Plight of an Honest Blackman – Speed Dials and Privileges (2)

Dear Hon Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

I hereby resubmit my request for your intervention to address another case of classism and discrimination directed at Black man. I sent you the letter below THREE years ago. The situation has deteriorated since. I do not have you on speed dial which explains my use of this arcane mode of communication. For your information Prime Minister Mottley your Press Secretary Roy Morris is fully briefed about my matter, he highlighted same when he was Managing Editor of the Nation Newspaper many years ago – Arden BLACKMAN

Hon. Mia Mottley, QC., M.P

Prime Minister

Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment

Government Headquarters

Bay St, St. Michael

27 March 2019.

Dear, Honourable Prime Minister.

I refrained in the past years from seeking a political intervention of the highest. But, must do so. Hon. Prime Minister, I am requesting your intervention for an urgent, justly rectification of a dangerous situation, caused by a “Wrongful Created Private Botch Road within and across a Natural Watercourse, above Clarke’s Road, St. James. That happened under a previous B.L.P Government.

I will outline two main reasons for requesting your intervention upfront, the other reasons will become apparent.

(1)The fact that a remedy is yet, to be carry out by the Chief Technical Officer of M.T.W, who has the authority to do so.

(2) The political efforts in 2006-8 of B.L.P, M.P for St. James Central, The Hon. Minister Mr. Kerrie Symmonds M.P, to obtained a remedy to the dangerous situation on behalf on his constituents, failed by 2008, and continued to fail.

Hon. Prime Minister, I am very familiar with this location from 1978. And lived here since 1982, the top of dead-end Clarke’s Road, adjacent to a Natural Watercourse. This said course is situated between Chapel Gap and Clarke’s Road. The course was deep, never overflowed, during the mention times. Therefore, no foreseeable flooding risk. There were never a vehicular through public or private road, from Appleby or Chapel Gap, to or across the said watercourse.

In 2002, a British ex-pat White person, appeared with the services of heavy equipment, took the liberty to go from Appleby, across an open lot of an absentee land owner, and wrongfully altered the natural watercourse, by removing both edges. Thereby, creating a path/road across the said course, to her lot on the north.

Later in 2002, Pat Brayshaw commissioned further wrongful alterations, to the said watercourse, by placing boulders within, and along the land mark centre, that narrowed the course, for a built-up increase of level land to joined the across path/road, and created a wrongful private botch road, from Appleby, across the said absentee land owner lot, and watercourse, to Chapel Gap, vice versa. Thereby, causing the first flooding, I witness in my years of knowing this watercourse.

Hon. Prime Minister, Due to the proximity of my home, below the wrongfully altered course, the results from recurring flooding, caused severed damages to my surrounding, and caused me to made several changes to my home.

I complained verbally to the Drainage Unit in 2003, an Officer visited the site, and in conversation, said the encroachment is illegal, he will report to Drainage Director. I found out he never reported, when I went to the Drainage Unit Office, almost a year later.

The information from Drainage Office. Stated that Drainage don’t have the Equipment to removed the boulders or restored the course. Drainage Director directed me to M.T.W, Deputy C.T.O, Mr. Philip Tudor, in our telephone conversation about my complaint, and plea for a remedy. Mr. Tudor said, what was done to the watercourse is illegal. He promised to have the boulders removed and the course restored, Nothing happened to this day.

I then turned to M.T.W, C.T.O, Frank Thornhill who (almost) recited, what Mr. Tudor said of the situation and the actions that will be taken. The almost, is that Mr. Thornhill is the Chief Technical Officer. The promised actions of both top Technical Officers have not yet, materialized.

Hon. Prime Minister, The dangerous situation at the water-course, became worse, due to an obvious biased. Arthur’s Construction, wrongfully placed B.W.A pipes, into a part of my adjacent backyard, that was eroded by redirected spread flooding, from the illegal road within, and across the course. For two purposes ( 1 ) To saved company cost of cutting track. ( 2 ) To ensured the wrongful private botch road, probably built by the said company in 2002  remained. As a result of those unjustly actions, combined with the inactions to, and overlooking of, the dangerous situation by the then M.T.W, C.T.O. Mr. Frank Thornhill and Deputy C.T.O, Mr. Philip Tudor. The Black Residents had to endured the results of Clarke’s Road becoming the new watercourse

late 2006 I asked Mr. Roy Morris of the Nation newspaper, to highlight my plight, due to wrongful created dangerous encroachment, and the shoddy job of Arthur’s Construction. From what Mr. Morris saw, and his investigation, he published an article “St. James man fearing the worst” in The Nation on 26 October 2006. I was then enlighten years after making verbal complaints, that an Official of the Ministry, said Mr. Blackman must make an Official complaint in writing.

