Submitted by Pachamama

As Donald Trump enters the lion’s den this night all bets are off that he could escape with no further damage to his already tenuous hold on power. Indeed, if there was ever a textbook case as to how not to run a country Trump has thusly so provided.

In these short notes we will show that on all sides Donald Trump is a cornered beast. We will demonstrate this on the political, the economic, the social, the technological, the physical environment, the legal, the military, trade, intelligence and the diplomatic. We will argue that anybody able to avoid this, a certain fate waiting, would be rightfully deemed the political Houdini of all times.

The speech itself, and this was news to Trump, could have only have been scheduled, in the first place, with the acquiescence of the Speaker. This ‘detail’ needed to make Trump’s acquaintance. Recall though, that Trump’s political problems extend well beyond mere scheduling difficulties.

Even while he held control of all the levers of government he was unable to secure funding for his signature promise – the wall. In addition, his approval ratings have been stagnant at best and he has not been able to hire or retain the critical number of competent senior level aides to bring the required competence to his administration.

In economy, it was also news to Trump that he was not in dominant control of the Federal Reserve. As a result of this duality we had the Fed implementing a policy which his administration suggested was inappropriate. More worrying for Trump is that leading economic figures are now joining the bandwagon of those who have suggested a recession this year. This has implications for his political fortunes in 2020, should he run.

Trump is also encumbered by the social environment. His intelligence briefings would no doubt include the dislocations occurring in France – the Yellow Vest demonstrations and the disquiet in the UK which may lead to riots depending on the outcome of the Brexit imbroglio. These may be coming to a city near him sooner than later as the economic situation within the USA is far worse than the erroneous government statistics are leading on. Expect contagion! Riots in the land, you say!

On the technological front, Trump has created problems or found difficulties with which he has not been able to show any measurable progress in last two (2) years. These relate to the rights of subscribers. Whether companies like Facebook, Google and others should be public utilities.

Of course, on the legal side, we already know the world of hurt he has been in. We also presume that Mueller is likely to bring down some more indictments in the coming months – landing not too far from his cold heart. These to add to a growing number of Trump acolytes already ensnared in a dragnet intended to only allow the small fry and the cooperators to escape.

Maybe Trump entered the White House with the expectation that on the military front he could deploy America’s might to frighten the nation’s foes into easy concessions. Thus far, there have been no thunderous breakthroughs with the DPRK, Syria, Iran, Russian or anybody else. In all circumstances, conditions are far worse than when Trump entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The master negotiator he has not been!

As one of the first orders of business was the exit from the Climate Accords. Since then there has been no American sponsored successor agreement. This action still seems like an anti-Obama reaction with no intension whatsoever to offer another plan.

To say diplomacy is not Trump’s or his senior official’s forte would be an understatement. But when you add Bolton, Abrams, Pompeo and Kushner to the jambalaya you have a recipe for a Venezuela, another Vietnam, a murder in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. The UN sponsored JCPOA with Iran was also unceremoniously dispensed with. All of America’s ‘former’ allies under Trumpism have been strained. Trump and statements relating to America’s exceptionalism have been laughed at by hundreds of world countries at the UN.

Even on another thorny issue – trade. Trump has not made any breakthroughs with China or Europe or anybody else. All he’s done this far is to make minor changes to the agreement with Canada and Mexico. And Mexico is not paying for his wall as promised, by him.

Again, nobody was looking for too much ‘intelligence’ from Trump. But a war with the Deep State apparatus can never be won. Kennedy knew that. Even if you could win, you still come out the loser. In this environment Trump is in multiple wars with the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and all the other 17 alphabet-soup of spy agencies.

Of course, Donald Trump has never been known to pay much attention to all of these concentric circles of analysis. Therefore, is most likely to wing-it in the vain hope that somehow he, the master-salesman, could deliver this horrible situation to his wider audience with a PR victory. However, we are getting the feeling that a critical mass has now seen the ‘con which has always been Don’ and that additional damage, to his position, will be inflicted this night.

