caleb, Sargeant, et al) are about to take a beating.

    TV ratings in the US for the Democrats’ impeachment presentation fell steadily all last weak, from about 10 million viewers at the start of the week to fewer than 8 million by Friday.

    Polls show an estimated 51% of American voters are against conviction and removal of the President, and the President’s lawyers have yet to make their case.

    The Democrats infuriated Republican senators by lying about the Trump administration on Friday They claimed that Trump had threatened to put the head of any disloyal Republican “on a pike”, which is a lie. No Republican senators are likely to vote against the President, except his old rival Mitt Romney of Utah.



  • Ewart, Black men have to stop chasing “strange pvssy”, and save their best personal bits for their nice, smart, beautiful black wives.

    That is the road which leads to happiness.

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  • Silly Woman

    You are clearly a freak of Nature if you went to university and never fantasized about any of your professors.


  • @ Silly Woman January 25, 2020 7:57 PM
    “I asked my Muslim friend how come he has only one wife. He is young, healthy, handsome, hard working etc.
    He replied “I only able wid one.”
    Maybe most men KNOW the same.”

    How about the same Muslim ‘man’ being a closet homosexual who was forced to marry to keep up appearances for the sake of his family and, more than likely, his life.

    Despite what you have been fooled into believing homosexuality exists in all communities, even in the pretend highly religious ones.

    We are sure you are quite familiar with the ultimate act of social ostracism in the Islamic culture called “honour killing” which applies to both women and ‘men’ wanting to be treated like women.


  • Ewart I was young and beautiful.

    To my young self my professors seemed old and greying and pot bellied and balding, sometimes flat footed too, and generally tired looking. Real-real tired looking. That is the truth.

    Nothing at all to fantasize about.

    And as I worked my brain to get the good grades, I had no need to wu’k my waist.

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Archer, as I said before you write to provoke!

    I was discombobulated when I read your bold faced : “The folks on this thread who have closed minds (e.g., Dribbler, Caleb, Sargeant, et al) are about to take a beating.”

    YOU and your crew calling us “CLOSED MINDS”. 😂

    That is classic Trumpian!

    A crew of folks who listen to a man lie day after day, hour after hour about some of the most ridiculous of things and YOU are open minded to accept that he governs with honesty!

    A man so narcissistic that the slightest critism of even the most practical and valid of matters (don’t try to influence Fed policy by threatening the Chair, for example) and he becomes vindictive and personally critical of his critic… and YOU guys are open minded that he is a truly good leader!


    I may be more liberal than conservative but I focus on practical governance policies and processes thus I criticized Obama, Bush and certainly Clinton… and lauded the republican Bush as well (Iraq excepted of course).

    So to encounter the intellectual hypocrisy that you guys have spouted here over these many months and to read your post was really ROF hilarious.

    All I can say: I’ll try to be as OPEN minded as you guys. 🙏🏿

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ DPD:

    Ditto. However, we must also, per Dr. G.P, absolutely forgive, based on Jesus’s teachings and the Gospels.

    Therefore, we must forgive these wayward Trump partisans, with their “open minds”, and who so suffer from ” Trumposis”, that is, a disease or defect of mind and reason, characterized by their idol’s chronic, pathological inability to tell the truth, (we are closing in on 17,000 lies in 3 to 4 years), racist xenophobia, a heavily blurred distinction between Right and Wrong, his misogyny, and other conditions some diagnosed and others yet to be diagnosed..

    He (this POTUS), is also known to be erratic, impulsive, petty and vindictive behavior (per those who worked with him in his business and in the White House.

    For all we know, he (this POTUS, the “Tramp-in-Chief” and “a-Presidential Grabber”), should also perhaps have retired by now as a lecher (I pass no judgement, but see reports by contestants concerning his (mis)conduct when he ran the pageant in Atlantic City – I guess he had to suss out the “merchandise” -, given also his great diligence and hard work (golfing), amid the heavy responsibilities of his office. (He said Obama was “lazy”).

    Amazing that Archer and the others would essay any defense in the circumstances. Let us hope that these are not would-be birds of the same feather, and the condition – Trumposis- is not too contagious. You will understand that I am not holding my breath.

