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As Donald Trump enters the lion’s den this night all bets are off that he could escape with no further damage to his already tenuous hold on power. Indeed, if there was ever a textbook case as to how not to run a country Trump has thusly so provided.

In these short notes we will show that on all sides Donald Trump is a cornered beast. We will demonstrate this on the political, the economic, the social, the technological, the physical environment, the legal, the military, trade, intelligence and the diplomatic. We will argue that anybody able to avoid this, a certain fate waiting, would be rightfully deemed the political Houdini of all times.

The speech itself, and this was news to Trump, could have only have been scheduled, in the first place, with the acquiescence of the Speaker. This ‘detail’ needed to make Trump’s acquaintance. Recall though, that Trump’s political problems extend well beyond mere scheduling difficulties.

Even while he held control of all the levers of government he was unable to secure funding for his signature promise – the wall. In addition, his approval ratings have been stagnant at best and he has not been able to hire or retain the critical number of competent senior level aides to bring the required competence to his administration.

In economy, it was also news to Trump that he was not in dominant control of the Federal Reserve. As a result of this duality we had the Fed implementing a policy which his administration suggested was inappropriate. More worrying for Trump is that leading economic figures are now joining the bandwagon of those who have suggested a recession this year. This has implications for his political fortunes in 2020, should he run.

Trump is also encumbered by the social environment. His intelligence briefings would no doubt include the dislocations occurring in France – the Yellow Vest demonstrations and the disquiet in the UK which may lead to riots depending on the outcome of the Brexit imbroglio. These may be coming to a city near him sooner than later as the economic situation within the USA is far worse than the erroneous government statistics are leading on. Expect contagion! Riots in the land, you say!

On the technological front, Trump has created problems or found difficulties with which he has not been able to show any measurable progress in last two (2) years. These relate to the rights of subscribers. Whether companies like Facebook, Google and others should be public utilities.

Of course, on the legal side, we already know the world of hurt he has been in. We also presume that Mueller is likely to bring down some more indictments in the coming months – landing not too far from his cold heart. These to add to a growing number of Trump acolytes already ensnared in a dragnet intended to only allow the small fry and the cooperators to escape.

Maybe Trump entered the White House with the expectation that on the military front he could deploy America’s might to frighten the nation’s foes into easy concessions. Thus far, there have been no thunderous breakthroughs with the DPRK, Syria, Iran, Russian or anybody else. In all circumstances, conditions are far worse than when Trump entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The master negotiator he has not been!

As one of the first orders of business was the exit from the Climate Accords. Since then there has been no American sponsored successor agreement. This action still seems like an anti-Obama reaction with no intension whatsoever to offer another plan.

To say diplomacy is not Trump’s or his senior official’s forte would be an understatement. But when you add Bolton, Abrams, Pompeo and Kushner to the jambalaya you have a recipe for a Venezuela, another Vietnam, a murder in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. The UN sponsored JCPOA with Iran was also unceremoniously dispensed with. All of America’s ‘former’ allies under Trumpism have been strained. Trump and statements relating to America’s exceptionalism have been laughed at by hundreds of world countries at the UN.

Even on another thorny issue – trade. Trump has not made any breakthroughs with China or Europe or anybody else. All he’s done this far is to make minor changes to the agreement with Canada and Mexico. And Mexico is not paying for his wall as promised, by him.

Again, nobody was looking for too much ‘intelligence’ from Trump. But a war with the Deep State apparatus can never be won. Kennedy knew that. Even if you could win, you still come out the loser. In this environment Trump is in multiple wars with the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and all the other 17 alphabet-soup of spy agencies.

Of course, Donald Trump has never been known to pay much attention to all of these concentric circles of analysis. Therefore, is most likely to wing-it in the vain hope that somehow he, the master-salesman, could deliver this horrible situation to his wider audience with a PR victory. However, we are getting the feeling that a critical mass has now seen the ‘con which has always been Don’ and that additional damage, to his position, will be inflicted this night.

There may well be several books in this presidency that could withstand the vagaries of time and political science. However, if there were to be a single case study in how not to run an administration that may be the monograph which could be the one to be well-compared with that classical work by Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), this would be it.


  • Perfect!

    But I always remember that we had a dog called Timmy who used to escape from any chain with which he was tied. My mother bought a harness and informed him that if he could get out of that she would call him Houdini. Before she had closed the door behind her my father called out, ‘Well, you could call him Houdini because he is out!!”

    I am keeping my fingers crossed but still betting on Mueller.

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  • Unable to contribute.


  • if you trust the World NEWS at you trust Barbados news then you will go the wrong path! As with We, Me, US, there is no NEWS like Fake NEWS from the DEEP STATE media! Much more is going on not reported and something must be done by someone who is not part of the crimes against People World Wide and the swamp in Barbados must also be cleaned out! I would take Trump anytime over the Crime Minister Mia and all he family corruption efforts that put Barbados in this mess Dems in America or Barbados will see their ends unless people are fooled by fake limited News, Use Barbados as a guide to see better on a larger scale, 126 year of Barbados History that have us trapped in downgrade dead banking ,


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Another sterling article from Pachamama. I guess Trump’s attack dog will soon be on his trail. Where are you Freedom Crier?


