Prime Minister Mia Mottley Releases IMF Staff Report Promised

The report has no surprises, it confirms that the Barbados economy is in a poor condition and deserved to have received greater airplay on the just concluded political campaign trail . – David, blogmaster

Earlier this afternoon,  Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley met with her economic team, the Governor of the Central Bank and senior officials of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs to receive a briefing on the economic challenges facing the Barbados economy.

Following the meeting, the Prime Minister authorised the release of the Barbados Staff Report for the 2017 Article IV consultation prepared by the International Monetary Fund.  Click here to download the report.


  • Why is it that a country should/must resort to a foreign interest to correct their internal economic problems?
    Does the country not have any economic brain fortitude of their own to access and alter its structural economic policy and make the necessary adjustments.

    Are we a country void of leadership? NO!

    Already the country carries a heavy burden due to the former advice of such foreign entities which really is programmed to call to order, economies of interest in their favor to control.

    Many strategies to earn or retain Forex have been highlighted here on BU and elsewhere. For instance,
    “Most of the money of the tourist sector never reaches Barbados thanks to many grand tax concessions”…Tron
    So true, .. therefore, rethink tax concessions,
    Let payment of accommodation be done ON ARRIVAL. enact such legislation to benefit our homeland.
    That slight adjustment alone creates a measure of recovery in itself.. its not rocket science but common sense. The flip side to that will be a loss to the agencies OUTSIDE who profits from collection.

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  • May 26, 2018 11:33 AM

    Why is it that a country should/must resort to a foreign interest to correct their internal economic problems?(Quote)

    They do not. It is an orthodox belief that hangs around the neck of our decision-makers like a noose.

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  • Bernard Codrington

    Let us dig for the facts. Opinions abound. We should aim for data and data based analysis. The IMF report added nothing to the debate.
    We must not ignore the fact that the IMF report comes with an ideology. We ignore this at our own peril.

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  • Mr Blogmaster,
    I respect you and your efforts.

    I respect many of the bloggers and I hope many are rewarded for their electioneering efforts. (I suspect Mariposa paycheck will be cut 🙂 )

    We have a few who would not use any expletive deletives, but would search through the thesaurus to find an equivalent word to describe a subset of Barbados. I did that search! I found synonyms that were even worse than what I wrote here.

    Anyhow, I will be more polite in future

    Kind regards,
    Theophilius Gazerts 233


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    None…as usual…

    Brain power was sadly lacking in the previous government, let see if this bunch have the requisite mental strenght to achieve what we know is quite possible….with the savvy needed to implement and enforce.



    Mottley to hold media briefing

    Added 26 May 2018

    It is widely expected that Mottley will officially announce her Cabinet during the briefing at Government Headquarters…


  • I am looking for an analysis that tells me why the DLP went wrong. I know what they did wrong and where they went wrong, but the the why eludes me.
    Who were they listening to?
    What signals from the public were ignored?
    Did the lack of an ‘uproar’ over failing infrastructure mislead them or lull them into the thought that they could do not wrong?
    How could they be so out of sync with the thoughts of the people?
    Surely they knew that elections are help at regular intervals.
    Hoping some one does an analysis of why the DLP misread every signal.


  • @Tron
    May 26, 2018 8:44 AM

    “The problem is that 95 % of all Barbadians are socialists who do not value freedom but a free ride …”

    Tron I support what you said 100% and because we live in Barbados… add Vat to that so I support you 117 ½ %. Bajan’s want Free-nest that Everybody Else Pays for.


  • @David

    You could have pulled any inventor’s name out of the hat but if Edison fits the bill so be it, we can’t ask the NGO’s e.g. unions to hold strain while one of the principal players in the economy has their eye on maximizing profit. The “Social Partnership” is not the panacea for all that ails Barbados.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Despite it maybe pissing off those who are unable to think rationally…I will say it anyway….what is one or two more enemies…ah can handle it.

    You cannot have a majority population who has absolutely no need to…being solely dependent on a few business people for employment…just because two governments could not think beyond that oppressive practice…for the last 60 years…

    And even despite the 1937 riots…they still continue the lack of empowerment practices of a majority population..

