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Barbados Murder Statistics November 2019

The following is the monthly report tracking murders committed on the island compiled by Amit – David, blogmaster

November 2019 saw six murders taking place across Barbados. The victims were: Temario Holder (16), Denzil Obed Scarboro (29), Ken McDonald Yearwood (39), Cecil Webb (49), Lennox Jeffneil Browne (48) and Terry Small (late 40s).

Two deaths were shooting related (Scarboro and Yearwood), while the other four were stabbing/cutlass related. Three of the six murders took place on the same day in Walker’s St. Andrew (Webb, Browne, and Small). The other three took place in St. Lucy (Yearwood), St. Philip (Scarboro) and St. James (Holder) respectively.

With at least one murder in eight out of the eleven parishes, the total murder count for the year, up to the end of November, is at least 47 persons.


Heat Map of Murders in Barbados – January to November 2019
Table of Murders in Barbados – November 2019

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55 thoughts on “Barbados Murder Statistics November 2019

  1. Since these Statistics are being presented as a count
    I think it would be in the best interest of and for the people that the AG released information on those bodies found within the past 6 -8 months as to cause of death
    I can count at 6 deaths where accountability by govt has not been given or forthcoming
    Not to mention Natalie death which still remains shrouded in suspicion to truthfulness by govt
    Also those deaths by fire and bodies found in grave
    A govt who promised transparency lays low on things accountable to the people

  2. Well govt controls all depts and its is the responsibilty of the ministry(govt) in charge to follow up on all issues related to good governance
    The fact that this issue remains like a revolving door states their is an uncontrollable lack of good governance coming from present govt

  3. @ ManyPussy

    You have to be very careful when you comment on dysfunctional systems in government

    For example you said and I quote

    “…The fact that this issue remains like a revolving door states their is an uncontrollable lack of good governance coming from present govt…”

    “Revolving door”!!!

    If an object revolves THAT MEANS PRIOR MOTION!

    This is 2018 and “revolving” means 2017 WHEN YOUR SET OF IMPS were in RH power!

    What was the death count during Adriel Slit Eyes Nitwit’s tenure again?

    Shut to RH up dip shy$e on those topics you and your lot were complicit in!

    Like Ms Ram, Hyatt, look most 98 % of the topics on BU!

  4. Piece i guess your misery comes from your lack of importance to BU
    Lest i remind u that with all your so called intelligence you were used by the BLP foot soldiers including David BU
    Then discarded to a pile of garbage like an old shoe
    Don’t feel bad just suck it all up to experience

  5. Former FBI agent to tackle T&T gangs

    Robert Clark
    TAKING OATH: Robert Clark, centre, is sworn in as a senior superintendent of the TTPS during a ceremony in Port of Spain yesterday. Clark is a former FBI agent and was the programme manager for the FBI in LA in charge of gang criminal enterprise, organised crime and drug cartels. He was the officer in charge of dismantling over 400 gangs and taking 68,000 gang members off the street. Looking on are businessman Ronald Harford, left, and Police Commissioner Gary Griffith, second from right.

  6. Sometimes, when de ole man sees these things, it does mek me cry.

    Reverend Joseph Atherley if you lose this election, you only have yourself to blame!!!

    “…TAKING OATH: Robert Clark, centre, is sworn in as a senior superintendent of the TTPS during a ceremony in Port of Spain yesterday…”

    De ole man WILL NOT MENTION where this proposal was made BECAUSE IT WILL ONLY CAUSE ADDITIONAL…

    If you are prepared to listen, THEN YOU WILL SEE SUCCESS, but if you continue to have your strings pulled by…..YOU WILL FAIL!


    1.The imported HR has no local allegiances.

    2.Their job, reputation and compensation ARE ALL TIED TO ONE THING!



    Because what I post WILL WORK!!!

    I will continue to give you and the PdP information about how you can win the General Election in 2021 but, after a while, even such a commitment to Advancing Our Country Barbados, can waver, Joe.