  • Donna, uncross your fingers and save your money betting on the MuleR. The MuleR has nothing, why do U think the Southern District of NY became involved? Why has he charged people with crimes that have absolutely nothing to do with Trump???????? hahaha

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  • Watch and Pray Continually people for this man…Donald J Trump


    We stand in agreement for Divine wisdom and protection over The President, his family and all American patriots, no matter race or color. We call forth millions of blind eyes to be opened to the real Truth and the real war that wages for control of this country. We call forth legions of heavenly angels to touch the hearts of all Americans and destroy the deceptive and divisive veil caused by the lying media and their puppeteer globalist elites(NWO).

    LORD, Give our President the ability to articulate and communicate exactly what You would have him speak. Open hearts, minds and eyes to what You are doing through Trump and this administration.

    EXPOSE the globalist traitors at every turn. May their plans and schemes completely backfire and fall apart. May America, the land of the free, rise from the ashes of those who seek to sabotage and sell her out. May America become free of all traitors. We stand in agreement and look to you God in repentance and ask for a clear revelation to all of your glory and saving grace found in Christ Jesus. We ask for Your blessing to Make America Great Again, according to your perfect will, in Jesus Mighty Name we pray…


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  • peterlawrencethompson

    I thought you understood why Mueller is involving State courts as well as Federal courts… POTUS can pardon only Federal crimes, not State level charges 😬


  • After two years of digging, it appears as though they can’t uncover any dirt on Trump.

    The only medium so far that has thoroughly exposed him so far is “fact check.”

    Maybe it’s about time Trump put an end to this investigation.

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  • Fret not,this time next year that Orangeman will be in prison.When the SDNY and the Democratic led House finish their digging of the Orange dynasty its Dodds time.


  • You guys in Barbados really haven’t got a clue. You live in a bubble, hoping one day all will be well – a bust economy, with archaic processes – the wider world has overtaken you!

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  • The Face of Socialism!!!

    She hated the response when Trump said the U.S. was Never going to be a Socialist Nation. Anyone see The Bern’s face?

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  • Listen Well Commies!!!…

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  • Bernie Burning… His face was as Red as the Commie flag he flies! His dream is Crushed

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  • Dead Man Walking…and I thought you were referring to Maduro?

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  • Standing ovation at state of the union!!!

    He even had the Democrat ladies in white clapping him!!

    …. even Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the lady from Yemen and Rashida Tlaib …. the one who called him a mother ….!!

    Admittedly he set them up!!

    Trump seems cool and moving America forward!!

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  • As Donald Trump enters the lion’s den this night all bets are off that he could escape with no further damage to his already tenuous hold on power. Indeed, if there was ever a textbook case as to how not to run a country Trump has thusly so provided.


    Had you waited to see what would happen you would have realized you wasted your time writing this!!

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  • John

    Ask the poor working people in America who filed their taxes this year how great Trump is? For the man has gone and taken money out of the pocket of the poor man and put it into the pocket of the rich man…

    Trump, is not only the enemy of the Black and Hispanic man, but he is also the enemy of the poor man, and this is going to sealed his fate once and for all because he has hit the poor man where it hurts most …

    And what is so sad about this character is the fact that the same loopholes he has used for years to avoided paying federal taxes…he closed them off not for the rich man, but for the poor man who already is being taxed to death by the Federal Government.


  • @ Anon,

    You guys in Barbados really haven’t got a clue. You live in a bubble, hoping one day all will be well – a bust economy, with archaic processes – the wider world has overtaken you!(Quote)

    Well observed.

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  • John

    Trump, has done little if not anything to uplift the conditions of the working class man and woman in America … how do you expect a single mother who makes one dollar above the state income requirement for healthcare coverage … to paid for a hospital visit valued at $5, 000 … when she makes a little above the minimum wage? … well this is what Trump has done when he repealed Obama Care …


  • The BU has sadly become a cesspool of Trump Derangement Syndrome, as its blogmaster has completely lost the plot, giving more and more airtime to Commie Sing Song and the anal orifice Pachamama. I wonder what the relationship is. No sentient being can really be that dumb, and put on display for the world to see….can they?

    Let me remind you what socialist corruption you are supporting, while your miserable little hearts are being eaten out at the reality of the US electorate giving your Democrap heroes a good kicking…



  • “Subject: 319 Square Miles”

    In their infinite wisdom, the United States’ Founders created the Electoral College to ensure the STATES were fairly represented. Why should one or two densely populated areas speak for the whole of the nation?

    The following list of statistics has been making the rounds on the Internet. It should finally put an end to the argument as to why the Electoral College makes sense.

    There are 3,141 counties in the United States.
    Trump won 3,084 of them.
    Clinton won 57.

    There are 62 counties in New York State.
    Trump won 46 of them.
    Clinton won 16.

    Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.

    In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond)
    Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

    These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.

    The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles.

    When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

    Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.) DO NOT and SHOULD NOT speak for the rest of our country!

    And…it’s been verified and documented that those aforementioned 319 square miles are where the majority of our nation’s problems foment.

    Stand by for Trump’s reelection you saddos, and WEEP.


  • @45Govt,

    What is the Barbados/CARICOM position on the legitimacy of the Maduro presidency? Is our prime minister getting ready to go to Uruguay to sort out this little regional problem, punching above her weight, having already faced down the secretary general of the UN?