    And yall still got the nerve to believe the island can progress under such backward conditions and environment and still think there can ever be further economic growth, sufficient to sustain an entire growing when nothing has been expanded in decades . …really…..?

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  • Doc Martin
    May 26, 2018 10:07 AM

    @ Dc Martin we have every right to Distrust that Institution IMF if you say by their Fruit you shall know them…then you understand that they leave Havoc in their Wake. It is true that they are the Lenders of last Resort but they like Shylock want the Pound of Flesh. We have to Blame the last administration and some blame to Owen Arthur also for putting the people in this Ka Ka Position as regards why you should not trust the IMF read the Book called Economic Assassin by John Perkins. I think you can find on the net for free. He used to work for the IMF.

    Doc Martin @ Tee Tree (LIES)… “If you just deal with the objective facts and figures… But remember: “If all you have is a hammer, then everything seems like a nail!”

    WALLA…Talk about Hitting de Nail Pun de Head!


  • Brain Power! It did not take much brain powerfor Mia to handover to the populace ideas of largesse amounts that feeds into the mouths of the populace formulated out of self interest
    Brain power means adding ideas that would empower a nation and its people quality of life that is sustainable and one which has long term goals with positive effects with a broader insight and a approach to tackle negative or impending circumstances.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    sufficient to sustain an entire growing POPULATION when nothing relating or beneficial to that population has been expanded in decades . …really…..?


  • The new prime minister must realise she has no time to relax. On Monday we expect the new prime minister to announce some urgent policies: a new board at the NIS, a new board at the central bank, creation of a Sovereign Wealth Fund, cancellation of the sale of the Hilton along with an expert market valuation of the portfolio of hotels then out them up for sale, announce a new criminal justice act (including reform of the court system, the registry, a new traffic police force with its own commander, a new sentencing council, and a programme of education and industry for prisoners serving longer than one year).
    She must also announce a programme to rebuild the City, bulldozing the slums and replacing them with architecturally designed apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, recreational facilities, clubs, making it the hub of a 24-hour tourist-driven economy.
    She must re-negotiate our loans from the Chinese, embark on a programme of job creations, especially for the crucial 16-24 yr old cohort. Reform our secondary schools, setting targets and reforming the curricula; upgrading the teaching profession, putting it on the same level as doctors and lawyers.
    Most importantly she must embark on a massive nation-wide programme of municipal repairs: more street lighting, repairing pot holes, maintenance of public buildings, hostels for the homeless, proper public lavatories, pavements, and generally make the nation look clean and tidy.
    By the way, she MUST sort out CBC ( not by selling it to the Trinidadians, but by making it independent and professional).



  • @Doc Martin
    Thank you for your response to my contribution. It reinforces for me how important rational discussion is. I’ll post something separately about this drawn from the principles of traditional African democratic governance. It’s interesting to read your comments because the idea that the writers of the IMF document view ordinary Barbadians as ‘second class human beings’ jumped out at me when I went through the report.

    You are absolutely correct that I view the IMF as an organisation whose actvities will be harmful to working class Barbadians. This is not based on any prejudices against that organisation but on an analysis of its place within the structure of the world economy and on its track record. The IMF is one of the so-called Bretton Woods institutions which are tasked with maintaining and upholding the current world economic order. This world order is a continuation of the old world of slavery and colonialism which is marked by deep economic and social inequality. Currently, its dominant ideological approach is neo-liberalism which whereever it has been applied has led to a reversal of of many of the 20th century attemps to reduce these inequalities. Consequently, the present world order is witnessing once again an increase in economic and social inequality. Implicit in accepting this state of affairs is an acceptance that some people are entitled to a luxurious lifestyles while others are not entitled even to be able to meet their basic human needs. In my view, this means categorising people into first and second class human beings.

