The George Brathwaite Column – PM Mottley’s Urgency and First Tests

The last Government put itself in a trap. Wasted spending pushed up the debt, and pushed up interest payments, so they raised taxes which stopped the economy from growing.” – Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

At last week’s public ceremony of the new Cabinet Ministers taking their respective oaths of offices, Prime Minister Mia Mottley in challenging her executive asserted that “it now falls to us to translate hope into action. … There is no time for pause, and there is certainly no place for triumphalism and exultation. We have serious work to do and serious problems to solve.” Who among us would disagree the urgency and delicate nature of things to be done to rescue Barbados?

During the same week, the perilous state of the Barbados economy was revealed and Barbadians got the confirmation that the ‘foreign reserves are at a tenuous stage’ and that the ‘deficit is unacceptably high’. Government’s arrears were said to be about $1.7 billion at September 30, 2017. This figure is expected to be significantly higher given the depth of maladministration that became a notable characteristic under former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and his Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler.

These things when placed in the context of Barbados receiving more than 20 downgrades from international rating agencies and the high interest rates which they attracted on borrowing, further emphasizes the difficulty and scale of the work that PM Mottley and her Ministers must tackle. Urgency is the buzz word for the leadership tests that she will face in the immediate days and coming months if ‘Critical Mission’ is to resonate with the type of public support it attracted and led to a 30 – 0 victory for the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) on May 24th.

Informatively, Barbados’ current debt is approximately 15 billion dollars, or nearly 9 billion dollars more than the last administration had inherited in 2008. The island’s debt is the third highest in the world after Japan and Greece. This staggering jump in the national debt equates to around 175 percent (%) of Barbados’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The fact that these economic disclosures were confirmed by the first female prime minister in the history of Barbados, brought no satiety to the nation. After all, there were more disconcerting news and claims suggesting that since March 5th and without the oversight of the legislature, numerous perplexing (if not criminal) occurrences obtained regarding the awarding/disbursement and/or renewal of contracts, and other perceivably nefarious actions. The public needs answers to many of those issues with some calling for the figurative ‘necks’ of the former Prime Minister, former Minister of Finance, and other suggestively implicated Cabinet Ministers.

At the beginning of any term in office, such meaningful values as inspiration, hope, and confidence play major roles in the psyche of the governed and the support that the governing can anticipate. Prime Minister Mottley, more demonstratively than her immediate predecessor, has the capacity to draw lessons from history while staying in touch with today’s demands to safeguard the nation’s future. Already, Miss Mottley has shown that she has not only the political capital, but she possesses the will and confidence to act in a decisive manner. She may have been reduced numerically by one Member of Parliament, but that does not take away from the more accurate assessment that Barbados “is in need of serious, urgent action with respect to its economy and its Government.”

The Prime Minister’s approach to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not the easiest or most universally comforting position to take, but it clearly highlights that it will not be the slothful procrastination that sowed the seeds and devoured many previous opportunities for Barbados to turn around its downward trajectory under the Stuart and Sickler combination. In going to the IMF, and against the background that public servants are still aggrieved after being denied any salary increase for about a decade, it is imperative that PM Mottley keeps channels of discourse open, mutually respectful, and geared towards the national interest.

The evidence is suggesting that PM Mottley is keen to be informative, transparent, and accountable to the social partners comprising the ‘Tri-Partite’ arrangements, and to the broader the society in which we are all stakeholders. The fact is, the maintenance of a good industrial relations climate is a pre-requisite to sustained economic growth and social stability which all seemed to have been eroded under Prime Minister’s Stuart pedantic resolve to be silent. One can expect that Prime Minister Mottley will put a premium on success and delivering positive results based on implemented policies. These policy avenues will also depend on the morale and motivation that ignites the public service to action, and which would demonstrate that efficiency can be achieved without massive layoffs as being courted by a former Governor of the Central Bank. Dr Delisle Worrell previously refused to speak to Barbadians via the media and he too was part of the advisory grouping leading Barbados’ demise.

This writer would advocate strongly for public reform that emphasizes the technological knowledge and computer literacy skills of all public officers. This is consistent with the Manifesto pledge of the BLP stating that: “To fast track this new economy, Government, the private sector and individuals will need to embrace the digital economy … [and] the BLP Government will lead this transformation.” Ultimately, the state of readiness for a transformed economy will depend on Barbados’ best resource – its human capital – and this invaluable resource must be put to the best use so that the country in its entirety will reap the rewards of a public service, for example, being rewarded based on merit, ability, and productivity.

Finally, it takes more than optics and physical presence to safeguard democracy in Barbados. President Franklin Roosevelt once said that: “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.” In full agreement, I am more inclined to watch the choices made by Barbados’ newest Leader of the Opposition, than to rush in and sing praises for an action that in of itself appears contradictory. All Barbadians should give both the new Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition to make their marks in attempt to build the best Barbados. PM Mottley has repeated her thrust for maximizing on education investments while Bishop Joseph Atherley in the selection of his first Senator, appears willing ‘to rock the boat’. However, and given the state of national affairs, all Barbadians need to become strict guardians of our heritage. This can be achieved by ramping up the teaching of civics, and demanding that all our processes and institutions work despite any shortcomings in the personalities at play.

(Dr George C. Brathwaite is a part-time lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, and a political consultant. Email: )

169 thoughts on “The George Brathwaite Column – PM Mottley’s Urgency and First Tests

  1. @ Sergeant and UKBajan

    The latter of you said and I quote “…The constitution should be changed if it will allow fresh thinking and expertise rather than the otherwise tainted nepotism…”

    IT IS quite apparent how “wunna bread is sliced” so without much ado let us get to the jist of the matter.

