Gun Play “Dem Haffi Dead”

Buju Banton was popular before his incarceration in the USA. Since his release it would appear he has gained greater notoriety. One group Banton does not endear himself is the LGBT community.  The reason can be found in his song “Boom bye bye“. What many Barbadians are blissfully unaware are three words in the chorus of the song Boom bye bye that the lawless in society bellow as a mantra – “dem haffi dead”.

Although Barbadians still boast of a high literacy rate – the product of a heavily invested education system – there is the recognition by some that the country has allowed too many of its citizens to fall through the cracks. The result is a lawless group that gladly act out the mantra “dem haffi dead”.

What the blogmaster finds disappointing about the increase in gun violence debate – responsible for four out of the eight murders in 2019- is a perceived expectation that better policing is the answer. The blogmaster is not trivializing the importance of an effective police force and the capacity of the courts to dispense justice. However the well being of any country must also be anchored in the ability to adequately educate and create economic opportunities for citizens. There is a group of lawless Barbadians who has slipped through the net and wear the mantra proudly that “dem haffi dead”.

More depressing is the recognition we have had successive governments unable to manage the PSV sector for the last forty years. The result is that a sub culture has developed to contribute to the current state of gun play.  It is a very optimistic person who believes the government has the will to contribute to hauling our island from the brink of anarchy. The politicians are aware who are the Dons in our communities. They will have to make a choice sooner or later but it will mean foregoing ready financing to support political activities designed to stoke popularity. How many more haffi dead?

The blogmaster listened intently to Attorney General Dale Marshall admission recently that one of the scanners required at the Port Authority to detect contraband was under repair. He went on to share that additional scanners will be ordered to better equip Customs Department given the increase container traffic. His statement should be joined with public positions taken by the Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith regarding contraband entering via ports of entry. Again the question whether the government has the will to contribute to the crime/gun solution is up in the air.

How many more “haffi dead”?

Too many studies have been prepared by sociologists, criminologists, educators et al to assist with reform in the relevant areas of civil society to ameliorate the crime problem. The time has come to leave out the talk. The time has come to act. We have to attack a system that continues to breed a “dem haffi dead” mindset.

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159 thoughts on “Gun Play “Dem Haffi Dead”

  1. that lead article was not bad at all.

    what the guy in the news print is saying isnt anything different from what Hal Austin, myself and countless others have said already.

    we know what to do. we just have to do it.

  2. @David the blogmster “we have had successive governments unable to manage the PSV sector for the last forty years. The result is that a sub culture has developed to contribute to the current state of gun play. ”

    Dear David: As one who has taken ZR’s virtually everyday since February 1999 I wish to make it clear that I take no responsibility for the current gun play.

    Have never owned a gun. Don’t want to own one.

    Have never taken, sold, or handled any illegal substances. Will never do so.

    Rarely drink alcohol.

    Smoked a cigarette once when I was 19, haven’t smoked another in the nearly 50 years since. Will never again smoke one.

    Still as boring as I have always been in spite of my decades worth virtually daily use of regular ZR’s

    But I don’t have testicles (in spite of the Sir). That is a little thingy that I have done for myself.

  3. Bout hay we have restored to living in hope. We are still playing politics with this issue cause very little leadership is on display or being enacted. When i heard statements that in the last ten years nothing was done etc about gun crime. Who Why when where what? Is this just a rehash or well rejersed taliking points and photo ops.

    This issue cannot be solved or seriously controlled if corruption is considered par-for-the-course. Maybe “Gangs” are fighting for “turf” or settling “inter-gand issues” with methods they believe the best way to resolves these complex issues?

    But some how the current AG cannot get past the PR routine. Good luck to him meanwhile Rome(Bim) is burning. The RBPF needs additional man power. Is this shortage due to the perception that policing is not a viable profession or has the govt over the years has not provided the RBPF with adequate resources etc in order to acquire the man human resources.

    Maybe just maybe the whole idea of maintenance and in this case the lack of maintenance that plagues govt agencies has affected the RBPF as well? If “maintaining” the force’s “human resources” is seen as a maintenance requirement; then prepare our ass to make contact with grass. The pimplers awaits us just around the proverbial corner.

    Just saying aloud.

  4. David

    The gun violence business was more popular in my generation than the younger generation … Reggae music with its gun violent lyrics started around the middle to late 80s when I was a teenager. But in the 1990s the moral outcry against the violent lyrics and objectification of women started to changed the way in which the lyrics were being sung…

  5. David

    You may not remember this, but in the early 80s the government of Barbados passed a law or was contemplating passing a law which made it illegal to have reggae music in one’s possession …because it was believed then that the music was corrupting the youths in my generation … and quite sure Jeff is aware of this …

  6. Lexicon January 28, 2019 9:02 PM

    Lexicon maybe you were lucky to be a teen in the 1980s or 1900s. If you were living in Barbados during that time you were also primarily faced with getting news content from two or three radio stations, 1 single tv channel, etc. You got you delayed news from the Advocate or Nation Newspapers and just maybe for fun you read the Investigator on Fridays. By today’s standards maybe u lived a sheltered existence lol

    Compare that with today; the numerous sources of entertainment local regional and international. Todays teens if they deicide to watch at home they got at least 100 tv channel from three different service providers, actually that maybe be seen as 300 Tv channels. Add to that the entertainment or brain washing that maybe provided by the mobile devices of all types. These teens can read three local daily newspapers and many more if they choose without leaving home.

