Prime Minister Mia Mottley Reports on IMF Visit – “We Got This”

Prime Minster Mia Mottley immediately reports on her visit to Washington where she met with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Managing Director Christine Lagarde. In a few words she summarized the visit in a few words –  ‘we got this’.


  • @T.Inniss

    If you find the time to listen to the PM’s press conference you will her the revelation that a 3 million dollar lease payment became due last week for the SSA building which was not factored in the ‘numbers’?


  • David
    And there will be more payments/liabilities revealed.


  • The Reverend Durant is asking his DLP party to apologize to Barbadians. How can he who sat among thieves and said nothing, who sat among those who assassinated the character of their opponent the present Madam PM Mia Mottley and said nothing, to be now asking his party to apologize???

    They are now seeing how Madam PM is communicating with the people of Barbados and explaining in simple terms what is happening. Barbadians welcome this and kudos to her. She is showing how things should be done. The Bridgetown sewage holding tank was cleaned in record time from years of neglect under the DLP. This is how good governance should be. The money spent on the new SSA building should have been put into the sewage plants. It was clear the DLP priorities were askew.

    It has taken a woman to clean up the mess the DLP has left behind. Thank you Madam PM! Thank you!

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  • Islandgal,

    The money was spent on the new SSA building to enrich local construction companies. Maintenance does not create any kick-backs.

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  • @enuff

    It is early days yet but it is refreshing to see a younger and more enthusiastic PM doing the people’s business. She is not stupid, she knows that the goodwill she presently enjoys will dissipate when austerity measures start to cut to the bone after 10 years of famine.


  • What does ‘mission-critical’ mean? Is mumbo-jumbo now part of the grammar of politics?


  • Mission Critical

    What is ‘Mission Critical’

    Any activity, device, service or system whose failure or disruption will cause a failure in business operations can be described as mission critical. For example, an online business’s mission critical is its communication system. A water filtration company will cease to function if its water filter system is down, and a bakery will have to shut down if it does not get gas or electricity services to fuel the ovens. In this case, the critical function of this business is to bake desserts, and it’s mission critical is the power supply required to run the ovens.


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  • David BU

    This reminded me of a contributor that was also attempting to make a “big issue” out of Bajans calling the election campaign period “the silly season.”

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  • Once MAM continues to communicate with Barbadians, they will understand that what she is doing….she has no choice.

    The DLP dithered and procrastinated for ten long years……….ruined the economy because they did not know what they were doing. They borrowed and borrowed from anyone who would lend and what have we to show for all of this borrowing……..9 BILLION dollars.

    It is very wise for her to administer the bitter medicine at this early stage when she still enjoys huge support as Barbadians realised that the DLP decimated the country by bad management. Barbadians are reasonable people, they are fair and will give her a chance.

    As she continues to expose the malfeasance this DLP did….the people will get angrier at the DLP than what they were on May 24th.

    Good politics.


  • @ David,

    rebuilding the sewerage systems is mission critical.

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  • I can appreciate the fact that at least someone had the nerve to call out the DLP………..albeit too late.

    Where was Apostle David Durant on that awful Sunday night when Dem after Dem attacked MAM in the most vile way?

    Passing strange that he has a conscience weeks later…………

    Apologise what? These nasty Dems?

    They would never apologise…….if they did not do it after the blacklash they got the day after, does anyone think that after the people soundly rejected them that they would swallow their pride and offer an apology?

    Hell no and we dont want it either……… that would keep them in oblivion for years to come!

    Whoo Hooo!


  • @Hants

    An excellent use of the term. Go to the head of the class.

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  • Lest we forget.

    “William Duguid MP lost it during the debate today in what will be regarded forever as a dark day in our parliament. He directed an asinine remark at Minister Inniss. No doubt the remark will not be recorded in Hansard but those who were following the debate just after 2PM would now have a greater appreciation for their mothers.”

    It is satisfying that Duguid will be jetting off to Canada to settle permanently when


  • There should be excellent decorum in parliament over the next 5 years. No cussin or gun threats.

    Asolute majority should equate to absolutely decent behaviour.

