Guyana’s Outgoing President Bharrat Jagdeo Accused Of Inciting Racial Violence

Submitted by CGID President Rickford Burke

Guyana's outgoing President Bharrat Jagdeo in a rambling tirade

NEW YORK: The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) Sunday launched a scathing condemnation of Guyana’s outgoing president, Bharrat Jagdeo. Accusing the Guyanese leader of stoking racial fears to incite violence and civil conflict as a campaign tactic in the run up to the November 28, general elections, the group charged that Jagdeo violated newly enacted “anti-incitement” laws.

Jagdeo triggered a deluge of outrage Saturday night when at a PPP rally at Bartica, a town in Essequibo county, he railed that if elected the opposition APNU coalition would give criminals guns to kill residents. Bartica is the hub of the gold and diamond mining community and gateway to Guyana’s natural resource-rich interior. The town, an APNU monopoly, suffered a robbery/massacre on February 17, 2008, which claimed twelve lives.

Exploiting the security angst of citizens, Jagdeo speculated that if the opposition wins the November 28 general election criminals would be armed with weapons from security forces. “You have had some theft of weapons from the army in the past but if they were to get into power… they will get the weapons to give to the bandits…“They have a track-record of supporting criminal gangs like those that killed 12 persons in Bartica on February 17, 2008.”

Prominent Bartician and President of the New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID), Rickford Burke blasted Jagdeo’s comments as “rancorous and vituperative slime calculated to incite racial violence and terror.” Burke said that as a Bartician he was “shocked and outraged by such reprehensible, false comments which are “unbecoming of the presidency.” How dare this utterly vulgar person attempt to divide Barticians and exploit such a hallowed moment of our history – a circumstance that brought unprecedented unity amount Barticians?”

The CGID head contended that the massacre occurred under Jagdeo’s presidency and said that it was the Jagdeo administration that established ‘phantom’ death squads to engage in murder for hire, drug executions and extrajudicial killings of over 400 individuals, as stated in the United Nations McDougall report.

He said that it was Jagdeo who is complicit with drug barons who, the United States government said supplied

CGID President Rickford Burke

elements in his regime and its cohorts with guns from Columbian drug lords. “The public record suggests that these same weapons were used to kill Minister Sash Shaw, who was in dispute with convicted drug trafficker and accused murderer Roger Khan when he was assassinated, as well as journalist Ronald Waddell, with whose assassination Jagdeo’s Minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy was an alleged accomplice but was never charged and prosecuted.”

Burke accused Jagdeo of failing to protect the Guyanese people while using the State’s security forces to protect the criminal enterprise, and of turning Guyana into a narco-state that countenanced drug trafficking and murder of citizens in plain public view. He noted that Western governments possess evidence of Jagdeo ostensibly meeting with Khan. He alleged that Khan was tipped off about a US DEA drug interdiction initiative in Guyana and threatened to blow-up the location, forcing the US to abort the mission.

He cited the US State Department’s International Narcotics Control Strategy Report which, he said each year of Jagdeo’s presidency, stated that “The economic, political, and social conditions in Guyana make it a prime target for money laundering and drug trafficking given…corrupt law enforcement” and that “Allegations of corruption are widespread, and reach to high levels of government, but continue to go un-investigated.”

“The reason that US government arrived at this very conclusion for every year of Jagdeo’s tenure is because, as every Guyanese believes and court testimony establishes, he and members of his administration have been complicit with criminals who operate with impunity and a wink from the government. “These said criminals are the alleged benefactors of their political campaign and personal largesse, which they dole out from drug proceeds and blood money.” It is no wonder that President Jagdeo and his ministers have all constructed hundred-million dollar homes, which they cannot afford from their ministerial salaries,” Burke asserted.

Guyana's minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy

Like Jagdeo, the CGID President also invoked Wikileaks, quoting then US Ambassador to Guyana, Roland Bullen who, in a correspondence to the US State Department  commented that Jagdeo’s administration is compromised to such an extent that it would not pursue drug lord and accused murderer Roger Khan, and that if Guyana was a narco-State, then Jagdeo had surrendered the country’s leadership to Khan. Burke concluded that the Ambassador’s judgment reveals that the US government has been watching Jagdeo from a criminal perspective.

