The Grenville Phillips Column – Choking on Spillage

While you were distracted, our politicians voted themselves a 5% salary increase at a time when they are pondering how many public workers to send home. The senate rubber-stamped the bill as expected. The additional annual salary of $7,500 for Ministers to purchase their breakfast suggests that the journey of suffering for most Barbadians will be very long indeed.

That is not a criticism of the current administration. Rather, it is an explanation of the game that we are all forced to play. There are those of us who have witnessed the behaviour of our politicians over many election cycles, so we have seen this game being played several times before. For the uninitiated, let me describe the plot.

The DLP gets in, increases their salaries, claims that there are too many public workers, sends home thousands of BLP supporters and hires thousands of DLP supporters who appear to do very little. Meanwhile, the BLP accuses the DLP of victimization, and being grossly corrupt and incompetent.

Then the BLP gets in, increases their salaries, claims that there are too many public workers, sends home thousands of DLP supporters and hires thousands of BLP supporters who appear to do very little. Meanwhile, the DLP accuses the BLP of victimization, and being grossly corrupt and incompetent.

We are currently in the cycle where the BLP is in Government, so we can expect thousands of DLP supporters to be sent home, and be replaced with BLP supporters later on. We can also expect the DLP to accuse the BLP of only sending home DLP supporters.

While politicians increase their salaries, the Central Bank normally admonishes workers to be reasonable, responsible and realistic in their wage negotiations. They are told that they could put the national economy in jeopardy. Meanwhile, our politicians continue to eat our breakfast and hire more of their supporters at our expense.

The great tragedy in all of this is that those who have seen this game being played multiple times know what is to come, but they cannot escape the nightmare. The BLP/DLP have a prime directive to protect each-other from scrutiny, keep each-other well-fed, and keep voters divided and ignorant.

Those who are older may have deciphered the game and its inevitable outcome, but believe that they are powerless to change it. Why? Because they know that skilled political operatives have an easy task convincing a new set of gullible voters to happily vote against their and their neighbours’ self-interests, so that the politicians whom they worship can continue to feed at the trough.

We had a chance to escape this reoccurring nightmare a few months ago. Many good people offered themselves as competent alternatives, and I watched in dismay as political operatives, pretending to be non-partisan, tried to destroy others’ stellar professional reputations. Why? For the sole purpose of desperately trying to secure their places near the trough, and enjoy spillage as politicians feed.

Political operatives did their best to convince the electorate that this time it would be different. On reflection, I think that they may be correct. This time, they have crossed too many boundaries of decency in their quest for spillage for there not to be consequences.

For those of us who understand this tragic game of which there seems to be no escape, the concluding sentence of George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm, may finally dawn true. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

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  1. Greenville, this article you’ve hit the nail on the head, no mention of ISO9001, however Wily detects a slight tone of sour grapes, buckup, eventually sanity will prevail and victory will be soooo sweet.

  2. Can’t disagree with you my friend.

    But note,the political operatives who pretended to be non partisan so as to usher in this new gov’t and as a result get a piece of the fatted calf – are still in operation.

    Their wuk not over my good man.Bare manipulation got to go on now the IMF ready to place the injection in the boxy.

    They have to convince gullible people that up is down and north is south and its all the DLP fault.

    Everything whether true or false.

  3. Is there any reason why the law couldn’t be amended to remove members of parliament from the law that sees them getting an increase as a result of hike to public officers?

    It is about optics man!

  4. Grenville,

    Why do you complain? You live within the realm of a big plantation, also called mental asylum Bim.

    Economic politics do not follow any logic here. It is a non-developing country despite many millions to educate the inhabitants. Do not forget that important fact.

    And by the way. The numbers of the webpage GIS-Creditors are by far too optimistic. As all budgets in the past. No foreign creditor believes in these numbers.

    There is no way out. Devaluation is coming. Remember Jamaica. Remember Guyana. 40 years of misery on these islands. 30 more years of misery to come for Barbados.

  5. If 5,000 public servants go: Barbados will mutate into a zombie-like society and will face multiple IMF programmes for the next decades.

    If 10,000 public servants go: Limited future prospect.

    If 15,000 public servants go: The economy will recover.

    We all know that Barbados is heading for the first solution.

    • What you talking about here? Does the government know how many are employed by the public service? How many from within which of the pay scales have to go to make a material impact on a retrenchment exercise? Sending home workers cannot justbe about meeting a numbers threshold, there are productivity benchmarks to manage.