    The world has changed. The teens of today are not like you of 1990 era. Gun talk and their behaviours must be seen in a different environment and the way teen perceive how to deal with issues is not the same as in 1990s. Just look at the rash of school fights and violence that we were exposed to via mobile phone recordings. Has these stopped? i doubt very much; maybe it is now the turn of the bigger boys.girls to strut their stuff?

    Just asking.

  7. “This issue cannot be solved or seriously controlled if corruption is considered par-for-the-course. ”

    First…THE THUGS IN THE BAR ASSOCIATiON, THE JUDICIARY AND THE PARLIAMENT HAVE TO BE DEALT WITH…right now they are the biggest criminals and the biggest problems on the island..maybe if it is repeated enough people will understand and someone will finally act.

    Ugly indeed when the PMs brother is all over Facebook complete with photo, something to do with people’s stolen properties, stolen land, stolen money…stolen this and stolen that…

    ….I suppose they all think it is a good look, theft and corruption, corruption and theft…bribery and theft, theft and bribery…AND FROM THEIR OWN PEOPLE……makes them feel important…right up there with the world class thieves..whom they all worship and emulate..

  8. Sir Simple

    “The problem is young men and their male handlers”

    The problem is the male testosterone and its propensity for aggression … male testosterone is at its highest in our teens and as we age it declines and so as our proclivity for aggression. So it is no wonder these young men are bent on killing each other! Have you ever seen the stallion and the level of aggression it displays in protecting his females? Have you witnessed that same stallion becoming gelding and how level of aggression subsided will I did? Well a gelding is a stallion without a pair of balls … so may we should start going this road if all else fails …

  9. Sirfuzzy

    What does living a sheltered existence have to do with violence in Barbados in the 1980s?

    Mark Young, Peter Brashaw, Oliver Hall and Harding, were born and bred under the same social conditions as I did …so I could have easily taken the same course as these men of my generation…

  10. It is obviuos that with all the criticism the now present govt hurled at past govt this govt did not have reserved a plan of action to fight gang drug related criminal action
    Now at the eleventh hour caught like deer in the hidelights thay have turned to a policy of trial and error hoping all to turn out right
    The newsreel hits the nail on the head with a realistic and direct response to govt fusing miltary action and police together
    Two roles which are as different as day is from night and having a possibility of rebounding and blowing up in govt face
    The Defence force when called upon is in the event of social upheaveal to quell or quiet civilan action which in some instances have reached a point of crisis beyond police control

  11. Sirfuzzy

    You are probably not aware of the fact that Peter Bradshaw shot out a police officer eye … the same night he and his accomplices killed the plantation owner … Sirfuzzy, I am going to make an educated guess that you were raised in the country side of Barbados?

  12. Sirfuzzy

    I lived no such thing as a sheltered life in Barbados … because I ived in between the three extremes: Glendairy Prison, District A Police and Bush Hall Yard Gap …

  13. Lexicon.

    Pls reread what i wrote. Just humour me and reread it.

    I will copy and paste it for you ” By today’s standards maybe u lived a sheltered existence lol”

    The keep word in my comment in that sentence is “maybe”?

    i was around in the 1980, the many choices that a person is given is sometimes moulded by what they see and perceive. In the 1980s and 1990’s i saw or what appeared to me as a no nonsense type of policing. I can also remember the Supt of prisons at Glendairy Prisons being accused of physiological abuse of prisoners on death row by the manner in which he dealt and conversed with them.

    I can also remember that Dodds was a threat, it was a place for young male offenders or disgusting hard mout children, and many a mother would promise to send the boy to Dodds if he didn’t straighten up and fly right.

    If my memory is correct, Mark Young was shot and killed by the police with BDF assistance. Also in the 1980s and 1990s the Belle plantation; Balls and Bannatyne areas where areas that many bodies were dumped or person killed. It was dark and lonely and many persons kept away from those areas. In my opinion the Police and the BDF when called upon appeared to be much more lethal in the manner they handled these threats to public safety.

    I can remember the day the Police shot and killed three young men in St Thomas. I can still remember the front page news. Anyway, the abundance of guns in the hands of the criminals did not appear to be as rampant as it is today. All i am saying is that we are living in a new era.

