Alden BLACKman: 4th Open Letter Sent to Permanent Secretary Mark Cummins

Mr. Mark Cummins

Permanent Secretary

Ministry Of Transport, Works And Maintenance

The Pine

St. Michael

April 25,2019.

Please Accept This 4thLetter Only By Email

 Dear Mr. Cummins

Sir, When the window is closed to pertinent facts regarding the circumstances of a situation, read an illegally created situation which may lead to a dangerous flooding situation- “unfairness” goes through the door and the  disadvantaged become most vulnerable.

Some of the facts why the Clarke’s Road residential area was not a flooding area before 2003 is attributed to exemplary behaviour by locals and Town and Country planning Department. The competent Officers at planning made very wise decisions that protected a vital part of the natural watercourse @Clarke’s Road i.e. from vehicular traffic with deadend roads from the West, North, and South.

The channel was deep enough for capacity and naturally sloped for fast run-off. It never overflowed from heavy rainfall during the years 1978-2003. I confirm this withut challenge BECAUSE of my familiarity with this area. I have resided @Clarke’s Road since 1982. There was never vehicular through traffic from Appleby, Clarke’s Road or Chapel Gap to, across, within, over or along the channel of this natural watercourse.

Mr. Permanent Secretary the facts as to how the Clarke’s Road residential area has become a flooding area are:

In 2002 a British ex-pat name Pat Brayshaw commissioned the services of heavy equipment and wrongfully altered the natural watercourse from Appleby on the South, along an open lot of an absentee. She levelled the channel defined banks from a very vital part of the channel and cut a road across the watercourse to her lot on the North.

Later in 2002 Pat Brayshaw persisted with the illegal act by altering the channel by wall from boulders within the channel to the land mark middle and backfilled. That process clearly narrowed the channel and provided an increase in the land level along the channel that formed a yard-cum-private road, THEN, joined a previously cut across road creating an illegal private road across within and along the watercourse channel.

Even if permission was given by MTW Minister to place a private road in that manner, it would still be wrong, unjustified and discriminatory. Furthermore, by allowing the said private road to stay in this natural watercourse channel for almost 16 years after what happened in less than a year after the alteration, is clearly unconscionable. Due to the fact the build up boulders wall within the channel not only reduced floods fast run-off, it formed the North channel bank for a favourable protection for the wrongdoer side of the channel, while the cut-out for the road across” from the South Channel bank, was callously not replaced. Those callous wrongdoings to the channel clearly caused the first flooding situation that I have experience in my years of residing adjacent to this natural watercourse channel. Thereafter, recurring floods have leaked from the cut-out South channel bank, the narrowed channel obstructs and redirect spread flooding over my property, caused erosion damage to my backyard, front-yard and made Clarke’s Road the new watercourse.

Sir, there is no need for me to repeat details here, how complaining to Drainage Unit Officers turned out, except to note that Officers dilly-dally for over a year until one honest Officer told me that Drainage Unit is not equip to rectify the watercourse channel, He directed me to MTW, Deputy CTO. Philip Tudor.

Sir. It must be stated here for obvious reasons, The actions of Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW- MTW&M) two Top Technical Officers, I will make details short, and to the point.

Sir. During a telephone conversation in 2004 with Deputy CTO. Mr. Tudor in which I outlined what happened to the natural watercourse channel. The altering, building of the private Road, the damage it caused – Mr. Tudor promised to visit the watercourse site in my presence to investigate. Up to this day I have not met Mr. Tudor. After a duration of months, in a follow up telephone conversation with Mr. Tudor, he stated the placing of the private road is illegal, and pledge to have the boulders removed and restore the channel. After many inactions only comfort promises from other telephone conversations with Mr. Tudor for nearly a year. I verbally complained to CTO. Frank Thornhill who officially pledged his agreement and approval of the rectification to be carry-out to the watercourse channel made by Deputy CTO. Mr. Tudor. The rectifying is yet to be done.

Sir. The illegal placing of the private road, clearly contravened the “Prevention of Floods Act 235”. It created a dangerous flooding situation that caused flooding damage. The authority to execute flood work is the responsibility of MTW, CTO. Mr. Thornhill, who had the authority and duty (up to his retirement ) to execute, or authorised an Officer to do flood works to remedy such flooding situation.

Deputy CTO. Mr. Tudor who certainly would have acted as  MTW, CTO. during 2004-to-date would have also held the authority and duty of  the “prevention of floods Act 235”. Yet, both Top Technical Officers costantly ignored my pleas for a remedy to the illegally created dangerous flooding situation for the past 15+ years.  They wilfully neglected their duty by not carrying-out the necessary rectification required of them to stop the wrongful redirecting of floods flow to my property. By doing such they knowingly discriminated against my household by allowing what caused the dangerous flooding situation to prolonged, causing further flooding damage, and continue to pose flooding harms, ranging from damage to property, to loss of life, God forbid.