  6. Theo, David,

    I am talking about a REALISTIC solution, a grand plan for the next TEN years. It´s no ISO, but what is done in many other countries. Call it BIM-VISION 2030.

    Every year the Barbados civil service plus the subsidized gov corps will be reduced by the numer of 1,500 persons. 1,500 per year is not much. Call it “policy of small steps”

    – early retirement
    – grants for self-employment
    – grants for emigration
    – privatization of useful gov corps where there is a functioning market; so items like education, sanitation, health and water shall stay in gov´s hand
    – closing of useless gov corps

    Besides in the public sector:
    – abolition of all allowances
    – abolition of the Senate of Barbados
    – reduction of the number of ministries, embassies, missions

    Besides for the whole island:
    – deregulation of private economy
    – electronic government with 3-day-guarantee to set up a new company
    – more innovate statutes on offshore financing
    – abolition of taxes and customs for every solution of green energy, eg solar panels and electric cars

    Benchmarking: Invite consultants from and look at: Estonia, Iceland, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland and – of course – the three African countries with the highest growth of GDP and best governance.

    • The point is that improving the public service will not be achieved by cuts in numbers alone. A transformational exercise will be integral to the process. It is about designing the appropriate IT architecture, building linkages with the private sector, creating, enforcement and following governance HR best practices, etc etc etc

  7. However, we all know that none of the recommendations above will be implemented. And the madness is going on … 🙁

  8. @ Grenville II

    Do the ole man a favour please.

    You have repeated the same thing that the BU commentors have been saying for years here under the title of the DBLP duopoly.

    So there is nothing new in that pronouncement.

    You see how Tron at 10.32 pm on August 17? (hmmmmm it means the Whonix? platform needs a time synchronization update) you see how he enumerated specific actions under his BIM VISION 2030 de ole man would love it if you could take one category that he does not have there and provide us a concrete path for such

    It is what Senator Crystal Franklyn called the concomitant arm of development that the BLP government MUST UNDERTAKE

    I want you to give me a specific instance of INNOVATION from its start to finish just to show me that you have an idea about what is needed to recalibrate the BIM clock.

  9. Exactly. Cuts only following the policy of the small steps, but targeting a large number after ten years.

    Supplemented by e-government (study e-Estonia), better training for the remaining civil servants, incentives for higher output like monetary rewards.

    However, David, as you know, nothing or little was implemented so far. The general rule is that small countries have better governance like big countries. Not so far in Barbados!

  10. @David

    “It is about designing the appropriate IT architecture, building linkages with the private sector, creating, enforcement and following governance HR best practices, etc etc etc”

    Too LATE. Relying on IT is one of GOB BIGGEST MISTAKES, IT is merely a TOOL to be managed and used effectively. Remember GOB can’t run a low tech sewage system, much less a sophisticated IT SYSTEM. Private Sector will have NOTHING to do with the GOB unless palms get greased as in the past, private sector is not stupid to throw what little non devaluated $’s they have at whimsical GOB schemes. You are onto something with Enforcement & Governance, however this quality is soulfully missing in Bajan political psyche. HR, what can you say about HR, union dominated, limers, lackeys, bloated etc etc etc.

  11. Amm raising my hands i have a complaint.need to see an article on this topic
    Remember the hue and cry
    Poor Clico investors some old and might never see a penny. Truth be told it happened today
    Not one penny more
    Default button stop refunds dead in its tracks
    Well look what is happening ministers belly full
    Clico insurers just got kick in the guts

  12. 5% increase already ! !

    Looka muh crosses!! was expected but not so soon. The timing is off, but when you hit the ground
    running there will always be collateral damage to whatever or whoever is in your path; that is common sense.
    Understand that our government is a “tekkin turns reality”.

    Our History shows that a change makes little or no difference, it is business as usual “Two fuh wunna, three fuh we”.
    Undoubtedly most, if not all politicians are in the ER Group; biggER. fastER, bettER – for self.
    It has always been half a dozen of one six of the other. Meanwhile, the party supporters continue to throw up their sweaty night caps while lauding and blindly defending members of the Party to which they pledged allegiance. No such pledge has been made to the Nation.

    Another alternative is surely needed, there is room for healthy knowledgeable competition, but let it be one which will put Barbados FIRST! A verb party – one that works for the benefit of us all. Yes, we too must all do our part.

