Former Minister Ronald Jones Appointed Vice Chancellor, Bridgetown International University

The following video is shared with the BU family as a public service. The questions that follow from the appointment are obvious. The blogmaster does feels that to fully discharge what is on his mind the following must be said – the more things change, the more they remain the same.




  • @ David,

    Former minister Jones is a DLP. No credit to him as far as BLPites are concerned. lol

    However, it will look great on his cv.


  • No wonder these ministers did so much nonsense.


  • Oh no, not this foolish, old looser (homoohobic) bible shaking idiot! Oh Barbados, let the old goats out to live their retirement in the pasture


  • The Dominicans are ready to send Skerritt packing so much for his peace and brotherly love letter
    I hope Mia has a house at Cloverly left for him to rest his weary soul
    After all good friends help each other in need …Not!


  • Will the former minister of education have to enroll in a crash course in Hindi?


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