While the said two Top Technical Officers prolonged their reckless inactions to  cause  flooding. The broken, narrowed channel was severely altered and made worse to further disadvantage my household. This is because of an obvious biased process, carried-out when laying pipes for BWA by Arthur’s Construction. Mr. Arthur used bullying action, then purposely placed the pipes into a part of my backyard that was damaged by flooding erosion, due to the broken and narrowed channel redirecting spread flooding over my backyard. Mr. Arthur reposition the channel, into that part of my backyard and made it appear as the original channel, aiming at my home, and Clarke’s Road Residential Area.

The then MP for St. James Central, Hon Kerrie Symmonds ontervened, set up a meeting at the watercourse site, both Top Technical Officers or others Officers from MTW were unavailable for the meeting, that turned out to be an exercise in futility. Base on the fact that MTW is responsible for watercourses, also after BWA completed a task. Therefore, the inactions to the risk prolonged, and overlooking of further altering when Mr. Clarke removed the channel banks from the across road to upstream where the floods emerges, that area is now driveway and garden.

MTW,  CTO Frank Thornhill and Deputy CTO Philip Tudor not only wilfully neglected their duties by prolonged inactions to the remedying of dangerous flooding situation. The said two Top Technical Officers, or Officers under they authority knowingly Complicit with Hon. George Hutson, DLP, MP for St. James Central leading up to the 2013 General Election, and confirmed to aiding and abetting by discriminatory maintenance.

Tasked MTW work men paved the said illegal private road under the watchful eye of Hon. George Hutson. Even though, the said two Top Technical Officers considered the said private road to be illegally placed, they officially pledge to removing the boulders and restoring the channel. Yet, the said two Top Technical Officers aided and abetted or did not used they authority to stop it. Any which way the two Top Technical Officers grossly neglected they duties.

Whoever the beneficiaries are concerning the concerted complicit aiding and abetting a seemingly wealthy British ex-pat to wrongfully placed a private road across, within, and along a natural watercourse channel. The cover-up have started, Deputy CTO. Tudor have gone as far as lying about his inaction to the dangerous flooding situation, in an email to me, copied to the Hon. Prime Minister. Mia Mottley, and Hon Minister Symmonds, MP for St. Janes Central.

Sir. An Urgent redress to this wrongful dangerous flooding situation is needed.

Your faithfully


Alden Blackman

Resident of Clarke’s Road

St. James

38 thoughts on “Alden BLACKman: 4th Open Letter Sent to Permanent Secretary Mark Cummins

  1. @ Piece

    The Hon. Minister Kerrie Symmonds knew when the road was wrongfully cut across the channel, and why it was cut. The boulders wall was built months later. Why did he failed from 2004-8 when the BLP was in Government, and Hon. Minister Gline Clarke was Minister of MTW.

  2. You have a very peaceful set of people living in Clarke’s Road it seems. As long as they remain peaceful nothing will be done. You should implore your neighbours to join with you. What you are doing here is not working.

  3. @ Donna

    4 of 5 chattel houses at top of Clarkes Road, belong to, or was repaired by Government housing program, 1 by Liz Thompson BLP before 2008, 3 by DLP George Hutson 2008 -13. So what do you think now ?

  4. When the Hon Minister Symmonds intervened after Arthur’s construction made the channel worse. Kerrie Symmonds slip of the tongue and told Mr. Blackman the British ex-pat don’t like him because, he did not let her used his backyard as a road when she needed a road to get to her lot. Clarke’s Road dead-end in front of Mr. Blackman Home. Mr. Symmonds had to know that road was coming across the watercourse in 2002.

  5. The Hon Minister Symmonds must know that the “Prevention of Floods Act 235” lies with the MTW CTO. In his lackadaisical intervention, did he ever try to get MTW,CTO. Frank Thornhill or Deputy CTO. Philip Tudor to the watercourse site, or even try to get a remedy. Why after Deputy CTO Tudor wilfully neglected his duty from 2004, in the wrongful placing of a private road that caused flooding, now find its necessary to seek cover by lying to Mr. Blackman about his inaction, in an email, and copying it to Hon. PM Mia Mottley and Hon.Minister Symmonds and not Hon. Minister Duguid.

  6. I am not sure about this bit of information but.

    It is reported that the East Coast extravaganza and Anniversary with all the free food for the sheeple also provided some clothing TSHIRTS FOR THE SHEEPLE

    can de ole man suggest this to you Watchman

    You seem to have isolated yourself from both administrations.