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  • Hal
    For a so-called expert, you can be childish and annoying af though. Even on the FB live you were telling the PM to stop saying Mission Critical when the term was made clear in the manifesto, election campaign, throne speech and Budget. It is called being consistent and communicating.

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  • “For a so-called expert, you can be childish and annoying…………”


    And “appallingly ignorant” too.

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  • Things continue to move at pace with President of the IDB Luis Moreno reported to be visiting Barbados next week Wednesday.

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Island Girl

    Sometimes de ole man comes here and has some scathing words to direct against many things.

    Indeed it can be said that de ole man comes here and MOSTLY DIRECTS SCATHING COMMENTS TO ALMOST EVERYTHING.

    And de ole man is sure that he is probably called “a bitter ole man” in fact recently a blogger even went so far as to say dat I was grudgeful of Rawdon the returning Senator.

    So I will not DEVIATE from this expectation especially since thevsuject matter deals with one of these deceitful crooks in “the cloth”

    You said and I quote “…The Reverend Durant is asking his DLP party to apologize to Barbadians.

    How can he who sat among thieves and said nothing … be now asking his party to apologize???”

    I have deleted the content which referred to Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mottley for reasons that are mine own.

    But suffice it to say that he, Revup Durant, moreso than all the rest, like the Bishop Atherley HAS A SPIRITUAL RESPONSIBILITY THAT IS NOT PREDICATED ON BY MAN.

    He purports to serve the Living GOD and that conviction alone does not bow down to man or Mammon

    When you find Christ whom some here call the opiate of the masses, you are not the same man or woman.

    You don’t move to the beat of man’s drum because you are super man.

    You HAVE TO DO CERTAIN THINGS you ent got no choice Island Girl especially if you are a real priest and not a pretender with a dickey around your neck.

    This is the true nature of these men like Durant the “He Shall Not Die Under My Watch” and Atherley crews.

    They who have a greater responsibility to Lead My Sheep think that GOD IS A MAN who, like me can start on one part today and change tomorrow because we are supporting Fumbles or Mia.



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please thank you


  • These news conferences without voices to refute or questiongovt statement sooner rather than later would become cousins of dictatorships
    No accountability No transparency govt says whatever pleases. Not good


  • Bernard Codrington

    @ Hal

    Words and phrases gain their meanings from the context in which they are used. We create concepts and ideas by giving an unusual twist to every day words and phrases. If they resonate with the audience ,they gain currency if only in the small society of Barbados. I think we all understand what the PM means to convey. Actually it is an engineering phrase in space travel.


  • Bernard Codrington

    I think it is also used in the military.


  • Hants

    Much as I abhor what Dr Duguid did then…….at his lack of judgement and self control when provoked……… was understandable.

    ………what was never put into the outcry as it should …….. was that the low life Adriel Brathwaite initiated the nasty comments.

    What a hypocrite Adriel Brathwaite is…….he was minding Duguid’s business when he himself had an outside child where he used to live before Thompson brought him back here ……..much to our sorrow………..I knew but Barbadians did not know what a hypocrite he was until sadly the child died.

    To the dustbin of history for him!

    Decorum and decency will be the hallmark of this Parliament. The people of Barbados made sure the likes of people like Dennis Lowe, Steve Blackett, Adriel Brathwaite, Michael Lashley and Michael Carrington never rise the steps of Parliament again.


  • David

    @ 5:03 p.m. I was not able to listen to the press conference but I would like to hear more details.Did any of the journalists present ask any questions on the matter?

    I don’t grab at every thing that is thrown out I prefer to get proper details because I understand the strategy of this govt.The aim is every day to drop a lil something drip by drip to keep the people riled up and the discussion of corruption always in the media and while the people busy looking elsewhere – avinash persaud and all sorts of everything going un-noticed and getting through.


  • What question by journalist what!?!

    Is there a least payment due in the unoccupied SSA building or not?

    How many press conferences did Stuart hold by the way?


  • @ T.Inniss June 16, 2018 8:00 PM
    are you crazy or what?




  • Mariposa

    Once again you have exposed your stupidity…….…or you are being stupid for stupidity’s sake.

    On Monday, October 27, 2014, Chris Sinckler held a press conference to discuss the state on the Barbados economy. There weren’t any “voices to refute or question govt statements. No accountability No transparency govt says whatever pleases. Not good..”

