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Disciplinary Committee

There is one nettlesome complaint which keeps surfacing from Barbadians at home or abroad. It is always about lawyers wantonly violating standards of conduct as perceived in the court of public opinion and the ‘system’ repeatedly fail to redress.

These lawyers reallocate client’s monies, delay simple transactions to the detriment of clients financially, emotionally, illegally and otherwise. The result is that the reputation of the profession has been injured.

To heap on the issue for complainants is the inability of the Barbados Bar Association (BBA) and the Disciplinary Committee (DC) to discharge its mandate to satisfactorily treat with complaints submitted by general public.

The purpose of this update is to invite members of the public – through a simple process – to highlight matters submitted to the BBA or DC. In turn the blogmaster will track and highlight submissions in this medium and other social media platforms to ensure tension is exerted. The expectation is that parties named will see the benefit of resolving matters and be true to their moral and legal mandates.

This is a pilot project. Response from the public will determine next steps.

The blogmaster gives credit to PUDRYR for his input which led to the creation of this initiative.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Besides…as Interpol is going to be domiciled in town from June..why not get info to them… the whole database…..ain’t Dale Whistleblower cleaning up corruption…??


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Ah trying to help here..ok


  • 5 Hon. Gibson, Mason & Burgess Civil Appeals No. 33 of 2012 and No. 34 of 2012 Nygard Holdings Limited v Michelle May & Allan May 11 February 2015 Appeal against the decision of Cornelius J to set aside the registration of a foreign judgment by the appellant


    There was a case heard in the High Court before Cornelius J.

    She set aside the registration of a foreign judgment.

    Her decision is on appeal in the Court of Appeal.

    A decision has been reserved and the litigants await the result … more than 6 monts, looks like since 11 February 2015

    So you have to answer the question what was the foreign judgment?

    Google seems to provide the answer.

    It looks as if the May’s a Florida couple took Peter Nygard and his company to court in the US, 11th circuit.

    There was a judgment.

    Either Nygard or the May’s filed the judgment in Barbados.

    One of these two parties must have assets here which the other needs to satisfy the judgment from the US.

    Ok so far?


  • Ideally, the same way google supplied the US decision, it should also supply the decision of Cornelius J.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Piece…remember the last contact, expect it again..


  • Have a read of this link!!

    Looks like the Court of Appeal may have some serious characters before it!!


  • The offshore sector of the Barbados Economy attracts all manner of humankind.

    The reason is simple …. it is all about money … very little to do with economic activity!!


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    For very important reasons i did not want to broach this subject..but people are feeling very strongly about the sell out, criminal element in the parliament as it relates to black people the majority population being PREVENTED BY BLACK GOVERNMENTS from controlingl anything on the island..

    Not even the medical marijuana for which the black majority are still being locked up, marginalized and criminalized by the same black government…so it cannot be ignored.


  • Yes, the Canadians are chomping at the bit, it seems. And we must address that at some point. Why not submit something on it?


  • @ John, good analysis. It is time we Bajans learn to read with a critical eye and think critically. You ask and answer all the right questions.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Donna..would love to, don’t know if you have noticed but i have had to cut back significantly to only one or 2 threads…i have reached my limit, re posting etc….close to 7 years…kinda long….plus am otherwise occupied…so anyone else on the blog can submit…it is other people’s chance to contribute significantly to effect those changes…open those eyes….take control of the narrative at all times..

    The blog does not lack for people.


  • I have not even got to an even better case yet!!


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    …it is other people’s chance to contribute significantly to AFFECT those changes…open those eyes….take control of the narrative at all times


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Thank you John Q

    One final question then.

    Would one be wrong to assume that

    (A).Justice Cornelius, not being up to speed on anything legalese outside of Barbados, sought to administratively “recluse herself” from the matter while pretending to hear it?

    (B).Is a judgement of this type a standard action which any skilled justice would be able to action? Or are you suggesting that the level of expertise required IS NOT RESIDENT IN BARBADOS?

    You provided some interesting materials earlier

    You said and I quote

    “…The 15 outstanding decisions at Court of Appeal is a data set on its own that also needs analysis…”

    You continue by saying

    “…Is there one particular High Court Judge that just gets it wrong?..”

    A Query of your data, for Judges whose Court decisions are also “Court of Appeal” decisions, would show judge irregularities and frequency of these irregularities

    “…Is it perhaps because of the litigants involved…?”

    In a way this might be harder to support quantitatively, UNLESS A PATTERN IS SHOWN THAT THESE JUDGES RARELY RULE AGAINST PLAINTIFFS WHENEVER SAID PARTIES ARE INVOLVED (even in the face of compelling evidence against their decisions)

    A pattern could be shown, with enough historical data to support this, though

    You continue…

    “…and is there discrimination by the court against certain litigants?…”

    See my remark on historical data above (though bank account information and a judge’s possession of assets inconsistent with the justice’s pay, may be important indicators as well, like how one justice got a plantation???)

    And then you asked

    “…Do the litigants have anything in common?…” like bribery money perhaps?

    Here is a link for Crystal Reports that may be of use to you, that is, if you propose to advance the data you are interrogating further


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item here for John Q


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Look what i just found out…

    as long as there is an international investigation…am not saying that there is…

    and as long as there is an investigation into bribery and corruption at the supreme court…am not saying that there is…

    whomever is investigating…will have complete and unfettered access to said database…

    so ah don’t think those who are now showing concern need worry any longer…if there is an international investigation.


  • John also indicated that it appears certain peoples have their cases heard very quickly. He also indicated that certain people of certain tones did not have their decision in abeyance for years. I don’t remember if these outcomes were always in the favour of these particular skin tones or not. Those who like to criticize John, should look closely at the people he is more or less representing here.


  • “Nygard’s lawyers taking issue with the CBC’s decision to interview”

    ” Allan and Michelle May, two oft-convicted con artists”

    who previously worked at Nygard’s Bahamian estate, called Nygard Cay.

    alleging Nygard “inappropriate conduct” with an underage girl from the Dominican Republic in 2003.”

    Scumsukkin muddadukkin degenerates wasting Bajan taxpayers money.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Piece..scratch the contact…based on the info found above…it will not matter, it null and voided the intent…

    If there is an investigation into these corrupt scumbags in parliament and bar association…they are doomed..

    Donna..this may be new to you..but we already know all of it..


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “Scumsukkin muddadukkin degenerates wasting Bajan taxpayers money.”

    So what’s new…they are still wasting taxpayers money and endless opportunities for ALL the people and island …..just look at Mia and her idiocy..

    The question is…what are we going to do about it..


  • The Mays are a Florida Couple so I assume not Barbados citizens.