He further posited that on November 28, 2011, when Jagdeo’s presidency will practically end, the nation will rejoice and exile him to the dustbin of history, until such time that he will be called to account for unchecked corruption, rampant criminality, incitement of violence and crimes against humanity, which have been the hallmark of his presidency.

“I predict that his fate will then be recorded in the same annals as recent Arab leaders whom the “people” have brought to justice,” he contended.



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  1. One Prime Minister you know well once called him a “yard foul,” Bruce Golding called him an “international pan-handler.” Last week he said journalists who have criticized his government are “carrion crows and vultures who should be thrown in jail like they did to some media in Rwanda for inciting genocide.” The man is a lunatic!!!

  2. It is interesting another government, T&T has been pressuring the local media by its policy of withholding advertising. In Barbados we should avoid similar.

  3. Well the good thing one can say about Jagdeo is that he tried to change the term limit for the office he holds and when it failed up to now he has respected the decision.

  4. Rickford tell if you can about Corbin?

    We seem to hear more about Trotman, Lewis, Kissoon, Benchap and others more than Corbin?

    Is it that he does not get regional coverage or he has a low profile?

  5. Probably both but he is inept and incompetent as an opposition leader may be that’s why he doesn’t get much coverage… plus he is not the presidential candidate for his party – the PNC, which is the major partner in the APNU coalition

  6. This election in Guyana is going to be very interested indeed.President Jagdeo is the most disgraceful leader any Caribbean country has ever produced.That man is a lunatic.As indicated by the writer of this article,he cursed the press of Guyana and only last week he cussed Nigel Hughes a prominent Black lawyer who is a candidate for the AFC, labeling him as a murder & drug lawyer.He even implicated him in a murder in Buxton a few years ago.President Bharat Jagdeo of Guyana is a Caribbean disgrace.
    In all of my life,I have never witness a head of state behaving in the manner that Guyanese sycophant is behaving.
    It is amazing that the racist,corrupt PPP/Civic government of Guyana has marginalized Black Guyanese and is even implicated in the death s of many Black men & boys.The PPP/Civic government of Guyana practised blatant racism against Black Guyanese, yet there are Black Guyanese who are prominent members and supporters of that despicable party.The alleged boy lover Kwame McCoy Liaison Press the president, a Black guyanese is a morally corrupt individual with criminal intent.He assaulted Mark Benschop damaging his vehicle and other personal belongings and only last week he drove his vehicle over the foot of young Guyanese lady. Kwame McCoy has done so much foolishness in Guyana over the last few years and he has not been prosecuted.That man is a law onto himself.
    i hope for the sake of Guyana and Black Guyanese in particular that the racist,corrupt government of the PPC/Civic is voted out of office.I do not think Guyana can deal with a PPP/Civic government for another 5 years.That party has done tremendous damage to Guyana and has marginalized Black Guyanese for too long.

    • A related matter:

