Open Letter to Permanent Secretary Mark Cummins


Mr. Mark Cummins

Permanent Secretary

Ministry Of Transport, Works And Maintenance

The Pine

St. Michael

April 10,2019.

Please Accept 3rd letter Only By Email

Dear Mr. Cummins

This email is to inform the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance, through you, that unless I get a response I will be seeking recourse from the Law Courts of Barbados.

I will outline my main reason for proceeding on that course of action, the other reasons will become apparent.

The fact that a remedy is yet to be carried out by the Chief Technical Officer of MTW&M who has the authority to do so.

I am familiar with this location from 1978 and lived here since 1982, at the top of dead-end Clarke’s Road, adjacent to a natural watercourse. This said course is situated between Chapel Gap and Clarke’s Road. The said course was deep, never overflowed during 1982-2002. Therefore, no foreseeable flooding risk. There was never a vehicular through public or private road, from Appleby or Chapel Gap, to or across the said watercourse.

In 2002, a White British ex-pat by the name Pat Brayshaw commissioned the services of heavy equipment that approached the watercourse from Appleby, across an open lot of an absentee land owner, and wrongfully altered the natural watercourse by levelling both edges. Thereby creating a path/road across the said course, to her lot on the North.

Later in 2002, Pat Brayshaw committed further illegal alterations to the said watercourse by placing boulders within and along the land mark centre that narrowed the course. This allowed a build-up in the level land that formed a yard-cum-private road joined the across path/road, thereby creating a wrongful private botched road from Appleby across the said absentee lot, across and within said watercourse to her lot in Chapel Gap, vice versa. Thereby causing the first flooding I witnessed in my years of living adjacent to the watercourse.

Due to the proximity of my home, on the South-west of the wrongful altered said course, the results from redirected recurring flooding caused severe damage to my then open backyard surrounding and caused me to make several changes to my home.

I complained verbally to the Drainage Unit in 2003. Officer Mr. Dawe visited the site and in conversation said the encroachment is illegal, he would report to Drainage Director. I found out he never reported when I went to the Drainage Unit Office almost a year later.

In conversation with an Officer in charge Mr. Charles Yearwood at Drainage Unit Office, he said Drainage Unit does not have the equipment to removed the boulders or to restore the course. He directed me to M.T.W, Deputy CTO Tudor. In 2004 during our first telephone conversation of my complaint and plea for a remedy Deputy CTO Tudor said, what was done to the watercourse is illegal. He promised to investigate the situation. Months later in follow up conversation, Mr, Tudor verbally pledged to have the boulders removed and the course restored. Nothing happened!

I then turned to M.T.W, CTO Thornhill  who recited what the Deputy CTO Tudor said of the situation and the actions that will be taken. The verbal pledges of remedying and restoring the said watercourse by both Top Technical Officers have not yet materialized.

The dangerous situation at the watercourse became worse due to an obvious biase of Arthur’s Construction that wrongfully placed B.W.A pipes, into a part of my adjacent backyard, that was eroded by redirected spread flooding, from the illegal road within, and across the course.

From 2004, I had to endure flooding on an annual basis to my home and environs. Even though, I made written and verbal complaints about the flooding to my home caused by the illegal construction of a private road across and within the watercourse.

My verbal pleas to M.T.W CTO Thornhill  and Deputy CTO Tudor, were verbally accepted by formal pledges of remedying the watercourse. But the inactions of said Officers showed different due to the fact, that I alerted said officers about further alterations of removing the course edges upstream where the flood flows emerges. That action was commissioned by a Mr. Clarke. The space is now driveway and Garden.

One reply came from the Ministry of Environment and Drainage in 2015 informing me that the authority in the “prevention of floods Act Cap 235 section 6B and 7” to carry out remedy of watercourses, lies with the C.T.O of M.T.W.

The M.T.W, now M.T.W & M top technical officers inactions for the pass 15+ years to provide a remedy to an illegally constructed private botched road, clearly constitutes discrimination against me a Black Barbadian.

Meanwhile, M.T.W Top Technical Officers, evidently complicit, favouring the White British ex-pat, illegal road by not only allowing the retention but also discriminatory assisted with maintenance leading up to the 2013 General Election.

Tasked M.T.W work men paved the said private road. Blatantly supervised by Politician Mr. George Hutson the then DLP. MP for St. James Central despite the danger it continue to pose to my household.

Sir an urgent redress is needed.

Your faithfully,

Alden Blackman

Clarke’s Road Resident

Citizen of Barbados


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght

    @ Mr Alden Blackman

    De ole man is still supporting you doan mind dat i causing you to have to read up about the Computer Misues Act of 2005 every time i post on you blogs

    Here is a “Biopic” for your matter

    It is followed by a Minister Do No Effing Good “Biopic of the current slow poke MTW Minister” or a “Do No Good Biopic”

    Do be careful using these “Biopics”

    Ohhhhhh and jes in case

    “…Where a person uses a computer to send a message, letter, electronic
    communication or article of any description that

    is indecent or obscene;
    is or constitutes a threat; or
    is menacing in character,

    and he intends to cause or is reckless as to whether he causes annoyance,
    inconvenience, distress or anxiety to the recipient or to any other person to whom
    he intends it or its contents to be communicated, he is guilty of an offence and is
    liable on summary conviction to a fine of $10 000 or to imprisonment for a term
    of 12 months or to both.

    Well leh we not go dere causing wunna RH has cause Alden Blackman much RH annoyance, RH inconvenience, FH distress and CH anxiety for the 15 RH years wunna has tormented his ass (and de 12 RH years wunna has tormented mine heheheheheheh)

    But neither Alden nor I can lock wunna corrupt teifing RH up for 12 months, nor deny wunna bail for 2 years, nor, on conviction hangs wunna scvunt for de RH wunna has been doing.

    But while i ent know bout Blackman, wunna RH can be assured dat until i fuchol get whu wunna gots for me, as long as breath remains in de ole man, I gine prosecute wunna RH from heah cause wunna ent no RH use

    And I gine mek sure dat every RH development agency know bout wunna tricks

    Caligula dat up wunna RH heheheheheheheh


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please


  • Shedding Some Light

    This is how they treat the local poor black man trying to do something positive for himself:

    NCC threat

    Does public space in Barbados belong to a select few?

    This is the question that entrepreneur Shawn Morris needs answered as his three-week-old beach chair rental business at Bathsheba, St Joseph, is threatened with closure by the National Conservation Commission (NCC).

    This morning Morris told Barbados TODAY that despite giving him a licence to operate in the first place, the NCC has given him until Saturday to remove several integral structures of his business.

    “There is a little PVC booth there that I didn’t dig any foundation for. I just put some soft stones on the ground and levelled the ground with some mortar. The booth is made light enough to be moved if the waves come in. Also, when you are coming onto the beach there is a steep hill, so I built steps using sea rocks and wood. This morning the NCC called me and told me that I have to move by Saturday or they will come and remove the things themselves,” he said, revealing that he has sunk close to $15,000 in the business.

