The Marie Stewart Estate – The WILL

The WILL has been the source of fierce discussion regarding the Estate of Marie Stewart. Here it is for review and to inform discussion about a matter the blogmaster takes the opportunity to reiterate needs to be resolved away from the glare of the public. However, precedent has shown oft-times that this will not be the case.

The Will.png


  • Steupsss
    This is a CLEAR CASE of lawyers stealing from what they thought were vulnerable old, simple, victims.
    It happens ALL the time – ranging from simple over charging of fees, to taking the whole hog – where the victims are simple enough to accept excuses like ‘hoarding’ and ‘mental issues’ as viable excuses – as if these have ANYTHING to do with the damn moot.
    The Olivia person only makes it worse.

    The damn indifferent ATTITUDE being displayed speaks volumes about how Bajan lawyers see their RIGHT to rip off vulnerable persons who trust them with their earthly possessions….

    This is in the same vein of…
    … a teacher sexually exploiting adoring students…
    ….Priests bulling adoring little alter boys…
    ….Doctors abusing sick and frightened patients
    ….or police officers taking advantage of crime victims who run to them for help…

    That the ‘person’ (more like a demon) Olivia does NOT ever seek to pursue JUSTICE, or even to address the letter of the LAW – but rather to destroy and demean the ladies claiming to be the VICTIMS of the situation exposes their modus operandi…

    @ David
    CLEARLY … this is but the TIP of the iceberg.
    CLEARLY, the other lawyers in Barbados are FULLY AWARE of what goes on…
    Apart from Enuff (who has completely destroyed his BU reputation on this blog) where do you see – or hear – ANY lawyer coming to take a PRINCIPLED position for the benefit of JUSTICE?

    Clearly there are other victims out there with even more compelling cases of having been robbed… but who are not as brave as these..

    When “ME TOO” offers corroborating information, you are hesitant to pursue the matter.
    Is this not EXACTLY how these lawyers have been able to execute such fraud over the years? The regular press would NEVER touch such issues unless the courts (which the lawyers control – and have destroyed) rule in the victim’s favour….. which is as likely as snow in Bridgetown.

    You may be lucky to have a few examples of outliers in the BU family, but Bushie’s assessment of Bajan lawyers is probably the most accurate general statement that can be made…..
    …and whether you like it or not… BU owes a duty to bring this lot to heel…

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  • Bushman…how ya like this one…it only happened early last year or late the year before but am sure the criminals involved, you know the crooks who gather round Bathsheba to plan their crimes against the majority population….forgot all about it….forgot what they did because both governments on the island were involved and believe no one can do anything to them…but they forgot. despite boasting for months on end about what they did…yeah…the Cattlewash Crooks..

    But wait a minute, I am a little slow this morning, having one of those days, did Jackie not say yesterday that she is creating a UK Blog this week, what was the name again….oh yes…..Jackie Stewart Land Fraud Barbados….good girl..

    Just make sure that Scotland Yard and MI6 are duly notified because the last time a Blog tried to expose the criminals and their house negros in Barbados….the likes of Cow, Bizzy, Peter Harris and a host of local criminals whose names in that letter more than likely ended up as a complaint to FBI….for crashing a website…inside the hide their own crimes against Bajand..

    ….the names on that list believing they were untouchable paid a fly by night small time local hacker, who sent the letter with the names..calling themselves Barbados Anonymous or some such rubbish…to crash the Nakeddeparture website in order to hide their crimes..

    And ask BUs Blogmaster how many challenges he encountered in the last 11 years to secure his website..

    So make sure the policing agencies in UK are duly notified…and can monitor any interference….forgive me am a bit slow this morning, young age…lol

    Enuff yardfowl…..remember that switch I was telling you about yesterday that is right at my fingerstips….well get ready.

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  • Ah just kicked it up a notch.


  • @ Bush Tea,

    Jackie Stewart and her mother can get their legal share of the estate by hiring a UK law firm.

    It will probably cost them $100,000 or more but it will be worth it.

    There are lawyers in Barbados who have good reputations but they work for rich expatriates.


  • The ladies already know that Hants and have put systems in place..


  • There is only one more thing the ladies in UK will have to do, but that is a ways off.


  • Those UK ladies are about to hit the international arena like nothing we have ever seen before and it is all thanks to the perseverance and determination of the daughter Jackie….in her fight to protect her mother from the two legged land thieves and criminals they. got for lawyers in Barbados.