  14. GUN VIOLENCE is.. NOT due to inadequate policing, or the result of pro gun lyrical music, nor the PSV “sub-culture” as perpetrators, not even lack of sound education, or economic opportunities, or lack of scanners,
    STUDIES can’t help, neither nuff long talk.

    Another SHIFT OF FOCUS, Bajans ain’t foolish.

  15. Sirfuzzy

    Wrong…Mark Young, was killed in a house in Bush Hall by RPBF alone…Harding was wounded in the same incident …

  16. Lexicon,

    Can you remember how the news of a prison break from HMP Glendairy filled the airwaves? And the ensuing man hunt. Today i cannot remember hearing of any prison break out from HMP Dodds or any manhunt of the type that occurred in the 1980s or 1990s.?

  17. @ Sir Simple Simon, P.C. January 28, 2019 8:45 PM
    “The problem is YOUNG MEN and their MALE handlers.”
    We need to get your ‘foe’ “whitehill” back to tailgate your misandrist bumper.

    Don’t you realize that behind every gun-toting thug and drug dealer are women who are fully aware of the criminal (underground) dealings but are prepared to turn a blind eye while eagerly accepting the financial rewards to fund their expensively materialistic lifestyles?

    So what is the “problem” with those young women and their ‘Madam’ handlers?
    Greed or downright prostitution?

    Why not take the profit out of the local drug dealing business and see how fast the women would distant themselves from those cowardly thugs and petty gangsters telling them sweetly: “No money, No love”!

  18. Sirfuzzy

    A detective friend of mine who was like a father figure to me, took me along on a ride with him to Dodds to dropped of this kid in the late 70s …I could still remember this big yard with all these kids sitting around in St. phillip …

  19. @ millertheanunnaki January 28, 2019 10:36 PM

    How do u realistically take the money out of drugs? And after taking the money of of the equation what should we expect?

    What should be the empirical and observable positive changes in our society after the removal?

    U have identify a solution to a problem; so hwo will we know the/your solution is working?

    Just asking?

  20. Sirfuzzy

    I remember all the prison breaks back in the day … I lived around the corner from the prison … A lot people don’t even remember, but I do that Barbados most violent criminal was a Vincentian called Doctor Rat … He more violent than Mark Young, Hall and Harding put together … He shot several police back in the day, and he himself was shot to death on a boat heading back to St. Vincent…

  21. @ Lexicon January 28, 2019 10:50 PM

    As we had notorious criminal we also had police that the public believed that the same criminal feared. Maybe today there is an imbalance or litte or no PR about specific crime fighters .

  22. Sirfuzzy

    Did you remember the serial killer Moppie who used to kills lovers down by the stadium in the early 80s … He was one of the nicest person you could every meet … He was hung …he killed the CID detective Starsky’s brother and shot his brother girlfriend in the head, but she survived and gave him up because she knew him …

  23. @millertheanunnaki January 28, 2019 10:36 PM “Greed or downright prostitution?”

    A Simple Response: Likely a bit of both.

    @millertheanunnaki January 28, 2019 10:36 PM “Why not take the profit out of the local drug dealing business”

    A Simple Response:I agree with you. But how? People are not going to give up their profits without a fight.

    Last night I suggested gelding all of the men, but in all seriousness, how? And men will not give up their testicles without a fight.

  24. But still the truth is that virtually all of the violence in Barbados and the world is done by MEN, and especially by young MEN.

    And “no” I don’t hate men.

    Love you guys.

  25. @ Sir Simple Simon, P.C. January 28, 2019 11:09 PM

    “Love you guys” just as long as you are a eunuch? oouch!!

  26. Lexicon January 28, 2019 11:05 PM

    Cant say i remember about Moppie. But i will say this, what is the probability that we have the same percentage of dysfunctional or criminally minded persons today as we did in 1980s and 1990s?

    We need to understand that and put things in place to identify these at risk children as soon as possible.

    I will also admit we will not catch them all but we need to catch as many as we can and give them as much help as possible.

    Just saying

  27. Sir Fuzzy

    I believe the criminal’s name was “Mopsie.” He used to perform his criminal activities near the Stadium.

  28. @ Sir Simple Simon, P.C. January 28, 2019 11:07 PM
    A Simple Response:I agree with you. But how? People are not going to give up their profits without a fight.

    You are damn right there!

    Why do you think the big boys have formed their own ‘No to legalizing drugs’ lobby -as openly and arrogantly displayed by their ingratiating presence at the opening of the current Parliament-to ensure their underground business is never legitimized?

    It is the illegality of the processed plants that gives massive added value to distribution.
    The profits involved are hundreds of times that of the ‘legal’ alcohol.

    Too besides, what would the local boys in blue do other than chase down the juvenile bicyclists and those 30,000 drivers on the road without insurance or road worthy certificates?

    What would those customs officials- with strong ‘friendly’ ties with the Syrian/Lebanese and East Indian importing-business communities- do to supplement their measly monthly salaries?

