Open Letter to Permanent Secretary Mark Cummins


Mr. Mark Cummins

Permanent Secretary

Ministry Of Transport, Works And Maintenance

The Pine

St. Michael

April 10,2019.

Please Accept 3rd letter Only By Email

Dear Mr. Cummins

This email is to inform the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance, through you, that unless I get a response I will be seeking recourse from the Law Courts of Barbados.

I will outline my main reason for proceeding on that course of action, the other reasons will become apparent.

The fact that a remedy is yet to be carried out by the Chief Technical Officer of MTW&M who has the authority to do so.

I am familiar with this location from 1978 and lived here since 1982, at the top of dead-end Clarke’s Road, adjacent to a natural watercourse. This said course is situated between Chapel Gap and Clarke’s Road. The said course was deep, never overflowed during 1982-2002. Therefore, no foreseeable flooding risk. There was never a vehicular through public or private road, from Appleby or Chapel Gap, to or across the said watercourse.

In 2002, a White British ex-pat by the name Pat Brayshaw commissioned the services of heavy equipment that approached the watercourse from Appleby, across an open lot of an absentee land owner, and wrongfully altered the natural watercourse by levelling both edges. Thereby creating a path/road across the said course, to her lot on the North.

Later in 2002, Pat Brayshaw committed further illegal alterations to the said watercourse by placing boulders within and along the land mark centre that narrowed the course. This allowed a build-up in the level land that formed a yard-cum-private road joined the across path/road, thereby creating a wrongful private botched road from Appleby across the said absentee lot, across and within said watercourse to her lot in Chapel Gap, vice versa. Thereby causing the first flooding I witnessed in my years of living adjacent to the watercourse.

Due to the proximity of my home, on the South-west of the wrongful altered said course, the results from redirected recurring flooding caused severe damage to my then open backyard surrounding and caused me to make several changes to my home.

I complained verbally to the Drainage Unit in 2003. Officer Mr. Dawe visited the site and in conversation said the encroachment is illegal, he would report to Drainage Director. I found out he never reported when I went to the Drainage Unit Office almost a year later.

In conversation with an Officer in charge Mr. Charles Yearwood at Drainage Unit Office, he said Drainage Unit does not have the equipment to removed the boulders or to restore the course. He directed me to M.T.W, Deputy CTO Tudor. In 2004 during our first telephone conversation of my complaint and plea for a remedy Deputy CTO Tudor said, what was done to the watercourse is illegal. He promised to investigate the situation. Months later in follow up conversation, Mr, Tudor verbally pledged to have the boulders removed and the course restored. Nothing happened!

I then turned to M.T.W, CTO Thornhill  who recited what the Deputy CTO Tudor said of the situation and the actions that will be taken. The verbal pledges of remedying and restoring the said watercourse by both Top Technical Officers have not yet materialized.

The dangerous situation at the watercourse became worse due to an obvious biase of Arthur’s Construction that wrongfully placed B.W.A pipes, into a part of my adjacent backyard, that was eroded by redirected spread flooding, from the illegal road within, and across the course.

From 2004, I had to endure flooding on an annual basis to my home and environs. Even though, I made written and verbal complaints about the flooding to my home caused by the illegal construction of a private road across and within the watercourse.

My verbal pleas to M.T.W CTO Thornhill  and Deputy CTO Tudor, were verbally accepted by formal pledges of remedying the watercourse. But the inactions of said Officers showed different due to the fact, that I alerted said officers about further alterations of removing the course edges upstream where the flood flows emerges. That action was commissioned by a Mr. Clarke. The space is now driveway and Garden.

One reply came from the Ministry of Environment and Drainage in 2015 informing me that the authority in the “prevention of floods Act Cap 235 section 6B and 7” to carry out remedy of watercourses, lies with the C.T.O of M.T.W.

The M.T.W, now M.T.W & M top technical officers inactions for the pass 15+ years to provide a remedy to an illegally constructed private botched road, clearly constitutes discrimination against me a Black Barbadian.

