Do Not Forget the Disaffected People

The blogmaster was in a conversation recently with a Barbadian who explained why he refused to vote in the recent general election held on 24 May 2018.  The vanquished Democratic Labour Party (DLP) does not need reminding that the defeat was the worst inflicted on a political party at the poll in local history. So massive was the defeat the new leadership of the DLP has not yet emerged from the shellacking. The blogmaster’s view is that they should agree to a caretaker leader – someone with accepted management skills and a modicum of political IQ – to assist with transitioning the beleaguered party to an even keel.

Many are of the view- idealistically so in the opinion of the blogmaster- that it is the civic duty of all citizens to vote to determine who should govern a country.  Then there is the opposite view that it is the constitutional right of John Citizen to disengage from the voting process as a recourse to an individual’s right to protest.  Whatever the contending views it is certain that no political system (man made) is perfect. Therefore the actors in the system must continually evaluate and adjust to maintain contact with the point of equilibrium.

Resonating from the conversation was the vehemence in the criticism the disgruntled citizen directed at the duopoly, read Barbados and Democratic Labour party. His view was that BOTH main political parties which have held the reins of power post Independence are responsible for the current social and economic morass Barbados has become mired. Both are responsible for allowing Barbados to be sucked into a vortex fuelled by popular culture. In the process the required leadership to ensure Barbados tracks a plot to sustain a way of live that is affordable and culturally relevant has been compromised.

It is important for ALL Barbadians to appreciate there is a high level of disengagement and disaffection being demonstrated by the Barbados electorate. The euphoria of an election result, combined with a business as usual mentality lends itself to a mirage which clouds the fault lines of the governance model we seem unable to upgrade. Until we attack these structural issues it is the sad view of the blogmaster that Barbadians will continue to struggle mapping a sustainable way of life for its people.



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  1. Barbadians like easy street nuff fete big houses and pretending that barbados can be just as good as America
    The only thing barbadians have in common with america is a country in its early beginnings was built on slave labour
    The old barbados new how to take a nickle and make a dim never relying on govt for nothing
    The new barbados economy would continue to flounder as a new generation refuse to ask self what can i do for my country
    Barbados reaching rock bottom was not happenstance but a foundation built by previous govts that barbados can be all things to all people
    Unfortunately govt took that motto to another level of supporting rich and poor

  2. I think the article underplays the difficulty of managing a small ,very open economy and society where the international environment in which it has to operate is constantly under change.
    I think as a whole Barbados has done quite well. It must always review the skill set of those that it elects to manage its affairs and change the players when necessary.

    That is the reason why I always insist that a thorough analysis must be done on: Where we are? How did we get here? and What we need to do to improve our situation?

    Blaming individuals . Harping back to the past experience of slavery. Racism. Classicism. Just will not cut it.
    Developed and Emerging Economies all have to play the hand with which they are dealt.

  3. The question of Voter Engagement.

    What has been the history of voter engagement since Adult Suffrage in 1951? Is there any real decline in the percentage of registered voters who actually vote?
    The issues today are more complex. Is it any surprise that those who do not understand the issues exercise their option not to vote?

    As Dr. Simple Simon is wont to say: There is too much misinformation, half truths, half lies, fake news and down right mischief making. Can we all separate the wheat from the chaff?

    Those who stay away from the voting booth for the above reasons are doing national service.

    • Done well by what measure Bernard?

      We have to assess where we are based on what is happening now. Opining that it is difficult is no excuse.

      Forget the arithmetic game about % who voted etc, the crux of the matter is that many who voted did it with reluctance. To break it down there is a high level of apathy among those carrying out their civic duty.

  4. @ David BU

    The point of my argument is that it has always been so. The level of apathy is irrelevant. It is part of the system everywhere. It is a given.
    Barbados has done well by the same measure you are using to say it has done badly.

    • No it is not irrelevant Bernard, sustaining success does not happen by accident, it must be managed.

  5. David BU at 12:57 PM

    Good at least we agree that there has been success and that we must sustain it. Further more that we must manage it. Very often in the real world accident / luck is an important input into success. Do not knock accident /luck either. We cannot control accident/ luck but we can control management. Is that not what the current administration is attempting to do?

  6. @David the blogmaster “Both are responsible for allowing Barbados to be sucked into a vortex fuelled by popular culture.”

    Dear David: I do not understand this sentence. Can you please explain? Thanks.

    • Leadership requires sharing a vision and mobilizing those around you that is relevant to uplifting the sphere in which you have responsibility. So often what we see is our so-called leaders going with the flow driven by what is happening in the external place.

  7. Good by whose measuring stick?. A country with cup in hand looking like( beggars with an unsustainable economy built soely by debt with a populace which cannot self sustained itself cannot be graded as doing good.
    The evidence which has manifested itself over the years now shows an economy which did not provide a good fiscal foundation for future years
    The question of voter apathy lies beneath a populace mind set tired of playing catchup and see no real results in return

  8. @Mariposa June 30, 2018 10:41 AM “Barbadians like…pretending that barbados can be just as good as America.”