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  • Ah knew that one was going to send the yardfowls AND all the attached demons SCURRYING…that should keep them ALL well occupied and employed for quite a,lol…..murdahhhhhh!!!


  • @ Hants
    Jackie Stewart and her mother can get their legal share of the estate by hiring a UK law firm.
    It will probably cost them $100,000 or more but it will be worth it.
    Will it be worth it….?

    They could probably get their legal share by hiring a couple hit men too … perhaps for less, ..but is THIS the problem that we are trying to solve?
    Should every victim of the legal process in Barbados then hire an outside lawyer to protect their rights – after having been frustrated by crooked locals?

    The SYSTEM needs change.
    People want locking up….
    Crooks need to be exposed..
    Incentives MUST be in place for future lawyers to do the right thing… OR ELSE…
    Shiite must stop….

    It THAT not the issue…?
    Can $100,000 British Law firms accomplish that…?
    ….or will they just be ripping poor Bajans off even more…?

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  • In Bushie’s humble opinion, the ONLY REAL FAILURE here is the BAR Association of Barbados. (assuming that they have received complaints from Jackie et al and not responded professionally and effectively)

    These jokers have the LEGAL responsibility of dealing with such complaints and of ensuring that JUSTICE is done.
    THEY understand the issues better than ANYONE else….
    THEY have access to all the right mechanisms to deal with the complaints…
    THEY have accepted the LEGAL, MORAL and ETHICAL responsibilities to handle such complaints…

    …and they have not done – or said – one shiite…. AS IS THEIR WONT.

    In Bushie’s world, THESE are the brass bowls that need to be pursued by BU… not Pain and Teets.
    There will ALWAYS be scamps in ANY profession…. shiite , we have Maripoka here on BU…
    OUR PROBLEM is that the SYSTEM of dealing with such scamps is BROKEN.

    Who the Hell is the Bar Association anyway……?

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  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    What you said at 9.23 am is precisely the problem

    “…Should every victim of the legal process in Barbados then hire an outside lawyer to protect their rights – after having been frustrated by crooked locals?…”

    Every RH bajan who wants justice has to leave Barbados and run every RH place else to get some non bajan to represent your interests and your rights while these fvckers round heah talking bout every man is expected to do his bajan duty.

    What de really bad curse word?

    You got to beg to get a fvcking court date because a fvcking judge of the same RH court tek your effing case and loss way your files yet one is supposed to be respectful of the fvckers when you see them in public!

    You got people who pretending to be lawyers who call each other and decide how to frustrate you legal matters while their other judges waylay you in court with judgements against the smae plaintiff for the same fvcking matter in another court room!

    Yet them effers here talking bout the process of law and enumerating the steps to take for them to get people asses back in Barbados to bring a lawsuit for libel/slander against your ass.

    Which their own effers going let them win.

    [[Let de ole man tell you whu going happen, Dem going lock up de wrong fvcker and when dem get out dat body gine kill every one of them fvckers watch whu i telling you

    Dis is de Radicalization of Terrorists that will be the end of this game that Teets and pain and all of them effers tink they are isolated from but ammmmm i only write dat to you in square brackets]]

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  • .in her fight to protect her mother from the two legged land thieves and criminals they. got for lawyers AND JUDGES in Barbados’ Supreme Court .

    I have spent the last 6 years giving the Judges a pass because I believed they had some humanity left, but how could they when they too are lawyers, members of the same pit in the Bar Assc of Criminals and part of the Cartel who rip off Estates from the elderly and their Beneficiaries and who ALSO…refuse to close cases for injured Personal Injury Claimants so they can get compensated..

    ….in other words those JUDGES who take bribes from their fellow lawyers/land thieves AND insurance companies like CGI..

    I keep forgetting to add these disgraceful Judges to the list of CRIMINALS, because these thousands of cases in the Supreme Cost could never hang in limbo for decades unresolved, without the negative and criminal input of cruel and heartless Judges…..but that will change.


    Posted on July 10, 2016 by David 119 comments

    corruptionAustria’s highest court annulled their recent presidential election. In delivering the decision the head of the court said:

    “The decision I am announcing today has no winner and no loser, it has only one aim: to strengthen trust in the rule of law and democracy”.

    That quotation set me thinking about this country’s elections that are constitutionally due in less than two years.