    The time has come to look beyond solely academics and personal connections – to look beyond,egotistical and arrogant persons, beyond materialism, greed, ignorance and photo ops, talking about things of which one has no knowledge, letting the people in the Ministries who are in the know do some of the talking. The time has come for those who are fortunate enough to be employed to do their work and do it well in a timely manner. The time has come for All shades of Bajans to step up to the wicket and do their best with a collaborative approach. The time has come to forget and avoid the ” my turn now/me too” syndrome. The list goes on.

    During the past campaigning efforts, I met only one candidate in St. Phillip. I was far from impressed-his approach, presentation and dress left much to be desired. He could not even tell me his party’s objectives why he was running or what areas within the constituency needed to be put right.
    Maybe people who think of putting themselves in the political arena should undergo serious training. They should be exposed for some years to not only the the workings of government and governance,but also how to communicate effectively and interface with people. Add to all that an understanding of their responsibility to the constituents and country while striving to steer the good ship Barbados on a steady course with laudable objectives in view.

    Hi, let us hope that words of wisdom from the many caring people are heard by our Government and action taken.

    Anyone knows how the various taxes to be collected at different points will reach the Government? Are there people in place to see that the money collected is not kept by those providing the service or commodity? What about National Insurance? What happens to deductions that are not paid in? Are they inspectors who visit business places to instruct employers about the procedure to be followed and ensure that the deductions are paid in? Is there training for employers?

    A delightful weekend to the BU family.

  13. @ Peggy A Greene

    Like you I have also suggested that “… people who think of putting themselves in the political arena should undergo serious training.

    They should be exposed for some years to not only the the workings of government and governance,but also how to communicate effectively and interface with people.

    Add to all that an understanding of their responsibility to the constituents and country while striving to steer the good ship Barbados on a steady course with laudable objectives in view…”

    I also added that they must have projects i their portfolio insofar as managing a proactive outreach to citizenry

  14. Peggy Greene
    If you were engaged as you ought to be, the candidate should only have to tell his vision/objectives for his constituency. Too many of us pretend to be woke, but fast asleep.

  15. Public servants should realize that the GoB with a 29-1 majority has two options
    one – reduce public service employees by the desired percentage or
    two – reduce public service compensation, including MPs, by the desired percentage.

    A reduction in public service employees would be more for the benefit of those public service employees that would retain their jobs along with a pay increase and not for Barbados. A reduction in pay across the Board would be more appropriate for Barbados.

    • @Guest

      Do Barbadians have the ‘maturity’ to agree to a paycut across the board for the good of country? Do ordinary citizens trust any government to be discipline in managing the affairs of country that it will be pain worth taking?

  16. Did the union realizing the 29-1 or 30-0 result even attempt to negotiate a reasonable alternative to a reduction in the service. Or were the negotiations concluded before the election results.

    • It is the unsubstantiated opinion of the blogmaster that the union leadership collapsed under the weight of government’s ‘draconian’ plan to go to the IMF supported by the dark state of government’s finances.

  17. @David

    so the unions were blindsided by the state of the economy 5 days after an election wherein the BLP was saying the economy is worse than the DLP says it is?

    so the unions didnt believe the DLP when it said it could grant them 23% pay hike because of the economy? they didnt believe the downgrades had anything to do with the economy? the DLP offer of a one time payment of 49$ mil and incentives was a bluff?

    • @James

      Do not quote the blogmaster, it is just a ‘feeling’. The unions have become a victim of events based on the in your face, immediate, hustle and bustle style of Mottley. The strategy to hold up the spectre of the IMF is coming worked, no doubt Jong, Hartley and a few others engineered to achieve the result preferred.

    • @Guest

      Your comment could be better phrased as follows – So the unions need members that are engaged …

  18. @David
    Did they collapase or capitulate?

    You have a point re across the board cuts, but the psychology of it will have mammmoth political implications. This is is why the DLP did not lay a motion to have it done

    finally ya talking like a political aspirant rather than a technocrat

    btw, can anyone explain Charles Jong yet?

    Just observing

    • @Observing

      Members of the BU household made it a point to embed ourselves in the 20k or 30k protest march principally to get a first hand feedback/feel from Barbadians. As luck had it we rubbed shoulders with many, however, of interest were union members who were openly supportive of the BLP, it was obvious. The bigger point is that the leadership of the unions through their executive councils informed union position, or should have anyway.