  • I love your sense of humour Hal. Perhaps David can ask his chum Commie Sing Song?


  • Poor soul Pachaman .He tries ever so hard to condemn Trump but sees nothing wrong with Maduro strangling the poor people of Venezuela to death
    Panchaman you are one bold faced hypocrite


  • @ M\ariposa – you are far too kind to David’s bosom buddy. He is a would-be terrorist at heart.


  • @45Govt,

    I much appreciate Mr Commissiong’s sense of public advocacy, even f his Hyatt position has been compromised on the dubious ground of an environmental assessment.
    However, his politics are up the creek. He likes Cuba and is on the BU record as saying that we should give Cuba more time to sort out its race relations problems. He also believed that Barbados should give asylum to a convicted Cuban drug dealer; he is also a supporter of the bright idea of visa-free travel to Haitians to Barbados.
    Now on Venezuela, three million people have left the country, by the end of the year the economy would be in hyperinflation (to give you an idea, only fifty occasions throughout the whole of human history have we had hyperinflation). People are starving, in the country with the world’s biggest oil reserves, yet Mr Commissiong is prepared to give Maduro another chance.
    My concern is about the prospects of black Venezuelans , ie those of African descent. I would appreciate the day Mr Commissiong talks about treating black people fairly in Latin America, rathe than the rhetoric of waffle of Barbados/CARICOM ‘impartiality’, a good word for indecision.
    The quality of our state is determined by the quality of our ruling elite.. Barbados is a failed state. It will all end in tears.

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  • Last night Trump speech received 74% approval rating
    Now compare anything that Maduro has said in the past week or years he has been ruining Venezula and hear what the Venezuelean people have to say
    Maduro is a tyrant and should be removed by any means necessary

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  • Panchaman you ought to be condemn to a world of hypocricy and life by which the Venezuelan people are now living
    American people even under the rule of Trump has balances of power to keep Trump in check
    Csn u say the same for the Venezuelan people who have been forced to flee the hell and damnation of Maduro iron fist
    Pacahaman you ought to be ashamed of yourself to even write articles about Trump knowning that right in the Cartibbean basin a man by the name of Maduro holds on to power while his people suffer


  • @ Hal – “I would appreciate the day Mr Commissiong talks about treating black people fairly in Latin America, rather than the rhetoric of waffle of Barbados/CARICOM ‘impartiality’, a good word for indecision.”

    Do not hold your breath – the hard Left will ALWAYS sacrifice the sheeple who believe in them on the altar of their murderous ideology – history is stuffed with the monsters, against a dearth of anyone who has prospered under socialism…other than their taskmasters.
    Commie Sing Song and Pachamama are just wannabe monsters.


  • Mariposa

    As a woman and I am assuming that you are … why would you defend man who has publicly denigrated, objectified, and openly shamed women?

    What has this man don’t to advanced the conditions of women in America or in the world for that matter?

    Women in America for example, are still being paid way below men for doing the same job, but this man is more concerned about building a Wall before he focuses more on leveling the wage disparity between men and women in America. Where does this man’s priorities lies …?


  • “He even had the Democrat ladies in white clapping him!! …. even Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the lady from Yemen and Rashida Tlaib …. the one who called him a mother ….!!”

    If you’re suggesting “the Democratic ladies in white were clapping him” because of his speech……. media reports suggest otherwise. Apparently, they applauded him on ONE point he made during the speech.

    “The diverse Democratic caucus, which includes a bevy of women, sat silently for much of Trump’s speech. But they leapt to their feet when he noted there are “more women in the workforce than ever before.”


  • Lexicon has made a believer out of me ….I now believe in full term abortions lol. The president was great last night,he played the dems like a fiddle ,even had the straight jacket women standing . Pelosi playing with her cards and throwing them on the ground WHY you ask …she was reading them and saying to herself where was that in the speech. They gave a fake speech to one of the leakers who dutifully gave it to the dems. Their all in shock even the putz who attack him in the rebuttle thinking he was going to be on the attack in his speech but hit a conciliatory note..


  • @Lexicon

    You could have asked ac to explain the hypocrisy of railing against Maduro and Venezuela while at the same time patting himself in the back about averting an imaginary war with North Korea.


  • David….. imaginary….if such is the case why have all post ww 2 presidents kept a major presence there ….you know something they didnt?

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  • September 3 …term 2


  • There are more women in the workforce than ever before … but they are be underpaid for performing the same duties as their male counterparts …

    Men in America both white and Black are bent on keeping women chained to the kitchen sink and the stove or at least this is their mentality … and the reason I say this is based on the fact that the White man saw it fit to give the Black man the vote …before the White woman … It is a male thing … I suppose …?

    Obama spoke eloquently about the disparity between men and women and did little about it …


  • Obama spoke eloquently about the disparity between men and women and did little about it …


    Thought you might love this one on the Al Sharpton/Obama rift in march 2007!!

    Obama was just an actor … and a bad one too!!

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  • Lexicon. Where am i defending Tump
    More than (that )as you state. my defending Trump i am pointing out Panchama Hypocrisy in his defense of an immoral and aloof character named Maduro
    I also stated that america system of govt has checks and balances to protect its people from characters who would persist and insist on holding on to power while it’s people suffer in same manner and fashion as Venezuela


  • The DMZ equates to war? What it says is that it has served a purpose. It is useful having this exchange based on hypotheticals.