    Are they also assured of a speedy trial under the constitution as a Barbadian citizen would be?

    Nygard Holdings is what appears to be a Barbadian Company.

    Can this be assured of a speedy trial under the constitution?

    Which litigant(s) can seek damages from the GOB for not providing a speedy trial?


  • Everybody in Barbados has the assurance of protection under the constitution!!


  • Any of the litigants have a just cause!!


  • 7 Hon. Gibson, Mason & Burgess Civil Appeal No. 17 of 2014 Roseal Services Ltd. V Michael Challis et al 5 October 2015 A security for costs application
    8 Hon. Gibson, Mason & Burgess Civil Appeal No. 17A of 2014 Roseal Services Ltd v Michael Challis et al 5 October 2015 A security cost of costs


    Just a reminder of what Roseal was!!!

    “The saga surrounding the sale of the now ruined King’s Beach Hotel is about to come to a happy, but incomplete ending.

    In an arrangement being managed by Scotiabank Barbados, a deal for the acquisition of the St. Peter property for $32 million is to be sealed on September 13, Barbados TODAY has confirmed.

    But investigations also revealed that in a new twist to the long running affair, three non nationals resident in Barbados, Anthony Reid, Michael L. Challis, and Marcus J.F. Clarke, who allegedly pulled out of a May 30, 2008 contract to buy the property for almost $65 million, will now be sued for about $33 million in damages.”

    So these numbers when thwarted by a dysfunctional court can be a major problem for a broke Barbados!!


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Have they caught the german crook who ran and left owing NIS in that sorry saga..of course not..the dummies just let him leave merrily on his way….how many years is that now…at least 30 years..or more…jokers.


  • Here are the legal fees charged in this case – $2,325,000.

    How many hours would a solicitor in the UK have to work to attract these fees?

    1000, 2000 or more?

    Notice, no taxation, no invoice no nothing … a number plucked from thin air.

    “In addition counsel for the Respondents made a request for payment of the costs of the applications for summary judgment in the High Court, for leave to appeal in the Court of Appeal and for summary judgment in the Court of Appeal in the total sum of $2,325,000. Mr. Gale Q.C. rejected that request and invited the Respondents‟ counsel, Mr. Belgrave Q.C. to proceed to taxation. Mr. Gale Q.C. indicated that “once these costs have been taxed and finally determined my client will pay your client the cost of the proceedings in the Court of Appeal”.”


  • For laughs!!

    “Asked what was the oldest case of which she knew that required a decision, the Bar Association head replied: “There are some cases that are old in the system, but they have had so many applications on them that the judgments are not outstanding. I am aware of at least one matter in which the judgment has been outstanding for seven years.”

    Here are some that are almost as old as the President of the Bar Association.

    Justice Lionel Greenidge SC Suit No. 400 of 1993 Desmond Goddard v Lennox Carter 1998

    Justice Lionel Greenidge SC Suit No. 1912 of 2000 Jonathan Enterprises Ltd v BS&T Motors Inc. 11 April, 2002

    Justice Lionel Greenidge SC Suit No. 1131 of 1996 Denise Layne v Conrad Springer et al 7 June 2002

    Justice Lionel Greenidge SC Suit No. 2180 of 2003 Gregory Cumberbatch and Gail Gibson t/a property Restorers v Clarence Festus Thompson 18 January 2005 Application to set aside a default Judgment

    Justices Colin Williams, Frederick Waterman and Lindsay Worrell SC Suit No. 15 and 16 of 2000 Edilberto Munoz Coronel & The Superintendent of Prisons & The Attorney General and Jimmy Marques Nagles & the Superintendent of Prisons & The Attorney General. The decision was reversed on 23 January 2002


  • The press should conduct interviews with the litigants of old cases and their lawyers … if they are still living …. and run a series of articles in the press.

    Give a prize to the litigants in the oldest case.

    Maybe the GOB could pitch in and send them on a cruise!!


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ John Q

    Not the Press

    The Third Party Movement

    Using a smart phone.

    Asking 8 questions

    Q1. What is your name?

    Q2. Who is your case against?

    Q3. What is in in Brief?

    Q4. How much money is involved?

    Q5. Who is the Judge?

    Q6. Who are the lawyers?


    Q8. do you feel you will ever get your day in court? If not, why not?

    120 seconds

    Then post them here

    De grandson would mek de names of de judges and the lawyers and de time flash all through dem matters



    But my black people docile and stoopid so that ent going happen…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Here is an internet site that has complaints.

    It is a major website

    “…MeasuredUp serves as an intermediary between consumers and many service-oriented companies where you can ask questions, post reviews and ask for help.

    You can even upload a video in which you explain your frustration.

    The site suggests users film “on location” and submit live reviews, which could get more attention than the written versions…”

    What is being recommended here is “fighting back”

    Fighting against a Constitution that is denying citizens their rights using all sorts of gangster moves two hairs short of killing the poor unsuspecting victims.

    SHAME AND BLAME and using SEO to heighten the incidence of the names of these legal fraternity criminals surfacing on the internet.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    De ole man is seeing the Reverend Bishop Pastor Joseph Atherley out in front de camera in the newspapers recently.

    Talking with de poor man, with his back bent humbly, listening, like if he is taking a confession of sins.

    De ole man also watched the video with Cynthia Forde doing interviews with unknown respondents and schoolchildren

    And suddenly it hits us all that this is about catching the attention of the people.


    BIO + OPTICS how people rather sheeple are being tricked to see these politicians as being caring for the masses.

    So we pretend to put the busfare at $3.50 and create a furore then you solve it.

    Not the Transport Minister but you solve it, you Mugabe, yourself.

    And this is why people cannot be allowed to lose sight of these issues Honourable Blogmaster

    IF YOU ARE GENUINELY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS INITIATIVE, you would add another JOTFILE where people WHO HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED THEIR MATTERS, can indicate if they want to be video taped.

    This initiative will mean nothing if you leave it at stage I

    But then again that will mean additional high maintenance wouldn’t it?

    Just as a matter of interest, what are you proposing next?

    You incorrectly state that you propose to use the information “elsewhere on social media to bring tension…”

    The word is pressure, you cannot bring tension to bear on an issue, the phrase does not exists in English and the connotation is incorrect.

    But back to the substantive question.

    You said and I quote

    “…The purpose of this update is to invite members of the public – through a simple process – to highlight matters submitted to the BBA or DC.

    In turn the blogmaster will track and highlight submissions in this medium and other social media platforms to ensure tension is exerted…”

    Q1. What do you mean by tracking?

    Q2. From the time this blog was launched what do you mean by “highlighting “?

    Q3. Does “highlighting” for you just mean hosting? Are we using semantics here?

