Is Chief Town Planner Blocking BLACKman’s Fight for Justice @Clarke’s Road?

One comment posted to the Nation newspaper Online edition (see below) summarizes the plight of Arden Blackman from Clark’s Road, St. James. The story of Arden Blackman has been ventilated on Barbados Underground, Facebook and there was a piece done by Roy Morris before he was fired by the Nation newspaper.

It boggles the mind that a government elected to serve its citizens would allow an ex-pat by the name of Pat Brayshaw to break the law with the potential to cause harm to residents of the blue collar district of Clarke’s Road.

The blogmaster is tempted to include what quickly comes to mind- if this had occurred in Fort George or one of the built up neighbourhoods the member of parliament would have intervened to expedite the matter in 2003/4 when it first surfaced.   There was a time a more militant blogmaster would have pulled the race card by asking why a White foreign woman is allowed to brazenly break the law in a majority Black Rh country.

The comment below appears to have been posted to Nation news by Phillip Tudor a senior official at the Ministry of Transport. The time has come to give Mr. Blackman some justice Town Planner Browne, Kerri Symmonds and local authorities. If what is posted is the reason that prevented the closure of this matter, we weep for our country.


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  1. David

    The Bajan’s mentality can do no different. When we talk about radical transformation that slavish mindset must be the first to go and we are all affected by it to some extent.

    This country has always missed a RADICAL land transformation, thanks to Barrow. And until that is made to be a necessary precondition the Brownes who are still mental slaves will always have the BlackMans begging in this land owned by White people.

    This writer knows the Chief Town Planner and we have always seen him as a good public servant, as public servants go. We could say that he has been a friend. However, none of that makes him any less susceptible to the crypto-racism endemic to the Bajan society.

    People like this Chief Town Planner would not have the post which he now holds unless axiomatically he knew well that White people in Barbados, their kef and kin from elsewhere, are to be given social preferences especially when it comes to land use policy in Barbados.

    Poor Browne, he is only doing, and could only ever do what all those who have held that post before have done so well to make sure that the economy of Barbados is forever in the hands of White people and these lands are forever White controlled.

  2. This talk about Chief Town Planner is a put out there ruse. If MTW was waiting from 2003 on CTP why was the road paved with asphalt by MTW months before 2013 election, and 10years after Blackman complained

  3. Hants

    Blackman and I spend time last week sending messages, to Minister asking them to help Minister Symmonds in finding a way to help the Black people in Clarkes Road . two Ministers reply Ministers Forde and Duguid

  4. The Chief Town Planner in 2003, is the now PS in the MTW&T. what will DCTO Tudor say next,after he lied on the CTP delaying the encroachment notice, the same way he claimed he meet with Blackman. Blackman may be silent but I will not be silent

  5. MR. ALDEN BLACKMAN AND THE OTHER RESIDENTS IN CLARKE’S ROAD deserve to live without fear of being swept away by flooding.








  7. @ Watchman

    Mr Alden Blackman and all the other people in Clarke’s Tenantry have encountered the category of residents who BECAUSE OF THEIR COLOUR AND SPEECH are deified

    They are protected by another set kindly called apologists euphemism for pooch lickers

    Blackman is a good man and law keeper as are most of wunna Bajans

    But I would ask you this.

    Do you think that she or any of the people whose names you or others mentioned in this article, be it former CTO, Deputy CTO, PS or Chief Town Planner, even the Prime Minister sheself, would have the balls to do ignorance like this, IF THEIR NEIGHBOR WAS PUNCHIE, AKA Lord EVIL?

    “High wind know where old house lie…”

    “Until the philosophy that hold one nation superior and another inferior…Bob Nestor Marley

  8. It is time a more militant blogmaster returns, because it is precisely what it is a matter of race. How you can allow someone to come from an English council estate to Barbados and push around local people s beyond me.
    What is that one about overseas Barbadians returning home to contribute? Vision 20/20 has gone blind.



    This a glorious opportunity for
    DR. THE HON. WILLIAM F. DUGUID, to show he is a problem solver.



  10. @ Mr Hal Austin.


    “A more militant blogmaster” as you are requesting CANNOT EXIST IN BARBADOS.

    There are a few things that you have to accept as a given.

    Let me give you three examples so that will put this in context.

    lord Evil and Anti Islam or the Real DrugLords

    Do a search of this Blog for one of these topics

    De ole man puts it to you that, even though these are all “topics of major interest and import”, NEITHER WILL EVER BE DISCUSSED HERE in any seriousness BECAUSE BOTH ARE LIKE CIGARETTES “DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH”

    The only blogger on Barbados Underground who will talk about two of these, the Real Drug Lords and lord Evil is Barbados Unerground Whistleblower

    Now, and i ask you to consider this.

