Put Our People at the Centre of Everything and All Will be Well!

Submitted by David A. Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

Whether the negotiations that the new Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government has commenced with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) end in Barbados entering into an agreement with the IMF and receiving financial support from that institution, or end with both parties not agreeing on terms and walking away from each other, we Barbadians must recognize that– ultimately — our salvation resides in our own hands and no where else !

I therefore say to the new BLP Government:- “Believe in the Barbadian people, have confidence in their ability, put them at the centre of all your negotiations, proposals, plans and programmes, and all will be well” !

And I don’t deliver this advice as a mere article of faith, but as a perspective that is rooted in a particular conception of the social science of Economics — a concept of Economics that was shared with us Barbadians by the great developmental economist Dr E. F. Schumacher some forty years ago.

The occasion was the inaugural Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture staged by the Central Bank of Barbados on the 29th of November 1976. And at the time, the German born Dr. E. F. Schumacher – author of the ground-breaking economic work entitled Small Is Beautiful – was perhaps the world’s most highly acclaimed living economist.

Dr. Schumacher chose as his topic Independence And Economic Development”, and proceeded to offer up to Barbadians an extremely wise and profound prescription for the future economic development of our nation.

Schumacher began by explaining to us that as a small island nation we possess an economic asset of inestimable value: namely, a distinctive quality or personality of our own – our Barbadian or Bajan national culture!

Indeed, he explained that when a people or nation had the good fortune to possess a distinctive and unique culture, it meant that they had within their grasp an inner wealth that had the potential to imbue them with the characteristics of “self-confidence” and “self-thinking”, and with the basis for economic self-reliance”.

And having directed our gaze towards the goal of “self-reliance”, Dr. Schumacher then proceeded to urge us to reject the orthodox approach to economic development!

Schumacher explained that the conventional approach to economic development, with its built-in notion that “Economics is about the production and consumption of goods and services”, inevitably gives primacy to the wealthy elites who command the so-called factors of production – land, capital, managerial skill and labour – and consigns ordinary people to the role of being mere appendages whose only function is to serve the system and the great Commanders of the factors of production!

Rather than accepting orthodox or conventional Economics, Schumacher urged us to embrace a different kind of Economics – one that does not take “goods” or “money” as its starting point, but that instead, begins with and is built upon “people”.

The great economist admonished us as follows:- “…let’s start with people… So, no matter how poor we are we have something to start with: Ourselves, the people, our own ingenuity and labour power, and, of course, our needs… And when the point of departure of economic policy is not production and consumption of goods and services or money but us, ourselves – people – then everything changes and the primary concern of development policy becomes the development of the capabilities of the people.”

This is economic advice that I urge Prime Minister Mia Mottley and the BLP government to take to heart as they engage with the IMF !

What Dr. Schumacher was urging upon us was a society in which people who have manifold unsatisfied needs – who, in other words, are poor and not affluent – will organize themselves for production: a society in which the people will be predisposed to get busy and produce for themselves, rather than depending on some “foreign investor” to come from “over in away” to set up an enterprise that will employ them.

We  Barbadians need to constantly remind ourselves that our country possesses a sizable number of indigenous assets that we — the Barbadian people– can and should be developing and commercially exploiting for ourselves. I refer to such assets as our rum, sugar, falernum, sea island cotton, black belly sheep, beer, solar technology, classic Bajan furniture, pepper sauce, pottery, Cricket heritage, music heritage, literary heritage, educational tradition, and the list goes on.

We should also recognize by now that the next phase in the development of our Tourism industry — the phase of Cultural, Heritage and Health Tourism— will be predicated directly upon the talents and inputs of our people. And in a similar vein, it is our very own Barbadian people who can and must drive our new efforts to establish Cultural or arts-based industries; to foster the provision of educational services as a foreign exchange earning industry; to lead a new drive to establish the island of Barbados as a compact, efficient, centrally organized, cooperative-based Manufacturing entity; to develop a Cooperative or People’s sector of the economy based on combining and facilitating the development of the resources of our trade unions, credit unions, cooperatives and churches; and the list goes on and on.