      PPP/C, AFC trade verbal blows on the Corentyne
      October 31, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under News
      – Nagamootoo calls Freedom House the ‘Rob St Gang’
      – Joey Jagan says “Moses lied!”  
      By Leon Suseran
      Tempers flared on the Corentyne on Sunday during fiery speeches as massive crowds turned out for both the People’s Progressive Party/CIVIC (PPP/C) and Alliance for Change (AFC) rallies at the Port Mourant Market Square and Whim Road, respectively.And what a homecoming it was for former PPP Executive Member, Moses Nagamootoo, who was pleased at “the single largest public meeting in Whim I have ever addressed in all my life.”Over at his place of birth, Nagamootoo spoke passionately that Guyana has “come to a dead stop” and is “morally bankrupt”.He lauded the AFC presidential candidate Khemraj Ramjattan’s movement through the ranks in the party.“He was considered in the party as one of the brilliant young lawyers. Ramjattan was there and he was a man of ideas. I was in the party when Ramajattan was talking about professionalizing the Police Force…bring competent people, and Jagdeo and them didn’t like his ideas, because we know a lot of top brass were involved in drugs.And this man stood up in the party and called for the corrupt ones to be weeded out, and they refused to do that. The result was that the criminals took over and we have lost hundreds of lives in this country,” he told the gathering.
      Nagamootoo said that instead of the party giving tribute to Ramjattan, they “framed him up because he was a rising star in the party and they were afraid that he will go to the top. They brought him down one day and said he was a spy; he was giving information to the Canadian and U.S. Embassy. They trailed him. I was the only one who stood up and said this man should be given a fair trial,” Nagamootoo said.
      He noted that he warned the PPP when they expelled Ramjattan a few years ago that they (the PPP) will pay the price later. “I said the PPP will pay a dear price and they are paying it today!”
      A visibly upset Nagamootoo then lashed out against President Bharrat Jagdeo’s recent attacks on him by saying that Jagdeo suffers from “a strong bout of political diarrhea”.“He can’t zip that mouth,” he posited.
      He noted that every time Jagdeo opens his mouth, “he cusses up the newspaper people and call them carrion crows and vultures”.
      He referred to Jagdeo as a “politically-advanced creature” who thinks he can “judge and pronounce on the life and death of anyone.”
      Speaking to a packed Whim Road square, Nagamootoo said that “the Robb Street Gang” has destroyed the integrity of Freedom House. “They make Ali Baba and the 40 thieves look foolish!”
      Referring to sugar workers, Nagamootoo, said he stood up for them since they were threatening to de-recognize the GAWU.
      “Jagan would never do that. Jagan was produced by the sugar industry. The PPP was born in the womb of the sugar workers’ struggle,” he said.
      He said he has no place in Freedom House, which he referred to as “a defecated room”.Nagamootoo added that President Jagdeo “was this ‘sou- sou’ who wanted to castrate the sugar workers and make them like himself!
      The crowd then sang ‘Old Mc Donald had a farm’ when Nagamootoo referred to Ramotar as one of the cartoon duck characters.
      “When they rigged the system and denied the members to vote, to choose the presidential candidate, I accused him of political quackery,” Nagamootoo stated.
      Nagamootoo outlined a period while he was minister of government and he was reviled by several cabinet members because he stood his ground and tried his best to preserve the party legacy.He said they “hated him” in the cabinet. One instance was when he said a Minister approached him for over $1M to travel 1st Class to Malaysia. He said he became angry since there was squandering of funds.
      “There was a time when the Ministers wanted more money for salaries. I said we can only accept salaries when the nurses and teachers get increase, then we can get increase as well.”The politician said he wants to represent his people’s interests in this time of oppression.Nagamootoo said that he has joined the AFC during a serious examination.
      “Today, the people in power…..they are the ones you read in the Wikileaks…they are rubbing shoulders with drug lords, criminal gangs and money launderers,” Nagamootoo said, adding that he paid a price for speaking out about those things.He referred to the “Robb St Gang being denied visas for the US…tainted by corruption, tainted by people, who have destroyed this country and wanted misery for the lives of so many people”. “We are seen here as a Drug State. This is not what Dr Jagan fought for. We fought for international respect and today we are receiving international condemnation!”
      He asked the crowd if they had to pass a verdict of Guilty or Not Guilty, what their verdict would be. The crowd responded loudly, “Guilty!”He said the party will be charged “for domestic violence, with the rape of the treasury… with globe away the resources of the people…with criminal offenses of keeping workers on a starvation wage…secret funds all over”. “This man [Jagdeo] is running a poosur- poossur government…who has been using the government as a real- estate agency”, he said referring to Pradoville II.Meanwhile, over at Port Mourant, the birthplace of the PPP Founder, Dr Cheddie Jagan, another sizeable crowd gathered to listen to the messages of the party.Son of the late Dr Jagan, Cheddie “Joey” Jagan, was one of the speakers who chastised Moses Nagamootoo for leaving his father’s party.“No party in the world is perfect. Rome was not built in a day. We must be patient and understanding,” he said.“The cup is running over. The cup is not the key. Moses left the cup and now he hanging his mouth and no soup is coming out,” Joey Jagan added.He called Moses a liar as well, referring to the matter whereby it is claimed that the party’s founder chose him as his successor before his death in 1997.“I was next to my father when he wrote his last words in Washington. He never mentioned Moses! That was the last thing he ever signed, that my mother should become President. Moses lied! It ain’t true!” he said.Jagan called Nagamootoo “a negligible quantity in the best circumstances”, and praised Donald Ramotar for being the man who would carry on his father’s legacy.He called Ramotar “a man of humility”.“That is what my father believed in”, he posited. “Mr Ramotar is a solid family man. He will treat us just like he treats his family; that, he has pledged me. He will open his ears to every Guyanese; that he has pledged me!”“Don’t worry with the key. It can’t open no locks. It cannot open a house, or a lock on a chicken coup. The key cannot open nothing for you and me,” the son of two of Guyana’s former presidents told the crowd.He accused Nagamootoo and Ramjattan of “having no moral high ground” and said neither of them is preserving his father’s legacy.He kept referring to the Cheddie Jagan legacy as the crowd became wild at every mention of the name of the late president.  “Jagan made up the cup. He started with the cup and finished with the cup. Those who want to drink soup out of the cup, that is their problem! There are a lot of soup-drinkers around, and we have to be careful about that. Jagan did not tolerate soup drinkers; he didn’t have time for that,” he posited.Regional Chairman of Region 6, Zulfikar Mustapha announced the “surprise” for the evening; a cross-over member of the AFC joining forces with the PPP. Former AFC Executive Member, Gaumattie Singh, then took the podium while the crowd responded with applause and shouts. She was immediately garlanded, and asked revelers who they would be voting for. They responded, “the PPP!”She urged the crowd that it is imperative to carry on the legacy of Dr Jagan.She asked women in the crowd how many young women are represented by the AFC. “None! It has none in Region 6, but you have from the PPP/C!”She told the crowd how she was disenfranchised by the AFC regarding a parliamentary seat.

