Crime and Credit Ratings

Edmund Hinkson Picture

Minister Edmund Hinkson

In recent weeks Barbadians have been greeted with the good news our credit rating for local debt was upgraded by two credit rating agencies S&P and CariCRIS.

In recent weeks Barbadians have been greeted with the bad news that violent and gun crime appear to be on the increase.

The question we must answer is whether the solutions to our problems are to be found with our political masters only. The blogmaster shouts NO!

We have the political games being played depending on which side of the fence one sits that credit rating agencies are deemed to be important. There is sufficient evidence to show that not having an investment grade rating does more harm than good as it affects financial decision-making. The previous government was heavily criticized because of the unprecedented number of downgrades Barbados notched during its tenure.  The expectation is that when the foreign debt restructure is completed inyternational credit rating agencies will respond favourably as well. It is important to achieve an investment grade for the financial and intangible benefits it lends to any country.

However one spins it, an inching upwards of the credit rating is good news for a country  gripped in the throes of economic fatigue for more than a decade.

The good news about the northward movement of the credit rating has been tempered by the public perception that crime is on the increase. In recent weeks there has been a spate of gun crime linked to drug activity and a lawlessness element. Some will say to ignore the lawless while they shoot at each other. However commonsense supports the view that a country must maintain law and order to accrue obvious benefits.


Attorney General Dale Marshall

The rising crime activity has seen minister Edmund Hinkson being demoted with responsibility for the Royal Barbados Police Force, Forensic Services Centre, Criminal Justice Research Unit and the Police Complaints Authority reassigned to Attorney General Dale Marshall. Hinkson’s diminished portfolio he has responsibilty for the Barbados Fire Service, Immigration, Post Office, Government Industrial School, National Council on Substance Abuse and the Prison Service – creates the opportunity to resign from the Cabinet in the coming weeks. It signals to others in the large Cabinet that the prime minister will jettison non performers soon once the ‘opportunity’ appears on the political radar.

The reassignment is an admission by government that it has to improve in the area of law enforcement and delivering justice. Our slothful court system has been a bane for both political parties in government. Coincidentally, the Attorney General has responsibility for Barbados Courts, he now has responsibility for the Police and support units. What should be obvious is that an incrementalist approach has been shown not to be effective over the years.

The blogmaster has been critical of the large Cabinet appointed by the Prime Minister. Her defence of the large Cabinet will not resonate in a climate where workers are being retrenched from the Public and Private sectors.  It does not matter how hard the prime minister and Cabinet are working, commanding the support of the public requires she adopts leadership positions which co-opt the support of the public.

The blogmaster was also critical of the prime minister when videos surfaced on social media during the last political campaign with her ‘styling’ with certain actors. It is important our leaders appreciate the importance of leading by public example.


A word to the wise should be enough!



  • And by design, have the hanging of the first 2 recorded and broadcast on social media as if released by accident.(Quote)

    Why not sell tickets to tourists and make it a weekly/monthly event?


  • Former Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite is backing Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn’s idea of converting soldiers into police officers in order to fill the current shortage in the constabulary.
    At the same time, Brathwaite is echoing Franklyn’s recent suggestion that whichever Barbados Defence Force (BDF) soldiers were chosen, they would have to be retrained as police officers.
    “The training is different . . . and we have to be very careful that we don’t do that carte blanche. The training of a soldier is completely different to that of a police officer,” the former Attorney General told Barbados TODAY.
    He recalled that his former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration had discussed how it could have one platform of training, so it would be easy for someone to transition from one organization to the other.
    “It might be easier for a police to transition to the Defence Force at a particular senior level. But at the junior level, you are talking different types of training; and I don’t think it would be in the best interest of Barbados for us to automatically go in that direction,” he warned.
    “Certainly you would have to do some retraining in terms of the soldiers,” the former AG added.
    He said it was for that reason the soldiers always accompanied the police whenever it came to policing duties and they were utilised.
    In putting forward the idea as a crime-fighting tool nearly three weeks ago, the Opposition senator and trade union leader told Barbados TODAY it made no sense spending more than $60 million in taxpayers money every year on an army that was not necessary in its present form.
    “The police force needs manpower. Crime is escalating and you ain’t got no more police. Right now we have a totally useless defence force that is not necessary. I am not saying send them all home. I am saying, redeploy them…just use the Defence Force as it used to be in the past . . . when it was the Barbados Regiment . . . for ceremonial occasions. Right now they are spending $60 something million dollars on the Defence Force a year,” Franklyn said.
    He said the fact that twice a year the Governor General signs an order allowing the army to assist the police, meant there was need for additional law enforcers.
    “Deploy them as police officers and let them do some useful work, rather than keeping them up there drilling and tending their uniform and shining their boots. They are not serving any useful purpose right now. There is no need for them,” the senator declared.
    “The Defence Force needs to be downsized. Some of those people can be made police officers with the necessary training and that will help with the crime situation,” he stressed. (Quote)

    After ten years in government it has taken seven months for the former attorney general to see reason. Better late than never. Get rid of the army and re-form the volunteer Regiment. Save the taxpayers Bds$30m a year. This should make BERT happy.