    Blessed Sunday.

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  • PS:

    That is why I have long maintained that American psychiatrists and psychologists should abandon the so-called Goldwater Rule. Where their Emperor (Trump) has no clothes, he simply has no clothes. If this implicates the 25th Amendment, so be it. At least, those professionals would, arguably, not have abandoned their responsibilities.


  • See below:

    Arguably, the Trump Administration, even for some more enlightened Republicans, e.g “Republicans for the Rule of Law”, made 2019 the most corrupt year to date in US history. Left unchecked and unbridled, based on his prior practice and performance, 2020, the Presidential election year, will undoubtedly be worse.

    (Note: Where a businessman files bankruptcy for his casinos and stiffs sundry workers and small businessmen, and engages in dubious business practices resulting in several lawsuits against him and his companies, see e.g the “Trump Docket”, we should be leery when he carries that particular mindset into the White House as President. Arguably, he might do anything).

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  • @ Hal A:

    You have been constantly harping on the end of “the nation state”.

    This is ignorant (in the Latin sense, ignoro, not knowing) if not uninformed as to basic subject matter competence.
    It merely parrots some select nonsense easily exploded by critical thinking/acumen.

    For example, Brexit – the UK’s majority desire to exit the EU is proof positive that Britain as a nation state is still very much alive. Russian nationalism (and Russia as a nation state, under Putin and Gorbachev’s successors) is still alive and well. “America First”, Trump’s mantra shows that the ideal of the nation state is still alive and well among significant sectors in the US. Chinese nationalism and the primacy of the nation state in China? Even, historic conflicts between China and Vietnam exemplify the fact that the nation state is alive and well in both China and Vietnam.

    Similarly, the issues we face in CARICOM – Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana, are also emblematic of the persistence of the nation state, even if a pale (no I meant dark) replica of the U.K. nation state experience.

    Have you ever considered why Pan-Africanism and Nkrumah’s vision failed so pathetically in Africa? As a graduate student at the LSE in the mid-seventies, some of us believed that in terms of the European Community (now EU), the Europeans had gotten as far as they could/would. Largely, functional co-operation across the board.

    Everywhere, but everywhere, Pan-ist experiments, whether Pan-African, Pan-Arab, Pan-European, Pan-American, have all failed to dislodge the nation state as the cornerstone of the international system and ALL international organizations, e.g the UN and all its specialized agencies, as well as all regional organizations with limited utility.

    This cannot be seriously or intelligently disputed. (I do not mean to dispute the significance of MNCs and TNCs), but there is no practical evidence to support your notion of, shall we say, the withering away of the nation state. That ship has sailed, just as it sailed long ago with Marx’s passing.

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  • The TRUTH sounds like hate to those who HATE the truth…

    Much like Marxist/ Democrat Socialist Celeb Pilgrim AKA Goebbels and others, notably here Fascists scapegoat and demonize other groups that is why they Always use emotional rhetoric to sway public opinion. EMOTIONS DO NOT LEAD REASON DOES. They are not about reason Period!

    Not only has the world dodged a big bullet but also the world is awakening, the people of Venezuela have awoken, the people of Australia have awoken, the people of Iran have awoken, the people of England have awoken. Many countries are seeing the evil that is being perpetuated upon them and there is push back from the populations. The tyranny lovers, enablers and collaborators seeing the pushback in the world are resorting to scare tactics because they are afraid, they are witnessing the people awakening and they will no longer do as they are told.


  • Most attempts to charge Trump with “corruption” dissolve like cotton candy under close scrutiny.

    For instance, according to Caleb, Trump is corrupt because, among other things, his former lawyer is in prison for paying off a prostitute who claims she had an affair with Trump.

    Now think about that. Trump (allegedly) had a brief private encounter with a porn actress/prostitute BEFORE he formally entered politics.

    During the heat of a very close presidential contest, the actress/prostitute, like a typical predator, attempts to go public with her account of their affair, in order to make money for herself. Trump defends his presidential ambitions as best he can, and the woman is paid to keep quiet, but she later reneges on her promises, writes a book, and tells her story to the media.