  • AC -DC

    The blog will be well-served if you tried to understand the A,B,C of a subject before you make these interminable and fateful emotional leaps into ignorance.


  • Lexicon
    While u ponder tell me where in Venezuela system of goverence there are checks and balances that holds people in govt accountable
    Enough reason to see why Venezuela has gone to hell in a hand basket even being one of the wealthiest oil rich countries in the Carribbean
    Speaking of oil if America invades and oil becomes the power play it would be all because of Maduro bombastic attempt to hold on to power
    Without Maduro iron fist on the people of Venezuela there would have been no need for america intrusion


  • David, you are starting to make me laugh at your misguided support for revolutionary communism.


  • Pachaman i do not need you to tell me how i should or placed my opinion
    It is obvious from your response i mashed your corns
    While u at (it) tell me in what way has Maduro served the best interest of the Venezuelan people .interjecting your bias view about oil does not cut (it) while the Venezuelan people suffer

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  • Remember This?

    Pachamama “This is a merely game for this overgrown child (Trump). A game, he will most certainly lose, if he has the guts to try, ‘for Pachamama has ordained it!”

    @ Pachamama… coming your way SOONER THAN YOU THINK…

    Please Note….Ecclesiastics 10: 8 He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.


  • @ Mariposa, you will never get straight answer from a terror supporter.


  • Is it not odd that we are told that youth unemployment in Barbados is 70 per cent and we are here talking about Trump. Would it not be better to talk about youth unemployment and rising crime? Is BU failing in its mission?

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  • Mariposa

    If capitalism/ democracy was a equitable system of governance … we would not have been debating the irregularities and improprieties of both the DLP and the BLP right?

    So with that being said, no system of human government can be viewed as fair and impartial … when man’s faults, failings, desires and passions are in the mix


  • @ Hal – Trump Derangement Syndrome has addled what passes for brains.


  • POLL STUNNERS: Both CBS and CNN Polls: 76 Percent of Viewers Approve President Trump’s State of the Union Speech; CBS: 72 Percent Approve His Immigration Ideas

    CBS News and CNN released instant polls taken immediately after President Trump’s State of the Union address with both polls finding 76…

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  • The KKK Ladies’ Auxiliary? At least we Know their Roots!!

    ‘I am, as a woman, ashamed of what some women have come to represent. Women are called to lead alongside of the men, but to have the capacity to bring to the table the mother’s heart. These appear to have lost it. Perhaps instead of pushing abortions, they should themselves have, and advise others like them, to have hysterectomies. This would reduce the abortion rate, and avoid reproducing themselves. Yes that is a hard statement, and not my first wish. That first wish would be to see a change of heart, repentance and return to the God of their fathers, BUT promoting murder needs to stop.’

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  • @45Govt,

    70 per cent unemployment is a serious crisis. Why are out politicians not talking about this? Why is our prime minister obsessing over Venezuela when she has a civil war bubbling underneath the surface? Is this why she is keen on putting soldiers on the streets? I am sure these are mainly working class youths on the block.

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  • Evil Always Comes in Pretty Packages or we would not Buy it!!


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  • @ Hal
    What did you really expect?


  • AC and the other ignorati

    First principles, Marcus Aurelius!

    We’ll keep this short.

    Democracy is essentially an economic system. It has little to do with party politics, voting etc. If AC were not such a DLP lackie they would have taught her something about political economy.

    The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has done more than most to deliver democracy to its citizens. In fact, Venezuela has given over 4 billion in crude to Haiti, for example. They have even given heating oil to poor people in the USA dying from the cold in winter, and for years too. Their DEMOCRACY transcend their own boundaries.

    When we find a cacophony of fools – AC, Freedom Crier, Money Brain – singing from the same hymnal some wicked choir master is misdirecting.

    Only China, believe it or not, has delivered more DEMOCRACY to more people than Venezuela, and for a long time.

    The irony is that the stinking Americans whose propaganda these fools continue to preach are against both Venezuela and China for this said reason. The Americans are behind the type of economy where 26 people alone have more wealth than 6 billion people. Therein lies the essential struggle – fools!

    In the case of China, they seek a trade war under the pretext of stealing intellectual property

    And in the case of Venezuela, they want war as part of the general rolling back of popular leftwing politics.

    It is exactly for the DEMOCRACY as defined by Aurelius that American propaganda, as well imbibed by the institutional fools here, that America hates both China and Venezuela.


  • @Willam,

    We are living in a bizarre world. A crisis of unemployment, housing, crime, education, health, and our prime minister, with her attention deficit, is flying from pillow to post, touching every possible subject, while leaving her highly paid technocrat s to sort out the mess.
    I have said before, dislike criticising the press, bust what are they doing? A massive fire at Mount Gay, what s the outcome? We have had BERT 1, 2 and 3, but what s it? A prime minister so convinced she punches above her weight that she is now obsessing over Venezuela, but so far has not told us what is her position on the legitimacy of the president. Our media have failed the nation.
    @William, be careful what you wish for. We wanted to get rid of Gaddafi, now look at Libya; we wanted to get rid of Hussain, now look at Iraq; we wanted to get rid of Mugabe, now look at Zimbabwe; we wanted to get rid of Stuart, now look at Barbados. We must be rational in our decision-making.
    Barbados is a failed state; it is going to end in tears.