    In many ways Barbados is better than America.

    For example I can live in America, but I chose not to do so.

  9. I tend not to take men too seriously when they are quick to dismiss the very institutions of racism, classism etc that still exists….that still continue to be the destructive forces in their lives and they still run around pretending these institutions don’t exist…still trying not to do anything to dismantle them for good…

    You will never move forward if those destructive institutions in Barbados are not destroyed…completely.

  10. Leadership requires sharing a vision and mobilizing those around you that is relevant to uplifting the sphere in which you have responsibility. So often what we see is our so-called leaders going with the flow driven by what is happening in the external place.

    @BU. I had a vision. Joseph of the Bible had a vision. Many under the influence of drugs see vision. If you are capable you may gather enough around you to pursue your vision. I will add that Aloft Hitler, the white racist leaders of South Africa also had vision for their countries.

    Its more than a vision, true world class leaders possess more than a just vision, There are relentless, driven, passionate about doing the right things. The “vision” and its goal often out lives them but they are generations willing to carry it on. Less we forget Jesus Christ the man that all all of have have never seen, are willing to quote word for word, seen as the epitome of integrity and love ; has no skeletons in his closest and some are even willing to die for. Maybe our leaders should leave the leadership of Barbados up to God and just be willing servants on the ship captained by a true leader.

    Our anthem seems to think more highly of Jehovah than our current crop of political leaders. In my opinion true leadership is found in following God. Also he so kindly left us with an instruction manual just in case we were unsure.


    • @sirfuzzy

      Clearly BU’s down watered definition of leadership must be given context to what was asked by Simple Simon. And clearly it is about the expectation that the leader sharing the vision is anchored to what is in the interest of the people.

  11. @ Dr Simple Simon at 1:56 PM

    I have said it before and I will say it again. With fellow Bajans like you around I rest happily at nights. What is it that you and 280K Barbadians and thousands of visitors to our shores see in Barbados that a few hundred naysayers cannot see?

  12. @ SIR FUZZY June 30, 2018 4:10 PM

  13. Mariposa at 1 :56 PM

    How can one “provide a good fiscal foundation for future years “? And what is a good fiscal foundation?

  14. Sounds like the nincompoop who called a radio station to add his loud uncultured voice to a discussion on the fiscal deficit but referred to it as the physical deficit.This is the type of gobbledygook spouted by ignorant people of which the DLP appear to have in abundance.
    Now is the time for the also rans group their resources together and form a party to take the place of the DLP.The way that party was treated at the poll,it seems unlikely they would make a comeback.I heard an objection to even the voice of James Paul on a radio news cast in his capacity of CEO of the BAS.The BAS should consider appointing a spokesperson other than James Paul.Some time ago an attempt was made by an influential member from the north to make a change at the top and it was nothing to do with the chicken wing controversy which was never followed through and apparently hushed up.

  15. It sounds like the blp are seeing red after hearing the loud noises and crticism
    coming from the belly of those most affected by the massive taxes hence rather than deal with the criticism would rather lay out a formula to attack the nessengers
    People are beginning to realise that Mia bean bag of goodies was nothing more than a trap to lure people into a false sense of security in other words a campagain laced with fake promises and now replaced with punishing taxation.

  16. But we have a screenshot wit the article posted on the Mugabe site and then removed


    I GOING post the screenshot


  17. Kudos to the official from the turtle association for alerting Barbadians that the soca on the beach event proposed for the drill hall beach this evening would have endangered turtles nesting there. The government through the relevant ministries and announced by acting PM Bradshaw pulled the plug on the event with the support of all concerned.

    Well done!

  18. @ David,

    Turtle story brings back memories of ” the good old days circa1960 “. Turtle soup,stew, eggs.

  19. No David.

    It was legal to harvest turtles until ” As of 1998, the Government of Barbados enacted a total moratorium on all sea turtle harvesting. It is completely illegal to catch any species of sea turtle, or possess any turtle product (i.e. meat, shell, eggs) in Barbados. Penalties include fines up to $50,000 Barbados dollars and/or two years in jail.

  20. Barnard,

    A good fiscal foundation is one in which the current account balances over the parliamentary cycle.

  21. A good fiscal foundation is one in which you always have cover for your your azz to take care of that rainy day which might bring an untoward event not covered by insurance.

  22. @ Hal
    @ Gabriel

    No wonder we often get it wrong. Fiscal foundations are as unstable as the foundation of the road at White Hill .

    There is a perennial probability that they will shift:

    Income Tax progressive and regressive
    Expenditure taxes – VAT, Sales Tax
    Wealth Tax — Land tax, financial assets–stocks and shares
    Tax evasion and tax avoidance domiciles.

    Their values or the assets and financial flows on which they are based, wax and wane like the phases of the moon.

    Good management anticipates when they will change and adjusts expenditure,borrow or find a new vehicles for extracting tax revenues.

  23. Bernard
    Agree with everything you wrote.As drilled constantly by repeated exposure to AMA training,always ‘cover your azz’.That way you maximize the probability of success which is never guaranteed in any society.

