Where Mugabe is Treading – All Dissent is Treason…

Submitted by PUDRYR
Barbados newest amendments to this law will not only  expand on this  erstwhile unused regulation but will redefined what Mugabe considers disloyal and subversive and, given the broad latitude of current Justices who lock up citizens for a year for a $6.99 cents finger clippers, it it not a far leap to understand how  these justices will be engaged to give judgement.
Imagine, life without parole for  “unexpressed seditious thoughts” which they will interpret to constitute treason.
It is easy to see an Akika Jackman? leaping to the defence of Mugabe, to deduce that de ole man’s dissent, or your own, contemplates, and orchestrates, a bloody revolution or coup.
Certainly, when we observe the docility of our Media, People and Sheeple, our parochial version of the “Silence of the Sheeple”, one can see a public that has subjected itself to abject servitude.
We and they believe that, “overt expression of their thoughts may tag them as having subversive opinions”, and they fear that the ever present BLP Poochlickers may report their  dissent to Mugabe, as “vehement criticism of her government and its policies”
That translates to being  branded as traitors of Country & guilty of  treason
The  Barbados Offences Against the Person Act and the Barbados Treason Act stipulate that crimes punishable by the death penalty in Barbados include murder, terrorism-related offenses resulting in death …, terrorism-related offenses not resulting in death … treason, espionage, and military offenses not resulting in death.
In fact, it is reported by more learned persons, and less paranoid, than de ole man that “…of the Caribbean countries, only Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago continue to sentence persons to death based on a mandatory death penalty scheme.
De ole man again echoes that report that says “the death penalty in Barbados is
mandatory for murder, terrorism-related offenses, and treason…”
De old man cannot take any comfort from current exclusions from the charge of Treason which are
(1).for minors under the age of 18, WHICH I AM NOT,
(2).pregnant women, WHICH I CAN NEVER BE, and,
(3).in cases of murder, people with intellectual and psycho-social disabilities.
Just maybe de old man might ask the Luminary if he feels that I, or other of you who are dissenting loudly, might be able to invoke that madman Defense to counter the death penalty for our Crime of the Newly Amended Treason Act?


  • This country is heading into one of the worst depressions since independence
    The article and message sent by Weathered is an accurate analysis of a govt driving a car at breckneck speed and the gas needle dropping closer to E
    The same formula of extensive borrowing that got this economy into trouble is the same formula that present govt has adopted but even worse is that the high unemployment rate would attributed to barbados economic decline across the board


  • Artax while u are busy sniffing Chris Sinckler undergarments looking for answers
    Can u please tell the BU audience how much more taxes is Mia going to place on the backs of barbadians
    And how soon is she going to present a growth plan for the economy


  • We are all aware that you have access to the “ins and outs” of the DLP. Unfortunately, unlike you, I’m not privy to such information and it would be therefore presumptuous of me to make any attempt to answer your questions on behalf of Mottley and the BLP.

    However, I did not have to “sniff Chris Sinckler’s undergarments” because he was SEEN in PUBLIC assisting in the removal of property from his then Black Rock constituency office. (I happened to see a woman wearing an unkempt, tight fitting weave on the location………. and you immediately came to mind).

    Also, given the fact that you, Chris, “Quislin” Boyce, “Jester” Ince, Sir Frank Alleyne and Freundel did NOT “present a growth plan for the economy” during your ten year tenure (as evidenced by the 24 credit rating downgrades and analysis of the island’s economic performance contained therein the IMF reports)………. while continuing to tax the hell out of Barbadians…….

    ……………since this is Mottley’s first year “in office,” rather than make any baseless assumptions, if “God spears life,” I’ll have to wait the next four years before I could reasonably determine “how much more taxes is Mia going to place on the backs of Barbadians.”


  • How come there are others ( economist) who have spoken to this govt measures
    Unlike u who touts self as an accountant/ economist
    Others in the field of economics are heralding govt policies as burdensome and unsustainable
    None of these economist who have spoken to govt policies have used the excuse of wait and see.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    There is an article published on March 17, 2016 March 20, 2016 by Belgrave Eastmond Associates

    It is on this very matter and may be viewed at


    I have a question which I am asking for myself since neither the sheeple nor the people reading Jeff’s article have asked it.

    But I would say you to go there and see if there is anything more scholarly in this article by the LUMINARY. and that article.

    Indeed that writer writes and I quote

    “…In Barbados, a person charged with an offence or convicted of an offence is entitled to bail, subject to the Bail Act Cap. 122A (“the Act”).

    The fundamental test in determining whether to grant bail is whether the accused will return to court for the determination of the matter.

    The Court also takes into account other factors when exercising its power to grant bail or not to grant bail…”

    Senatir, you may read it at your leisure and you will see that, barring a few commas and colons, there is nothing in this Amended act that merits a headline in Barbados Today about “Bail Amendment being Timely…”

    I quote part of that article

    “…Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn, in welcoming the amendment, said ideally murder cases should be “fast-tracked”…”

    Did they quote you truthfully, did you “welcome” the bill?

    You do realize that there is nothing different in this Act right Senator?

    Other than the addition of TREASON AND HIGH TREASON could you tell me what is different to the 2016 Act?

    When Grenville was not on the Mugabe gravy train he made a few comments about another draconian law (credit: Jeff Cumberbatch for that word DRACONIAN)

    But here was what he spoke to

    In your opinion, are you seeing laws being enacted, or being amended, that have you afraid, sorry concerned?