    As well as your immediate neighbors (dem get buy out by floorboards, it could have been worse IT COULD HAVE BEEN CORNED BEEF AND BISCUITS)

    You have to do something radical!!

    No, no Guy Falkes actions, nor Doctor Rat, nor Columbine follies!

    You going have to do something like

    (1) Don a sackcloth and ashes outfit for a week

    “…Blackman paints himself black as the sole act left to this 72 year old citizen who has been flooded out for 15 years…!” Use soot NOT paint

    Call the newspapers when you are finished and send de pictures to me

    I am testing Instagram Twitter Snapchat and Pinterest INTEGRATIONS!!!

    I want to test retweets and NodeXL features for the Third Party Movement


    “…Blackman threatens to Renounce Citizenship … 72 year old black Bajan threatens to renounce his nationality.

    The man who is black said he would do this since he is being treated worse than a 2nd class resident, from Jamaica (Bajans like feeling up Jamaican visitors) BY THE 95 % majority of his Barbadian Government “

    Let me know what you plan to do Watchman

  7. @ Piece

    Mr. Blackman and I have seen the callous behavior of Pat Brayshaw who did what she thought she had to do. Mr. Blackman and I know why she did it. The wrongful actions contravene the “Prevention of Floods Act 235”. From the Prime Minister of Barbados, Hon. Mia Mottley to Drainage Unit Officer know it is illegal, wrong, unjustified, and discriminatory for that wrong to be done, and disadvantage any person, especially in this situation, it is a seemingly wealthy British Ex-pat aided and abetted to take advantage of Black Barbadians.

  8. During the 2018 General Election the Prime Minister and the MP for St. James Central open a window for dialogue, then closed that window after Election. The MP for the area gone further and ask Mr. Blackman to stay in risk longer, and don’t be unduly

  9. After almost 16 years MP for St. James Central Hon Minister Kerrie Symmonds told Mr. Blackman by email he is still trying to get assistance for him in a matter of which caused flooding to his home. What was Minister Symmonds doing for the pass years? Minister Symmonds continue by saying the country is financially embarrassed. what was the financial status in 2004.He said the public Officers are will but are not well equipped. MTW, CTO Thornhill and deputy CTO Tudor were well equip in 2004 with “The Prevention O Floods Act 235” that enabled them to carry-out remedying to the watercourse at a cost to Pat Brayshaw a British expat who illegally built a private road across ,within and along a watercourse and caused flooding to be redirected to Mr. Blackman home. The Hon Minister Symmonds told Mr. Blackman if he continue to challenge the matter publicly it will not help to advance his cause. The Hon. Minister Symmonds is absolutely right, the caused of Mr. Blackman plight, is a white woman private road across, within and along a watercourse, that is aided and abetted by MTW Top Technical Officers, (one has already run to him for cover) who seemingly complicit with him, then certainly his family George Hutson in maintaining the private road and allowed the risk to remained.

  10. @WARU

    Yes Mr. Blackman and I knew all about Kerrie Symmonds fork tongue, from 2006 we heard it in action. Before the 2018 General Election he told Mr. Blackman one thing, then told one of perpetrators a Mr. Clarke who, also c illegally and callously altered upstream, somethings different. Mr. Symmonds know that Mr. Clarke would have had to altered upstream, due to the fact, when he first visited that watercourse site 2006, no house was upstream Mr. Blackman and I seen it, but still must keep asking, How can men Like Kerrie Symmonds and George Hutson, two members of a family, and MPs for St. James Central, can be so grossly lacking in representation to one or more Black members of they constituency who were clearly disadvantage by a British ex-pat callous acts of wrongdoing, that they the MPs knew was going to, and did happened, certainly one MP complicit with MTW Technical Officers in aiding and abetting the illegal action.

  11. @ Hants

    That Department of Emergency is a joke to a case like this since 2005 but we will try again ,Thank Hants

  12. The Hon Minister Kerrie Symmonds MP, for St, James central told Mr. Blackman, in his 13 Feb,2019 email that things are already difficult about the dangerous flooding situation, and it makes it harder for him to get people to work towards resolving Mr. Blackman Cause. Who are the people the Hon Minister Symmonds are talking about, certainly not the MTW two Top Technical Officers, that he could not get, or try to get to visit the watercourse channel site from 2006-8. Due to previously concerted reasons only known to he, and them. The said two Top Technical Officers, by the positions they held, clearly complicit in 2013 with a former DLP Minister George Hutson and aided and abetted with maintaining the caused of the flooding situation. The Hon Minister Symmonds, was back as MP from 2013, he did not express a concern about the flooding situation he leave in 2008, even thought it become worse. Minister Symmonds appeared leading up to the 2018 General Election with Selwyn Brooks. As to what Selwyn Brooks proposed, as a remedy to the Channel. it would further disadvantage Mr. Blackman. The effort was clearly a case of Hon Minister Symmonds, walking around with a Henchman trying to hoodwink.

