Open Letter to Mr. Kerrie Symmonds – The Lack of Representation by MP for St.James Central

Submitted by Alden Blackman

Sir, this is the second time in the past 15 years the BLP is the Government of Barbados and you as a Minister and MP for St. James Central. Yet with the knowledge of and repeated promises, you have failed to obtain a correction to the dangerous situation of an “illegal encroachment” by an Ex-pat White land owner who commissioned the building up/out a garden-cum-an illegal private botched road in a watercourse between Chapel Gap and Clarke’s Road in St.James.  Said road “encroachment” as you have seen and know, obstructs and redirect flood flow from the original course to the Black low working class residential area of Clarke’s Road.

Sir, although the officials of MTW/Drainage Unit, led then, by CTO Frank Thornhill, DCTO Philip Tudor, and other government officials know the encroachment is illegal, and posed a risk, yet, they showed indifference to this dangerous situation by not having it corrected.

Again highlighting what seems to be a lack of representation and or possibly indifference.


  • Then we have those who are now in a daze after May 24, 2018, can remember every event from 2008 to 2018, but had memory loss between 1999 to 2008. I suspect that Mr. Symmonds is in this latter category and does not have a clear recall of events in 2002 and 2003.

    (Years were updated)


  • @TheOGazerts

    Thanks Bro

    After the second wrong by Arthur/Contractor/ “caused destruction” to the watercourse, Mr. Blackman had a conversation with Arthur, who said, that all he can do is ask BWA, to build a wall to stop water from entering Blackman home, Blackman and I have come to a conclusion, after the British ex-pat boldly told Blackman, in 2005 she don’t know why he running about complaining for her, because pipe coming along the watercourse, she got that information from Arthur, who placed the illegal private road, even though, he knew it is illegal.

    The indifference, and dishonesty of MTW / Drainage Unit Officers, led by CTO Thornhill,and DCTO Tudor to the plight, caused by an illegal private road in a natural watercourse, that obstructed a redirect flood flow to the Black residential area of Clarke’s Road,

    While the asinine action of the DLP, MP Mr, George Hutson, seems to be keeping up his practice of pandering to White.

    The none representation of the Black residents plight by BLP,MP Mr. Kerrie Symmonds, seems to be keeping up a family tradition of White is right, Black stand Back


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Watchman

    A quick question

    In 15 years, you ent manage to get a picture of any of the houses of any of these fellers INCLUDING DE MINISTER OBLING HEAD?

    Not one picture???

    Your fight has to be one where you show flood waters and mosquitoes down by your home

    While all dem fellers living large at dem palaces

    Could you send de ole man websites that have featured your stories?

    De ole man would do a collage showing all of these and adding IF KERRIE SIMMONDS IS BLIND?



  • @PIECE

    The Black MPs forget the “black mark” on the white paper after elected, and pander to only WHITE


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Watchman

    Can you tell when Pat Brayshaw got guests at she hotel?

    When dem staying deah you can’t do a protest?

    One man who walks in front she hotel gates?

    And somebody to video your walk?

    Man me grandson would tell dat video and do some nice tings wid um!!

    Nice it up and tell you story pun um MEK YOU INTO A HOLLYWOOD STAR BOY Dennnn

    YouTube Page and Twitter and Snapchat and Facebook page wid some SEO for de keywords Barbados hotels and slavery or Palm Beach Hotel and slavery, tings dat show your issue next to dem advertising searches

    Pretty soon she would find $$ from all she income over 15 years and fix your watercourse issue

    Keep up the pressure Watchman




  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Dr. GP

    De grandson and I would love to help Watchman and every single bajan like Watchman

    So what de ole man going do is very simple

    I going start a new campaign strategy which will have a different thrust.

    All the suggestions de ole man been putting here for “other bajans to do” de ole man and me grandson going do meself.

    And each step along the way de ole man going tell the bajans WHO ARE INTERESTED, what has been done and where it has been done.

    So the first step of the campaign is to create a visual environment where people with similar interest can congregate

    I done wid all de “talking”

    Time for action

    Thank you Dr. GP for your instruction for “faith WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD”

    Let me go and start the first step in this now…



    Senior citizens cannot swim in a flood.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother Hants

    Thank you very much for that video with the flooding

    It is these types of “human experiences” that will highlight the reality of people like Mr. Alden Brathwaite and others continue to be subjected to AT THE HANDS OF THIS DUPOPLY.

    I would really like to ask Watchman to send links for these articles that have been published regionally a 3rd time but i think that i am understanding that maybe those questions aew technologically giving a problem for Watchman

    Which ctually brings me to this point Brother hants.

    For the last 3 years of this advocacy, de ole man has been advocating all sorts of things while “pleading” for a few good men to stand up AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    Mine is a realization that the people that one is asking to make a difference actually, like watchman, dont know what to do.

