Prime Minister Mottley and Minister Kerri Symmonds Continue to FAIL a Poor Black man

Where and to Whom in Barbados can a Barbadian Black man from the blue collar working class (now an old age pensioner) complain to and seek redress from, pertaining to illegal actions by a White British ex-pat who in 2002 created a private road across, within and along a watercourse bed.

Even if such actions were carried-out with permission from the then BLP Minister of MTW, the procedures were still wrongful and illegal to effectively block an essential part of a watercourse. This means that the Minister of MTW, would have had to an abetor to an obvious violation of the Barbados “Prevention of Floods Act Cap 235”. Due to the fact, that the private road created the conditions that caused recurring rainfall run-off to redirect from an original course to my home, caused damages to my property and forced me to make some changes to prevent rainfall run-off from entering my home which is situated South-West of the illegally altered watercourse. From 2004 all of my legitimate Complaints and pleas to Officials at MTW&M for a remedy to the created at risk flooding situation are still persistently disregarded not only by prolonged inaction to remedying, also the relentless discriminatory manner that showed favouritism towards the White Ex-pat.

BLP, and DLP Government Ministers at the Ministry of Transport, Works and maintenance (MTW&M) who are entrusted with the authority under the “Prevention of Floods Act Cap 235” as it pertains to watercourses – Top Public Servants at MTW&M in general who never ever showed the courtesy of acknowledging a letter of complaint far less responding, and in particular MTW&M Chief Technical Officers who are entrusted with responsibility for the correct functioning of watercourses.

The named persons below have contributed to relentless discrimination against this Barbadian Black man exposed to the risk of flooding situation   by Top Technical Officers, CTOs Frank Thornhill, and Nash Lovell. The Present Deputy CTO Philip Tudor, who would have acted as CTO at times, and CTO Cheryl Bennett-Inniss. The Ministers, Hon. Gline Clarke, John Boyce, Michael Lashley. The present Hon Minister Dr. William Duguid The Top Public servants, PS Bruce Alleyne, and  acting PS Simone Rudder. The present PS Mark Cummins.

MTW CTO Frank Thornhill and Deputy CTO Philip Tudor to whom I complained and pleaded over the years, acknowledged and stated that the private road is the cause of at risk flooding. They confirmed the road contravened the “Prevention Of Floods Act Cap 235”. The CTO is entrusted with the duty to carry-out the necessary flood work to remedy such at risk flooding situations. That said, CTO and Deputy CTO, Officially verbally pledged to remove the boulders and restore the watercourse. Yet those two top Technical Officers reneged on their pledges to carry-out the functions of their responsibility clearly stipulated by the “Prevention Of Floods Act Cap 235”.

After enduring, all the unfairness and discrimination against this Black community by the last DLP government,  I was looking forward to the new seemingly improved BLP government to do the right thing. Before the 2018 General Election, I sent an email to MP. Symmonds reminding him of the worsening situation at the watercourse, that email was copied to non other than the now, Hon. Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley who quickly replied. She asked for more information on the matter, (which was forwarded) and made promises to address the at risk flooding situation if successful at the polls. She also asked to support Kerrie. MP Kerrie Symmonds response to the email was to contact me. He visited and made overworked promises, that he is “still trying” to get a remedy to the watercourse. He reinforced that promise with another visit to inform me that he and Mia visited where the watercourse is altered and they agreed to prioritize the fixing of the flooding situation if successful in wining the Government. He also used that 5 yearly visit to promised other Residents affected by the at risk flooding in Clarkes Road.

One year after the BLP 30-0 victory at the polls, the Hon. Kerrie Symmonds clearly resumed his purported representation of the Black Residents of Clarke’s Road. When I called upon the Hon Minister, the Minister stated he is “still trying” to get the much needed remedying to the watercourse. When reminded that he was seeking a remedy from 2006, Minister Symmonds took cover by stating that Barbados is financially embarrassed, the public Officers are not well equipped, and “if I continue my agitation in public”, it will not advance a remedy, he said, it actually makes it harder for him to get Public Officers to work towards remedying the watercourse.