    I will persevere as long as I can.

  7. While it might seem to be “charlatan”, the PdP has to recognize what weighing in on specific topics of National Interest increase its Visibility.

    For example you will notice that recently Senator Caswell Franklyn has been talking about ICAR AND THE MARIJUANA LAW

    Dat is nuff votes

  8. In the Western World do any of you people know what is the most wished for thing by bad boys?

    “…let me live to see Old Years Night…?

    People, throughout their lives, make these statements in their minds

    I want to live to see my graduation

    I want to live to see my first car

    I want to live to see my first child or children graduate

    I want to see my first grandchild…

    Simple things really, nothing changes under the son.

    But, in a country with a Prime Minister inviting druglords to Parliament, we can at least understand, even if we dont identify with it, the short term thoughts of these walking corpses DOOMED TO TAKE A FEW MORE BREATHS BEFORE 2020.

    and this is why the People’s Party for Democracy and Development has to up its game and get busy with its message of Change and Hope!

    People see the 53 deaths of The Mugabe Regime and every one of these youth “want to see more of life”

    But the Mugabe Options, WHICH SHE LOCKS THEM UP FOR, THE SAME DRUGS SHE AND HER DRUGLORD FRIENDS ARE NOW PROTECTEDBY LAW TO GROW, are the very thing that is killing them!

    “I WANT THE PdP TO GET UP AND DO THEIR JOB, so that our youth get options AND OUR SONS DONT GET MURDERED…”

  9. Piece why is Atherley mout closed
    He said he was boss man opposition
    In 18 mths he has been useless to hearing the cries of the people
    What de RH hetook on the job of opposition fuh
    He just another scunt eating out the taxpayers trough

  10. Nationnews

    A man was shot and killed late last night in Eagle Hall, St Michael.

    Police spokesman acting inspector Rodney Inniss confirmed the incident when contacted by Nation News moments ago.

    This would bring the island’s total murders for 2019 to 48.

  11. De ole man does be real frightened to comment pun did column causing dem already accuse me of tekking delight into these deaths.

    To wit

    “…Police are investigating the fatal shooting of Rondell Alexander, 27, of 1st Avenue Gills Gap, Black Rock, St Michael that occurred around 11:30 p.m. Friday…”

    Among de tings de ole man is guilty of IN ADDITION TO SEDITION, is causing the murders

    yes, apparently de ole man has bee accused of “thinking these homicides into being” an act which, in addition to the seditious acts against the Mugabe Regime will get de ole man 3 times the INCARCERATION period dat Agard get loss way in Dodds for!

    Rondell Alexander, and 47 other people (unofficially 53) WILL NOT BE AMONG THOSE who “will live to see Old Years Night”

    And while the apologists fight hard to decrease the numbers of the dead, the fact is that this administration is overseeing the very worst death rate in the history of Barbados WHERE BETS ARE UNOFFICIALLY BEING MADE ABOUT THE DATE IT WILL HIT 50!

  12. @ ManyPussy

    You had asked de ole man about the seeming cuteness of the Leader of the Opposition Reverend Atherley about these murders.

    That he is quiet has been attributed, BY SOME, to be a sign that he is a Mugabe plant AND CAN ONLY TAKE HIS INSTRUCTIONS FROM HER!

    De ole man WILL NOT GO THERE, but what I’d will say is that thes is a noticeable absence of other options as it relates to Crime and Murder and Violence coming from the PdP.


    Missing In Action?

    Oh dear dat spell MIA too!

    You and your DLP imps like you are right about this matter

    They need to come out and speak about this issue though

    AND PROVIDE SOLUTIONS! otherwise people going mistake them for Grenville heheheheh

  13. @ ManyPussy

    There is something that you should notice here

    Here is the US Travel Advisory for Barbados PRE THE GATHERING 2020!