    Thu 10/26/2017, 10:07 PM;

    Flag for follow up. Start by Thursday, October 26, 2017. Due by Thursday, October 26, 2017.

    Barbados First / Patriotic Party (BF/PP)

    of member = 0 (at present).

    Hello fellow Barbadians.

    We all know of Barbados problems with the most important being the state of the economy.
    High Debt
    High Deficit
    High Taxes
    Low Growth
    Low Productivity
    Lack of leaders to make the hard decisions and lack of patriots to make the necessary sacrifices.

    Barbados First / Patriot Party (BF/PP) would like to see the following combinations of solutions implemented to try to resolve Barbados economic problems.

    Repeal the Owen Arthur/BLP law that prevents government from reducing a public worker wage or salary without his/her consent. If this is successful or fails then…
    Negotiate with the Unions, a Public Service salary cut of no more than 5%. All Member of Parliament salaries would be reduced by 5% – 8% for every 1% sacrificed by the public workers. This is in keeping with being patriotic and MP showing leadership in making sacrifice (putting Barbados First).
    The above sacrificing measures (may be considered unpopular) will reduce Government expenditure as was done under the Sandiford/DLP administration. It is proven to work and is needed again today.
    A two years hiring freeze on all government agencies except the Essential Services. This would be reviewed in partnership with the Social Partners at the end of the two years. (This will further allow Government to reduce its bloated workforce through attrition).
    The NRSL/VAT will be reduced to help alleviate the Sacrifices of the Patriotic Public Workers. The Private sector will have to reduce their prices accordingly.
    BF/PP is opened to going to the IMF to accommodate debt restructuring
    BF/PP would also seek to govern within the Social Partnership.

    The salary cut will reduce expenditure/ reduce deficit, this will allow for the cut in taxes which should lead to a reduction in prices/cost of living as well as an increase in competitiveness and higher growth.

    BF/PP would also seek to divest:

    1.CBC – with option for the workers to become owners or part owners.
    2.Hilton Hotel – same option as above
    3.Transport Board – Same option as above. And only after provisions are put in place to accommodate the elderly, schools and disable.

    To address productivity and accountability the Unions, Main Opposition Party and Accountant General will EACH get to select one member on all boards.

    BF/PP will also SEEK to have public workers increases to be tied to the increase in GDP with bonuses as incentives to increase productivity and attendance.

    Politically: All members seeking to be elected to parliament will declare their assets, liabilities and publish their last year tax return.

    Provisions will be put in place for the constituencies to recall their MP after 2.5 years

    Unfortunately BF/PP has no members and is therefore unable to take part in the next general elections.

    BF/PP is now seeking members for ALL level.
    If you are of like mind, Patriotic, willing to sacrifice and is interested in putting Barbados First,
    Please send an email of interested to:

    Thank you

    Barbados First / Patriotic Party (BF/PP)

    Putting Barbados First!

    Pride and Industry.

  20. The patriotic part is missing from most bajans.

    One person interested in running for parliament
    Three persons will in helping with ground work.

  21. notwithstanding the inability of Govt unilaterally to reduce civil and public servants’ salaries, the unions are now firmly planted in MAM’s cheeks, so i am sure she can get them to sell to their members a furlough day or days whereby the workers are giveN a day off for no pay.

    that would work out the same as a salary cut without reducing the number of workers in first instance. coupled with this, those who have reached retirement age should be encouraged to retire and incentives should be offered for others to retire earlier than due, especially those on long term sick leave and those who often report sick.

    there is still a need to cut workers- so departments should be amalgamated and workers with recorded disciplinary matters looked at with a view to being retrenched along with those with bad work ethics. all this can be negotiated of course.

    as Caswell said cabinet should be reduced severely. no need for all those ministers and czars and ambassadors at large or whatever they are called and they should take a pay cut. a pay cut means less pension and giving away the excess to charities does not.

  22. James Greene August 18, 2018 10:58 AM /”…notwithstanding the inability of Govt unilaterally to reduce civil and public servants’ salaries,..,”

    What would it take to pass a law to reduce the salaries

  23. By the way the reduction in compensation would address the off days already taken unofficially so none of that or you would be back at square one.

  24. Are we making jokes or what? How come no one realizes that citizens real income was cut by every budget since 2008? Will some one please do the arithmetic and check the purchasing power of BBD $1.00 since December of 2007.