  • I’m not surprised at the former AG Adriel Brathwaite’s comments……. after all……he IS a politician. They suddenly could develop all types pf ideas when they’re not the ruling administration.

    If one read page 49 of his party’s 2008 manifesto, under the caption “23 Law & Order,” they will see the following:

    (1). As a matter of urgency, the new DLP Government will:

    (2). Provide better remuneration for Police Officers

    (3). Improve and/or build new police stations in designated areas

    (4). Increase the ranks in the police force creating more promotion opportunities

    (5). Upgrade the Government Forensic Sciences Centre to help solve outstanding crimes and restore confidence in law enforcement agencies

    (5). Permit the police force to function free of political interference

    (6). Convert Glendairy Prison into a publicly funded modern drug treatment and rehabilitation centre

    However, if I were Mr. Brathwaite, I would take great care in commenting about crime and the police, and choose my words carefully, especially taking the above “promises” his party made to the electorate into consideration.

    Police officers have NOT been provided with better remuneration.

    I must congratulate the DEMS for building $13M police station in Cane Garden, St. Thomas…… despite the fact that, after it was officially opened by then AG Brathwaite on February 26, 2018… remains unoccupied, even under this BLP administration. And construction of the new Hastings Police Station is progressing.

    Officers recommended for promotions by former CoP Dottin and subsequently CoP Griffith, were rejected by PSC chairman, former DLP candidate Guyson Mayers, while officers chosen by him were promoted. I guess this action does not constitute political interference.

    It was only last week I learnt that the Government Forensic Sciences Centre was not functioning as it should for the past 7 to 8 years.

    And all this occurring under Adriel Brathwaite’s watch.

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  • “Former Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite is backing Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn’s idea of converting soldiers into police officers in order to fill the current shortage in the constabulary.”

    I’m happy Mr. Brathwaite finally came to that realisation.

    Because, if anyone had listened to him Saturday, August 19, 2017, when he addressed the BDF’s 38th anniversary parade and sunset ceremony at St. Ann’s Fort, they would have never thought he “cherished that idea.”

    According to media reports, Mr. Brathwaite “noted that the BDF will be called upon to support the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) in ensuring public safety. “You the men and women of the Force must stand ready to answer such a call, to quell this scourge, this menace to our society. You must stand together, stand and be counted as part of a strong Force, a vanguard which will allow a few miscreants to threaten this small island and dictate to the masses with their deviancy.”

    Perhaps “Brath” has seen the light, which seems to become much BRIGHTER when politicians lose their minister titles.

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Artaxerxes (the Superlative Archiver)

    When Mugabe implements her Social Media Law that installs her version of the Lesè Majesté then and only then people like Inniss and ManyPosers and Reverend Bishop Pastor Joseph Atherley will realize that they have to create a virtual portal and Brand.

    Unfortunately other Inniss and ManyPosers are DLP agents and their blog might not fare well.

    However the fact is that Mugabe is in the final stages of crafting the virtual laws that will curtail all anti Mugabe sentiment.

    Look at the title of this 700 comment article Crime and Credit Ratings

    What de F this has to do with Credit?

    Of a truth this article may have better been titled “Crime and Incompetent Management”

    The issue here is calling a spade a spade and not dissembling

    Teets, The Pokie Muncher and Mugabe need to understand that We the People and Sheeple ARE NOT PLAYING WITH THEM!


    We can clearly see the deference of the BU BORG as it relates to the “softening” of titles that are not complimentary of the Mugabe Regime

    For example the one with “inniss, Tasker and Ince and Dross…”

    That should equally have been

    “United States Government now having to Prosecute Bajan Money Launderers Because Barbados Courts REFUSING TO DO THEIR JOB…”

    We, as citizens of this country who have voted for these parliamentarians, CANNOT CONTINUE IN THIS CUH DEAR MODE.

    The only way that these animals respond is when you stand up to them and demand that they do their jobs.

    And publicize that they are not doing their jobs and stop sucking pooch


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Artaxerxes thank you


  • “Huge changes are on the way to the judicial system, the Prime Minister and the Attorney General revealed today in the House of Assembly.”


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