    The businessman explained that the 6×6 hut was vital for storage and shelter while the steps provided access, noting that without them it was pointless being open for business.

    However, Morris is claiming that the pressure to move his fledgling business first began when some frequent beach users deemed the project a detractor from the natural aesthetics of the beach, which has become famous for its surfing.

    “To be honest with you I don’t even like to discuss race because I believe that we are all Bajans and we should be living in unity. But I think that there is a bit of racism in this because there is a white guy right now at Batt’s Rock that is doing a lot more than me and nobody is complaining for him,” he said noting a photo of his business recently appeared on the Barbados Photographic Society’s Facebook page and the image drew quite a bit of negative comments. Barbados TODAY visited the page and saw the comments in opposition to the business.

    Morris explained that when he first began setting up the business the area was filled with rotting sargassum seaweed and debris. In addition, the coconut trees on the beach were unsightly due to a lack of care over the years.

    “I would have invested about $15,000 into the business after I received permission from the NCC to operate there. When I went on to the spot it was full of debris and overgrown coconut trees, which had dry coconuts that could fall on people’s heads at any time. I got somebody to cut the limbs and remove all the old coconuts. It took about nine truckloads to move all the stuff away,” lamented an emotional Morris, who claimed that three Government Ministers visited the spot recently and applauded his efforts.

    This account was supported by public relations officer of the St Joseph Independence Parish Committee, Victor Morris, who was equally baffled by the opposition to the project.

    “I have been living in this parish for 69 years and I was very happy to see things starting to happen here. Two Friday’s ago, I saw three Ministers visit the area. One was Minister of Culture John King, Minister of the Environment Trevor Prescod and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jerome Walcott. While they were here, I complimented the youngster on how beautiful he had the place. All the moss is gone, so I was shocked this morning when I heard that the poor chap has until this weekend to move. It is unfair because this is the type of business we need,” he said.

    Barbados TODAY made several attempts to reach NCC General Manager, Keith Nebblett for comment but was unsuccessful

    However, this morning Morris said he felt as though the fates had conspired against him as he was recently forced out of the boating business after one vessel was destroyed in an accident and another by fire.

    “To come here now and be feeling this kind of pressure just feels like I can’t get away from the stress. It is really stressful for me because for the past couple of nights I couldn’t even sleep because I don’t understand what I did wrong. I have not done anything to anyone, I just came and clean the area and try to make a living and to receive so much pressure is really unbearable,” he stressed.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Ecco another man who the fates euphemism for the Mugabe Government want hime out of the runnings

    I bet you that as soon as he is gone ONE OF NEBLETT KICK BACKS GOING GET THE SAME SPOT

    You made a few mistakes though

    If it is government beach, you should have sent a letter first

    If the government visited you you should have taken a video of all 3 of them WITH SOUND!!!

    and the 3 rd thing is to throw yourself on the mercy of the NCC through your minister FIRST

    Cause now, to fight this after the fact, i fear that you going lose but you never know


  • On the subject of water ….

    This has to be the most ignorant piece of garbage reporting I have come across.

    Rising sea levels my great toe!!!

    If sea levels were rising the beaches would be disappearing.

    All that is happening is what happens every dry season, particularly the harsh ones.

    Little rain!!!

    So the fresh water flowing in underground streams down to the fresh water lens floating on top of the sea water is reduced.

    It can’t keep pace with the demand.

    All that happens almost every year is the wells are shut down.

    This is routine!!!

    When the rains come back (hopefully) in the wet season, a couple of months away, BWA can use them again.

    Crazy politicians went in for golf courses and high end development back in the 1990’s making a bad situation worse.

    Mark Cummins from his time as Town Planner bears responsibility for this too!!

    Far bigger deal than surface flooding because when BWA shuts down the wells as they routinely do, thousands of folks at higher elevations suffer.

    … in areas which the BWA can’t keep supplied 24/7 yet were still developed …

    … but not to worry, like the flooding, it isn’t forever …. just a lot more frequent and it affects more people!!


  • @ PIECE

    You are reading the watchman wrong , what I am saying, that I will be helping a poor Black man, send a letter to the M TW&M every two days for 14 days. seeking a response, but the Minister, PS, and or Top Technical Officers may see the need for despotic actions against the watchman and poor Black man who is trying to save his home. The Top Technical Officers have already discriminated against the poor Black man, and favoured the White British Ex-pat


  • I have known this gentleman for some years now, even though I can’t know everything about him, he has always endeavored to engage in some self employment business endeavor. I’d imagined his plumbing business has taken a hit in recent times as the environment for house building and similar maintenance has suffered given the economic situation. Instead of sitting around complaining he gets off his ass and do. Good luck Tu-Pac, lol @Baje


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “Does public space in Barbados belong to a select few?”

    That is how the REPULSIVE NEGROS in the parliament and bar assocuation want to sèe black bajans suffering under their disenfranchising RACIST, APARTHEID conditions they REFUSE to dismantle……GENERATION after GENERATION..

    That is what Mia is bending over backwards and fighting to preserve…..but the most i see her doing in this era…IS GO DOWN TRYING.


  • @ White Hill

    Do you care to state which gentleman in this posting you know, since you knew him before me, I need to know who I am supporting better.


  • The Top Technical Officers have already discriminated against the poor Black man, and favoured the White British Ex-pat


    The Top Technical Officers will tell you they too are “poor black men”.

    They won’t tell you they are also seeking to make a fast buck by any means!!

    So if a few other “poor black men” get stepped on …. in their view … tough sh!t !!!!

    It’s business!!


  • It appears, that while BLP MP for St. James Central. Hon. Minister Symmonds sent a message from his iphone, telling Mr. Blackman to continue enduring the results of flooding, until Barbados improved financially. Minister Symmonds, has continue showing a lack of concern for the plight of Black residents of Clarke’s Road.

    Meanwhile, MTW Top Technical Officers is hell-bent on allowing an illegal private road for a white British Ex-pat to remain.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    The Computer Misuse Act

    Rogue- Works will have to work overtime on this one. We all knew that whatever efforts you use to target the internet is intended to silence BU, and in so doing, drive fear in David’s ass so he compromises the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that concern citizens can do amidst all the shite that politicians want to continue to cover up. So while Rogue- Works trying to stop the poster war, or my sweet piece third party fight, or the many labels placed on Rogue- Works of recent, maybe she can start to put some of her time and energy into formulating these acts as well.

    Financial Mismanagement and Political Abuse Act
    The Cost OVerruns Mishandling and Lack of Transparent Accounts Act
    The Ministers Code of Conduct and Displicinary Act
    The Investigation and Prosecute Act for misuse of government property
    The Requirements for Knighthood Consideration Rules
    The People’s Say Act in Tax Exemption Amnesty
    The Auditor General’s Report, Investigate and Seizure Act

    As stupid as some of these may sound we are getting acts that are intended to protect these vile people and keep their covert actions from coming under any further heavy poster activism like the ones that took down the stinking DLP.

    They willfully break laws, bend laws, change constitutions for their purposes but a citizen like Alvin Blackman got to beg them like a dog to look into the wrong doing created by them, while they allow a rich white woman to get away with murda.
    Rogue-Works you are going to be in for a rough ride. Hope your communications expert is really good. He will be tested.


