Jagdeo Desperate to Grab Oil Money


Press Release submitted by the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)


CGID slams Jagdeo as desperate to grab Guyana’s oil money, warns of PPP secret deals to give part of Essequibo to Venezuela

BROOKLYN: A war of words is brewing between Guyana’s Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo and his former student, Rickford Burke, President of the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID). Jagdeo on Thursday attacked Burke as a “political neophyte” who is speaking for Guyana’s APNU+AFC coalition government. Jagdeo insisted that the government, which narrowly lost a no confidence vote in Parliament on December 21, must resign and call general elections.

Jagdeo brought the motion against the coalition government, led by President David Granger, which has a one seat majority in Parliament. The coalition has 33 seats in the 65 seat Parliament, while the PPP has 32. The motion passed, 33 to 32 votes, after government back-bencher, Charrandas Persaud, joined the opposition PPP to vote for the motion, then immediately fled the country to Canada. Persaud has been accused of accepting a multimillion dollar bribe, to which he responded, “so what if I was paid?” in a Facebook post.  

Burke drew Jagdeo’s ire after he wrote to Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Barton Scotland, asserting CGID’s position that Persaud’s vote contravened Article 156.3 (a) and (b) of the Guyana constitution and should be nullified. Article 156.3 mandates that a MP first declare in writing to the Speaker an intention to vote against his or her party’s list, and upon so doing must be expelled see letter – Charrandass Persaud: Open Letter to Speaker Dr. Bartland Scotland.

Burke fired back in a CGID statement Saturday saying

Bharrat Jagdeo is a desperate, two bit hustler with an insatiable craving for Guyana’s oil money. He is power drunk and desperately wants to be president again, but the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) rejected his unconstitutional bid for a third term as President. He’s therefore suffering from rejection syndrome, and is determined to make the country ungovernable. His boorish name calling is beneath the dignity of a constitutional officer of Guyana.

Burke dismissed Jagdeo’s claim that CGID speaks for the government as “delusional.” He asserted that

CGID speaks for thousands of Guyanese who are outraged at the treason committed by bribing a coalition Member of Parliament (MP) to vote against his own parliamentary list and government. CGID likewise speaks for all Guyanese who believe in the rule of law which prohibits a MP from voting against his own list.” Burke added that “as president, Bharrat Jagdeo amended the very Article 156.3 of the constitution to prevent his party’s MPs from taking this exact vote. He therefore knows that Persaud’s vote is unlawful.

CGID asserted that

there are potentially three constitutional violations associated with the no confidence vote.” It said A MP cannot cross the floor or hold dual citizenship as Chrandass Persaud allegedly does, and it is now widely held that a no confidence motion requires 34 and not 33 votes to pass.” The institute maintained that “Parliament cannot violate the constitution. Therefore this matter has to be settled by the courts.

The institute accused Jagdeo of dividing Guyana and tearing away national cohesion. CGID also blasted the opposition leader’s call for the government to resign as “reckless, hysterical nonsense.” It said that the APNU+AFC coalition government is the duly elected, constitutional government and will remain so until general elections are called.      

CGID noted that

the majority of Guyanese rejected  Jagdeo and the PPP in 2015, because of their discriminatory and corrupt management of the nation’s resources for 23 years.” The Institute noted that Guyanese are not prepared for the country’s resources and oil revenues to be managed by the PPP.” The institute posited that “the coalition government has eliminated corruption, engendered national stability and cohesion, created significant economic growth and placed Guyana on the threshold of modern development.” It cautioned that “these gains are now imperiled by the instability being engineered by the PPP.

CGID contended the instability brought about by the PPP’s unpatriotic rhetoric and parliamentary coup has opened Guyana to external threats. The institute said that Guyanese must hold the PPP accountable for the December 22, 2018 Venezuelan Navy invasion of Guyana’s waters that disrupted ExxonMobil’s oil exploration, and which led to Exxon Mobil suspending operations in Guyana. “We cannot allow PPP’s reckless drive for power to gain control of Guyana’s oil revenues to threaten the Guyana’s oil production, economic growth and development. This PPP recklessness must be stopped, or it will destroy Guyana,” the institute contended

CGID reminded Guyanese that the PPP already made a reckless backdoor deal to give Venezuela part of Essequibo to build a corridor to the Atlantic Ocean to ship Venezuelan oil. It also recalled that in 1999 the PPP signed a secret agreement for Venezuela and Guyana to work jointly to determine the impact of logging and mining in Essequibo. CGID argued that these PPP agreements give Venezuela leverage over Essequibo. It condemned them as irresponsible, unpatriotic and ill-advised  and said Guyanese must demand that they cancelled. 

As an Essequibian, I’m concerned about the PPP’s appeasement and secret deals to give away part of Essequibo to Venezuela. This should scare all Essequibans and Guyanese. All Guyanese must join in unity and fight to defend Essequibo and Guyana from the PPP’s power grab,” Burke was quoted as saying.