    The white collar criminals with their business and political connections operate way above the operational pay-grade of the local force and other enforcement agencies.

    That would have to be handled by ‘foreign forces’ as witnessed in the case of the disgraced politically ‘corrupted’ Don.

    Why is the person who sat in the chair during the bribing arrangement not under local investigation?
    No minister of government can engage successfully in kickbacks and corruption without collusion and facilitation by their politically appointed man of business sitting in the ‘Board’ chair and very senior managers.

  29. Dr. Rat wasn’t as violent as some want to make him out to be. I cannot remember him shooting several policemen, he shot at them.
    Back in those days there were also Sandflies and Buddy Brathwaite. These fellows were petty criminals who were on the run and did what they had to do trying to get away.

    Compare the criminals of yesteryear to the ones of more recent fame such as the Melrose 3, Woggy & Barry Jack, Wes, Peter Rabbit, Lord Evil, Shocker etc. There is a guy on remand for murdering 3 women….among other violent crimes.

    These guys are have no fear going into districts to shoot their foes or shooting up neighbourhoods.

  30. The following is the opening of a statement issued by the Lynette Eastmond UPP political party. We have arrived at a dangerous place:

    In a media release issued today, the UPP called on Mottley to “use her vast influence to hopefully dissuade the criminal intentions” of those who would commit “heinous crimes”.

  31. Why are the mothers and those in the know not giving up the offenders?

    Why is the society nurturing criminal minds?

    Why are our social structures starved of funding- do we expect a different result because of it?

    Dons have always been given elevated status in our neighborhoods, what is different today?

  32. Well done Lynette Eastmond – Head of UPP political party.

    Keep raising these serious issues like your demand that govt provide greater details on the consultative function to be provided by former Commissioner Dottin.



    Who was Dottin Boss and Line Minister – Mia Amor Mottley ?

    Whose phones were tapped ?

    Mottley’s Boss Prime Minister at the time Owen Arthur, Opposition Leader David Thompson, the Police Officer who was the driver of the Opposition Leader,Freundel Stuart DLP Senator (at the time) – among others

    What was Mottley’s response when questioned by the Media after this matter was raised in Parliament – She responded “IT IS JUST A RED HERRING” – Notice not a response of I know nothing about that – nuffin so.

    Who was the lead lawyer for Darwin Dottin when he challenged his being sent on leave – in court ? – Mia’s father – Elliot Mottley

    Who represented the other senior police officers ( his Boys) in Court who were not promoted as requested by Dottin – BLP Christ Church South MP – Ralph Thorne.

    Did you hear Mottley say in the recently held ‘Press Huddle’ – that SHE is going to make sure some promotions go through soon ?

    I wonder if Dottin Boys will be in that group ?

    So Commissioner Ty. P. Griffith will be surrounded by sharks. Wuhloss.

    More to come.

  33. Mottley says :

    ” Not bout here”

    “Not bout here”

    All hot and sweaty full of theatrics – in the Press Huddle she had recently. lollllllll

    But all she had to do is pick up the phone and talk to the 5 invitees to the official opening of parliament.

    Nah – Not bout here.

  34. @millertheanunnaki,would you believe I went to bed earlier leaving my TV on as I was watching a piece about some man who supposedly met ENKI. Those who from the heavens came has been a subject of mine for some years. So now, unable to sleep I’m doing one of the few things I do at such times, catching up with the comments on BU. Of course Lexicon is living up to his nix name, Lexicu#T and Simple Simon is proving that she’s bigger than hers. In recent times one has noticed the many women who having been fooping and breeding with men are now ”coming out” in their old age.Simple Simon having added “SIr” to her moniker is but a clear hint of her now “Wicking” in her old age. She professes her love for men, but one really encounters a wicker who has any love for a man. ” The problem is young men and their male handlers.” For decades now since women don’t have to worry about the stigma of ”out of wedlock” and having bastards, Single mothers have been the scourge of society, they have gone ape shit; foisting upon society these boys whose fathers’ are the progeny of a Crapauds cross with a mongooses. Until Simple Simon and other women accept their role and complicity in this matter shots will lick.

  35. Talk and more talk! The most “rational” persons in this mess “bout hay” are the criminals! The court system is a round about, the forensic centre has been closed for 8 years, a scanner at the Port is under repair and customs officers emboldened by Caswell Franklin object to cameras. Has the policeman from Bank Hall who killed a man been tried yet?

  36. @PIng Pong

    Is he still on bail? Is he being paid? Has he returned to work? Remember, he killed an innocent man.

  37. Robert Goren

    I lived behind District A Police station and I remember the day clearly when Jasper Watson and several police officers found out where Dr. Rat was hiding.

