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Qualified Engineer Grenville Phillips contradicts Facts @Clarke’s Road

Submitted by Alden Blackman Why would Grenville Phillips, a Qualified Engineer contradicts a facts as to the Dangerous situation posed by a Watercourse in Clarke’s Road St. James? I received a message from Mr Phillips Monday – he stated, “I am aware of the situation, and investigated the problem. The main problem is that someone constructed a masonry wall inside

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Open Letter to Mr. Kerrie Symmonds – The Lack of Representation by MP for St.James Central

Submitted by Alden Blackman Sir, this is the second time in the past 15 years the BLP is the Government of Barbados and you as a Minister and MP for St. James Central. Yet with the knowledge of and repeated promises, you have failed to obtain a correction to the dangerous situation of an “illegal encroachment” by an Ex-pat White land

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