Meanwhile, M.T.W Top Technical Officers, evidently complicit, favouring the White British ex-pat, illegal road by not only allowing the retention but also discriminatory assisted with maintenance leading up to the 2013 General Election.

Tasked M.T.W work men paved the said private road. Blatantly supervised by Politician Mr. George Hutson the then DLP. MP for St. James Central despite the danger it continue to pose to my household.

Sir an urgent redress is needed.

Your faithfully,

Alden Blackman

Clarke’s Road Resident

Citizen of Barbados


  • @Piece:
    My uncle worked for the NCC in Joes River. Actually, in the woods right under the cliff, where they were raising fruit trees and other plants, etc. This was many years ago, more than 40 or so. I think after the rainy season, part of the Cliff collapsed. It was not big, but you could see it just as you got to the bottom of Joy Road and looked back to the right. There was a large patch of the Cliff that was white where the collapse was. He told us that the NCC moved their operations from Joes River to Haggats or somewhere in St. Andrew because farming in that area was now dangerous. Being cognizant of what I was taught at elementary school, I told the family on a visit home, that if ever there was a hurricane, to make sure they got on top of Horse Hill. I am not sure this fall was not publicized because it was in the woods, not big and did not affect any homes. The bush and vines have all grown back to cover the face.

    @Dr. GP.
    How many black Bajans would have made it their business to go and find out that information and relay it to someone they did not know and from whom they would not get some kind of handout. You see them on these blogs, dem not suh nice nuh.


  • you are right Dame P
    Know John personally from the National Trust Sunday walks in the 90’s. He is a calm quiet humble chap.
    Remembered when he first came to HC too


  • @ John
    Mr. Blackman is not unduly confrontational
    as MP Kerrie Symmonds, try to make it appear. and certainly not racist. yes Mr Blackman caution Pat Brayshaw to the danger of removing the watercourse edge on the south, above his home, she told him, to mind his business. When Pat Brayshaw placed the boulder, Blackman approach her again, she said her Land mark is in the watercourse, the land is hers. Any 5 year old would know that when the flood come, it would take to low ground. Pat Brayshaw knew the flooding would redirect from the boulder to my then open back yard, the placing of boulders were deliberately to retrieved an increase of leveled land,not for a road at first. nevertheless , the process narrowed the course. MTW Top Technical Officers told Mr. Blackman the actions are illegal yet they ignored , inactions showed different.


  • It was not big, but you could see it just as you got to the bottom of Joy Road and looked back to the right.


    Why is Joy Road called Joy Road?

    It get’s its name from a Quaker, John Joy/Jay, who sold the land he had in the environs to John Holder, also a Quaker, who owned Joe’s River.

    That’s why Holder is a common surname in St. Joseph!!

    A field at Joe’s River Plantation bordering the road we call Joy Road is called Joy Field!!

    What was John Joy’s or Jay’s claim to fame?

    George Fox “brought him back to life” after a horse threw him and he broke his neck.

    George Fox visited Barbados in 1671 and John Joy/Jay went with him to America.

    At that time Quakers were being persecuted by the Puritans/C of E.

    Here is an account from Fox’s journal.

    “While we were at Shrewsbury, an accident befell, which for the time was a great exercise to us. John Jay, a Friend of Barbadoes, who had come with us from Rhode Island, and intended to accompany us through the woods to Maryland, being to try a horse, got upon his back, and the horse fell a-running, cast him down upon his head, and broke his neck, as the people said. Those that were near him took him up as dead, carried him a good way, and laid him on a tree.

    I got to him as soon as I could; and, feeling him, concluded he was dead. As I stood pitying him and his family, I took hold of his hair, and his head turned any way, his neck was so limber. Whereupon I took his head in both my hands, and, setting my knees against the tree, I raised his head, and perceived there was nothing out or broken that way. Then I put one hand under his chin, and the other behind his head, and raised his head two or three times with all my strength, and brought it in. I soon perceived his neck began to grow stiff again, and then he began to rattle in his throat, and quickly after to breathe.