There may well be several books in this presidency that could withstand the vagaries of time and political science. However, if there were to be a single case study in how not to run an administration that may be the monograph which could be the one to be well-compared with that classical work by Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), this would be it.


  1. Not defending Trump just pointing out how stupid Democrats are by allowing Trump to hit them above the head with the wall issue
    They are so many issues that affect Americans that the democrats could have taken up as a cause in avoiding Trump to argue the notion of a wall is the best thing that can happen to America
    Nancy Pelosi has allowed herself to be boxed in by Tv talking heads about Trump Wall..
    rather than fighting about a wall Pelosi should have a strategy that resonates with americans

  2. Lexicon
    February 6, 2019 6:47 PM

    Rush Limbaugh is he a lost case … so why did you even mention that man’s name on a Caribbean blog …?


  3. Google “most listened to radio program” and here’s what you will find.

    “The total listenership for terrestrial radio as of January 2017 was 256 million,[3] up from 230 million in 2005.[4] Sirius XM Radio has a base of 30.6 million subscribers as of 2016.[5] American Top 40 attracts over 20 million listeners per week.[6] Rush Limbaugh’s show has been the number one commercial talk show since at least 1987 when record keeping began.[1][7] NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered are the two most popular news programs.[8] Tom Kent self-estimates his listenership at over 23 million weekly listeners over all of his network’s programs, which span the classic hits, adult hits and hot adult contemporary formats.[9]”

    Runner-up Rush Limbaugh, who pocketed $84 million, enjoyed a 21% increase in listeners to his eponymous show thanks to a “Trump bump.” The most-listened-to talk show host in America, with 14 million listeners by Talkers Magazine’s estimate, he was far from the only one to get this ratings boost. Overall industry over-the-air advertising revenue did not improve last year, hovering at $14.1 billion, according to BIA Kelsey, but the news-talk category saw an uptick, which the advisory firm attributed to the presidential election.

  4. Lexicon February 6, 2019 6:41 PM Mariposa
    “Defend Trump all you wish, but can you name one good thing that Trump has done for the working man?”

    LexiCON KHow about 5 million Jobs 5 Million people off of food Stamps and the Racist Trump has reduced the Unemployment to the Lowest in History for Hispanics and the Lowest in History for Blacks. Fifty year Lows for Unemployment in America…Wages is starting to rise after more than a Decade of Stagnation, just to name a few. You asked the wrong question, you are listening to the Dems who say that the Economy Bad when in reality it’s on Fire!

    LexiCON you should ask your Communist Mentor Pachamama about his Mentor Bus Driver Dictator Maduro the about following…

    Venezuelan military block the bridge where the help must pass

    A Tanker, a container and a convoy of the armed force of Venezuela block the border bridge of small in cúcuta, where it must pass the humanitarian aid of the United States managed by Juan Guaidó

    The denial of access of civilians, especially children, humanitarian aid and attacks on workers providing assistance to children are prohibited under the fourth Geneva Convention and their additional protocols and can constitute a crime against humanity And a war crime. In addition, access to humanitarian aid is a principle of customary international law.

  5. @Mariposa

    If you don’t know what you are talking about STFU. The Democrats just regained the majority in the House by campaigning against the “Wall”. Their gains represented the biggest turn around in US history, none of their representatives campaigned in favour of a wall. They elected Pelosi as Speaker knowing that she would lead the fight against Trump as well as defer to the Party’s base as Trump defers to his Party’s base.

    No Democrat is clamoring to build a Wall, the Democrats offered enhanced border security which Trump refused to consider, for him it is a wall or nothing, so he will get nothing.

    If your analysis of this political fight is representative of the advice that you gave the DLP no wonder it went down in flames.