Back in 1976, Dr. Schumacher issued a Call for a national leadership that would lead the people to the fullest possible development of their own capabilities, as opposed to a national leadership that would permit the people to be used as a means of production just as and when it suits the purpose of the wealthy local or foreign “Commanders” of the factors of production to use (or exploit) them. And I hereby repeat that call in this year of 2018 !

Indeed, Schumacher posed the following fundamental questions about the Barbadian society of 1976:- Is there a development of the capabilities of the people to feed themselves, clothe themselves, house themselves and generally to do for self? Is there a development of the capabilities of the people to preserve and generate their own culture, and the inner wealth of self-confidence, self-thinking and self-reliance contained within such a national culture?

And, having pointed us in this wise direction of a national doing for self, Dr. Schumacher then made two fundamental and critical policy prescriptions!

The first has to do Education! Without a comprehensive access, not merely to education, but to proper developmental education, self-reliance and independence will only be a dream! As Schumacher saw it, all people should – through the education system – be given the know- how that would equip them to perform at least some of the basic tasks in food and clothing production, house construction, and building maintenance, and that would set them on the road to an attitude of  and an aptitude for  self-relianceself-thinking and self-doing. In addition, the education system should develop the people’s capability to  reproduce their national culture, and to work together cooperatively.

And this is why we now need to move with the utmost speed to reform and revamp our entire education system — from the primary to the tertiary level!

Yes, we must restore the free tertiary education at the University of the West Indies (UWI) so that the 3,200 Barbadians who were forced to drop out of UWI could recover their places, but we also need to bring home to the UWI authorities that something of critical importance is clearly missing from the manner in which they are educating our young people, and that they are not doing enough to provide us with the cohort of conscious, highly motivated and committed nation-builders that our UWI graduates should be. UWI educational reform is a must !

We also need to move with speed to sort out the deficiencies in our Primary and Secondary schools — to abandon the practice of dumping all of the low academic achievers in a handful of overwhelmed schools at the bottom of the educational ladder; to provide  weaker students with the pedagogical assistance of smaller classes, more individual attention, remedial education teachers, and access to a more diversified curriculum; to take concrete steps to expose our children to and root them in their unique Barbadian/Caribbean/Pan African cultural heritage; and– of course– the list goes on!

The second policy prescription that Dr, Schumacher made in 1976 — a policy prescription that is still extremely relevant today — has to do with technology, appropriate technology.

In addition to proper developmental education, Barbados must possess appropriate technology. Appropriate for what you may ask. Well Schumacher answers this way:- “Appropriate…for the genuine needs of the people so that they can effectively provide for themselves…not everyone for himself…but in human-sized groups. Barbados would be populous enough for this: to have a high level of basic self-sufficiency with plenty of work opportunities for everybody, and without undue reliance on such chancy and vulnerable economic arrangements as monoculture export of raw materials or tourism.”

But, as Dr. Schumacher warns, “appropriate technology” will not simply fall into place, we have to bestir ourselves and go after it:- “Every community that wishes to escape from unemployment, frustration and economic servitude will need to get some institution, some Knowledge Centre, with the unique task of organizing and promoting the requisite knowledge of an appropriate technology.” This, obviously, is an urgent and critical mission that should be undertaken by our Government in partnership with the more enlightened of our private sector business, and our educational institutions, particularly the UWI.

Fellow Barbadians, these are words and ideas of great wisdom that were offered to us  forty years ago by a great economist. They were relevant then, and they are even more relevant today as we grapple with a Barbados that is not only beset by crippling debt, but a Barbados  in which the “development by invitation to foreign investors” model has exhausted itself.

With or without the IMF, we — the Barbadian people — must be the subject and the centre-piece of any developmental effort that we construct to take us out of the crisis that we now find ourselves in. Let us therefore centre our economic rescue mission around ourselves — the people– around our own ingenuity, labour power, needs, and capacities. And let it be a case of exemplary national unity of effort, with all hands on deck!

37 thoughts on “Put Our People at the Centre of Everything and All Will be Well!

  1. Comrade Commissioner,

    First you need to teach the people of Barbados that they do not need a Mercedes Benz SUV, a Miele washer and a Hans Grohe shower to be happy. As long as Barbadians desire and copy all the sh… flying around in the North, the debt crisis will go on.

