Crime and Credit Ratings

Edmund Hinkson Picture

Minister Edmund Hinkson

In recent weeks Barbadians have been greeted with the good news our credit rating for local debt was upgraded by two credit rating agencies S&P and CariCRIS.

In recent weeks Barbadians have been greeted with the bad news that violent and gun crime appear to be on the increase.

The question we must answer is whether the solutions to our problems are to be found with our political masters only. The blogmaster shouts NO!

We have the political games being played depending on which side of the fence one sits that credit rating agencies are deemed to be important. There is sufficient evidence to show that not having an investment grade rating does more harm than good as it affects financial decision-making. The previous government was heavily criticized because of the unprecedented number of downgrades Barbados notched during its tenure.  The expectation is that when the foreign debt restructure is completed inyternational credit rating agencies will respond favourably as well. It is important to achieve an investment grade for the financial and intangible benefits it lends to any country.

However one spins it, an inching upwards of the credit rating is good news for a country  gripped in the throes of economic fatigue for more than a decade.

The good news about the northward movement of the credit rating has been tempered by the public perception that crime is on the increase. In recent weeks there has been a spate of gun crime linked to drug activity and a lawlessness element. Some will say to ignore the lawless while they shoot at each other. However commonsense supports the view that a country must maintain law and order to accrue obvious benefits.


Attorney General Dale Marshall

The rising crime activity has seen minister Edmund Hinkson being demoted with responsibility for the Royal Barbados Police Force, Forensic Services Centre, Criminal Justice Research Unit and the Police Complaints Authority reassigned to Attorney General Dale Marshall. Hinkson’s diminished portfolio he has responsibilty for the Barbados Fire Service, Immigration, Post Office, Government Industrial School, National Council on Substance Abuse and the Prison Service – creates the opportunity to resign from the Cabinet in the coming weeks. It signals to others in the large Cabinet that the prime minister will jettison non performers soon once the ‘opportunity’ appears on the political radar.

The reassignment is an admission by government that it has to improve in the area of law enforcement and delivering justice. Our slothful court system has been a bane for both political parties in government. Coincidentally, the Attorney General has responsibility for Barbados Courts, he now has responsibility for the Police and support units. What should be obvious is that an incrementalist approach has been shown not to be effective over the years.

The blogmaster has been critical of the large Cabinet appointed by the Prime Minister. Her defence of the large Cabinet will not resonate in a climate where workers are being retrenched from the Public and Private sectors.  It does not matter how hard the prime minister and Cabinet are working, commanding the support of the public requires she adopts leadership positions which co-opt the support of the public.

The blogmaster was also critical of the prime minister when videos surfaced on social media during the last political campaign with her ‘styling’ with certain actors. It is important our leaders appreciate the importance of leading by public example.


A word to the wise should be enough!


708 thoughts on “Crime and Credit Ratings

  1. Mariposa

    I was going to leave this alone.

    But I just want to show you how retarded and a first class idiot Artax is.I wrote that post about ‘ME HAVING SYMPATHY FOR HIS CON FLICTED SOUL’ yesterday (Sunday) at 3:56 p.m. in the afternoon.

    Yuh know like Artax could not fully grasp what was being said or he did not know how to respond – so he posted other stuff on this same thread – and then returns this morning to repeat back to me – what I said to him.

    Now if this isn’t childish juvenile behavior – well I don’t know what is.This is about the 3rd or 4th time he has done a similar thing.

    Big men behaving like little boys on this site.Steupes.

    Important things to consider and discuss and like you Artax could not wait for morning to come so you can parrot back to me – a comment made to you.That is the best you can do big man ?

    You have the last word .

  2. Inniss

    You definitely need help. You had to respond and I knew you would have responded in the manner which you did.

    So….you think insulting people and using pejorative terms to describe them is a sign of maturity?

    Misrepresenting facts and using untruths and innuendo to make political points does not make you a mature individual,….it’s DISHONESTY……. it gives us an insight into the type of individual you are.

    You’re a WOMAN in denial…..coming to this forum trying to convince contributors that you’re NOT a DLP yard-fowl, when your contributions clearly indicate otherwise.

    I won’t describe you as juvenile or a first class idiot…..I would leave an assessment of you to the contributors…..and judging from their contributions…….they know exactly who and what you are.

    I await the arrival of your god-father.

    Have a blessed and wonderful week.

  3. A wonderful morning to all of Barbados:
    friend or foe;
    koolaid or champagne;
    free range, limited range :-), or on the fence.;
    suffering from Pre-May 24 amnesia or not ……….

    Have a great day…..

    I once watched a Star Trek with two men fighting each other through time and space; one determined to destroy the universe and one determined to preserve it. I am convinced a similar struggle is going on in Barbados, but it seems as if both parties (knowingly or unknowingly) are fighting to destroy the island.