  7. David & BU I must alert you that debate on the changes to our immigration laws will soon be debated in parliament.Stay tune

  8. David & BU I was not really hibernating .I am actually very busy.I am doing some studying for my degree.In addition,I have my job and I also have to look after my family,therefore I have little time on my hand to actively participate on the blogs.Nevertheless,I still read BU regularly and when I have the time I will comment on the topics.
    Guyana & Trinidad are racially charged & racially divided countries.In those countries Blacks are at the end of the racism emanating from the Indian dominated governments.In Guyana,very few opportunities if any at all are given to Black Guyanese.There is a situation in that where not ONE overseas ambassadorial position was given to a Black Guyanese even though many Black Guyanese are qualified for those postings.In Guyana almost all the government jobs are going to Indian Guyanese.
    Likewise In Trinidad Black Trinidadians are also at the receiving end of the racist policies of the Indian Trinidad government.The majority of the detainees held in the curfew is Black Trinidadians.
    David & BU along with all Black Barbadians must be concerned with an increase of the Indian population in Black Barbados.It does not bode well for Black Barbadians if we allow the Indian population to rise to a significant level.The happenings in Trinidad & Guyana are examples to what will befall Black people in Barbados if we allow Indians to become a sizable portion of our population.
    David & BU please do not pay that nincompoop the Chris Halsall any attention.People of his hue believe that they have the god given right to dictate to Black people what they must say or not say.Action needs to be taken against the Chris Halsalls of Barbados.

  9. @ Negroman:
    “David & BU please do not pay that nincompoop the Chris Halsall any attention.People of his hue believe that they have the god given right to dictate to Black people what they must say or not say.Action needs to be taken against the Chris Halsalls of Barbados.”