    It is the decadent American and European lifestyle which killed Barbados. Every TV advert poisons the minds. Look at the many iphones and tablets in Barbados: A bankrupt island where people still think they need a new Apple product every six months. How absurd.

    • How is what you are asking even possible when we watch foreign TV, we depend on foreigners to visit to spend, many go to schools at overseas learning institutions, visit friends and family as a routine and there is the Internet. Now you understand why Asians societies- especially the socialist bloc – advance censorship to protect aged old customs.

  2. The admonition to be” strict guardians of our heritage and firm craftsmen of our fate” as exemplified in the words of our national anthem ring even more potently at this juncture of our journey as a nation.
    Thanks to you blogmaster for sharing that very timely message from 1976 which challenged the country a mere ten yrs into nationhood to define its own unique space and place in the family of nations by continuing to discover and exhale and export its intrinsic values and worth and excellence.
    That trajectory has brought us to this point and as a people though broken and bruised by the donothingness of the past decade we stand ready to seize this moment of national rebirth and relaunch.
    As one of many Barbadians who has relocated in recent years, but whose hearts are inextricably tied to the dream of a restored Barbados, we stand ready and willing to put our hands to the plow and join the captain’s call to be “all aboard”.
    This defining moment in time behoves us all to join hand in hand across racial, religious and even residential dividing lines and rebuild and restore a new Barbados for our children’s children.
    IMF or whoever,
    The DNA of our fair land defies the limitations of size and extols the acumen for punching above our weight.
    The Barbadian distinctive reflects an undaunted attitude where its people through pride and industry will conquer every challenge.
    Lets go on to write our names on history’s page with expectations great.

    • What we should be able to observed from the relative success of the IMF programs Grenada and Jamaica have entered recently is the urgency to communicate with people and incorporate grassroot feedback in the policies being implemented. It is a key success factor when comparing IMF programs of today to yesterday.

  3. Commisiong is a relic of the past !

    His obstructionist views and behavior now have Barbadians reeling at the precipice !

    One day the HYATT will hang his behavior in ignominy !

    Let him carry on ” smartly “

  4. The barbadians who understood yhe value and patriotism of the meaning of barbadianism are long dead
    The newly impostors of bajans have no need to be independent. There independence lies within the corridors of foreign interest to buy there crap.
    The older generation understood the meaning of Tom got Mary got so blessed be the person that have their own

  5. @David June 10, 2018 4:18 PM

    We do not need any censorship. Teacher, pastors and politicians need to tell Barbadians that consuming the most expensive foreign goods is not everything in live. Example: What Barbados needs are small electrical cars for a small island with narrow roads, not Mercedes Benz SUVs with 2.5 t and 400 hp.

    The same is true for all other aspects in Barbados. The solutions for Barbados must fit to the character of Barbados as a tiny island with very limited environmental and financial resources. Barbados does not need an oversized Supreme Court building, does not need an oversized BWA Building and does not need the many gov Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Landrovers.

    Greed, arrogance and unteachability caused the downfall of Barbados.

    • Let us that the expanded Social Partnership will include such messaging in its communications. The government has the opportunity to lead by example.

  6. Yeah..the subliminal messaging from the tv and internet ads are a major distraction…keeping away from such money grabbing schemes should be taught in schools and among adult consumers..

    It is instructive that as forward thinking as Schumacher’s speech was 40 years ago, neither of the two successive governments tried to adopt his advise in those decades, they all devolved into being dependent on parasitic minorities and leeching foreign investors…successfully stagnating the citizens.

    Let’s hope this government has the mental acuity to break that cycle of self destruction.

  7. Barbados is one of the best islands on earth. A very special place.

    Recovery will begin with the recollection of old values like integrity, modesty, patience and self-reliance.

  8. The PM’s approach to any debt restructuring will indicate whether it will be business as usual. If individuals and businesses that owe the Government millions of dollars are not made to pay for their dishonest ways while investors preparing for retirement are shortchanged, it will be business as usual.