  13. @ watchman,

    ” Along with improving their Facebook page, a St. James Central DEO website was officially launched by Chairman, Selwyn Brooks at the Department of Emergency Management (DEM), Warrens recently.”

    The website, is designed to give full information on disaster management and emergency planning as well as showcasing what the organisation has done over the last 15 years.
    Whereas, the Facebook page forms part of St. James Central’s DEO community outreach efforts, and seeks not only to attract new members, but also to be an up-to-date educational and informational platform. ”,

    246-421-9101, 246-232-7381

    DEM: (246) 438-7575

  14. Why did the sitting MP for St. James Central, now a Hon. Minister in this new BLP Government. try in 2018 to hoodwink a member of his constituency. After he has failed in his official capacity as MP, to obtained a legitimate remedy for a flooding situation, now trying to present an illegal method, by a henchman to remedying the caused of flooding. What made him want to bypass MTW CTO, has he bypassed before, and encouraged the British expat to placed the private road?

  15. @Hants

    Selwyn Brooks and Hon Minister Symmonds visited that watercourse Channel over a year ago, they saw the dislodged boulders, the bad erosion of the only path in the original channel on Mr.Blackman side. Even thought, MP Symmonds knew that Mr. Clarke removed the Channel defined banks from the road across the channel to upstream were the flooding emerges, that callous action is one of the causes the flooding spread, right at the beginning. MP Symmonds and Selwyn Brooks proposal still favoured Mr. Clarke and would further disadvantage Mr. Blackman. The made proposal was not to replaced the south channel banks. After Mr. Blackman pointed that situation out, Selwyn Brooks said, then let the flooding push down your protection wall. MP Symmonds said Mr. Blackman is unduly confrontational.

  16. I promised Mr Blackman I stay and keep at this dangerous flooding situation until it is justly rectified, or I die. This matter started out as an unjustified levelling of a natural watercourse defined channel banks, and a 3-4 ft land grab from within and along a watercourse channel by a white British Ex-pat. It clearly contravened a law which is “The Prevention of Floods Act 235”. That enable the MTW CTO to execute prevention flooding work at a cost to the wrongdoer.

    The Black Barbadian CTO and deputy CTO, to this day prolonged inaction, disregarded the Black Barbadian plight, and complicit with a Black politician in aiding and abetting favourably to the white wrongdoer private road that was created out of the illegal land grab, and caused a dangerous flooding situation. Despite all the wrong-doings. the Black politicians from Prime Ministers to the MPs that supposed to represent the same Black man just purposely ignored the situation for the last 16 years.

  17. And they will ignore for another 16 if you do use all the information at your disposal to prove and show that laws were broken in Clarke’s Road in favour of accommodating your nemesis. It is apparent that the intention of both political parties when in power is to give you the cold shoulder while making promises to comfort your efforts they secretly deem foolish and disrespectful to their status. You are not going to get this situation rectified.

  18. @ SSS

    Mr. Blackman and I thank you very much, your comments are right, and noted. Today we can stand up and say, we are BETTER men, than the concerted complicit Kerrie Symmonds, George Hutson, Frank Thornhill,and Philip Tudor, would ever be. We are alive, and made a living, however small without any kind of unfairness to fellowmen. God don’t Sleep.

  19. watchman
    April 29, 2019 7:48 PM

    “I promised Mr Blackman I stay and keep at this dangerous flooding situation..”

    May 1, 2019 9:20 AM
    “@ SSS
    Mr. Blackman and I thank you very much…..”

    Watchman/Mr. Blackman,
    Why are you trying so hard to give BU readers the impression that Watchman and “Mr. Blackman” are two different people?

  20. @ Walter Blackman

    Watchman/Mr. Blackman,
    Why are you trying so hard to give BU readers the impression that Watchman and “Mr. Blackman” are two different people?

    That observation has been made before when he was attacking Grenville Philips of Solutions Barbados who had proferred an analysis which didn’t agree with him.