  • Chairs & umbrellas are being laid out, UNOCCUPIED, on our public beaches even before the sun rises on a morning. This should not be allowed. A chair & umbrella should not occupy a space on the beach until they are rented to a customer, and only then they should be allowed to take up a vacant space.

    Occupying the primes spots on the beach before rental (ie: when empty) prevents us locals from using those spaces.


  • Mr. Blackman email MP Kerrie symmonds last year about his lack of representing ,and CC to the now prime Minister Hon. Mia Mottley, who in a flash reply to Mr. Blackman, telling him to hold on until after the 2018 General Election she will address the situation, since then it appears the email address change.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Alden Blackman

    Can you show us the email from the Honourable Mia Amor Mottley telling you hold strain?

    De Ole Man has a Political Biopic that I want to place on the BLP site showing how she made you ghis empty promise BUT WAS ABLE T O PAY CUNTSULTANTS $21 MILLION…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ my Dearest SSS

    You kicking hard my dear. Real hard.

    It is evident that they are disturbed about the social media sites and the coverage it is receiving

    I project that in 2020 this is when they are going to make their most dangerous constitutional changes


    Keep on trucking.

    And they have a serious battle comin. .. if only they knew

    Thanks for your last message, I wove it into that Pretender Grenville Phillips ‘ website

    Let him go to the Royal Baygon Police Force and complain about his Cimputer Mususe Rights 2005

    Megalomaniac that he is…and liar


  • Wow. The residents of Bathsheba have been complaining about the NCC. During surfing competitions, the locals would take their coolers filled with drinks, light up their barbeques and sell snacks, etc., to the spectators. Last year, none of that happened. Supposedly, an all inclusive licence was issued to some white person, who told the locals if they sold anything he would have them arrested and charged that only he and his people had authority to sell at Bathsheba during the surfing competition held in Cleavers for a cup called the Soup Bowl. That area of the sea is and has always been “Cleavers”, never, never, Soup Bowl.

    And Mia wants us to come home for 2020. Why would I come back when the beach where I grew up and played, fished, walked, now controlled by some white man/woman who not from bout dey?




  • @ Dame Bajans,

    This is just a continuation of the collapse of the post-independence Barbados. The political elite sells out the country for short-term gains (30 pieces of silver), a large number of traditional Bajans run away and the foreigners (white, Asian and a few blacks) invade.
    In time – two decades at most, by 2040 – the island will be a holiday destination for Europeans and North Americans with a few wealthy South Americans, depending on climate change. The locals will be waiters, security people, huskers, entertainers, deviants, a few lawyers and the mass as public servants.
    It is another manifestation of the failure of the state.

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    BY 2040


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  • Agree with you. Where does one draw the line? Before you know it beaches everywhere are cluttered with deck chair.

    He was apparently only given permission to rent beach chairs not install steps, a hut or beds.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “And Mia wants us to come home for 2020. Why would I come back when the beach where I grew up and played, fished, walked, now controlled by some white man/woman who not from bout dey?”

    The government wants your money so they can continue to maintain a racist, apartheid slave society…with black people always disenfranchised, marginalized, robbed and abused…generation after generation..

    Spread the word, make sure diasporans are informed…DO NOT GIVE MIA A DIME…to continue the racism and apartheid against the majority black population.


  • @Watchman, I’m sorry, was responding to “Baje” as he/she brought up the piece on Shawn Morris.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    I know Donna would understand the above comment.

    Dimwits like Dullard…not so sure.


  • The fact is, the Morrisses are an old local family. The patriarch lived in the New Road (which connected Cleavers Hill with St. Elizabeth Village) and the extended family lived in the Backgate (local name for Joes River). I am godmother of one of the Morrisses.


  • When,or If ,MTW Deputy CTO Philip Tudor, referred to the Chief Town Planner for an Enforcement Notice to demolished the illegal private road. Did he check on the status of said enforcement notice, before he, the then CTO Thornhill, or Other Top Technical Officers, complicit with George Hutson the former DLP MP for St. James Central, and task MTW workmen to paved the illegal private road for a white British Expat. even though the said Top Technical Officers, know said road formed an illegal obstruction in the watercourse, that redirect recurring flood flows, to the Black residential area of Clarke’s road


  • St. Elizabeth’s Village was known as Crab Hole originally.
    It was the site of a major landslip on 11th October 1785.

    That’s why huge boulders from Hackleton’s Cliff can be found on the way down to and on the beach!!

    Here is a part of the account.

    The greatest landslip which is recorded took place on the 11th of October 1785, in that part of the parish of St. Joseph called Crab-hole. The inhabitants of that district were alarmed at the appearance of several deep fissures, which seemed to increase. Several persons were induced to remove their effects, and the manager on the estate called Walcott’s had
    just fled from the mansion with his family, when the soil was descending in large compacted masses from the neighbouring hill and partly overwhelmed the house. In the course of that night most of the buildings on the plantation shared a similar fate, and others sunk into deep chasms which were filled up with the mould sliding down from the adjacent hill.

    The aspect of the whole region from Walcott’s to Crab-hole, extending upwards of a mile in length and about three hundred yards in breadth, was that of violent commotion.

    ” The earth, violently torn asunder, was intersected with numerous chasms, whose widely-extended jaws seemed ready to engulf whatever might be precipitated into them; while in other places it was swelled and inflated with enormous tumours, whose convulsive motions menaced the few remaining buildings with destruction. Is it or was it long before they were involved in the general wreck, and sinking into the yawning gulf, left no traces of their former existence behind them. The face of nature was so completely changed in that district, that few of the inhabitants could ascertain the spot on which many objects familiar to their remembrance had been recently placed.

    A field planted in Eddoes, occupied the site on which the mansion-house stood, and brought with it a long slip of the broad road, as perfect and entire as if it had not been removed. The cocoa nut-trees which grew about the house, and even the windmill, were gradually carried some hundred yards from their original situation, where the latter was completely allowed up, no part of it remaining visible but the extremity of the upper arm.”

    It is related that during the occurrence of this phenomenon, the inmates of a house, where on the following day a christening was to take place, had scarcely time to make their escape when the house was engulfed. The next morning no vestige of it was to be seen.

    Some time afterwards it was discovered through a fissure in the soil, which was enlarged, an opening made in the roof, and to the great astonishment of the persons who descended into it, the internal arrangements were found in the same order as before the accident took place ; even the christening cake was found unimpaired in appearance and taste.


  • I suspect the Morris family name in the area arises from a William Morris who is thought to have owned Walcott’s Plantation in 1787 or thereabouts.

    He owned also 35 slaves.