  4. Artax January 28, 2019 7:47 AM

    “[Inniss]:You’re a WOMAN in denial…..coming to this forum trying to convince contributors that you’re NOT a DLP yard-fowl, when your contributions clearly indicate otherwise.
    I won’t describe you as juvenile or a first class idiot…..I would leave an assessment of you to the contributors…..and judging from their contributions…….they know exactly who and what you are.
    I await the arrival of your god-father.”

    What a thing, though!

    Poor conflicted T.I! It seems he cannot tell the difference between his DLP yellow bird elbow and his anti-BLP blue ass.

    We have more respect for the pure-bred DLP yard-fowl called Mariposa the “ac” with her unwavering ‘honest’ subservience to the DLP brand of incompetence and corruption than to the hypocrite called Thieving Inniss who ‘pretends’ to sit on some imaginary political fence.

    Can you imagine T.I. sleeping in the same bed as Hal Austin who has sworn previously (and repeatedly) that he would never lower his journalistic integrity by ever making “friends” with keyboard warriors and members of the anonymous brigade?

    The completely conflicted and confused Hal has really gone to the mad English stray dogs wandering on the Canary Wharf.

    No one on this blog (except Hal) wants to know the identity of the DLP yard-ducks Mariposa and T.Inniss like we know of the missing Alvin “Boots’ Cummins.

    What we want of them, simply, is a commitment to intellectual honesty and a measurable reduction in their patent hypocrisy.

  5. Mariposa/angela skeete/ac did great harm to the DLP in the run-up to the May 24th election, and now T.Inniss has joined her. If the DLP wants to regain a few seats in the 2023 election these two must start telling us what positives they intend to do for the people of Barbados. Cussing the 70,000+ people who voted for the BLP is NOT going to cut it.

    But nobody listens to a Simple Simon.

  6. Can you imagine T.I. sleeping in the same bed as Hal Austin who has sworn previously (and repeatedly) that he would never lower his journalistic integrity by ever making “friends” with keyboard warriors and members of the anonymous brigade?(Qote)

    ?????????”…sworn previously (and repeatedly)….”?????

  7. An MP has become the first sitting politician to be jailed for 30 years after she lied to police when she was issued with a speeding ticket.
    Fiona Onasanya had denied being behind the wheel when her car was spotted being driven at 41mph in a 30mph zone in Cambridgeshire, last July.
    The Peterborough MP was later thrown out of the Labour Party before being convicted of perverting the course.
    She has been jailed for three months after a re-trial at the Old Bailey.
    Her brother Festus was jailed for 10 months for his involvement.
    Onasanya was elected as Labour MP for Peterborough in June 2017, six weeks before the offence.
    She had ousted Conservative Stewart Jackson, who had held the seat for 12 years.
    Onasanya was expelled from the party in December – and a recall petition is now expected to be raised in her absence.(Quote)

  8. @ Hal,

    Boy you beat me to it!

    And what about last week’s case involving the three UK sporting brothers: the Sodje’s; who were found guilty of defrauding their own charity!

    No group is perfect but Nigerian’s are in a league of their own when it comes fraud and deception.

  9. You have got to be kidding me!!!! The whole world is full of frauds of every nationality and race. It is known that certain people are hunted down more readily than others.

    Come on! We know this!

  10. @Talking loud,

    Nigerans a re some of the brightest people in the world. The problem is that too many use their intelligence for the wrong reasons. It is sad.

  11. From Miller Jan 27 2:08 p.m. – directed to T.Inniss

    Case in point: you found it partisan politically useful to mention the appointment of ex Commisioner Dottin as a “consultant” – whether paid or unpaid- to the lend his experience and expertise in the futile fight against the current spate of gang violence over the control of the illegal drug trade but failed, purposely and politically conveniently, to mention the role another ex-Commissioner, Orville Durant, has been asked to play.

    This is why I implore well meaning bloggers and readers to assess a person’s contribution not based on how loud,voceferous, vulgar or offensive the BLP hacks may label the contribution – but do so on your own assessment on whether the comments being made are valid and have merit..

    When Miller wrote this comment to me – I was well aware that Former Commissioner Orville Durant was not enjoying the best of health .I also felt strongly that Mottley being the political animal she is – would throw in Durant’s name because he does not carry the baggage of Dottin – and thus she would hope that people would not see past the dangerous move she was making by the unprecedented move to bring a disgraced former commissioner – to advise a sitting Commissioner – especially in light of the fact that the current Commissioner did not enjoy the best relations with Dottin.

    However I sat back and waited.

    Then thankfully Barbados Today Online newspaper – came through for the citizens of this country.

    In an article by Emmanuel Joseph in Today’s publication Barbados Today reached out to Former Commissioner Orville Durant for a comment on Dottin being brought back to advise a sitting Commissioner of Police and this is what Durant said.