  25. I think we need a redeployment of public workers from nonproductive and under-productive posts to productive positions .
    Secondly, GoB need to disestablish state corporations whose mandates have expired and are no longer required in the restructuring process of the economy.

    Too many hands and minds are counter – productive . They get into each other’s path. This reduces output. That, by the way,is 101 Economics.

  26. We can just wait until the IMF announces that the Barbados dollar is worth US 10 cents …all this talk about layoffs and pay cuts will become redundant. Government will be able to put everyone on staff to do jack shit…and pay them from the tourists intakes that come to crop-over.
    …and if that fails, the IMF will subsequently just announce that our dollar is worth US 1 cent…. then we ALL can get a 20% raise in pay….
    Steupsss… fiddlers while Rome burns…

  27. Indeed. Devaluation makes any reform redundant. Just as the senators, judges and high bureaucrats want it to keep all their villas in the gated communities, Mercedes SUVs, titles, badges and outdated privileges. After devaluation, the said group will receive double salary and allowance, but not the rest of the civil service.

    Reform means dropping privileges etc pp. Just what they do not want at all.

  28. @ Guest
    We have to start somewhere. We only have now. Do you want to ask the same question ten years from now?

  29. So save the 3,000 jobs by reducing compensation immediately and start on the long term corrections that are necessary.

    • @Guest

      Isn’t there a concomitant action you have forgotten? The need to shock a different behaviour attitude into the workforce?

  30. A salary reduction may not be attractive because each public servant is hoping to survive and get a 5% increase at the expense of some other public servant, but 3,000 is one in ten.

  31. Have you noticed the increasing number of people begging on our streets – men, women, boys, girls. Imagine the impact of further unemployment.

    • @Guest

      Do you in your heart of hearts believe Prime Minister Mottley has the balls to make decisions based in national imperatives at the expense of what is politically expedient?

  32. We can work on all of those things that we should have worked on long ago once we address the present issue. This way, workers that have more interesting things than work to attend to during work hours could be processed out of the workforce with not regrets.

  33. @David August 18, 2018 7:37 AM
    “Do Barbadians have the ‘maturity’ to agree to a paycut across the board for the good of country? Do ordinary citizens trust any government to be discipline in managing the affairs of country that it will be pain worth taking?”

    Isn’t Devaluation of the Mickey mouse currency the most effective tool (quickest and fairest manner) to bring about the much needed pay-cut across the board?

    It would effectively force Bajans to both earn and save forex in order to survive with many having to look to foreign pastures to earn their daily bread or to pay off their mortgages.

    If the public sector workers are going to have to give up something (in some cases jobs) in exchange for their pay hike what are the members of Parliament, especially the ministerial class, going to give up as their sacrifice for their pay increases?

    What about making them pay for their lunch and other food and drink freebies enjoyed at each sitting of Parliament?

    Don’t other public sector workers have to dig deep into their pockets to buy lunch and attend after-work water holes?

    Can’t they buy their own lunch and the imported big-mout drinks out of the pending increase thereby saving the taxpayers the cost of catering for these gluttons as witnessed by the massive increases in the body girth and overtly chubby faces of the previous lot especially those in the ministerial class?

  34. @ Miller
    What about making them pay for their lunch and other food and drink freebies enjoyed at each sitting of Parliament?
    Yuh think..!!??

    It speaks VOLUMES that such SYMBOLIC steps are not automatic…. and already quietly implemented.

    Shiite Miller… again we think alike…
    Bushie misses the good old days when we used to cuss each other black and blue… 🙂

  35. Guess who never did and never will stay at a Sandals.Hotel.

    “Virus outbreak affects hundreds at Sandals Bahamas resort
    August 17, 20181

    Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort. Photo: YouTube
    By Youri Kemp
    Caribbean News Now associate editor

    NASSAU, Bahamas — A debilitating stomach virus has spread like wildfire through the Sandals Royal Bahamian resort in Nassau, blitzing guests and staff members alike with severe vomiting, abdominal pains and diarrhea, in what some have described as the worst viral outbreak to occur on cruise ship or resort facility in The Bahamas to date.

    According to the ministry of health, some 100 guests and visitors were admitted to hospital, experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.”

  36. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Good to know I am not alone in my thinking. Let us look forward to the day when these suggestions become reality.

    @ Enuff

    Unclear re your comments. Care to clarify?I am open to learning.

    Peggy A. GREEN

  37. @David

    Do you in your heart of hearts believe Prime Minister Mottley has the balls to make decisions based in national imperatives at the expense of what is politically expedient?