  • Cornered on all sides by whom or what?
    The term of the MR Trump, the Maverick has almost ended and apart from inuendo and propaganda from those on bothhsidesof the political whom he defeated against all odds and and manage to drive a nail in the coffin of the dreaded establishment of both parties and their way controlling everything; from all reports the economy is doing well and Mr Mueller after costly investigations is yet to level any charges against the contortionist as is the old discredited windbag Pelosi who came in breathing fires of hate.and rage. So much is Mr Trump hated for legitimately running for the Presidency and legitimately winning that no credit has been given to him for initiating dialogue with North Korea something which no President before him has done. On another note i wonder why Mr Clinton whose predatory sexual behaviour was far worse than mr Cosby’s was never jailed.

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  • Small minds always latch on the people. It does not matter who takes over Venezuela, the geopolitics will cause Venezuela to be impacted the same. It is analogous to the offshore sector and OECD moving the goal post in their interest.

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    Meanwhile, Nancy is either chewing a hole through her cheek…
    or most likely Chewing her Cud!!!

    Hahaha…Oh Lorsie!

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  • Small minds continue to defend the indefensible. I have to say that your post is unintelligible gibberish. Could you try again in simple English David?

    PS it certainly DOES matter who ‘takes over’ Venezuela, they could hardly be worse for the inhabitants than your Chum Pachamama’s hero.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Yes, good crisp, excellently summarized article on the Trump phenomenon….and to the point from @Donna surely Mr Trump (no disrespect to her Timmy) is the mutt who can escape from any trap: Houdini he is!

    POTUS gets very harsh press but of his own making. It’s mind numbing when sane bloggers deliberately look pass the disgusting, amoral, irreligious nasty, untruthful behaviour of the man and focus ONLY on his positives (they are a few) policy proposals …Timmy-houdini he is (again no disrespect to a good, ole fashioned, out-in-de-yard Bajan survivalist dog) .

    To read that after FIVE indictments -all directly related to the Trump campaign and FiVE guilty verdicts … or should that be six – that an investigation is called “ridiculous” is nonsensically absurd.

    To read that they have discovered so MUCH illegality (30+ indictments laid) that they have dispensed more investigatory work to state prosecutors AND other main justice federal prosecutors should be very troubling yet we have a president saying in effect ‘stop this investigation now of the crooked methods I used’…and an entire squadron of US legislators and BU wise folks accept that deceitfullness!

    Thus as the author states well: “There may well be several books in this presidency… However, if there were to be a single case study in how not to run an administration that may be the monograph which could be the one to be well-compared with that classical work by Niccolo Machiavelli …”

    But this would not be a NEW book to be compared to ‘The Prince’ rather an entralling modern day chapter by chapter nototation on how to implement Machiavelli’s recommendations….thus, although ideally it’s as he says “how not to run” a presidency simply stated it’s exactly how this one (campaign) was done so successfully !

    So be reminded that POTUS lives by the 500 years old mantras of Nic Machiavelli:

    Politics have no relation to morals or pussy grabbers!… Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deceptions , thus housands of ‘alternative facts offered by this POTUS.

    *I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.” Thus he has vanquished a Republican speaker, numerous other senior officials have left Congress and some the party; the Fed and Intel attacked etc.

    The vulgar crowd always is taken by appearances, and the world consists chiefly of the vulgar.…don’t I look handsome and presidential is a POTUS constant meme!

    Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.…does it need repeating. He WON.

    And the forever theme of all politicians: The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present. Thus Mexico pays based on the supposed moneys saved from the ‘new’ nafta.

    Trump is good, actually very good. The fear for us all is that now practically every politician will seek to refine his Machiavellian successes with more subtle and some even more outrageous actions!

    The hope is…they fail miserably!


  • I see Pachamama has the smattering of an education, so does Mugabe. A pity neither of them possesses any humanity.


  • @ Dribbler – I am sure you were equally scathing about Bubba Clinton’s escape from censure for HIS disgusting, amoral, irreligious, nasty, untruthful behaviour, not to mention his rapes?



    Socialist/Communist Do not know how to Create Wealth they only know how to Divide it!

    UH-OH! Remember When Obama Claimed President Trump Would Need A “Magic Wand” To Bring Back Jobs?? Abra Cadabra! 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Going to cucuta for a wedding should I go as a socialist a capitalist or isolationist


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Hal, can you state a time in recent memory when … youth unemployment in Barbados [was significantly lower than] 70 per cent?

    I dont have the stats but for many years that item always appeared high even if anecdotally with the many boys on the block pictures.

    The matter of talking about Trump is relevant for several reasons and at our local most basic level its about understanding the mindset and shenanigans of our pols and ideally oreempting their bad acts.

    We will not solve deep set structural economic/societal issues by refusing to discuss international matters and we CERTAINLY will not solve them if we don’t reflect on how others have confronted similar problems.

    In sum, cease the navel grabbing rhetoric everytime there is commentary on topical international news… does continuous discourse on local issues resolve the problems … how does a momentary glance at other news change that …SMH!!!