  • @ John

    Hi john, have not seen you on BU for sometime,if you are the same john welcome back. Now John, this is serious post, the watchman is putting for a Poor Black Barbadian, who had to endured the results of redirected annual recurring flooding to his home, since 2002, due to the callousness of a White British Expat. who wrongfully placed a private road across within and along a watercourse, Adjacent to his home. The white person secured the complicity of a Black Barbadian Politician and MTW Black Top Technical Officers, in her wrongdoing that continue to pose harm, that can lead to a disaster. But, MTW Top Technical Officers refused for the last 15+ to remedy the dangerous situation. The poor Black Barbadian and I ask BU to highlight this case, and get some comments for or against, from WHITE,RED,BLACK people. today it is the poor Black Barbadian , who will it be next,. now John, say something pertaining to this post, or get to fuck off , that goes to the rest of you, who think you will not be touch by some kind of situation.


  • @ John

    You have to be a REAL CUNT.





  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    The racists will be out of sorts, the changes are coming too fast and furious…, but it is just a matter of removing their house negros permanently out of the lives of the majority population… to show them what out of sorts really looks like..



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  • After MTW&M, Deputy CTO, Mr. Philip Tudor, reneged on his verbal formal pledges to removed the boulders and restored the watercourse, he never reply to an email, from Mr. Blackman seeking a rectification for the watercourse over the years, that he ride a desk, and must have seen every email sent, by Mr. Blackman a Barbadian taxpayers, who help pay Mr. Tudor salary, he also has a Ministry vehicle, and maybe free telephone. Nevertheless, Mr. Tudor still neglected his duty to prevent recurring flooding, he ignoring pleas from born Black Barbadian. Yet, Mr. Tudor’s stayed the complicit course of ignoring, and inactions to the cause, that clearly discriminated against Mr Blackman. On the 20 Feb, 2019 Deputy CTO Philip Tudor has the gumption to reply to Mr. Blackman for the first time in 15+ years and stating that Mr. Blackman “rudely criticized him”, Mr. Tudor has feelings, but only recognize wrongdoing, if he think, it is done to him.


  • John, we were told in school that the land slide started under the Cliff. That area right under the Cliff is what was known as Crab hole in my childhood. From the Village to the sea is no more than a half mile as the crow flies. The damaged outlined above could not have happened in that small space. We still have not figured out if Round Rock was part of the northern end of the cliff fall, or where it actually came from. For those who don’t know, I am referring to Cliff.


  • I am referring to Hackleton’s Cliff, St. Joseph.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    To be fair to John the Quaker

    Dame Bajans introduced the matter of the Morris relation.

    John is a historian and inserted a fact that tried to both give a backstory for the Morris guy under the microscope AS WELL AS a bit of history that ole man that I am, DID NOT KNOW.

    @ Watchman you jumped on John de Quakers back real fast but you have yet to send that email from Mia which promised you help after the elections.

    Let me give you another perspective on John the Quakers contribution that you have NOT SEEN.


    Barbados is 95% black.

    John is a bajan? White man WHO OBVIOUSLY IS READING THE DETAILS OF YOUR SUBMISSIONS to be able to see that name Morris AND THEN COMMENT ON IT.

    But here is what you have missed here.

    Every time you submit a New Blog on the Same Subject matter YOU SPLIT YOUR COUNTS AND WE SUPPORTERS, OF WHOM JOHN IS ONE, have to read the same Pat Brayshaw topic again, with Phillip Tudor, and Dawe and Arthur Construction and Thornhill the retired CTO…

    You feeling me?

    We who support you have to come to your newest blog on the same topic and start all over

    When Mia Mia Mottley and Kerrie Oblong Head come to Barbados Underground each day, or get their reports, they are told

    Alden Blackman has 2,009 comments

    His article has been running for 20 days therefore his uptake is 100 people a day.

    Then an in depth report from the Honourable Blogmaster might, if shared say.

    Alden Has a responder support base of 30 people who constitute 90% of his contributors

    These are primarily locals

    Of the 10% of the others that have commented they are bajans who live in the Heights of whom 80 percent are bajan whites.

    They come and click on Alden Blackman ‘s article EVERY FVUCKING DAY.

    Do you understand what I am saying Mr Blackman?

    I am expected to curse and get on like I mek meself, this is what mad conspiracists who (and get this one good) ” have syphilis like Caligula …” heheheheh are supposed to do.

    Dem was toying wid de gun running story but dat ent mek it casing a gun cost $10,000 and it dint mek much sense.

    Den I was to be a drug dealer but dat dint mek much sense.

    Den I was to be a paedophile and rapist but that would have brought Roy Morris’ matters to the fore so…

    So dem was using de conspiracist thing but ghag ran aground when Jeff Cumberbatch expose the bizarreness of de inclusion of High Treason wid Bail heheheheh

    So now de ole man is mad and apparently got incurable Caligula syphilis like de editor fellow my fellow myope had to get treat for


    Oh lawsie.. and de stormy is dat I get it while at Sandhurst Military Academy and dat it terminal whuloss…

    Anyway Blackman, i got a licence to do my tings dem, I ent got no gully to fix, you do.

    If you listen to John you realize that he live Barbados too, albeit a certain century but you have to focus on your numbers and stop splitting your counts…the Blogmaster gives you alot of pingbacks so …

    Send Mia’s email please!!!


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My Sweet Piece

    Rogue- Works is already exposing her hand. The two face hypocrite is all about herself, her people, her image, her family, and what she thinks is best for Barbados in her eyes only. She is right to have knighted her father; right to have granted a tax amnesty; right to remove road tax and replace it with an even higher tax in taxing fuel; right to have a big cabinet of parliamentarians; right to making sure that 20 million is put aside for consultancy fees; right to send home those at the bottom and keep those at the top; right to leave the corruption of the DLP at talk and point fingers only; right to move slow on certain policy decisions that would protect the treasury from their scheming; right to change the constitution as it fits into her narrative and the narrative of her political party. Right, RIght, RIght!!! So while she camouflages her giving bajans ease by removing this and that, she is taking it back from them in a very subtle way that is not really providing any ease for a boy. Imagine, she enjoyed the poster activism targeted at the stinking DLP. No problems there. She did not have to pay a cent for the war that was rage against Stuart and his idiots. Now that she launched her ”Me First” interests upon Barbadians starting with making sure that her father is fully esteemed and elevated, and secondly, putting all of her people in the money under her Me FIrst policy of many hands make like work, she will make every move to bring social media to the bend knee to her rule. No one is to protest against her because Mia is Right so no one should talk shite. An island of just under 300,000 souls, have to accept the Me First vision of Mia ‘Rouge-Works’ Mottley because Mia is the promise that will bring change and the vision that we need to turn around the state of bad things made worse. So accept, accept, accept. Believe, believe, believe, and even if she does shite, which she has already done in ensuring that certain people are free from certain burdens, we are to turn a blinded eye because this is Mia Mottley, the change that we voted for and the care that was promise because she said give me ya vote and watch ma. Bajans would do well to watch and keep eyes open. I mean who allows outsiders to their homeland to push them around? Barbados government ministers, that is who; and as long as you have money, the government and all of their power belong to you because VIP treatment is reserved for them. No laws for them. No courts for them. No investigations for them. You can go without paying taxes for years and its no big deal because nothing ever happens to them. Remember this

    Locals are just for pushing aside and embracing strongly when election time comes around again. That is why we get what we deserve. To foolish, and too partisan to see that politicians created the messes that we are in.