    Over time there have been many calls by well-intentioned persons to change the electoral laws to ensure that elections are free and fair. My view is that their focus is too narrow. There are more than adequate laws to ensure that the system of electing the government is fair and transparent.

    The obstacle to achieving fairness and transparency, in this regard, lies in what I describe as a system that is designed to be corrupt. The fact that no one has been prosecuted for corruption so far is testimony to the ingrained honesty of Barbadians or that the system has worked well to cover corruption.

    It might have been unintentional, but the first steps in the process to where we find ourselves came with the passage of the 1974 constitutional amendments. Those amendments gave the Prime Minister the right to recommend the appointment of judges, after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition; and the right to be consulted on the appointments of permanent secretaries and their deputies, and heads of department and their deputies. But, from inception, the right to be consulted has been misinterpreted to mean that the Prime Minister recommends the appointments. In essence, the Public Service Commission has abdicated its role. Persons who have experienced the Public Service prior to 1974 lament the dramatic decline in today’s standards and output and trace the genesis to those amendments.

    It is now widely accepted in the Public Service that an officer does not reach those grades unless he/she has some connection to the party in power or some other relationship to a political operative. A person who obtained an appointment this manner might find his/her impartiality compromised, and be less inclined to be apolitical as the Public Service Act requires.

    While in power both political parties have complained that persons who were appointed by the “other side” have given less than their best when called upon to do so. This might be the reason why persons who were acting in senior posts, when the government changed in 2008, continue to act to this day.

    To my mind, the Government might be using acting appointments to ensure the loyalty and compliance of those officers. A situation like this would lead to an officer giving his Minister the advice he wants rather than the best possible advice. Failing to give the Minister the advice he requires would result in the acting officer being reverted and replaced with someone more amenable to the Minister’s will.

    The corruption in the system ensures that the politician always gets his way on important matters, whether awarding contracts or the appointing staff.

    The political contamination in the electoral system is as bad or worse than the infelicities in the general Public Service. Under our laws, a politician can imprisoned, lose his seat, or disqualified from seeking future political office, if he/she is found to have overspent, bought vote, or filed a false return. The problem with the system is not that there is an absence of laws to regulate the process: it is that there is little or no enforcement.

    Again, this lack of enforcement comes from the fact that politicians are required to select the persons who are required to regulate the same politicians who selected them in the first place. If that is not a recipe for corruption nothing is.

    To strengthen trust in the rule of law and democracy, those well-intentioned persons would be better employed, campaigning against the entrenched corruption that is the Barbadian way.


  • These Bandits want outing and dragged to Heroes Squares for a Public Flogging/Stoning by the victims… white collar crime is crime…….these bandits masquerading as lawyers and ministers can fool some of de people all time but not all de people all all de time. What makes this lady Glenda Stewart’s case so compeling is that she clearly has no interest in the money she just wants to see justice served and she will get it no matter how strong the dark forces will go against her and her daughter, they have nothing to lose !!


  • Right now there are a few acting Judges at the Supreme Court in Cane Garden, one of them it is being said actually closes cases, meaning he does his job, the others I have no feed back on yet..that will change..

    ..but the old embedded Judges and the ones who were appointed by Fruendel in the last 2-3 years …too many do not do enough to close personal injury cases, they lag and drag and do crap, turn their court rooms into playgrounds for their despicable lawyer friends like that fraud Haynes and his law firm not taking into account that these are injured people, some of whom are elderly, some horribly injured …but they just don’t care..

    The criminals for Judges who are actually helping rob the Estates of old people and their beneficiaries…it turns out, apart from the one whose name keeps getting called in the Stewart Estate theft and a fraudulent default judgement …are ALL very well known…….

    .I saw where another Beneficiary who is fighting to get back his Estate stolen by the criminals of the Supreme Court… is suing a Judge


  • Point muh to the illegal land sales. Until that is evidenced, I remain perched on the yard fence. From what I have gathered so far the estate get left for three daughters, and in her role as Executrix, with the attendant rights, Ermine sold the land at Weston for $2.5M. All I have been reading is:unqualified solicitor and illegal sale, both are nonsense. I have been asking and continue to ask if the issue should not be about the proceeds of the sale. Any comment from the Salemites?🤔


  • ya ass gotta stay perched on a yard fence…that is what yardfowls do..

    which part of real lawyers will see to this case don’t you understand

    why don’t you contact the lawyers representing the Plaintiff and ask them…842 comments are not Enuff for you..