    And WHEN was BU given (and accepted) the mission to solve Bim’s problem? Was that a Tom Cruise new fangled, stunts galore movie or a long ago TV series assignment…either way I missed the episode.

    Can you please point me to when David accepted this over-the-top existentialist role. It might help his team too!

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Actually yes I am “…equally scathing about Bubba Clinton’s … disgusting, amoral, irreligious, nasty, untruthful behaviour, not to mention his rapes”.

    As I have noted to you (and your cohort) too often the crimes of the Clintons DOES NOT ABSOLVE this POTUS of his asinine acts or crimes. It doesn’t work THAT way.

    For the record…Hillary Clinton’s presidency would have suffered grave Republican investigations of her foundation, email stupidity and undoubtedly arising from either of those would have been other likely even more incriminating stuff. …That unfortunately is how it DOES work when you inherently live on the edge of the Machiavelli dictum : the end justifies the means.

    But you know what…she LOST so who cares…we care about THIS president and HIS misdeeds.

    And again for the n`’th time please cease your loose, deliberate untruths!

    Clinton MOST definitely did NOT escape from censure. He was certainly not convicted of the date rape accusation (as MANY people aren’t due to the tenuous nature of the possible evidence) but he was censured and as karma goes his wife paid the true hefty price (thus he too)!

    I gone!

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  • When have you ever seen a President of the United States of America in a State of the Union Address Stand for the Sanctity of Life?

    In his State of the Union speech, President Trump condemned New York’s abortion law: “These are living, feeling beautiful babies who will never get to share their love and their dreams with the world.”

    It is very Telling [and Chilling] when the Issue of Life is brought up and one side Cheers while the other side Sneers.

    This was a great moment: The president of the United States condemning late-term abortion and infanticide and calling on legislators for new pro-life laws while many gave him a standing ovation. The Democrats sat stone-faced, while Chuck Schumer leered. The parties have staked out their position on this defining issue of our time.

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  • Trump made Pelosi look small and insignificant in her response to Trump border wall solution
    Pelosi like Panchama diratribe directed to protect Venezuela oil. Pelosi carried on the same ole repetitive talk about immigrants building America which is not entirely true especially when the economic wealth of the american blacks was snatched away and handed over to the European immigrants

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  • Accepting information as being accurate because it represents one’s belief/perspective, WITHOUT critically analyzing an alternative perspective is silly.

    I believe “AP FACT CHECK” is much more CREDIBLE than the “Trump memes” Freedom Crier often post to BU.

    TRUMP: “Wages are rising at the fastest pace in decades, and growing for blue collar workers, who I promised to fight for, they’re growing faster than anyone else thought possible.”

    THE FACTS: This is an unsupported statement because the data on hourly wages for private workers only go back to 2006, not decades.

    But data on wages for production workers date back to 1939 — and Trump’s claim appears to be unfounded.

    Average hourly earnings for production and non-supervisory workers are up 3.4 percent over the past year, according to the Labor Department. Those wage gains were higher as recently as early 2009. And they were averaging roughly 4 percent before the start of the Great Recession in late 2007.

    There are other ways to track wage gains — and those don’t work in Trump’s favor, either.

    Adjusted for inflation, median weekly wages rose just 0.6 percent in 2018. The gains in weekly wages were 2.1 percent in 2015.
    TRUMP: “African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American unemployment have all reached their lowest levels ever recorded.”

    THE FACTS: What he’s not saying is that the unemployment rates for all three groups have gone up since reaching record low levels.

    Black unemployment reached a record low, 5.9 percent, in May, but rose to 6.8 percent in January.

    Latino unemployment fell to 4.4 percent, its lowest ever, last October, and Asian unemployment fell to a record low of 2.2 percent in May. But Latino and Asian unemployment also have increased, in part because of the government shutdown, which elevated unemployment last month.

    The African-American rate is still nearly double the jobless rate for whites, at 3.5 percent.

    The most dramatic drop in black unemployment came under President Barack Obama, when it fell from a recession high of 16.8 percent in March 2010 to 7.8 percent in January 2017.


  • TRUMP: “In just over two years since the election, we have launched an unprecedented economic boom — a boom that has rarely been seen before. There’s been nothing like it. … An economic miracle is taking place in the United States.”

    THE FACTS: The president is vastly exaggerating what has been a mild improvement in growth and hiring. The economy is healthy but not nearly one of the best in U.S. history.

    The economy expanded at an annual rate of 3.8 percent last spring and summer, a solid pace. But it was just the fastest in four years. In the late 1990s, growth topped 4 percent for four straight years, a level it has not yet reached under Trump. And growth even reached 7.2 percent in 1984.

    Almost all independent economists expect slower growth this year as the effect of the Trump administration’s tax cuts fade, trade tensions and slower global growth hold back exports, and higher interest rates make it more expensive to borrow to buy cars and homes.

    TRUMP: “We have unleashed a revolution in American energy – the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world.”

    THE FACTS: True, if “we” means Trump and his recent predecessors. It’s not all to Trump’s credit. The government says the U.S. became the world’s top natural gas producer in 2013, under Barack Obama’s administration.

    The U.S. now leads the world in oil production, too, under Trump. That’s largely because of a boom in production from shale oil, which also began under Obama.