How much equipping the Public Officers need “other than integrity”.  The CTO of MTW&M is entrusted with the legal responsibility to carry-out, authorize the Deputy CTO or Officers to Carry-out the functions of the clearly spelled-out stipulations of “The prevention Of Floods Act Cap 235”, pertaining to the White British Ex-pat clear contravened actions, that altered, and placed the private road across, within and along a watercourse in 2002.

The Hon. Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley, seems not to have the need now to show the respect of replying to this Barbadian Black man, as she did before the 2018 general Election, far less intervening.

 Alden Blackman

Resident of Clarke’s Road, St. James.

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  1. What this report shows is the lengths politicians go to promise the electorate for the vote. In this case the Press Secretary Roy Morris has knowledge of this issue and should be in a good position to advise.

  2. @ Watchman

    You should by now be aware that UNLESS YOU START TO OPENLY PROTEST that the kerzillion email you are writing MEAN NOTHING?

    Look how that lady with the $47.51 went public and look at her results!!

    People been telling you different suggestions but you are content to do this poop

    Carry on smartly

  3. The pension fight was fought by many in parliament, in the media and importantly it resonated emotionally because it affected a vulnerable group. The lady protester brought it to a head not unlike the DLP ad and the same pensioner.

  4. Home Affairs Minister Edmund Hinkson says Barbados is in a greater state of readiness for disasters than it has been in a decade.

    Send him a letter Mr. Blackman.

  5. Many Bajan women are not embarrassed to strip naked and skin out their private parts on the streets on Kadooment Day but would be embarrassed to wear a sign of protest on the streets of Bridgetown as this decent lady did. I salute her for fighting the germs as I witnessed her work at the QEH and I salute her for fighting the diseased minds that would inflict such cruel and inhumane treatment on those who have been deemed invalids by the government’s own own medical agents.

    And as for Bajan men like Watchman, who are afraid to get radical as I would have done a long time ago, they will continue to listen for the rush of water coming to wash them away like Carew.

    PS. I had just told a friend not to panic as I was going to look up Caswell’s number and place a call when she turned on Brasstacks and told me he was on the air. She stopped panicking after she heard his submission. We both knew it could never stand with the assault he launched on that atrocity. The protest lady confronted them head on and provided the visual. That killed it.

    And that talk about enforcing it with newly retired medically unfit people will also have to be abandoned. The law simply does not support it.

    • @Donna

      It is amazing what desperation will force people to do. It must be a feeling of nothing left to lose. Good job her!

      In the case of BLACKman he and his family will have to know how far they are willing to go. There is a saying you never feel the pinch until you walk in the shoes.

  6. I have a conspiracy theory.

    Somebody may have decided long ago that Mr. Blackman’s land would be perfect for a 2 storey building.

  7. I have several protest posters for you, Mr. Blackman, but I am not going to send them when you are contented just doing that much and no more. The only good thing about your letters is that it places you in a good position to sue the crap out of government should your house go down the gully with the next pending storm. No court in Barbados under the influence of the party-power-regime could not bring any spin to this situation. You have all the evidence and letters at your disposal proving that you beckon the two parties in power for 15 years to help resolve your matter. The only thing opposing you now is time. Time for the floods to come through and time for your house to wash away, and the time that it take the government to show how wicked they are/were when they come with all types of legal shite to get themselves out of the stranglehold. Perhaps you are in cahoots with time and colluding with the clock.

  8. @ the Honourable Blogmaster
    @ Mr Alden Blackman

    The main thing about your matter that you need to leverage is your “Voter Quotient”

    You are in your early 70’s.

    There are several thousands of Bajans who are your age.

    You objective therefore is to “emote” a specific response from your group and resultedly cause Mugabe and her imps to fear your currency.

    This is why the incident with the $47 51 and the female pensioner got an immediate response


    Elderly people ‘s votes DESTROY A POLITICAL PARTY.