    When an official holds a press to speak on certain issues, does he/she ever bring anyone to refute their claims?

    Was the press NOT in attendance to ask follow-up questions?

    Whose fault is it if the press did not ask questions, especially the type you seem to be suggesting……the person that held the press conference….….or the press?

    Most importantly, how many press conferences Fruendel Stuart held during the 8 years he was Prime Minister?

    However, if we were to follow your logic……then surely you must agree that at “The Fantastic Four’s” press conference, opinions offered by Donville “Mr. Fantastic” Inniss, David “The Thing” Estwick, Verla “Invisible Girl” DePeiza and Stephen “Human Torch” Lashley……should had “voices in attendance to refute or question their statements.”


  • Artax not going to convince me that these news conference only serve to satisfy the interest of the blp yardfowls while the other portion falls in line like sheep because there is no opposing views to question the truthfulness of Mia comments in the name of transparency and accountability


  • Correction

    Artax not going to convince me.! These news conferences only serve ……..


  • Unless you are you suggesting that “opposing views to question the truthfulness of comments in the name of transparency and accountability” is applicable ONLY to press conferences held by the BLP…….

    ……….then I’m correct in concluding that you are ADMITTING that when Sinckler, Estwick or any minister in the former inept DLP administration held a press conference………

    ……..there should have been “opposing views to question the truthfulness of (their) comments in the name of transparency and accountability.”

    Thanks for clearing that up.


  • Good work thus far by this new government. May it continue.

    That said…. port contract seems to be null and void.


    When yuh get sumting done, make sure those doing it know what they are doing.


  • Mariposa ,

    How about that port contract then? Hhahahahahaha. Sweetness disappear from the dessert plate, just so.

    You musse vex nuff!


  • ” Deputy Governor (Ag) of the Central Bank of Barbados, Michelle Doyle-Lowe, said these include the economy suffering a further loss of international reserves that requires a tightening of fiscal policy and a compression of domestic demand,

    and commercial banks being asked to increase their holdings of government securities from 10% to 20% of their domestic deposits.”

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  • Since the debate following the 1974 Constitutional Amendment,Tom Adams became a star performer by his oratory,his scholarship,his broughtupsy,his BBC background,his ease in interacting with folk of all backgrounds but his capacity for work and for a better life for all who live in Barbados stood out and led to such landmark projects such as the National Bank,the Insurance Corp of Barbados,The Tenantries Freehold Act,the ABC highway.Arawak Cement Plant,Heywood’s Hotel and Resort,a modern Grantley Adams Airport and an upgraded Seaport and one could go on to list the accomplishments of that giant.
    Mia Amor Mottley is showing that she is equal to the task and is showing the type of leadership Barbados needs at this stage of our development.This woman don’t make sport.Her feet are firmly planted on the ground.She’s probably sleeping 2 hours a day.So much to be done for her country.We are confident she is capable of outpacing Tom Adams.She’s proving more than equal to the task.


  • Good work in defaulting govt debt . he hee it may take another thirty years before barbados is ever trusted in the international financial market
    Crusoe Welcome to barbados new managers IMF
    Not so bad. Amm we having the dictator in making bells whistles and draconian policies for the people


  • What is refreshing, let us hope she keeps it up, is her willingness to communicate regularly with the public. The public deserves it, it should be routine like cleaning the sewage tanks. The fact we have to laud her for doing it explains how dysfunctional the system has begun.


  • If the dems had won, where would the money had come from to pay the loan?

    Out of the millions they have stashed away in foreign banks? ……….cause they did not leave anything here…….no wonder at the last moment they were trying to sell the Hilton which they opposed when it was being built. The dems never build anything but walked about either selling what they found or sticking DLP members names on whatever they could find to put them on.

    The people saw through your BS and kicked your sorry backsides over the cliff in the army bus…

    By the way, we thought the whole lot of you were drowned……how the hell you got back out of the raging waters off North Point?


  • ” we got this “….

    “As the Government prepares for continued negotiations with a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Prime Minister Mia Mottley has assured public sector workers there are no immediate plans to cut jobs.