    • Tourists continued to flock to Barbados even with shitty water flowing on the streets of the south coast?

  24. Its amazing that the blind DLP followers gave the DLP 10 years to “get things right” which they didn’t , but hasn’t given the BLP 10 weeks to get the Country back on the correct path. Amazing and pathetic how Tribal we have become – pity really.

  25. ………and tudor………instead of “getting things right”….things went horribly wrong…….now the BLP is left to clean up the sewage and the morons would not give them space.

    Just ignore the haters………it would be interesting to get an answer why the PM has had to put the measures in place.

    Sir Sandi asked them … did we get back here and not a man has to this day answered Sir Sandi.

  26. Fractured the tick tock man with all the tapes on Ms Mottley.The bombs blew up in your face as you won two single boxes not two seats so keep to hell off the people blog and keep a low profile like the ex MP,s many of wmom we have not heard or seen since May 24th,and add Ms Maureen Holder,Ms Undecided,,the Trini Dem and Straker,s Tenantry as they realize the majority of people do not want to hear anything from them or you,shameless moron.

  27. Bernard,

    Tax evasion is illegal and should be dealt with as such. It is a criminal offence. Tax avoidance, however, is not. That is why the unscrupulous employ highly expensive accountants, lawyers and tax planners to minimise their taxes. Good government deals with that, but it has nothing to do with macroeconomic theory.
    To give an example, the UK tax code is 21000 pages long. My copy of the old UKGAAP is about 1500 pages.

  28. Prodigal as if the Bees did not leave the festering 14 year Alexander cesspool behind for the Dees to resolve
    And the multi million barrack lawsuit for the Dees to pay
    Shoot prodigal
    Bees be Gone
    Three weeks and they have the country looking like it is under dictatorship rule with people waiting in long lines to buy gas
    Cant help but say
    Bees be Gone

  29. When the streets were shity Tourist came to barbados
    Now the shit is gone Tourist saying they will not be coming to barbados
    Shitty streets= Tourist
    No shitty streets means no Tourist
    Whose fault it is
    Mia Fault

    Bees Be Gone

  30. The Bees 🐝 in four weeks have sunk Barbados 🇧🇧 to immeasurable ignominy !

    • Loan default !

    • IMF intervention !

    • Condemnation from British visitors over an ABOMINABLE travel tax !

    • Brutal scolding from IATA !

    • A scandalous fuel ⛽️ tax !

    • A whopping 30 member Cabinet !

    It’s Mia’s Fault


    Imagine Mia Fantasy !!!!

  31. Hignorance knoweth no bounds
    I suggest you pass that little advice to Mia
    Cause her ignorance has barbados in the cross fire of every travel and other international papers worldwide and getting people mad as RH asking how de f..uck could she do that

  32. David BU

    And if you APPROPRIATELY respond to the nonsense these yard-fowls spew in this forum, certain contributors ACCUSE you of being a SUPPORTER of the BLP, despite the fact they CANNOT IDENTIFY any DEFINITIVE COMMENTS in your contributions that SUGGEST you’re DEFENDING and SUPPORTING the BLP.

    It seems as though in the eyes of these people that any time you’re CRITICAL of the BLP or DLP, you’re a SUPPORTER of the DLP or BLP respectively and “wearing the party’s colour on your sleeve.”

    I do not agree with this BLP administration’s policy of increasing taxes on our tourism product, as announced in Mottley’s “mini budget.” Barbados has already been identified as an expensive destination and these additional taxes will obviously increase the cost of staying on the island.

    However, on the other hand, France’s administered Caribbean island of St. Barthélemy (St. Barth’s) is considered one of (if not the most) expensive destination(s) in this region. Yet, for an island that is approximately 9.7 sq miles and with a population of about 9,700, their tourism marketing strategy has been able to attract scores of visitors, especially the rich and famous, to that island on an annual basis.

    For an island its size, St. Barth’s offers beautiful beaches, restaurants, designer boutiques, provisions for luxury yachts that has made the island popular for visitors from Europe and North America.

    Unfortunately, Barbados is a “high priced” destination that does not offer any significant tourist attractions to JUSTIFY the high prices.

    Rather than being innovative and explore various marketing strategies to improve our tourism product, the tourism hierarchy seems to be depending on so called “brand name” hotels, such as Sandals and Hyatt, as the main driving force to solicit visitors to the island.

    Many Caribbean islands offer “indigenous foods” on their hotel and restaurant menus, but Barbados prefers to offer European and North American foods to tourist…….at expensive prices. I worked, for example. at a hotel where a burger and fries cost $32.00 + VAT + 10% service charge. A Banks Beer was sold for $7 + VAT + 10% service charge.

    One can only imagine the effects these new taxes will have on the industry.

    • There is a different dynamic here, many Barbadians appear to appreciate that there is belt tightening to endure a while longer and willing to support the 1 month administration. This is the difference compared to the former government when there was no appetite to support after 1o years of going nowhere. The wish is that criticism be constructive as oppose to be the partisan nonsense ac and Ashton Turney and a few others seem hellbent.

