Murder Statistics May 2019


May 2019 saw four murders taking place in Barbados (26 for the year so far). Two of them took place in St. Philip, while the rest occurred in St. Michael and St. James respectively. The four victims were all male, and three were shooting related deaths. One victim died as a result of being stabbed. The data was collected and compiled based on reports in the media.

See graphs


  • Police are currently investigating a stabbing involving two visitors. the incident occurred on the beach at Mount Standfast.(More details as they come to hand)


  • Let us see how this shakes out, stabbing tourists is serious business given our one leg economy. The other piece of this is that a safe Barbados for all should translate to it being safe for tourists but we know how this will play out.


  • The following being shot around in local social media this evening.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    Am I getting it right?

    So far all of those arrested are MALE.

    And all but 2 of those dead are also MALE?

    Is there a pattern here?

    Or am I imagining things?


  • @David

    Was the video of the Defense Force a real incident or an exercise. In any case it shows a Defense Force individual apparently picking up a weapon(hand gun) from the ground by the motorcycle and pocketing the item. Real incident or training exercise this would not be appropriate law enforcement.


  • Barbados is out to be the BEST OF THE PACK, trying to be better than Jamaica, T&T etc. Nice to know that Law Enforcement claim CRIME is DOWN, Barbados is SAFE etc etc. This situation is well out of hand and and is obviously out of the authorities capabilities to control or is it not wanting to control. This is what happens when you have the countries Prime Minister consorting with known drug dealers and giving them invites to government functions.

    Corruption at its best.


  • They castigated Piece when he uttered an opinion on the number of murders that may occur in Barbados this year. From where i sit, he seems to be on target with his numbers. Carry on smartly.


  • @ Dame Bajans,

    ” The two Canadians were said to be relaxing near Ju Ju Bar when they were approached by a man who offered to sell them a painting which they believed was too expensive.

    There was an exchange of words and both were stabbed during the altercation.”



    The current trend is 4-5 murders per month, if this pattern continues, we are looking at least 48 murders for the year… making for an historical murder tally, almost doubling the previous year number. Not to mention the per capita muder rate jumping to 17/ 100000.

    Please, the comparison with Trinidad or Jamaica, is way too hyperbolic and over-dramatic.


  • Dame Bajans,

    “They” are the BLP supporters who want no part of the truth.

    Not bout here!


  • We had a couple months where there were an abnormal number. One therefore cannot use a mean average to extrapolate.


    These scrambler cyclists are a thorn for the policemen who are unable to catch them. The gun appears to have been dropped by the security person.


  • Everything is going to be historical this year
    Rise in crime
    Rise in murder
    And dont forget the external creditors taking barbados to the world court to collect its debt
    Barbados is a failed state


  • @ Mariposa,

    That is not the attitude, you are letting the nation down.


  • Another historical event took place
    The place is falling to pieces
    Tourist being targeted
    Is this barbados?in less than a year murder rising like a volcano about to erupt


  • @Mariposa
    Get in line and stand with your leader…
    Are you in the overseas few who are traitorous…
    Or are you home based


  • “In any case it shows a Defense Force individual apparently picking up a weapon(hand gun) from the ground by the motorcycle and pocketing the item. Real incident or training exercise this would not be appropriate law enforcement.”


    “The gun appears to have been dropped by the security person.”

    If in a struggle the security person may also lose his gun….. Training needed


  • 26 murders at the end of five months. Piece said 50 for the year. I am counting but don’t have enough fingers and toes. I will read BU to keep up to date.

    personally, i find the unknown, unprofiled artists who sell their works on the street or beaches are really too expensive. often it is just tourist tat that has no value and worth less than they are asking.


  • Lorenzo where are u
    Can u explain this rapid rise im violent crime


  • fortyacresandamule

    @David. Okay, reasonable enough. However, if we stick with the 5-year historical average of 2 murders per month, going forward, we are still closing on a historical murder tally for year 2019.

    St Kitts and Nevis with 50 thousand people and an area of 101 sqare mile, ( roughly the same size as the cayman Island) defy law enforcement theory in terms of pop size and geographic space, when it comes to gun violence and murder. It all started in the mid to late 90s, and mushroom into an epidemic such that the regional security apparatus had to be called out last year to provide additional security to the local police. Imagine! this is happening on an island with less than 50000 people. We in Bim shouldn’t think for one moment that we are immune from such culture of gun violence, especially if we do nothing in our power to nip it in the bud.


  • “There has been another shooting in St Philip.

    Reports reaching Nation Online say a man was shot in Foul Bay tonight


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Brother Hants

    This murder issue is causing Mugabe and regime real problems

    Barbados reputation as a safe tourist destination has been tarnished with all these killings.

    Fe grandson has made some Biopics about them but de ole man has decided not to publish them.

    The thing about my advocacy is that I am not seeking to destroy Barbados .

    I am seeking to ensure that despotism never gets a footing in the society AND THAT WE MOVE TO A DIFFERENT TYPE OF RESPONSIBLE GOVERNANCE

    For that to happen A NEW TYPE OF CANDIDATE MUST EMERGE who will be of a different character, like how Caswell has been shown to operate in the Senate.

    Then we have a fighting chance.


  • Piece the Legend

    @ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    Get Qubes OS installed on your machine(s) that are doing the government’s work

    Also have the machine of your colleagues similarly cleaned up OK?


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the 2 rented donkeys that are to be beaten relentlessly

    Here is an article which you can understand.

    “…Badiucao: Chinese dissident cartoonist revealed

    After years of anonymity, one of China’s leading dissident cartoonists has revealed his identity to the BBC.

    The Australia-based artist whose work satirises China’s one-party rule explains why, despite threats, he is choosing the 30th anniversary of the bloody crackdown on pro-democracy Tiananmen protests to reveal his identity…”

    Wunna already know who de ole man is BUT DOES WUNNA KNOW WHO DE GRANDSON IS???



  • A Legend Retires… On Friday, May 31st 2019, Commissioner of Police presented a Portrait to Assistant Commissioner of Police Lila Strickland as she prepared to say farewell to the Royal Barbados Police Force after 42 years of stellar service to the Force as well as the public of Barbados.

    Image may contain: 1 person, smiling


  • i wonder if the things discussed here are relevant to what is going on today


  • Police are asking members of the public who may have any information or video footage regarding the shooting incident on board the MV Dreamchaser, on Monday, June 10, 2019 to come forward.


  • Piece the Legend

    I do now wish to appear macabre but it would be interesting if you were to put up a counter for the murders in Barbados and when people clicked it, they came to ghis article

    A humble suggestion Honourable Blogmaster


  • #28

    A man was shot and killed near the St Philip District Hospital last night.


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