  • Dame Bajans
    April 11, 2019 10:57 PM

    John, we were told in school that the land slide started under the Cliff. That area right under the Cliff is what was known as Crab hole in my childhood. From the Village to the sea is no more than a half mile as the crow flies. The damaged outlined above could not have happened in that small space. We still have not figured out if Round Rock was part of the northern end of the cliff fall, or where it actually came from. For those who don’t know, I am referring to Cliff.


    It is like Sedge Pond in St. Andrew.

    In geological terms it is called back rotation.

    The former pond at Sedge Pond was formed as the land slipped away from the cliff.

    The springs in the cliff filled it and kept it filled.

    Don’t know when or why it emptied.

    Back up at Crab Hole as the land slipped away from the side of the cliff, the cliff was undermined and the edge broke away.

    This is the source of the boulder train going down to the sea.

    That’s why if you happen to live down there, get out fast if there is unusually high rainfall!!

    Don’t stay down there in a hurricane!!

    If you go around by Boscobelle where 4-500 acres slipped in 1901, look at the cliff edge from the road that always slips and you will see how it works at the cliff.


  • The poor Black Barbadian and I ask BU to highlight this case, and get some comments for or against, from WHITE,RED,BLACK people. today it is the poor Black Barbadian , who will it be next,. now John, say something pertaining to this post, or get to fuck off , that goes to the rest of you, who think you will not be touch by some kind of situation.


    Skin colour has nothing to do with the issue … it is only the colour of money that counts!!

    This is how simple it is!!

    Boscobelle, Crabhole just illustrate the power of water on a scale many times the size of the issue you raise.

    Greenland and the $50 million dollar hole illustrate the power of money!!

    Question: Who jackass digs a $50 million hole in the ground and doesn’t use it?

    Answer: A poor black man who gets a cut of the $50 million.

    Was this a case of money laundering?

    Somebody’s $50 million of perhaps dirty money got converted to a completely legal loan to Barbados repayable over time.

    The $50 million gets cleaned!!

    Go on to the ICIJ database, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, and see how many names you know who are involved in your issue appear!!


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “Go on to the ICIJ database, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, and see how many names you know who are involved in your issue appear!!”

    It’s over 120, 000 offshore accounts attributed to the crooks in parliament, bar association and the minority business community…..many bajans don’t even know that their names have been used by these thieves on those accounts…when they started running out of names, including their own..



  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    David, or whoever the shite you are.

    Where is the poster that I placed under my write up?


  • @watchman

    As previously advised stay on message or not allow yourself to be distracted. The blogmaster will moderate as he deems fit.


  • As an example of a “poor black man” try our own Donville’s name in the ICIJ database.

    If you care to, try the name of the “white ex pat” and see what happens!!

    I suspect you will see that skin colour is irrelevant!!

    I understand that there are many a “poor black man” who dare not travel to the US for fear of being held at the airport … like Donville … another “poor black man”!!


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    You are not moderating, David. You are following your new script. Mottley is in power now, so the poster war will be brought to halt on your blog as your loyalty to Rogue-Works continue to shine true. You are a two face hypocrite. Pretending you talking to Watchman. You of all people already know that Watchman and Alden Blackman will get no help from the GOB because he decided to make his issue public. His only recourse in this matter is to go before a compromising court system of Barbados and hope for the best. The pretence is not becoming of you, David, but perhaps you were just pretending all along until your party, the stinking crooked, arrogant, scheming BLP party get back into the power of things.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Dearest SSS

    There are 3 persons holding the position of Blogmaster during the course of a 24 hour time span.

    While it may be argued that all 3 like the BLP, one, the critical one, the one who was been running the blog for 12 years IS A PATRIOT, and while there is latitude for all three to “moderate”, in the final analysis, the original David of BU rules.

    It WILL get posted, it’s called build up.

    Recognise this my Dearest

    When, Caswell Franklyn posts, he is read, when Alden Blackman posts, it is read, when William Skinner posts, it is read, KAMMIE HOLDER it is read, Brother Hants, it is read… Dr GP, interspersing HIS CAPS with others lowercase, it is read

    There are others here whose currency brings readers for every one of their posts. AND YOU ARE AMONG THEM!

    The Original David of BU is still with the group of people who love country

    But the way, I try to tell my grandson to look at the nuances in your “political biopics” (remember that we dont do Stoopid Cartoons or posters no more, these are political biopics heheheheh,) but he hard headed at times.

    I saw your succession of images of Michael Lashes, through Carry Way a ton and Mark Macaroni and de feller who shot Luke and paid $24 for his License to Kill and Greenverbs Parris etc.

    Very Nicely Done!!


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Alden Blackman

    John the Quaker IS NO FOOL.

    He came here a day and distilled all of the long complicated documents that The Stewart’s were promoting into 2 paragraphs!!!

    You there HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT and “overstand” what he is saying.

    At 6.17 am and then at 7.07 am he gave a nugget of focused and salient information.

    In those two 6 lines sentences John the Quaker provided more damaging information about how your issue should be ramped up that any of us have to date.


    YOU and Baje struck out at him earlier but we need to step back at times and understand how the script that we emotive keyboard warriors are using gets “tired” after a while.

    And yes, the narrative and the biopics ENTERTAIN FOR A LITTLE BIT but you and others here need to be running this campaign more cohesively.

    Take a look at our campaign to date

    It is pathetic really, WE HAVE EMOTED THE SHEEPLE REALLY.

    Look at Grenville Phillips and the Third Party Movement that he purportedly represents!

    Paucity exemplified!!!

    John the Quaker just showed how we are failing the Bajan People cause we typing ingrunce every day for one audience only, THE SHEEP.

    It is time to “up” this campaign and coopt the minds of thinkers.

    We need to understand clearly what has to be THE MESSAGE TO FREUNDEL STUART AND MIA MOTTLEY from May 24 2018.

    Two items by John and the Watchman’s name, while a pretty moniker, becomes like wind, not because his matter is not important, but that it shows up our inadequacies for the bigger fight.

    I try real hard not to list every single infraction that i have experienced in this country

    But, when I write, I try to dilute the specifics, and highlight the macro issues that are at play.

    It is NOT ABOUT Alden Blackman this is about the rights of Bajan citizens and residents.

    Abijah Holder as a bajan son is dead, so is Luke Bjerkham.


    and that is where our fight has to be


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for my Dearest SSS thank you


  • Michelle Obama said when they go low we go high.

    In the words of Tony the Tiger- have a grrrrrrrr8 day!


  • You of all people already know that Watchman and Alden Blackman will get no help from the GOB because he decided to make his issue public. His only recourse in this matter is to go before a compromising court system of Barbados and hope for the best. The pretence is not becoming of you, David, but perhaps you were just pretending all along until your party, the stinking crooked, arrogant, scheming BLP party get back into the power of things.


    Is the road really “illegal”?

    What specific law does it break?

    There are roads all over Barbados that pass through water courses … Cherry Tree Hill, Whim Gully, Sailor Gully, Russia Gully etc etc etc!!