    Q4. You refer to some non specific types of social platforms where you are applying tension.

    Are these platforms national secrets?

    Q5. How does this arise that this virtual collaboration and fight against “this nettlesome problem” you have social networks where your “George Linnaeus Banks colleagues in the fray” ARE NOT INVITED?

    Q6. Are you ashamed of your BU guerillas being among your exclusive digital conferences?

    Q7. Or is this a vapourware battlefront where you are over the vale a few clicks, firing off your weapon in the air at imaginary forces?

    I just asking because SSS asked you if you were compromised earlier this week AND IT IS NOT THAT YOU SAID NO, YOU JUST IGNORED HER QUESTION!!

    So I jes asking again

    Q8. Are you compromised?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with a few questions for you concerning your ongoing commitment to the George Linnaeus Banks thing thank you


  • Here is what happens when a country … not unlike ours … has a corrupt set of leaders

    From the Governor back down … every man jack is before the courts!!!!

    BUUUUTT …. it is costing dearly and may never be solved …. even with UK “help”!!!

    Lawyers and Judges making a fortune looking into the problems their brothers created!!


  • “This trial is killing our economy and we have got no results from it. It is one of the longest trials in the history of the Caribbean and people are starting to wake up and think why are we paying for it,” Mr. Grey told Sputnik.


    It’s only 10 years and they are complaining!!

    As is pretty clear from the data several trials in the Barbados courts have been going on longer!!

    I know one that was 20 years old in October last year!!

    In fact, I know it pretty good!!


  • @John
    “The press should conduct interviews with the litigants of old cases and their lawyers … if they are still living …. and run a series of articles in the press.

    Give a prize to the litigants in the oldest case. Maybe the GOB could pitch in and send them on a cruise!!”

    I have been following your posts here with a great deal of interest. You have provided some food for thought. and ably demonstrated that final justice is often delayed..

    You remind me of a phrase by Mae West (with a slight modification ““When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m ̶b̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ horriible. ” Stay away from the ‘third rail”.

    Very good contributions. 👍


  • A happy and beautiful morning to all Bajans wherever you are. Hope everyone has a great day.
    My day is a bit overcast and seems dull, but I am here looking at what my favorite people Have to say.
    Enjoy the day.


  • I know of a case older than twenty years that was actually started and has been made to disappear apparently. No documents can be found is the excuse. But I happen to KNOW it was started and stalled probably because of connections.

    There is no such thing as justice for the ordinary citizen in Barbados. It is a charade!


  • Excellent work by John and great suggestions by Piece. Don’t lose hope, Piece! These young people nowadays ain’t easy. Perhaps they will light a fire under the older folks feet. We have had two recent protests by school children that forced change.


  • You remind me of a phrase by Mae West (with a slight modification ““When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m ̶b̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ horriible. ” Stay away from the ‘third rail”.


    Thanks Grasshopper,

    I will take that as a compliment … however, I don’t think I am really bad … yet!!

    Just scratching the surface.

    … and Donna, thank you!!


  • Barbados business plan.

    Delay until they die.

    I talking bout fish not lawyers.Did you know that a bonito takes longer to die than a ning ning or rockhnd after you put dem in de boat ?


  • Hants and fishing. How many people know what a ning ning is? One of the most tasteless fishes in the sea.


  • Actually Mae West borrowed from a nursery rhyme,

    There was a little girl
    Who had a little curl
    Right in the middle of her forehead
    When she was good she was very very good
    But when she was bad she was horrid.

    John, John,

    As a mere mortal I cannot influence truth. Truth IS truth no matter what I say. I consider it to be a waste of my time to try to deny truth, especially the self-evident kind.

    Life is too short and I have almost certainly lived more than half of mine. Besides, I have always found that the truth really does set one free!

    It is infinitely more fun to present Jack with his jacket than it is to fight him for it and ultimately lose out on getting my own. Because we all know that the truth will come out eventually.


  • @ Dame Bajans,

    I respectfully suggest that you are wrong unless you forget that Bajans season their fish unless they are roasting them on the beach.

    At a minimum onion,black pepper, salt However my preferred seasoning includes fresh thyme.


  • There are several things wrong with the justice system. The main problem is poor management. The main beneficiaries of the poor management are lawyers.

    Perhaps if lawyers were not paid for court appearances where the only business was an adjournment, there would be less adjournments.


  • 1 Hon. Marston Gibson Magisterial Appeal No. 2 of 2011 Teddy Orlando Gill v C.O.P. 26 October 2011 Justice Williams submitted his decision but the Chief Justice has not issued his decision

    2 Hon. Marston Gibson CA No. 7 of 2009 Peter Barton v R 24 November 2011 Justice Williams submitted his decision but the Chief Justice has not issued his decision

    3 Hon. Gibson, Burgess & Moore Civil Appeal No. 18 of 2013/927 of 2006 Leonie Marbell v Gote Properties In. 6 January 2014 Costs issue

    4 Hon. Burgess, Moore & Goodridge Civil Appeal No. 9 of 2014 Trident Insurance Company Ltd. V CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Company Ltd. 5 December 2014 Application for Leave to extend the time for Leave to Appeal

    5 Hon. Gibson, Mason & Burgess Civil Appeals No. 33 of 2012 and No. 34 of 2012 Nygard Holdings Limited v Michelle May & Allan May 11 February 2015 Appeal against the decision of Cornelius J to set aside the registration of a foreign judgment by the apellant

    6 CV2 of 2015 RBTT Bank Barbados Ltd. V Fitzroy Adolphus Davis & Lisa Davis 10 June 2015 Appeal against decision of Clarke J (Ag.)

    7 Hon. Gibson, Mason & Burgess Civil Appeal No. 17 of 2014 Roseal Services Ltd. V Michael Challis et al 5 October 2015 A security for costs application

    8 Hon. Gibson, Mason & Burgess Civil Appeal No. 17A of 2014 Roseal Services Ltd v Michael Challis et al 5 October 2015 A security cost of costs

    9 Hon. Gibson, Mason & Goodridge Civil Appeal No. 16 of 2016 Sigma Construction Inc. v Birch Development et al 28 March 2017 An application for leave to appeal out of time

    10 Hon. Gibson, Goodridge & Reifer(Ag.) CA No. 23 of 2017 Tara Alleyne v QEH Board 14 November 2017

    11 CA3 of 2014 Olympiad v RBTT Decision outstanding on appeal and cross-appeal on the question of costs

    12 CA No. 6 of 2010 Marjorie Ilma Knox and John Vere Evelyn Deane and Eric Ashby Bentham Deane

    13 CA No. 15 of 2013 Apsara Restaurants (Barbados) Limited v Guardian General Insurance Limited

    14 Hon. Marston Gibson CV6 of 2010 Omar DaCosta Holder v The Queen

    15 Hon. Goodridge, Burgess & Chandler No. 1526 of 2016 Grenville Winslow Phillips v RCTD Holdings Limited and Silver Point Villa Hotel Inc.