    Even if she did, there are 58 (29*2) other balls and bubbies that would make her think twice!

    Just observing

  38. Peggy Greene

    I am a rabble rouser, paid apologists, czar, yardfowl, insider and soon to be PM. I can’t explain what I said with anymore granularity.

  39. @ Bush Tea August 18, 2018 1:51 PM

    You see how easy it is for the local business elite to control the politicians? Offer them a plate of food and they will comply.

  40. @ Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley

    It is Saturday night going into Sunday morning and de grandson is like all dese young menses not home.

    But I wanted to give home a Stoopid Cartoon theme called “Ruler of the Waste Lands” which was going to feature you on a resplendent throne against a background of desolation.

    And make no bones about it, you have inherited Valhalla

    By now your forensics teams would have unearthed about 30% of the theft and misappropriation of the former administration

    By now too you would also be seeing that what the ole man was hinting about your first and second eleven teams IS TRUE and you are struggling with keeping an even keel particularly with the spectre of Shiva the Destroyer on your doorsteps.

    There I go again with my pantheism imagery.

    But let me suggest something that will bring you some control over this pandemonium


    CHOOSE one fellow whose action of teifing are clearly incontrovertible base on the evidence you have AND LET TEETS MARSHALL BRING A COMPLAINT AGAINST HIM.

    And direct the DLP Commissioner of Police Griffith to arrest and charge the body.

    And have your Minister of Information Lucille Moe orchestrate all of the news media houses being in attendance at the arrest.

    Stay with me for a little here Madamoiselle

    The endgame is what you are dealing with here Mia.

    Nothing else!!!

    You need to control your internal horde sorry your first and second eleven that you are not effing around. ONE.

    You need to make the Commissioner of Police and the DPP realize who is their boss notwithstanding their allegiance to the now defunct DLP. TWO

    You need to put the fear of *** into all teives and facilitators of teifing of the former administration so that toilet paper sales increase from this week. THREE

    You need to make a statement to the international agencies THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THEM AND THEIR MONEY.

    Cause you dun see dat de ole man grandson focusing pun your spendthrift incoming batsmen who jes waiting to lik up dat IMF money.

    I remember as a child growing up getting real licks from my grandmother for staying down the road and taking a small mirror and reflecting the sun all the way up the road to her face at the rocking chair she sat in by the window in the front house.

    I know that you are batting and dem vandagers you have as team members IN DE PAVILLION WITH 21 SMALL MIRRORS FLICKING LIGHT IN YOU FACE while you facing balls from the opposing team.

    Plus de ole man grandson in the spectators.

    But he going stop he mirror when you start doing de right ting ….

  41. Congratulations are in order Grenville, this is the best post that you have presented on this forum.

    I have posited over a number of years that Barbadians are incapable of self-governance. I have followed BU over a number of years. During this period I have presented some provocative and innovative ideas that have never been adopted or trialled by government.

    There is one uncomfortable truth that exists in perhaps all but five percent of black majority countries: they do not offer a sufficient number of their population the means to develop their full potential. They are abject failures, inherently corrupt and predisposed to working against the interests of the vast majority of their own population.

    This is why so many of our fellow Africans quit their continent in order to move to more prosperous country. Why do so many Barbadians achieve respect, high levels of professional and ethical competencies and in some cases greatness outside of Barbados?

    We should accept that irrespective of whom we elect to govern us whether it be the BLP or the DLP we will, always, get the same results. Two parties made up of lawyers. Why should we expect anything different? It is our elites that have destroyed our nation state. Mia is one and is doomed to fail.

    In the past, I have stated that we should ask for the return of the British or offer an invitation to France to assist us in our governance. Preposterous and provocative but why can we not discuss this.

    My preference would be the abolition of all our political parties. A country with a population of less then 300,000 does not require thirty MP’s to run it. I am in favour of a system where we have a team of twelve wise men/women who would manage the affairs of our nation. Half of this team should be made up of foreigners / outsiders who have no connection to Barbados. At least two members of this team should originate from Africa (the continent). The recruitment criteria for the foreign team should be simple. We should select the best on merit and they must have a formidable mindset.

    It should be evident to all of you that Barbados remains a nation that lacks self-control and discipline and that we are incapable of self-governance. It is time for each and everyone of us to recognise this as FACT and for us to move forward smartly.

The blogmaster dares you to join the discussion.