    You racist twerp! If people like you are awarded a degree God help us all!
    If you are representative of the average Afro-Guyanese or Afro- Trinidadian then there goes the reason for the lack of socio-economic advancement among these so called suppressed ethnic groups.
    Stop buying food, clothing, drugs and trinkets from the Indians. Stop buying big able unsuitable motor vehicles. Buy land and build houses instead of being a consumer junkie and musical robot. Start your own businesses and open your own shops to sell to your own people instead of depending on Indians for jobs and survival.

  10. Millertheanunaki
    You called me a racist and I am honour for being a racist.Yes I am a racist because it well known on this blog my passionate dislike and my hatred of the stinking smelling Indians,disease carriers Europeans and the nasty Chinese.Yes I am a racist and a very proud one too.
    Millertheanunaki your response to me highlighted your deep seated contempt for Black people.Your post said it all about your thinking.
    I am a racist and so are you.

  11. @ Negroman:
    “Millertheanunaki your response to me highlighted your deep seated contempt for Black people. Your post said it all about your thinking.”

    Black people don’t even like themselves. They despise their negroid features, skin colour, hair and culture. This is expressly displayed by their apish behaviour of copying all the bad habits of other races, especially the Caucasian race. Skin bleaching, hair and nose straightening, inability to look white people in the eyes when interacting verbally; and the list of observed behavioural characteristic goes on! Look at the women who blacks describe as beautiful and see if she is not a made-up golliwog in the image of a Caucasian doll. Look at your TV and other visual media screens, fashion magazines and advertising shots! What do you see? Real black people? No siree, bwana! Blacks trying to hide their Africanism and pretending to look acceptable in the image of the European.

    I am not a racist, I am a realist!

  12. Things are heating up in Guyana!
    Last week the CBC in Barbados ran a feature on Bajan Guyanese race relations and concluded that there is harmony in Guyana and Barbados between the races. Reading the dialogue occurring in Guyana all is far from well.

    “Samaroo”]BUXTONIANS will always be animals… They just straight up animals. PPP does not need their votes … Why the PPP went there in the first place…. The BUXTONIANS only know to murder innocent Indians … REMEMBER LUSIGNAN MASSACRE WHAT THOSE BUXTON DOGS DID TO THE POOR MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN ?????

    GARBAGE -RACIST AND REACTIONARY  –  (The above comments were published in Demerarawaves (4 Nov/11) – regarding the report of the PPP public meeting in Buxton)
    Editor, These comments above are clearly racist in content and in form and I dont think that they should have been published in Demerarawaves – reputable news site. We cannot pander to racism at any time -but especially at Election time. These comments resemble – the type of racism that were used by our former White colonial masters and I am surprised that you can be so liberal with such racist and reactionary garbage.This person should be reported to the police for inciting people to violence and disharmony in our communities. I hope you do make him or her an example- so that others will be very carefully what they say or do.This is the sort of Gutter politics currently preached by certain elements associated with the Jagdeo-Ramotar section of the PPP. I am informed that some of these things are being said at the bottom-house meetings of a certain desparate political party, which is dying on its feet.We have taken steps to send people to these meetings and to report who are using these open and subtle racist remarks – intended to deliberately create an atmosphere of hostility and racial violence.I have just returned from the Essequibo Coast where I did a TV programme, which was well received by all sections of the people of Essequibo. They do not want a recurrence of race politics in Guyana and would not be voting the Jagdeo-Ramotar party – which seems hell bent in creating confusion and disarray.However readers will be not be shocked to know that our brothers and sisters up and down the country clearly understand that Donald Ramotar and Jagdeo do not represent the PPP of the Jagans (Cheddi and Janet).Former PPP activists, like myself, who I met on the campaign trail in Essequibo and other parts of the country agree that they have been massively betrayed by Ramotar and Jagdeo and they will be joining the bandwagon against this Jagdeo-Ramotar clique, which  has hijacked the PPP.I must state also that I have never seen such levels of enthusiasm, affection and racial harmony in my 45 years of active politics in Guyana – largely in the PPP areas.Nothwithstanding all these subtle and not so subtle appeals to divisiveness and insecurity, the National Unity Coalition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – is finally on its way to achieve this national dream of uniting all our people under one banner – One People, One Nation, One Destiny !!!!!!!!!!

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