    Enter Barbados. There is an ongoing attempt to build a narrative that ordinary Bajans have an unjustifiably high or unaffordable lifestyle and so must accept cuts to it. Butch Stewart’s recent delaration that he couldn’t understand how Bajans could get a few weeks unemployment benefits or Freundel’s statement that Bajans are living in luxury are part of this narrative. Therefore, when the authors of the IMF report state “Public sector pensions, which accounted for 3.1 percent of GDP in FY2016/17, are also high relative to pension outlays in other countries in the region” (page 13) and then propose, “other current spending cuts, including a reduction in public sector pensions” (page 11), what other conclusion can I draw? As someone who has a lot of experience outside of Barbados, I can say that pensioners in Barbados do not receive high pensions compared for example to people in Britain and other parts of Europe. The IMF authors could just as well have said that pensions in Barbados, as in other Caribbean countries, are low by international standards and need to be increased. They don’t do so because the very philosophy of the IMF does not accept that pensioners in Barbados or the wider Caribbean can be compared with pensioners in Europe as human beings who have retired and have human needs to be met. To me this is categorising people into first and second class human beings.

    Please be clear. I have never said that the authors hate Bajans and other Caribbean people just that they find it acceptable for us to be deprived of the means of a modern and dignified life that is suitable for the 21st century.


  • ..”We should aim for data and data based analysis”..
    The best starting point to engage change. The PM is on the right track, lets wait and see what she finds.


  • PoorPeacefulandPolitePensioner
    “Simple and immediate recovery plan: Legalize the cultivation of Cannabis, and catch the wave of Marijuana Stock investments !!”


    I am a proponent of free herb (weed) which is the how nature and God planned it


  • @Tee White: May 26, 2018 9:50 AM

    Re: @ David
    In terms of government responses to the current situation, I think we need a clear picture of the state of the economy in order to be able to judge our options. There are many areas of concern that I think will need to be addressed.

    In the wider economy we need a clearer picture of what is happening with that other 70% of GDP.
    Finally we are getting to the root of the problem…understanding how the economy works! All the talk about “growth” etc does not help very much, if one does not understand the economy. You can’t fix a problem with a car unless you understand how the parts work together and more importantly, HOW THE PARTS RELATE TO THE PROBLEM!

    Not even economists can grapple with the enormity of all the economic actions in a society. That is why they try to model it (read “simplify it”) and that is why they use summary measures like GDP and PCI which all have their shortcomings.

    The division of the economy into public and private is merely part of the modelling referred to above. This and the overall modelling business is only helpful if the managers of the economy can predict with any degree of accuracy, the effect of ANY fiscal action taken. That is challenging, given the state of our understanding of macroeconomics and hence the economy itself.

    For example, if specific taxes e.g. NSRL are reduced or removed an alternative source of revenue must be found. If one sector, say tourism is given tax concessions (a point alluded to in the IMF report) the shortfall in revenue will have to be made up elsewhere. OTH, if taxes on businesses are increased, the effect may be absorbed by increasing prices of goods and services to the public which can lead to a reduction in spending or worse to SOCIAL actions such as unrest. There are no effect-free actions in an economy and clearly economic, social and political actions are highly intertwined.

    It is perhaps ten times more challenging when you are asked to predict the effect of SEVERAL fiscal actions taken TOGETHER where some may have instrumental vs. inverse effects or desirable vs. undesirable effects, not to mention the issue of time lags in implementation.

    So any prescription made by the IMF or the Government itself (or any of us on this blog) is only as good as the extent to which it can be implemented and controlled and more importantly, the extent to which its effect on the economy be predicted. The “trick”, if that is an appropriate term, is to prescribe a set of measures,which when taken together and allowed sufficient gestation time, will begin to move the juggernaut that is an economy in the direction desired.

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  • Tee White,

    Barbadians can only spend what they earn. And in Barbados there is only tourism and some rum export and a vanishing offshore financial industry.

    All the houses and cars of the so-called educated Barbadian middle-class are based on debts, not on wealth.

    Nobody in Barbados has a human right for a Mercedes, Miele washer and Hans Grohe shower.

    Just compare what workers in Jamaica and Guyana must do to earn their dollars and Barbadians. There is plenty of room in Barbados to lift the work ethic.


  • ac…sustaining is achieving the bare minimum requirement.,,by doing very little

    ..implementing policies and successfully achieving growth through those policies, requires brain power…we note that is what always escaped the exgovernment, they could not achieve and sustain consistent growth at the same time.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Theophilus Gazerts (de ole man forgets your aka nowadays heheh)

    you seemed to have asked a question when you said

    “…I am looking for an analysis that tells me why the DLP went wrong. I know what they did wrong and where they went wrong, but the the why eludes me…”

    De ole man is a simple ingrunt man bereft of the enlightenment of many here

    For example a few here have spoken of the I.M.F report in terms of GDP and of the missing % some 70% which the average citizen seems to contribute to that report.