    PENSION, HEALTH CARE, TAXES, HOUSING AND ESTATE MANAGEMENT these are the pressure points that make old people get real close

    When that one old lady says she cant buy her personal stuff well….it was over for Mugabe if she did not respond.

    Your story Mr Blackman is too long

    Shorten it and add the lotta long talk as an attachment

    use the Subject line like “the 75th letter in 25 years

    Make your letters personal.

    Ask Mia how she would feel if it was she fadder Elliot?

    If it would hurt she if she poor fadder drown?

    Ask she if she has a heart for old people like you over Barbados

    Tell she dat thousand of you vote for she to protect wunna in you old age.

    Change your narrative Blackman

    You need better thinkers and writers Blackman

    Forget the rest and come to the best, come talk to The Legend!

    Dat does hurt dem vex bad.

  9. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Mr Blackman thank you

  10. Calculations have been done on both sides of the BDLP.

    Voter Count

    Is it just the watchman and Mr Blackman who are affected?
    Is it such a small number of votes that both parties feel they can ignore those who are affected?
    Does the lady who benefited from the change in the watercourse employ enough counter-voters from the village?
    Do the villagers now stand with watchman and Mr Blackman or will they only speak up after being flooded out?

    Age of the story

    This story has been around a long time. The predicted flood has not happened during this time. It looks as if it will never happen. We can Ignore this man.

    • The fix in Clarke’s Road will take money to fix at a time resources are scarce. The government is about utilizing resources that will impact the more over the few. It maybe a case of government soaking up the bad PR until treasury permits or they may feel they can ignore without major fallout.

  11. @Visionary,
    I believe the lady’s situation and that of Mr Blackman are quite different.

    Mr Blackman’s situation is limited to just a few people and I am doubtful if he has the support of all who are affected. Full support may happen after the big flood, but not before.

    This was a lady who had the courage to take to the street and voice her dissatisfaction with how she was being treated.
    Can you imagine the surprise of seeing a docile sheep staging a protest?

    Civil servants were probably instructed to determine how many sheep were affected in this manner and where they were located. Undoubtedly the report came in that people from all over the nation were affected.

    This woman was the face of a looming political disaster, a possible move from 30-0 to 0-30. It was her pain that they felt, it was the hurt to themselves that they could see coming.

    Mr Blackman does not have that mass, and time and ‘good’ weather has weakened his position.

  12. It was NOT her pain that they felt, it was the hurt to themselves that they could see coming.

  13. Is this about a WHITE ENGLISH ECPAT or an ILLEGAL WATERCOURSE? If it was a person of colour would it be ok. I’m sick of this race card sll the time.

  14. Exactly Commander Theophillus of the Hetairoi

    I now to that superlative wisdom of the Mugabe Regime seeing the hurt that is coming.

    This is why Watchman and Blackman must adopt a new strategy.

    One based on the chant of the Roman Soldiers to their Caesar

    “Morituru to salutant”

    “We who are about to die salute you”

    The concept is a very simple one.

    Blackman and Watchman number among those special bajans who toiled hard to reach 70.

    Suddenly the Barbados Labour Party is making ALL OF THEM FEEL WORTHLESS!!

    Mugabe has taken their bonds, she has taken their pension AND NOW SHE IS TAKING THEIR LAND!!

    Black has to make this a campaign about old people being sent to their graves WITHOUT BENEFITTING FROM WHAT THEY HAVE WORKED FOR.

    He has to ask other block old people to write him and let him champion their estate woes.

    Every day all he has to do is write a name, a case number, a summary AND REMOVE THE NAMES OF THE LAWYERS.

    Show that he is not alone and that people are behind him.

    They will get the idea soon.