    Orville Durant said ” He was not touching the issue of Dottin’s appointment”



    Does that sound to you like:

    A) Someone who is on board with Dottin’s consultancy pick ?

    B) Did you notice how he describe it – as a ‘political Thing ?

    C) Does that appear to you as someone who is a part of any Dottin/Durant Consultancy team ?

    Notice in that article there is no mention of Durant being part of any Consultancy project.

    For those who are discerning – it is clear that the aim of the BLP agents is to muddy the water and to single out certain contributions which show up this administration and the BLP Party – and to get readers and bloggers to dismiss what is clear and obvious in their face – as partisan DLP postings.

    Hence one of the main reason you don’t see me jumping in and responding to every comment.

    A well respected fellow contributor did suggest to me to pay attention to what are clear attempts to distract off the message.

  12. Meanwhile Political Leader of the UPP states:

    That this govt should provide greater details on the consultative function to be performed by Former Commissioner Dottin.

    Ms Eastmond stated that : ” SHE IS PUZZLED AS TO WHAT UNIQUE SERVICES THE RETIRED LAWMAN COULD BRING TO THE TABLE”. – suggesting that the move could be construed as questioning the competence of current Commissioner Tyrone Griffith.

    She also asked the Prime Minister to state how much if any,was Dottin’s consultancy going to cost the Taxpayers.

    Note these consultancies that are being given out by Mia to her friends and family – and to the favoured few – Comes at a time when Barbados is in the grip of an IMF Programme and the country is under extreme austerity measures.

    It comes at a time when govt says it has to cut public sector spending – and thousands of lower level civil servants have been sent home – some of whom haven’t been paid their package as yet.

    Read yesterday’s Nation newspaper and see the comments of Registrar Barbara Cooke – Alleyne who (quote) ” revealed that the Registration Dept has been hit hard by job cuts under the BERT Programme.

    She said there were only 2 legal assistants in one court office and they also had to collect and distribute money.

    She said (quote) “That is not ideal in any accounting system”.A clerical Officer would have been doing that before and now they ( meaning the legal assistants) have to do it as well as dispense money to you and collect money……. So at some point they would have to close the office to deal with those cheques and its a huge amount of cheques’

    Hip Hip Hooray for BERT – You know Marsha Caddle and Mottley and the others boast to us THAT IT IS A HOME GROWN PROGRAMME LOL.

    Meanwhile the Consultants and Fat cats gather to enjoy the fat of the land and collect their big cheques – UNDER BERT LOL.

  13. T. Inniss,

    On May 24 the people voted for order and got chaos. Although Mottley is a relatively young woman, she is a mature politician, but her politics is outdated.
    The appointment of a so-called policing or law and order consultant also undermines the civil service whose job it is to advise the attorney general on policy, and the commissioner, who is in charge of operations. As a result of this tug of war, the people suffer.
    By the way, apart from the former deputy commissioner of Toronto’s Metropolitan police, in the UK we have also had Barbadian officers of very senior rank in Scotland Yard, including at least one of ACPO rank ie of chief constable rank.
    All these are people known to Barbadian officials since they are various times have been invited to official events at the high commission in London.
    What does the police association got to say about all this? Don’t they have a voice?

  14. “What we want of them, simply, is a commitment to intellectual honesty and a measurable reduction in their patent hypocrisy.”

    Yep! He needs to put on his big boy shoes and deliver at a higher level. Some remarks are closer to falsehood than they are to the truth.

    And yep… Mariposa, like it or not, does a very good job as a one man team

  15. Hal

    The Head Of the Police Assoc. seems to have no problem with it.

    I agree that it would be useful to utilize the skills of some of those senior officers in Scotland Yard with links to Barbados.

  16. While the operatives are out and about seeking to distract – by pointing you in other directions – new laws are being passed and important norms are being broken and undesirable precedents being set by Mia Amor Mottley .

    Yet the people slumber.

  17. @ T.Inniss January 29, 2019 5:00 PM
    It comes at a time when govt says it has to cut public sector spending – and thousands of lower level civil servants have been sent home – some of whom haven’t been paid their package as yet.

    Read yesterday’s Nation newspaper and see the comments of Registrar Barbara Cooke – Alleyne who (quote) ” revealed that the Registration Dept has been hit hard by job cuts under the BERT Programme.”

    Now that is the kind of “objective” criticism of the Mottley administration we would like to see coming more often from your overly obvious partisan pen which can write rather pellucid in blue and yellow ink only.

    Why not call on the Mottley administration (now seized with all the files) to shed light on the status of a number of projects, either planned or initiated, under ‘your’ previous DLP administration?

    For example, what is holding up the construction of the Hyatt hotel and the Four Seasons restart (now a downright eyesore to the promoted image of a Beautiful Barbados)?