    In fact, Mottley said job cuts in the public sector would only be done as a last resort.”


  • “The Dems never build anything ……….” Lord have mercy and you have people on here calling Mariposa stupid !


  • What did they build in the last ten years to benefit Barbadians…………..


  • They sure built up debt………9 billion and to date MAM has found 1.3 billion in unpaid bills!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    “We got this” is neither military nor NASA

    It is the most recent Americanism that is on the streets in Washington

    It is a black thing moreso than a white thing and speaks to an individual stating that the understand what is going on and have everything under control

    It’s a thug phrase that is migrating into the mainstream social settings and has not come to Barbados as yet


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    As usual and in keeping with behaviors of lack of intelligence, exyardfowls are unable to see where all of this is going…and a good thing too, they are not smart enough to interfere….all ya can get from them is yada, yada, yada, that’s all they are and will ever be capable of.


  • Sunshine sunny shine

    I like to give credit where credit is due. Mia Mottley is doing what a PM should do- talk to the people. Following all of the remedial work needed to get certain structures back up and running, there is one thing that she should not fail to neglect and that is: COMMENCE OPERATION. DEAL WITH THE DLP. Stuart, Sinckler, Stinking Dennis Low Lowe, Michael Lashley and all others in the money need to understand that they are not going to get away with murdah. THE ACTIONS OF THE DLP NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED TOWARDS LAYING CHARGES.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    SSS…Mia will not be given much of a choice by the over 111,000 bajans who elected her and her government, she will not be forgiven nor forgotten if she allows that wholesale theft of taxpayer’s contracts, money and pensioners money, land etc by the exgovernment ministers and their partners in crimes against the people to go unpunished..

    … it stands everyone understands she has critical mass…yes that is a description. ….economic issues needing immediate attention, but 6 months going down the road…with her attorney general, office of the DPP doing their jobs NOW and not year end….. and with the help of outside independent investigators and policing agencies…we should hear some progress has been made in that regard.

    Waiting until the economy stabilizes is NOT an option the attorney general should be given, he is being paid by taxpayers…to work…he is not PM nor minister of finance.


  • Mia has shown she cam be brazenly deceptive even when all is watching
    Her actions so far tells a different story from her political campagain to put money into the people pockets
    So far what she has done is further from the truth and a detour of biblical proprotion based on untruthfulness that she did not know the economic financials of the country a lie which would stand( as is) in a country having voted to have a one form of govt without an opposition to dig for the truth


  • ernard Codrington,

    @ Hal
    Words and phrases gain their meanings from the context in which they are used. We create concepts and ideas by giving an unusual twist to every day words and phrases. If they resonate with the audience ,they gain currency if only in the small society of Barbados. I think we all understand what the PM means to convey. Actually it is an engineering phrase in space travel.(Quote)

    Jargon is an admission that one has failed to conceptualise and express one’s thoughts in a clear and understandable way. Phrases like ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘business solutions’ do not mean anything.
    They came out of the mushrooming business school MBA courses and have been popularised. The original intention was to give business school graduates exclusivity, a coded language. Just attending a lecture in a business school is enough to turn you off that rubbish for life.
    The ‘mission’ in mission-critical has nothing to do with NASA and space. It is to do in its original form with the set objective, the process by which the individual hopes to achieve those tasks..


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    There is no use in reading the first definition….and not the second, obviously the words di0oes not only apply to physics,

    “crit·i·cal mass

    the minimum size or amount of something required to start or maintain a venture.”


  • Bernard Codrington

    Well Well

    I do not refer to dictionaries for definitions. I get my meanings from the context in which they are used. If it is a conversation and I do not understand I ask the speaker. If it is a book or journal article ,the author always defines what he means. Dictionaries are for First Formers.


  • Bernard,

    By the way, I broadly agree with you that words mean what the speaker/author says they mean. I suggest you read Oliver Kamm. But to prove this is not always the case.
    Barbados Today refers to White Oak, the government’s financial advisers, as ‘independent financial advisers’. Are they? In the UK, where White Oak is based, there is a legal definition of an independent financial adviser (IFA), they are regulated by law. On the contrary, anyone can call him/herself a ‘financial adviser’ – even lawyers. Is White Oak a registered IFA in the UK?
    So what you say can sometimes be misleading. In other circumstances here on BU I have been making that point.