      It is up to them to learn from the 24th May result, unfortunately the DLP as a party has not surfaced since the shellacking suffered at the polls which explains an incoherent almost ignorant narrative being injected in the public space by the DLP supporters.

  33. I thought prices were to go down with the removal of the NSRL. The manufacturers association seem to be saying otherwise. Purity saying otherwise. I was told that the fuel tax will be less than the Road tax but I will be paying $200 more a year more. I am now hearing that there will be a cap on the number UWI students that Gov’t will pay for? Is this true?

  34. What are you talking about did you not see the long lines if people were truly sincere about supporting govt policies they would not have been long gas lines
    Those long lines demonstrate that the people would not sacrifice monetarily to pay govt debt
    So much for service and duty to country

  35. Govt would have no choice but to reconsider those levys in the tourism industry
    People not gonna pay all them fees
    Presently airline fees are going up to adjust to gas prices.
    Speaking of gas prices do not be surprise if some where along the line the levy on barbados gas does not impact airline prices for Barbados
    When all put together the tourist and others who make more than one trip yearly to barbados would either stay away or cut back significantly

  36. @ David July 2, 2018 7:44 PM
    “There is a different dynamic here, many Barbadians appear to appreciate that there is belt tightening to endure a while longer and willing to support the 1 month administration. This is the difference compared to the former government when there was no appetite to support after 1o years of going nowhere. The wish is that criticism be constructive as oppose to be the partisan nonsense ac and Ashton Turney and a few others seem hellbent.”

    What is the alternative open to Bajans other than a sharp devaluation of their sacrosanct sacred cow Mickey Mouse dollar?

    Do Bajans really appreciate how damn close their Mickey Mouse currency was (and still is) to Devaluation?

    So which is less bitter? An internal devaluation with some marginal relief to the’ poor’ pensioners to help absorb the shock or an external devaluation enforced by the lender of last resort?

    You could have bet your last worthless Bajan dollar that there would have been only Hobson’s choice had the people made the ‘wrong’ selection and returned that dreaded destructive lying party to office.

    The IMF had lost confidence in the previous administration’s ability to manage competently the fiscal affairs of the country and would not have been at all prepared to enter into any balance of payments support arrangement without Bajans paying the ultimate price by being forced to sacrifice their make-believe sacred cow.

  37. @ The sage Anunnaki

    You said and i quote

    “…The IMF had lost confidence in the previous administration’s ability to manage competently the fiscal affairs of the country and would not have been at all prepared to enter into any balance of payments support arrangement without Bajans paying the ultimate price by being forced to sacrifice their make-believe sacred cow…”

    I have to be careful commenting on other blogs here since people will think that I am so possessed by a bogeyman that it complexions all that I am saying heheheh.

    People believe that with Mottley’s arrival that all is well.

    In fact when you talk to thousands of the sheeple they will tell you that the waters are now calm again and all is well.

    In fact, barring a select grouping in the BLP administration, few know the dire state of affairs that this country faces for Mia CANNOT SHARE THOSE DETAILS with the rabble and SHEEPLE that she has in her ranks of 30 Ministers

    But you Sage Anunnaki know these inner details, and were it that you were to add your voice to the ole man’s bogeyman cries, many of them would hold their bellies and cry and gnash their teeth and say “De Ole Man din telling lies” cause de Sage would have confirmed that what de ole man is is saying is true”

    The IMF had lost confidence in the last administration BUT THE IMF DOES NOT HAVE MUCH CONFIDENCE IN THIS BLP ADMINISTRATION EITHER!

    There is no track record by which to judge its Prime Minister.

    What has Mia done oh Sage?

    Let us examine this dispassionately

    She was at the helm of government when it won 30-0

    But what else can she show for “leadership”?

    Being the leader of a whitewash IS NOT A CURRENCY THAT SPENDS WITH THE IMF

    So let de ole man resort to teifing from the Internet as governments have done to ***

    “Article I of the IMF’s Articles of Agreement states that the purpose of lending by the IMF is “…to give confidence to members by making the general resources of the Fund temporarily available to them under adequate safeguards, thus providing them with opportunity to correct mal-adjustments in their balance of payments without resorting to measures destructive of national or international prosperity.”

    Under its “Conditions for Lending…” it explains “…When a member country approaches the IMF for financing, it may be in or near a state of economic crisis, with its currency under attack in foreign exchange markets and its international reserves depleted, economic activity stagnant or falling, and a large number of firms and households going bankrupt. In difficult economic times, the IMF helps countries to protect the most vulnerable in a crisis…”

    The whole document can be found here for those who like the ole man, fear the bogeyman and are up at nights watching the “city, in vain…”

    But is does not take a brain surgeon to understand that being a charismatic speaker like Hitler was a charismatic speaker IS NOT GOING TO BE THE WAY TO WIN THE IMF’s heart and money.

