Barbados Bar Association and Michael Carrington

Marguerite Woodstock-Riley

Marguerite Woodstock-Riley, head of the Disciplinary Committee

Several weeks ago Barbadians were promised the Committee of Privileges will determine if Speaker Michael Carrington broke House rules, we continue to wait. To any observer it appears to be business as usual and this matter like many others will shuffle along until the next general election is called where is will die. We hope not. Parliament will resume sitting on the 10 March 2015. The people, the servants of the political class in parliament will have to wait like dogs waiting for a bone.

Let us assume the report, if it completed, will confirm Prime Minister’s Stuart’s view that the Michael Carrington issue is a personal matter, and has nothing to do with parliament. It will confirm to many that public opinion is not a factor with this government. (The idea a political leader of Barbados would make such an idiotic statement continues to be incomprehensible to many and deserves greater national discourse)

BU is calling on the Barbados Bar Association (BA) to squarely address the issue of Michael Carrington. How many complaints have been received by the BA naming Speaker of the House Michael Carrington as the offender over the years? We are also asking members of the public who have been wronged to come forward. BU understands this is not the first indiscretion by Michael Carrington. The nonsense has to STOP. If our elected members of the political prefer to close ranks and ignore their obligation to the people, the people will have to explore options to seek redress.

Another questions for the BA: are you aware of lawyers who are able to win over the properties of unsuspecting clients? BU understands several prominent lawyers in Barbados have been able to take charge of properties, especially when senior citizens are involved with no family connection to bolster their personal financial state. If the BU household is aware that you must be as well.

We know the Prime Minister and cohorts do not understand that human beings are not only guided by laws but also a moral code, all animal do. It is not enough for the BA to list the number of complaints received. Tell us the runoff rate. The age of the complaints outstanding. How the inability of the Disciplinary Committee, a voluntary entity, to efficiently resolve complaints adds to the misery of the public when seeking satisfaction.

The BA needs to convince the public it is a body that has the interest of the public at its centre and not a public relations toothless tiger. A good place to begin to serve the interest of the people is to deal with Michael Carrington. How you ask Mr. Khan and Woodstock-Riley? Pull out those old cases gathering dust with his name on the files!


  • “When is the last time we had holders of prominent offices resigning based on a principle?”

    Cannot determine whether the reason could have been as a result of principle but Mr Ronald Toppin did resign his lucrative ministerial post and I well remember Mr David Ellis on Down to Brasstacks berating him for not disclosing the reason.


  • And if he did not disclose his reason one is left to speculate.


  • The discussion exposes the predicament we find ourselves. Our system of government says the UPPER CHAMBER has the last say on legislation. The Opposition has not boycotted the Senate, input can be made there while they continue to turn their backs on a dishonest and immoral human being occupying the Speaker’s Chair.


  • @ Caswell……I beg to differ. I think that Mia knew exactly where the employed strategy would lead, and it has. The lair on Roebuck Street is too well populated with old foxes for such an obvious lack of cunning, especially in a situation where the prey has been wounded and backed into a corner. The BLP did what it wanted to do, and that was to throw the proverbial life-line in protection of a member of the fraternity. They did just enough to look as though they were seriously outraged. As you said in an earlier post a vote of no confidence would have set up many for conviction in the court of public opinion. Imagine the intrigue of listening to the innuendos. The snide remarks flying back and forth albeit sotto voce. Why expose the dirty laundry especially when for the most part we have all contributed to the basket?


  • Hamilton

    We are not differing on that point. The walkout is a ruse to give the impression that they are doing something.



  • @ Caswell Franklyn
    After all these years you still have a bug up your ass for the BLP and Mia, man its time to move on, no need to be an opposite AC


  • ‘And if he did not disclose his reason one is left to speculate”
    The fact remains that he resigned from his Ministerial post something that I cannot recall and speaking under correction having been done by any Minister certainly in my time.

    Speculation sometimes lead to slander rather than fact.


  • When we have a cloak on transparency by the powers that be speculation is the only recourse for the citizenry.


  • “When we have a cloak on transparency by the powers that be speculation is the only recourse for the citizenry.”

    No need to pursue this any further but by the way did not Mr Jerry Thorne, Mr Decoursey Headley and another board member resign from the board of the Barbados Tourism Investment Corporation on a matter of principle over the pierhead project?


  • ” I admired and loved this man as if he were related to me. To hear Branford Taitt, Tom Adams or David Thompson in full flight brought me the joy others got watching Viv, Lara or Sir Gary. For me what he did is unpardonable and till the good Lord takes me ah going to cuss the son of a bitch.”

    Hamiltion…that is because y’all like to listen to too much stupid talk from politicians, knowing full well all they do is tell lies, they are silver tongued, it’s not like lawyers even try to stop lying, neither do politicians. They tend to tell you only what they think you want to hear, your fault to be continually fooled….fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.


  • Where is the “integrity, transparency, accountability and freedom of information legislation” promised by BOTH parties ? Both the legislative and the judicial branches of government have seriously deteriorated and appear to have lost their moral compass ! The Nation’s interest is of little concern to those in positions of power and authority. Self-interest is the order of the day ! People become lawyers in order to become politicians in order to pass laws in order to allow them to exploit the masses!Democracy…law and order… is in crisis ! ….And to think that “one of the judges on the CCJ should be barbadian” ! We are fast becoming a “banana republic” .


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