    “…BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Monday November 9, 2015 – Barbados is the latest Caribbean country to be hit with a travel advisory because of crime.

    In a security message for American citizens, the Embassy based in Bridgetown today advised of “a recent surge in robberies involving the use of firearms and high levels of violence…”

    and here is the UK one

    “…there have been incidents of violent crime including armed robbery, sexual assaults and gang-related shootings.

    2019 has seen an increase in the murder rate, primarily gang related and involving guns.

    Some incidents have taken place in populated and public areas.

    You should remain vigilant at all times and in all locations…”

    The one for Canada reads

    “…Safety and security

    Petty crime, such as pickpocketing and purse snatching, occurs.

    There are also incidents of violent crime, including armed robbery and sexual assault…”

    De ole man will comment about Canada’s though.

    I would figure that killings, violent assault, armed robbery and sexual assault would be mentioned before Purse snatching though.

    But, as you are reading them, you get the message countries FROM WHICH SIGNIFICANT TOURISTS ARRIVE, are getting right?

  14. @visionary
    “But, as you are reading them, you get the message countries FROM WHICH SIGNIFICANT TOURISTS ARRIVE, are getting”.

    🙂 How can you conflate crime with tourism? 🙂

    Did you see big plans for new hotels? We welcome the new jobs (temporary/permanent) that will be created.

    If tourism is our one egg in the basket, we have to figure out a way to make every Joe citizen realize how fragile this industry is. We have to provide opportunities to increase his direct participation so that he helps protect the product.

    Have these new plans included the average Bajan?
    How can I a simple Bajan put in his two pennies in this big project.
    Is my only role to be that of hotel/tourism staff?

    What I am saying is that the small man has to be invested in more than serving tourists.

    Thezet big plans have to be more than just putting real money in a few pockets.

    To a hungry man without any connection to tourism, a tourist may a ticket to a quick meal.

    Let’s get all invested.

  15. @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    You continue to use you Gatling to destroy the horses of the enemy in your sector

    You have recognised that, EVEN THOUGH ALL DEM TALKING BIG, the only place the lil man going be position in all dese fallacy tourism buildings WITH INVISIBLE TOURISESES IS AS MAIDS AND WATCHMEN!

  16. De ole Man has achieved the status of the Most Disliked Man in Barbados

    Many will ask how was this title achieved by de ole man.

    And the answer is that it is not hard ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS KEEP EXPOSING THE TRUTH and pretty soon it adds up!

    When de ole man predicted these deaths among de many people who jump pun my back was the Honourable Blogmaster

    I remember that well as he start to talk bout how de ole man delighting in de deaths LIKE EFFIN I WAS DID KILLING DE PEOPLE!

    And, for this entire 8 months after my prediction HE ENT SAY ONE WORD TO MUGABE MOTTLEY BOUT SHE “CONTRIBUTIONS” to the deaths!

    Not one word!

    In fact, far from decrying his saviour of the economy I believe that he gine have a 50ty death anniversary WHICH RECOGNISES MUGABE FOR HER STERLING CONTRIBUTIONS TO THIS ANARCHY

    “…50th Anniversary Rewards Ceremony

    50 instances of Murder is an accomplishment — a major accomplishment for Barbados that will be celebrated by Druglord families and friends of these Druglords AT PARLIAMENT BY MUGABE MOTTLEY AND HER WELL WISHERS.

    Dress in Black is preferred AND YOU CAN COME STRAPPED WITH A GLOCK, just in case Attorney General Teets decide he gone pull he gun pun you to shoot you in Parliament yard.

    We are where we are because we like it so, AND THE PdP leadership is coddling the Party in Power “cause, according to Atherley “they are doing a fine job or governing”!!!


    “She explained that while it was no secret that the increase in violence in communities across the island was having an impact on the QEH, the hospital had also been alerted about pending scenarios where persons wanted to enter the hospital to get to patients who were being treated for gunshot wounds.