    The Beneficiary has an attorney for a reason…engage them, ask her daughter for their number.

    Ah got a new issue dealing with right now, a nice new project..

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  • Enuff yardfowl has been sent to PIMP for information…don’t give him any.

    Don’t feed the troll..


  • As a neutral I’m asking the embedded Piece and waru ,mariposa and enuff et al at what stage is this matter if it is a real legal matter. The Stewarts can answer if they are reading. We are tired of warmed over cold soup. Does Stewart and her mother have an arguable case against Pain and Teets? A law suit they can engage a reputable lawyer (have to go offshore to find one) to argue in a court that Pain and Teets did them wrong.

    A case where Pain and Teets if not in cuffs going up the court steps are escorted by police like Charles Herbert and the ganja boat crew. Too much long talk. Put up or shut up take Pain and Teets to court and end the verbal diarrhea or let them go their merry way. If they are the scallywags that most posters posit they will fcuk up again. Night runs until day catches it. Every grannie slow cooking fish broth knows that.


  • Donks
    Don’t ask me, right person! Ask the Salemites.🖐🏾


  • Lmao, the fact that you are accusing me of being sent for information is another fine example of you being WRONG and STRONG. Carry on!


  • Donks…I can’t answer…the Stewarts have a lawyer for a reason..all questions should be directed to the Stewarts and their lawyers.

    Or to Enuff yardfowl after he has contacted their lawyer…he is the one want to know to run carry news to see what can be derailed, what false and forged back dated documents can be used…, I don’t need to know a thing..


  • I see the problem, and that is… the will should never be in the hands of the lawyer. It should be in the hands of the children. People need to stop putting legal formal documents in lawyers hands, give them a copy, not the original. Thats the mistake that was made.

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  • @Bush Tea

    What is the corroborating evidence? Give the blogmaster credit.


  • Sorry Boss..
    Did not realise that you were the judge and jury…
    Bushie thought that the ACCUSED public servants were the ones to set the record straight.
    However…if the accusations are petty, personal, spiteful or vindictive – then that is another matter….

    A public officer who acts professionally and ethically CAN ONLY come out looking better and stronger when accused wrongfully of doing shiite…. if they understand the POWER of the new media…
    The ONLY persons who have anything to fear therefore are those who have hidden agendas and skeletons in closets …

    The TRUTH DOES set you free…
    UNLESS of course your donkey DESERVES to be locked up for doing shiite….
    …in which case the truth will set society free …of that particular crook.
    a win – win situation.

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  • Donks it is a real legal matter
    There are documents flying left and right to prove that this issue has been touch by barbados legal system
    Unfortunately there is also enough evidence which flies in the face of justice truthfulness and barbados law
    The mother and daughter have used social media to bring to attention to those who would listen a need for the purgging of barbados legal who in their rightful opinion states without fear of reprisal that George Payne used illegal formulas or methods with the help of the legal system to execute documentation dealing with an estate of which they ate named benificiares without their having any knowledge and as beneficiaries to the estate they had every perceivable right of knowing


  • @Bush Tea

    Read the submission from the gentleman very carefully, it was riddled with inconsistencies. He will be published elsewhere for sure.


  • In my humble opinion one of the most crtical pieces of evidence in this on going saga are the videos which clearly shows the state of mind of the old lady
    Even if the pictures does not reflect a time period the huge amount of piles of garbage would be sufficient in themselves to placed a number and a specific period time for the piles of garbage to acumulate
    Any one of sound mind after seeing the videos of the garbage would have to rationalise the old lady was living under those conditions for years
    The sad part also which can be added would be those who had acesss to the lady on and ongoing basis fell down on their job in many ways which lead to her negligence
    I must also asked of them how many years it was before a family member went to see her and when was the last visit prior before intervention and after intervention


  • So many should go to prison, from the Judge, the lawyers, the slimy PAIN & TEETS…the whole lot of them…. take time Barney..


  • Ok Boss…
    Bushie gives you the benefit of any doubt …based on your high quality judgement so far…

    There is a fine line between going too far (like is nakedly obvious elsewhere – and perhaps being dismissed as a gossip rag) …and not going AT ALL – and becoming part of the problem – like the Nation / Advocate.

    No one can question your hitherto near perfect balance….