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  • Barbados will only get an IMF loan, IF the IMF considers Barbados to be able to pay back the loan plus interest in currencies like USD/EUR etc pp. This is crucial for the IMF, not the internal budget in useless Mickey Mouse-Dollars with lots of Barrows printed on them. The budget only indicates the development of foreign reserves.

    So far there are NO USD reserves to pay back any loan (ref: Miller). If Barbados gets – say – 400 mio. USD, Barbados must be able to earn 400 mio. USD plus interest over the loan period to satisfy any IMF conditions.

    So far I do not see the slightest chance that Barbados will earn such a surplus in foreign currency.

    Barbadians demand a lot, a new SUV every 5 years, yearly holiday in Florida for Disneyland or shopping in NYC, but the masses are unwilling to work and they deliver very, very expensive services for tourists. There is no prospect such a surplus.


  • But Bernard, I am still a first former…with a shitload of words both foreign, local etc in my head, including all that information I regularly regurgitate that everyone else tend to forget with theeir 15 second attention spans and short memories…so I really do need a dictionary..since one word can have 4 meanings…and that is only in English…

    if we start talking about Spanish, that is a whole other world and French..bon dieu..and those are only 2 additional you get my drift where word interpretations combined with learning…never, ever ends..


  • “There is no use in reading the first definition….and not the second, obviously the words does not only apply to physics,”


  • Sunshine sunny shine


    I have been very critical and sceptical about Mia Mottley, but, have to give credit where credit is due. So far she looks the part and is living up to what bajans expect her to do. I still believe that she is rogue, but until she proves otherwise, her work so far is making the DLP look like real real thieves whose agenda was to get as much as they could through Mark Maloney and the other cronies that came into millions of dollars. Give the woman the benefit of the doubt. So far so good. Stop being yardie. The DLP are gone and done wid.


  • Get this…
    Some phrases by my fellow Bajans just irritate the hell out of me “” phrases that show a disconnect with reality”
    Gold coast, south coast, platinum coast, east coast, west coast
    Punching above its weight
    Leading developing country
    Founding fathers
    Framers of the constitution
    Manufacturing sector
    400 million $BDS
    500 million $BDS
    Negotiations with the IMF

    Let’s forget the cliches, the need to big-up Barbados and putting it on par with larger and more developed countries.
    Barbados and its psyche need a complete overhaul.
    Civics, pride nationhood, honesty and patriotism need to be taught in the school,
    A day’s pay for an honest day of work need to be part of the national pledge.
    Cronyism, yardfowlism and constitutional amendment for a select few need to be taken off the playbook.
    Sunshine laws, where ALL government deals are brought to light after a fixed period of time (maximum five years)
    Transparency legislation
    Investigation of corrupt practices. This should be met with jail time for those who were corrupted or the investigators (if they cannot get the job done)


  • Language and the lexicon we use is dynamic. It is a living system. Focus on the ability to communicate effectively.

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  • TheoGazerts for education 🙂

    Barbados has lovely beaches, palms, sun, rum, colourful houses and pleasant people.

    You do not need a Mercedes Benz and items like this in paradise.


  • You speak if the dlp giving croonies big contracts
    However avoid even mentionong that Mia on her first mission as PM gave away millions of taxpayers money to the wealthy without even a word to the public before doing
    On top of all that she now is asking the taxpayer to shoulder those writeoff with pain and suffering. It befuddles the mind how any one can excuse that type of behaviour with an act by govt that lines the pockets of tge wealthy without even a peek of concern .Then proceeds to talk about past govt contracts given to a certain sector of society.
    Letting the truth cut both ways is continual and tantamount to restoring confidence in the people and govt and not finished after a govt is elected


  • Look…I can’t take it anymore, who in Barbados is trying to get an invite to the Royal Gay Wedding, I posted the info since morning and not a fella unpick they teet…

    .when it was Harry and Meghan, everyone was posting on who from the consulate and here and there will be invited..all the pimp title holders had their chops and best suits prepared…

    ah want to know who is going to the history making buckingham palace gay wedding….is it you Bushman?