    The people were amazed; but I bade them have a good heart, be of good faith, and carry him into the house. They did so, and set him by the fire. I bade them get him something warm to drink, and put him to bed. After he had been in the house a while he began to speak; but did not know where he had been.

    The next day we passed away (and he with us, pretty well) about sixteen miles to a meeting at Middletown, through woods and bogs, and over a river; where we swam our horses, and got over ourselves upon a hollow tree. Many hundred miles did he travel with us after this.”

    … and that’s why Joy Road is called Joy Road!!

    Sadly, it was where several Bajan’s lost their lives on their way down to the semi finals at Cattlewash.


  • My uncle worked for the NCC in Joes River. Actually, in the woods right under the cliff, where they were raising fruit trees and other plants, etc. This was many years ago, more than 40 or so. I think after the rainy season, part of the Cliff collapsed. It was not big, but you could see it just as you got to the bottom of Joy Road and looked back to the right. There was a large patch of the Cliff that was white where the collapse was.


    Went looking after the 2007 earthquake and saw two white patches and figured they were from the Quake..

    One I saw from Springfield Road which affords a good view of the cliff.

    The other I saw from Foster Hall.

    I know from walking those tracks that there were rock falls


  • … and regarding staying under the cliff during a hurricane, an entire Yearwood family was swallowed up close to the cliff face during the 1780 hurricane.

    All that was left for the rector of St. Joseph was to keep the service where the slip buried them and plant a cross.

    A matter of record in the burial records from St. Joseph


  • From: Dr. Hon. William Duguid, JPSent: Sunday, February 24, 4:53 PM
    Subject: Re: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James

    To: alden blackman

    I have asked for the Town planning enforcement notice.

    That is the first stage.


    Sent from my iPhone

    Subject: Re: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James
    Sir, on advise, our first conversation was on the 23 January 2004, in which, you must have heard my plea, because you stated, “the obstruction is illegal”, and assured me “it will be removed”.
    Sir, it seems the same Arthur construction that started the destruction of the watercourse, in 2002, returned to lay pipes for BWA, across said course. “Unfairly”, they used my adjacent lot, ”eroded“ by the results of first encroached, and the “only path in the course to carry flood flow”, they placed the pipes, replaced the boulders, repaired the illegal private road, finished flattened an essential part of the course, that was started in 2002, above my home. Thereafter, those atrocious actions, unjustly brought more intense flood flow to a Poor Black working Class Man, back and front door, extended to the Black working class residential area making Clarke’s Road the new watercourse. Yet, obstruction allowed to remained.
    I seek help from Minister Kerrie Symmonds who, setup a meeting on site with, “Drainage Unit” Mr Yearwood. “BWA” Mr Miller, Marville, Blades, Drayton, and myself. Mr. Symmonds did not attended the meeting. Mr. Marville of BWA agreed to retract ,and relay the pipes deeper, but delayed the process over 2 years until after 2008.
    The last conversation in 2008 Mr. Marville and I had, he told me that “Minister Symmonds can say what he like, but he can’t come in BWA and do it”. Meanwhile, whatever Minister. Symmonds may have done, or not done, a remedy to the course was not obtained.
    Sir, 9 years after all of my supplicating, to you, and CTO Mr. Thornhill, failed.
    MP Mr. Symmonds, interceding on behalf of poor Black people for a remedy to the posed risk, failed.
    CTO Thornhill assurance to an Officer of MTW who interceded on my behalf, failed.
    Sir, leading up to the 2013 General Election. MTW workers appeared and paved “said illegal private road” under the supervision of then MP for St. James Central, Mr. George Hutson. When the paving finish Minister Hutson returned the next day in a GIS vehicle he drove back and forth along and across said private road in the watercourse GIS videographer was on the job. apparently CTO Thornhill, yourself, or other Officer at MTW gave an order, To paved.
    Why was, what you, CTO Mr. Thornhill, and all the others Officers at MTW/Drainage Unit, called an illegal obstruction, In the form of a private botch road, in the middle of a natural watercourse from 2002, maintained with “paving”, by MTW, while waiting, “as you said” on the Chief Town Planner for authorization to demolish said road, by MTW.
    When did you referred this illegal obstruction to the Chief Town Planner?
    Why did the statement “this matter was referred to Chief Town Planner” first appeared, last week on Face Book from a Lesandra Tudor in trying to defend you, on a comment I made on FB. You sent me an email the next day, after I told Lesandra on FB to let Philip Tudor speck for himself.
    What happened to the file that Mr. Innis from Drainage Unit said reappeared on his desk in December 2018. after 9 years. Mr Innis declaring he thought the matter was fix
    What was done from 2008-2018, by CTO Mr. Thornhill, you or any Officer at MTW Drainage Unit to deal with the dangerous situation .
    I lived adjacent to that watercourse for over 37 years. The created dangerous situation, stems from the greed, of a British ex-pat White woman who encroached caused the risk, it is clear, that for the pass15+ years that MTW / Drainage Unit Officers acted unjustly, indifferently and discriminatory by refusing to right a wrong, not only for a Black Man plight, but all the Black working class residents of Clarke’s Road.
    Meanwhile, actions were done by MTW, for a British Ex-pat white woman, such as, maintained, and allowed to retained an illegal obstruction, in the formed of a private road that caused damage, and continue to posed a risk, to Poor Black working class people, showed discriminatory.