    Why not ask her if she intends to turn a blind eye to the duties and taxes waived on a Mercedes being driven by a ghost called Sales Director of an imaginary hotel while genuine hardworking taxpayers still await their long-promised tax refunds?

    Now that many ‘expert’ hands have been hired to make light work, are the surfeit of ministerial cooks about to bring these projects to a ‘construction’ boil while reassessing the viability of the expensively redesigned Pierhead marina and Sugar Point Cruise ship terminal to receive fancy molasses from the redeveloped Andrew’s Sugar factory?

  18. Yet again Mia’s over zealous attempt to show to the public that she got her hands in all the ministerial pieS – has resulted in enraging a respected top class former sleuth.

    An incensed member of the Police Service Commission – retired Deputy Police Commissioner – Keith Whittaker has described Mottley’s attack on that Commission for the handling of promotions within the force – as HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE !

    In a strident rebuke Whittaker who represents the force on that constitutional Body (Police Service Commission) lambasted Mottley for lumping everyone and labeling them in the same manner.

    The respected former top cop said it was an irresponsible act for Mottley to get on national tv and lambaste the Police Service Commission – without being aware of the facts.

    But Keith man – I am sure that you know that is what Mottley does best – get into these press huddles/ press conferences and free wheel on every topic – talking a whole lot of mumbo jumbo sometimes – and always looking to score political points even when the setting does not call for it – like that recent press huddle on rising crime & violence in Barbados.

    Former Deputy Commissioner Whittaker said “I am not a political person ……. and it was sad that Barbados had come to this juncture”.

    I refer you to my earlier post at 8:09 p.m.

    “New laws are being passed, important norms are being broken and undesirable precedents being set by Mia Amor Mottley.

    While the people slumber.

    Former Deputy Commissioner Whittaker said it hurt him that after giving 40 excellent years of service – that he could now be pulled in the gutter by the prime minister lambasting the PSC.




    I hope wunna people paying close attention to what is quietly going on in this place.

    While the people slumber.

  19. I am joining with Piece here and calling on all right thinking elected members of that party to sit up and take note and make certain that you don’t end up like Donald Trump ‘ Enabler and Fixer’ Michael Cohen – now facing years in federal Prison for kow towing to Trump – even when he knew what he was doing was wrong.

    Wunna make haste and meet in some beach house or some back room and plan how you will not let that 30 -0 win be a crushing stone on the necks of trusting barbadians.

  20. T.Inniss

    With all the happenings going on with Venezuela ,USA, Russia and China in our backyard that pose a real risk. “YOU” a DLP disengaged yard-fowl from the taxpayers purse, still here on BU bitching.

  21. The people not in a state if slumber but too afraid to speak out sering that Mottley does whatever she dams please going as far as changing laws to fit her political agenda
    Most might be thinking rules and laws might be adjusted by govt that could impact on what they say
    So why bother

  22. @Talking Loud Saying Nothing January 29, 2019 10:14 AM “Nigerian’s are in a league of their own when it comes fraud and deception.”

    She was born and raised and churched in the United Kingdom. So how does that make her a Nigerian?

  23. @Talking Loud Saying Nothing January 29, 2019 10:14 AM

    According to CNN “The Sodjes are a family of 11 siblings born in Greenwich, southeast London.”

    If the Sodjes had won Nobel Prizes would you still call them Nigerian?

  24. @Hal Austin January 29, 2019 5:26 PM “Although Mottley is a relatively young woman.”

    With all due respect Ms. Mottley is not relatively young, unless we happen to be comparing her to the Biblical Methuselah. The life expectancy of a Barbadian woman is 78. Ms. Mottley is 53, if she lives to be 78 then it seems to me that she is not relatively young, as at best we can expect her to live another 25 years, which means that at 53 she has already lived 2/3 of her expected life, that to me is relatively old, not relatively young. If life goes for Ms. Mottley as it does for Bajan women she is in the final 1/3 of her expected life.

    Me? I am in the final 15%

  25. But then again on this same Underground someone referred to a 72 year old Bajan man as relatively young.

    Not true. The data does not support. Not when the life expectancy of a Bajan man is 73.3.

    A 72 year old Bajan man is old, old, old. Departure lounge old.

  26. Oh dear More violence in this country.

    Yesterday a man stabbed to death.

    Today another one chopped up all over his head and body.

    Does this country feel any safer since we booted out the last government and brought in another one?

    Is there any connection to the release of lord evil on bail and some of the recent murders.

    Anyone think that Mottley’s solution of brining back a failed former commissioner of police is the answer to this problem?

    You realise that you are not hearing anything about Orville Durant’s involvement anymore.Ha ha ha

    I notice not one of the legal beagle or other academics or social commentators addressed the issue raised by former Deputy Commissioner Keith Whittaker namely that the Police Act does not allow for any Consultant to advise the sitting Police Commissioner on Operational matters – AND MORE IMPORTANTLY THE POLICE COMMISSIONER DOES NOT HAVE TO ADHERE TO SUCH ADVICE.