    She added that in light of this development, the QEH would also be strengthening its internal security efforts, by placing extra security particularly at wards where there are patients who were connected to gun violence.”

  18. If the news coming out from Holland is true than we must prepare ourselves for a losing battle with our war on drugs. Factor in Mia’s obsession to triple the size of our population. And her passion to develop our port: it would suggest that we are about to become the gateway for the international drug’s industry.
    @ Waru, check out the money laundering clip at the footnote of this link.

  19. My heart is heavy.

    Thankfully there were no deaths. But if one were to look at the number of stabbings and shootings in the past two weeks, then one would realize that we continue to have a problem.

    Let our fight be against murder, stabbings and shootings. MKy heart is heav y.

    Wishing Barbados a peaceful 2020. May our people find a path towards peace and prosperity.

  20. There was a story on social media stating that a shooting victim had died
    Havent seen the confirmation or denial of the story in local media
    Which makes for wonderment

  21. Yes Commander.

    The daily stabbing are being quashed by the Mugabe government

    They would live to do the same with all of the murders too BUT, AFTER THE NATALIE CHRITCHLOW INCIDENT they have decided to hold strain on that and hope that their GATHERING 2020 EXERCISE GOES WELL!

  22. Why did it take local media almost 24hrs to report the death of the Redmans village youth
    Social media gave that information hours after hearing of the death
    Barbados local media are a useless bunch like present govt
    They all need locking up
    Imagine withholding the story for 24hrs
    What a bunch of dirt bags

  23. De ole man admits that the Call of the Merchant of Death can be strong for some of us

    Therefore, identifying with these people is an easy leap because…

    ” …You is not gone live to see 2020 might send shivers down the backs of many of you church goers BUT de ole man can assure you, IT IS THE CHANT THAT CIRCULATES THROUGH THE HEAD OF THESE BEASTS in Murder Central Barbados!

    For wunna people who love life, you say Happy New Year AND A FEW OF YOU, GENUINELY MEAN IT!

    But in the streets, IN THE MIND OF THESE BEASTS, there is a countdown clock ticking, which has a perverse interpretation for LIVING TO SEE 2020.

    Right now, as perverse as it sounds, people are plotting who gine get killed AT THE NEXT UNGUARDEĎ MOMENT!

    And such “unguarded moments” are telegraphed and “whatsapped” in and among these animals.

    The Rented Jackasses whom we continue to beat religiously are both seething with anger BECAUSE OF THE PREDICTION OF PIECE THE LEGEND!

    You would think that Piece is the Trigger man in these killings, based on their constant chant that Piece should be banned.

    But what is evident to others here is that, even as Piece gives a prediction, de ole man also gives some major suggestions to offset the challenges that Barbados faces in this matter of Violence and Crime

    when the crowd is thick, AND THE LIQUORS IN, DE FELLERS HIGH and dem ent checking for nuffin so!

    This is the Way of the Killer, so watch as it unfolds!

  24. 2019 would go down in political history as the more violent year in the history of barbados
    What is the AG thinking that a govt given a 30-0 mandate cannot arrest the cause of this criminal activity that has taken a stronghold on barbados

  25. @Mariposa December 30, 2019 6:44 PM “Why did it take local media almost 24hrs to report the death of the Redmans village youth”

    It was reported that the young man was shot at 7:30 p.m. on December 29. As of 6:44 p.m. of December 30, twenty-hours have not yet passed.

    Social media is often too fast and grossly irresponsible as well. Let the police do their work in informing the parents, spouses and children and other close relatives, of the death. People who take pictures of dead bodies and circulate them via social media are GROSSLY IRRESPONSIBLE.

    A child of a friend of mine died in a traffic accident. The parent was sent a photo of the accident scene with the broken body of the child before the parent had even heard that there had been an accident.

    Imagine thinking that your child is alive and well and some fool sends you a photo of you beloved child’s mangled dead body.