  6. Bigger point…. $25b was already funded… where did that money go?

    Where’s the wall that was approved? Not built yet. So if the $25 billion was approved, but the wall was not built, where is the $25 billion? My guess is it was a money laundering scheme…$25 billion split 25 ways is $1 billion a piece. We have an awful lot of wealthy people in Congress and in our government who if living on their already generous salaries. Lots of money missing, lots of millionaires, follow the money.

  7. and the Racist Trump has reduced the Unemployment to the Lowest in History for Hispanics and the Lowest in History for Blacks. Fifty year Lows for Unemployment in America… (Quote)

    @ Freedom Crier

    The facts indicate that Trump was lying.

  8. @ Freedom Crier

    “The most dramatic drop in black unemployment came under President Barack Obama, when it fell from a recession high of 16.8 percent in March 2010 to 7.8 percent in January 2017.”

    Please note I’m not an American, so I do not give too hoots abt Obama or Trump.

  9. We rail about Mr Trump’s lies but conveniently forget others
    Mrs Clinton in an effort to portray Mr Obama as weak and she strong declared that she landed under”sniper” fire on her visit to Bosnia.
    A big lie judging from those images which identified her receiving a bouquet of flowers on the tarmac from a little girl

  10. Like you Mr Goren I do not give a rat’s ass about Mr Obama or Mr Trump but research does not support your view that black unemployment rose under Mr Obama

  11. @ Freedom Crier – a more accurate description of the ‘migrant caravan’ would be an invasion by would-be Democrat voters and supplicants.

  12. “………….but research does not support your view that black unemployment rose under Mr Obama…”

    Mr. Skeete

    The information submitted by Robert Goren apparently came from “AP FACT CHECK.”

    I posted that information yesterday in a previous contribution.

    According to AP FACK CHECK, which I believe is a FAIR and CREDIBLE source of information:

    Trump: “African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American unemployment have all reached their lowest levels ever recorded.”

    THE FACTS: What he’s not saying is that the unemployment rates for all three groups have gone up since reaching record low levels.

    Black unemployment reached a record low, 5.9 percent, in May, but rose to 6.8 percent in January.

    Latino unemployment fell to 4.4 percent, its lowest ever, last October, and Asian unemployment fell to a record low of 2.2 percent in May. But Latino and Asian unemployment also have increased, in part because of the government shutdown, which elevated unemployment last month.

    The African-American rate is still nearly double the jobless rate for whites, at 3.5 percent.

    The most dramatic drop in black unemployment came under President Barack Obama, when it fell from a recession high of 16.8 percent in March 2010 to 7.8 percent in January 2017.

    Mr. Skeete, it is quite easy to mention “research does not support” any opinion as a means to “coerce” people into believing what was mentioned is not true.

    Perhaps you may want to present the “research” you referred to that refutes “FACT CHECK’s” information.

  13. “We rail about Mr Trump’s lies but conveniently forget others. Mrs Clinton in an effort to portray Mr Obama as weak and she strong declared that she landed under “sniper” fire on her visit to Bosnia.

    FACT: A big lie judging from those images which identified her receiving a bouquet of flowers on the tarmac from a little girl.”

    Mr. Skeete

    To focus on Mrs. Clinton’s lies at this time is IRRELEVANT.

    She LOST the presidential elections to Donald J. Trump, who portrayed her during the campaign, as a liar and crook.

    Perhaps uncovering her untruths may have been a deciding factor in her defeat.

  14. THE VIDEO PRESENTED BY Communist Pachamama was already presented by his Comrade….GREEN MONKEY in BU Article….Juan Guaidó, Venezuela AND Caricom

    Here was my take then and now…FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE

    Propaganda Videos are almost believable except for those who Question and do Research… From the first Video the information of those two Abigail Suzanne Martin and Michael Prysner are the Red Flag for the others…

    Trump was speaking of the cost of war and the stupidity of Hillary Clinton when they went into Libya because they were all Planning the Muslim Brotherhood Dependency… Thump is a Pragmatic man not an Ideologue!

    Imagine Abigail Suzanne Martin and Michael Prysner are criticizing the media that hate Trump so much and saying that they are lying when they themselves are even more Left than CNN!