    Took some time to recognize this, 3 years.

    Periodically I would ask a question about if a person/party wanted de ole man’s help and at times there would be a response and at other times one would get a few likes.


    During that time I have become aware that they are hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of bajans who truly want change BUT ARE DISILLUSIONED by the system and furthermore do not think that the duopoly can be changed.

    Mine is the realiation that they have been beseiged by the two party system for so long that they are punch drunk AND REALLY DONT SEE ANOTHER WAY OUT.

    I will show them a way to make this happen.

    A systematic way where AFTER ALL MY PROLIX SUBMISSIONS, DE OLE MAN WILL MOVE from “theory and translate this into practice”

    If something has to be done “DO THAT SOMETHING YOURSELF”!


  • By watching the debate, I notice that the former Chief Town Planner, is now PS at MTW, so Blackman could as well give up the fight, because, it seems MTW has a magnet for indifference civil servants


  • Not a word from the MP for St. James Central, Mr. Kerrie Symmonds to Minister of Transport,Works and Maintenance, on behalf of the poor Black residents of Clarke’s Road


  • From: alden blackman
    Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 8:54:57 PM
    To: Kerri Symmonds
    Subject: FW:


    Subject: What unduly confrontation? This is supplicating to my MP


    Mr. Symmonds

    SIR, please read the below pdf, and if you still feel that my agitation has become unduly confrontational, I will keep quiet, and let the Civil Servants at MTW/ Drainage Unit continue to showed indifference to the plight of The poor Black Residents of Clarke’s Road St. James, that you failed to represent in the past.

    Not a word on behalf of the Poor Black Residents to the Minister of Transport, Works and Maintenance. 2023 will come.



    Alden Blackman


  • Just in case u Alden havent noticed the differences boils down to two words
    Rich and Poor.
    Go figure


  • Correct. Rich man, poor man.


  • When last have u Alden contributed to a political campagain.bro. here is another tip fuh yuh
    Money talks. walks
    Yuh get my drift.
    Poor soul give it a rest unless yuh want to die trying


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Mr Alden Blackman

    “…the die is cast and the gauntlet dropped…”

    In short, we the People can expect that the BLP REGIME is going to close ranks and not even meet with you.

    In fact, you can be assured that Kerrie Oblong head is now so vexed with your scvunt that dem now looking into other ways to get back AT YOUR BIG MOUT SELF !!!

    That is the way “we small doggie men does operate” we kick you in the stones for publicly saying that them dumping garbage on your front step, IS AGAINST THE LAW.

    You should expect that the Police will come with a search warrant for your house on a suspicion of drugs or you having an illegal weapon.

    And expect that your subsequent case in the Barbados ABOVE-the-LAW Courts, will be heard in record time while you, a black man, no pun intended, will be incarcerated, like the 56 year old blackman get lock up, while Charles Herbert free and up in Miami tanning!!!


  • Thing is Mariposa, we often die from NOT trying. If we TRIED MORE things would happen.


  • It is dishonest for officials to act as if a problem that existed for more than a decade and was well ventilated over the the years is a new problem. But going around in circles is one way of frustrating victims.

    Mr Blackman and watchman need to get all who are affected to make a strong and loud stance and have a single voice. It would not surprise me if some of those who are silent are speaking with two mouths and frustrating their own cause. Get all on record, be it by a signed petition or a march.

    The election results of 2019 may have made Mr Symmonds stone deaf to your cries and unfeeling of your pain.
    SYMMONDS, Kerrie Drurard* winner BLP 3,577
    All others combined had less than 1,000 votes


  • @ Theophillus Gazerts

    Theophillus I noted that, EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE MADE STRENUOUS REPRESENTATIONS, the Mugabe-ites have not accepted your application to their cabinet

    You said and I quote

    “…Mr Blackman and watchman need to get all who are affected to make a strong and loud stance and have a single voice.

    It would not surprise me if some of those who are silent are speaking with two mouths and frustrating their own cause.

    Get all on record, be it by a signed petition or a march…”

    You do know that you are Banned for Life from de BLP right???

    You is trying to unstabilize de government???

    But given what you say de ole man have a suggestion for Blackman and Watchman and all of the Clarks Land tenantry peeples

    25 T Shirts

    Buy 25 T shirts and de ole man will give you the design for the front and the back in high resolution.

    AND GET ALL 25 UH WUNNA TO WALK IN FRONT OF DE WHITE WUMAN HOUSE/CONDOMINIUM and call Barbados Today de Nation and de Advocate.

    And den tek a video and send it to de ole man for me to give to de grandson

    Whax Pulax story dun

    Den you can send it to ammmmm all de regional newspapers ALRIGHTY DENNNNN


  • Would be of interest to know when last blackman had his parcel of land surveyed adjacent to the lady’s property


  • How can you lot allow a woman to come from Britain and push you around in your own country?


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