    Now, by every moral yardstick known to man, Trump is the victim in this case, and the woman is the criminal. She sought to betray Trump by exploiting their private relationship to enrich herself, then essentially blackmailed him for money. She then made more money by betraying him a second time with her book. If the shoe were on the other foot, we would all say that the woman was being abused.

    Of course, in this feminist era, the man is always wrong. Especially if he is a rich man.


  • Do these moral yardsticks consider the fact that he is a married man who was cheating on his wife and engaged in high level prostitution or is that a 0 on your meter

    She made money because just like her, he is a whore and whoremonger.

    Liked by 2 people


    The illusion of victim-hood is exactly that, an Illusion. The VAST majority of Americans are NOT racist. The VAST majority of Americans are not Sexists. The VAST majority of Americans do NOT care who you sleep with or marry… And, the VAST majority of social and economic problems are NOT DUE TO SOMEONE’S SKIN COLOR!!!

    But, the Democratic Party has to perpetuate these lies and fan the flames of hatred and division or there will be NOTHING left of their party…

    THIS is why they desperately NEED illegal aliens.. With a booming economy, too many people are seeing a positive future and recognizing that all along, the problems weren’t due to race, sex, or anything else that made someone a victim… The problems all along have been the poor socio-economic decisions and management from the Democratic Party…

    They’re losing their voter base. Their illusion is shattering… They became so desperate they tried to rig a presidential election and they got caught..

    The Democratic Party is dying. It’s drowning on its own lies and unethical acts. They’re reaching for anything, including EXTREME LEFT insanity, to get their last breath…

    Don’t let them drag you under… #WALKAWAY2020

    What Could This Mean?


  • A Man is Judged by the Content of his Character Not the Colour of his Skin…Martin Luther king.

    RACISM is unacceptable, horrific, immature, and disgusting NO MATTER WHO IS DOING IT…

    NO ONE gets a free pass to be racist to another human being!

    For the past 10 years we’ve watch this horrifically racist culture being nurtured and empowered on the Left where they say it’s ok for minorities to be Racist to white Americans because white Americans were racist in the past towards minorities…

    This is ABSURD!!!


    The VAST majority of Americans are NOT racist, but you’ll never hear that from the media because it doesn’t provide the sensationalism they thrive on…

    So let’s set the record straight.

    If you think you deserve something because of the color of your skin, you’re a racist.

    If you think someone should be penalized for the color of their skin, you’re a racist.

    If you view every socio-economic problem as a racial issue, you’re a racist.

    If you think rules or laws don’t apply to you because of the color of your skin, you’re a racist.

    If you support groups, colleges, beauty pageants, scholarships, or anything else that ONLY includes or excludes based on the color of someone’s skin, you’re a racist.

    If you make a decision or cast judgment on another person BASED ON THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, YOU’RE A RACIST!!!


  • Ewart Archer

    If you were actually serious about morality, you would have written:

    Now think about that. Trump (allegedly) had a brief private encounter with a porn actress/prostitute BEFORE he formally entered politics, “and WHILE he was married.”

    So, you’re also trying to convince the prostitute being a criminal somehow absolves Trump from from adultery?

    I’ sure you’re aware US government ethics watchdogs have long railed against the perils of Trump earning money off the presidency and hosting foreign leaders at his properties.

    Perhaps you may want to explain what are the significant differences between the hooker “seeking to betray Trump by exploiting their private relationship to enrich herself,” ……….

    ……….. and Trump exploiting the US taxpayers by hosting meetings at his resorts to enrich himself?

    Remember, he had to back down on plans to host this year’s G7 meeting at his Trump National Doral Miami golf resort in Florida. And, I’m sure you’re aware this resort has been beset with financial difficulties.

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  • Consider also Caleb’s attempt to accuse Trump because he fired Marie Yovanovitch, the US Ambassador to Ukraine. The media would hzve you believe that Yovznovitch was targeted because she was trying to prevent Trump from launching a phony investigation of the Bidens.