  21. @ Walter Blackman

    A far as you mind goes, you will always see, “Watchman and Mr, Blackman” as the same. why not a person that is kind minded, who despises the injustices of the corrupted system? The system you so much wanted to be a part of . Yes, are you same Walter Blackman, who saw unfairness, call it unfairness, but when you realized what caused the flooding situation was created with the aiding and abetting of complicit politicians, and professionals of your status, you back off. what your impression now Walter?. Its not who Mr.Blackman or Watchman.may be. Remember, the MP for St. James Central, Kerrie Symmonds, and two Top Technical Officers, know and said the flooding situation is wrongful. So if you are the Walter Blackman that saw the situation at Clarke’s Road. Would you like what was done to Mr. Blackman to happened to you?. Was it wrong or right , your answer if you care to will tell if black is only your name, or in your heart .

  22. Barbados 2019

    Since you claimed you know the place, you tell BU what you hear caused the flooding, I said “you hear caused the flooding” because clearly you or Grenville Phillips make no connection to what caused the flooding, even though, you claim you pass across exactly where the flooding started from. Grenville claim he investigated so this question is for Grenville. When water leaked from a watercourse cut out channel, where the water goes? you must tell Grenville the road you pass across is the first altering cut in the channel that cause the flooding.

  23. It is somewhat amusing how some would ignore Mr Blackman’s plight, the injustice that was done and instead they focus on will it be one man or two men who will be washed away.

  24. @ TheOGazerts

    I am convinced as to what Mr. Blackman told me about his first meeting with MP Kerrie Symmonds. that MP Symmonds knew about that private road, before Mr. Blackman approached him in 2006. Even so, he must have seem Roy Morris article, and the one before that in the Nation, and never showed his face. Mr. Blackman did not approached Liz Thompson, due to the fact, that the MTW CTO Thornhill And Deputy CTO Tudor seems to be genuine in their pledged to remedying the flooding situation.

  25. What difference does it make if Mr. Alden Blackman and Watchman happen to be one and the same? Does that change the facts? Does it remove the illegal barrier and road? steupse. It is amazing how educated people dwell on the insignificant and trivial.

  26. People sometimes forget ” way dey come from” once they move up to their 2 and 3 storey houses in the heights and terraces.

  27. @ Dame Bajans

    You said and I quote

    “…What difference does it make if Mr. Alden Blackman and Watchman happen to be one and the same?

    Does that change the facts?

    Does it remove the illegal barrier and road? steupse.

    It is amazing how educated people dwell on the insignificant and trivial..”

    Your sentence should read how “do called educated and spiteful people” persist in showing how piddling they are in remembering that someone had a different opinion than theirs during a recent election when the small minded wannabee politician failed in his bid.

    You see you Dame Bajans forget that Watchman was opposed go Walter Blackman’s bid to be a MP but Small bad minded Wannabee Walter Blackman HAS NOT FORGOTTEN ALDEN BLACKMAN NOR WATCHMAN

    That is the type of stinking dog Walter is so if you take note THAT IS WHY HE IS A NEX FELLER DAT DE OLE MAN WILL CAMPAIGN AGAINST VOCIFEROUSLY!!!


  28. PIECE



  29. A professional engineer by the name of Grenville Phillips, claimed he visited, and investigated the main problem, that caused the flooding situation, because Mr. Blackman asked him, to do such. Yet, he overlooked the facts, that the Channel don’t have a south bank, from where the floods emerges up stream to the road across. The boulders wall north channel bank in the middle, blocking the exit of the original Channel. Grenville, claimed a wall built in 2010, is the main caused of flooding from 2003, we all know which Class Grenville come from. and how he feel about the blue-collar class. whoever, Mr. Philips was working for he surely foul-up. Due to classism

  30. @Piece

    I opposed Walter Blackman bidding to be MP for reasons. Here come a professional seeking to be MP. But, can’t keep his words of supporting a disadvantaged Black working class Barbadian against the wrongdoings of a wealthy British Ex-pat. as if Kerrie Symmonds and family George Hutson were not bad enough, as of today only Minister Hon. Forde and Hon. Duguid have response with 2-3 words to Mr. Blackman pleas, before retreating to their new social class as Hon. Ministers in a BLP Government.

  31. Watchman

    Yes. God does not sleep, but show me the hand of God in this situation and I will show you the power of protest. Sometimes God will not do, what he knows is in our power to deliver. You have placed all the information concerning this debacle to each party forming government. The result- Zilch!. You have place this matter in the publics domain hoping to bring awareness to your plight and wishing tomove the government hand base on that awareness. The result- Zilch. Fifteen years ain’t 15 days or 15 weeks. It is clear message sent to you that the Rich white woman 5, Alvin Blackman Zilch. Who are you going to turn too after the government has blatantly given you the cold shoulder in favour of massaging the back of this white rich woman? The answer is…? Step your protest. You want the designs for the protest shirts?

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