  15. @TheOgazerts

    Counting votes were never the reason why this situation continues, it was always about MTW Officers traditional discrimination manner in all functions. In this case, Officers ignored a Barbadian Black man, knowing they were, still are protected by politicians, probably BLP MP Kerrie Symmonds, and most certainly DLP MP George Hutson, Whose showed favoured to the White Ex-pat. Why did Deputy CTO Tudor run for cover to Hon. Minister Kerrie Symmonds and Hon PM Mia Mottley, with untruths?

  16. @Ralph
    “? If it was a person of colour would it be ok. I’m sick of this race card sll the time.”

    Somethings are locked together.
    Some believe that if it was a person of color in the lady’s position then the watercourse would not have been changed.

    You may be sick of it, but that does not change the harsh cold reality. Sorry kid, reality is a mean bitch. You just gotta live with her
    Or if it was the white woman in Mr Blackman’s position, then the watercourse would not have been changed.

  17. Paragraph shifted

    “? If it was a person of colour would it be ok. I’m sick of this race card sll the time.”

    Somethings are locked together.

    Some believe that if it was a person of color in the lady’s position then the watercourse would not have been changed. Or if it was the white woman in Mr Blackman’s position, then the watercourse would not have been changed.

    You may be sick of it, but that does not change the harsh cold reality. Sorry kid, reality is a mean bitch. You just gotta live with her.


  18. @ David Bu

    This fix is not about money, The remedying to this watercourse was, still is simple. removed the boulders. Make the white Ex-pat and Mr. Clarke rebuild the south bank they callously removed, Watercourse fix. That south bank is not owned by government nor the two perpetrators. Yet, MTW favourably allowed and assisted in the placing of the private road across within and along the watercourse bed. MTW paved the road, the flooding wash it away. Why ? If money was the case, why did MP Kerrie Symmonds brought Mr. Brooks a private contractor to say how the remedying, can be done, and not MTW Officers. Why from 2006-08 the Hon. Minister Kerrie Symmonds was so reluctant to demand from MTW&M a justly remedying to the watercourse, when the BLP Government was rolling in cash.

  19. @ Mr Watchman

    You responded to Commsnder Theophillus an said and I quote


    Counting votes were never the reason why this situation continues, it was always about MTW Officers traditional discrimination manner in all functions…”

    In your response both Theophillus and all BU readers including my Dearest SSS (princess extraordinaire) get a chance to see into your mind.

    You are unclear as to what Theophillus is saying to you so I will break it down for you.

    Theophillus Gazerts is saying that you are one man.

    One man in Barbados ONLY HAS ONE VOTE.


    we the people who are trying to help you understand all about Toppin and Kerrie and Mia and all the flood water.

    What we are trying yo tell you THAT YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY UNDERSTANDING IS you are one man! And one vote! And in a different time Mia would have sent a team to fix your problem BUT SHE ENT GOT DAT MONEY NOW!!

    You is one man and she has to worry about 299,999 more bajans.

    Ms Harris who took to Broad Street WAS SEVERAL THOUSAND PEOPLE.

    Do you understand that?

    You are “one man and one vote” being flooded out, that is acceptable collateral damage, if you get flooded out.

    Theophillus Gazerts was telling you that your one vote does not count at this time BECAUSE THERE IS NO ELDCTION AND BECAUSE THERE US NO FLOOD!

    MY Dearest SSS went on to tell you, if there is a flood AND YOUR HOUSE GET DAMAGED then your matter gets in the spotlight.


    I tried to explain another strategy for you BUT I ALSO UNDERSTAND YOUR LIMITATIONS SO, LIKE MY DEAREST SSS HAS EASED BACK WIGH HER POSTERS, because she realizes that you cant really use them efficiently, de ole man going do the same TILL YOU STOP ALL THESE LETTERS and start to fo something different.

  20. @Theo “the predicted flood has not happened…it looks like it will never happen”

    Statistically if a flood has not happened for a long time, than it is more likely, not less likely to happen at some time in the present or the future.

