The Estate of Marie Stewart – Chronologized Invoice

The following invoice is meant to shed light on the settling of the Estate of Marie Stewart as requested by the BU family.

Based on what has been made public so far is it true to conclude that the land being disputed represents part of the estate therefore it is not accurate to state it is the property of any of beneficiaries in the Will? This is the part of the dispute the blogmaster is struggling to understand.



  • PIECEUNDERTHEROCK .Istand by my comments the blog master is biased he is making out the Stewarts are at fault and need to jump the hoops.Itis in fact the noose to go round the necks of those criminals this is systemic in Barbados.


  • Olivia Wellington

    For the sake of clarity, I will make the following points:

    Said land at Weston was never bequeathed to Glenda Harewood. It had been promised and even I had heard that it would go to her, however the gift is not explicit in the last Will and Testament of her mother.
    Glenda Harewood is not a Holder. The only Holder in this equation was the Late Ermine Atwell and that might be a motivating factor as to Ms. Atwell’s actions.
    Ms. Harewood admitted in an affidavit that she met with the Estate’s lawyer post the death of her mother and she was told that Ermine Atwell was the sole executrix. At the time of Marie Stewart’s death, mother and daughter were estranged.
    It was Ms. Harewood’s responsibility to either follow-up with her sister and get briefings as to the status of probate and debt-service if she was not getting reports. Ermine acted in her rightful capacity as executrix.
    Over the years various family members reached out and urged her to come to Barbados and take care f her affairs. She refused to do so while she was still married to her Late husband.

    On September 6, 2016, she finally showed up and went to the family home that was solely occupied by her sister. At that point her sister informed her that she had sold the land.

    The video’s of Ms. Atwell’s living conditions were not taken post mortem. Those videos were taken in early 2017 when family members became suspicious and went into the home. How could you visit your sister at your family home and not be aware of the environment.

    Glenda Harewood has 4 children and two are currently estranged because Jackie is a manipulative daughter who advises her mother to her mother’s detriment and whose motives in this affair are suspect.

    Ms. Harewwod need a law guardian who can get her sound legal counsel so that she can rightly inherit what is hers instead of chasing after what is gone.


  • WARU aka Abigail

    Why you don’t hush your mouth. The same way you were wrong about Roleric Hinds being the MP for St.Thomas, you are wrong about Payne and his qualification. No wonder Hal gine ban you from Google when he becomes PM. Murdaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


  • When an executor or executrix dies leaving the estate for which he or she is responsible not fully administered an application is made to the Court fo a Grant of Administration cum Testamentary annexo de bonis non.


    Has anyone applied for the post?

    Whoever does is responsible to the beneficiaries!!

    How many beneficiaries are there?


  • lol..Ha, Ha, ran and left yall..ya ain’t see…he ain’t want nothing to do with this one..he knows only to well the crap that can happen when things go sideways…

    Yall still talking about qualifications…that is just amusement ..the real story ARE those forged documents yall keep posting TO THE BLOG which is good evidence….,

    fraudulent invoices,

    theft of Estate since the TESTATOR fired lying Payne in 2006..12 year ago for stealing her land..

    …him waiting for her to die to weasel his nasty self back in to still steal the estate….that is the REAL STORY…

    ..him duping the Executrix because she was like you, a blind yardfowl …ah hope ya got land and property and they all know about it….LOL

    ..and ripping off the estate, leaving the executrix to die in filth,

    …making her sign bogus documents claiming to be her legal representative to steal the estate from the beneficiary..

    …but the Beneficiary refused to die…

    So tell many tiefing lawyers are hoping to get a cut from that stolen Estate…outside of the judge, Payne, Marshall and Gollop..

    the qualifications talk is pure amusement for me but the tiefing of the estate is the real CRIME…can’t get gotta that one and Marshall does not look happy…

    Things did not go like yall planned did it..good..THIEVES.


  • This Olivia is a land thief too…hoping to get a cut from a stolen estate…hopefully her ass ends up in a court of law..


  • Oliva Wellington all that you have said above dies nit excuse Paynes suspicious actions along with family members to exclude the sister as a benificiary in any decisions to be taken about the estate
    Also it is apparant that the sister and daughter were not avoiding or not concern about Ermine well being as introduce by the various documents which they have presented as evidence to show interactions throughout the years between the Ermine and the sister and the daughter
    These presentations bodes well to believe that the sister could have been contacted and consulted on the affairs of the estate if Payne or other family wanted to do so.


  • @ Anon

    While you are obviously involved in legal practice, George Payne has stated that he Qualified as a SOLICTOR in England in 1974.