    And these men leaving in the blue police with their LSR rifles! And about several hours later the van returned to the station riddled with bullets holes, and that is when I heard that Dr. Rat shot Jesper Watson, and if I am not mistaken I think he also shot Tracksuit Top in the ankle or the hand…

    Nevertheless, I remember Sandfly quite well he was no threat to police…but the thing that made Sandfly notorious was fact that it was said that police shot him and planted a gun next to his body… You are right Buddy was a petty criminal …but you have forgotten to mentioned in your list of criminal Big Michael, Pack Rat, Bend Toe, and Barabbas … remember back in the day to be considered a bad man you had to be from Bush Hall…

  38. Robert Goren

    When we talking about Dr. Rat we are talking about the late 60s to the early 70s …. a long long time ago …

  39. Robert Goren

    And lastly, I could say without any equivocation that the two criminals police feared the most were Mark Young and Pack Rat … If Mark Young was cornered he would kill, and Pack Rat openly assaulted police…

  40. “the Police Officer who was the driver of the Opposition Leader,Freundel Stuart DLP Senator (at the time) – ”

    @T. Inniss

    Since when in Barbados a police officer is assigned to drive an opposition leader?

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  42. “That would have to be handled by ‘foreign forces’ as witnessed in the case of the disgraced politically ‘corrupted’ Don.”

    UK needs to get off it’s ass and control THEIR CRIMINALS in the Barbados parliament and in the judiciary…ALL OWNED BY THE CROWN…while they are in the Caribbean running into Venezuela drooling and panting…after oil.

    It’s a total disgrace all these lawyers on facebook being exposed as aligned to stealing land and money from vulnerable old people for years on the island, complete with posted documents……..all connected to Mia in one way or another…

  43. “No minister of government can engage successfully in kickbacks and corruption without collusion and facilitation by their politically appointed man of business sitting in the ‘Board’ chair and very senior managers.”

    Hence the reason Mia placed Leslie Haynes on the board of NIS Pension Fund…knowing full well he sat on the board with the other CLICO CROOKS….and robbed thousands of policyholders with that Duprey/Leroy Leper scam..

  44. @ Lexicon

    You said you Dr. Rat was around during the late 60s to the early 70s and you still remembered clearly the morning Jasper Watson and his found out where Rat was hiding and went for him. You even gave us descriptions of their firearms, how is this possible when you said you were a teenager in the late 1980s?

    I believe, like anyone in their early 50s, you are relying on what you were told.

    A next thing, what is your fascination about trying to depict Bush Hall as this big bad area, when there were areas such as the Pine, Bay Land, Black Rock, Chapman Lane, New Orleans that were twice as notorious back in the day?

  45. Robert Goren

    Barbados has always been corrupted … the powerful and privilege walked out of the police station without any charges because they knew the right people to call …

    White tourists have been raped left, right and center in Barbados in the 70s, and not a words on the TV or in the media because the aim was to protected our tourist industry …

    A deceased police officer son robbed tourists on the beaches of Barbados for years, and everytime he was arrested and brought to the station his mother who knew one guy in the upper ranks of the force would called him and this kid would walked free … this cycle continued for years until this senior officer retired.

    • @ David BU, I was wondering when you would address these lovers’ spat and the passing of love notes between a few men here. I really don’t know what Dr. Rat, Moppsy, et all got to do with shit at this present time.

  46. @ Robert Goren – Lexicnut is a dribbler. Best ignored.

    @ WARU – you are talking rubbish again. Barbadian criminals are neither owned nor managed by the British Crown. Your race hatred for the monarchy negates all, the sensible stuff you DO post.
    Get a grip woman.

  47. Robert Goren

    Please do not listen to this White cracker 45gov…he is anti-black and anti-woman … he came on BU to push a ultra-right agenda and no one here is buying it …

  48. @Forty-Five…ya may want to take a READ OF THE CONSTITUTION…all parliamentarian STILL PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE CROWN…or they CANNOT enter that parliament…ah doubt you even know the contents of the constitution ….they are appointed managers of Barbados…but that is all…the GG is head of state…also OWNED BY THE UK CROWN…

    The CLOWNS in the Judiciary, police etc …are ALSO OWNED BY THE CROWN.

    do you know Barbados to have a crown…they do not even have their own constitution..

    ……the ugly is when the UK cherry picks human rights violations to get involved in knowing the criminality that has been going on in Barbados against the people using the Supreme Court since 196..crimes perpetrated by the criminals in the bar association, judiciary and parliament.

    and of course you would not want it fixed, since the criminal minorities use the same Supreme Court and the criminals who reside within to rob the majority population…

    but it haffi end …

  49. When the UK gives up it’s grip on Barbados..because it appears there is some nefarious reason they are still holding on to the island while pretending they are not…..but THEIR CRIMINALS…OWNED BY THE CROWN…are exposing the true intents by their wicked, vicious actions against their own people..

    Makes ya wonder if Elizabeth Windsor or some other palace riffraff was not born on the island hence the grip they continue to hold, while THEIR CRIMINALS in the judiciary and in the parliament ride roughshod over their own people with the help of the criminal minority thieves of course.