    TRUMP: “All Americans can be proud that we have more women in the workforce than ever before.”

    THE FACTS: Of course, there are more women working than ever before. But that’s due to population growth — and not something that Trump can credit to any his policies.

    The big question is whether a greater percentage of women is working or searching for a job than at any point in history. And on this count, women have enjoyed better times.

    Women’s labor force participation rate right now is 57.5 percent, according to the Labor Department. The rate has ticked up recently, but it was higher in 2012 and peaked in 2000 at roughly 60 percent.


  • Similarly to how some people take pleasure in posting and believing memes that are supportive of Trump…… people that have an alternative perspective of him can do like wise.

    I’m sure those that hold an alternative view of Trump and taking his penchant for telling untruths into consideration……. will approve of the following:


  • Funny how none of the news media or social media news outlets has even talked about it ….like it didn’t happen.

    I was surprised this morning when all of my news feeds were completely devoid of any mention of the STOU.



    You got to love winning though!!!

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  • BOTH sides have a story to tell……. with them posting memes that are supportive…… or not….. of Donald Trump.

    Which story is true or false depends on the side one supports…….for those that supports Trump……. the non-supporters are liars……vice versa.

    It’s left to the “neutrals” to be rational in their thinking.

    That’s why I prefer independent sources such as FACT CHECK.

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  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    “The Americans are behind the type of economy where 26 people alone have more wealth than 6 billion people. Therein lies the essential struggle – fools!”

    pretty much sums up capitalist greed..

    And…trrump’s wishy washy speech was seen as a big fail and PHONY as hell.

    “But the problem with Trump’s newfound optimism is twofold. For one, it simply isn’t believable. Remember, this was a candidate who decided America wasn’t actually all that great, but needed to be made great again. American institutions once thought of as great by a great many people — a free press, law and order, our elections, our intelligence community — weren’t actually all that great to him, either. Revered traditions, like honoring our fallen soldiers on Veterans Day, for example? Meh. Our allies? Who needs ‘em. Trump’s presumptive raison d’etre has always been to ask in one way or another, “What’s so great about America, anyway?” and then answer by saying something along the lines of, “Me.”
    Tonight, his waxing poetic about our inherent greatness seemed phony and phoned in.
    But the other problem with his staged optimism is, I’m not so sure we are craving it.”


  • Moneybrain,

    I will never give up when there is evil to be fought.

    Did you really need PLT to educate you on Mueller’s tactics? But still, a rat is a very crafty creature, especially a sewer rat and so there is no guarantee that Trump will not find a way to wriggle out.

    P.S. The reason why it is taking so long is not because Mueller has nothing but because Trump is the PRESIDENT, the KING RAT and has many many fellow rats who are working to give him cover. And so Mueller has to be sure that the evidence is OVERWHELMING.

    When you go after a president you don’t get second chances.

    But you know that.

    I will argue no further because I admit that I am overwhelmed by the chaos and so spoilt for choice that I really don’t know where to begin. So many lies. My head is spinning.

    I leave that hot mess in more capable hands.

    And keep my fingers crossed.


  • That money on his brain is like a malignant tumour affecting his optic nerve. All he can see is the money.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Mariposa, as far as basic facts are concerned your post is rather strange.

    I did not watch the speech so I can’t dispute ur “Trump made Pelosi look small and insignificant in her response to Trump border wall”.

    But overall ur comment makes little sense considering there is yet no funding and the govt is open again ! How can Pelosi look small in that big knockout!

    And what does “immigrants building America” (which IS entirely true) have to do with [forced immigrant] Blacks?

    All the great nations were built by immigrants directly and indirectly … A process continued to this day (What do u think the years of trillions of dollars boosting the US economy with cheap Chinese labour is… but a vital derivitive form of ‘immigrant’ labour)

    Don’t be simplistic and get lost in stupid political ideological stubbornness.

    Even little Barbados has had it’s share of immigrants building it up and the flip side of that are the emigrant Bajans who via remittances add significantly to it’s economy also…. That in absolute terms (and technically too) is immigrant growth!

    Anyhow enuff of this. Gone, gone.

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  • What the Mueller probe continues to highlight is the players on Trumps team who continue to fall. What does it suggest?


  • Where is the Evidence besides your Slander, and Accusations…


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  • “We are Born Free and we will Remain Free.”

    ~ President Trump

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  • WARU,

    Even the Davos crowd has acknowledged that capitalism as it stands has resulted in rapidly growing income inequality. It is growing anger over that inequality that put Trump in power. He promised to fix it. The fools believed him.

    But the system is called CAPITALISM. Only CAPITAL is considered worthy of consideration. LABOUR is there to serve capital. It’s like Queen bees and worker bees.

    The tax cuts for the rich have not closed the gap significantly. It never has before. They ALL knew it wouldn’t this time. All except the uneducated, desperate people who voted for Trump.

    What has become of the ten percent middle class tax cut he promised just before the midterms?

    It was supposed to be almost ready for the road.

    But Moneybrain is not middle class. His main pastime here is rubbing that in.

    But I don’t envy him. Being addicted to money is to me just as bad as being addicted to alcohol.

    Freedom from greed and excesses is true freedom.