    Abigail Suzanne Martin is an American citizen journalist and presenter, who most recently hosted the series The Empire Files WITH THE FUNDING OF THE VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT. She was formerly the host of Breaking the Set on the network RT America, (RUSSIAN OWNED NETWORK) working from the Washington, D.C. bureau. Before hosting her own show, she had worked for TWO YEARS as a correspondent for RT America.

    Michael Prysner is an American political activist. He is the co-founder of March Forward!, an organization of active-duty members of the US military and veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who encourages current active-duty service personnel to Resist Deployment.

    Prysner is a US Army veteran who served in Iraq. His rank was corporal.
    He is a member of Party for Socialism and Liberation. He is also a member of A.N.S.W.E.R..

    WELL WELL LOOKIE LOOKIE…Prysner is also a producer and co-writer for the program The Empire Files, with Abby Martin. Michael Prysner and Abby Martin hosted the series The Empire Files WITH THE FUNDING OF THE VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT. THEY WERE BOTH EMPLOYED BY THE MADURO.

    The Other Video Follow the same talking points probably supplied by players Suzanne Martin and Michael Prysner

    Pachamama you, Green Monkey and Ilk better get down out of that tree …You, Abigail Suzanne Martin and Michael Prysner are Socialist/Communist to De Bone!!

    As for your Video on Shale Oil Boom is an Economic BUST the information comes from the New York Times the Leftist News Organization of LIES

    Michael Prysner and Abby Martin hosted the series The Empire Files WITH THE FUNDING OF THE VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT. THEY WERE BOTH EMPLOYED BY THE MADURO.


  15. Sargeant i would rather than say that america votes against Republican meant Americans were against the Wall is not quite not true
    As the polls have americans equally divided for or against the wall
    The bottom line for the Democrats win was the Republicans unwillingness to separate themselves from Trump bombastic behaviour and his attachment to lies and demagogue attiudes
    Oh as for telling me about homegrown politics and reasons which implement my views as to why past govt was defeated
    History has a way of separating fact from fiction

  16. My comments about Pelosi stands
    There are two separate issues at play in america political Arena
    The Wall and Trump problems as they adhere to rule of law
    I directed my attention to the Wall and Pelosi fight with Trump a fight which still have Trump holding the cards and Pelosi giving away her only bargaining chip which was the Speech
    Now Pelosi has to go back to the table empty handed while Trump issues another statement for govt shut down if he does not get his way
    Sargeant sorry bro but you cant tell me what to say or when to say
    Similar to your advice in the spirit of free speech to u i say if you dont agree with my comments as you stated in no uncertain terms for me to STFU
    i say to u F..OFf

  17. “To focus on Mrs. Clinton’s lies at this time is IRRELEVANT”
    says who- both were vying for the highest office in the land widely acknowledged as the most important job in the world so an untruth is an untruth

  18. “Mr. Skeete, it is quite easy to mention “research does not support” any opinion as a means to “coerce” people into believing what was mentioned is not true”.

    in these days of fake news no one knows what to believe but my reserach led me to for an article writtenby Stephen Moore a SEnior Economic Analyst at CNN
    but therewillalwaysbe ivergent views depending on whereour partisanship lie.

  19. @Artax, not only are there IRRELEVANT they show the level of debate used when there is nothing left to defend your position .

    Anyone arguing about the truth of this administration who cites Clinton or Obama’s infamous “you can keep your doctor” should really be seen as unprepared for serious discussion on the current state of affairs.

    Bringing it home…this BLP govt now owns this crime situation…yes of course the origins go back well before they took over but they must now set a strong course and work diligently to root out the problems…no longer can we flip back to what Stuart said or didn’t do!

    So let’s really forget Clinton…that sniper lie was less a blatant lie than bravado hyperbole exaggerated, supersized and then blown up with helium. Of course there were snipers in the area but not a one was pointed anywhere close to her…it was pure BS of the type politicians get away with daily.