    George Payne then used that same information in a 1974/1975 Application to the Barbados Bar Association and George Payne was granted licence to practice Law in Barbados as an Attorney/Lawyer.

    Seems to me the Barbados Bar Association in 1974/1975 did not do proper due diligence to ascertain from the Relevant Legal Qualifying Agency in England if George Payne was properly qualified at the time of acceptance in England

    A check by the Stewarts in 2018 with the Relevant Qualifying Legal Agency in England it was discovered that George Payne was not Qualified in 1974 as he claimed.

    The England Revelant Qualifying Legal Agency in 2018 of this year wrote to the Barbados Bar Association IN AN OFFICIAL LETTER and highlighted that George Payne was not a qualifying Solictor in England in 1974.

    The Barbados Bar Association removed from their Website this information ONLY after they receive this official correspondence.

    They have not disbarred George Payne current Minister of Land and Housing.

    The fact that the Barbados Bar Association removed George Payne having qualified in England 1974 from their Website what does it say to Joe Public?


    .In any other DEVELOPED Country George Payne would br DISBARRED and CHARGED WITH FRAUD.

    Straight Talk no emotional bullshit


  • Really?

    Why did you not prosecute Michael Carrington with the same vigour for withholding 200 grand from an old man? The High Court of Barbados had to order him to habd over the money? And you had no problem with it?


  • Conveyance !Corruption!and deception


  • Straight Talk,

    Spot on. I have said before Barbadians like the myths that fuel scandal, rather than the facts. It is easy for the Bar Association, the attorney general, the police and the prime minister to ascertain if anyone purporting to be an England-qualified solicitor is in fact so. That they do not must therefore be considered rather suspicious.
    There has been similar rumours around the late Fred Gollop, and one wonders how many more. Even more, the propaganda sheets that pass as newspapers seem incapable of even making telephone call or emailing the appropriate authorities in the UK to verify these claims. It is a cultural thing.
    Barbados is a failed state.


  • So Enuff..while yall here trying to distract us with Ms. Stewart and her mother’s business which they are quite capable of taking care of…now that they know what is possible and can ignore the skunks…like yaself……whatever happened to the Integrity Committee Meeting today starring DALE MARSHALLL…LOL…we have not heard a peep, I will check the newspapers but ya would think you and the other skunks would have posted something…to BU instead of posting all those forged documents that are now in the Beneficiary’s possession…as!!!!

    wuh ya tink we forget …


  • Home sweet home.


  • @Anon

    A challenge with debating an issue like this one in the court of public opinion is that many of the comments will be uninformed. It is why the blogmaster try to upload available documents to inform those who are genuinely interested in pursuing truth.

    Regarding the comment posted how GWP qualified in the UK, you will have to point to the blog the comment was posted to assist with retrieval.


  • “The Barbados Bar Association removed from their Website this information ONLY after they receive this official correspondence.

    They have not disbarred George Payne current Minister of Land and Housing.

    The fact that the Barbados Bar Association removed George Payne having qualified in England 1974 from their Website what does it say to Joe Public?”

    It means Payne never qualified in UK..the onus is on the Bar Association to disbar Payne for fraud..

    .the UK’s Solicitor ACT 1974 PROVES Payne lied abut being a qualified solicitor…I kept repeating this, could not be true because of the timeline..

    .I don’t know what more they is a laundry list of crimes his office has committed from the day he lied and said he was a the day he waited for the TESTATRIX to die knowing that she FIRED HIM FOR STEALING HER LAND in 2006 and he still proceeded to use fraud and theft to steal the same ESTATE…for 10 long years..

    In a progressive country he would have already been arrested and so too ALL his co-conspiraors..for these vicious crimes…but it is a banana republic with a government infested with land thieves..


  • Hey blogmaster. After Carrington was confronted and shamed in the court of public opinion he paid Nr. Griffith
    Unlike Payne who sends his foot soldiers on BU to do damage control instead of Payne standing up like a “real”man and face the music.


  • Oh shite….Enuff..ya buddy Vivek cleaning house…ya can get a little pick now..

    “Reports reaching THE NATION are that Barbados Today Inc. and Editor-In-Chief Kaymar Jordan have parted ways.

    Sources revealed that company chairman, Peter Harris, met with staff minutes ago to reveal Jordan’s contract was not renewed as the company was going in a new direction.”


  • David

    Where the WARUs etc come from? Are they really that lost or stoking an agenda? How do you repeatedly talk foolishness? Wasn’t George Payne articling with a law firm in Barbados prior to being accepted to the Bar?


  • Didn’t we predict that Kaymar would have run herself in trouble? Harris probably had a peek at the bottomline and was not amused.