  50. WARU – c’mon, you know better than that. Canada and Australia, along with dozens of other INDEPENDENT, SELF-GOVERNING nations have the Queen as their TITULAR head of state.

    You simply cannot believe that rubbish you write.

  51. Speak for thyself..I don’t own not one criminal in Barbados.i refuse to acknowledge or recognize any of them, maybe you own too many of them, making it difficult to id the island of their cursed asses..

    ya still don’t get it, the UK is mobilizing to move back in on those commonwealth countries that are ALL SOFT TARGETS…titular or not, that is the intent..whether you see it or not.

  52. making it difficult to RID the island of their cursed asses..

    the UK cannot get a pass on this one, they are too goddamn deceitful.

  53. Here WARU, this reminded me of you!!















    1 – Never be arrogant.
    2 – Don’t waste ammunition.
    3 – Whiskey makes you think you’re smarter than you are.
    4 – Always, always make sure you know who has the power.
    5 – Don’t mess with old women; they didn’t get old by being stupid.

    • Is it possible we can focus on the issue at hand instead of some of these puerile exchanges? Alternatively the topic can be closed or comments deleted.

  54. Yeah…well guess who is the old woman with the double barrel gun now….

    yall allow the UK to hoodwink ya then ya cry when they do evil shite.

  55. Yes David, of course if you wish. I was just having a little friendly banter with WARU, but by all means let us get back to your preferred reams of drivel from Leximoron

  56. One way or the other it will get fixed though @Forty-Five…

    All the fake sirs, fake dames, fake judges, cause real judges do not misuse and abuse the court to fill their pockets, fake lawyers, cause real lawyers do not rob their clients and everyone else, fake MPs, cause real ministers do not collude to rob their own people…. will be Facebook stars, all up in their faces until there is a shift….that recognizes the human rights of the majority population.

  57. You are dreaming WARU – look at all the criminal left-wing judges in the US, and the UK, misusing their positions to further their OWN agendas, Disgraceful
    Now I know it upset David, but tell me that didn’t make you laugh!..

  58. It was funny, ya know how we old girls are..don’t think Blogmaster is upset, he just don’t want it to get out of hand.

    It is ok to compare corrupt practitioners worldwide , but Barbados is way too small for the decades of corruption…which UK has had knowledge of…for years..ya think they don’t know what is happening re the police, GG, CJ etc… INACTION..that they have not even attempted to do anything about…AND THEY CAN…because there is no one else…except for US…to intervene…and put an end to the rackets, before more of their own UK people get themselves ROBBED and killed….it shows up the UK…bigly..

  59. 45gov

    Barbadians do not care about right-wing and left-wing politics Sir …that is a conversation to be had on an US or UK blog … your reiterated endeavour to push your conservative agenda is becoming more and more intolerable…

  60. The UK, and the US have problems of their own – muslims. Barbados is INDEPENDENT – that means solving our own problems.
    They are not half as bad as this….

  61. The situation on the island will deteriorate because there are no viable solutions since no one in the parliament is intelligent enough OR untouched by the corrupt practices to do anything without they themselves being exposed for what they too have done over the years …. and so far there have been only DECADES OF TALK…and they keep going around and around in circles…total inaction.

    What we are witnessing is just MORE TALK..

  62. @Forty-Five..but that is a GOOD THING…why do you see it as a bad thing…in reality…whites ARE barely 5% of the EARTH’S POPULATION…they have ALWAYS been MINORITIES on each, will always be minorities on earth and in most countries ..nothing can change already know that, so why complain.

    A balance must be struck so that everyone can understand they are humans, none better than the other, none superior to the matter how much they tief from one another.

    so why is that more important than getting rid of the criminals in the parliament and judiciary destroying a whole country and keeping the majority population AND OTHERS under siege..

    ah take it that is ya boohoo moment…lol

  63. 45gov

    If you say you know who I am …then you must not be who you are … Now John is retarded but he gets it … so please take a hint from John …

  64. David you wonder why mothers don’t turn them in. There is a saying up here sell the milk not the cow. Do you really think they are going to turn the breadwinner in. It is only a matter of time before some more tourists are knocked off but the usual response of they were up to no good will not cut it when coupled with the rising murder rate. Tourism will drop. Lexidolt nice to see your holding your own but why not let go of it for a while and get a job.

  65. The intervention of military and police action to fight the criminal element in drug zones can lead to a possibility of waring factions united under the same cause fighting against govt measures
    Such have been the cases seen happened in other countries fighting the war on drugs

  66. So ah take it the UK is waiting FOR MORE MURDERS…even of their own citizens in Barbados before they set this right…

  67. @Mariposa,

    The illusion belief is that if we brought in armed police and the defence force the criminals will drop their guns and surrender.

  68. More than 1,000 charges were laid against 75 members and associates of a Toronto-based gang after police seized guns, drugs and thousands of dollars in cash during a series of early morning raids this week, authorities said Friday.

