Trinidadians Blamed for Guyanese Political Crisis


Submitted by Dr Kumar Mahabir

The People’s National Congress (PNC)-led coalition government in Guyana has refused to resign after it was defeated in a no-confidence motion in Parliament on Friday December 21, 2018. As expected, the drowning party is grasping at straws to illegally survive another year before it sinks on its own in the 2020 general elections.

PNC Executive Member Aubrey Norton has accused People’s Progress Party (PPP) Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo of bribing MP Charrandass Persaud to switch his no-confidence vote against his own government in favour of the PPP. Norton said Jagdeo had “colluded with forces in Trinidad and mobilised resources to bribe a sitting MP” (Guyana Chronicle 28/12/18). I would like to advise Jagdeo to sue Norton for defamation of character through slander and/or libel. Norton must be compelled to provide the evidence in court to support his accusation, or face conviction by imprisonment or fine.

It seems that Jagdeo has already been found guilty by Norton who appears to be an investigator, policeman, attorney, juror, judge and executioner, all rolled into one. Norton’s accusation is being repeated by several Government ministers, including the Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan. This AFC member of the collation Government was on Guyana’s NCN TV on Sunday night turning darker with rage against Persaud.

Ramjattan turning darker with rage

Viewers were uncertain whether Ramjattan was speaking as a member of the coalition splinter Alliance for Change (AFC) or as Minister of Public Security because these roles must be held separate and distinct when in public office. By his verbal and body language, Ramjattan was clearly abusing his power as Minister of Public Security.

Here are excerpts of Ramjattan’s rant on TV: “We are now learning that there is absolutely a connection with bribery, of some big sum of money…. This thing was organised beautifully. All that will come out of the investigation going on …. We are going to go very far and deep into it and those who would’ve done that, will pay the penalty. We’ve already been doing investigations with the senior members of the Government.”

Alarming illegal threats indeed from a Minister of Public Security. Ramjattan should be forced to resign on the basis that police work should be left to the Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, not the Minister of Public Security whose duties should be purely administrative and managerial.

Those who wish to take Ramjattan to court to face charges for misbehaviour in public office should read the article “Governance of the Police: Independence, Accountability and Interference” by Philip C. Stenning. This article is based on a lecture delivered to the Law School at Flinders University in Australia in 2011. The article should be read with Ramjattan in mind who is attempting “to bring partisan political influence to bear on a police investigation … to harass political opponents or dissidents” like Charrandass Persad who has the civil and human rights of free association and freedom of expression.

Ramjattan’s unlawful interference in police work

Ramjattan has betrayed his promise that there will be “no political interference by the APNU+AFC government in the running of the Guyana Police Force.” Ramjattan made this promise personally to about 500 persons on Saturday September 5, 2015 at the Whim Community Centre Ground in Berbice. The unlawful interference with the work of the Guyana Police Force and the Police Service Commission (PSC) is not new to this coalition government. In October 18, 2017, President David Granger wrote to the PSC to halt the promotion of police officers.

Additionally, Ramjattan said on the same NCN TV show that on that historic night of the no-confidence motion in Parliament, he offered Persaud police protection to go to his vehicle to drive home. But Persaud was told by a friend that “the police would kill you rass. You better take we own” transportation.

As Minister of Public Security, Ramjattan should be ashamed to learn and publicise the fact that Guyanese do not trust the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force with their lives. As an Indo-Guyanese, Persaud had all the more reason to be afraid. Members of the coalition government such as Moses Nagamootoo, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, Jaipaul Sharma and Hemraj Rajkumar, and their families, are more vulnerable than other citizens to be attacked by the PNC-led coalition trained and armed officers headed by retired brigadier, President David Granger.

The books The Costs of Regime Survival: Racial Mobilization, Elite Domination and Control of the State in Guyana and Trinidad by Percy Hintzen, Domination and Power in Guyana: Study of the Police in a Third World Context by George Danns, Anatomy of Race Politics by Reverend Seopaul Singh, and Ethnic Conflict and Development by Ralph Premdas as well as the GIHA Crime Report Indians Betrayed, should be compulsory reading for Ramjattan. These publications document the long history of violence against Indians in Guyana which was unleashed by the tyrannically President, Forbes Burnham.

26 thoughts on “Trinidadians Blamed for Guyanese Political Crisis

  1. Yet another racist contribution by this joker who has being given free reign to spill this vile nonsense.

    Please pay careful attention to the 2nd line in the second to last paragraph.

    Ha ha ha.

    He has been given a platform – so he’s using it. Well done.

  2. I am so happy that Granger finally snapped out of his slumber and decided to fight back.

    I think I would really prefer Kemraj Ramjattan as President of Guyana – he is gutsy and has fire in his belly.

    If you read some of the letters to the editor in some of the more balanced newspaper by afro Guyanese – you will get a totally different picture this joker is painting in this article.