    I can hear Hal Austin – all the way from good ole England – ‘It will all end in tears’.

  27. Yes T. Inniss blood and gore in the streets. Barbados social enviroment on its way to looking like Jamaica
    People now living in fear

  28. @T Inniss

    What has the police association got to say about all this? Surely they represent the rank and file officer.

  29. Hal

    I think I answered you last night.The Head of the Assoc – I don’t know if he canvassed the views of his membership – but he sees nothing wrong with Dottin’s appointment.


    Could you expand a bit on the matter you referred to earlier about Dottin’s stint in the UK ?

  30. Mariposa

    Expect to see more attacks from the BLP Operatives on any one who point out these issues.

    Just press IGNORE.

  31. Barbados essentially gave up a chunk of its sovereignty when it signed on the dotted line to receive the US$290 million loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This is the suggestion of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who argued that pre-conditions of the IMF arrangement demonstrated scant respect for the sovereignty of Barbados. Speaking
    mpus, Arthur charged that by subjecting itself to an independent IMF oversight, Government had surrendered exclusive rights provided by the constitution of Barbados.

    “There is a need for all international organizations to exhibit respect for the sovereign rights of all nations. In relation to this matter, the Constitution of Barbados vests exclusive powers in the Cabinet of Barbados within the context of the exercise of collective responsibility. Yet, the recently concluded IMF programme requires that there has to be an independent evaluation committee to oversee the way in which the Government of Barbados carries out the agreement,” said Arthur
    Government of Barbados must live up to terms of its agreement with the IMF but it should not have to answer to any entity in carrying out its executive powers on the matter. Joint commissions for overseeing the carrying out of obligations are common but the concept of an independent commission carries the stigma, that left to themselves, countries that benefit from access to the IMF resources will indulge in anticipated wrong doing,” he said.

  32. OSA definitely has his pulse on the junk eyed Bert plan
    When all is said and done such revealations would give more insight as to why past govt did not become a blantant political prostitute for the IMF
    Past govt need to borrow did not cause barbados to sell its sovereignty like a whore sitting on the doorsteps of the IMF
    What a thought to ponder now that OSA has made clear in his statements the true meaning of the word BERT

  33. There are two broad categories of “crime” for this ole man

    Violent Crime and Non Violent Crime

    And within the former we can have (a) violence which arises “spontaneously”, without aforethought, or without the impetus of external “triggers” which, though ultimately “violent”, did not at genesis purpose to be violent.

    Things like crimes of passion, domestic conflict that escalates to “violence against the person”, altercations that spiral into physical violence etc

    and those that are purposed e.g. (a) instances that are a direct result of “drug-land repercussions” or the purposed instructions of “institutions of criminal enterprises” – prostitution, trafficking, rape, armed robberies, theft of government resources

    I am a simple man who, being bereft of these academic instructions from the Manchester University of Criminology, tends to think that the processes that are used to address the first specifically as it relates to interventions, CANNOT BE A PREDICTIVE, AS THE INTERDICTION WHICH CAN BE APPLIED TO THE SECOND CATEGORY.

    I can’t, for the most part tell who is going to go postal/bonkers and try to kill a feller or multiple people who trouble him/their group, or a man/spouse who is horned and feels that he has to kill the horner or the significant other, or a road rage instance that results in physical harm to a traveller/pedestrian.


    But, as it relates to the second category, given all the tools that are available, it is reasonable to think that a series of structured plans can, OVER TIME, result in apprehension of some of the criminals.

    All of that prolix suggests that we have to use a different set of tools/strategies to deter crime and violence.

    Having said the obvious, given what is occurring on the institutional crime landscape, it is equally obvious that given the “known” elements of the equation, and the lack of “variables”, NO SERIOUS EFFORT IS BEING MADE TO ADDRESS THESE KNOWN CRIMINALS & DIMINISH that part of the equation.

  34. @ Mariposa January 30, 2019 7:25 PM
    “OSA definitely has his pulse on the junk eyed Bert plan
    When all is said and done such revealations would give more insight as to why past govt did not become a blantant political prostitute for the IMF
    Past govt need to borrow did not cause barbados to sell its sovereignty like a whore sitting on the doorsteps of the IMF
    What a thought to ponder now that OSA has made clear in his statements the true meaning of the word BERT..”

    You Nasty Lying Hypocrite, you!

    Is this the same born-again blue eyed boy OSA you used to wash in cuss on this very BU?

    Is this the same bête noir you previously considered to be the architect of the destruction of the Bajan economy during his administration’s 14 year hurricane which led to the DLP facing a $15 billion national debt of a millstone and caused the collapse of the South Coast sewerage plant?