    I have no need of chef prepared smoked salmon. Thanks to Simple Simon my own kingfish is tasting too sweet!


  • Say what u like to say about Trump. He has a solution to the illegal immigration that comes through the Mexican border
    Unlike Pelosi offering or having no other method concrete or sustainable solutions applicable to not penterating already tried and failed processes or procedures or policies attempting to push back the flow of mexican illegal immigrants
    The same principal also holds true for Pachama whose political bile on venezuela has no solution to help venezueleans
    Which brings my thoughts to barbados having a PM who like Pelosi lean on political rhetoric of criticisms and have no solutions for barbados economy
    All of the above are useless blow hards

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  • In all due respect de pendantic
    Pelosi did not make no larger or expanded leadway in stopping Trump appeal towards the nation for building the wall
    There was more or less a bargaining approach underscored by Trump still holding the cards for closing down govt again
    All Pelosi achieved was a small short-term victory by which govt workers would be paid
    However in the long term Trump is still in the drivers seat holding on to a immigration policy _( solution) which resonates with most americans.

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  • “Always do as I say… not as I do…Rules taxes and sacrifice is for the people over whom they rule…. Freedom be DAMMED and stand in line to grovel”

    But what cute Rolex, revolutionary socialists, anti-capitalists…

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  • I agree with waru murial deane deserved to have her land taken away




  • Mariposa

    The Mexican immigrants are trespassing on their own land… because prior to the Mexican American War of 1848, California, New Mexico Arizona, Colorado,Nevado, Wyoming, and Utah were part of or belong to Mexico … Now tell if the white man had any business disrupting the tranquility of these native people?


  • Crier here is you know when you are doomed
    when new commers get more money than people who fought for the country
    when criminals have more rights than the victims
    when a country strives to be average by chastising excellence
    when mob mentality rules the day
    when people escape to your shores and want to turn it into the shit hole they came from


  • “The economy

    Trump began his speech by touting the strength of the national economy. While many parts of the economy are stronger than he took office – more people have jobs and their wages are higher – some of the claims were exaggerated.

    Overall, Trump said the economy is growing almost twice as fast as when he took office. It’s expected to grow about 3 percent this year compared to 1.6 percent in 2016.

    Trump characterized that growth as an unprecedented economic boom.

    IT’S NOT.

    The U.S. economy is estimated to have grown about 3 percent this year. That’s the most only since 2005. And it was generated by a tax cut and government spending that’s swelling the deficit – a rare stimulus during a strong economy.

    Nor was U.S. economic growth the world’s fastest. Last year, it did grow faster than other advanced economies, such as Europe and Japan. But emerging markets grew faster. China grew 6.5 percent last year.”



  • Lawson

    You know a country is doomed when its new comers get more money than the people who fought for the country…

    The only fighting BDF did during the Grenada-Intervention was to pulled guard duty for the American Military, so tell me how the Haitians are making more than these BDF retirees?


  • Lawson

    Name the new commers that make more the people who fought for the US?

    Tell where in Barbados the US, Canada or the UK where criminal have more rights than victims?

    When people escape to your shores and want to turn it into the shitehole they came from … America is already a shithole country …

    Canada is like America, but only a poorer version of America … the weather in England is unpredictable … It could rain, snow, thunder, fog and hail in the same day in England … so I will take my chances with the shithole America…


  • Lawson

    Name any country in the world that has more White serial killers than America?


  • Rush Limbaugh having a ball!!!

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  • I grew up hearing of the term”Ugly American”.On visiting the U.K. I saw and heard the hate and disdain the English hold for Americans.A few years ago a colleague loaned me a little book he was reading about America invading and interfering with other nations on 247 occasions at that time.
    Much as I dislike the lies and the false boasting of the Orange Turd,America has always had this reputation of being the bad kid on the block.Only last week arch conservative and premier warmonger Bolton had a few choice words for judges of the Internatioanl Court of Justice,should they decide at anytime to arrest and charge an American citizen!.What madness when a country is so emboldened to treat others as dirt and demand a place at every premier table of the world.
    Britain with Brexit is no better.When all the rhetoric is over,nationalism is the name of the game.Which is why Fox News Hannity can ask the question …’why should we allow South Americans into our country’.Our country?You are in South American country.The ole “James K of E and of this island” is your law of that land which is not yours’.


  • Lawson

    Checkout the American Dream

    You spend 30 years paying a mortgage on a house … but if you owe the City 10 cent in property taxes they take it from you if you are unable to pay it ….

    Lawson, the fact of the matter is, illegal immigration sustains America … Ilegal immigrants work in homecare, farmer work, restaurants, Roofing, Construction, Lawn Care, snow removal etc … jobs that the average American does not want to do …


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Dear Mssrs Mariposa your reasoning is way off kilter….way off….your political calculus is as deficient as your former finance Minister’s misstatement on decimals!

    Trump would have to be absolutely MAD to shutter the govt again …that you would suggest that is not surprising based on the last administrations’s poor decisions but I would be shocked if the Republicans allow him to act so ridiculously.

    The man is the president so yes he is in the “drivers seat”… but the back seat driver in this case is an annoying drum beat metronome sound in his ear and we all know how that can lead to terrible accidents .

    No wonder u guys lost so dismally … with equal respect… POTUS is not as politically stupid as your crew.



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