    Does it have all the relevant signatures on all the relevant permissions?

    If it is legal but causing damage, then particularise the damages and sue for damages.

    Forget the issue of colour.

    If the problem is really with how the relevant signatures got on all the relevant documents, address the how!!

    It is not a question of colour, it is one I am suggesting of money!!

    Go look for the money!!


  • eg … if you see a Customs Officer build a block of apartments side of you find out how!!

    If you see a politician owning a condo at Port St. Charles find out how!!


  • If you see Donville and his dentist buddy and the whole set of ICBL executives giving and taking bribes and money laundering, see what else they do … and with whom they associate.

    When you get more names, see with who else they associate.

    So if you know the Top Technical Officials by name, see if they are in the Panama or Paradise Papers.

    See with whom they associate.

    Then, if you get good solid data, blow their game open.

    Running round wailing over skin colour is a waste of time.

    Makes people think you are a racist and just another waste of time!!

    Liked by 1 person

  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Alden Blackman said that the boulders that encroached on the watercourse redirected the natural flow of the course towards his and probably others home in Clarkes Road. Alden Blackman also said, that upon corresponding with the Ministry of Transport and Works technical representatives, one of them told him that the encroachment was illegal. Support for Mr Blackman is gathered on the basis that he stated prior to the white woman’s constructions, there was never a known case of flooding from the watercourse until she entered the picture. Alden Blackman was living there before the white woman got permission to do her thing. Therefore, if her construction has led to creating the problem of flooding in the Clarkes Road area, then those who permitted her to do what she did are at fault. I do not blame the white woman one bit for using her money as she pleases if that was the medium used towards obtaining her permissions. This woman simply used the stinking system that exists to pave her way towards having her comforts. That is why my focus is not on her but on those who permitted her to do what she did. If money was the persuasion, then she bought and paid for her comfort as in accordance with the standard operating procedure that caters towards accepting money bribes. If the road and the boulder encroachment is not illegal, then Alden Blackman is a fool just making a lot of noise and will realise his folly when he is sick feet other and no longer have to worry about what the GOB did.

    David or whoever the shite you are

    I intend to go low with you. Imagine that I had respected you and what you were doing on this blog to the fullest. I hope you keep on going high because what goes around comes around The SSS no longer holds you in any form of esteem. Embrace your new cause. Soon only you and the yardies will be commenting on this blog. Take care that you do not end up like the Barbados Free Press.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Sincerely hope most bajans who are aware and have access to the internet are checking for their names as well as their families and friends name in that Paradise and Panama ICIJ database…..if your names are there without your knowledge or permission…you have a case against the money laundering, land laundering crooks who put your names there.

    “So if you know the Top Technical Officials by name, see if they are in the Panama or Paradise Papers.

    See with whom they associate.

    Then, if you get good solid data, blow their game open.”

    Very good advice…

    “Running round wailing over skin colour is a waste of time.”

    This is what got all of them in the shits…too many offshore accounts, too much land and money laundering.

    “If you see Donville and his dentist buddy and the whole set of ICBL executives giving and taking bribes and money laundering, see what else they do … and with whom they associate.”


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ John Q (to be differentiated from John2, or Johnnie #2, the impostor, who tried to float on your Goodwill)

    You said, ad de ole man, in part quotes…

    “…Is the road really “illegal”?

    What specific law does it break?

    There are roads all over Barbados that pass through water courses … Cherry Tree Hill, Whim Gully, Sailor Gully, Russia Gully etc etc etc!!

    Does it have all the relevant signatures on all the relevant permissions?…”

    I really sorry to do this but I going have to congratulate you!

    Now I know that many people gine come and say I brownosing Massa but check dis out!

    15 years ago this incident started and my fellow citizen Mr Blackman been writing everyone about this mess.

    Now mind you, I understand that Mr Blackman is a poor man and does not have your knowledge nor money.

    And sometimes, like a poor man’s patent, all a poor black man has is the pen (if massa teach us to write on the plantation) and a 1/4 page on the Nation, when Roy Morris want to kill a story about rape and paedophilia.

    But here is why I would commend this strategy.

    In 15 years, I would hope that a feller could have gotten to know somebody on the inside who ent like Dawe nor Tudor nor Thornhill and from whom you could have gotten documents showing who signed off on what.

    Dat is why I like my excel spreadsheet, cause dat is evidence, and insurance, heheheheh

    Now, when he would have come here to BU, he would have been able to upload an image of one of their signatures on the document authorizing Arthur’s Construction to construct the “legal” road and the $$ paid.

    And that would be a useful thing to cast doubt on Dawes and Tudod and Thornhill, you sight?

    It’s like those Panama Papers you mentioned early this morning

    The $$ that was paid out to establish those accounts DID NOT GET OVERSEAS BY A BLACKBIRD.

    It was made by a bajan bank.

    Which bank? Were all these transactions made by FCIB for example? Was if done at a specific branch? By a particular officer? And what does his house look like?

    Now we wont include the reviewing officer at Central Prank of Barbados nor the Fjnancial Services Commission but you have floated a serious issue with this submission WHICH UNFORTUNATELY SHEEPLE WONT UNDERSTAND and the few people who understand, fraid as Badword.

    You see how Toppin account get ammmmm release???

    Ammmmm Toppin could come to Murica?

    Or is he a Pornville in Waiting too?


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    John…it’s not a color thing, but in the spirit of cleaning up the nastiness that Barbados has become..thanks to the corruption and thefts against people and island,..please also help us unmask the white crooks, thieves, cocaine and gun traffickers and money launderers….

    ..,,as well as the black, indian and middle eastern criminals….they are not exactly invisible,…we know who they are….but they have to be removed permanently from blighting up the social environment…for another generation…it cannot be allowed to continue..into another generation….ah think that request is very reasonable…all the bribery etc…gotta stop..


  • I intend to go low with you. Imagine that I had respected you and what you were doing on this blog to the fullest. I hope you keep on going high because what goes around comes around The SSS no longer holds you in any form of esteem. Embrace your new cause. Soon only you and the yardies will be commenting on this blog. Take care that you do not end up like the Barbados Free Press.(Quote)



  • If BU ends up like BFP what?

    We have had a good run.

    Nothing is forever.


  • Sample letters that could provide answers.

    Example one: Dear Sir, the road in the watercourse was approved by the Ministry of xyz and constructed according to normal road construction practice in Barbados.It does not increase the risk of flooding in Clarkes road.

    Example two: Dear Sir, the road in the watercourse was NOT approved by the Ministry of xyz .
    It does not increase the risk of flooding in Clarkes road and we will remove the RISK as a matter of urgency.

    How the france can it take 15 expletive years to write a letter to Mr. Blackman that says yea or nay ?