    I wonder what he thinks about the role his former prime minister (of Trinidad) – kamla played in all of this when she visited that country and that speech she gave to Jagdeo supporters..

    I wish the Granger administration success in this one because based on the commentary out of Guyana that I am reading – this act by this Persaud fella could ignite racial flare ups in that country.

    Guyana under the current David Granger administration – had just started to crawl its way out of the bottom of the pit where Jagdeo has left it – and now this.Sigh

  3. Overseas publications have been closely following this development and they have all been subtlely commenting on the fact that Guyana is about to come into some Oil wealth.

  4. Indians will be the undoing of the peace loving people of the Caribbean both the First Nation peoples and the native born descendants of the polyglot of peoples occupying all the islands of the Caribbean.There was a time when Trinidad and Guyana could boast of a healthy mix of Indian,African and mixed ethnic groups making up the political landscape of the Region but with the coming of the divisive communist Jagan and the racist Jagdeo and the simpleminded guided missile Ramoutar,with a similar racist cabal in Trinidad in both the UNC and the merged grouping forming the PP,the Region is in for political upheaval with Trinidad low on oil and Kamla going to Guyana and allegedly carrying enough to sway Ramcharass so that Jagdeo can promise the Indian cabal in Trinidad plenty work for the Indians in Trinidad to work in the oil industries in Guyana as a means of Kamal spouting that rhetoric on the campaign trail as a plus for regaining power in Trinidad.Mark my word.Watch this Hindu caste purveyors of treachery.They are all for themselves and their poor ass cousins in the Indian Ocean,80% of which do not have outdoor plumbing.Be careful when they shake your hand,

  5. David
    I was trying to place a cartoon in the Kaiteurnewsonline which says a lot on the issue that Trinidad paid the ppp monies to sway the vote.Maybe you can have it exhibited on this blog

  6. Does David BU think making his pages open to this vile man is a contribution to free speech? The man is unthinkably obnoxious. Is David so blind that he cannot see the poisonous nonsense in his postings. He is human vermin.

  7. Questions need also to be asked about the competence of the speaker -Scotland – of the Guyana Assembly.

    is he versed in law?

    How versed is he ?

    why did he make that ruling so quickly.

    He really needs to be replaced.

    • @T.Inniss

      As Jeff opined on related blog recently, this matter is being shaped by rabid partisan politics (wink).

  8. Herein is an assessment of the Hindu plot of Guyana with Trinidad.Kamla to address the private sector in Guyana but bring the million dollars to pay off the man with the conscience.When the plot germinate and Jagdeo back in the corridors of power,Exxon will be coerced into sending the crude to Trinidad for refining at a reopened Petrotrin plant at Point Fortin.Ancel Roget to be sold on the reopening of the plant and this will form the major platform plank of the PP or the UNC or whatever the Hindus come up with in opposition to the PNM.Roget of course would be seen by the Hindus as one for sale and would have no hesitation in calling for “strike” “march” up with this and down with that to have the PNM removed from St Clair.Indian sell his vote in Guyana,African sell his vote in Trinidad.Damn politics destroying the Region.

  9. “I would like to advise Jagdeo to sue Norton for defamation of character through slander and/or libel. Norton must be compelled to provide the evidence in court to support his accusation, or face conviction by imprisonment or fine.”

    why do these shitehound criminals in the Caribbean like so much suing, most of them need dragging off these corrupt islands and jailing in countries far, fa away from humans….the more ya hear them talk about suing the more corrupt and bigger the criminals they are…get a goddamn life..

    politicians in the Caribbean are lowlife scum, thieves, corrupt demons..

  10. Same nasty crook, liars and scumbags PPP that was locking in crime with the BLP for many years, more drug money, They must want back in after the oil and Crime Minister Mia showed up with her free drug zone! More Fraud to come has already started Again, UWI, Africans with Ms Ram ,Ross dog houses with over price rents they better off to buy them with no clear title deeds, now De Vry? to help Mia run her drug Economy with white power in the noses of young whites from up North, Will run off the island and school when their parents find out the setup! Dont and never will trust guns, drugs, money laundering nations with rules set up to get even more money when the students get into drinking and driving and 1000$ fines for shirttails hanging out, money money and money headed for offshore accounts,Mia never cared, vote better next time, WARNING BARBADOS SCHOOLS OF DRUGS and Ralph Thornes waiting to be in the news getting them off.

  11. …ya see this shite …..and the mentally enslaved and most brainwashed among us are STILL TALKING ABOUT RESPECTING THESE EVIL DEMONS…who INSULT, disenfranchise and DISRESPECT BLACK PEOPLE STILL.

    was it Ha, Ha who opined that the shithounds in UK and US will use the Caribbean as some base..

    “UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has given a wildly optimistic interview, in which he harked back to the historic influence enjoyed by Britain, and promised to build two foreign military bases “in a couple of years.”

    “We have got to be so much more optimistic about our future as we exit the European Union,” the Conservative Party minister told the Sunday Telegraph.