  21. By the Hon Minister Symmonds slip of the tongue, he let a probably reason for encroaching across the watercourse became a certain reason, he knew that the White Ex-pat exploited the favoured she got, to her advantage by retrieving about 3-4ft from within and along the watercourse bed, to formed a yard-cum-road

  22. My comment to you has two meanings, Watchman. I hope you understanding the other as well as you think I understand what is your plan.

  23. According to the Deputy CTO Philip Tudor at MTW-MTW&M, he is waiting from 2004 to 2019 for permission from the Chief Town Planner to remove a wall. The only cement blocks wall that blocked the original channel, belong to the White ex-pat.

  24. The only construction that SHOULD be permitted in a water course or gully must be for drainage and flood mitigation.

  25. Watchman

    Of course, you have a plan. Your letter writing campaign is to bring the matter to resolve. That is your plan. If your letters fail, as they have for the past 15 years to get the GOB to attend to the problem created by them, I think you are going to get there message loud and clear-one way or the other. Do not see that you are limping along as they continue to leave you lingering?

  26. Hants

    What you are quoting is irrelevant. Laws are meant for everyone else except those in power who have shown time and time again that they can break them, amend them and change them to suit their interests. The GOB broke the law, who is going to take them to court for doing so and win?

  27. @ SSS

    David Thompson had power in his short time as PM. He broke, amended, and changed laws of Barbados.
    Then he was on TV, you could barely hear the once MIGHTY asking Barbadians to asked God to keep him alive.
    God don’t sleep.

  28. When Jolly Barrow was the top dog at Drainage Unit, and wanted to protect Mr Clarke the file on the watercourse situation disappeared in 2010, it suddenly reappear December 2018. It could only be the concerted efforts by politicians and Top Technical Officers at MTW to favourably established the road across within and along the watercourse bed, knowing that Mr. Blackman adjacent eroded backyard, was already reposition to resemble the channel by Mr. Arthur. Those concerted efforts became obvious, when MTW work men paved the illegal private road leading up to the 2013 general election. Jolly Barrow gone to where he will be in concert singing too hot too hot

  29. So you are letting God take action on your behalf? If that is the case, stop writing letters, and stop highlighting the matter. God is at the wheel and your problem will be solved by his hand. Good luck Mr Blackman.

  30. @SSS

    Ok, you should read Adrian Loveridge post this morning. since the problem is water, should Mr. Blackman jump in the Channel outside parliament, a Tuesday, to demonstrate what flooding can do, what do you think the 29 shameless in “that house” will say, that Kerrie Symmonds have not already said.

  31. @watchman 7:22
    It is quite possible that you have discounted the one thing that would give your situation national attention.
    A wet suit and a waterproof poster. You don’t have to put your head under the water…
    And a good dip in the ocean after you have finished.

    But your statement above tells me they have won the battle.
    You have put too many constraints upon yourself and made your actions very predictable.

  32. “According to the Deputy CTO Philip Tudor at MTW-MTW&M, he is waiting from 2004 to 2019 for permission from the Chief Town Planner to remove a wall. The only cement blocks wall that blocked the original channel, belong to the White ex-pat.” Watchman.

    Well, we finally get some evidence. There is a wall that was constructed in the middle of the drainage course. Planning, the MTW, Drainage, essentially every relevant authority knew that it ought not to have been built. But some are too terrified of the owner, so it is easier to deflect blame.

  33. @Nextparty 246

    YES, the 4-5 ft high wall hold the last fence pole, it is built from the north across to the middle of the watercourse , to keep the boulders in place, it blocked the channel exit of that straight, that is the only wall across the channel. Now that piece of wall, and the leveled south bank for the road across, up stream. created the flooding, that was Mr. Blackman complaint from 2003 to Drainage and MTW from 2004, it has nothing to do with the CTP. MTW CTO has the responsibility for that violation. if you care to, you can confirm if that is the wall

  34. Watchman

    Yes and hell YES!!. You and Mr Blackman should jump in the darn channel and show what flooding can do. While you are at it, get a nice little cardboard box replica of your house built to show you swimming downstream with it too. Desperate situations sometimes call for desperate acts. How many wrongs do you see the government undoing relative to poor people that would make you or anyone think they care about them? If they are not going to deal with the illegal wall then tell them to buy out the whole of Clarke’s Road and relocate all of you so that the floodwaters no longer pose a threat to life and property.