    You are too easily distracted.


  • @ Olivia Wellington

    It is clear you are a DECOY sent on BU, you may be even George Payne himself.

    Your Agenda is to discredit the Stewarts with your negative comments.

    That is how Bajans roll when they have no where to run and try to make the other party guilty in the eyes of others to hide their underhand dealings and lies.

    @ David BU

    There is an OFFICIAL LETTER sent by the Legal Qualifying Agency in England to the Barbados Bar Association ref George Payne.

    It is on Social Media, and I am sure Jackie Stewart would oblige by sending you a copy if you need to see visual evidence.


  • I want Enuff to tell me what happened to today’s Integrity Committee Meeting chaired by and starring Marshall…he won’t answer me at all…only talking a lot of rubbish…I don’t see anything about the meeting anywhere, that is how I came across Kaymar’s exit…what happened to the meeting Enuff..

    Here how it will go moving forward, the Beneficiary’s daughter knows what she has to do to protect her mother from the LAND THIEVES in Barbados…whatever route she takes going forward..ya can guarantee she will get good advice, but THIS is what the land thieves and their yardfowls are not going to like…the videos will keep coming indefinitely and they will all continue to be exposed..she was advised to keep the exposure up..from UK…

    If they knew how REAL law operated, they will know what will happen next..I don’t have to tell them, they claim to know everything, but it will be interesting fo us all to watch..


  • Enuff puzzles me..
    Enuff, you got a likkle pick with GP or Dale M.
    You a lawyer?


  • Ah! The life of the caged fowl…


  • WARU

    Wasn’t today about the IMF? Remember them, the IMF that many here on BU were bumping their gums saying would not lend the B’dos government a cent, not after giving public servants a raise and removing UWI fees?


  • Olivia Wellington boots you seem to be walking in with a lot of shit on .them I suggest you take them off.You obviously have an agenda and to stoop as low as you are seem to have a vendetta on these are a single voice that will never make this wrong right.Are you even a woman I have to wonder.You definetly are no lady.i salute the Stewarts for fighting for justice.


  • Good one, lol

    It don’t get better than that..

    What we have learned from this exercise into Estate thievery is…when the lawyer/thief is FIRED by their clients for stealing their properties…they wait patiently for them to DIE because the attorney already has ALL the information they need about the estate..

    ….after their former client passes takes 10 years for the theft of an Estate to be completed..although in this case it is very CLEAR that there is plot of land left one that PAIN was planning to tief and keep for himself…the plot up Orange Hill..


  • I tried to say that Payne was articling with a Solicitors firm back in the day but some peoples’ minds are made up. When Payne was articling CA Rocheford was Registrar of the SC, there are a few names that pop up now and then in the media who were articling at the same time e.g.( I believe Volney who was recently in the news a la Dominica was also articling) Payne was at a small firm, not Yearwood & Boyce; Carrington & Sealy or Cottle Catford.

    Yuh know who else worked at the Registry in those days? Anderson “Peanuts” Morrison who later knocked off Bree St. John was attached to the Registrar’s Office as a Civil Servant.


  • @Sargeant

    The blogmaster need you to login to BU at 8:30 PM EST for another document dump.


  • @ Hal

    I will share with you the FACTS thai I am both Educated and Qualified at the highest level with International Certification Bodies.

    So i know only too well how Certifications work.

    I will give you two examples of how false Qualifications work on CVs/Resumes and how two people were discovered and fired, one a Bajan and the other an American both in the USA in the last several years.

    The first is a Bajan woman who was hired to work at a College in the US.

    She started in a junior position and within a year was promoted to a top post earning over US$100,000 annually.

    The other staff at the US College got suspicious and an investigation was conducted, it was found out she was sleeping with the main Director who had promoted her, and secondly her Resume had on fraudently that she had a Degree she had not achieved.

    She was fired from the US College and the story appeared on Social Media and local media in Barbados.

    In 2018 a Former Top Aide for President Trump in the US after working less than a year in the White House was discovered to have lied on his Resume with his College Degree Qualifications which he had not achieved.

    This was only discovered because he had to go through Top Security Clearance where he was vetted by the FBI.

    He was fired from the White House.

    In Barbados once you have connections people like George Payne and Gollop will continue as it is a real Old Boy Network on the Island.

    I have operated also at the highest levels on the Island of Barbados and I am privy to a lot of the crooked underhand things going on.


  • Hal instead of joining Straight Talk with his obvious agenda you can very easily ascertain the facts by visiting the Supreme Court and inspecting the records. You will find that the qualifying examinations were set by England and Wales examing body and were the same as those set for candidates in England and Wales. You are a journalist aren’t you?