    This is our biggest moment as a nation since the end of the Second World War, when we can recast ourselves in a different way, we can actually play the role on the world stage that the world expects us to play.

    Britain’s ‘backyard’? UK wants to deploy 800 troops to defend ‘interests’ in the Arctic
    Saying that “if we have economic interests there, we should have a military interest there,” Williamson proposed Singapore or Brunei in the Pacific –on China’s doorstep– as potential sites for a base, while the other would be located in the small South American republic of Guyana, or on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.

  12. “This is our biggest moment as a nation since the end of the Second World War, when we can recast ourselves in a different way, we can actually play the role on the world stage that the world expects us to play.”

    After WW11…after Hitler BOMBED LONDON….came the WINDRUSH SCAM…

    …Caribbean people were THEN NOT AWARE of the 30 Articles of Universal Human Rights which also applied to them, STILL DOES …these human rights were ratified in 1948 and UK IGNORED THOSE HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS…took advantage of the lack of knowledge of Caribbean Blacks…stole the DUAL BRITISH CITIZENSHIP FROM THOSE BORN IN THE CARIBBEAN BEFORE INDEPENDENCE…….and used that lack of knowledge to use and abuse Caribbean black people..for UKs benefit

    ..UK is extremely desperate now…BE WARNED..

  13. @ Dr Kumar Mahabir,

    May I suggest a partition of Guyana. Whereby the country is split down the middle to separate those of African and Indian descent. This would allow you and your fellow Indians to live in glorious isolation far removed from your fellow African brothers and sisters. You would also be able to construct a society that could be modelled on the same lines as that of your ancestral home – India.

    We saw the partition of India after Great Britain abandoned it. What followed was a division of that country into three countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan and India with all the associated bloodshed and violence that came with it.

    There are some people on this site who believe that the best solution to this problem could be the repatriation of your people back to their ancestor’s country. After all, there arrival to the Caribbean came very late in the day.

    Your provocative post should merit some discussion here in Barbados. We are all aware of the ethnic tensions that exist in Guyana and Trinidad. Barbadians and our policy makers should be cognitive of this problem. What is required is a robust solution that would reverse the trend of Indians entering Barbados. We should be encouraging those disgruntled Indians who may have scant respect for their African neighbours that they are not welcomed in Barbados and should go.

    I understand that the Trini-Indian has a giant economic footprint in Barbados. Perhaps our government should wake up and seek to reverse this growing trend.

    Dr Kumar Mahabir you should be applauded for your straight talk.

    • Did you not witnessed the Berlin Wall fall?

      Did you not witness Mandela lead South Africa for a period to dismantle apartheid?

      Have we not learned a thing?

  14. The die has been cast..they already used their IMPS in the Caribbean, Guyana and Trinidad… create the environment for their next human rights violations against the MAJORITY BLACK CARIBBEAN POPULATION…which will be CLOAKED…in their usual deceit and lies..

    …just take a very good look and see the very thin thread that leads back to all the evil demons who are pulling those vey thin strings…for their own benefit..

    The Indians are just useless, stupid tools…their brains are filled with RACISM against black people, which has always been the INTENT, but they too will be DISCARDED..again…like the RACIST TRASH THEY ARE..and were PROGRAMMED to be…

  15. took advantage of the lack of knowledge of Caribbean Blacks…STOLE the DUAL BRITISH CITIZENSHIP FROM THOSE BORN IN THE CARIBBEAN BEFORE INDEPENDENCE…….and used that lack of knowledge to use and abuse Caribbean black people..for UKs benefit

    ..UK is extremely desperate now…BE WARNED..

    I REPEAT…for the hardheaded AS*HOLES..and Indian racist clowns…

  16. The Guyanese Parliament is expected to meet again on Thursday.

    Where the Speaker is to admit that he made a mistake, in the count, his ruling.

    Then Jagdeo, as Leader of the Opposition, is expected to launch an action in the Courts.

    Of course, he’s served 2 terms already and is therefore ineligible to be President again,

    High drama!

    As the country expects some revenues from the Exxon oil deal which the government wants to deploy to increase its electoral fortunes in 2020. Of course, the Opposition wants to cut them off at the pass.

  17. Canadian National Steamships operated between Canada on the one hand and Bermuda and the Caribbean all down to Guyana on the other.All those West Indians employed on those Lady boats as they were called,they and their families were given Canadian citizenship as a reward for sailing the high seas during the war and post war periods to the enable commerce between these two regions. The UK by comparison similarly had many West Indian crews on their merchant vessels but never once did they think of welcoming to the U.K. those who enabled Britain to be ‘Great’,ever offered them any special consideration whether in respect of citizenship or scholarship.Look sharp they want to Windrush them back to their Caribbean territories like they never knew them.Some recall the Harrison boat Geologist that went down in the Gulf of Paria ,Trinidad with Barbadians among those who perished and never to be seen again.

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