    Everyone knows despite my beating up on everyone including those in the palace, fair game to me….., no matter who, when it suits me …..SO who is going to the gay wedding..


  • @Tron
    I have read your many posts. You are like John the Baptist crying in the wilderness of Barbados.
    You present a harsh reality and I suspect your prescription of doses of cod liver oil without accompanying lumps of sugar leaves many uncomfortable.
    Keep it real. Preach on.


  • The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) has advised that while a voluntary recall was recently issued by Hanschell Inniss on Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now expanded that recall to include aa Kellogg’s Honey Smacks.

    Acting Deputy Director of the DCCA, Margaret Campbell-Leslie, said the department, which is charged with the protection of consumers, is therefore advising all individuals not to eat and to discard any Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal. This is regardless of size or “best if used by” dates.

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  • “Residents are being advised of low water pressure and outages across the island.

    Barbados Water Authority’s rapid response and communications manager Joy-Ann Haigh called in to today’s Down to Brass Tacks radio programme and said they were investigating the issues.”


  • @TRON

    What is your current take on the Devaluation scenario? In your view what is the probability of a devaluation within the next 12 months, say?

    A. Dullard


  • A. Dullard,

    The Greenback has been appreciating in recent days. Can our economists explain this phenomenon?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Oft has it transpired that you have reached out to public officials here on BU asking them to answer to a question about their dealings and their integrity and all of that FOI pretty talk.

    In fact many have been the times when you have for example asked Downlowe to declare his hand with the Cahill situation

    And you have done the same with Michael Carrington?

    And With Freundel Stuart and all the rests of them.

    Yet here it is that someone is asking you to make a declaration as it relates to 4 simple questions and you are hiding from every request for that information.

    Don’t you think that having taken the his road of the Wrong that needs assistance that you are somehow bound to adhere to your rules?

    Why is it that you can’t answer any of these questions about WHAT ARE YOUR GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REQUIREMENTS?

    1.How prepared is Barbados Underground to share with us bloggers at BU if we bloggers have any similar Freedom of Information rights as are guaranteed under the GDPR?

    2.Do you propose to adhere to any GDPR policies on behalf of your bloggers?

    3.Can your “data subjects” exercise any rights as it relates to (a) a right to be informed and/OR (b) a right for our data to be forgotten?

    4.Would you prepared to share any such BU GPDR Policies under a separate Blog here where you detail your policies?

    5.Has the BU site been sold or is under different shareholdership and/or external allegiances that are inimical to the interests of us Bloggers?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please heheheheheh with a document that is lost in transmission heheheheh


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


  • Maldivians vote out pro-China president by wide margin(Quote)


  • Here is an essay for first year economic students: Is there a contradiction between a government that claims the so-called blue economy is part of its economic strategy and a ban on over fishing? Discuss.


  • As the Anglican Bishop of Barbados-elect prepares for his new role, he is already thinking of ways to address the issues stemming from the tough economic times.
    “The main concern I think that’s on everybody’s mind is where Barbados is in terms of the economy,” Maxwell said during an interview at his home church in Ruby, St Philip, on Saturday.
    “Of course crime is an issue, but I think crime is stemming from the economic situation. If we aren’t able to get ourselves out of this situation we find ourselves in with the economy, then we’ll have to be concerned with the crime,” he added. (Quote)

    This is the problem with Barbados, every one is an expert economist and politician – even the Bishop. He is also a criminologist. Most of us would like him to concentrate on matters spiritual.


  • S&P upgrade Barbados crecit rating to a B-

    Watch and see how quick David post an article to that piece of jobby news while closing eyes to pain and suffering of the people
    That news is only good for the debt collectors who sees an advantage to the austerity measures by which govt is committed in order to pay the debt
    In the meanwhile cat piss and pepper takes a foothold on the lives of the barbadian people
    Jesus take the wheel


  • The Mottley administration is seeking to borrow from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to build low-income houses in an effort to combat over-crowding in some public housing estates – money the previous administration sent back to the bank.
    The issue of density in areas such as Pine and Wildey, St Michael, and Silver Hill and Gall Hill, Christ Church, among other areas, still exists because the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration returned $48 million out of $60 million borrowed from the IDB for the Housing Neighbourhood project, Prime Minister Mottley said.(Quote)

    This is what I mean by ill-thought out plans. Silly nonsense about so-called low-income homes comes from the mind of an idealess person. What is urgently needed is a proper urban development plan with well designed homes fit for the 21st century, not the match boxes we have in Parish Land. How can she plan to spend Bds$48m on building new homes, and Bds$200m on repairing roads? She is bonkers.
    The woman needs proper advisers, and not just her childhood friends.