    Is this the same ‘washed-in-the blood of the DLP lamb called OSA’ who regularly beseeched Stuart and Sinckler to go to the IMF for financial assistance and fiscal guidance since 2015 to 2016 before it becomes too late to rescue the Bajan dollar from further devaluation and the collapse of the economy as it is about to come true?

    We remember well your undying loyalty and support for the same Mottley when she was ousted by the same Right(eous) and honourable OSA from the Chair as Leader of the Opposition way back in 2010 or early 2011.

    So what will it be, “Many pokies” or “ac” the accredited cretin or the twisted-mouth “Angela skeete” the BU anti-BLP weathercock ? The evil drunkard now turned professor OSA or the former witch in white called PM MAM?

  35. So am.i now to cuss OSA for clarifying what Bert plans are really for Barbadis economy as Mia flung wide her legs open for Bert to stradlle / and mount her like a political whore for the world to see
    In the meantime Bert slicing off a piece of barbados sovereignty for his own selfish needs while she ask for more of the same to offer barbadians

  36. @ Mariposa January 30, 2019 8:24 PM

    No we don’t want you to cuss OSA for clarifying what the BERT plan is and its implications for the Bajan economy.

    What we would like you to do is to admit that the many iterations of the same plan have ‘failed’ under your DLP administration.

    Wasn’t the f(o)etus called the “Sinckler Ministerial Statement Xmas Baby” conceived in December 2013?

    Aren’t the current cutbacks and restructuring the same as those proposed in the same birthing of the DLP plan called “BERT No.1”?

    What BERT No. 6 or 7 is trying to achieve is the same objectives spoken by the same Sinckler 2013 Xmas baby; albeit without success except taking the country further into the arms of the international loan-sharks just to maintain a false economy of importation and living big large off the hog of materialism.

  37. Hal Austin

    The Former Acting Duty Commissioner of Police Oral Williams is by far the most academically qualified commissioner …

  38. Hal Austin

    Is Austin the Police Inspector related to you?

    Austin moved through the ranks of the Royal Barbados Police Force like Custer …Austin was promoted to inspector at 26 year of age … but think allegations of rape undermined his career …

  39. Austin’s sister Mrs. Willoughby was the first Mounted woman in the history of the RBPF …. Her Maiden name was Austin …do you know them Hal…

  40. Mr. Lexicon

    In January 2017 the Chief Personnel Officer issued a stipulation requiring the new commissioner of police to have university degree and completed strategic management training at a police academy or college.

    This new requirement essentially eliminated CoP Tyrone Griffith, who was acting CoP at the time it was announced. He has since been appointed to the post.

    I understand that currently only two individuals qualify…… ACP Oral Williams and DCP Erwin Boyce….having completed his studies in the UK last year (or in 2017).

    Remember, Boyce was appointed DCP on May 1, 2018, after ACP Williams was acting in that position for 2 years or more.

  41. Artax

    I am well aware of all you have said, however, I was grocery shopping last year here, and to my surprised… I saw the Acting Duty Commissioner Oral Williams who knew me from a boy pushing a grocery cart , and he gave me a run down of all the corruption in Barbados.

  42. I saw the Acting Duty Commissioner Oral Williams who knew me from a boy pushing a grocery cart , and he gave me a run down of all the corruption in Barbados. (Quote)

    @ Lexicon

    Given that Williams is still in the service and the type of society we have, do you believe it was wise for you to say he gave you a run down on corruption?

  43. As our credit rating escalate so too does or crime
    Another violent act of violence once again on the streets of barbados

  44. And with a single stroke Leximoron has tarnished the reputation of Acting ** Oral Williams

    That is of course if the people in power believe the beriffle of lies de man tell bout de Police and de crooks from Bush Hall.

    Starsky was not the brother of the young fellow that Mopsie killed.

    Inspector Shirley Bryan was the father of the Bryan boy who mopsie killed at the stadium in its then notorious lover’s lane.

    Mopsie and he grew up as fellows in Bush Hall and in fact, had been playing cards with him that same night that Mopsie killed him.

    Bryan recognised Mopsie and said “Mopsie it is me “Shirley” (that was his nickname) you going kill me?”

    He shot him and the girl but she survived

    Bryan was a well respected policeman and it was because of his currency that Mopsie was gried and put to death

    The only deterrent to this violent crime and killing spree in Barbados is to reinstate the death penalty

    And by design, have the hanging of the first 2 recorded and broadcast on social media as if released by accident.

    And your crime will decrease

  45. Yeap going to get worse. These criminal activities are only the tipping point
    Notice how BU has in the past weeks used articles of detractions .one can count the number of articles on one finger that have dealt with the ongoing crime in barbados
    Yet differing articles about other countries policies and problems seem to be more of an interest to BU
    I wonder why
    Not really !i have said before that an going strategy of detraction by the powers in charge if Barbados economy is being placed in all aspects of the public domain to keep probing eyes away from the decaying and economic social enviroment of Barbados

  46. @ ManyPosers

    That is what I do not understand about agents like you.