  35. @ SSS

    If the MP for St. James Central, the Hon Kerrie Symmonds was not LYING to Mr. Blackman before the 2018 Election. Every person including the “PM of Barbados, Hon Mia Amor Mottley” who saw this watercourse, would have to admit that it is callously blocked, altered and reposition, the violations are very obvious. yet, the Deputy CTO Philip Tudor of MTW / MTW&M stated in an email to the Hon PM Mottley , Hon Minister Symmonds and Mr. Blackman, that he is awaiting permission since 2004, from the CTP to removed that wall and boulders, when he must know that the Minister of MTW / MTW& is the authority, and the CTO the responsibility for the removing of the blockage in this watercourses. What kind of corruption at MTW, that allowed MTW work men to paved an illegal private road at COST to taxpayers, for a White ex-pat. The road created at risk flooding, caused damaged, continues to pose at risk to a Black Residential Area.

  36. Its the type of corruption that allows politicians to kiss ass for the sake of the mighty dollar. Everyone knows that MTW is corrupt is all. I have heard about materials bought ending up at housing projects belonging to big ups in the ministry. You do not need to go cum laude to know that many a politician, ministry head, department, PS, SFO, and all others part of the list has gotten there’s through various little drawbacks. All I want to know is if you ready to up the thing. You want the darn posters or not? And if, you want them what the heck are you going to do them? If you do not want them then I will delete them and done with that.

  37. @ my Dearest SSS,

    I think that Blackman has been skirting the issue for quite some time.

    He needs to come out and say that all the problems that he has been getting is from one man


    And then when he calls de man name what we can do is readjusts the posters and strategies to include that man!!!

    But he like he frighten to call de red man name and say “Dis is de Man who causing me all dis problems”

    Now de ole man is a feller who unnerstan dese tings and how he fraid to mention the real cause of his problem for fear of retribution BUT and here is the thing, dem already unfairing his badword deleted so I do not see why he is afraid to mention that fellows name


    Mr Blackman you have nothing to lose, they do!

  38. Watchman and Mr Blackman has been very direct in what they are prepared to do. It will not get the job done, but they will stick with their approach.

    They may be online, but they are still stuck in the letter writing age.
    They worry about what others think and are afraid of being called mad (no jumping in any channel).
    Social pressure and their way of thinking has them captive.

  39. @ TheOGazerts

    A top Technical Officer admitting to the Prime Minister of Barbados, that he was negligence for the last 15 years in not obtaining permission from the Chief Town Planner to carry-out his duty. what do you think about that statement?

  40. Yes Hants: That is the wall in question, which is the major source of the flooding problems. It was constructed in the middle of the drainage course. The road is on the edge.

    The wall should have been removed years ago. However, some are too terrified of the owner to do anything about it. So they find an easy target to shame and defame, and utterly confuse the issue.

    The obvious solution is to relocate the offending wall to the edge of the drainage course, where I believe it once was. Thanks to the organised confusion, the wall was shielded from scrutiny. The question begging an answer is why.

  41. @ nextparty246

    No wall was ever there, the British ex-pat was the first to build on those lots in 2002, there was no developed road that part of Chapel gap, that is why she cut across the watercourse channel. The British ex-pat built that wall on her boundary line to the middle of the watercourse in front of the boulders, the house owner below was as callous 4 years later. had Drainage in 2003 and MTW in 2004 treated Mr. Blackman complaint justly , that watercourse would not be as it is today. The Top Technical Officers knew why they discriminated against the Black man, they target themselves. If you feel defame, we are SORRY.