    But the real point of all that is to recognize that as much a liar she was that her political opponent took the art of lying to a level NEVER SEEN before in elective politics… so WHY compare him to others… that’s beyond disingenuous…he is Lord Nelson’s King Liar beyond compare!

  20. “They have long been overtaken by ugly Brits, who ruin every destination they pollute.”

    And for over 500 years, a vey long history of toxicity.

  21. .”Our country?You are in South American country.The ole “James K of E and of this island” is your law of that land which is not yours’.”

    Don’t know why the europeans in the US keep insisting that America belongs to them, it never did, from the top of Chile to the tip of the Yukon…has ALWAYS belonged to Native Americans and the Black indigenous who have always been there…that is why it is the Americas….don’t know how many times they have to be told they are squatting on native lands that is not theirs…..

  22. “says who- both were vying for the highest office in the land widely acknowledged as the most important job in the world so an untruth is an untruth…”

    Mr. Skeete

    Please note you wrote “both WERE vying for the highest office in the land..”

    At this time, Mrs. Clinton is NOT vying for the presidency……… she lost the election to Trump.

    Therefore, you must accept the fact that Trump is president of the USA…….NOT Hilary Clinton.

    So……despite what lies she may have told before, during or after the election campaign are IRRELEVANT at this time……..

    ………and CANNOT be compared with the lies Trump, as POTUS, has consistently been spewing.

  23. Artax has the patience I do not have with these cult members of the Trumpian Alternative Reality.

    They are such zealots that nothing will ever convince them.

    However, I KNOW I am not delusional because EVEN THOUGH I LOATHE THAT VILE CREATURE I had to be convinced by the EVIDENCE.

    When this Russian conspiracy thing was first suggested I thought that not even Trump would have been so bold. I dismissed it. But as the evidence kept mounting and as his actions and tweets became more frantic and as the indictments and guilty pleas and scandals of his “best people” started falling all around him, as the obsequiousness to Putin started dripping, as financial ties started tightening, as Russian sanctions were resisted, as lies about Russian contacts were exposed , as Matt Whittaker got hired and others got fired (Preet Bharara) as secret meetings with Putin were discovered (catch breath here) it has become painfully obvious that a man who got away with everything for seventy years,a man who thinks he is smarter than EVERYBODY ELSE in the entire world, a man who has duped one third of America and humiliated and tamed Mitch McConnell and the entire Republican Party would think he could get away with ANYTHING.

    But his confidence is wavering since the midterm elections. The battle, however is still on. There are plenty of stupid people who would die for him. Only death, it seems would release them.

    Maybe they will be the ones Trump will shoot on Fifth Avenue because he would shoot them all to save himself.

    • Having to deal with a democrat controlled Congress approaching a presidential cycle will be interesting.

  24. February 7, 2019 5:46 PM

    Having to deal with a democrat controlled Congress approaching a presidential cycle will be interesting.

  25. “And the people asked for a king……”

    Didn’t work out well for the people back then, Mr. Bible Thumping Trumpeter. Will not work out well for the people now.

    Show me a ruler without checks and balances and I’ll show you a despot.


    And you BU white people thinker you are smarter than us “poor, uneducarted ” black folks!

  26. Republicans trying to block house oversight on actiing AG. AG trying to claim executive privilege without formally claiming it. He know that executive privilege only covers legal advice with respect to policy and not the covering up of improper requests.

    Now…. if no improper requests were made one should be able to boldly state such. Why try to avoid answering unless you are scared of perjuring yourself?

    What one refuses to answer is sometimes more revealing than the answer.

  27. These dumb Democrats are blowing the hearing. They have not learnt one thing from the Kavanaugh hearing. It is best to be cool but firm and insistent. Let him appear rude and unreasonable. These people are ranting and raving like lunatics. Now there is no contrast between the two.