    The CJ’s name is called for most of the outstanding decisions.

    I would have thought that one of the two justices of appeal with whom he sat would have been tasked with writing the decision.

    His real job is managing and captaining the ship.

    This raises an exrewmely serious question.

    Is he being undermined?


  • … extremely


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “Barbados business plan.

    Delay until they die.”

    Pretty much…or just help them along if they are taking too long..

    They now have to look for a new plan, but they are outta luck…it is the only one they had, just like the one trick pony tourism….mis-education at work.


  • Interesting!


  • When a judge demits office it means that besides the outstanding decisions for which he/she can be rightly chided there are also a host of other matters for which responsibility needs to be passed on to another judge who will have to start from scratch.

    All the talk about changing the constitution to allow judges to be removed should be very carefully considered.

    A judge is forced to retire at a certain age by the constitution unlike the Justices in SCOTUS who have their post for life.

    Ideally, he/she is winding down and finishing his/her assignments as retirement approaches and it is a managed process.

    No retired Judge should have outstanding decisions, that is scandalous.

    Death or incapacity are the only excuses.

    So here I am wondering why the PM is talking about removing judges!!

    The two who have gone, Mason and Burgess, have been effectively promoted.

    However they have left outstanding decisions behind them.


  • … are there any appeals they were in the process of hearing?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ John Q (I use Q because there is another fellow on the blog whi likes to pretend to be you)

    One a related matter which you might be able to talk about.

    This is a link to the Jamaican FINANCIAL investigations Department which was established in 2001

    But more specifically I wanted you to look at this

    And this particular case which is titled The Jamaica Bar Association v The Attorney General and The General Legal Council

    Now this case as you read it speaks to

    “…the Charter of
    Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
    (Constitutional Amendment) Act, 2011 (the Charter)
    A N D

    IN THE MATTER of the Proceeds of Crime Act and Regulations and consequential amendments to the Legal Professional Act and Canons and the General Legal Council of Jamaica, Anti-Money Laundering Guidance for the Legal Profession.

    And to explain de ole man’s point I have copied this part

    “…The concerns of the Association

    [9] Mr Donovan Walker, an attorney at law and President of the JBA, has sworn an affidavit in support of the application for an injunction or stay of the regime so far as it applies to attorneys at law. His affidavit seeks to make several points.

    These are:

    P1. the new regime imposes obligations on attorneys that did not exist before;
    P2. the attorney is required to keep collect and keep information, some of which is not essential for the transaction being done;
    P3. the primary purpose for imposing the requirement of collecting and keeping information is to turn the attorney into an investigator and to transform lawyer offices ‘into archives for the use of the prosecution’;
    P4. some of the duties imposed on lawyers are inconsistent with the
    lawyer’s duty of confidentiality to this client and such impositions will
    undermine the trust relationship between lawyer and client with the
    consequence that clients may not tell the lawyer the whole truth about his business for fear that it may be used against him;

    Thus far we have discussed

    (1) legal matter where teifing lawyers cant be disciplined

    (2) legal matters where incompetent judges are complicit in, or unwilling to make decisions

    But strangely enough, AS IS CLEARLY EVIDENT IN THE NEARBY JURISDICTION OF JAMAICA, we, meaning all de commentators, INCLUDING DE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER, WHO SUPPOSEDLY “KEEPING TENSION ON THIS MATTER”, not a feller ent say anything about how we monitoring lawyers and their involvement in money laundering for drug czars and drug dealers.

    Would you care to comment?

    I hope you ent out dere reading one of Jeff Cumberbatch ‘s brain teasing articles about the constitutionality about PSV uniforms and shoes AND FORCING PEOPLE TO PAINT OVER DEM VANS…



  • Why not post your comments and avoid the childish snide remarks? It detracts fro what you advocate is your objective.


  • @ John
    This raises an extremely serious question.
    Is he being undermined?(Quote)

    Answer: Yes. I remember the late Trevor ‘Job’ Clarke was mobilising support for the Chief Justice when he unexpectedly died.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


    Why you dont focus on the part of the submission that has worth instead of taking fire rage for another?

    Let me explain go you what is childish while we are on the subject though..

    Childish is when asked if you are compromised by big en and women to adopt the attitude that

    ” dis is my Blog, so I don’t have to answer a feller…”

    Dat is childish!!

    Childish is when you set up a blog which is a virtual collaboration to conveniently forget the author, immediately as you are setting it up!

    That is childish!

    Childish is when the author who you of all people know doan like dat sort of thing says so, not to say “sorry, it’s a mistake” but to chide the observer!

    That is childish!

    Childish is when you are asked 8 questions as Chairman of a Virtual Collaboration seeking?, ostensibly seeking, to improve your country, said Chairman, in Mugabe style refuses to answer!

    That is childish!

    Or when told “you cant bring tension on issues” the child reverts to belligerence

    Or when a woman dies a child posts two articles for 2 weeks cause it is you blog.

    You confuse “purposed toxicity” with puerility.

    One the few occasions here and elsewhere I interact with men and women, one can revert to serious discourse, but when you amongst children who dont give one badword about liberty, good governance and honesty, you have to get in the gutter and mek wunna grovel

    Mek wunna rise above the mediocrity that you are accustomed to.

    Look how you bow and scrape to John Q’s submissions.

    It is like Hal Austin and SSS and others here, even Mariposa say here all the time, who you like you OR WHO IS A BIG WIG, YOU genuflect to.

    But poor men like me David who you know ent got nuffin, you does mek you snide remarks to.


    But it is you blog, so you may have the last word!!!


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with this my response to your snide remarks


  • You may have the last word.


  • I just don’t get this! I really just don’t get this!

    Piece, you have acknowledged that John is doing a great job here and that he is smart as something i can’t remember. and cussed those of us, myself included, who challenge him on racial matters. I have complimented John repeatedly on his excellent work here and I bow and scrape to no-one. But what I do is acknowledge when there is something to be learned from those who know more or have capabilities better than i do in particular areas. Perhaps that is what the blog master does as well.

    Furthermore Piece, I will again state that your abusive style of beating up on the “sheeple” is so distasteful to me that I often just skim and maybe miss something of value. We all take shots at each other but not all day with every submission. And now you are asking a question of the blog master that he has answered so many times before and get angry when he ignores you? Well, he has great patience but he is not perfect. He takes the barbs and the insults usually with equanimity and occasionally he responds curtly as he has done to me a few times but our battles are never prolonged because we seek to understand each other. He is entitled to be a person with opinions and flaws just like the rest of us.