    The arrests have “significantly disrupted” the Five Points Generalz, Toronto police said at a news conference where they displayed dozens of handguns, bags of narcotics and wads of money taken from the gang.

  69. When are we going to realize that we are just taking sand to the beach? The country is in need of a comprehensive national development plan, designed to literally create a new platform for the future.
    The current collective leadership is out of touch with socio economic realities and and ideas.
    We know where we are today but the question is where want to be in the next 25 years and beyond.
    Not a failed country yet but ………….

  70. Mr Blogmaster I personally don’t recall many cases in my lifetime where “mothers and those in the know [give] up the offenders”…. so not sure why it seems so strange in today’s culture wars!

    I recall as a boy being a fascinated reader of the Mack Bolan series which chronicled the vigilante justice which a former soldier dealt to the Costa Nostra… it was therefore a case of life imitating art when as an adult I read with equal fascination (incredulity really) the news reports of how John Gotti murdered and mafied his way to be a darling of the public in NY….that Don staged massive annual holiday parties in his community and for years not a FELLA would consider bad talking him in those naves…. Alas same crap different day right here and now with our Dons.

    So yes NOTHING is different today than prior… just more notoriety via greater reach on social media.

    And “Why is the society nurturing criminal minds?” you wonder!

    Well let’s count the ways…

    1.Graft at the highest levels year after years goes unpunished… so why does the avergae guy feel inclined to also not be lawless!

    2.Murder and other criminal cases linked to very influential political figures go unsolved even in the face of very credible evidence… so how can a Hyancinth or a Jack feel empowered to come forward !

    And on and on one can recite.

    Some of the names mentioned of long ago (Brathwaite, Winston Hall etc) would be super novas in this current alingment of criminal stars.

    There are no easy answers as corrupt politicians and their team players cannot simply disentangle themselves from the tentacles of the corrupt enterprises they have created because obviously their ENTIRE life and legacy would be destroyed.

    Some have said it before and previously I was not convinced but now I have to agree that there is every likelihood that Bim will devolve to the political criminal tribalism led by these ‘Guns of Navarone’ in January type gang players… A phenomenon seen best in JA but also prevalent in Guy and TT.

    In our case tho the impact and effects on our society/economy could be absolutely devastating… Surely those sports journalists and cricket tourists saw and read about the Bajan mayhem and that will eventually show up in their press more often and eventually badly dampen our image.

    Let’s hope that’s still another 50 years away!

  71. Hal Austin

    I don’t believe that the government thought that by combining the military and the police that the criminals would drop their guns and surrender.

    I believe that Prime Minister is cognizant of the fact that throughout the Caribbean, and in certain parts of the world the military work jointly with law-enforcement in their endeavour to fought crime.

    And I can’t think of a better use of taxpayers dollars than for the Defence Force to assist the policein their efforts rather than to sit around in their barrack and get fat and lazy.

  72. And what is uppermost in mind, is the same Mia’s creature Dottin pinning 2 rapes on a completely innocent man…….. that was so nauseating that the 2 victims of the rapes had to fight to free the man.

    ……that is how Barbados police tend to operate…they have no forensics lab, only do halfassed police work, but somehow can always find someone in certain cases….to pin rapes and murders on…with very little evidence..

    …yet when they have the evidence like in the Bjerkham child’s death…and even in the Gajadhar guy’s death they bend over backwards to free the killers…and allow them to travel…

  73. In case some are wondering who Gajadhar is…he was stomped to death in the Gap years ago by some thugs from UK…and the jackass magistrate, gave the killers bail to go back to UK for the holidays…and actually pretended that he expected them to return to Barbados…to go back to prison…

    Ya have the most stupid ass people in the DPPs office and sitting on the bench in the magistrate’s and supreme courts…

  74. WARU – Dottin was THE most corrupt and incompetent COP ever to shame the RBPF. BTW the Royal prefix does NOT mean it is run from Buck House. Dottin is a wholly Bajan POS.

  75. WARU

    So there no DNA testing …no polygraph examination … no digital fingerprinting technology … no Ballistic testing … Just the old time beat down to force a confession…

  76. @Forty-Five…then you get my point, neither the royal prefix nor the crown should be used on the island..THEY BOTH NEED TO BE yaself said the island is independent ..why ae they still like yokes around the necks of the majority population…

    …in case you and UK have not noticed, both the prefix and the crown are being misused and abused by the useless clowns in the parliament, the bar association and in the judiciary to commit crimes against the people for thei own self enrichment……in that case, the brits need to take back those vehicles of corruption, bribery and belongs to them..THEY LEFT THEM ON THE ISLAND POST INDEPENDENCE..time to take their vehicles of bribery and corruption back..