  28. The Republicans wound them up and Whittaker acted up for the first few minutes. Now he is calm and they are still wound up. Anybody now tuning in would put the blame on them.


  29. It’s incredible the high degree of intrigue in US politics.The Feds are investigating AMI and its CEO Pecker, friend of Trump and both enemies of Bezos of Amazon.Bezos got his own investigation going with Pecker’s outfit threatening disclosure of Bezos picccadilloes with his mistress.
    Long story short.The FBI is looking into Bezos complaint of attempt at blackmail by AMI bearing in mind AMI and Pedker signed on to keeping out of anything criminal for the next 3 years.Seems they haven’t.Furthermore,it seems that Bezos’s lady friend’s brother is a suspect in releasing the personal stuff AMI is threatening to publish and which they are using as leverage to have the Washington Post call off its investigation of the Pecker blackmail attempt and their exposure of the killer or killers of Jamal Khashoggi the Post’s murdered correspondent.Appears the trail is leading to the Saudis much to the consternation of Trump and Pecker.
    To top it all off Bezos lady friend’s brother,the suspect in providing the personal details of Bezos to the Pecker newspaper,is connected to Roger Stone and Donald Trump.What a web of twists and turns,deceit and lies.This intrigue is damaging the Americas.

  30. Donna, what I need clarification on is how come the most powerful in the FBI are gone? U know the ones involved in the very biased Soft Coup, those that LIED under oath like Comey, McCabe, Strzok. How come KNOWN associates of the Russians like Shillary, Sicko Willie, not to mention the Podesta brothers et al have not been charged for Russian Collusion. How come the MuleR ONLY goes after Republicans??? Surely U and others on here are not that naive to believe that DemonicRATS are holier than Repubs? U should know that they are Democlians and Repubcrats for the most part.I dont like Trump the man just the platform. Forgive me for not acquiring the most virulent Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  31. PLT and Donna,
    Regarding MuleR’s enlistment of State Courts U should be well aware that MuleR and his bosses in the Deep State and DemonicRat Party are intent on getting Trump by any means necessary. The SDNY have been intent on getting Trump for years, so why not unleash them? When will these “paragons of legal virtue” descend on the Dem criminals who already have acted illegally for many years and certainly against Trump leading up to and since the 2016 Election????? Surely U could not possibly believe that the Dems are innocent farless virtuous?

  32. David, if you only go after the players on Trump’s team then the result is self fulfilling. I must confess when playing Cricket I never outed any one on my team!!!haha

  33. Donna wrote,
    That money on his brain is like a malignant tumour affecting his optic nerve. All he can see is the money.

    Abject nonsense! I dont suffer TDS and so can see the corrupt bastards on the DEm / Deep State side!!! That has more to do with a sense of fairness than money in case you lack the visual acuity necessary.

  34. Donna wrote,
    But Moneybrain is not middle class. His main pastime here is rubbing that in.

    But I don’t envy him. Being addicted to money is to me just as bad as being addicted to alcohol.

    Freedom from greed and excesses is true freedom.

    I agree with your perspective on addiction but NOT as U attempt to classify me as addicted to money. You dont know me, I have no addictions but my business and career are in Money. Your interpretations are without basis.

  35. Look Mr. Money brain,

    Some shit is blocking your optic nerve.!

    No “deep state” has convinced me that Trump is pond scum. TRUMP convinced me that he is pond scum. His stories “evolve” from day to day. In short he desensitizes people by offering it up in increments. By the time he’s done he’s actually admitted that what he is accused of is true but claims it does not matter.


    The man lies ALL DAY EVERY DAY! How can you still believe him??????? He is vile and nasty. He is racist and sexist. He is a megalomaniac. He is a would be dictator. It comes out of his mouth. No deep state put those words in his mouth.

    You need to stop consuming only Conservative ultra right wing media. I watch both right and left. The truth then becomes obvious.

    How do i know this? Because I happen to believe that both right and left have a habit of moving too far in one direction and need to alternate in power after a few terms to keep the balance. So therefore I am not pro Democrat or pro Republican.. I am pro balance.

    by the way, when is the middle class tax cut coming that King Liar promised????