    Sorry, Piece but you are becoming a runaway train.

    What are we trying to accomplish here? Are you losing sight of it?


  • My schedule activity today is to see who has the last word.
    And to note when Hal asks “What does having “the last word” means?


  • I removed this bit… I see now I should have included it

    Side note… It is my prerogative to do what hell I like, when I feel like it. I expect to offer no explanations, excuses, apologies, or answers. However, I would respond if I felt one was justified; but don’t hold your breath. It is my prerogative,,

    That was my last word.


  • @ Theo,

    I have heard Smerconish used the term ‘having the last word’ on CNN, but its cultural and sociological meaning is still unclear. Sayings have a history, a context in which they were first used, a cultural significance, which include, but goes beyond mere etymology. Part of our identity is to understand the nuances of our language.
    Some of the older people on the blog may remember the days when people from St Philip had distinct accents and sayings, a virtual language of its own. Which was fun to hear as a little boy.
    Then when I was working at the BBC I had a colleague from Sierra Leone who would speak in creole to his friends and was under the mistaken belief that nobody understood him. Although I could not speak the language, I could understand the general conversation. I never told him. He was speaking Philipian.
    Maybe some linguist or sociologist of language at UWI will undertake an etymological history of traditional Barbadian, rather than make assumptions that Bajan is a mix of West Country English and variations of West Africans tribal languages. I will help them: Bajans from the North and South of the country appear to be from different ethnic groups. The integration, cross-breeding, started taking place after the abolition of slavery when the freed men and women flocked in to Bridgetown and wider St Michael.
    Those from the north to Black Rock and Eagle Hall, etc, from the South and South East (St John, St Philip) to Carrington Village, The Ivy, Haggatt Hall, Boarded Hall, Chapel Gap etc.
    The Pine, Grazettes, Deacons were artificial communities, made up of the clearing of Bridgetown..


  • There is a “”bum” on de plane”.

    Remember when Grantley Adams was shut down for a bomb threat when Sandi was PM.

    It is alleged that the person who received the message was from St. Philip and translated “bum” into bomb!!

    So GA was shut down!!

    Turns out the caller was referring to Sandi who happened to be on the plane!!


  • @ John,

    Residential mobility has changed all that. We are all one now. When I was a kid Christ Church was the ‘country’.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Donna my Sisteren

    What are you talking a about?

    Because you seem serious in your discourse I will be serious in my response.

    If I called John the Quaker or the Cornflakes and he DID NOT FEEL TO RESPOND, he will not respond!!!

    My ” Q” is unimportant to John, but it is directed to whom it is directed.

    JOHN THE QUAKER is going to say his bit and I will say mine and you will continue to congratulate John and say nothing to raise the bar?

    John the Quaker is no different to Dr. GP and de ole man.

    He knows the exacts words to stir many of wunna up. Dr GP says brimlers, I say sheeple and he says slaves.

    But whereas wunna sheeple conditioned to giving de white man a pass after that word, wunna does massecrate me and de Doctor I LIE?

    Do you understand what this specific blog represents Donna?

    Do you seriously understand? I doubt it.

    So Let me explain it for you so that you stop your comments and focus here.

    As I know YOU CAN FOCUS. Most times.

    I dont give two wuk up and squeeze pooch if you read my submissions or not. I don’t blog for you!!

    So now that you have received that Easter message properly let me continue here.

    You skim because that is your style, or because you cant read or, and I am tending towards this one, because this BU is a game for you.

    It is something that you can do in your spare time. And I understand that, it keeps you sharp and feeling smart.

    You fail to understand the purpose of this blog, EVEN WITH ITS THREE BLOGMASTERS, CONTENDING TO BE FIRST.

    But let me educate you as you vacillate this Easter between sensible people and a fvcking sheeple.

    How did I get that link? How was I able to go back 10 years? And, more importantly, what does that link mean to you Donna?

    I would hazard to say nothing Donna for if you had any skin in this effing game, and really took time to read it, like John the Quaker whom you adore, you would understand, like the original David of BU understands.

    that this is over 10 years this shy$e talk has been going on!

    Your ass now come to BU, and join up in dis social commentary ting, and you now get “empathetic and sympathetic”?


    But you cant see that can you Donna? No, you cant see that they hate John the Quaker, just as much as dem hate the JOTFILE author, the Blogmaster with the balls to create this page, and de ole man!

    Since this posted here have you seen any one of the 20 paid poochlickers here? How many times?

    Neither can you see that like the so called stupid ManyPussy said, THE DATA MINED HERE IS NOW WITH BU!!! AND BU ALONE!


    Are you pea brained after all, I hope not!!

    This data HAS TO BE RELEASED DONNA, and David cant say “de people ent give he permission to publish” cause that would be an effing lie.

    Why would they put it pun BU then? CAUSE DEM LIKE David King?

    I have found that while talking with people is productive, reasoning with some sheeple is useless. THE SHEEPLE are ingrunt as badword.

    When I start to curse sheeple, here is what happens.

    The person who I am cussing does get blue vex, but dem reads everything I am saying. And slowly though grudgingly, get the bigger picture.

    BUT so do all the people, the sheeple dont.

    And unlike you, the current target of my response, who going get vex and get you panties in a bunch, dem going understand the big picture, which you cant.


    YOU is 50 years, and your seem to “got tomorrow put down”, you want your son to do this same shite for 50 more?

    But some of us dont like being verbally titillated, nor masturbated by people with a simple outlook on life Donna.

    I going post my 8 questions whenever I feel dat de man who blog dis article pun BU is really tired of 10 years a fvcking slave.

    I going post my question until the Honourable Blogmaster feels that the 10 year lie DEMANDS THAT THE STORIES HE HAS ARE POSTED FOR ALL BAJANS TO SEE.

    I WILL NOT ENCOURAGE BARBADOS UNDERGROUND to hide and repeat de same blog every 6 months.

    And effing you dont like my RH blogs, DONT EFFING READ ME!


    And you heah trying to study jurisprudence under John de Quaker!

    Wake up and understand that this Corruption HAS TO BE DISRUPTED OR YOU, AND YOUR SON, MAY BECOME CASUALTIES, like his two “friends” recently did.

    Is that runaway train enough for you?