  42. That wall, boulder and road across were what created the at risk flooding situations , MTW CTO and DCTO confirmed that. Yet, it is not remedy. However, aided and abetting by BLP ,DLP politicians, Top Civil servants and Technical Officer of MT W&M. Grenville, the Watchman nor Mr Blackman are terrified, if we did we would have ended our agitation years ago. It is what it is, d
    ue to class bias, we are unfair by the said politicians we voted for.

  43. This is so easy to address it is not even amusing.

    We all seem to agree that the wall is the major problem. The current dispute is: who is built and owns the wall.

    Mr Blackman believes it is the women he has been defaming for years. I believe that it is someone who Mr Blackman is terrified of.

    Can someone else not go to the site, ask a simple question, and then report back to resolve this longstanding issue? Is there not one?

  44. @ Nexparty246

    The British Ex-pat built that wall from the north to her land mark in the middle of the course, placed the boulders from there, to the other land mark up the course and backfill, blocking the exit of that straight part of the course. There was no other house. The house below came in 2005 the house at the back 2010. Simple question was asked by Roy Morris in 2006, The Hon PM Mia Mottley asked for information about the watercourse before the 2018 general Election, now she has in her office a great reporter, who did a very good article on the subject. He can state what were the answers from the White Ex-pat. The BLP MP Kerrie Symmonds never tried to get any of MTW top Technical Officers to the watercourse site. From 2004 CTO Thornhill, Lovell and DCTO Tudor knew that they did not need permission from the CTP to moved wall and boulders that blocked that watercourse, why, and who force them to reneged on the pledges to remedying. Thereby allowing the road to remained. Why, and how did DLP MP George Hutson managed to get them, to tasked MTW work men to paved an illegal private road at a cost to taxpayers, knowing it is an at risk of flooding. I now invite you to visit, you know how to get Alden Blackman

  45. Watch:

    If the ex-pat built the wall, then give me a placard and let us march around the Parliament buildings at the next sitting to resolve this once and for all. If you do not think that that will work, then meet me at the wall this Saturday with a sledge hammer, and let us demolish it on the grounds of protecting those downstream – since the rainy season is upon us.

    Since none of the other BU commenters are willing to do anything other than write, you go and confirm the owner so that we can move forward. If you have been targeting the wrong party, then you know what you should do.

  46. @ nextparty246

    The British Expat built that wall and placed the boulders, don’t have to confirm. some serious actions within the law, are in the works of very careful Planning, press coverage, that can give Nextparty246 a good highlight in the process, that is if you are serious,and have the appetite, who will be nextparty246 candidate for St. James Central ? Drop a few lines, we don’t need to walk around parliament to resolve this.

  47. Yes Watch, you have to confirm. We do not want to demolish the wrong person’s property.

    We seem happy to gather with the 2019 version of ‘pitchforks and torches’ to damage the white enemy. We are so easily manipulated to defame and destroy someone we do not know. What is the owner of the wall was black. What do we do then? Just walk away.

    Watch, we must always be careful before making any accusation, or any defamatory remark, because there is a God in heaven, and He is a just God.

  48. Nextparty246

    The wall with the chainlink fence on the right of that picture and boulder Belong to the white British Expat. It was there from later 2002. Mr. Dawe from Drainage units visited the site in January now you must know, that I know when a game is playing.

  49. @Nextparty246

    How do someone confirmed what he saw ? don’t have to know the British ex-pat, I saw her callous actions.
    If the owner was a Black Barbadian from a class like Mr. Blackman, the wall and boulders would have gone a long time ago. Granville, there are no we, any more straight balls?

  50. MTW&M Deputy CTO Philip Tudor in a copied email, admitted to Hon PM Mottley and Hon Minister Symmonds that he is waiting on the Chief Town Planner form 2004 to date for permission to removed a wall and boulders that is blocking the watercourse. The CTP is now the PS at MTW&M , still the incompetence of DCTO Tudor, he must know that he doesn’t need permission to do such. Who aided and abetted the British Expat, by allowing the private road to remain even though it is illegally placed ? Why was the private road paved by MTW work men at cost to taxpayers ?

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