    Now it would seem to de ole man almost a logical progression that those 70% need to be somehow informed about what all this economic IMF ting means.

    I put it to you that 85% of the average Bajan neither knows and by extension cares about this economy tingy.

    I mean like, suppose the economy was likened to a Transport Board bus.

    Den suppose that it was further remarked that each bus having a floor decking was necessary since it facilitated having seats in the bus.

    Even the simpleton like de ole man could see the inter-relatedness of floor to seats and standing room as being an essential part of the operation of buses

    No Floor, no seats, no standing passengers, no bus operations and of course one could incorporate the purpose and requirements of having fuel to run the buses with all the usual externalities necessary to run the economy.

    In short Theophilus the average bajan does not have a clue about what all this means economic jargon means to each of us AND WHAT IS OUR ROLE IN NOT JUCKING UP THE UPHOLSTERY OF THE BUS and carving we ingrunt names into the replacement fiberglass seats cause we had was to tek out de upholstery.

    And doan tell me dat it was necessary causing when you go to Canada and Merica you know dat de seats is cushions and not fibreglass. Next ting we going has to do is install cement seats for we savages.

    Sorry, I get tie up wid dat deviation but leh de ole man answer your question.

    You ever had to run to your 8 month baby when dem get a ford and see de 110V electricity plug in the wall?

    Or when dem twist out you hand pun de public road and brek for the dog pun de other side of the ABC highway?

    I know that this sounds like a simple “analysis” BUT THE FACT IS THAT, if you had had the singular displeasure of meeting with these DLP ministers OR FOR THAT MATTER SOME OF THESE BLP replacements IT WOULD BECOME GLARINGLY CLEAR why them effers have done what they did.

    Imagine carrying 16 babies to the Lower Estate when it was producing sugar and leaving them at the outlet of the centrifuge after the brown sugar has been extracted.

    In fact doan even let me present such a puerile anectdote Theophilus

    Imagine leffing de fellers from Canewood next to a field of ripe canes!

    You tink any uh we wud have given one flying badword as to “the tonnage depletion for sugar that year, and its commensurate impact on the GDP and all that crap, when we busting we belly with them canes.

    That is for the most part the calibre of candidate that is prepared to run for the HoA and that was 95 percent of the DLP stool that we elected to represent us for 10 years

    I hope i answer your question properly and do forgive the two “badwords” i had was to use for emphasis


  • “Now, this adherence to the principle of consensus was a premeditated option. It was based on the belief that ultimately the interests of all members of society are the same, although their immediate perceptions of those interests may be different. This thought is given expression in an art motif depicting a crocodile with one stomach and two heads locked in struggle over food. If they could but see that the food was, in any case, destined for the same stomach, the irrationality of the conflict would be manifest to them. But is there a chance of it? The Ashanti answer is: “Yes, human beings have the ability eventually to cut through their differences to the rock bottom identity of interests.” And, on this view, the means to that objective is simply rational discussion”.

    Democracy and Consensus in African Traditional Politics – A Plea for a Non-party Polity by Kwasi Wiredu


  • @Tee White: May 26, 2018 12:07 PM

    Plenty here to respond to but for the time being:

    I understand the role of the IMF and the Bretton-Woods framework. But focusing on its IDEOLOGICAL postures is not going to help us solve our problems. We need to be aware of those postures but we still need to fix our problems.

    We DO have a high standard of living! Just watch the wide raging reports on the poverty and unrest from, for example, on countries in Asia, Africa and even South America (Venezuela and Argentina).

    Nobody wants a reduction in his or her standard of living. But if we are asking for MORE, where will it come from? Who will pay for it? Where will a COLA for public servants as proposed by the BLP come from? These are practical matters that need to be addressed and I am afraid that excessive preoccupation with ideology is not going to help us at all. What measures do YOU recommend?