    Why is that the case?

    We does come here and bad talk trump, and chavez and maduro and everybody else why one blogger even ask dat Maduro be killed, but when it comes to these three issues, you notice that not a fellow does open he mouf?

    Look how powful foolish Peter Lawrence Thompson does talk bout GOD and how this is a fallacy and all of his announcements

    I bet you 1 million monopoly dollars dat he is not going to say the same thing about Allah.

    You understand me Hal

    Fear is the Key

    It is noted that as we get older our balls do not stick as close to our body like when we were young, they hang like malshapen cucumbers long from the stem.

    I wonder what is the female equivalent of “balls” is that pudenda? do they hang too after the effluxion of time?

    But it is anatomically incorrect to say that women have no balls?

    Can one for example say Mugabe has no “balls” and it not be considered a malapropism or something like that?

  11. BLACKman keeping the BU family informed as to progress of his matter and thank all for the support so far.

    FW: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James

    alden blackman
    Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 6:15 PM

    To: David

    Hi, Bro. Please have a look at the conflict, Minister Duguid and DCTO Tudor

    From: alden blackman <>
    Sent: Monday, February 25, 2019 9:48:45 AM
    Subject: FW: Blockage of Watercourse in St.Jame

    From: alden blackman <>
    Sent: Monday, February 25, 2019 8:06:06 AM
    Subject: FW: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James

    From: alden blackman <>
    Sent: Monday, February 25, 2019 8:05:22 AM
    To:; miaamormottley@gmail

    From: alden blackman <>
    Sent: Monday, February 25, 2019 8:03:54 AM
    To: Dr. Hon. William Duguid, JP
    Subject: RE: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James

    Dr. Hon William Duguid JP

    Sir Thanks for your response

    Sir, Minister Symmonds called my action “unduly confrontational”

    How am I to believe that I will be ever justly treated as a Black man in Barbados when after 15+ years in which, I had to endured the deliberately redirected flood flows to my home due to an encroached, that MTW has an” Act Cap 235 of prevention of floods,” but MTW not only refused to prevent, MTW enhanced. Sir,

    From: Dr. Hon. William Duguid, JP <>
    Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2019 4:53:04 PM
    To: alden blackman
    Subject: Re: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James

    I have asked for the Town planning enforcement notice.

    That is the first stage.


    Sent from my iPhone
    On Feb 24, 2019, at 4:07 PM, alden blackman <> wrote:

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    From: alden blackman <>
    Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2019 4:00:19 PM
    Subject: Re: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James

    Mr. Philip Tudor

    Deputy Chief Technical Officer MTW&T

    Sir, My MP Minister Kerrie Symmonds imply, that if I become “unduly confrontational”, it will make it harder for him, to obtain a remedy for the “blockage of watercourse in St. James”, I had to endured for the last 15+years. I believed him, and hushed. Then you sent me an email. I must reply to. I learnt from a lady, on a trail not long ago, who always asked for her bag of kept notes to refresh her memory, I kept a bag of notes to refresh your.

    Sir, This dangerous situation arose in late 2002, when a British White Ex-pat, encroached into a natural watercourse situated between Chapel Gap and Clarkes Road, St. James. She commissioned the building out, up, and along with boulders, backfilled, and formed added level yard-cum-road, to the boundary mark in the middle of course, adjacent to my lot. That process, created an obstruction that blocked, and redirected flood flow to my home causing damaged.

    I reported what happened, by complaining to Drainage Unit in 2003. Mr. Dawe visited the course site, I pointed out the damage and concerns in our conversation in which, Mr.Dawe said the obstruction is illegal, and promised to report back to the office, what he saw.

    Mr. Dawe led me to believed for over a year, that action would be taken to restored the watercourse. I visited Drainage Unit office, had a meeting with Mr. Yearwood who informed me, that Drainage Unit had no report of Mr. Dawe’s visit to the watercourse site.

    Mr. Yearwood, as officer in charge at that time, showed as much, or more indifference to my plight, as Mr. Dawe did. Meanwhile, the worsening effect of intense redirecting flood flow, continued to erode around my home of which, I had to make changes.