    “…The IMF and the government agree on a program of policies aimed at achieving specific, quantified goals in support of the overall objectives of the authorities’ economic program…”

    And what are those goals for our third world mono-economy?

    We have to be able to show quantatively that we WILL MEET these goals and targets over the period of the loan.

    So in a brief statement, UNLIKE ALL THE FLUFF THAT WAS DELIVERED TO THE PEOPLE, and all the fancy political dog and pony shows during election time Mia gots to deliver to get the second trance, EVEN IF SHE GETS THE FIRST TRANCHE.

    Now I understand if, being that you know what her internal challenges are, you do not come and share the real composition of her 1st and 2nd Eleven but you can probably comprehend why de ole man is so fixated on the fact that she is creating peripheral mechanisms WHICH DO NOT SEND THE CORRECT MESSAGE TO THE IMF nor any of these international agencies.


    Cause when they start to see this mess, especially when they consider the history of the DLP and the messes in African states and other countries that they are being courted and have facilitated programs, she HAS TO BE GUIDED BY PROGRAMS AND PRACTICES OF REAL and not imagined inclusion.

  38. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght Needs to Stop fearing de Bogeyman July 2, 2018 9:55 PM “People believe that with Mottley’s arrival that all is well. In fact when you talk to thousands of the sheeple they will tell you that the waters are now calm again and all is well.”

    It is not true to say that people believe that all is well. People are still being cautious, still being skeptical. Because you know what? In spite of your say-so, the people are NOT sheeple.

  39. Mia Mottley has brought Barbados to it’s knees !

    Since May 25 , 2018 :

    • Mia has appointed a 30 member Cabinet in stringent economic times !

    • Mia has UNILATERALLY decided to default on Barbados’ loans payments to it’s creditors!

    • Mia has called in the IMF !

    Now that the IMF is on the island from July 2 , 2018 to Juky 12 , 2018negotiating the terms of the IMF agreement – Mia is out of the island ………Missing In Action ( MIA ) !

    Oh how I weep for Barbados 🇧🇧 !

    It’s Mia’s Fault


    • What Barbadians have told you idiots on the 24 May is that they do not what the same tired narrative. Until you lot can mobilize and get your act together nobody wants to hear you. What is for sure is that as long as Stuart remains leader of the party you are a dead duck in the water. We will wait until after the AGM to see what you decide. The BLP won because they are the only kid on the block at the moment.

  40. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght Needs to Stop fearing de Bogeyman — July 2, 2018 9:55 PM

    100% FACTS!

    You seem to be the only person awake here.

    Barbados was in a grim place on May 23 and it still is in a grim place now. The change of gov’t was necessary and welcome but the fundamental workings of the economy have not changed at all.

    Many here seem to not to understand what an IMF ‘negotiation’ is about. In fact the word negotiation is euphemism.

    How much can a troubled 3rd world micro state really negotiate with the lender of last resort?

    A. Dullard

  41. What barbadians said they wanted and hoped for on the 24th is entirely different from what barbadians are now receiving
    1. Less taxation
    2. No IMF driven buy IMF draconian policies
    What is being manifested is that barbadians hopes and dreams given as a mandate to govt is being splintered into a million pieces
    Barbadians all but took govt to task waiting in long lines for gas a message of sybolsm which ineffect says Hell No
    That is not the type of change the people ask for
    Now we have the Communist Commisiong and his side kick Chinese Jong going the long ending list of friends and associates eating off the taxpayers trough
    Where is the transparency public was told to have

  42. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You are incorrect.

    The BLP DID NOT WIN the DLP lost

    You ‘re correct that there were no other choices party wise but there were a few individuals of note who brought worthwhile characteristics.

    It is noted that there are many die hard supporters of the Disreputable Labour Party who blog with their unflailing devotion to their party

    But their remain a few who give contrary views BECAUSE WHAT IS BEING PROPOSED BY WHOMEVER IS PROPOSING IT, in this case the BLP, are wrong or totally off mark

    But if you call such commenters narrators of the same tired narrative so be it.

    • Barbadians rejected the DLP, there was no appetite shown for DLP candidates because of the perceived non performance.

  43. David

    Only in the past 5 weeks have really understood the true meaning of the acronym BLP !

    Bungling Labour Party – BLP !

    • Bungled on the abolishment of Road Tax for Fuel ⛽️ Tax !

    Some Bajans still paying both after the BLP told the electorate the latter tax would replace the former !!

    • Bungled on the country’s loan obligations – by unilaterally defaulting on loan payments !!!

    • Bungled on the appointment of 30 Cabinet Ministers – after telling the electorate that the DLP Cabinet of 17 persons was too LARGE !!!

    Oh how I weep for BARBADOS 🇧🇧!!!

    ” Watch muh I got this assessment right ” !!!!

    • Yes Fractured. A pity your party has to peer into the HoA from the public gallery.

      As Many a told y’all to watch Mia. Good luck rebuilding the party. We need a strong credible opposition. We will be closely observing events in your upcoming AGM. Will Guy be given the wheel? Fresh blood is required. Agree with Hamilton Lashley, all 30 need to men jettisoned.