  9. It is a very effective way for businesses to put their hands in people’s pockets and keep them there for decades, more evident in North America..where everyone can access their intent and products…..it is a major problem, though not illegal..

    existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual: a subliminal stimulus; subliminal advertising.”

  10. As Johnny King sings in Nature’s Plan “… the price little one must pay /To keep the big one in Paradise, is torment and misery all day…”

  11. @ David C (note the reservation from my usual …)

    De ole man looks at your exposition from Doctor Schmaucher and smile at its content and look at some comments posted earlier elsewhere and i smile David.

    Why do I smile David C?

    Let me show you why I smile

    “…This is economic advice that I urge Prime Minister Mia Mottley and the BLP government to take to heart as they engage with the IMF !…

    Your words not mine David C.

    As you beg sorry ask penitently of the BLP to “take to heart” the words of a third party as you shift the exhortstion to a man who spoke in 1976.

    IT seems David C that whenever you speak to the BLP you do what amounts to a verbal genuflection but in going leave thst for a moment and examine another aspect of your submission

    Two aspects David C

    The conversation thst the BLP has to have IS NOT WITH THE IMF THAT CONVERSATION IS DONE.

    Until the conversation with BAJANS that is required proceeds ALL THIS SCHUMACHER NICE TALK ENT MEAN A TING

    SECONDLY David C Could you do this for me please?

    Could you iterate these dated ideas with your own and at least operationalize one idea?

    Instead of all this highfaluting third party 1976 ideas?

    Jump in the pool David C and get wet as opposed to using 1976 second hand ideas to gently pretend that you are engaging with de BLP

    But den again don’t mind de ole man and leh me mess up your forthcoming pick.

    David C you cud put in a word fuh me?Heheheheh

  12. I am extremely suspicious of the so-called “success stories of Grenada, St Kitts and Jamaica” that the IMF propagandists like Christine Lagarde keep spreading. Do the ordinary working people of these countries have the same view? How can Grenada be presented as a “success story” when the unemployment rate there is 24%? We need to dig behind the apparent statistics to get to the truth of the situation and not take at face value these self serving statements from the IMF and the politicians who are in bed with them. For example, I recently read that the unemployment rate in the USA is at an all time low but wages of workers (on a purchasing parity basis) are 4% below their 1972 levels. This situation could be presented as a success because of the fall in unemployment but it actually hides the relative impoverishment of today’s workers.

  13. Tee white

    A very good observation you have made .

    Additionally, does Grenada 🇬🇩 and Jamaica 🇯🇲 have the same level of social services commitments to it’s citizens ?

    Is the level of debt servicing obligations the same ?

    Is the size & maturity of the respective countries private sector on par ?

    I do believe we are not comparing countries with the same relativities .

    But David of BU ……will set the record straight as he is apt to do !

  14. Agree the IMF has their own agenda to sell these success stories . The IMF had already projected that most of these debt ridden countries would be unable to make their debt payments and has gone on a high tech propaganda machine to sell those countries as sucess stories
    Not concerned about the fact that economic succes is not limited to the payment of debt but an economy where a socio-enviroment is not deprived of the social needs that prevent chaos and proverty
    Success story my foot exhibit A jamaica crime level is at an unprecedented high level along with unemployment and the kind of social decays that wrecks havoc amongst old and young.

  15. Tee White wrote: For example, I recently read that the unemployment rate in the USA is at an all time low but wages of workers (on a purchasing parity basis) are 4% below their 1972 levels. This situation could be presented as a success because of the fall in unemployment but it actually hides the relative impoverishment of today’s workers.

    US economist Paul Craig Roberts explains how the “official” unemployment figures for the USA are cooked to make them look better than they are.

    Make-Believe America
    Paul Craig Roberts

    The US government no longer tracks unemployment among discouraged workers who have been out of the work force for more than one year. However, John Williams of shadowstats.com continues to estimate this rate and places it at 22 or 23 percent, a far cry from 4.1 percent.

    In other words, the 4.1 percent unemployment rate does not count the unemployed who do show up in the declining labor force participation rate.

    If the US had a print and TV media instead of the propaganda ministry that it has, the financial press would not tolerate the deception of the public about employment in America.