    As I tried to explain in my last posting, without using the term, successive governments have been “tinkering” with economy; here a tweak, there a tweak, every where a tweak. A holistic approach is required and I am eagerly awaiting the BLPs first budget because I will be the first to do a comparison with the DLPs last three budgets to see if there is any fundamental difference in approach (from tinkering) AND if the next IMF Article report (for 2018) will say anything different about the government’s handling of the economy.

    In the meantime it would be helpful if we could do a point by point analysis of the DLPs last two or three budgets against the IMF reports.

    Bajans should be reminded that the BLP has NOT stated in any detail (except for freed up cash from debt re-profiling) from where will come the funds to finance it programmes. The party simply said “We will find the money!” Sounds to me like something a mother might say to comfort her son or daughter!


  • Congrats are once again in order for Madam PM .

    Who on 25 May , 2018 created another FIRST !!

    With 30 seats in the Lower House

    Madam PM has the unprecedented position of appointing 12 new faces to the Upper House ( this is due to the fact that there were no BLP losing candidates – who usually find themselves in the Upper House / Senate ) .

    Therefore, like Donald Trump in the USA 🇺🇸 whose Republican Party controlled the White House, the Senate and Congress .

    Ma Trump BLP controls the Lower House and Upper House.

    Therefore, Ma Trump has an unfettered and unhindered pathway to implementing all 70 pages of HER BLP manifesto within the next 60 months .

    Barbadians don’t want to be told ..,…. the Dems left no MONEY 💰!!

    Because. even before gaining office the BLP told the electorate that they had …,,,COSTED all their manifesto proposals !!

    So I encourage all Bajans to sit back and enjoy the BLP ride !!!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Hal, and the extensive list you noted is fundamentally different to the actions items ANY new government entering taking over an under threat economy in what ways??

    Of course she has to hit the ground running and she knows that well …. but most of the items identified fall under the standard dynamic change of new governance.

    It would be SHOCKING if this govt ran by lawyers who benefit ftom the sloth and inefficiencies actually use its massive mandate to reform our judicial/court system. So let’s see.

    Similarly this issue of CBC. This is an old and now unimportant concern as CBC’s impact of influence is irrelevant. In our mature democracy the govt has absolutely no practical reason to own this media company.

    Thus the only practical debate is its sale…to the highest offer….whether Trini, Jamaican or local is not the issue

    @Gazert, a good midday laff cause you gotta be mekking sport…you don’t know WHY politicians shoot themselves in the foot and then take the foot and stick it in their mouth? Really!

    The dictionary is filled with a variety of explanations from A to Z…arrogance, hubris, zealotry! That’s just three, a comprehensive 26 can be arranged 🙃.

    The only politicial leaders who don’t suffer the pain of a crushing defeat to end their careers are dictators who die in office (or leaders who are limited by term of office)….thus the WHY’s are already quite well identified by many wise people. Stuart’s and the DLP are no different.

    In their case ‘G’ best describes their ‘why’ problem …Greed!


  • Worth a listen.

    “Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley will hold her first media briefing at 2 p.m. today. The Barbados Labour Party which she leads swept to an unprecedented 30-0 victory in Thursday’s General Elections. It is widely expected that Mottley will officially announce her Cabinet during the briefing at Government Headquarters.”


  • Agree we have to wait on the signals from the new government, it is early days but given the perilous state of our affairs there is no time to play the donkey.


  • Wait on what signals were not these signals all laid out in the blp manifesto
    The only wait is seeing how they all can be achieved out of a ballooning debt and another plan which would include furthering borrowing to cool down the temperature of more spending in order to accomodate social programs.


  • Do you have a brain? A manifesto is a bunch of promises designed to woo an ignorant electorate. The real business begins as far as managing the economy. You may have the last word.


  • @ TheoG
    I am looking for an analysis that tells me why the DLP went wrong….
    Check on the Garrison…


  • lol..

    Music to calm the nerves while enjoying the skills of our new generation.


  • Hopefully the media gets it in their heads to carry Mia’s press conference live, no one should have to tell them is a very important and defining moment.


  • Sounds to me like something a mother might say to comfort her son or daughter!

    It would have also been considered rude and sometimes backed up with a smack to demand an answer for that type of a question. LOL but as a nation PAYING TAXES is entitled to know.. 


  • Apparently they are running late, but here is the feed.