  44. Fractured you got me laughing real hard
    You can also say that the jobby that the blp cleaned up on the street the blp throw it right in the face of the taxpayers

    stinking dogs

  45. David why your interest in the DLP party
    Cant u not see that the party has taken the advice of ever so welcome wait for a call
    Well that means they have no interest into interferring with the people mandate
    Bro you have a five year long wait period to look and seek
    The dlp party would rebuild and speak as an offical party under the leadership of their choice when they are ready
    It seems as if the blp yardfowls including you are afraid by having to direct this country solo and are hell bent on aggravating the dlp party into saying something
    Well let me tell you their aint going to say anything but would watch and see
    Btw why dont you listen to PDYR concerns or are his concerns making you nervous.if so ought to since the tea leaves are revealing a not so good picture of Mia the mugabee leader

  46. @ Hal. A sound fiscal foundation is: ideally having a perennial fiscal surplus or a balance budget. However, international best practice dictates fiscal deficit should not exceed 3% of GDP in a given fiscal year. Or at least, a country should produce enough PRIMARY surplus during the budget cycle to cover interest payments.

    Current account deficit is mostly driven by the private sector,especially houehold consumption. Barbados is not self-sufficient in anything , therefore our external account will forever be in the red. Even if we float the currency it wouldn’t made a difference either.

  47. David

    Boy for the next 5 years most Bajans will experience the long hard road to ………!

    Who knows ???

    Not even PM Mottley KNOWS as she has already ” abandoned ” ship 🚢 – July 2 , 2018 – July 12, 2018 – the very said time the IMF , who she called , is in the island NEGOTIATING Barbados’ 🇧🇧 fate !

    But then again , why should Bajans be alarmed at this – wasn’t it the same Ms. Mottley who told PM Stuart in April 2018

    ” Forget the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London and stay at home and deal with URGENT matters ? “””

    Oopps , I forgot……..though PM Mottley called in the IMF …….that was not an URGENT …….call / matter !!!

    Oh how I weep for Barbados 🇧🇧 !

    5 weeks later even DIE HARD BLPites have concluded…….it was no REDWASH……..,.it is BRAINWASHED…….instead !!!!!!

    How many more LIES……will be fed to the people ?????

  48. It is amazing what a well thought out PR strategy could do to effect the change that occurred on May 28. We had a general elections full of illusions from the winning BLP.Barbadians yearning for a change gobbled it up in its entirety.Many of us did not allowed sound reasoning to guide our decision.we fell for the razmatazz. Now we reeling from the effects of the redwash of May 28.An elaborate cabinet with many half day ministries.A chaotic public service. I KNOW what I am talking about but will not go into to details. Our credit worthiness completely destroyed because of the “brilliant” decision to default on paying our external creditors. That is worst than the series of downgrades we suffered in the past.Unknown non-nationals,family members,friends as well as other political rejects now benefiting from big government contracts as advisors.consultants and diplomats.A mini budget that have effectively rendered public servants and Barbadians in general in worst off position.What a brilliant change that came about on May 28,2018.

  49. Negroman

    I too am stunned watching all of this happen in such short a time period.

    One important point you made – that defaulting on our payments will set us back further than all the down grades combined.

    Where are all the talking heads – the Jeremy stevens,the marla dukkeran,the Chamber of commerce,charles Herbert?

  50. Three weeks into the blp winning an election and the country is redhot.Now govt is finding itself having to retract and reword what it said or what it meant
    Is this the path forward that the people of barbados meant when it gave the govt a mandate for change?
    Just in three weeks the wheels have begun to fall off the wagon while the PM is no where insight

  51. Now that the smoke is beginning to clear and what can been seen emerging are the remnants of a bloated govt ministry toploaded with friends family and outside foreign interest eating off the bony calf
    What happen to the transparency that govt promised
    Not talking about them PR koolaid drinking press conferences to cover govt lies and deceit

  52. Mariposa

    T. Inniss


    and other rational thinking Barbadians !

    You have all made the pertinent observations.

    Given the PM Mottley chaotic decisions post May 25 , 2018….,,

    Now we must ask in unison – like Smokey Burke does in his 2018 mega hit ” Conversation wid Bussa ”

    ” Is this what the Barbadians ‘ kill ‘ the DLP for ? ‘

    • a BLP administration that now touts a BLOATED 30 member as being better than the DLP 17 – in stringent economic conditions ?

    • a BLP administration that now touts UNILATERAL loan defaults is better than paying our country’s loan obligations ?

    • a BLP administration that now touts paying Road Tax & Fuel ⛽️ Tax together – is far better than paying a Fuel Tax ALONE that will replace an ” abolished ” Road Tax ?

    • a BLP administration that now touts SARGASSUM sea weed as a blessing for Barbados – rather than clearing the beaches for locals & visitors to enjoy alike ?

    Oh how we weep for Barbados 🇧🇧 !!!

    Lies , Chicanery and Bobol have caused some persons to be Brainwashed !!