    I too have had a close young relative die horribly (traffic accident). It is not easy. Images seen can NEVER be erased. I pray that it will never be your child nor mine.

  26. @Piece the Legend December 30, 2019 8:28 PM “Right now, as perverse as it sounds, people are plotting who gine get killed AT THE NEXT UNGUARDEĎ MOMENT!”

    And every single one of the plotters is a young MAN, almost always a man who has been abandoned by his FATHER.

    The MEN of Barbados have to fix this because it is ENTIRELY their fault.

    Hasn’t anybody noticed that the most vulnerable of Bajans,working class, single women over the age of 80, the ones without guns, without power, without money, without status, without physical strength as the one least likely to die by the gun.

    Perhaps the time has come when strong, young, powerful, armed men should talk to grandmothers to ask them how they do it.

  27. David good question
    But i got one of several
    Was there any official determination or cause of death of the young man who was found buried in a shallow grave in St. Andrew


    The two children were killed by the father who then committed suicide.

    The young boy was killed by people who they had previously robbed and had gone back to the same vicinity to do another deal BUT THIS TIME THEY WERE MET.


    The official count should be 52 and the unofficial count 55 but, leaving it at 49 for 2019 is important !

    The country is slipping into anarchy as its incompetent BLP leaders know not what to do OTHER THAN HUG UP DRUGLORDS AND INVITE THEM TO THE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT

  29. These are the mixture of lies and deceptions this boldfaced govt have no fear of telling
    Still cant wrap my head around the story of the cause of death of Natalie chrichlow
    Imagine govt expecting all people to believe a grown woman doesn’t know the difference between an adult person and a pot of water
    But then again this is the same govt that bought dump trucks with the steering on the wrong side

  30. What a dam shame planning more lies and deceptions
    Sooner or later people gonna get tired and fed up.of govt games

    month after the news of a triple murder rocked Barbados, the victims’ bodies are still to be buried and at least one family member wants to know why it took so long for autopsies to be performed.

    Hollist Webb is demanding answers from the Coroner’s office about why the body of his brother and two other men murdered on Independence Day remained in the morgue for four weeks without autopsies.

    The 51-year-old is accusing authorities of totally ignoring the feelings of his family and ruining their holiday season by leaving them waiting in vain to plan a funeral for their slain relative, Cecil Webb.

    On Saturday, Webb’s body was released to the family. But it was too late for many of his relatives who had come home to grieve and bury him.

    “My brother got murdered. If in two weeks’ time we were able to bury him, at least we would know he isn’t just lying in a freezer somewhere. He would have been buried and gone and we could have started to rebuild instead of having to now go through the process of burying him,” said the upset brother.

    “No one has ever issued an apology explaining the reason why it happened. The thing about it is that it happened on a day like November 30th, which we believed, would be memorable in people’s minds.”

    He added: “I had family that came in and spent two weeks and had to get back to work and they will have to miss the funeral. For Christmas we did nothing. Even my family members overseas did not hang up lights or give gifts or celebrated Christmas as they used to before,” Hollist said dejectedly.

    On November 30th, Cecil Webb, 49, of Lower Walkers; Terry Small, a man in his late forties, of Walkers; and Lennox Browne, 48, of Walkers, all in St Andrew were killed in a bloody dispute reportedly over land.

    When Hollist spoke to Barbados
    TODAY on Monday, he indicated the bodies of the two other men were also released on Saturday.

    “I am not just speaking on the behalf of my family but on behalf of all the families. I know in Barbados many people let things happen and they don’t seem to have the guts or the balls to speak out but that is why things are always like this. We let people do things and get away with it. That is why I speak on behalf of all of the families because I know they also have to be frustrated,” he said.

    Efforts to reach the Coroner’s office as well as Attorney General Dale Marshall for an explanation were unsuccessful.

    But according to Hollist, the process may have taken even longer had he not contacted someone who assisted in having the procedure “fast-tracked”. He said he was informed that a pathologist had to come from “one of the islands” to conduct the autopsies.