    Sir, on advise, our first conversation was on the 23 January 2004, in which, you must have heard my plea, because you stated, “the obstruction is illegal”, and assured me “it will be removed”. In my followed up calls of supplicating to you, to have the dangerous situation remedy, you offered me the same comfort promises, such as, you will called me, visit said course site, and having illegal obstruction removed.

    Sir, had you visited the course site in 2004, perhaps, “we would not be here doing this”, but, you never called to this day, or visited the course site in my presence, I have never met you. The said obstruction remained, continue posing a risk, my adviser who, put head on the block, as to your integrity, lose it.

    As for CTO Frank Thornhill, my first conversation with him was months after I was getting only comfort promises from you, Mr. Thornhill’s showed attitude to my plight, mirrors yours.

    Sir, it seems the same Arthur construction that started the destruction of the watercourse, in 2002, returned to lay pipes for BWA, across said course. “Unfairly”, they used my adjacent lot, ”eroded“ by the results of first encroached, and the “only path in the course to carry flood flow”, they placed the pipes, replaced the boulders, repaired the illegal private road, finished flattened an essential part of the course, that was started in 2002, above my home. Thereafter, those atrocious actions, unjustly brought more intense flood flow to a Poor Black working Class Man, back and front door, extended to the Black working class residential area making Clarke’s Road the new watercourse. Yet, obstruction allowed to remained.

    I seek help from Minister Kerrie Symmonds who, setup a meeting on site with, “Drainage Unit” Mr Yearwood. “BWA” Mr Miller, Marville, Blades, Drayton, and myself. Mr. Symmonds did not attended the meeting. Mr. Marville of BWA agreed to retract ,and relay the pipes deeper, but delayed the process over 2 years until after 2008.

    The last conversation in 2008 Mr. Marville and I had, he told me that “Minister Symmonds can say what he like, but he can’t come in BWA and do it”. Meanwhile, whatever Minister. Symmonds may have done, or not done, a remedy to the course was not obtained.

    Sir, 9 years after all of my supplicating, to you, and CTO Mr. Thornhill, failed.

    MP Mr. Symmonds, interceding on behalf of poor Black people for a remedy to the posed risk, failed.

    CTO Thornhill assurance to an Officer of MTW who interceded on my behalf, failed.

    Sir, leading up to the 2013 General Election. MTW workers appeared and paved “said illegal private road” under the supervision of then MP for St. James Central, Mr. George Hutson. When the paving finish Minister Hutson returned the next day in a GIS vehicle he drove back and forth along and across said private road in the watercourse GIS videographer was on the job. apparently CTO Thornhill, yourself, or other Officer at MTW gave an order, To paved.

    Why was, what you, CTO Mr. Thornhill, and all the others Officers at MTW/Drainage Unit, called an illegal obstruction, In the form of a private botch road, in the middle of a natural watercourse from 2002, maintained with “paving”, by MTW, while waiting, “as you said” on the Chief Town Planner for authorization to demolish said road, by MTW.

    When did you referred this illegal obstruction to the Chief Town Planner?

    Why did the statement “this matter was referred to Chief Town Planner” first appeared, last week on Face Book from a Lesandra Tudor in trying to defend you, on a comment I made on FB. You sent me an email the next day, after I told Lesandra on FB to let Philip Tudor speck for himself.

    What happened to the file that Mr. Innis from Drainage Unit said reappeared on his desk in December 2018. after 9 years. Mr Innis declaring he thought the matter was fix

    What was done from 2008-2018, by CTO Mr. Thornhill, you or any Officer at MTW Drainage Unit to deal with the dangerous situation .

    I lived adjacent to that watercourse for over 37 years. The created dangerous situation, stems from the greed, of a British ex-pat White woman who encroached caused the risk, it is clear, that for the pass15+ years that MTW / Drainage Unit Officers acted unjustly, indifferently and discriminatory by refusing to right a wrong, not only for a Black Man plight, but all the Black working class residents of Clarke’s Road.

    Meanwhile, actions were done by MTW, for a British Ex-pat white woman, such as, maintained, and allowed to retained an illegal obstruction, in the formed of a private road that caused damage, and continue to posed a risk, to Poor Black working class people, showed discriminatory

    This poor 67 year old Black man is only seeking to have a wrong, right.