  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Your assistance please with an item here thank you thank you Honourable Blogmaster


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Not a whole lot to be said after that..and everything got steadily worse from there…

    “Amused November 14, 2010 7:35 PM

    That the courts are a mess is without any doubt, due to incompetent judges and inexcusable delays by those judges in delivering justice. The Registry is a complete and utter shambles and the Registrar is totally incompetent to do the job. Files lost, judgments not perfected, records of appeal not settled (or not properly settled) scheduling done by hand and not computer and with so many errors that it is inexcusable. All this the legacy of Lady Simmons when she was registrar, compounded by her husband’s useless apointees in his capacity as both attorney general and CJ. And he only removed himself in April this year. Since then, Moore CJ has been doing all he can to keep the boat afloat and as far as he can to limit the damage. However, the real job of reconstruction cannot begin until Marston Gibson takes over. That the Bar is up in arms is common knowledge – and rightly so. But the Bar is up in arms against David Simmons, not Sherman Moore. The timing of this attack by Leslie Haynes appears to be an attempt to make Moore the fall guy for David Simmons. David is right, there is a stench to the Leslie Haynes letter.”


  • Pingback: Open Complaint Letter to Attorney General Dale Marshall and Chief Justice Marson Gibson About Attorney-at-law Peta-Gay Lee-Brace | Barbados Underground

  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    They all knew Simmons and McCormack and Haynes and all these taxpayer sucking lowlifes were useless and corrupt, but did any of them do anything other than help them destroy the supreme court, anything other than help them with their corruption…of course they did nothing… cause …ALL OF THEM ARE EQUALLY CORRUPT AND DESTRUCTIVE..

    All any of them do, including the police who should be locking their thieving corrupt asses up…all they do instead is spend time sucking up to these criminals with shite titles and helping them with their corruption.

    The DPP AND police should also be held to account cause all they do is act like they are PAID BY THESE DEMONS TO DO THEIR DIRTY BIDDING AND NOT BY THE TAXPAYERS…..whom they work for and are paid by..


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    This is what the police in Barbados ALLOW themselves to be used for…to protect the nasty, racist apartheid shite from dirty corrupt Maloney, Cow, dirty Bizzy, Bjerkhan\m et al…the police ALLOW the racist criminals to use them to torment and harass and torture their own black people who pay the police their salaries……and whom they should be protecting, but no, they protect the racist criminals instead using taxpayer’s/victims resources…..the POLICE NEVER PROTECT THE BLACK PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES…

    the stink government ministers and lawyers make sure that is what the police are used for… protect their bribers and racists…

    “Good Morning Ms stewart how are you doing I trust that all is well with you. I am so glad that you are bringing issues to light I watched one of your videos were you spoke about the coverley development in Christ Church. Interestingly I have a friend who lives there you may have seen her article on Underground and I feel for her she has Maloney in court for all the damages that occurred at her home and she is fighting to get back her money she left the Us and invested in a house there and ran into so much trouble imagine she spoke about it in underground and Maloney sent the police to her trying to say that she is mad her name is Moicia Boyce he was trying to get her to remove the article imagine that he Maloney thinks he is a big maguffy but my friend is fighting him she went out to the office one day she told me and went to beat his general manager the workers had to pull her off and they called the police for her saying how she was disturbing the peace and causing a disturbance because she cussed like a real Bajan because she got robbed of her money other people she said are now regretting they went and purchased houses. imagine he has a round about at the entrance and he has planted palm tress there to block peoples vision the same lady said that she is tired complaining to the transport authorities it seems like Maloney thinks he is a bully and no one can do him anything.

    That is why I want you to get back your land. My friend Monica is fighting a legal battle with him she wants to be compensated for the lies he told about the development. the thing she said about the bajans is that they do not stand up with her they are joining in saying that her head is not good imagine that I said to her that they are the mad ones and that she should not give up the fight with them they are trying to make her give up the gentleman from underground he did a great job if you put in Monica Boyce you will see her article. I was so annoyed when she told me about her ordeal I cannot believe these people and cow Williams had the contract to work on the same Roundaround they thing they are a law unto themselves they keep on robbing the poor. Listen I wanted to find out how Maloney got the land at Coverley and Now she heard that he actually bought it and she does not know that she actually owns the land that her house is on now the university is there they have turned the place into university property she bought her house as a development not a university so she is suing them now. plus they are charing her a fee to maintain the grounds the Mark Maloney Anna Clarke Catherine Perkins and all of the associate white companies they are renting the offices out to imagine my friend wanted to rent a space to make some clothing and they refuse to rent her but the owners of Ship in are in there serving bad tasting food. As you always say they treat the blacks like cattle and slaves in this twenty first century the Housing Concepts Limited wants shutting down now they are robbing the poor and the rich are getting richer. I feel my friend pain as she fights for justice and I am glad that you are fighting for justice as well you will get back your land in Jesus Name and all the black people will get justice.”
    Chat Conversation End
    Type a message…


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “they are trying to make her give up the gentleman from underground he did a great job.”

    The thing with fighting a war, always know what your enemies have in their arsenal, if you do not know what weapons they have and you attack, prepare for a real life battle…and yall done know how yall are cowards, the only thing ya got going for ya right now is the stolen black people’s properties, estates and money, but that is fleeting…not likely to last much longer, because now the whole world knows..

    ..president Mia and HER BRIBERS need to be aware of the art of war, ah don’t think they are yet.

    They should know by now …they will not win this, not in this lifetime, nor the next….

    ……AND there are some who will run the whole 40 yard line to make sure they lose bigly and with a gigantic splash to be heard and seen AROUND THE GLOBE.


  • John whom I adore??????? Now I know for sure that you are delusional. Why is it that I if I criticize John, GP thinks I have a thing for him and if I compliment him, you think that I have a thing for him. Steupse! Do you think I am some foolish teenager whose hormones are a-raging? You guys need to get over yourselves. I got over you about fifteen years ago.

    So…. I am now a pea-brain, skimming is my style, I cannot read, I really don’t care because I have no skin in the game etc. etc. etc Have you any idea what skin I have in the game, what battles I am fighting at present and what battles I plan to fight in the future? You are right about one thing – THIS SHIT HAS TO STOP! And I skim your stuff because I sometimes find good ideas I can use. When I find them I read them. I will still do so.

    All I said is that your constant denigration of the “sheeple’ you want to reach is a turnoff for many and that I don’t understand why you are attacking the blog master. Of course, as usual you have some convoluted reason. Your ego is running away with you. That became painfully obvious to me when you declared yourself my leader. I was still trying to make up my mind about you. With this response my pea-brained mind is made up! Still, I will not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    PS. I did not read everything you posted here. I just skimmed it as usual. Nothing I can use here.

    Onward and upward!


  • @Donna

    You have touched on the essence of what effective communication is meant to be.


  • David,

    I don’t know how you do it. I think I need a break.


  • Unfortunately it is the nature of the society we life today. The rise of the bombastic.