    “Usually autopsies don’t happen on Saturdays but we had to let them know that the family really needed to get some closure and it is taking too long for a body to be there,” he complained, while adding that the sting of his brother’s death still lingered.

    “With my family, it is hard, because I buried my dad on the 6th of November and then this tragic incident was really too close because I had not even gotten over my father.

    “You don’t sit down and study these things but there are constantly on your mind. You’re out there crying, you’re driving and you have to pull over and you’re in the grocery store and tears come. It’s really hard,” he said.

  31. Here are some comforting words from the AG concerning crime issued yesterday

    Despite the “unprecedented” number of killings, most of which were executed through gunplay, Marshall told Barbados TODAY he was satisfied enough was being done to bring the situation under control.
    He also told barbadians to stay the course


  32. What do you expect the man to say? But I wonder what exactly he means by “stay the course” in this context.

  33. “Stay the course” is the logo for the new election campaign
    It is now being used to condition the minds of barbados with an approach of make believe that govt has everything under control
    With more than 49 murders and only govt giving the official tally the people minds have been drawfed into a state on malicious indifference as to what is happening
    No accountability or transparency and the people have no other choice but to stay the course

  34. “What do you expect the man to say? But I wonder what exactly he means by “stay the course” in this context.”


    I was wondering the same thing.

    However, to be fair to Marshall, he inherited a situation where the incidents of “gun crimes” were steadily increasing and “gun men” went about killing their foes with brazen assurance.

    For example, in 2017, Barbados recorded 31 murders, of which 21 were as a result of shootings.

    Before we do like the resident yard-fowl and ignore the inaction of the previous AG to blame the current one for the escalation in murders, we must be reminded that being in Opposition for 14 years was enough time for the DLP to formulate a comprehensive plan for crime.

    Likewise, the BLP seeing the trend in murders and crime in general, had 10 years to also develop a comprehensive plan to tackle crime as well.

    However, to be FAIR to both Brathwaite and Marshall, the police said majority of murders committed in Barbados in 2019 have been targeted, execution-style killings and admitted this trend was proving problematic for RBPF.

    During a press conference on June 18, 2019, CoP Griffith said “Our intelligence points clearly to many of these murders being the result of individuals choosing to settle disputes themselves. These were not random killings, many were targeted.

    “The crime though is somewhat different in that they are execution-type crimes for the most part, which creates some difficulty,” he added.

    The CoP’s analysis is easily applicable to the shooting deaths in 2017 and 2018 as well, if you examine them carefully.

    But, as with everything else in Barbados, we have people politicizing crime.

  35. The sorry arse AG would not be excused his big mouth opened in the last ten years and stated that Brathwaite should resigned
    So now he is at the helm what are his answers nothing
    Now the situation has worsened and the AG goes to the media with a cockeyed explanation talking b/s about staying the course
    The whole bunch should be locked up now seeing the state of barbados social environment decay and the large and in charge ministers have no answer

  36. @ Donna
    @Mariposa aka

    “Stay the Course” is another way of saying “Expect More Brutal Killings in 2020” which will be the Year when Bajans “return” to true mayhem and social upheaval!

    There are some “patterns” here that bear serious mention for the few bajans that notice AND THE FEWER BAJANS THAT CARE ABOUT THESE INSIGNIFICANT BODIES OF POOR BLACK PEOPLE!

    The first elements IN THIS PATTERN should be seen in this statement

    “…Efforts to reach the Coroner’s office as well as Attorney General Dale Marshall for an explanation were unsuccessful…”

    Did either of you notice that inability to reach the BLP ADMINISTRATION when the Black Belly Sheep bones were transported to Ghana?

    NO! IN FACT EVERY RH DAY BAJANS WERE WATCHING MUGABE PUN A VIDEO as she moved her 357 lbs lard ass about in Ghana.