    From: Philip Tudor <>
    Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 4:25:04 PM
    To: alden blackman
    Subject: RE: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James

    Dear Mr Blackman,
    It is rather unfortunate that I would have seen in another section of the press where you have made uncomplimentary remarks towards Mr. Thornhill (ex. Chief Technical Officer) and myself. As I had mentioned to you at the site meeting which we had some time ago, this matter was referred to the Chief Town Planner whose agency is responsible for issuing Enforcement Notices. Please note that no demolition of this structure in St. James could have been carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Works without the prior authorization of the Town and Country Planning Department. To date we have received no such authorization. I will however contact the Chief Town Planner in an effort to see if this situation can be remedied before the 2019 hurricane season.
    Philip Tudor
    Deputy Chief Technical Officer MTW&T


  • @ Brother Hants


    For a man who clain dat he is frigntened and is pretending to be a coward, your cowardice in finding your links, links that not a feller does find outside of Artaxerxes the Archiver, and links which certainly indict this government, and displays the lies that they are telling, certainly confirms for me, your “cowardice”



  • That email reply from MTW&M Deputy CTO Philip Tudor is the first reply, from all the emails Mr. Blackman sent to MTW, Ministers, PSs, CTOs and Deputy CTO from 2007. In addition to the verbal pleas from 2004, that were met with verbally made comforting promises. It took 11 years to get a reply from Deputy CTO Tudor about a dangerous situation, caused by wrongful actions of altering a watercourse. Mr.Tudor must have acted as CTO at some stage in that time, and had the authority to prevent, protect and seek enforcement notice for remedying the watercourse. I must reiterate, that Mr Tudor neglected his duty and towed a former DLP, MP. George Hutson blatant complicit line, that ended with the discriminatory favoured paving and assurance to retained an illegal private botch road, even though he knew it wrongful. and caused damages. Mr Tudor lied, Alden Blackman never met Mr. Tudor, but he told The Hon P M Mottley and Hon Minister Symmonds he did met with Mr.Blackman sometime, as it is, the Barbados they placed Mr Blackman social class in. Is not the Barbados that Hon PM. Mottley. Hon. Minister Symmonds or CTO Tudor social class in . So they will believe him , what a shame.


  • @John, many thanks for the history of my area. I passed down the Ridge Road last year and saw considerable slippage on the land from the Ridge to Cattlewash. I dont remember the name of the person who bought that land from the Edghills, but he owned a building supply store in Town. I understand he planned to build tourist homes from there down to his home in Cattlewash but did not get permission as it was the Scotland District. I think he should be glad. Can you imagine what would have happened if there were houses there. That land slipped the same time the hills in Cambridge came down and blocked the Ermie Bourne Highway.


  • @John, have you noticed that Chalky Mount has shrunk, or is it just my imagination.