  • There’s a saying that goes: “The upholder is just as good as the thief.” What I’ve seen over the years are some “upholders” of these corrupt liars … oops lawyers. You would hear/see how they manipulate a case and win. Although one knows that wicked devices were carried out, then one goes and get the same lawyer/s to represent them if they fall into some sort of trouble. Why? because they too want the same crimes done to free them, if at all they are really being freed. Is this not upholding or supporting wickedness? No wonder why we are still fighting the Felix from the ashes as it were. Just a thought!?


  • @Justicetosh

    The struggle for justice is never ending, there is no endpoint.


  • Hi Donna:

    At least you have been able to identify the true autocratic dictator before it is too late.

    When someone makes unrelenting unprovoked accusations, it is likely that they are simply accusing the person in their mirror – themselves.


  • re When someone makes unrelenting unprovoked accusations, it is likely that they are simply accusing the person in their mirror – themselves.






  • Hi GP:

    Falsely accusing opponents is one of Saul Alinski’s techniques for mass political deception, revealed in his 1971 manual for activists. Those who use this technique tend to be the very thing they falsely accuse others. It may be a non sequitur, but it is an accurate observation.

    Solutions Barbados’ policies were designed specifically for Barbados. The were developed from the most comprehensive set of policies to facilitate the international competitiveness of Barbados’ services sector.

    Your persistent assertion about our policies is false. I am sure that you already know this; but you have your role to play.


  • Hmmm. I’ve noticed that details of BERNADETTE D. CALLENDER is removed from the BBA data base. Are we hiding or protecting something? Just wondering!?


  • Do you have a screenshot of what was there before? Can somebody check the cache file on Google?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    It is a most interesting thing to note that a non entity politically, ONE WHICH IN ITS LAST 3 ARTICLES HERE ON BU HAS SECURED 15 blogs, now is choosing topics differently titled, to submit their campaign.


    But then again one is reminded of this absolute blather euphemism for shy$e

    “…Therefore, we developed workable solutions, assembled a group of 28 leaders to implement them and participated in the 2018 General Election.

    Of the 11 political parties who participated, we gained the third highest votes…”

    Imagine the shame associated with that statement!

    What is should read is that “…every single one of us lost our deposit during the last campaign EHICH DISPLAYS THE ABSOLUTEVLACK OF CONFIDENCE THAT THE PEOPLE OF BARBADOS HAVE IN US.”

    ” I Grenville Phillips was autocratic then with my 28 candidates, OF WHOM 11 QUIT MY PARTY BECAUSE OF MY AUTOCRATIC STYLE, LIES AND DUFUS ECONOMIC POLICIES…”

    ” You bajans were wise then to ignore my hocus pocus ideas AND I SUGGEST YOU IGNORE ME NOW…”


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your Assistance please with an item here thank you

    While it will take slot of space, I would suggest to you and other users make use of the application called SiteSucker to download the entire contents of these Sites of Interest as de ole man does with mine

    Dem can do what they like but you have their records





  • Grenville,

    I think what you are trying to say is that some people assume that everybody is like them because that’s all they know. That is so in many cases but not among the smart ones.

    Now I do not know any of the people on BU. I do not know you. I have shared the same space with many of the politicians of both of the main parties and even some from the new.parties. Some of these associations were looser than some. Some of them were in childhood through young adulthood and others extended further. But I am really not a person who likes politics or the Who’s Who social scene and so I know very little of whom they have become today.

    From seeing the mess that Barbados is in today I have come to the conclusion that something must be rotten in the state of Barbados. Whether that is by deliberate design/conspiracy or whether it is just the result of thoughtless, greedy individuals grabbing as much as they can for themselves and their family and friends without any thought that the well could run dry I have no idea. What is obvious, however, is that something needs to be done.

    So… seeing as I don’t really know any of you I have to look for evidence, consider and come eventually to a conclusion. I will not jump to any conclusion prematurely and I always bear in mind that my conclusion , even after careful consideration could still be wrong. And so I approach with an open mind and may sometimes seem to be vacillating.

    I was hesitant to bring up what troubles me with Piece because of the damage I could be doing if I am wrong but since the question of his credibility has already been raised in this forum I will tell you what is causing me concern.

    A few months ago he raised the alarm about the BLP collecting our personal information through a link on a government entity’s website. He posted a shot of the site. I was incredulous because I found that to be a rather clumsy and obvious attempt. Actually the link looked as though it didn’t belong there, as though it was an afterthought – really bad graphics. I expressed my doubt to Piece and voiced my intention to check it for myself. He quickly returned with the information that it was removed, ostensibly because of his BU alert.

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago when during one of his attacks on your sincerity and seriousness, he pointed to the slackness of your website and superimposed an image on it that revealed to me how easily it can be done by those who know how. These are the mistakes that are often made by those whose ego has run away with them.

    He opined that BU is just a game for me where I come to show my “smarts”, something I do in my spare time. But actually my spare time is spent watching crime shows, fiction and non-fiction and reading all the best mystery novels. And so the amateur sleuth, you can call me Miss Marple, could not ignore that bit of evidence. LOL

    Now taken by itself that evidence could mean something, or it could mean nothing. But I would have to be a real real dufus if it did not make me go “Hmmmmmmm…”

    And anyone who cannot accept that a reasonable person would do so is not themselves being reasonable.

    Just saying.

    PS. Hercule Poirot’s main investigative technique was just letting people talk while he listened. Sometimes he gently prodded. Then he looked for the evidence to back up the theory he deduced from the character and psyche revealed during the conversations. A fictional character but I have found his technique quite useful.

    Why not merge my two favourite past times?! After all, I have no skin in the game!


  • Having said that Grenville, though yet to make up my mind about your CHARACTER which is of greater importance, I don’t really like your personality. And you have many more solutions to find before you could get my vote. Get serious!

    Now nobody likes me! Boo hoo!



    “…Therefore, we developed workable solutions, assembled a group of 28 leaders to implement them and participated in the 2018 General Election.

    Of the 11 political parties who participated, we gained the third highest votes…”

    Imagine the shame associated with that statement!

    What is should read is that “…every single one of us lost our deposit during the last campaign EHICH DISPLAYS THE ABSOLUTEVLACK OF CONFIDENCE THAT THE PEOPLE OF BARBADOS HAVE IN US.”

    ” I Grenville Phillips was autocratic then with my 28 candidates, OF WHOM 11 QUIT MY PARTY BECAUSE OF MY AUTOCRATIC STYLE, LIES AND DUFUS ECONOMIC POLICIES…”

    ” You bajans were wise then to ignore my hocus pocus ideas AND I SUGGEST YOU IGNORE ME NOW…”







  • @GP

    Solutions is not the ‘enemy’. There are bigger targets.