    Every day you come here and bad talk the BU BORG and say that all 3 of them are BLP agents.

    Yet, you nor Inniss have the balls to start your own blog nor Facebook page.

    Not one ting to show your own initiative but you here cussing de man regularly

    It takes time to create a following.

    That is what you and Inniss and Senator Franklyn and the Reverend Bishop Pastor Joseph Atherley fail to understand about this War against the despot Mugabe

    But carry on smartly.


  47. And as if to herald in the first? Incident of its type in Jamaica it is noted that Crime has now started to touch the Untouchables

    It should be instructive to our local authorities that death at the hands of the people, IS NOT RESERVED OR SHOULD THAT BE, RESTRICTED?, TO THE POOR AND DISHEVELLED SHEEPLE, during shootouts for drug turf that said politicians PURPORTED DRUGLORDS, seem to be exempt from.

    The Article in the Jamaica Gleaner reads

    ” …Shock waves reverberated around the local political fraternity yesterday as news spread of the killing of Member of Parliament Dr Lynvale Bloomfield.

    With reports of his death sparking widespread speculation across the island, the Police High Command quickly assembled a team of senior investigators from the Major Investigation Division to take control of the probe into the killing…”

    It will be of interest what is the outcome of this Murder Most High on the Jamaican psyche following so close on the several? Murders of Attorneys

    “…An attorney-at-law was shot dead at his home in Oakridge off Stillwell Road, Kingston 8 on Thursday, January 17.

    The deceased has been identified as 49-year-old Gareth Forbes…”

    It is only when the chickens come home to roost that all the righteous indignation comes to the fore and all society becomes concerned


  48. People should read that article in Barbados Today by the wife of the late Inspector Bowen about Dottin and wiretapping.

    Read the report from the Police Service Commission where it is stated that Darwin Dottin never denied wiretapping Owen police detail/Driver,nor wiretapping magistrates,the Oppostion and Deputy commissioners Morgan Greaves and Bertie Hinds.

    See the harmful physcological effect of the decision to bring back Dottin is having on someone who was caught up in the wiretapping scheme by dottin – that is the wife of the late Inspector Boyce – as she expressed alarm that all her private conversations with her sisters and relatives,and intimate conversations with her husband had been listened to by police officers and Dottin.

    Dottin even played back the tapes of Bowen to him in Dottin’s office.

    The BLP media houses – Nation newspaper and VOB – are playing down this important matter that will negatively affect the lives of citizens as was done before under Mottley and Dottin.

    All media houses need to do articles and programmes about this issue.

    Where is the outrage ?

  49. Sometimes a killing is the result of a lover’s quarrel. Learn to tek a horn with grace and equanimity, and all will be well.

  50. “Yet, you nor Inniss have the balls to start your own blog nor Facebook page. Not one ting to show your own initiative but you here cussing de man regularly….”


    If I did write dah….,which, by the way, is de trute….by now yuh wudduh dun know how much of a “juvenile, “first class idiot” and “BLP stool pigeon” I is.

    It just goes to show how it goes on BU for certain contributors……….against certain contributors…..

    ……….it’s isn’t WHAT is written that draws a reaction………’s WHO wrote it.

  51. And by design, have the hanging of the first 2 recorded and broadcast on social media as if released by accident.(Quote)

    Why not sell tickets to tourists and make it a weekly/monthly event?

  52. Former Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite is backing Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn’s idea of converting soldiers into police officers in order to fill the current shortage in the constabulary.
    At the same time, Brathwaite is echoing Franklyn’s recent suggestion that whichever Barbados Defence Force (BDF) soldiers were chosen, they would have to be retrained as police officers.
    “The training is different . . . and we have to be very careful that we don’t do that carte blanche. The training of a soldier is completely different to that of a police officer,” the former Attorney General told Barbados TODAY.
    He recalled that his former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration had discussed how it could have one platform of training, so it would be easy for someone to transition from one organization to the other.
    “It might be easier for a police to transition to the Defence Force at a particular senior level. But at the junior level, you are talking different types of training; and I don’t think it would be in the best interest of Barbados for us to automatically go in that direction,” he warned.
    “Certainly you would have to do some retraining in terms of the soldiers,” the former AG added.
    He said it was for that reason the soldiers always accompanied the police whenever it came to policing duties and they were utilised.
    In putting forward the idea as a crime-fighting tool nearly three weeks ago, the Opposition senator and trade union leader told Barbados TODAY it made no sense spending more than $60 million in taxpayers money every year on an army that was not necessary in its present form.
    “The police force needs manpower. Crime is escalating and you ain’t got no more police. Right now we have a totally useless defence force that is not necessary. I am not saying send them all home. I am saying, redeploy them…just use the Defence Force as it used to be in the past . . . when it was the Barbados Regiment . . . for ceremonial occasions. Right now they are spending $60 something million dollars on the Defence Force a year,” Franklyn said.
    He said the fact that twice a year the Governor General signs an order allowing the army to assist the police, meant there was need for additional law enforcers.
    “Deploy them as police officers and let them do some useful work, rather than keeping them up there drilling and tending their uniform and shining their boots. They are not serving any useful purpose right now. There is no need for them,” the senator declared.
    “The Defence Force needs to be downsized. Some of those people can be made police officers with the necessary training and that will help with the crime situation,” he stressed. (Quote)