  • Barbados’ financial system is too dependent on commercial banks, unbalanced, narrow, and not good at mobilizing domestic savings for domestic investment, Professor Avinash Persuad said.

    The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on Investment and Financial Services holds the view that a heavy dependence on the banks must change, if the economy is to grow, and new jobs created.

    Speaking at the 20th anniversary dinner and awards ceremony for FundAccess, at Accra Resort, last night, Professor Persuad, also suggested that Barbados’ bank loans to bank deposits are too low for macroeconomic stability and growth.

    “We need other, perhaps new institutions, to take the risks that we need to grow our economy. We need to strengthen our financial ecosystem,” he said.

    “We have the problem of missing markets, missing financial institutions, missing segments of a financial ecosystem. And that is where the regulatory Sandboxes and Trust Loans that were announced over the past few months, fit in with Fund Access. They are all a critical part of a plan to build a new ecosystem, better fit to mobilize domestic savings for lending to the new economy.”

    The Professor explained that in a financial ecosystem fit for purpose, the banks would still have a central role. He noted that banks are an integral part of the payments system, a transfer of account from one bank to another, and cannot be questioned if the payment system is to work day in and day out.

    He said that as a result of the unique role they play in settlement of payments, banks will always be unique lenders, and noted that they have to be, as there is no amount of cajoling that will or should change that.

    “We can help them to become broader lenders, through using the convening power of government to establish, for instance, one national credit bureau. The Ministry of Economic Affairs is working on that. But we need other institutions in our ecosystem to take risks,” he said.

    He argued that the next segment of the ecosystem should be credit unions and their modern-day equivalent, peer-to-peer lenders, that are non-bank savings institutions, not critical to the payments system, and are in a position to take more risks.

    According to Professor Persuad, next year the Financial Services Commission will be developing new regulations for peer-to-peer lenders that will encourage and regularize the industry. The regulatory Sandbox launched in November, is there to support other innovative solutions to fill the space beside peer-to-peer, he said.

    “And next year, we plan the first in the world, multi-jurisdictional sandbox, the idea being that if you test a new product in our sandbox in Barbados, you can sell that product in another jurisdiction because we have mutual regulation of our sandboxes,” he said.

    The Special Envoy suggested that the next level of risk-taking needs another type of institution, the space currently inhabited by FundAccess – businesses denied access to loans from the banks because they have insufficient collateral to borrow.

    He suggested that this is a market far in excess of the capacity of FundAccess, and informed, that going forward, there is a need to consider new ways in which to leverage up the capital of FundAccess.

    Professor Persuad said discussions are currently being held with international multilateral development agencies on boosting the Fund’s capital, and new ways are being looked at to leverage or blend the amount of capital the Fund puts in with private and public sector lenders and augment the Fund’s business development services and training.

    “Below FundAccess is another market, one we are trying to reach with Trust Loans. Individuals with no collateral but good business ideas. Very early start-ups. We offer borrowers small loans and only reward them with more significant credits if they repay on time. They build their social capital with their repayment history, and we give them greater access to funds. We trust them. If they repay that trust, they grow,” Professor Persuad informed.

    FundAccess Chairman David Simpson said that in 20 years, the Fund has disbursed $61,345,728 in loans to 1,539 businesses/clients, representing 1,924 new and refinanced loans, resulting in 2,323 jobs created. Simpson said that there is not an industry or service that the agency has not financed.

    The Board and management, in recent years, to ensure that no one is left behind, created a range of packages, Business Boost, Facilitator, Innovator, Pro, Transport and others, up to a maximum of $150,000 per loan.

    “This is the only lending agency that even when you are declined, will provide step by step guidance as to what you need to undertake to be successful when you re-apply. When we decline a loan, it is often the 4th or 5th option, after all efforts have been expended to provide approval.