After that, I made written and verbal complaints, requesting a remedy to the said dangerous situation. Only to be completely ignored, by the then M.T.W, C.T.O, Thornhill and Deputy C.T.O Tudor who reneged on all verbally made undertakings of remedying the watercourse..

One response came from the Ministry of Environment and Drainage in 2015, informing me that the authority in the “prevention of floods Act Cap 235 section 6B and 7” to carry out remedy of watercourses, lies with the C.T.O of M.T.W.

The Nation Newspaper published two other articles highlighting the dangerous situation in the watercourse. The last article by Ms. Maria Bradshaw highlighted the November 2016 flooding in Clarkes Road, that caused damages to residents.

The muchly read Barbados Underground that bring news and opinions to the people ( that certain people want to hide) highlighted this dangerous situation in many articles over the years. But, M.T.W, Top Technical Officers continued inaction, and ignored the plights of Black Residents in Clarke’s Road

As if the apparent continued ignoring, inaction to the caused were not enough. M.T.W, said Top Technical Officers, discriminatory assisting in the upkeep of this wrongful created private botch road, leading up to the 2013 General Election. Tasked M.T.W. work men paved said road, supervised by the then D.L.P, M.P for St James Central. Mr. George Hutson

I email a letter requesting an urgent rectification of said wrongful dangerous situation, to our new Minister of Transport, Works and Maintenance, Dr. Hon. William Duguid, J.P MP.( I thank him for his quick reply) on 24, Feb 2019 he stated, “I have asked for a Town Planning Enforcement notice, that is the first stage”.( that was 3 years ago )

Hon. Prime Minister, M.T.W, D.C.T.O, Mr. Philip Tudor email me for the first time in 15+years, about a comment I made on Face- Book about his inaction to the watercourse situation. He stated on 20, Feb 2019 “ that this matter was referred to the chief Town Planner whose agency is responsible for issuing enforcement notices please note that no demolition of this structure. in St. James could have been carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Work without the prior authorization of Town and Country Planning Department. To-date we Have received no such authorization. I will however contact the Chief Town Planner in an effort to see if this situation can be remedied before the 2019 hurricane season”.

Hon. Prime Minister, Certainly, with all due respect, this wrongful created dangerous situation, is deserving of  much more attention, than a 14 worded statement, from the Hon. Minister Duguid (due to the fact that Town and Country Planning, has nothing to do with an encroachment within and across the watercourse.

Did M.T.W, CTO Frank Thornhill or Deputy C.T.O, Philip Tudor, seek Town and Country Planning authorization, to removed or demolished the boulders, after It was brought to they attention, and a formal verbal pledge made to remedy and restored the watercourse in 2004 ?

Who or what hindered, Hon. Minister Kerrie Symmonds during 2006-2008 from obtaining a remedy to the said dangerous situation ?.

Why did M.T.W, maintained the said wrongful private botch road across, within, and along the centre of a watercourse, leading up to 2013 General Election, despite the fact that from 2002, the said road caused flooding in The Black Residential Area of Clarke’s Road ?.

Who at M.T.W, authorized the asphalt paving of the said wrongful Private Road, who pay the cost ?.

Hon Prime Minister, the blatant discriminatory assistance to the wrongfully placed private botch road, that caused the dangerous situation, was enable by M.T.W. Top Technical Officers and others concerted corruption.

Hon. Prime Minister, there is a need for an urgent justly intervention, attention, and rectification of this wrongful created dangerous situation.

Best Regards.

Alden Blackman

To Help a BLACKman of the Soil, but MONEY Prevails Overall

Submitted by SSS

Alden Blackman has been pleading for 15 years for help involving flooding in his native home village in Barbados known as Clarke’s Gap. The story can be found on Barbados Underground, where Mr Blackman has provided a detail account of the events leading up to the floods that threatens his property.

What should be of interest to readers, but well known to almost every Barbadian, is that as long as you are wealthy in Barbados, you are entitled to certain privileges, freedoms, exemption from penalties, and even special treatment in matters related to the law. That is because the law that is practice in Barbados is a big respecter of persons.

This is a known fact because stealing has two different classifications depending on what status you hold in the land of the cou cou and flying fish. For example, a lawyer stealing thousands of dollars of his client’s money is treated differently then a government clerical officer who steals a similar amount. One would be given a private hearing and told to get a lawyer or a simple slap on the wrist penalty outside of court proceedings, while the other would face the courts of Barbados, charged for theft and face possible incarceration. Depending on who you are again, you can go for years without paying millions in taxes and do not have to worry about prosecution, period, whereas a normal citizen owing a few hundred in taxes would not be so fortunate.