    After ten years in government it has taken seven months for the former attorney general to see reason. Better late than never. Get rid of the army and re-form the volunteer Regiment. Save the taxpayers Bds$30m a year. This should make BERT happy.

  53. I’m not surprised at the former AG Adriel Brathwaite’s comments……. after all……he IS a politician. They suddenly could develop all types pf ideas when they’re not the ruling administration.

    If one read page 49 of his party’s 2008 manifesto, under the caption “23 Law & Order,” they will see the following:

    (1). As a matter of urgency, the new DLP Government will:

    (2). Provide better remuneration for Police Officers

    (3). Improve and/or build new police stations in designated areas

    (4). Increase the ranks in the police force creating more promotion opportunities

    (5). Upgrade the Government Forensic Sciences Centre to help solve outstanding crimes and restore confidence in law enforcement agencies

    (5). Permit the police force to function free of political interference

    (6). Convert Glendairy Prison into a publicly funded modern drug treatment and rehabilitation centre

    However, if I were Mr. Brathwaite, I would take great care in commenting about crime and the police, and choose my words carefully, especially taking the above “promises” his party made to the electorate into consideration.

    Police officers have NOT been provided with better remuneration.

    I must congratulate the DEMS for building $13M police station in Cane Garden, St. Thomas…… despite the fact that, after it was officially opened by then AG Brathwaite on February 26, 2018… remains unoccupied, even under this BLP administration. And construction of the new Hastings Police Station is progressing.

    Officers recommended for promotions by former CoP Dottin and subsequently CoP Griffith, were rejected by PSC chairman, former DLP candidate Guyson Mayers, while officers chosen by him were promoted. I guess this action does not constitute political interference.

    It was only last week I learnt that the Government Forensic Sciences Centre was not functioning as it should for the past 7 to 8 years.

    And all this occurring under Adriel Brathwaite’s watch.

  54. “Former Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite is backing Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn’s idea of converting soldiers into police officers in order to fill the current shortage in the constabulary.”

    I’m happy Mr. Brathwaite finally came to that realisation.

    Because, if anyone had listened to him Saturday, August 19, 2017, when he addressed the BDF’s 38th anniversary parade and sunset ceremony at St. Ann’s Fort, they would have never thought he “cherished that idea.”

    According to media reports, Mr. Brathwaite “noted that the BDF will be called upon to support the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) in ensuring public safety. “You the men and women of the Force must stand ready to answer such a call, to quell this scourge, this menace to our society. You must stand together, stand and be counted as part of a strong Force, a vanguard which will allow a few miscreants to threaten this small island and dictate to the masses with their deviancy.”

    Perhaps “Brath” has seen the light, which seems to become much BRIGHTER when politicians lose their minister titles.

  55. @ Artaxerxes (the Superlative Archiver)

    When Mugabe implements her Social Media Law that installs her version of the Lesè Majesté then and only then people like Inniss and ManyPosers and Reverend Bishop Pastor Joseph Atherley will realize that they have to create a virtual portal and Brand.

    Unfortunately other Inniss and ManyPosers are DLP agents and their blog might not fare well.

    However the fact is that Mugabe is in the final stages of crafting the virtual laws that will curtail all anti Mugabe sentiment.

    Look at the title of this 700 comment article Crime and Credit Ratings

    What de F this has to do with Credit?

    Of a truth this article may have better been titled “Crime and Incompetent Management”

    The issue here is calling a spade a spade and not dissembling

    Teets, The Pokie Muncher and Mugabe need to understand that We the People and Sheeple ARE NOT PLAYING WITH THEM!


    We can clearly see the deference of the BU BORG as it relates to the “softening” of titles that are not complimentary of the Mugabe Regime

    For example the one with “inniss, Tasker and Ince and Dross…”

    That should equally have been

    “United States Government now having to Prosecute Bajan Money Launderers Because Barbados Courts REFUSING TO DO THEIR JOB…”

    We, as citizens of this country who have voted for these parliamentarians, CANNOT CONTINUE IN THIS CUH DEAR MODE.

    The only way that these animals respond is when you stand up to them and demand that they do their jobs.

    And publicize that they are not doing their jobs and stop sucking pooch

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