  • David

    What are you getting so excited about 1:51

    If the manifestos mean nothing, and the real business starts now, why did we waste the last 3 weeks following campaigns?

    Certainly, it cannot be that crass, can it?

    In any event, your irrational excitement is destined to come to naught.

    Politicians have not the ability to elicit these kinds of responses from us.

    We are telling you here and now that once this emotionalism of a honeymoon period passes, three months, we are back to the position ante.


  • They screwed up.


  • David are. you calling. the huge blp electorate ignorant. Yout words not mine in response to my comment at 1.49 pm
    Arent you even slightly ashamed of your outburst which includes your own self interest after endorsing Mia plans

    Btw the planned pm press conference schedule for 2pm had not started as of 2.40pm


  • press conference rescheduled for 3:30


  • Liverpool is in red. Will watch them and think it is the BLP


  • David is being hypocritical even after reading previous IMF reports and the recent one in whuch it is clearly pointed out that barbados economy needs a holistic and conservative policies in order to heal and not no more of what Mottley has planned for the nation which would include an expansion of debt driven by a political policy to increase wages.


  • Today is the 26th. Looks like Mariposa plans to work till the end of the month. The check may be late…


  • MIA’s first and only option is IMMEDIATE FORENSIC AUDIT OF ENTIRE GOVERNMENT AND ALL SOE’s including all debts, loans, repayment schedules etc. by a competent and non Barbarian entity to accurately determine the exact and detailed state of the countries finances.
    Only then can MIA make any creditable plans for the future.

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  • @Pacha

    And you gleaned the blogmaster is excited how?

    If you read a blog titled ‘Thursday’s Vote’ the blogmaster was clear. If you compare several indicators 2008 to 2018 all of them point to decline. The decision to vote the DLP out was an easy decision. We now have to do it all over again with this lot and hope we see improvement.


  • Also David by you stating a manifesto is to “woo” the electorate are you not in essence saying that Mia placed a lying and deceitful manifesto in the hands of the electorate to gain votes . Then you get here day after day preaching integrity but have no qualms in endorsing lies and deceit

    Yes these are indeed interesting times


  • “Police have confirmed that the man who fell from a truck on May 21 has passed away.”

    Very sad. Condolences to his family and friends.


  • The Sound of Silence


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Mia is showing class amending the Constitution to include 2 senators in DLP seeing as they have no leader, she reached out.

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  • I really thought that with the redwash the electorate inflicted on the DLP that the yardfowls would have been so defeated, humiliated and would be so ashamed that they would go and hide under the big rocks pelted at them for years and we on BU who want to read useful submissions would be at peace to do so.

    Low and behold, the morons are busy on BU the day after the mauling they endured. After all the talk about LEC, bombshells and all the nasty low talk………they still have not learnt their lessons.

    As the voice note on Whatsapp is saying we needed to get rid of the government to reclaim our country. It was the collective rage against an arrogant government. The people punished them for the misgovernment…..a collective rage against a government in a most vicious way.

    Mia will repair the Barbadian brand!


  • @ Prodigal Son,

    You could the scroll button .You are not compelled to read every post.



    PM names new Cabinet

    Added 26 May 2018

    Here are some of the key appointments:

    Prime Minister Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment – Mia Mottley

    Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs – Dale Marshall

    Minister of Education, Technological and Vocational Training and Leader of Government Business – Santia Bradshaw

    Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development – George Payne

    Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Leader of Government Business in the Senate – Senator Dr Jerome Walcott

    Minister of International Business and Industry – Ronald Toppin

    Minister of Environment and National Beautification – Trevor Prescod

    Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs – Cynthia Forde

    Minister of Tourism and International Transport – Kerrie Symmonds

    Minister of Transport Works and Maintenance – Dr William Duguid

    Minister of Health and Wellness – Jeffrey Bostic

    Minister of Home Affairs – Edmund Hinkson

    Minister of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce – Dwight Sutherland

    Minister of Energy and Water Resources – Wilfred Abrahams

    Minister in the Ministry of Finance – Ryan Straughn

    Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Investment – Marsha Caddle

    Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Trade – Sandra Husbands

    Minister of Labour and Social Partnership Relations – Colin Jordan

    Minister in the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Rural Development – Charles Griffith

    Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment – Adrian Forde

    Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy – Kirk Humphrey

    Minister of Agriculture and Food Security – Indar Weir

    Minister in the Ministry of Transport Works and Maintenance – Peter Phillips

    Minister of the Creative Economy, Culture and Sports – John King

    Minister of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology – Senator Kay McConney

    Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Public Affairs- Senator Lucille Moe


  • Well Well

    Fair what!