  • Watchman

    Is Mr. Blackman any relation to Lamonte Blackman and his sister Effie, married a Parris?

    These two adults were two of many of the remarkable adults I knew well and respected as a child growing up.


  • Dame Bajans
    April 12, 2019 10:04 PM

    @John, have you noticed that Chalky Mount has shrunk, or is it just my imagination.


    In theory it should be rising as a result of the uplift from subduction of the Atlantic Plate under the Caribbean Plate.

    There is a good pictorial booklet by Hans Machel that the Museum use to sell.

    Barbados is founded on sediments coming out of the rivers of South America and then forced upward by the subduction.

    As they approach the surface of the sea living coral takes up residence.

    Once forced out of the sea it dies.

    For some reason, the Scotland District is devoid of Coral and those sediments are all that are there.

    One of the things I remember Colin Hudson telling us was that Chalky Mount if mined would produce gold because of the origins of the sediments of which it is comprised.

    Even the sand on our beaches comes from the Andes if my understanding is right.

    However he asked particularly not to tell the politicians because if they knew it would be destroyed!!

    Maybe someone misspoke and they are mining it in secret … times are tough!!

    Fat Pork Hill was mined.

    I guess Colin was getting a chuckle at the idiots we had and still have as leaders.


  • “@ Alden Blackman

    Can you show us the email from the Honourable Mia Amor Mottley telling you hold strain?”

    Don’t be put to sleep…
    “There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”


  • @ TheOGazerts

    Mr. Blackman email MP Kerrie Symmonds last year during the election campaign about his lack of representing the residents of Clarke’s Road and his failure to obtain a remedy for the created dangerous situation, due to the wrongful placing of a private botched road across, within and along the watercourse. The email was Cc to the then Opposition leader MP Mia Mottley who in a flash reply to Mr. Blackman asking him to hold tight until after the election. Even if someone else, is managing The Hon PM Mottley, emails and cell phone, by now she must know all about this dangerous situation, due to the fact, That Mr. Blackman sent a message via Facebook messenger Thursday 11 April 2019. at 2.35 pm and it was seen 7 minutes later at 2. 42 pm. The Hon P.M Mottley and Hon Minister Kerrie Symmonds don’t see the need to reply to Mr Blackman, now.


  • Seems to me, the powers to be, or those that have the powers to act on this issue, are waiting for the folks of Clarks road to either die or be washed away……..then, problem solved. That is how eva ting duh wuk in Bulbados. Sit on issues or prolong them till they solve themselves.


  • @John
    When you say they mined Fat Pork Hill, do you mean “our” fat pork hill and cashew walk? I thought that belonged to Springfield. When did this mining occur? By the way, I always sensed from a kid that there was gold along that coast. Don’t laugh, but I used to get up every morning at 6 and walk from Bathsheba almost to the Mount, looking for gold, especially after a high seas or rain fall when all the gullies came down. More psychic than i realized.

    John is that Colin Hudson the brother of Professor Hudson who lived in Edmonton and passed a few years ago? The Prof and I used to communicate on line re the East coast. He knew it as well as I did. he told me he and his family vacationed at Edgewater, when it was a private house called ‘Tenby”. He sent me some photos of it in its original state. You may have the history of Tenby in your files somewhere. We also talked about the teacup and saucer (my favourite hang-out) and the Musics.


  • I only met Colin’s father on the walks … when he was 90!!!

    He died at 97 in 2007!!

    He had a grip like iron!!

    He was decorated for his service during WWII dealing with unexploded bombs during the blitz and after.

    Colin had a son and daughter.

    Colin died in 2004.

    Seems he had a brother, Richard, who was a professor of linguistics at University College London.


  • Dame Bajans
    April 13, 2019 11:26 AM

    When you say they mined Fat Pork Hill, do you mean “our” fat pork hill and cashew walk? I thought that belonged to Springfield. When did this mining occur?


    You can google “fat pork hill” “cashew walk” Barbados and see if others have spoken about it.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Alden Blackman

    Mr Blackman

    At ant time you see your blog run to a stop you need to do a few things

    1.Look at its last messages.