This is the Barbados that many Barbadians have come to know for its shenanigans and double standards. That is why we have to wonder why successive governments in the form of BLP and DLP have not lend ear to Mr Alden Blackman’s plea.

Could it be that deals where struck and money passed permitting this rich woman to do as she please in a known water course that the locals in Clarke’s Gap know far better than she? Could it be that the reason why Mr Blackman has not seen resolve or aid in this matter is because he is average in status and have no bargaining power the likes of which money in Barbados provides?

What is clear in this matter is that Alden Blackman is suffering as a son of the rock , while a non native of the rock is living in comfort and without fear after permitted to build an access road that is diverting the natural flow of water in the water course towards his property.

The matter should draw the attention of the newly elected BLP party Prime Minister, Mia Mottley because it was under BLP leadership that this matter was birthed. A son is asking for your help, Ms Prime Minister. Its been 15 years and a few elections later and still no redress to this matter. The same way how the elected Prime Minister can change the constitution to get her friends into senate positions in the government, grant tax amnesty to those owing millions in taxes without penalty, and refusing to conduct investigations into a DLP she described as operating in the shade and under cloak, she can now show Barbados that her interest also lies in helping out the common man.

The ball is in your court Ms Mottley. Help one! While you are contemplating if you should help this small fella or not, look into the charge that senior civil servants are coercing clients into paying cash sums for expediting paper work and the granting of permissions. I will implore any Barbadian who have proof of this to come forward with it.

So what will you do Prime Minister Mottley? Remember that you were up in arms over the Mark Maloney Coverly obstacle that you rightfully removed. Let us see if you will do the same to help Mr Alden Blackman versus the rich white who is using the permissions given to her to do as she likes. #WhataboutAldenBlackman?

Qualified Engineer Grenville Phillips contradicts Facts @Clarke’s Road

Submitted by Alden Blackman


Boulders dumped in a water course at Clarke’s Road by ex-Pat Pat Brayshaw

Why would Grenville Phillips, a Qualified Engineer contradicts a facts as to the Dangerous situation posed by a Watercourse in Clarke’s Road St. James?

I received a message from Mr Phillips Monday – he stated, I am aware of the situation, and investigated the problem. The main problem is that someone constructed a masonry wall inside of the drainage channel. The Town planner and Drainage Department are aware. Why are you not shining the light on the principal problem”.

What is beyond dispute is that the wall was constructed in the drainage course, if the wall is removed from the drainage course, the problem should  be solved. Relocating that wall is the obvious first step.

Alden:  when solving a problem you should address the main problem before any possible secondary problem.

As I have repeatedly stated Town Planning and Drainage have determined that the wall is the source of the drainage problem.

In Mr. Phillips investigation he refused to acknowledged the boulders wall sitting on the floor of the original watercourse with dislodged boulders into what he thinks is the original course is some of the course. Part of the course is under the boulders.

There no need for me to repeat myself but…Did Mr. Phillips: the enginee know of the watercourse before it was altered?

Mr. Phillips: did not see that the course canal from the end of the wall, about 75 ft to where the water emerged is flattened due to heavy equipment removing the sides in crossing the canal?

Mr. Phillips: failed to see the flattened road across the course canal on which vehicles traversed, above the wall.

Mr. Phillips: do you know that Drainage Unit Officers saw that watercourse encroachment in 2003 when no wall was erected ?

All Mr. Phillips: saw as the “MAIN PROBLEM” is a Black man protection wall, erected 5+ft from his land mark, 7+ years after enduring the yearly flood damaged.

It seems Mr. Phillips: as an engineer is now telling Town Planning and Drainage, move the Black man protection wall let his home wash away.

Because the British Ex-pat White needs a  private road.


Water flowing in Clarke’s Road after a downfall of rain.

Open Letter to Mr. Kerrie Symmonds – The Lack of Representation by MP for St.James Central

Submitted by Alden Blackman

Sir, this is the second time in the past 15 years the BLP is the Government of Barbados and you as a Minister and MP for St. James Central. Yet with the knowledge of and repeated promises, you have failed to obtain a correction to the dangerous situation of an “illegal encroachment” by an Ex-pat White land owner who commissioned the building up/out a garden-cum-an illegal private botched road in a watercourse between Chapel Gap and Clarke’s Road in St.James.  Said road “encroachment” as you have seen and know, obstructs and redirect flood flow from the original course to the Black low working class residential area of Clarke’s Road.

Sir, although the officials of MTW/Drainage Unit, led then, by CTO Frank Thornhill, DCTO Philip Tudor, and other government officials know the encroachment is illegal, and posed a risk, yet, they showed indifference to this dangerous situation by not having it corrected.