    Alden Blackman

    67 year old Disadvantage Born Black Barbadian

    From: Philip Tudor <>
    Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 4:25:04 PM
    To: alden blackman
    Subject: RE: Blockage of Watercourse in St.James

    Dear Mr Blackman,

    It is rather unfortunate that I would have seen in another section of the press where you have made uncomplimentary remarks towards Mr. Thornhill (ex. Chief Technical Officer) and myself. As I had mentioned to you at the site meeting which we had some time ago, this matter was referred to the Chief Town Planner whose agency is responsible for issuing Enforcement Notices. Please note that no demolition of this structure in St. James could have been carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Works without the prior authorization of the Town and Country Planning Department. To date we have received no such authorization. I will however contact the Chief Town Planner in an effort to see if this situation can be remedied before the 2019 hurricane season.

    Philip Tudor

    Deputy Chief Technical Officer MTW&T

  12. @ Mr. Alden Blackman

    The names of the several players in your saga are many

    And their faces are many.

    The thing about matters such as your own is that, IF YOU WERE TO GET Tshirts printed with your message and use the emotive words like

    “Does Mia Mottley care for black voters?”

    Or “She (Mottley) can get her father knighted in 3 months after we voted for her BUT for 15 years she cant help a poor black man…”

    Or “Is Mia like Fruendal, does she like ex pats more than her bajans people?”

    Things like this ON YOUR NEW WARDROBE would capture the common man and womans tongue WHEN YOU MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS TO GO DOWN BY PARLIAMENT EVERY TUESDAY in a new shirt

    That is about $40 a T-Shirt and you would get 6 for yourself EVEN IF YOUR NEIGHBOURS dont want to wear any

    Are you with me?

    It is my feeling that Bajans are willing to support causes like yours Mr. Balckman

    I can have the grandson do some High Resolution images sized for the front and the back of tshirts and you can go by one of the local fellows who print shirts and get a donation of the printing done and get them reduce the price for the screening etc.

    You have to do this differently OR IT WILL PERSIST until the day you die

  13. Why should I say something about Allah. Is he not God? As for Islam it is developing just as Christianity did. Christians were no better at one point in time. Give Islam time. It is changing. The extremists are fighting to stop it. They will work it all out in time just like the Christians did. Plenty of Christians fought against the change also.

    As for the real drug lords – I do not know them. Lord Evil – what can I add to that. I only know the name. I have no insider information. If the powers that be wanted to deal with Lord Evil they would do just that. And so it’s back to the powers that be. They are the real problem not Lord Evil.

    By the way – where has T. Inniss disappeared to?

  14. PIECE

    Former Minister George Hutson got MTW to paved the said illegal private road just before 2013 general election

  15. Arthurs construction started the destruction of the watercourse as a job for Brayshaw, and finished destroyed it when he work for BWA laying pipes . Mr. Arthur had the balls to tell Blackman, that he Blackman can’t stop BWA from placing pipes on his land. After Blackman consulted with the Ombudsman and confronted Mr. Arthur he said “all he can do now, is asked BWA to put up a short wall ” all of this was relayed to MTW CTO Thornhill and DCTO Tudor in 2006 .



    Hurricane season officially runs from June 1 through November 30.


  17. What a nasty, deceitful, bribietaking bunch who infested and still do, the parliament, BWA and Town Planning, the lowest of the lowlifes and house negros.

  18. “You have to do this differently OR IT WILL PERSIST until the day you die.”

    No one is willing to bell the cat. They continue to believe that right will prevail; that a man of action will heed their words, and in all the myth and lies that make corruption/inefficiency run ‘smoothly’.

  19. Grenville Phillips is on the job, as a consultant and investigator for the white woman, he is now trying to convince the Town Planner and Drainage Dept, that the “problem” is a wall, that Blackman had to erect in 2007 in an effort to save his home. The wall built in 2007 run opposite the boulders up along the course 5+ feet away from the middle line, where the boulders were placed in 2002 into the watercourse to the middle line, and caused the erosion due to redirected flood flow on Blackman’s side making it appeared as the course. Blackman lived on his spot from 1982. A house was above Blackman’s home, a part of the wall was the foundation of that house and it never flood out. The boulders were placed in 2002, when the white woman reclaimed land from 6 feet deep, 4-5 feet wide, along a natural watercourse caused the adjacent lot to be low line





  21. @ Hal & Piece

    How often do we see white Bajans begging for justice ? They make one phone call and matters are fixed !
    You will also note that several of these situations, strectch from administration to administration thereby proving the point : six of one and half dozen of another.
    Note that the flawed road at Coverly was not fixed until the medical school arrived. And note that the sweets landed in the same pocket of the fellow they were cussing in this blog for four years.
    Note that the medical school was not placed near Cave Hill , one of the areas where black Bajans have plenty apartments and rental properties and small businesses etc.
    Not a failed country yet but………

