The Marie Stewart Estate – The WILL

The WILL has been the source of fierce discussion regarding the Estate of Marie Stewart. Here it is for review and to inform discussion about a matter the blogmaster takes the opportunity to reiterate needs to be resolved away from the glare of the public. However, precedent has shown oft-times that this will not be the case.

The Will.png


  • The blogmaster has blocked nothing. Based on the asinine comments he will not bother the check the spam folder.


  • @ David

    You need to take a good long look in the mirror.


  • Just because u David does not agree with differing opinion u insults those differing opinions
    What u need to do is check yourself and see how well u morals are in alignment with truth and justice


  • Sometimes we can be very unreasonable when it comes to the “mote” in another man’s eyes.

    It is extremely difficult nay even impossible to be squeaky clean in our dealings ALL THE TIME.

    And we have to recognise what Barbados Underground is and what its purpose is and how it is run by humans and all humans are fallible.

    Many of us come here to BU (some of us exclusively to BU) because we are of the belief that as it relates to things Barbadian, we can speak freely and plainly without fear of intimidation or being victimized.

    We comment freely on these things because, TO DATE MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR & HIS COLLEAGUES FEEL THAT, given the state of the economy, they cannot estrange the people by closing down BU entirely AS IS THEIR PLAN.

    But we have to be fair with this.

    Some of us fought against the DLP administration because it was simply the very worst administration Barbados has ever had.

    We fought because we were and are bajans, who do not equivocate between nationality and political persuasion.

    Having said that, some of us have a political bias which explains why this Marie Stewart Will is not seen in the light of pernicious lawyers unfairing bajans BUT the potential tumbling of the Mia Mottley new administration since it involves the two thieves Pain and Teets.

    This is a difficult bone to swallow for even the most devoted BLP supporters.

    Dont think that they are not sympathetic to to cause of Miss Jackie and Miss Glenda in the UK or any other person who is similarly maltreated at the hands of lawyers, it is just that they fear AND UNDERSTANDABLY SO, what their support against dishonest lawyers is going to be perceived as by the RED COUNCIL.

    So you have the Honourable Blogmaster who has fought this campaign tirelessly for many years.

    None of us can question that he is a bajan first and that he is a BLP supporter second but just for once we have to be fair and attribute to him the balls to carry this fight where none of the other so called news media are prepared to go.

    Irrespective of the topic (though Brother in Arms has spoken of a Me TOO post that did not make it to the fore)

    This is not about liking a feller or geneflucting to another one when they enter the room. This is about respect and the one thing that you have to give him is respect

    @ mariposa

    certain urls and links carry malicious code and java script and bad tings dem which a skilled blogmaster HAS TO GUARD AGAINST.. Many items are (a) harmful or (b) duplicate posts or (c) make referenced to articles carried on sites that are nakedly disparaging and therefore inconsistent with BUs tenets. So they are put in spam for examination by a rule or manual examination as time permits.

    Be fair Mariposa, be fair


  • @ pieceontherock
    This is not about liking a feller or geneflucting to another one when they enter the room. This is about respect and the one thing that you have to give him is respect

    Respect has to cut both ways just because someone runs a blog doesn’t mean they can cuss anyone at their leisure and not expect the same treatment.

    There is also a covert and obvious effort to prevent certain facts to become exposed on BU despite what you and Bushtea says.

    The @David is no Messiah same as Mia and others in the BLP hierarchy.


  • Piece what i see is a trend with deliberate intentions
    Previously all of Stewarts videos made way on Bu.
    A couple days ago when posting ..
    the video did make the BU platform minutes later the video was removed .i tried again but i got a message
    At that point i decided not worth ny time since for whatever reason the video was being blocked so at that point i retreated for a couple days
    Then yesterday i posted a Stewart video which made it on BU
    Then subsequently trying again for a new video i got another error message
    My point being that David as administrator can receive ! retrieve! or blocked comment or videos and i personally belives he has chosen the latter on the Stewart videos


  • @ Mariposa

    Piece what i see is a trend with deliberate intentions
    Previously all of Stewarts videos made way on Bu.
    A couple days ago when posting ..
    the video did make the BU platform minutes later the video was removed .i tried again but i got a message

    Doesn’t surprise me at all.


  • @ Dishonest Bajans

    My grandson does these things on a daily basis for his work place.

    Here is what you need to understand about any BU prosecuted issue.

    Suppose i have a blogging site called “PantiesbyWejonesing.wet” (i meant to type net but my fingers slipped)

    Suppose that you however are a Mandingo and unlike WeJonesing you are promoting “Liquid Gold” and its “I might be old but i ent cold” brand.

    If you come one time on my PantiesbyWeJonesing.wet website (slipped again) and mention that “Liquid Gold” on my blog I, as the site’s blogmaster, may permit you once or so, because that is a civility that I have accorded you.

    But there are unspoken blog manners which must be observed.

    Mariposa has done extremely well to assist Miss Glenda and Miss Jackie but after a while if i notice that the parties click on the links she provides and move away from my site for the link issue, I need to make a decision.

    My Stoopid Cartoons I believe, and I may be wrong, while they are posted on a 3rd party site, attempt to use psychographic warfare (I get that term from Redguard) to bring another perspective to any issue that is about Barbados (for the most part).

    I am sure that if I started advertising de grandson’s Psychographic services or any other type of “advertising”, it would bring a warning from the Honourable Blogmaster.

    BU, irrespective of what we may sometimes call them, (and believe me I does sometimes do my likkle ting when I ready) is about promoting BU’s brand.

    It is the voice of the small man in a country where all of the newsmedia are slaves to the advertising dollar.

    To truly assist Jackie and Glenda, what people like us need to do is to get on to her facebook site and show our support IF ONLY TO VOTE UP A COMMENT. Jackie & Glenda need support in what she is doing…it is a super noble cause which they have embarked on.

    You think that either of them can come back to barbados while Teets and Pain are Honourable MPs?

    They are exiled for life!!

    One more thing Dishonest Bajans, it cost a few bucks to register a domain name. and about US$29 a month to host a conquerable blog.

    Nothing is stopping any of us to do the same thing the Blogmaster is doing or that Senator Caswell Franklyn has done.

    But you see this thing about maintaining your site, when reprobates like Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right and de rest uh wunna nameless viragers come heah to tell de blogmaster how to run he ting, well… i got to draw a line in de sand….

    Whuloss I getting caried away now… people blish to feel it is me site…heheheheheh

    Deep in the Blogmaster’s heart HE IS A TRUE BAJAN, can you even conceive the amount of money that and the and have offered him to “partner” with him or to buy him out?


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