  36. Why are those people gone???? Because Trump is a crafty rat. Very crafty.

    Why are they only going after Republicans? I don’t know. You will have to ask the REPUBLICANS,

    Mueller is Republican
    Wray is Republican
    Rosenstein is Republican.

    Comie was Republican.

    The FBI swings Republican as do most law enforcement and military bodies because the Democrats are seen as soft.

    Boy, do you need help! I always thought you were a smart guy even though we often disagreed. I could even accept your view that Trump was the lesser of the two evils even though I disagreed.

    But this whole-hearted embrace of EVERYTHING the vile creature and his minions spew is something I thought you were above.

    What’s more I think you actually believe it. If you were just being evil I could deal with that but this madness is frightening.

    This Trump monster has frightening powers!

  37. Ah wonder if this is the black MoneyB pretending to be white….as outed by McHale…or if this is the white MoneyB…lol

  38. Two-legged filth posing as human… deserving of each other.

    “One thing’s for sure: Jeff Bezos hits back.
    Thursday night, the world’s richest man posted on the website Medium what appears to be the Trump-allied National Enquirer’s extortionist attempt to swap his silence for their pictures of his, well, package.
    Friday morning, the Bezos-owned Washington Post broke the news that Bezos-owned Amazon “is reconsidering” the deal it cut just three months ago with Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to put 25,000 jobs and half of its “HQ2” in NYC’s LIC. WTF?
    Unlike the Enquirer, our lawmakers are hitting above the belt in pursuing the devilish details the company hid behind a non-disclosure agreement our mayor and governor signed as Amazon spent a year pitting governments against each other to extract as much as possible from its prospective new hosts.”

  39. Donna, Trump the man is irrelevant to me–his platform is relevant 1 Border Security, 2 Jobs, jobs, jobs. 3 deal with China’s UNfair trading and theft of Intellectual Property 4 Demand that NATO nations PAY UP 5 dealing with NOKO and Iran without paying them much more!!!
    Trump lies—no doubt!!!! But Obama told BIG LIES like 1 U can keep your DR—Not so!! Which politician does not lie?????????????????????/
    Donna, U should be clever enough to figure out that MuleR et al mayclaim to be Repub, BUT they are Deep State first and foremost. Did MuleR haed the FBI during a DEm Admin??????? The Deep State always has 2-3 cOndidates in both parties but Trump surprised everyone by winning the nomination and beating the Deep State Repubs. The Deep State Repubs hate Trump too!!!!
    I have been led to believe that Trump is an idiot and low and behold U say he is crafty??????????? I agree with most of the negatives against Trump the man.
    Fact is that Trump is an ACTION man not your usual BS politician that spouts excrement and does nothing to solve problems. Have you noticed the passing of the new Justice Reform. Fact is that if great people bring excellent concepts to Trump’s attention he will likely take ACTION. My advice to AfroAms would be to do just that, hating him gets people nowhere but USING his positives ie ACTION could help positive change.

  40. Trump a man still standing while the democratics cant decided to impeach him
    Might just be that Trump knows how to play hard ball better
    Having a barrage to lawyers to scroll through the Constitution was all he need
    The democratics have spend millions of dollars to catch tjis2 dragon fly but Trump is beating them at every turn
    The last i heard that made me laugh was Pelosi saying that Trump was not worth the money and time for impeachment
    I wonder what msnbc had to say to Pelosi utterances




  42. Well i really have to hat to Trump for fielding the ball like a pro
    Now having the democrats looking like the keystone cops
    The money that the democrats spent chasing Trump could have be better spent in funding schools in the inner cities and increasing teachers pay
    Btw the democrats have another issue which might be a battle
    The elephant sitting in the room called Reparations would not be sitting much longer as a grouping across u tube and social media is daring the democrats to speak openly in favour or they would not get the vote

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