  22. @Michaela Sinclair

    You ask a good question

    The “prevention of floods Act Cap 235 section 6B and 7″ placed the authority with the CTO of MTW .
    The catch, in that Act also stated, you can ask permission of the”Minister of MTW” , so did a Minister of the BLP Government in 2002, give permission to a British White Ex-pat, to erect a boulder wall and backfilled to make yard-cum-private road into the middle and across a natural watercourse. That action caused floods flow to redirect and erode the adjacent lot of a Black man and damaged his home. With time, the Black residential area of Clarke’s Road become the new watercourse

    I will state WHY all of the BLP Government Ministers Blackman asked for help gone White. poor Black man

  23. If only “Even” was alive.Even position would not save this Council woman from getting arrested for breaching the peace at common law.

  24. Saw this in the Nation News
    “George Griffith, the former head of the Barbados Family Planning Association, has been appointed the new chairman of the Grantley Adams Memorial School.”

    Would have love to see his qualification and knowledge of school system? Does he get an automatic pass? Does my managerial experience in other areas open a door for me when get home????

  25. It is time racist John gets a life. Always talking about his being a Barbados scholar. Is this what taxpayers money produced? Does he not have a wife and children to look after and keep him busy? If he does this for entertainment, he is to be pitied. Poor John.

  26. If only we Bajans could coalesce around just one issue

    If only these massa mentalities and teifing ministers could be made to see that we will not be pushed around

    If only 25 people would gather at Blackmans place and speak out

    But I guess you would have to have balls from that!

  27. @ William,

    Ours is a culture of genuflection, of automatically assuming that the colour of a person’s skin gives him/her some superior authority. Sadly, the better formally educated the person is the more they genuflect. Look no further than BU.
    I have written about a series of meetings a group of us from the UK, including myself as the only black person, had in Barbados, to discuss establishing a business school offering Scottish accredited qualifications.
    We met with the central bank, accreditation council, BIBA, etc, and in every case the spokespeople for these organisation spoke direct to the white people.
    At the central bank meeting the rather plump woman leading the talk was more concerned about my T shirt than she was about the content of the discussion.
    Not one of them worked out that here was a Barbadian and they were discussing establishing an institution in Barbados. Maybe he had something to do with it. On another occasion I was due to meet the owner of the Advocate in London, then a white ‘friend’ of his became available. He dumped me without as much as an apology. I have already told the story of Billie Miller in the City of London.
    It is a deep cultural inferiority.

  28. Why is the now BLP Minister of MTW&T trying to delay, and or coverup, what seems to be the possibility of a BLP Government Minister of MTW in 2002 allowing a British Ex-pat White Woman to build a private road into and across a natural watercourse. That said road, caused flood flows to be redirected to a Black Residential area making Clarke’s road the new watercourse.From 2003 a Black man was BEGGING the MTW for a remedy, The representative for St. James Central MP Symmonds have also failed to get a remedy, even when his government was in power from 2002-2008 .




    cause wen de floodin start !!!!!!

  30. Grenville Phillips is seemingly working, for the White Woman who in 2002 built an illegal private botch road to the middle of a natural watercourse, that caused blockage, and redirected flood flows to a poor Black man home causing damaged from 2003. After 7+years of complaining to MTW/Drainage Unit for a remedy that have not yet, come. In 2010 the poor Black man, with his friends help, erected a wall on his land to help protect his home. The wall is ” 5+ ft away” from the boundary line in the middle of said course, opposite where a British Expat white Woman built a boulder wall on the same line. Grenville Phillips told the Black man, that he Grenville, investigated the problem, and the wall is the problem for the blockage, and he told Town Planning and Drainage Unit so. he said the wall is illegal but, not the boulders wall, he did not find a reason for the floods flows going to Clarke’s road, due the fact that the right side of the course (when looking east ) was partly destroyed by the same white woman, in 2003 he did not notice how many boulders are dislodged into what he think is the course, he did not look where the boulders blocked the exit of the worn rock natural course, he did not seek to find out that the boulders are hiding part of the course before the boulders were placed . all Grenville saw was a Black man wall.

  31. Did Grenville seek to find out how the course ran, before it was altered by heavy equipment getting to the British Ex-pat lot site in 2002. How could Grenville not considered that after 7+years of redirecting floods flows, from a rock boulders wall obstruction, onto a rocky muddy formation, will leave a drain that resemble a watercourse. Grenville do you know that Roy Morris saw and wrote about that course,when no wall was erected.
    Would Grenville as an engineer advised any Government to build or allowed to be built any road like the one he claim to have seen, into and across a watercourse. where were you Grenville before 2002. do you know a house was above Blackman home, part of the wall was that house foundation and no flooding came to Clarkes road.