    When you do that you are looking to see what those last messages contained

    And where are your readers minds

    2.Right now, your 119 readers are looking at fat pork.

    Now like I said previously, fat pork is not bad because this is 1 full page and 19 comments added to your comment so you are ahead.

    3.What you have to do is refocus you blog item after this “organic growth.”

    Remember this.

    Your matter is controversial.

    In brief it is about

    A.a native, who is black, like 95% of the island is black, living near a natural watercourse, for 27 years and never being flooded

    B.a non native, who is white, building a bed and breakfast next to you and blocking up this natural watercourse and flooding you and other natives out

    C.During the time on the illegal blockage, the problem has been made worse when a road was paved over the watercourse and you and others have been flooded for 15 years

    D.for 15 years you have written 4 different administrations, even as recent as last year, asking for help

    That request even went to the current prime minister, then leader of the opposition and, she promised to help you, THEN RETRACTED THAT OFFER.

    E.You are 72 years old and as an older man feel like if your country has betrayed you.

    When you keep quiet EVERY YEAR YOU GET FLOODED OUT!

    WHEN YOU SPEAK OUT you are chided and demanded to STFU by agents of the Mugabe regime

    You are not making this an issue about a poor black man and a white ex pat, THEY HAVE!!!

    ALL YOU ARE SEEKING IS THE RIGHTS AFFORDED YOU AS A CITIZEN BORN IN BARBADOS, but all you are receiving is abuse at the hands of pulic servants, government officials, parliamentary representatives and your very own Prime Minister who told you to GIVE HER YOUR VOTE, AND WATCH ME NUH!

    You, and others in Clarkes Gap, delivered on your side of the Covenant BUT MOTTLEY HAS NOT DELIVERED ON HERS


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


    Use the advice of John the Quaker and refashion your story Mr Blackman

    The same John who is into family lines and fat pork.

    Look and listen!

    Break up your story by segments / actors/times

    Sample for you.

    Pat Brayshaw. UK EX. PAT, Owner of X. on date commenced building illegal structures in watercourse. She put down 60 boulders along 252 feet, 6 and 7/8 inches of watercourse

    At an average of 7 feet deep and 12 ft across that is 12 x 7 x 252 = y cu. Ft of debris.

    At the current rate this is $ 200,000 in materials from Cow Williams or We Move the Earth to please

    It will take y amount of trucks carrying 9 cubic feet maximum per load z loads to fill this space. A truck load costs $450 ( I am not double dipping am I I heheheheh)

    So materials, trucks and labour equals (and you add this up)

    Also add the cost of paving the road/formerly watercourse


    Then ask the question as John the Quaker has advised.

    Who paid for this?

    Was it MTW? Or Mrs Brayshaw?

    If MTW, then where is the approval?

    If Mrs Brayshaw why pay $500,000 for an illegal road?

    Move away from your emotions Mr Blackman.

    Ask the right question about Dawe and Frank Thornhill and Phillip Tudor and Arthur’s Construction

    And leave out all the emotive conversation about this “I is a poor black man” cry baby story.

    All your readers dun understand and overstand what you have suffered.

    Now it is time to show how government monies have been used to aggrandize public servants!

    Cross reference the Auditor General’ report and see what is missing at MTW between what was approved and what was spent.

    A thing that the Third Party Movement should be doing, by the way. ( Aword to the wise is sufficient)


  • @ PIECE

    We got you, work in progress.


  • piece

    re A thing that the Third Party Movement should be doing, by the way



  • Didn’t Grenville made an all knowing pronouncement which was not in Mr Blackman’s favor.


  • @ TheOGazerts

    Grenville Phillips is totally wrong in this case, the flooding started after a part of the watercourse was critically altered, by heavy equipment that removed the edges, but only replaced a part of the north edge with boulders within the course, to support the botch road. it was not by erosion, the erosion came as a result of what was done by altering, to the south side which is Mr. Blackman back and front yard.


  • I know he was wrong. Just stating that his mind is already made up.


