Do Not Forget the Disaffected People

The blogmaster was in a conversation recently with a Barbadian who explained why he refused to vote in the recent general election held on 24 May 2018.  The vanquished Democratic Labour Party (DLP) does not need reminding that the defeat was the worst inflicted on a political party at the poll in local history. So massive was the defeat the new leadership of the DLP has not yet emerged from the shellacking. The blogmaster’s view is that they should agree to a caretaker leader – someone with accepted management skills and a modicum of political IQ – to assist with transitioning the beleaguered party to an even keel.

Many are of the view- idealistically so in the opinion of the blogmaster- that it is the civic duty of all citizens to vote to determine who should govern a country.  Then there is the opposite view that it is the constitutional right of John Citizen to disengage from the voting process as a recourse to an individual’s right to protest.  Whatever the contending views it is certain that no political system (man made) is perfect. Therefore the actors in the system must continually evaluate and adjust to maintain contact with the point of equilibrium.

Resonating from the conversation was the vehemence in the criticism the disgruntled citizen directed at the duopoly, read Barbados and Democratic Labour party. His view was that BOTH main political parties which have held the reins of power post Independence are responsible for the current social and economic morass Barbados has become mired. Both are responsible for allowing Barbados to be sucked into a vortex fuelled by popular culture. In the process the required leadership to ensure Barbados tracks a plot to sustain a way of live that is affordable and culturally relevant has been compromised.

It is important for ALL Barbadians to appreciate there is a high level of disengagement and disaffection being demonstrated by the Barbados electorate. The euphoria of an election result, combined with a business as usual mentality lends itself to a mirage which clouds the fault lines of the governance model we seem unable to upgrade. Until we attack these structural issues it is the sad view of the blogmaster that Barbadians will continue to struggle mapping a sustainable way of life for its people.




  • A complete waste of time government. Stupid Duguid misleading Barbadians – telling Barbadians motorists not to pay their road taxes and as Mariposa said the boldface idiot telling us lies on top of lies. The default on paying our international is having severe effect on our international business community. The default on our international loans has effectively made up unable to access funding internationally. This default is worst that the series of default we experienced in the past. Oh I forgot we had two or three downgrades within the first three weeks of this inept government. Tourist unsure and unhappy about the taxes they have to pay to visit Barbados. Serious repercussions to our tourist industry.I have no problem gripping because my family has to live in this country.I am going nowhere to raise my children.Therefore, I am concern with the nonsense that is being passed off daily as government policy. An inept Prime Minister who failed as a minister of economic affairs. Likewise the joker failed also as minister of education as well as attorney general. Former PM Arthur shifted her from economic affairs because of her incompetency. Edutech failed when she was minister of education and Glendairy Prison got burnt to the ground when the clown was attorney general. Barbados is failing now she is unfortunately prime minister. A one term government..


  • Yet the blp yardfowls drunken with stupidty fails to see the forest for the trees. The horse keeps galloping way out of sight and the jockey keeps serving the people more koolaid as a distraction
    How in the name of commonsense can any economist come to grips of understanding in the way mia made an unilteral decision to default on barbados debt without even as much giving the creditors a courtesy call or a warning
    Making a decision on defaulting a country debt is one wherby all creditors are involved in the discussion and made ready for the decision. It therfore such be the ultimate resting place upon which accountability and transparency should start and end.
    There is a video on you tube and within the context of the discussion which was related to decisions .OSA cited several examples by which Mia had made unilateral decision without his or membership involvement when OSA was leader of the party. OSA constantly made mention of the word unilateral applying the word to alternative decisions Mia had made without given consent even when all party members had first agreed on a decision collectively during meetings ..which i thought was interesting as one sees her haphazard decision to default
    One such incident he cited was the distribution of condems in the prison as one in which she unilaterally had made the decision without members participation and given consent by him and a decision which caused him and the party embarrassment and grief
    He went on to cite others which i thought was interesting and bodes well as examples as to the type of authoritarian leader she might be


  • Negroman you sound bitter.A one term government to be replaced by who Solutions who seem to be on their dying bed ,UPp who was formed by Bee rejects to stop Ms Mottley from becoming PMand failed miserably,or wait the Dems who fail to win a seat or a box except two,and are in the doldrums now having to look for fresh candidates or risk returning with some of the current rejects and risk another 30 to 0.Most Bajans do not wish to see the return of the blame everyone else government in any hurry ,so which Party will replace this one Negroman.The dems had the worst
    finance minister ,the worst PM,the worst Labour minister,the worst Environment Minister,and the worst Agricultural Minister with that kind of record no Government can do any worse so like Rev Durant said go do some reflection and reel and come again .You got to be dreaming.Nothing you say will remove the 30 to 0 or prevent Ms motley from being PM,as she has spoken more to the people in six weeks than the ex PM did in eight years,as he only spoke in George Street or in Dem forums,and this Government has done a lot in six short weeks not months,remove the NSRL,UWI fees,improve the South Coast mess etc.