  • So Enuff….yall knew the IMF was coming for the last 3 months…and yall set the date of the Integrity Committee meeting the very same day as the IMF meeting…so yall don’t know how to be flexible…the meeting a la integrity committee should have been set 2 weeks before or 2 weeks AFTER the IMF meet..for Marshall to catch his wits, he looked sick today….the things you do tend to follow you..

    Don’t forget to reschedule the integrity committee meeting everyone is watching and waiting, do it …soon..


  • Leave Hal alone. He does not have to sing to anyone tune
    Trying to explain the decitful nature of George Payne does anyone no good whether he is or not qualified does not excuse or void his despicable behaviour to illegally used undermine actions to exempt the surviving sister
    Worse of all if he is qualified under barbados law he failed to act ethically and justifiably on behalf of the surviving sister an act by law and a right to have his licensed revoked or suspended
    So all you George Payne acolytes stay put and dont allow self to be caught up in a tidal wave of scandal which Payne brought upon himself and which only he can address or defend


  • Anon,

    Are you saying the Law Society of England and Wales has got it wrong about who is and is not qualified? By the way, I am a pensioner. @Straight Talk, I know about bogus qualifications. At Financial Times Group if I was offering a job to anyone I always insisted on inspecting the originals of their certificates.
    This used to cause confusion with the HR department who would try to pressure me not to do it. One more than one occasion people were found ‘improving’. The reason why I did this was because I was (and am) keen on people who study different disciplines, rather than a PhD in the same subject, unless they intend to be an academic.
    One young person was offered a job on the basis that s/he had two degrees. Then s/he applied for promotion (and CVs must be re-presented) and her/his new CV did not mention the two degrees. It is a criminal offence in the UK to obtain a job by falsifying your CV.


  • Olivia Wellington

    All the points that I raised are exactly the same that any lawyer will bring up. Jackie would not last 10 minutes on the stand. If you have a cause, you need to be honest and above reproach. Your story is full of holes and cannot stand up to scrutiny.


  • Oliva Oliva stay off the blog you are sounding like a blasted fool


  • “All the points that I raised are exactly the same that any lawyer will bring up. ”

    What kind of lawyer would that be, a fraud claiming to be a solicitor when the regulatory body, at least the UK has one…says it is a lie.he is not qualified….

    Or the thieving lawyers in Barbados??


  • @ Enuff

    Where the WARUs etc come from? Are they really that lost or stoking an agenda? How do you repeatedly talk foolishness? Wasn’t George Payne articling with a law firm in Barbados prior to being accepted to the Bar?

    Then that makes the law firm George Payne formerly articled at, and the Barbados Bar Association complicit in their failure in the 1970’s to discovery the major discrepancy in George Payne’s England Legal Qualification.

    @ Sargeant

    Payne was at a small firm, not Yearwood & Boyce; Carrington & Sealy or Cottle Catford.

    Maybe you can find out the name of the Law firm in Barbados that George Payne did his articling in the 1970’s when he applied to the Barbados Bar Association. This Law firm has obviously failed the Island of Barbados in its due diligence of George Payne England Qualification and easily COULD have many more ‘Lawyers’ practicing on the Island who are questionable that came through its doors with no proper due diligence as in this case.

    @ Anon

    My Agenda is the %100 truth.

    Unlike George Walton Payne & Co I do not have direct access to the Stewarts family estate to defraud or steal from them.


  • Well the PAIN brigade must be feeling truly deflated…they can’t catch a break…looking stupid, fraudulent, tiefing…and exposed worldwide…how much lower can they go…oh I know, they will at some point in time be buried…just like all the dead people, elderly sick and dying people…they made suffer, then stole they Estates…..

    Karma is real ya hear…ask Donville, all yall are friends..


  • “Mr. George Walton Payne Q.C.

    Year Admitted To Bar: 1975”

    All the lies the fraud had attached to his name were taken down, but the Bar Association is still complicit in the fraud against bajans…still allowing a land thief loose on unsuspecting people both in Barbados and abroad..


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Straight Talk

    Keep shooting from the hip, de granson going do a likkle ting for you soon

    @ Negroman

    Here are two Stoopid Cartoons that are credited to your comments earlier about Mia having to fire Pain and Teets IF SHE IS NOT A LIAR and is true to her so called covenant of hope.


    this link is pure crime, many need to be in jail for this coverup and lies that look good on the net, Pure History Fraud upon a Nation, Mia needs to be jailed, the COP and DPP do not do their jobs now the top crook is PM with her full staff of crooks,


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