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Hal Austin

    I am very pissed at David. Do not trust or believe in him or his cause anymore. Will soon leave this blog permanently

    My Sweet Piece

    I do not give a rats ass how many Davids are operating on this blog. If he knows that someone else will be moderating, then be truthful and say that there will be another moderator on such and such a day. The David that I knew, operated base on principle, seem to had a strong inkling towards making Barbados right, and showed no partisan towards either party. This David or whoever the shite he is is showing clearly that his corner is cleared for BLP infiltration. The nasty, stinking, crooked BLP that want to blind bajans with a bunch of shite. I am going to depart this blog very shortly. I like straight up, straight talking people, not frauds and pretenders. As much as Puff Enuff is a BLP pooch licker, he is straight talker. I respect that. David or whoever the shite he is has become a two faced snake.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    You deceitful Shite

    It would kill you if there is no more BU ya serpent tongue hisser. You could really stop trying to be the big man. You created this blog for a purpose. You saw that purpose fulfilled in the Cahill fiasco with those thieving shites from the Deceitful Lying Party. What is the purpose now since you decided to stoop low and sell your soul? It is obvious that Rogue-Works cannot do any wrong for you. Imagine you calling people yardfowls on here when your stinking ass is the biggest yardfowl of them all. Ya bettas do your thing as blogmaster because I am going to suck it into your ass…you deceitful little pup dog you.


  • @ John
    The roads you mention are over watercourses. This botch private road was not built to be a Road. The space was a greedy retrieved from within the watercourse to make a yard/garden,but due to land contention between the British Expat and the owner of the lot behind, after she retrieved the space , she just pulled in her fence,leaving the space to become part road by narrowing the course, that caused recurring floods flow to redirect, plus the across the course was leaved open .

    MTW, Top Technical Officers at that stage, only duty, was to ensure the course restore to what it was before it was callously altered.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    All sorts of accusations flying on this blog about the BLP GOB back in the days that the permissions were granted for this rich white woman to build her home. None of them is speaking out concerning this matter. Why should one not believe that their asses received money in exchange for rendering service? As you said, a letter stating clearly that permission was granted to build and that it was an error on their part to allow encroaching onto the watercourse will clear the ear. They make the whole situation sound like another illegal construction that if the BLP were not looking to score points would have remained until its second victim fall prey to the Maloney structure that was always an accident or death waiting to happen. 15 years and proving that corruption was at the heart of decisions made sounds to me like Alden Blackman is at the receiving end of a discussion to keep him limbo with promises that will never change his situation.


  • @ John
    The British Expat is white. Or red do matter in this, and many cases in Barbados and you know that.


  • The boulder wall space was within that watercourse a long time before the land contention arose. MTW Top Technical Officers had time to address the encroachment but didn’t. Why ? only the CTO Thornhill or Dupty CTO Tudor can and should answer that.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    That’s why we gotta dismantle the racist, apartheid slave society on the island so that red, yellow white skin and thin, light hair is no longer seen as some status symbol. superior to black skin and wooly hair…that fantasy and illusion also gotta go…it is old, it is false and just as destructive as the day the demons created it….

    we all have to get on the same page in realizing that skin color is nothing, it is a useless concept for measuring who is better than whom ….we are the earth’s first people…there should be no question…

    That evil false philosophy devised by evil demons to create strife and confusion on the earth…..gotta go..


  • Correction.

    Example two: Dear Sir, the road in the watercourse was NOT approved by the Ministry of xyz .
    It DOES increase the risk of flooding in Clarkes road and we will remove the RISK as a matter of urgenc


  • @ Sunshine Sunny Shine,

    My singular interest is trying to get answers for Mr.Blackman.

    Unlike you and Piece I am a coward and I frighten for Bajan politicians. I did not even go to event in Toronto.

    If I was not a coward I would have had the courage to say that somebody I like very much thinks that if one of rich and famous coke snorters on the west coast owned Mr. BLACKman’s house the road in the watercourse would NOT HAVE BEEN BUILT.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Is it not wonderful that Interpol now has a brand new Caribbean office.

    We welcome Interpol Caribbean.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Wuhloss..interpol is in the house.

    Now what.


  • How many times last year was there flooding in Clarke’s Road and what monetary damage did it cause?


  • @John

    Does it matter?

    Is the encroachment into the watercourse illegal or not is the question.


  • @ Hants
    Former MTW,CTO Frank Thornhill give his pledge to one of his college, a Top Officers at MTW , that he will remedy the watercourse, but did not. The Top Technical Officers at MTW allowed the watercourse to be altered, and destroyed for the benefit of a white British Expat. Arthur’s Construction further damaged the watercourse for the benefit of said Expat. Blackman and I, saw MP. George Hutson, supervising MTW work men when they paved that private botched road leading up to 2013 General Election
    Both CTO Thornhill and Deputy CTO Tudor told Mr. Blackman the road form an illegal obstruction, and will be removed, the watercourse will be restored . What happened from 2004 – 2013 . What or who prevented MP Kerrie symmonds in 2004-08 from getting the said Top Officers to remedying the watercourse. We saw and know, that George Hutson discriminatory favour came from MTW to benefit the Expat.


  • @ John,

    Are you Quaker John?


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Yo..this is real crazy yo.

    “The International Police in Barbados. Now, how will this bode for the top ministers and the (royal) police involved in the drug trade; the many frauds who pose as doctors, attorneys, architects; money launderers (even using the Barbados Central Bank); sex/child traffickers; black market organ sales; the multitude of pedophiles, including (Catholic) priests/pastors and teachers, etc., et al., in Barbados?

    Maybe Dale Marshall has gone completely out of his mind, or this is an IMF requirement, or pigs can indeed fly. Naked!!”


  • no he from the back ivy


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Wuhloss…Piece..ya did not tell me about the Interpol office in Barbados, why did you keep it a secret????.


  • David
    April 12, 2019 12:11 PM

    Does it matter?
    Is the encroachment into the watercourse illegal or not is the question.


    On the face of it, all the GOB has to do is to pay to clear the watercourse and send someone … who exactly … the bill.

    The GOB routinely demolishes old houses,

    Making good the watercourse however costs money!!!

    Money is the real issue, money made the problem and money is needed to solve the problem.

    The GOB is broke and has been for many years!!

    All the assurances of the “Top Technical Officers” of the GOB are as “sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal”!!

    On whose land exactly is the water course that needs clearing?

    Is it on the lands of the absentee landowner?

    What is the name of the absentee landowner?

    … not a minister by any chance?

    Who is the landowner that will be billed if TCPO had the $$ to execute an enforcement order?

    … and finally, what is the priority for allocation of funds?

    Hence the two questions … What is the monetary damage the flooding causes? AND How regularly does it occur?


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Yeah Piece…and ya did not tell the people ..the majority black people…who pay all ya ministers, imps, pimps, hangerson and million dollar consultants a word….PLUS PERKS….not a single word about Interpol now in the house…ah wonder how long ya planned to keep it secret from the people …lol, ha, ha, ha, ha, lol, lol

    ah was wondering why the wannabe slave masters/ thieves…cow, bizzy et al suddenly stopped jumping in the newspapers commanding and demanding this contract and that taxpayer/pensioner money…while telling black people how inferior they are….ya warned those thieves and bribers about interpol didn’t ya…but said not a word to the majority population…and that is why yall will be removed….ticktock

    Enuff in LaLa land…ah take it ya still flying around like ya got wings……still trying to pimp money from Diasporans…money which they need to invest in Africa cause ya ain’t got shit in Barbados…but debt……

    ….don’t fly too close to the sun…ya hear,,,lol


  • Do we know if the absentee landowner gave permission for the alteration of or actually altered the watercourse?