    This is how the duopoly works

    Appearances, that’s all.

    Still doesn’t solve the fundamental problem in the House.

    The people are fickle – bread and circuses, said the Romans.

    The constitutional crisis remains, until it attracts numbers from the government side..

    Same way that David Thompson gave Liz Thompson a job at the UN, 2008. Protection of duopoly, that all. And the duopoly is the bedrock problem.


  • I know Hants but sometimes you cannot help seeing the foolishness.


  • David @BU
    If possible could you post the names and assigned ministries of the Cabinet as well as the Senators named by the PM in her press conference.


  • David
    Disregard.Just saw it posted by Guest while I was typing


  • That gesture should make yardfowls feel better, she did not have to, but in keeping with the spirit of showing leadership, it is definitely the right thing to do.


  • The Leader of the Opposition was just name

    And it is ……………………………..


  • Pacha…ya know how sweet and accepting I am until ya trip up…lol


  • Wow. 21 full Ministers, 5 junior ministers, 2 parliamentary secretaries, Mascoll and Billie Miller at cabinet rank.
    Remind me again that the government finances are poor.

    A ministry of salt water, a facebook ministry and a ministry of old people, a director of public affairs and a director of communication.

    and more Tsars to come.

    If I was Joseph Atherley, Ralph Thorne and Ian Gooding Edghill I would be vex that I get left out.


  • I caught the tail end of the opening statement which was something about saving salaries of Ministers but there are an awful lot of Ministers.


  • Well Well

    No! The DLP lost the election on known rules

    We say that the full weight of the people should be felt, have all its meanings.

    There should be no resort to political largesse.

    Let the politics be the blood sport it has been.


  • We warned those of you

    That MAM has too many people to feed.

    And that will breed the first set of infighting.

    Watch it!


  • See the magnanimity of our Prime Minister………..she has asked the GG to allow for two Opposition members to sit in the Senate………….wonder if the tables were reversed would the DLP do the same?

    MAM realises that there are Barbadians too who voted for the DLP. Take a bow MAM!

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  • Curiously, I watched the PM’s announcement on the BLP channel on youtube. CBC was showing some foreign show! What’s going on at CBC?


  • A blog was updated to comment on the appointments.


  • We have some sore bitter losers on BU. Boo hoo!


  • @Ping

    The dems still in charge there!


  • If she had not shown leadership, it would look tacky, too early in the game not to be mature, the public is watching, it. makes her look credible, now the question is, will they accept or will 3 people have to be chosen randomly to the senate, from the society.


  • Mind you the Cabinet is heavy Pacha…but she explained, to get the maximum performance to handle the bad place the economy is in….and to monitor corruption in her cabinet, she had to double up so to speak…what say you.


  • Will repeat the above comment, ANOTHER BLOG WAS UPDATED WITH THE APPOINTMENTS!


  • The FX reserve is a simple way of tracking how the country is doing. Barbados does not have a currency that can be traded for other currencies on the international market. Therefore everything that is imported has to be paid for out of FX that is earned within the country. The internet is increasingly taking the earning part of the equation away from us. For example VRBO will rent your facility in Barbados in US$ and send those US$ to any bank account you select which includes those off shore. At the same time everything we consume that is imported has to be paid for form the reserves we have. Cars, gasoline, much food, computers, smart phones all take vast amounts of FX to pay for. Simply stated we are spending much more than we are bringing in. That is forcing us to sell off our assets such as the Hilton to pay for the things we spend on. There are 3 solutions to the issue. 1. significantly reduce spending on imports 2. change the way credit card payments are processed for accommodations etc so that the fx involved comes to Barbados 3. let the Barbados dollar float freely so that FX can be purchased when needed.

    Hard times ahead.


  • The IMF has updated their website with the IMF staff report. Obviously received a quick communication from the new government of Barbados.


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