  • Ms. Marple has said what she has said.








  • You have an opinion about Solutions Barbados and their role in the Barbados space. It is an opinion and not a doctrine. As usual we can agree to disagree.


  • re Falsely accusing opponents is one of Saul Alinski’s techniques for mass political deception, revealed in his 1971 manual for activists.

    Sorry sir
    I care not about employing Saul Alinski’s techniques
    Instead,I have sought to embrace the tenets of the teaching of Saul of Tarsus




    if you disagree with me, just refute the statement ……..demonstrate that solution’s solutions are real solutions


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Donna my sisteren (if that is still allowed)

    The two things are different though IT related

    The first relates to the principle of “ET call Home ” or cookies on steroids.

    As I expected, you with your blinkered vision CSN ONLY COMPREHEND MY WARNING AS ONE SITE- BUT IT IS ALL .GOV.BB SITES!!

    Best explained by showing you what I am saying is being done by the Mugabe Regime using the best of the internet Protection Agencies

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation

    I want you to go there and use their test and check your machine for yourself

    See how many tests you pass or fail.

    So, what this displays is the first part of the “ET call home strategy” of the Mugabe Regime

    I have tried to tell you that, in addition to this, all your referer information is being harvested from your browser, when you visit and when you leave the pages AND PAGES OF THEIR FRIENDLIES.

    when you look down on this page, where you see TOP CLICKS, that is just an example of what is being done by government, the Blogmasteris only doing it as a best practice, to drive his readership, but since he has stated that he intends to exert tension on the authorities in this matter, we are all safe.

    Things like your Facebook page at the time you are online heheheh

    Javascript and iframe encoding are some of the tools being employed to not only know who you are, but to have a persistent access to your internet usage thereafter.

    The “payload” Donna is coming from the Government of Barbados websites, and pdf downloads, and your friendly TAMIS, but pay de ole man no notice cause frankly, I could not give a badword.

    My second exercise WAS ALSO NOT FOR YOU DONNA.


    I POSTED THE TOOL HERE, 4 times, within the first 24 hours I used it and it was not permitted twice!

    Now that did something for de ole man.

    1st time permitted
    2nd time blocked
    3rd time blocked
    4th time permitted with its variant

    It confirmed the real time, or “see you as you are texting” feature of Barbados Underground, but it also showed me the allegiances of the BU BORG on duty.

    Like I said Donna, this is not for you.

    This is a Tzun Tzu “know your enemy” exercise, you do not operate at this level, you never will. That is not your function.

    3rd objective. To inform the Mugabe Regime WHAT IS COMING, and to let the vigilant among us, the Third Party Movement, KNOW WHAT IS AVAILABLE

    The tool means that anyone can run any campaign against any opponent ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.


    Even its programmers had not thought of its use in politics, it amazed them. Heheheheh, but I jes good so.

    What Defense does a target have against such a product Donna? NONE.

    You cannot blacklist every single domain in the world Donna.

    You are not the target of these things Donna because YOU SIMPLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE TOOLS.

    You saw the same thing that hundreds of BU readers saw and look at how you interpreted it!

    But look how BU BORG censored it in 30 minutes.

    And that was the test, TO SEE HOW THE BORG RESPONDED!!!

    You are not a political strategist.

    You do not understand how this battle has to be fought until 2023.

    You cant even understand what is a cluster, what is NodeXL that I broadcast when I spoke to John the Quaker, nor what is I2.

    The intelligence tool that Darnley the newly reappointed Commissioner of Police has.

    During my Toxic onslaught, while drawing attention to myself, for the sheeple and the people, like Tzun Tzu, and his 30K against 100K, I am giving the Third Party Movement tools.

    They cannot afford I2 but NodeXL basic is free

    Do you understand what is happening here?

    And the answer is a deafening NO!!!


    IT IS UNIMPORTANT HOW MANY TIMES YOU CALL ME mad or delusional because I understand what I have to do Donna.

    And in time you will understand what piece you play.


  • Hi Donna:

    The Solutions that we published are essential for solving the main problem’s hindering Barbados’ development. Since we may not publish any more, we accept that we have lost your vote.

    I try to improve daily, but I do not think that I can do much about my personality – which you already do not like, so that is 2 strikes.

    On my character, what concerns you?


  • GP:

    Does an Autocrat allow the decisions of an organisation to be determined by majority vote? Well that is how Solutions Barbados was managed from the time there was more than one member.

    Does an Autocrat found an organisation and then give it away to members of the organisation? Well, that is how Solutions Barbados was managed once we agreed on a Constitution.

    Does an Autocrat relinquish all previously held authority as founder, and allow members to freely elect their executive committee? Well, that is how Solutions Barbados is managed.

    Simply repeating Piece’s baseless accusations does not make them true. Since Piece is entirely wrong about me, his accusations about everyone else he has defamed deserve rigorous scrutiny.


  • actually I dont give two kicks Sir
    SOLUTIONS BARBADOS IS NOT THE SOLUTIONS FOR BARBADOS is the title and lyrics for my song


  • You know, I would have a more open mind if you did not always seek to divide us into yourself and a few others and the rest of us “sheeple who cannot operate at your level because we cannot understand and are meant to follow the leader because you have seen many things that we will never see’ etc. (paraphrased) As I have been trying to tell you, your manner of communication is consistent with a person who has an ego problem. It brings to mind the well-known quote from Animal Farm “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.”

    This is how I see a team where a team leader shows that all members are valued equally though performing different functions.

    …3For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but think of yourself with sober judgment, according to the measure of faith God has given you. 4Just as each of us has one body with many members, and not all members have the same function, 5so in Christ we who are many are one body, and each member belongs to one another.…

    The Body of Christ
    …17If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? 18But in fact, God has arranged the members of the body, every one of them, according to His design. 19If they were all one part, where would the body be?…


    Dufus Donna who at least knows that it is pointless to call a woman “sisteren” and then proceed to show her that you think she is not in your category.


  • Grenville,

    Believe it or not, I grew up hearing about your family through my mother who knew your mother in the work environment. I cannot remember hearing her say a bad word about her.

    I have nothing against your character so far and I must say that your personality seems to have become a little more engaging today.

    If you believe you have the solutions, go for it.

    Time alone will tell.


  • Is Piece talking about the church?
    Why are you trying to apply passages that pertain to the church to piece’s palaver?
    Where in the NT is the church likened to a team?

    I am always ready to learn if the appropriate references are given.


  • Whether or not the church is likened to a team is irrelevant. The model is good for team building. How do I know that? I have used it myself.

    Over and out!


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