    Junk economists, of which the US has an over-supply, claim that the decline in the labor force participation rate merely reflects people who prefer to live on welfare than to work for a living and the current generation of young people who prefer life at home with parents paying the bills. This explanation from junk economists does not explain why suddenly Americans discovered welfare and became lazy in 2001 and turned their back on job opportunities. The junk economists also do not explain why, if the economy is at full employment, competition for workers is not driving up wages.

    The reason Americans cannot find jobs and have left the labor force is that US corporations have offshored millions of American jobs in order to raise profits, share prices, and executive bonuses by lowering labor costs.


  16. David Commie Sing Song has used Nuff Words to say Nothing… It is All about Collectivism and the Government Organising this and the Government Organising that. Collectivism is the means that he wants to Drive Stat-ism… and he wants to also Reorganize the Whole of Barbados according to the Dictates of the Government including Education and the Brainwashing up to University Level, where you the Individual may only live to do the Dictates of the State.

    Stat·ism (stā′tĭz′əm) n. The practice or doctrine of giving a centralized government control over economic planning and policy. Stat-ism is the belief that the civil government (or man via civil government) is the ultimate authority in the earth and as such is the source of law, morality, and righteousness (that which is right and wrong)…..

    I can see that this German economist had a profound impact on you Commie Sing Song and you now want to play your Pied Piper Flute to Expand this Stat-ism Idea and to CONTROL everyone in the Society. We have seen this Game played out before and like the DLP we want to See the BACK OF YOU. I cannot wait until they give you a Diplomatic Post in Cuba or Venezuela so we would see the BACK OF YOU and you would have reached your Ultimate Utopia.

    Commie Sing Song, Please Stop Selling Barbadians your Veneered Hallucinations that you had since the 70’s!

    It is the Individuals by their own actions and Self Reliance that of their efforts added together can pull us out but we need the State to Get Out Of The Way. Barbados is not a place to do Business because of the Rules and Regulations that are Imposed and Eerything takes Sooooo long to process. It is only the love of Barbadians for Barbados that we have not seen massive flight.

    But I must say the Core of Self Reliance, Thrift and Industry are good but it comes from the individual, it cannot come from a Collective, Collectivism Breeds Tyranny and Elitism.

    Communist/Statists… Aim is to Destroy Free Market Capitalism the Greatest Wealth Creating System EVER…That is the True Form of Slavery and Bondage no matter how Commie Sing Song Paints the Picture,”By their Fruit you Shall Know Them”.

    Commie Sing Song you Believe in looking to the State as the Shepherd instead of to the God of Providence…There is no such thing as Collective Salvation we each must Stand and Answer for our Thoughts, Words and Deeds Done in the Flesh.


  17. @ Tron: You’ve got it. What you have outlined is EXACTLY what has brought about the demise of my beloved Barbados and unless the PEOPLE change their ways, there will be NO CHANGE. Sad to say.

  18. But David
    We all know that the Ministers were just a bunch of parasite JA’s….
    What was the role of the professionals – the PS? …the engineers? …Environmental Agencies?

    Are you suggesting that these are all just a bunch of brass bowl idiots ..who can only act when faced with an intelligent and committed minister?

    Who among them resigned and went public?
    Were some not actually fired? Did any speak out about the chaos?
    Which environmental officer filed complaints and injunctions?
    …or are these all just there for the monthly pay – no matter what happens?

    What the Hell……!!!

    • @Bush Tea

      We are aligned in our thinking. The minister cannot take the blame alone. The professionals in the ministry had a civic obligation to whistle blow on his matter if they were not being listened to. Further, how could a decision have been made to redirect sewage to the Bridgetown plant under the circumstances?

  19. @Tron June 10, 2018 3:45 PM “First you need to teach the people of Barbados that they do not need a Mercedes Benz SUV, a Miele washer and a Hans Grohe shower to be happy. As long as Barbadians desire and copy all the sh… flying around in the North, the debt crisis will go on. TV advert poisons the minds. Look at the many iphones…”

    I don’t have a Mercedes Benz SUV. I don’t want one. No car at all for almost 2 decades. The car dealers must hate me.