21 thoughts on “Jagdeo Desperate to Grab Oil Money

  1. “Persaud has been accused of accepting a multimillion dollar bribe, to which he responded, “so what if I was paid?” in a Facebook post. ”

    It’s very TROUBLING..that some Caribbean leaders AND their useless supporters…see absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION…

    A precedent must be set somehow to change that very wicked mindset…

    As I said Jagdeo wants dragging out of Guyana…he is a DEFINITE THREAT to the Caribbean and the majority black population who resides on the islands…..

  2. It appears as though the law courts all the way to the CCJ might be the final arbiter.In the meantime
    instability will stalk the political divide and Jagdeo is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to regain what he sees as his personal fiefdom.I posit that he will change the constitution to rename the executive head of government so that he is named to that new head.Its laughable if it isn’t so serious how power corrupts and as Acton confirmed absolute power corrupts absolutely as is evident in BG formerly British Guiana then Bookers Guyana now Bharrat Guyana.

  3. WARU
    I’m vehemently opposed to corruption and where is proved beyond reasonable doubt the ball should drop however this disease is all over the world,in every political system,China,Russia,Iran,where they execute them.In the west they are jailed some times for life and required to hand over the ill gotten gains.Next door in Trinidad a vital CD in a major police raid,disappears from a secure safe place.High ranks suspected.How can justice be served with guards who guard the guards looking the other way.Meanwhile Barbados is awaiting the notorious ‘Perp’ walk of former ministers and their enablers.
    In the US you can be jailed for lying to the FBI or to Congressional authority.For a start it should be such an offence here too lie in parliament,to any parliamentary committee especially the PAC.

    • Guyana has a problem that is fueled by racial conflict at the center. There appears to be a heavy distrust between blacks and Indians. Corruption, malmanagement are addons it seems to the blogmaster.

  4. A Barbadian has major investments in Guyana .Hope when the oil dollars start gushing that he is not sol.

    For those who don’t know “sol” means Shit outta luck. lol

    • @Hants

      An unstable Guyana does not make sense with the border dispute rhetoric ramping up with Venezuela who may be emboldened with Russia playing war games in their backyard.

    • @ Hants

      You are something else. LOL!!! At least you recognize the humour in these shenanigans.

  5. David

    We warned you about this only this week. We told you then that the fools in the government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana are fecklessly sleepwalking the country into a conflict with Venezuela, with Russia and America as possible belligerents.

    We have seen the agreement with Haliburton, in draft. The country will receive only 3% of the oil revenues. This is the regular colonial robbery taking place. And even that pittance is being vied for by criminal politicians, ON ALL SIDES, acting as agents for empire.

    • @ Pachamama at 11:12 PM

      “The country will receive only 3 % of oil revenue”.
      Where else did we see that formula? The more things change ,the more they remain the same. Yes. We do need to go beyond the optics.

  6. “I’m vehemently opposed to corruption”

    But you are only one OUT OF MANY who see something wrong with corruption and bribery and TIEFING FROM YA OWN PEOPLE….the backward mentality that prevailed for decades in Barbados is as long as it is the lawyers and government ministers engaging in bribery and corruption…..and as it is all over the world..it can’t be wrong ….which is not true, because some countries have NO TOLERANCE FOR BRIBERY CORRUPTION AND WILL EXECUTE ANYONE for practicing that BLIGHT..to the detriment of their people…one well placed BULLET TO THE HEAD.

  7. Vincent

    Haliburton was offering 2 percent initially.

    Vincent, this is the norm everywhere.

    Is it any wonder resource rich countries remain poor. It’s the game!

    What is more, if resource rich countries do not give their wealth to america they will sanction yuh or invade with armies. That too is the game.

  8. Lots of innuendo in this Guyana showdown..Indian lawyers say emphatically bribery is legal.African lawyers say equally emphatically and quoting the same Act,bribery is a criminal offence.As an innocent bajan bystander I know in our culture bribery especially of a sitting MP is a criminal offence.
    Folk are asking what was Kamla’s real reason for visiting Guyana and stirring up strife in the Indian vs African polity that is Guyana.The colonial masters ensured there will be no peace in Guyana or in Trinidad.Trinidad inter alia got their fair supply on henchmen to stir up strife like Sat Maharaj and the Indians from Central especially Chaguanas.Indian partition all over again.

  9. Thankfully the Guyana government is challenging the no confidence motion stating that 33 votes do not constitute a parliamentary majority.

    I hope they succeed.

    This nasty,racist corrupt politician Jagdeo is doing all in his power to get his hands on the oil dollars that are about to flow.

    It look like he is not satisfied with what he tief already.

    • Doesn’t Jagdeo remind you of Barbados politicians and lawyers, I mean the GREED ELEMENT, no matter how much they tief, how high their salaries, how numerous their perks, they must tief more and more for the people and hide it offshore…they too need removing from the Caribbean for that reason.., they too are a threat to the people..

      Jagdeo NEEDS REMOVING from around Caribbean people FOR HIS PURE EVIL…and they better do it soon.

  10. @ Pachamama at 11:09 & 11:16 AM

    I agree.
    It is important to provide these statistics so that Bu Household can form evidence – based opinions. Too many interventions are based on emotion .

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