Senator Caswell Franklyn, Cometh the Man, Cometh the Hour


Senator (elect) Crystal Drakes – Economist

The first sitting of the newly assembled Senate this week created significant interest among the pundits. One of its first task was to approve an amendment to the Barbados Constitution: the residency qualification to serve as a Senator. The change was necessary because of the Rawdon Adams and Kay McConney selections- two Barbadians living overseas-  who did not meet the minimum 12 months residency requirement.

The blogmaster took a little time out of a busy day to listen to some of the debate. The Senator that stood out was Senator Caswell Franklyn, he signalled that he will not be muzzled by the strangeness of the place, unfamiliarity with procedure and importantly- the overwhelming numbers on the other side. Already Senator Caswell’s bellicose style has ruffled feathers. Yes they were well rehearsed speeches coming from the others but to be expected, they all complied with the party line. The emphatic victory at the polls by the Barbados Labour Party means the opposition voice must be heard.

A favourite quote of the blogmaster is, ‘eternal vigilance is the price of liberty‘.  It dawned on the blogmaster after following the first sitting of the Upper Chamber Caswell will have his work cut out to be effective in the role as Opposition Senator. We have to hope the second Opposition Senator named in Crystal Drakes will be as strident to complement Caswell. He will require the support of all civic minded citizens to deliver in the role thus ensuring we keep guard of a fragile democracy.

It goes without saying the BU family will accompany Senator Caswell Franklyn on his historic journey in the Senate. We will offer constructive criticism and support. We want what is best for Barbados. It should not matter the colour of the party stripe one supports. What matters is the blue yellow.










  • But you were the one who mentioned and was arguing, in this forum, that Hinds was the representative for St. Thomas.

    I’m finding it hard to believe Barbadians are so stupid that they do not know who they voted for as their duly elected representative……….

    …………..and a man who was not elected could trick Barbadians into believing he is their representative.

    To me……it’s unbelievable………and what does the sign have to do with it?

    Anyhow…….I’m done wid dat.


  • Ya have to done with that..because you are still not aware and I will not enlighten you, the sign has everything to do with it….maybe if you lived in that immediate area…you would have known, which tells me that you don’t, because those who are familiar with what transpired do.

    I tend not to argue when I don’t know something either.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Artax…😂 LOLL. Intelligence and logic has long since been a figment on several posts with this blogger…

    I know you dislike too many Trump references but boy oh boy when I read certain posts I can better understand how soooo many people support the man: many, many of us act and talk exactly as he does with amazing, unbelievablely changes of facts RIGHT before our eyes. Oh lawd. 😂

    @BushTea, is this not a tautology…namely: “If it is OK for the leaders to just change rules willy nilly in order to achieve personal objectives, why will public officers not do the SAME shiite with lunch hour rules, anti-bribery rules, contracts rules etc?”

    1.the people elect the leaders giving them the ‘valudation’ to make changes…personal ones in particular.
    2.the people in turn do also definitely apportion to themselves the right to make personal change on employment …as evidenced in bribes taken etc.

    A simple circutious self satisfaction…or a tautology in big words! I think.🙃

    @the Blogmaster et al.
    Yes indeed, why no residence restriction on MPs. A valid point of review.

    Naturally if Bajans would willingly accept a rep who is not a long lived local Bajan then that’s their choice to make… the 12 month stipulation thus appears to directly take that same power from elected or selected (GG) officials.

    Why that was done is less the question than how does it benefit us in the future.

    A senatorial appointment is a patronage role in most regards thus to debate why two expats were so appointed over many others is hardly about knowledge and skills considering she had many frim which to choose in our very worldly, mature, educated society….

    …. It’s all about what they did for the PM and are expected to continue to do for her.


  • @Well, Well June 11, 2018 2:32 PM “maybe if you lived in that immediate area…you would have known…”

    Well i live in the immediate area, five minutes walk from the old, old Rolerick sign and all ‘o we know that Cynti is we MP.

    So there.


  • Simple…it still does not change the facts, you cannot speak for every household, five minutes away or 2 seconds away from that 5 year old sign…you don’t know, what you don’t know.


  • Again…the issue is not whether Forde has always been the MP for the whole of St. I pointed out back then….I am well aware of Forde…


  • Suffice it to say, Hinds will never win a seat up in there, no matter hw long he keeps that office for or the signup…everything went as it was supposed to..someone told me they saw him recently and since the election he lost lots of weight…he knows why.


  • Thanks for reminding the complainers and whiners of my female

    And that the laptop etc I use belong to me, that they are not the ones paying my internet bill, that I am not on their clock or time, etc..


  • Well well

    Oh RH woman, you back with RolerickHinds Gate making an ass of yourself again!!


  • Yes, please leave it alone.


  • dpD

    I fully understand your Trump “analogy” re: “…….many, many of us act and talk exactly as he does with amazing, unbelievablely changes of facts RIGHT before our eyes.”

    The lady is an “exponent” of the art of “changing facts RIGHT before your eyes,” and when one points out her shortcomings, you can be assured she will say you’re having a “psychotic meltdown and in of medication (which she usually prescribes).

    I recall the “discussion” in which she was arguing with Enuff and Simple Simon that Rolerick Hinds is the representative for St. Thomas.

    Well Well May 13, 2018 9:44 AM: In the St. Thomas area, there is SUPPOSED to be this REPRESENTATIVE Rolerick Hinds for the last 10 years or there abouts, not many people have heard about him, let alone seen him in the areas, it is said he kept his medical practice in Warrens and that was his focus, how this conflict is allowed at taxpayer’s expense I do not even want to imagine.

    Enuff responded: “I don’t recall Rolerick Hinds ever being elected to represent any constituency in Barbados, St.Thomas included.”

    Well, Well May 13, 2018 11:02 AM: Goes to show how much you know…Enuff..

    What you need to do today is take a drive past the Simpson Motors used car parking lot, look to your right at the first right turn after Simpson…and a big ass sign has been there for years with his photo as representative for the area.

    Enuff responded: “May 13, 2018 1:13 PM: Ok Well Well, I guess Cynthia Forde is a fraud.”

    She responded: “May 13, 2018 1:31 PM: I am not following you though…I said Rolerick (drick) Hinds.”

    “Was Forde the MP for St. Thomas for the last X amount of years?”

    “Does she look like Rolerick (drick) Hinds the photo of the man in that 6 foot tall billboard on the road that you clearly never saw when driving by Simpson Motors?”


  • What really amazed me was her comment re: June 11, 2018 2:45 PM:

    “Again…the issue is not whether Forde has always been the MP for the whole of St. I pointed out back then….I am well aware of Forde…”

    But she “pointed out back then:”

    May 13, 2018 7:13 PM:

    Help how? I am telling the blog about the Hinds dude who was the MP for how long, who did nothing in areas of St. Thomas he represented, but collected taxpayers money for how many years anyway….

    ….you claimed you did not know he represented St. Thomas, making yourself look unknowledgeable, MAYBE TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A LIAR, WHO KNOWS WHAT GOES THROUGH YOU DUMMIES HEADS….which you should have then googled and cut and paste, showing us you at least knew something about Hinds…..

    ..instead you are telling me something about Forde must be a fraud then….which had nothing to do with what I said…..and I really don’t care who or what Forde is anyway…..


  • And to finish the argument…..

    ………whoever is interested, please click on the following link to read the lady’s comments, in which she never mentioned Cynthia Forde was the representative for St. Thomas.


  • “I tend not to argue when I don’t know something either.”



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