    I have a flat screen TV, but I have turned it on in almost two years. Don’t want to be seduced by the merchants. The merchants must hate me.

    No iphone either. Don’t want one. The best phone I ever had was one of those $49.95 Nokia jobs. I could drop it or play football with it without fear. Maybe run it through the Miele washer, lol. Say hello to my sweetikins. Good phone. If Steve Jobs was alive, he would hate me. Good job I outlived him by a decade or more.

    Old. Happy, healthy. BP below 120/80.

  20. In the meanwhile rich, successful white people are killing themselves.

    Can someone explain so that a Simple Simon can understand, if money and success does not make people happy, what is it that makes people happy?

  21. @ Simple S
    if money and success does not make people happy, what is it that makes people happy?
    The question is – ‘What is ‘success’?

    Bushie has all those things …and is even happier than you are… and probably older and healthier…
    Genuine happiness comes from having the right attitude …and from a community-centric disposition.

    The original bushman explained the purpose of life (and the genesis of success) in three steps:
    1 – Love your maker with all your heart
    2 – Love your neighbour like you love yourself
    3 – Love yourself (else you will be short changing the neighbour)

    Most of us cannot even get past item 1 …and some of us have convinced ourselves that we made ourselves…
    Obviously then, such people don’t give a damn about any neighbours – who are seen only as objects for materialistic exploitation…

    In your case, you seem bent on denying yourself as some kind of penalty for your conscience.
    So even if you love your neighbour as yourself, you want to deny them the pleasures of life….?

    There is NOTHING WRONG with pleasure and material success – provided that one WORKS HARD AS SHIITE to earn this…

    BTW, those Mercedes SUVs are highly over-rated.
    Their main impact is to impress brass bowls… and to transfer your money to Simpson.

    You may want to step up in that area….
    ha ha ha

  22. Good going Simple.

    If everyone would stop trying to fit into the rat race which is a manmade fraud world, their lives would be pure bliss..we were given an earth free of stress and we allowed pretentious, fraudulent men to build systems to dictate our lives and poison our minds, but now we are aware.

    You will find more of the paper wealthy being unhappy because their whole lives are built around paper…paper burns.

    You have grown old men and women who still cannot think for themselves 52 years later, they just go right along with the flow, no matter how destructive to themselves, as long as they are getting that paper, cannot nothing else mattered, until like in the island’s instance it will be very difficult for them going forward because of their past mindless, dumbed down, self defeating behaviors which were passed on and handed down to the last 3 generations of people.

    I don’t see how their own inability to be independent minded and free thinking could have made any of them happy or productive…

    Stop buying into the bullshit system designed specifically in mind to destroy you, steal whatever you have however they can…..and limit any progress for you and your own people.

  23. Formula for a Productive and Prosperous Life…Live with Passion Do the Best of Ones Ability and Gifts given by our Creator…Have Courage it is a Precursor to Faith and Faith is Bounded by Knowledge.

    Desire Wisdom Above All Else as it is far more Precious than Gold…That does not mean that we should not have material possessions, but to understand why they are given to be a Blessing, not for self-serving purposes. If a person has wealth they may give a Hand Up not a Hand Out to help others on their way, encouraging Entrepreneurship and Freedom to accomplish ones Dreams. Not as Governments do that keep people dependent instead of independent. Wealthy individuals also may employ thousands of people that they may live self-governing lives.

    Our Father in heaven desires that we Prosper and are Fruitful in all things. That we love others as we do ourselves and not Envy and Covert what others Own but that each individual by the sweat of their faces toil to increase their Gifts and Abilities…Not like the Socialist that take from those who increase and give it to the Lazy and UN-creative. That is the opposite of the Parable of the Talents. That is what is called Social Justice which brings Poverty not Economic Justice that brings Wealth.

    Here is a Formula that may be used in All thing we Desire to Achieve…

    Faith is not blind; it is not to have a perfect but a partial knowledge. Faith gives us enough understanding to see in front of us. Hope is what sustains us on our journey to move ahead. When you come to know something, you no longer need to exercise Faith in that thing because you know it. Realize that life’s journey is a series of steps along the way. First, have a Desire to Believe, then exercise Faith and Hope for what we believe to be true. Above all, have Charity, which the purifying love of God that enables us to endure all things and to overcome our Frailties as human beings. We are admonished to pray for the Gift of Charity, (the purifying love of God) that when we meet God we should be purified even as He is pure having over come all things through Him that strengthens us.