  • Lorenzo why don’t you stick to topics instead of attacking the messenger
    For you Mia can do no wrong
    OSA a leader who would know all the ins and outs of Mia says she is a despot and cites the numerous times she made unilteral decisions without the permission or collective body of the blp party
    Do you think that what OSA said months before the election falls exactly in characteristics and the decision Mia made in defaulting on bsrbados debt


  • Mariposa you ain,t shame ,take the advice of Dr Durant and look for some fresh candidates for your dying party.Imagine you telling me not to attack the messenger but you on here everyday criticizing Prodigal ,Enuff ,Gabriel,Artax and others for expressing their opinion and you telling me to discuss topics.I was responding to what Negroman said with facts that you or he cannot dispute.Therefore dem yardfowl reel and come again,and you,Negroman this new guy T Inniss who seem to have been born after May 24th,with the rubbish he postand the tick tock J/A Fractured who really should be real shame to see all his tapes talk ain,t stop Ms Mottley from becoming PM,and that alone stick inhis craw.are not in Ms motley,s category.I hope you saw the loud applause Ms Mottley received last night in Jamaica clear evidence of the high esteem in which she is held in the Region ,can the same be said of the ex PM?


  • Lorenzo all would see how far that loud applause would take her at home
    Already her homegrown policies are receiving heavy resistance as the natives rattled their spears seeking answers to lies and untruths masterminded by her deceitful ministers and propgandize by chopsuey the foreign adviser Jong
    Everday the international papers headlines stories of a debt ridden barbados who has introduce heavy taxation on its people and tourist and ask
    Who kills the goose that lays the golden egg
    The answer mia did


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Negroman July 5, 2018 6:01 PM

    Is this the same ‘negro-man’ who, just before the elections, promised to commit suicide if the BLP ever won the St. John constituency?

    What happened, Negro?

    Other than the people of St. John finally saw the light and ran away from the darkness of your deceitful lying party which treated the people of St. John like the scum of the earth.

    The only blind johnnies left are you the suicidal negro, the multi-pussy ac and angela Skeete. Unless T. Inniss, the transmogrified idiot, has recently taken up residence in the land recently vacated by former johnnies.

    Why can’t you see the People’s light which blinded you in a 30 to zero ‘red-washing’ and stop being Saul the negro man from St. John and become Paul the torchbearer of enlightenment from the East?

    Why don’t you listen to the priests who are trying their ‘supreme’ best to counsel you and other yardfowls from Johnny land in your time of mourning?

    Even the one called Durant who tried to raise the dead David in the Parish church yard has come to the final understanding that he is not God’s representative on Earth and is incapable of saving the DLP from disgrace, damnation and inevitable death unless its members accept the fact that the people have spoken in One ‘unilateral’ voice of God.

    The same way Durant used to take liberties and speak on behalf of God so too can the lowly miller.

    Your once proud and dear loving DLP has been destroyed by a corrupt gang of despicable lying pimps, bastards, crooks, and managerial misfits and was weighed by the people on the electoral scale of righteousness and God has found all of them wanting.

    And with not even one seat as a beacon of hope of return you have been sent to the political wilderness for as long as you continue to insult the intelligence (commonsense) of the people.

    Now be gone and commit hara-kiri as promised!


  • Facts are facts this stupid,inept,incompetent collection of political goons in six weeks have practically reduced Barbados to a failed state status. No amount of diversionary tactics could deny the facts of the mis-management of Barbados in the last six weeks.Three downgrades,default on paying our international loans,onerous taxes on our visitors,a bloated cabinets with half day ministries,ministers telling lies and ordinary Barbadians struggling because of a so-called mini budget that has imposed some of the most draconian measures ever inflicted on Barbadians. An incompetent former minister of education and economic affairs as well as attorney general is now unfortunately our PM. This is only for one term though. A one term government.


  • Ryan Straughn told a blatant lie in the House of Assembly in his contribution to the foolish mini-budget. He said that there is no increase in water rates only an existing mechanism that is being used to collect money for the modified solid waste tax that thousand of Barbadians marched against a few years ago. Another lying minister. Every single household in Barbados has to pay an extra $1.50 daily on their water bills. That idiot minister said not. A continuation of the lies that this government with it collection of idiots is perpetrating on Barbadians Another incompetent minister in an incompetent government headed by an incompetent prime minister. A one term government.


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