    The facts are that US ambassadors serve at the pleasure of each president, and this woman was appointed ambassador to Ukraine by Obama. Trump kept her on until (1) she started bad-mouthing him to Ukrainian leaders, and (2) she actively obstructed Trump’s efforts to investigate (a) Joe Biden’s obvious conflicts of interest in Ukraine, and (b) Hunter Biden’s obvious influence peddling and possible corruption in accepting huge fees from a Ukrainian energy company.

    In other words, the ambassador was fired for extremely unprofessional behaviour. But it is Trump who is being unfairly attacked in the media, and by Democrat cheerleaders like Caleb.


  • I don’t believe Trump, a germaphobe, was involved in any way with random women as is claimed.

    All the talk about grabbing furry creatures my guess is was just that, old talk.

    Germs inhabit many furry creatures and Trump is averse to germs!!


  • Artax

    In the US, politicians are no longer condemned for adultery or fornication. That is why Elizabeth Warren’s private life is not being investigated.

    There are many reasons why adultery is thought to be a common and victimless crime in the social circles Trump inhabits.


  • @John

    You forgot about the video with Trump and Billy?

    You would not believe anything bad said about Trump even if he asked you to kiss his shithole.

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  • Trump is always being attacked for things he DID NOT DO.

    He did not pursue plans to host a G7 summit at his Doral resort. He did not withhold aid to Ukraine.

    These were proposals that died. You cannot convict a man for intentions that were never realized.


  • @ Ewart:

    Re Trump, “Stormy” and other whores, birds of a feather flock together, no?

    He was simply hoisted on his own petard. These poor women, tired of his chronic exploitation, simply struck back the best they knew how. Hopefully, Melania will be liberated some day. Do you ever see the signs “Free Melania”, at Trump demonstrations? I told you, Ewart, try and get ideologically attuned.

    TheO is also correct. Trump showed himself not only to be a whore and a whoremonger, but a dangerous warmonger in an international political and security context of which he is absolutely ignorant, even though he “knows more than the generals” and anyone else for that matter. He is, as the 150 national security experts decried him long ago a menace to international peace and security.

    Liked by 1 person

  • SICK

    Trump’s Peace Plan in ME is to hand control of Palestinian Territories to Israel
    30 years of dubious wars spying technology propaganda provocation of USA Israel UK has led to this


  • Mr. Archer

    Even if, “in the US, politicians are no longer condemned for adultery or fornication,” it does not mean it’s right.

    And, this is IRRELEVANT to the initial points you raised re: the hooker exploiting Trump to enrich herself…… and the example I used to indicate Trump exploiting the US taxpayers to enrich himself.

    We’re all aware Trump ABANDONED his plans to host the G7 Summit at his National Doral Miami golf resort in Florida, because he was PRESSURED into doing so, even from the Republicans.

    So, how can this be interpreted as attacking him “for things he DID NOT DO.”

    However, you cannot deny the fact Trump has been promoting his branded properties for government business.

    For example, on September 3, 2019, Pence and his coterie of family, aides and security stayed a night at the Trump International Golf Links & Hotel in Doonbeg during a trip to Ireland, despite the fact that it was 181 miles from his meetings in Dublin.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Ewart:

    Hypothetical – Imagining that you and I visited Lord Nelson’s Street or the Duke of Wellington’s Street and somehow in a fit of recklessness rashly decided to avail ourselves to the delicacies of the evening. (Let me say up front that I have no direct, personal experience in this regard).

    As we are getting about the business at hand, some ne’er do well sees Drs. Archer and Pilgrim, whips out her cell phone, videotapes us and runs to the Nation which throws the ne’er do well a few hundred $$$$, then splashes the relevant pictures all over the front and the back page.

    Don’t you get what you deserve, based on your recklessness, carelessness and, arguably, intolerable perfidy?

    Why should a different set of rules apply to Trump?


  • @ Ewart;

    Re Yours; “In the U.S politicians are no longer condemned for adultery or fornication That is why Elizabeth Warren’s private life is not being investigated”.

    Didn’t Trump once tell Howard Stern or some other shock jock that venereal disease was “his personal Vietnam”. We assume he served there with distinction.


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