Again highlighting what seems to be a lack of representation and or possibly indifference.

A BLACKman’s Plight in a Case Versus Pat Brayshaw and Government –the Clarke’s Road Saga continues


The actions by MTW officials affiliated with a DLP Minister has allowed a reportedly wealthy and WHITE landowner by the name of PAT BRAYSHAW of Palm Paradise Guest House and Apartment in Chapel Gap, Paynes Bay, St. James to make an illegal pathway across a known watercourse located between Chapel Gap and Clarke’s Road, St. James. Boulders  were utilized to create a new left edge – and was extended into the watercourse thereby creating a space read a back yard garden-cum private road. The illegal space has obstructed and rerouted the flow of water to the right low line area of Clarke’s Road, St. James where the BLACK WORKING CLASS Barbadians reside.

After many years of pleading to Permanent Secretary Bruce Alleyne and Chief Technical Officer Frank Thornhill of MTW for a remedy to the dangerous situation without success, an official of MTW, Ms. Sharon Deane advised the BACKMAN on the 9 March, 2016, that she had spoken to CTO Thornhill and he assured her he would have taken care of the matter. Note that the blockage in the watercourse in Clarke’s Road resulted in the worse flooding in the area to my knowledge on the 29 November,2016, 8 months after the assurance

Permanent Secretary Bruce Alleyne and CTO Frank Thornhill have since retired from the civil services leaving my matter outstanding. For being negligent in executing their responsibility to a Blackman and other residents, may their retirement be eventful.

The above was scripted by Arden Blackman of Clarke’s Road, S. James, the victim.

Arden Blackman’s case is interesting for many reasons. He is an honest hardworking working working class Barbadian who is being taken advantage of by a dysfunctional system. Unlike many Barbadians who feel victimized and do nothing except to talk, Blackman has written to the Nation newspaper, Barbados Today (to the credit of the two media outlets Blackman’s plight was featured), he called the talk show, he has written several letters to players in government -the Chief Technical Officer MTW, Permanent Secretaries AND ministers. Recently he wrote to aspiring Member of Parliament for the area Kerri Symmonds, he wrote to George Pilgrim the general secretary of the DLP. He communicated with Minister Denis Kellman through his Facebook page. All promised to assist and have failed to deliver!

There is only so much an honest man can take after exhausting ALL known legal avenues while agitating for justice. BU is willing to advise Mr. Blackman to arm himself with two dozen eggs and a box of ripe tomatoes. A general election is lurking on the horizon.

Clarke’s Road Watercourse Issue – The Plight of a Blackman

Clarke's Road 3

Clarke’s Road 3

For over a decade the pleas of a Black Barbadian have gone unheeded by successive Black governments. Whether it is the gang at the Ministry of Drainage, led by the beleaguered Denis Lowe, or the Chief Technical Officer Frank Thornhill at the MTW, a ministry led by the BMW driving Minister Michael Lashley, Alden Blackman the affected Black Barbadian resident of Clarke’s Road, Derricks, St. James continues to be ignored by a Black government.

To concisely summarize the issue:

  • It concerns the  illegal construction – in a watercourse – by Pat Brayshaw a White immigrant whose property adjoins that of Mr. Blackman. She commissioned the construction of a wall of boulders and backfilled to create a yard and garden. The construction has created a Carew type danger my causing water to be diverted to Mr. Blackman’s property.
  • On the 10 August 2015 a Mr. Burke visited Blackman at Clarke’s Road to advise CTO of MTW Mr. Thornhill sent him to find out “what is my problem with the watercourse”.  Mr. Burke further informed me that MTW workers stopped the asphalt paving at the end of my neighbour’s gate because she informed them that it is a private road. The MTW team returned however to tar and stone the rest of the road located in the middle and along the watercourse to satisfy the request of former member of parliament for St. James Central George Hutson.
  • The attached letter, page 2 addressed to Blackman from the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment and Drainage has advised that the CTO of MTW has the authority to carry out any remedial work necessary to address the problem in Clarke’s Road, therefore, if the problem remains, the questions must be asked – Why the CTO of MTW continues to show no concern about Mr. Blackman’s plight to this day? Has the CTO or any official of MTW given Pat Brayshaw permission to dump boulders to construct a wall in the watercourse without first evaluating the site? If no permission was given why has the CTO of MTW allowed the constructed boulders wall to remain in the watercourse without remedial work after hearing a complaint from Mr. Blackman about the damage done to his property? Does the CTO of MTW know who at MTW authorized the paving of the private road?

The following links capture all the details concerning the matter of ‘Alden Blackman Vs Pat Brayshaw and the Government of Barbados’. Where is the justice?