    “I am privileged to stand before you tonight as we culminate our 20th anniversary celebrations, to report to you that in 2018, as at November 30, FundAccess has disbursed $5,418,153 in loans for the calendar year, surpassing only two other occasions in history that in excess of $5 million was disbursed in 2011 and 2012. I am confident that 2019 will see us surpassing the 6 million mark,” Simpson said.

    Long standing staff members, as well as persons who at all cost, contributed to the growth and development of FundAccess, were awarded for their contributions.(Quote)

    Is this the thinking underlying BERT? If so, why was it not spelt out at the launch of the policy? Now we have been told the problem, what is the Mottley-led BLP government solution?
    The professor talks about Barbados banks, what exactly does he mean? Does he thin a Barbados domiciled bank, or shadow bank, is a pre-requisite for economic growth? Is the government going to publish a detailed paper on its BERT policy, spelling out its entirety, or do we have to wait for further speeches and powerpoint presentations?


  • Barbados may soon be welcoming another American university to its shores.
    Prime Minister Mia Mottley today revealed that talks with Chamberlain University have already begun and she was hoping those discussions can soon be “wrapped up”.
    She made the disclosure during a tour of the Villages at Coverley, where 1,500 students and staff at the Ross University School of Medicine will reside.(Quote)

    Is this our economic future, an offshore base for US so-called universities? Is this BERT in action? Are we now to b a nation of room maids, waiters and chauffeurs?


  • Are we now to b a nation of room maids, waiters and chauffeurs?
    Stupid question.
    Has that not been the vision for past 40 years?
    Is this not why we handed Butch Stewart a 40-year lease to rule bout here?
    Is that not what the new hotel plan championed by Enuff represents?

    The only difference is that, having failed to woo sufficient rich volunteer tourist…
    we now have to turn to second rate students who are constrained to be here to gain bogus degrees.

    But this is what ALWAYS happens to prostitutes when they pass their ‘sell by’ date…


  • It looks like in the short term the government will remain vested in the old model. Do they have a choice?


  • @ David
    What are you saying…?

    Say you are dying from diabetes and cancer because you have been on a long term diet of shiite food that was manufactured by albino-centric extortionists focused on making profits.
    Do you have a choice of making fundamental changes to your LONG TERM diet – at some discomfort and requiring thoughtful effort? …or are you constrained to continue eating the shiite food because it is readily available?

    What would you consider to be the INTELLIGENT answer…?

    …and if we have no ‘choice’ but the latter, what do you expect the outcome to be…?


  • Are we now to b a nation of room maids, waiters and chauffeurs?

    You forgot security guards and “general workers”.

    You well know there is no serious policy discussion or long term thinking in this part of the world. We always go for tho low hanging fruit regardless of the outcome.


  • @ A> Dullard,

    How about limbo dancers? Can we make limbo dancing part of BERT? It will earn foreign currencies and our students can do PhDs in Bajan cultural dances,.


  • Pauline Richards still lives in the childhood home she grew up in 72 years ago.
    The problem is, the house which her father built for his family, has collapsed around her.
    At 77 years old and suffering with a number of illnesses, including diabetes and high blood pressure, the elderly woman has nowhere else to go and no money to rebuild the house.(Quote)

    Does BERT allow for eliminating abject poverty? Are the people paying Haitian travel cost going to donate to removing this disgraceful level of poverty in Barbados? Is pensioner poverty a political issue in Barbados?


  • “I think that really is the DLP’s major deficiency now that they have to identify a candidate or spokesperson that has the kind of economic backbone that could match up to Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Struaghn, Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs Marsha Caddle, Economic Advisor Clyde Mascoll and Avinash Persaud, which is fairly awesome,” said Wickham.(Quote)

    Maybe Mr Wickham can provide evidence, empirical or theoretical, to justify this inflated view that the Mottley-led BLP government’s economic team is ‘awesome’. Or is this Bajan hyperbole?


  • China has just injected US$84bn in to its banking system. Is there a lesson there for our Mottley-led government? Is here a case for a Barbados-domiciled bank? Are the BERT technocrats going to explain policies?


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