  53. Fractured blp have you heard of the”strong economic team” that govt has put together to wrestle the IMF to the ground
    All this PR dribble the media is allowing this RH govt to spew down the people mouth
    No investgation of any thing
    This govt has used the same hoodwinked formula which Trump used to win an election
    Sooner rather than later the people would have buyers remorse when they see that their pocket books can no longer afford anything
    The PR stunts are already beginning to look and sound like propganda typically used in totalitarian govt
    Knowning why has beome easy as the name Jong has been the mastermind behind the strategic talking points of all the commuoncation which has made it easier for the populace to drink the bitter koolaid of lies and deception masked and giftwrapped as better

  54. Very much in agreement with party to keep mouth close as the future forsees a barbados whose social enviromental walls would eventually collaspse from the draconan policies of a govt who made unilateral decisions to abandon the responsibilty of paying its debt but rather used an economic force directed by darkshadows whose interest was self

  55. Negro man where you now come from with all this negativity,.You now catch yourself after the 30 to 0 redwash.Tell me why you think the Dems lost every seat and every box,except two because Mr Stuart and Mr Sinckler were doing such a fantastic job?Newsflash for all you Dems like newbie T Inniss,the tick tock J/A Fractured ,AC,Piece and you,the Dems on the dump heap loking in and so are the bunch of you bellyachers for at least 5 years and 90 days so carry bellyaching,be careful it do not send you all to the Mental.

  56. @ Lorenzo

    You can cuss de ole man.

    You can call de ole man senile or paranoid

    You may even call me a piece uh RH but please doan call de ole man a DLP.

    Whu I do you Lorenzo?

    Other than point out sleight of hand practices in the post election actions of your peoples heheheheheh

    But dere is no need to go so low and call de ole man by such abominable names.

    Oh Honourable Blogmaster dere has to be rules on the blog to warn Lorenzo severely bout tings like dat.

    Whu after all even Mariposa cud me for de 30-0 campaign

    I is hurt badly by that insult and malodorous invective DLP

    And effing Lorenzo doan apologize I rightfully Doan know what I going do……

  57. Lorenzo you need to hold your horses because the cracks in Mia policies are begining to show up the left hand does not know what tge right hand is doing.
    Duguid trying to cover his deceit with lies after telling one lie he sits bold faced in front the camera flanked by Santia Bradshaw and looks into the camera and tells another
    See fooling the people with people rhetoric would daily come back to bite the blp govt in the as reality stands bold faced and delivers the truth

  58. A complete waste of time government. Stupid Duguid misleading Barbadians – telling Barbadians motorists not to pay their road taxes and as Mariposa said the boldface idiot telling us lies on top of lies. The default on paying our international is having severe effect on our international business community. The default on our international loans has effectively made up unable to access funding internationally. This default is worst that the series of default we experienced in the past. Oh I forgot we had two or three downgrades within the first three weeks of this inept government. Tourist unsure and unhappy about the taxes they have to pay to visit Barbados. Serious repercussions to our tourist industry.I have no problem gripping because my family has to live in this country.I am going nowhere to raise my children.Therefore, I am concern with the nonsense that is being passed off daily as government policy. An inept Prime Minister who failed as a minister of economic affairs. Likewise the joker failed also as minister of education as well as attorney general. Former PM Arthur shifted her from economic affairs because of her incompetency. Edutech failed when she was minister of education and Glendairy Prison got burnt to the ground when the clown was attorney general. Barbados is failing now she is unfortunately prime minister. A one term government..

  59. Yet the blp yardfowls drunken with stupidty fails to see the forest for the trees. The horse keeps galloping way out of sight and the jockey keeps serving the people more koolaid as a distraction
    How in the name of commonsense can any economist come to grips of understanding in the way mia made an unilteral decision to default on barbados debt without even as much giving the creditors a courtesy call or a warning
    Making a decision on defaulting a country debt is one wherby all creditors are involved in the discussion and made ready for the decision. It therfore such be the ultimate resting place upon which accountability and transparency should start and end.
    There is a video on you tube and within the context of the discussion which was related to decisions .OSA cited several examples by which Mia had made unilateral decision without his or membership involvement when OSA was leader of the party. OSA constantly made mention of the word unilateral applying the word to alternative decisions Mia had made without given consent even when all party members had first agreed on a decision collectively during meetings ..which i thought was interesting as one sees her haphazard decision to default
    One such incident he cited was the distribution of condems in the prison as one in which she unilaterally had made the decision without members participation and given consent by him and a decision which caused him and the party embarrassment and grief
    He went on to cite others which i thought was interesting and bodes well as examples as to the type of authoritarian leader she might be

  60. Negroman you sound bitter.A one term government to be replaced by who Solutions who seem to be on their dying bed ,UPp who was formed by Bee rejects to stop Ms Mottley from becoming PMand failed miserably,or wait the Dems who fail to win a seat or a box except two,and are in the doldrums now having to look for fresh candidates or risk returning with some of the current rejects and risk another 30 to 0.Most Bajans do not wish to see the return of the blame everyone else government in any hurry ,so which Party will replace this one Negroman.The dems had the worst
    finance minister ,the worst PM,the worst Labour minister,the worst Environment Minister,and the worst Agricultural Minister with that kind of record no Government can do any worse so like Rev Durant said go do some reflection and reel and come again .You got to be dreaming.Nothing you say will remove the 30 to 0 or prevent Ms motley from being PM,as she has spoken more to the people in six weeks than the ex PM did in eight years,as he only spoke in George Street or in Dem forums,and this Government has done a lot in six short weeks not months,remove the NSRL,UWI fees,improve the South Coast mess etc.