  • @ John

    Any altering of the watercourse should be to improvement the safety, not destruction to caused a dangerous situation. There are limits to or not to do. why would an absentee landowner gave permission to altered his /her side of an adjacent watercourse, in such a way as this said course is done, knowing that his/her, land would be worthless.


  • What was the cost to the DLP Government when MTW work men paved the private road that was never intended to be a road.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    If ya cannot relearn and be reeducated…after centuries….ya worse off than dead….it cannot even be called an existence.


  • @ John

    You see what questions pertaining to this post you can and should be asking, you did need that fuck-off.
    John, the wrongful altering that happened in the most critical part of the watercourse is between 5 lots, 3 on the South including Mr. Blackman and 2 on the North. the perpetrators lived on the North high ground.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Wuhloss…fun can’t done…lol


  • To the detractors, John is not all bad. He is a product of his upbringing and socialization. After all, he left his cottage in Cattlewash and went up to the Village to find out for me, what happened to the tree that Princess Margaret planted at my elementary school and the plaque that was placed on it, of which, I, as a kid, was very proud. He found out the tree was chopped down that a local retrieved the plaque and passed this information on through this blog. Now to a collector of Royal memorabilia, that plaque would fetch several thousand pounds on eBay. Personally, I think it should be with the National Trust or the Museum. John also in a discussion of the Constitution on this blog several years ago, posted me a link where I could download it. He is John. Probably conflicted, but decent.

    @ John thanks a million for those links. I bookmarked them for future reading. John, sad to say, most of the extended family still live in the Village and a branch just moved there from Newcastle. You cant miss them, they have a close resemblance to you. My immediate family live in the Bathsheba area. The hurricane shelter is the elementary school which is smack dab in the path of any landslide from the Cliff.

    See if you can convince some of your friends, acquaintances, etc., to pass some business to my cousin. He has a Parlour in the Village. No reason why Lyndhurst and Belmont should get all the white folks, even though we knew Ma and Pa Parks well and I know Bryan as I use his taxi service when on the island and always ask for him. His wife is Canadian so we discuss the country and what goes on up here. He thinks all the parlours are doing well drawing from their environs.

    Now, I truly hope this blog does not go the way of BFP. I think John may have been part of BFP by the way.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “To the detractors, John is not all bad. He is a product of his upbringing and socialization.”

    and that’s the goddamn problem…same can be said of everyone else on the island…regardless if it’s the racists or those who are victimized by racists…the socialization was savage, animalistic and brutal…that is why the island is in that state of flux…

    reeducation and resocialization…is imperative…for everyone..


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Now more than ever the blog is needed to help clean up the nastiness, crimes and corruption on the island created by both governments and their bribers..


  • DAME P


  • Just a foolish question watchman but did anyone approach the lady before writing MTW?

    … and a few follow up questions!!

    Did people stand up with long hands and blank stares and watch the alteration to the watercourse being done?

    Was tacit permission effectively given?

    Did anyone actually have the courage and gumption to say what was being done was wrong?

    One thing is certain, she ain’t wasting no time listening now given that she is being called all sorts of names and accused of committing an illegal act!!


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Wuhloss…Piece…where are you, ah know ya did not fall out the sky…we would have heard on the news…lol


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    You think I am on here playing games? I decided to throw my hat in the ring with Alden Blackman because a man has pleaded with the GOB to look into the problem of a watercourse that never overflowed before and both political parties decided to play hopscotch with his concern. This ain’t got a thing to do with fear. Time that these stinking crooked politicians be exposed.

    Let me ask you a question, Hants. We have elected DLP and BLP back and forth like a merry go around for years. After all the years of looking towards these two parties to move Barbados forward, why is it that the only people who doing well is the politicians? Are these not the same politicians that responsible for setting policy now got we in an economic tailspin of their own creation that still seeing them prosper while the masses pauper? Why should I fear a bunch of deceiving crooks? Rogue-Works told the DLP that she will not investigate any of them. So all of them were not involved in any corruption. What the hell you think that makes Mia Mottley?


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    The ugliness in all of this is that we are now at a juncture to turn things around in a big way…AND MOST STILL CANNOT SEE…when the hell will they wake up…just so they know, not a fella is waiting for them…


  • @ Watchman and Mr. Alden Blackman,

    I hope you stay focused on dealing with the problem.

    You deserve a definitive answer from someone in authority.

    The problem may be that they are not enough votes in Clarkes road for your MP but MIA cares so there is hope.



  • @ Sunshine Sunny Shine,

    this is what I wrote ” Unlike you and Piece I am a coward and I frighten for Bajan politicians.”

    Let me repeat ” I ( Hants ) am a coward and I frighten for Bajan politicians.”

    I know you and Piece ent friten fuh nuhbody .


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    lol…lordee…the drama has only now begun.

    it was all in the timing…

    HIDE the info about Interpol from the majority population…but remember to warn THEIR BRIBERS…..

    HIDE the info about accessing Africa’s wealth….. from African descendants…at least until she robbed the Diasporans..AND the 11 billion dollars in savings from vulnerable unaware Black Bajans.

    but shit all came loose before the daylight robbery…wuhloss!!!


  • @ Dame Bajans

    You said and, in part, i quote

    “…My immediate family live in the Bathsheba area.

    The hurricane shelter is the elementary school which is smack dab in the path of any landslide from the Cliff.



    And it is precisely for this reason that I look at Alden Blackman and Watchman and say WTF!!

    All wunna does be interested in IS WUNNA EFFING PROBLEMS!!

    here is a statement that WILL IMPACT THE LIVES OF A WHOLE SET OF PEOPLE IN AN EMERGENCY CENTRE and while your issue is about the watercourse that is upwind of your house, you have summarily dismissed a man who is giving you sound advice that seems not only to be good for you, BUT IS GOOD FOR OTHER BAJANS WHO WOULD NOT KNOW OF THIS MASSIVE LANDSLIPPAGE THREAT.

    John Q sent me flying to the Internet to read up on “rotation” because it affected something else that was made for land slippage but not rotation.

    In its most practical terms, if adverse weather caused residents to resort to an Emergency shelter in extreme rainfall WOULD IT NOT MAKE SENSE TO LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT THE EMERGENCY CENTRE THEY ARE SEEKING SHELTER AT IS ON A SLIP ZONE?

    However, I do encourage the prosecutor in this matter to continue to cuss John Q, who (i) is not being flooded out nor (ii) promoting any racism complexioned rhetoric.

    Carry on smartly


  • It is my uneducated non professional opinion that the road in the watercourse is illegal.



  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Talk about going viral…wuhloss…the majority population..African descendants…Barbadians by birth….can’t say they don’t know now..


  • @Hants

    Grenville the engineer does not agree.