  32. Grenville You Should asked Drainage Unit Officers, what they saw. and what the problem clearly was, still is. Mr Dawe in 2003. Mr Yearwood, Mr Innis in 2004. PS Weeks in 2010. From BWA, former General Manager Mr Yearwood, Marville ,Miller, Blades, Drayton in 2006. From Arthur Construction, Mr. Arthur. 2002 +2005. Minister Symmonds in 2005. what the problem was, and if a wall was erected. If you are not convince go ask a former Director of Drainage, jolly Barrow. The court system is slow not dead.

  33. RE Grenville Phillips is seemingly working, for the White Woman who in 2002 built an illegal private botch road to the middle of a natural watercourse, that caused blockage, and redirected flood flows to a poor Black man home causing damaged from 2003

    ARE YOU SAYING THAT THE PIOUS Grenville Phillips WHO PRETENDS TO HAVE SOLUTIONS FOR BAJANS-INCLUDING BLACK BAJANS IS working, for the White Woman who in 2002 built an illegal private botch road to the middle of a natural watercourse, that caused blockage, and redirected flood flows to a poor Black man home causing damaged from 2003?



  34. Imagine that man, Grenville Phillips, comes on BU quoting the Bible. Imagine the same fellow wants to be PM of Barbados and now working for the vile, wicked white ex-pat, one Pat Brayshaw. Grenville Phillips has no shame. I guess the $$$$ is more important to him, than the welfare and safety of black Bajans.

  35. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right February 25, 2019 2:39 PM “I wonder what is the female equivalent of “balls” is that pudenda? do they hang too after the effluxion of time?

    The female equivalent of “balls” is ovaries. Ovaries are internal.

    Pudenda are external, the vulva which includes labia majora, labia minor, clitoris etc.

  36. Grenville Phillips did you stop, to consider how a row of loosely packed boulders, many dislodged, sloped 5+ft high to 3ft, from the watercourse floor, got into a watercourse. what the boulders hiding? Grenville !


    I was one of the bloggers who was always nice to you when you were blogging on BFP.

    So now like a typical Bajan, I begging you for a favour.

    Please help Mr. Alden Blackman causin no Bajan his age should have to worry bout getting wash way by a flood.


    cause wen de floodin start !!!!!!

  38. Say it ent so Watchman

    Say it ent so!!

    De ole man is examining your sentence construct and it reads to be either past tense or having worked for or present tense as in is working for.

    Now effing it is past tense as in 2002 it certainly means that this Engineer who loves to quote the Bible, he is ammmmmm not really ammmmmmm so above board and should have commented on this matter many moons ago.

    If it is that he has been engaged at today then it may mean that he is part of the rectification team that has been engaged by Duguid and the Mugabe team to see how best tey can rectify the problem going forward

    Would be grateful if you would clarify the tense for de ole illiterate man from Brumley

  39. @ PIECE

    Grenville Phillips used Messenger to send Blackman messages from Monday 9:05 PM ,Tuesday 10: 31 AM, Wednesday 11:04 AM. he said blackman wall is the caused of flooding. so remove it

  40. David / Bu please continue to help,the old Black man he is not an engineer, he only live adjacent to a watercourse for the last 37 years

  41. @ Watchman

    Give de ole man a few days

    I will get the grandson create a Justice for All Barbados campaign for your matter where Brayshaw has put you and other Clarke’s Road residents at risk for 17 years

    And Kerrie Oblong Head has done NOTHING BUT TALK LIKE THE WASTE FOOP HE IS!

    In fact de ole man will now tell de grandson to run a WASTE FOOP of THE MONTH AWARD and he is of course the best for last month

    He is traveling for 3 days for de bank in *** but I will see what can happen

    Keep up the pressure, remember that “pressure bursts pipes” (I got that from fellow myope Dr GP and I love it. I also get inferior superiors though I mix um up but…heheheheh)

  42. @ Watchman

    De Grandson surprise me

    He is going to do another two for you soon

    You need to send things like this to your friends and let them go and comment on the Imgur sites where they can use any nickname and say what they like WITHOUT ANY FEAR.

    The thing about this Watchman is that IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP THE PRESSURE NOTING IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!

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