    Do write me back cause I would love to know what your take on this is…


  • There is so much different about the law in that big govt has stepped on an accused individual rights in as much as presuming the persons guilt before having a trial or a preheating afforded by law to adjudicate if the person being accused is wrongfully accused
    This govt has now released a hornet nest of litigation that if challenged would find this govt guilty of over stepping its bounds where it is necessary for the justice system to perform its duty and the Constitution to solely stand vanguard for the rights of the accused


  • It’s clear you are irrational.

    Firstly, I don’t “tout self as an accountant/economist.” I’m just an appallingly ignorant, deranged bookkeeper who learnt by rote.

    Secondly, you asked a specific question relative to TAXES, which is one aspect of economic policy……. NOT any questions concerning ECONOMIC POLICIES/MEASURES in its entirety. Let me remind you:

    “Can u please tell the BU audience how much more TAXES is Mia going to place on the backs of Barbadians.”

    To which I responded accordingly: “………..since this is Mottley’s first year “in office,” rather than make any baseless assumptions, if “God spears life,” I’ll have to wait the next four years before I could reasonably determine “how much more TAXES is Mia going to place on the backs of Barbadians.”

    How would I or “others in the field of economics” will know “how much more taxes is Mia going to place on the back of Barbadians,” unless more short-term or long-term tax measures are announced?

    Thirdly, you wrote: “How come there are others (economist) who have spoken to this govt measures,” which is true. But perhaps you may present information to BU, in which these economists told Barbadians “how much more taxes is Mia going to place on the back of Barbadians.”

    Fourthly, please note your comments were specific to “ECONOMIC POLICIES” and NOT taxes.

    (1). “Others in the field of economics are heralding govt POLICIES as burdensome and unsustainable.”

    (2). “None of these economists who have spoken to govt POLICIES have used the excuse of wait and see.”

    With that clarification out of the way…………. I hope you now realize you’re PURPOSELY CONFUSING “two completely different issues.”


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ ALL

    Before I post this link I make the disclaimer that it is not my link nor do I have anything to do with it.

    I however have posted it because there is a “congruence” inherent in the dissent that it carries

    I expect that it will garner about 50,000 signatures.

    Real quick too.

    I think it is emblematic of the sentiment of the common man in Barbados and the new voices where people are not prepared to lay down and tek the BULLING MUGABE IS GIVING THEM IN BARBADOS with her 30 Ministers and $21 million handouts to her friends while the cuntry is supposedly under austerity measures

    Here is the link


    ManyPussy i know that you and the demonic lying party will love this one and that assuredly it is going to be a link you going share.

    Let me see how Goering and his Poochlickers team going tek dat one down!!!

    It is becoming more apparent the discontent that is spontaneously arising all over Barbados?

    I want wunna to comprehend that The Third Party Movement IS BIGGER THAT DE OLE MAN AND CONSPIRACIST AND TIN FOIL WEARER.

    Mugabe is a one term government



  • @piece
    They would have sacrificed you for having an estimate of 50 murders for 2019,,,,,, but look at this from a retired commissioner of police
    s it “how things are said’ or is it “who says it”?


    “Referring to the first three months of this year, Hinds said “Never in the history of Barbados has this happened, so something has gone amiss . . . . If we continue on this trajectory we are on course for something like 80 to 90 murders in Barbados. God forbid that these things happen because already there is fear and panic among the population in Barbados,” he added.”

    Hopefully, the statistics January February and March are extremes and not as a trend/signal for the remainder of the year.


  • @ Theophillus Gazerts

    Dere is a ting for you doah nuh!

    Former Commissioner of Police Bertie Hinds says the exact thing dat de ole man says and NOT A FELLER ENT COME OUT AND SAY A WORD GAINST HE

    But dem send 10 assassins heah fud de ole man every single day to undo me stuffings

    De ole man going send a document to the Honourable Blogmaster

    someting which deals wid dis Computer Abuse Act 2005 and which shows you the utter hypocrisy of this law

    IF THE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER PUBLISHES IT, I want you to read it Good and tell me what you think about it.


  • As promised Theophillus I submitted the Blog item to the Honourable blogmaster

    In it i spoke to a few matters which will explain de ole man’s strategy of disclosure of articles

    More articles will follow but I would hope that you (and one Watchman heheheheheh) would look at Section 12 of the Computer Misuse Act 2005 which reads in part;

    Where a person who is not authorised to have a programme or computer data; or
    to have access to any programme or data held in a computer receives or is given access to that programme or data, he is guilty of an offence whether or not the person from whom the programme or data was received or through whom access was attained was authorised to make it available to him.

    A person who is authorised to receive a programme or computer data or to have access to any programme or data held in a computer is guilty of an offence where he receives the programme or data or access thereto knowing that the person from whom he received the programme or data or from whom he received the access obtained it through unauthorised means.

    A person who has obtained any programme or computer data or programme or data held in a computer through authorised means is guilty of an offence where he gives that programme or data to another person who he knows is not authorised to receive or have access to that programme or data.

    IF THE BLOG IS POSTED you will see what is being discussed there much better


  • @ Piece,

    You are right to hold the PM’s feet to the fire about secrecy and treason, but don’t concentrate on the little picture when the big mural is passing you by.
    The real threat of treason in Barbados (and the Caribbean) is senior civil servants and members of the police and military socialising with staff at the various embassies and high commissions – and privately to business people. We have too many permanent secretaries discussing government business with local business people..
    This ought to be banned and anyone having private contact should automatically be prosecuted for treason and, on conviction, be sentenced to life.


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