  24. I have been advocating similar actions as both the Honourable Blogmaster and Brother in Arms Bush Tea

    “The Recogning”

    I know it sounds like a horrow movie I know BUT…

    The concept, as I have been sharing with Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley (AND WHICH I SEE SHE HAS BEEN FOLLOWING FOR THE MOST PART heheheheh) is a very simple one

    1.Stop the payments of kickbacks and illegal monies to the DLP scvunts

    DONE! (That was the suspension of payments)

    2.Effect a series of audits of all ministries making sure to get signoffs ahd signatures from all key personnel euphemism for teifs

    CURRENTLY BEING EFFECTED. For example. We would have watched a press conference where Mia appeared with her team AS WELL AS THE SEWERSGE MAN HALLIDAY

    Now wunna will ask “why she brought that shyte sorry Sewerage man to a national presentation.

    Now de average BRASS BOWL will think it was for show, as did HALLIDAY but he is a BRASS BOWL too.

    But what was playing out is a “Thou Art The Man Moment”

    For there he is talking pun National TV and showing he ent know shi** bout the treatment plant he supposed to be managing BUT YET THE FINANCIALS SHOW THE TRANSACTIONS HE SIGNED OFF ON!!!

    Now he would be well advised to tel an early retirement and go back to st Kitts cause when the AUDITS come back WHAPLAX…

    And dat is where part 3 of de ole man instructions going kick in.

    3.In about 3 months Dale Nuff Teets Marshall and Edmund Hinkson, the Attorney General and the Minister of Home Affairs respectively, going start announcing the charges through the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    Now this action is going to be so momentous that newspapers for all the lical media houses going hit all all time high


    IT going be so bad that the Governor of the Central Bank going have to stop all Foreign Exchange requests for toilet paper imports!

    Wunna does be laughing at whu de ole man does be “sighting” but when it start to manifest…de ole man hope dat wunna can bear to wipe wid banana leaves and cus cus grass..

  25. @the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a scorcher…whuloss…hold muh..I gine fall

  26. @pieceuhderockyeahright June 11, 2018 9:24 AM “Wunna does be laughing at whu de ole man does be “sighting” but when it start to manifest…de ole man hope dat wunna can bear to wipe wid banana leaves and cus cus grass.”

    Nooo!!! Not khus-khus grass. That grass has sharp blades. No khus-khus- grass unless you are the sort of person that likes high level low down excitement. But actually, speaking from experience very dry banana leaves does an adequate job, followed by candle bush leaves, or a nice smooth rock [do NOT, I repeat do NOT try to flush any of these items down a modern sewer system] Never, ever use black sage bush.

    I know how to live rough. I know how to live smooth.

  27. @pieceuhderockyeahright June 11, 2018 9:24 AM “Stop the payments of kickbacks and illegal monies to the DLP scvunts.”

    CORRECTION: Stop the payments of kickbacks and illegal monies to ANY and ALL scvunts, DLP, BLP, any and all.

  28. @Bush Tea June 11, 2018 6:01 AM “You may want to step up in that area”

    I step every day, several miles every day. For decades and decades. How do you think i keep the BP under 120/80? By flying to a doctor in Miami? No. One does not need a motor vehicle in order to step up. In fact a motor vehicle deters stepping.

    You get me?

  29. @simple
    “Nooo!!! Not khus-khus grass. That grass has sharp blades. No khus-khus- grass unless you are the sort of person that likes high level low down excitement. But actually, speaking from experience very dry banana leaves does an adequate job, followed by candle bush leaves, or a nice smooth rock [do NOT, I repeat do NOT try to flush any of these items down a modern sewer system] Never, ever use black sage bush.”

    Girl, I was developing a hard crush on you. But your rock, paper, scissors thing cooled me off. I hope you know poison ivy when you see it.

    Bushie, one competitor just dropped out.

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