    LOL Bushie has just about had it with these lawyers though…. and many ‘victims’ may not be media savvy enough to put their story together coherently on their own…
    That does not take away their right to be heard… But again, you have a track record of getting it right…


  • @draindeswamp September 17, 2018 7:18 AM “And my Grandmudda used to say Day duz run til nite ketch it!”

    CORRECTION: Night does run tll day catch it. That is, evil deeds done under the cover of darkness, will eventually have the brightness f the sun shine upon them.

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  • @Bush Tea

    You see the Bar Association is bringing a motion to protect their association? The biggest irony is that the very law they swear to upload could be the great leveler to the profession.



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  • Is this about the ruling that lawyers need NOT join the Association…?
    If so, we need a blog on that issue – because that was another example of an asinine judgement by our high court.

    The only thing worse than an ineffective Bar association like we now have – is a country full of loose lawyers with no professional constraints, no body of ethical control, and with the power that they all have to bog the whole system down – while carrying out daylight robbery. on the old and vulnerable..
    At least now we can put the spotlight on the association and its shitty disciplinary committee and (if we were smart) FIX THAT…..

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  • It is no point expecting English lawyers to miraculously solve the problems because like our own, many are also linked to the money laundering/tax evasion schemes of their clients.

    Here is how the J5 is trying to tackle the issue.

    “Purpose of the Alliance
    According to HMRC, the new alliance will help to build on work that has obtained more than £2.8 billion from offshore tax evaders since 2010.
    The J5 was formed in response to a call to action from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for countries to do more to tackle the enablers of tax crime. All five countries have similar threats: organized crime groups and wealthy offshore tax evaders who are well resourced and have access to professional enablers to hide income and assets using the global financial system.
    According to IRS Criminal Investigation division chief Don Fort, the J5 will have three areas of focus:
    professional enablers;
    cybercrimes and cryptocurrencies; and
    increased use of data analytics and new investigation technology.”

    The professional enablers are the lawyers, accountants and others who enable their clients to break the law … globally.

    It is a global issue, we just see the shit that happens here.

    Remember, one of the names mentioned in the Panama Papers is …. The Queen of England!!


  • This thing is bigger than Barbados.

    The standard brainwashing of people by politicians into thinking everything is a black and white issue needs to be left behind.

    Otherwise, you will be left behind!!

    Green is the only colour and has been always the only colour.


  • @ David BU

    @Bush Tea

    Read the submission from the gentleman very carefully, it was riddled with inconsistencies. He will be published elsewhere for sure.

    Blogmaster @ David is your comment relating to the Information and Documents sent on Saturday via Email since I have not received any response directly from you in an Email for any feedback or follow-up?

    Second question If it is what are the inconsistencies in what was submitted that you are mentioning in regards to your above comment to @ Bush Tea?

    I have nothing to hide and clearly identified myself and events, with Documentation.


  • Here is an example of how the land scams work but on a larger scale.

    It has been going on for decades.

    This example also affected “Holder’s Land”

    In the overall scheme of things, GWP etc are really only two bit hoods!!


  • @Olivia

    Any idea when you will be able to send the Wills promised?


  • John… I was shocked all this info was available in cyberspace about ALL of them and their land fraud, estates theft and insurance fraud against injured people using the Supreme Court from as far back as 2006, all their names including Simmons and Harris and what they have ALL done to the Court, Bajans and Barbados are preserved for the ages.


  • Owen was another curse and blight in the lives of taxpayers and the population as a whole…what he did was criminal and they all over the decades refusing to legislate laws to control and rein in themselves from greed and corruption they are so willing to practice,… does not make any of it any less criminal…

    ..they are ALL deplorables, sell out house negros to their own people and should all be in prison..


  • Enuff yardfowl, sitting on his fence..where is your sidekick Olivia, she is not posting anymore documents, did she run out of


  • Olivia maybe took another look at the Wills and saw smoke coming from the fring edges
    I hope these two wills have the date times of when first or orginally documented also when registered


  • These people are FRAUDS through and through, especially Enuff yardfowl who was egging Olivia on, knowing she was lying her ass off.


  • Just came across this info on the theft of the Violet Beckles Estatee by the lowlife thieves and frauds in Barbados..stealing from old people, yall criminals


  • 🙂 ya ass gotta stay perched on a yard fence…that is what yardfowls do.. 🙂

    Enuff has often claimed he is not a yardfowl. I believe him….

    Enuff: resident paling cock

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  • Olivia gone in hiding after making a promise to David she did not keep
    Olivia wuh happen to the 2nd Will




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