  61. Lorenzo why don’t you stick to topics instead of attacking the messenger
    For you Mia can do no wrong
    OSA a leader who would know all the ins and outs of Mia says she is a despot and cites the numerous times she made unilteral decisions without the permission or collective body of the blp party
    Do you think that what OSA said months before the election falls exactly in characteristics and the decision Mia made in defaulting on bsrbados debt

  62. Mariposa you ain,t shame ,take the advice of Dr Durant and look for some fresh candidates for your dying party.Imagine you telling me not to attack the messenger but you on here everyday criticizing Prodigal ,Enuff ,Gabriel,Artax and others for expressing their opinion and you telling me to discuss topics.I was responding to what Negroman said with facts that you or he cannot dispute.Therefore dem yardfowl reel and come again,and you,Negroman this new guy T Inniss who seem to have been born after May 24th,with the rubbish he postand the tick tock J/A Fractured who really should be real shame to see all his tapes talk ain,t stop Ms Mottley from becoming PM,and that alone stick inhis craw.are not in Ms motley,s category.I hope you saw the loud applause Ms Mottley received last night in Jamaica clear evidence of the high esteem in which she is held in the Region ,can the same be said of the ex PM?

  63. Lorenzo all would see how far that loud applause would take her at home
    Already her homegrown policies are receiving heavy resistance as the natives rattled their spears seeking answers to lies and untruths masterminded by her deceitful ministers and propgandize by chopsuey the foreign adviser Jong
    Everday the international papers headlines stories of a debt ridden barbados who has introduce heavy taxation on its people and tourist and ask
    Who kills the goose that lays the golden egg
    The answer mia did

  64. @ Negroman July 5, 2018 6:01 PM

    Is this the same ‘negro-man’ who, just before the elections, promised to commit suicide if the BLP ever won the St. John constituency?

    What happened, Negro?

    Other than the people of St. John finally saw the light and ran away from the darkness of your deceitful lying party which treated the people of St. John like the scum of the earth.

    The only blind johnnies left are you the suicidal negro, the multi-pussy ac and angela Skeete. Unless T. Inniss, the transmogrified idiot, has recently taken up residence in the land recently vacated by former johnnies.

    Why can’t you see the People’s light which blinded you in a 30 to zero ‘red-washing’ and stop being Saul the negro man from St. John and become Paul the torchbearer of enlightenment from the East?

    Why don’t you listen to the priests who are trying their ‘supreme’ best to counsel you and other yardfowls from Johnny land in your time of mourning?

    Even the one called Durant who tried to raise the dead David in the Parish church yard has come to the final understanding that he is not God’s representative on Earth and is incapable of saving the DLP from disgrace, damnation and inevitable death unless its members accept the fact that the people have spoken in One ‘unilateral’ voice of God.

    The same way Durant used to take liberties and speak on behalf of God so too can the lowly miller.

    Your once proud and dear loving DLP has been destroyed by a corrupt gang of despicable lying pimps, bastards, crooks, and managerial misfits and was weighed by the people on the electoral scale of righteousness and God has found all of them wanting.

    And with not even one seat as a beacon of hope of return you have been sent to the political wilderness for as long as you continue to insult the intelligence (commonsense) of the people.

    Now be gone and commit hara-kiri as promised!

  65. Facts are facts this stupid,inept,incompetent collection of political goons in six weeks have practically reduced Barbados to a failed state status. No amount of diversionary tactics could deny the facts of the mis-management of Barbados in the last six weeks.Three downgrades,default on paying our international loans,onerous taxes on our visitors,a bloated cabinets with half day ministries,ministers telling lies and ordinary Barbadians struggling because of a so-called mini budget that has imposed some of the most draconian measures ever inflicted on Barbadians. An incompetent former minister of education and economic affairs as well as attorney general is now unfortunately our PM. This is only for one term though. A one term government.

  66. Ryan Straughn told a blatant lie in the House of Assembly in his contribution to the foolish mini-budget. He said that there is no increase in water rates only an existing mechanism that is being used to collect money for the modified solid waste tax that thousand of Barbadians marched against a few years ago. Another lying minister. Every single household in Barbados has to pay an extra $1.50 daily on their water bills. That idiot minister said not. A continuation of the lies that this government with it collection of idiots is perpetrating on Barbadians Another incompetent minister in an incompetent government headed by an incompetent prime minister. A one term government.

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