  • Grenville Phillips is totally wrong in this case and about a lot of other things,


  • It can be dangerous to approach a bull from the front , a horse from the back, and a half idiot from any direction


  • @ mariposa
    I don’t mean you


  • Watchman not paying u any attention
    Soon you would be declaring yourself as a member of PDYR Turd party
    Don’t think he is going to put him self on a broken limb for u for nutting


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Mr Blackman

    I am going to teif dat statement

    “…It can be dangerous to approach a bull from the front , a horse from the back, and a half idiot from any direction…”

    Dat one is a winner…

    And true to form you mentioned it and a half idiot came at you twice which, if you multiply her by 2, makes it a whole idiot or LEGION


    RE “…It can be dangerous to approach a bull from the front , a horse from the back, and a half idiot from any direction…”



  • @ watchman
    . Any 5 year old would know that when the flood come, it would take to low ground. Pat Brayshaw knew the flooding would redirect from the boulder to my then open back yard, the placing of boulders were deliberately to retrieved an increase of leveled land,not for a road at first. nevertheless ,

    I have seen several times in the past you switching from 3rd person to 1st person.

    That is why I don’t trust you Mr. Blackman.

    You also continue to push a racial agenda and everyone is against.

    I believe Grenville of Solutions Barbados made the right decision in his professional analysis.


  • @ Baje

    I am happy to know, you are reading this post, MY, MY wait until you see the next. You are real slow at understanding, it was always, a matter of the way some Black civil servants, kowtow to white people, and disadvantaged black people, my Brother! I trust you may know what greed and callousness can do, as to why the watercourse was altered, you should put a rock and lead water to it, and see what happen. Mr. Blackman and I, Grenville and Solution, Baje and WTFAY.


  • @Baje
    Could it be possible that watchman and Mr Blackman live in the same village? He may have come here to support Mr Blackman and therefore himself.

    Perhaps his backyard is at the same level as Mr Blackman.

    Could it be possible that watchman figured out that if Mr Blackman got flooded then his “my backyard” will get flooded as well?

    It is not rocket science; he does not need Grenville to hell him that he would be flooded out.

    You are “catching at a straw”. Look up the word nitpicking.

    The point was so small that I was ignoring it, but as watchman thought it was worthy of a reply, I added a comment.


  • flooding ent nuh sport


  • Rainy season coming.


  • Doan forget Mr. Blackman house cuh get wash way effin de guvment doan remove de boulder from de watacourse an some serious come dis hurricane season.


  • Flooding ent no joke.


  • Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley last night instructed her Cabinet to ensure that “all systems are in place” and ready by the end of next month, in time for the start of the 2019 hurricane season.

    Hope they remember Mr.Blackman


  • The government has already started preparations for the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season.

    Minister of Home Affairs, Edmund Hinkson, disclosed this today, and he is urging those involved in the private sector and homeowners to begin their preparedness plans and to ensure that their properties are insured.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ My Brother Hants

    It is noted that you continue every single post to support the matter of Alden Blackman

    Every single time!!

    You are here on duty BUT WHERE IS BLACKMAN AND WATCHMAN???

    Do you remember these words

    “…15 And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God,

    16 And fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks: and he was a Samaritan.

    17 And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine?…”

    Oft in my travels here and elsewhere, oft have I seen this phenomenon where “one toils while another harvests…”


  • Believe it or not, there is snow coming down outside my patio door, today April 27. Spring where art thou?


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right,

    I will continue to support the matter of Alden Blackman.

    In Barbados I used to live in a wood house like Mr.Blackman’s and have experienced flooding.

    @ Dame Bajans hope you are on high ground.

    “Ottawa is one of eight Ontario municipalities that have declared a state of emergency in response to threats of severe flooding.

    Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson made the declaration Thursday when it became clear that more resources were needed to cope with the rising waters of the Ottawa River. “We can no longer do it alone.”


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    I live near the river, but in Queenswood Heights on a ridge. I had my yard regraded last year so I am okay. I feel sorry for those people who paid a premium to be near the water.