    And now Mia has revived Dottin…like if that will make some difference…it can only go downhill from here, if they continue to pretend to address the crime wave that they themselves created…

  77. Pretty much Lexicon…I warned people that there is no forensics lab on the island and got cussed for. my troubles…imagine an 18 year old boy facing those brutes in the police station, if he is innocent he is well screwed..

  78. WARU

    A lot of these guys from the CID attend the FBI Academy in Virginia, but one has to wonder if what they are being taught there could be of use in Barbados, since we do not have investigatory infrastructure in Barbados?

  79. Who told you that any of them use what they are taught in any academy off island, they only pretend to impress when the island is jammed with tourists…as soon as no one is watching them, they revert to their old nasty practices….of locking up only their own people and allowing others to commit crimes and go free.

  80. WARU you have it all bass ackwards- it is not for Britain to remove the royal status from Barbados, but for Barbados to do so, and it IS free to do so. Guess what, the political filth will never do it while they can enjoy Commonwealth junkets, titles and trappings. No GG, no New Year’s or birthday honours. Nope, never happen.

  81. @Forty-Five…you know and I know that those bottom feeding, illiterate, title crazed jokers in the parliament will never want to remove those fraudulent UK..trappings…it allows them to commit crimes without the accountability and consequences and HIDE BEHIND the UK nonsense…….so having acknowledged that….hence the reason I am calling for UK to take their shit’s their shit.


    it is indeed a YOKE AROUND THE NECKS OF THE MAJORITY POPULATION…and the brits are to blame…the longer they allow it to continue.

  82. I saw that vile swine in St. Vincent cut all ties with UK…so am aware it can be done…

    Fruendolittle the fraud was all hot and sweaty, running up to UK telling media and people in UK he is going republic…not a word to the people in Barbados of course..and then suddenly so…he was done with that…not a word about why…so we are left to wonder…

  83. 45gov

    I can’t help but characterized you as a Negative Nancy and Debbie Downer …. you could never see the good or positive in anything …

  84. “So there no DNA testing …no polygraph examination … no digital fingerprinting technology … no Ballistic testing … Just the old time beat down to force a confession…”

    Mr. Lexicon

    To “say” Barbados does not have a forensic lab is utter nonsense.

    Don’t deal with “hear say,” deal with FACTS.

    Contrary to what some individuals would want you to believe, the RBPF has access to the services of a state-of-the-art Barbados’ Forensic Sciences Centre, of which forensic scientist Cheryl Corbin is director. It is used for DNA testing and the investigation of certain crimes.

    The Center is located on Francis Godson Drive, Culloden Road, St. Michael. The telephone number is 2-246-535-6400. I’m sure if you were to call that number now, someone will answer, “Good afternoon, Barbados Forensic Services Centre, how may I help you?”

    I can understand if anyone may state it is under-utilized, because some time ago a lady, who at the time was Barbados’ only forensic nurse, shared a similar sentiment.

    In 2012, the Guyanese government hired Cheryl Corbin as a consultant to provide government with a list of equipment that would be needed to undertake essential services at the lab and to provide the specifications for modern equipment to facilitate testing…….as well as advising on implementing appropriate security measures for the lab.

    If our lab was inadequate and its director’s qualifications and professional abilities were questionable, why would Guyana want to hire her as a consultant to provide them with professional advice relative to the construction of their new US$19.5M lab?

    The polygraphs are conducted at the RBPF’s Truth and Verification Unit, which is located in the building that used to house where the old Black Rock Police Station was located.

    The RBPF’s forensic scenes of crime expert was an officer trained in forensics, an Inspector whose name I cannot remember at this time.

    The department that deals with ballistic testing, is/was headed by forensic firearm expert, Inspector Graham Husbands (at one time former Assistant Commissioner of Police John Annel was the RBPF’s ballistics expert and his expertise was sought after by regional police services)

    Detectives continually undergo training in areas such as “Identification and Seizure of Digital Evidence,” cyber crime, fraud investigation, etc.

    Now watch the contortionist.

  85. WARU

    One thing I saw about the police that was unproductive is the ID Parade … the police would round up several guys in the neighborhood that closely resembles the person of interest, and then have the victim come in and try to identify the guy.

    Six months later the police would perform the same routine with the same suspect … before they stop and take a photo of the suspect and have the persons this criminal victimized look at it among similar photos of the person of interest …

  86. “at one time former Assistant Commissioner of Police John Annel was the RBPF’s ballistics expert and his expertise was sought after by regional police services)”

    whatever happened to that ammunitions case. where some say hundreds of bullets turned into 2 or 3…

    Art…your prime minister came out and said days ago in a video that there is no functioning forensics lab…so the hearsay would be coming from your PM… am sure I can find the video and you can listen…don’t know to what degree it functions but to hear Mia tell it, it is good for nothing…

  87. Artax

    I know when Inspector Bell was the only ballistic expert in Barbados in the 80, however; I never said that Barbados did not have a Forensic Lab … I was only referring to the old school type of investigation …the beat down method …

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