    So 300 plus year bones, THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY IN GHANA, get more publicity and response than the families of two murdered bajans!

    But Mottley and Teets Marshall are animals who dont give one shy$e about poor ass bajans so dat doan mean one chvunt to dem

    In fact let me use Teets Marshall words to substantiate what I just said!

    “…Despite the “unprecedented” number of killings… Teets Marshall was satisfied ENOUGH WAS BEING DONE to bring the situation under control…”

    52 murders! AND YOUR 87 TEETED SELF can be so RH stoopid to say “ENOUGH WAS BEING DONE”

    Every time that idiot Attorney General opens his mouth he says something Stoopid

    Does he not understand that enough means “an adequate quantity; a quantity that is large enough to achieve a purpose?”

    At no point, even when you have 1 murder, DO YOU USE THE WORD “ENOUGH” never!

    That word is RH INSENSITIVE AND THOUGHTLESS and shows a callous disregard towards the family of the victims and the feelings of your citizenry


  37. @ Silly Woman December 30, 2019 11:41 PM
    “And every single one of the plotters is a young MAN, almost always a man who has been abandoned by his FATHER.
    The MEN of Barbados have to fix this because it is ENTIRELY their fault.”

    There you go again, blaming “MEN” for all the ills in Barbados!

    Why don’t you tell the Bajan women with equal admonition that they must stop breeding for the same bad men who were once boys?

    What do you expect in the yard when a wicked cock threads a submissive hen with a needle of violence? A pious mouse?

    Bajan-born boy children are conditioned to adhere, more so, to the instructions of Bajan women who are in direct control of the physical and psychological development of these boys’ lives starting in the home and reinforced in the schools from kindergarten (nursery) to primary to secondary.

    If the absence of Bajan fathers from the home is the socializing determinant in causing boys to become killers, how then do you explain the phenomenon of suicide bombers and jihadists among the young Muslims where the father is seen and the primary socializing agent in the home?

    Wasn’t Adam present in the socialization of Cain who killed his own brother over the love of Yahweh?

    Furthermore, how do you explain the ‘alleged’ rampantly high level of blatant lying and downright corruption that can be found among those honourable members?

    Wasn’t the Don from Pornville ‘reared’ in a household where there was a dad?

    Are you implying that those MPs who were involved in the pulling of guns in the OK Palmetto Square were raised in households without fathers?

  38. Look at David clownish respond “steups”
    Man David u have shown that your ignorance has no bounds
    in a situation where victims of crime some of whom were innocent has all but been shelved off and box carted into and insensitive form of political speak by the AG who seems not to understand that his words gives comfort to fools

  39. PIECE

  40. Some might say he followed in the pastor’s footsteps, GP. Many a pastor is also a con man.

    “Uh ain’t goin’ church on de Christmas Day

    Better stan’ home, drink me rum an’ pray

    De pastor got a big big motor car

    Uh ent goin’ church, uh doan walk suh far.”

    From the song Muh Gallon uh rum by Dacosta Edwards

    PS. I don’t know anything about the character of this particular pastor.

  41. I believe it was the count of January 2019 (or early 2019) that brought us to the final horrendous number of murders for that year.

    I hope that RBPF examinedthat period for correlation or patterns between those murders and tried to determine some of the underlying causes?

    I hope that they try to see if this 2022 murder falls into a similar pattern.

    Last, but not least, employ whatever means are necessary to prevent a repeat of the number we had last year.

  42. It appears St Kitts and Nevis had a horrible start to 2019, but somehow they were able to ‘get a grip’ on the situation in the last half of the year.

    Hopefully, we in Barbados are talking to others (big and small) as we search for solutions.

    Some may say that the “islands are different” and a Nevis/ST Kitts solution would not work for Barbados and at the same time they reach out to the USA for advice.

    Send at least one open -minded police to talk to authorities in those islands. You can even do it on the sly …

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