    The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

    Noyone is gainsaying that may need to be changed to address certain anachronisms and deficits BUT WHAT IS BEING SAID IS that in a time when there is a 30-0 whitewash the country needs to be mindful that not every recommended change HAS TO BE ACCEPTED BECAUSE THE BLP HIERARCHY WANTS IT SO

    Talented BAJANS while they do not abound EXISTS ALL OVER THE PLACE and while some of them are not sycophants euphemism for pooch suckers, the facts are thst said talent can be coopted to serve the national regrowth plan of the BLP by several other modalities

    The thing the two of you sycophants have to guard against is commingling service and loyalty WITH BEING YES MEN & WOMEN

    Now let de ole man tell you what the real configuration of this Senate composition is so that your sycophantic imbibers at the new and veritable font of life comprehend where this is going.

    “For whereas it has been overtly declared that we are going to regrow the economy by such and such means…

    And whereas it has been overtly declared that we shall be transparent and accountable…

    And whereas it was be otherwise covenanted for a myriad number of goodies…

    What is being manifest is that people are not moving as per the instruction of GOD and are constructing mechanisms because they need to second guess that which has been gifted freely…

    So now we see these actions overtly manifest through the public returning to the vomit that is Senator John Williams et al.

    Mark well de ole man’s words …

    Do not confuse economic poverty in pocket with paucity in Spirit…


    You need to pause and recalibrate

    However since you think this is a man inspired thing, digitally inspired and executed, you will be given two signs like the Pharaoh was given to let you understand “from whence cometh this Help…”

  2. @PUDRYR

    You should fire de “grandson” if all your posts keep getting caught in spam or “David” is exercising due caution about the content of your offerings lest he is targeted by the one you used to call “Mugabe”.

  3. @ John

    As it relates to your post about the invasive? sargassum

    You need to understand what sargassum is AND WHAT IT REVERTS TO WHEN IT DECOMPOSES

    I am led to understand that the structure, en masse, serves nature’s purpose as a prevented of beach erosion and as nature’s natural hatchery.

    But let us for a moment say that you, and others, think that this CRAB haven (and other sea monsters refuge) needs to be removed, where should the hydrogen sulfide bad eggs emitter be transported so that it can be recycled effectively as a food? Fertilizer? Or an indigenous herbicide for use in the island’s humongous errant grasslands.

    The Asians have long used what is an eyesore to you and others as a cure for goiters based on its iodine content.

    You figure dat dem gots anybody up at we university pun Cave Hill who can tek what is an annual issue and turn it into a beneficial permaculture?

    You know Dr Clyde Landis? He is a white man at Cave Hill with some forward thinking ideas who by some incredible means seems to love this 2×2 rock and has been part of an uphill struggle to get we peoples to enfranchise we selves. But you as a leading member of the Society of Friend dun know how hard headed we niggers is.

    But I going dun talking to you though cause you mekking me more aware of how we is hewers of wood and drawers of water…

  4. @Bush Tea
    On another note, careful research will show that one of the BIG problems bout here is this nonsense of FOREIGN ideas and philosophies being IMPOSED on Barbados by shiitehounds who go abroad and imbibe of such strange, foreign and INCOMPATIBLE philosophies …. and then inject them into our systems…
    Think about that for a moment, you have a Constitution that was originally cribbed together from other similar documents with the word “Barbados” inserted as necessary that you now consider sacrosanct. You have an 11 plus system imported from Britain and all but abandoned in its country of origin as your primary education driver. Throughout the course of history men have borrowed ideas from their neighbours, some countries have invaded others and stolen their philosophies, these borrowed/stolen concepts have been mostly welcomed and improved by forward thinking societies.

    Then there is “Bush Tea” who wants to erect a bubble around Barbados with a “keep out” sign, this new Gov’t should do us a favour and erect a monument with your visage as an example of anachcronisms, Bajans like a good laugh another object to ridicule would be welcome.

  5. @ Bush Tea at 6:56 AM

    Right on the ball again.
    I wish those, who have been given much, do not squander their opportunities to do what the Vox Populi voted them in to do.

  6. @ Sargeant


    You know me grandson?

    I going axe he if he know you heheheheh


    That is a downside of VPNs insofar as they do protect you from various widespread snooping and widget incursions

    Suppose in your alter ego you were say a computer man

    And say for example you were a blogger on BU and you were a supporter of say Decimal Bonds Chris Stinkliar (which of course you are not heheheheh)

    Would you think it a wise thing to (1) post from you real real computer at *** (or one uh dem) or (2) use a computer that is not protected from prying eyes? Heheheheh

    Would you as a computer man go to the DLP’s Facebook page and log in with your real name Sargeant?

    Why man you mekking de ole man feel dat previous references to your NCO status have some VALIDITY heheheheh

    But jes a question doah

    De Honourable Blogmaster is not complaining about the suspense so why is you?

    He tell you something? heheheheh

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Sargeant prosecuting a matter bout de ole man grandson VPN.

    He pun de staff at BU?

  7. Bushman. ..looks like you are trying real hard to stay in 1966 with the illusion of independence amd not the reality of “responsibility” …that the constitution suggests.

    With responsibility comes significant changes.

    Look how keeping the likes of Fruendel, Sinckler etc turned out.

    am sure better would have been done if a bajan from the diaspora…with real life training and real life experiences , not mired in the nepotism pit that both political parties created…was allowed to apply real world experiences. what now obtains….even Mia has recognized that. …and if that had been applied decades ago instead of keeping bajans in the diaspora out and instead listening to every self serving idiot like Sandals Stewart, Cow, Bizzy, Maloney et al especially Sandals Stewart who does not even live on the island, gets large amounts of concessions for doing the basic and yet have more voice than bajans in the diaspora….am pretty sure the island woul have done much better than the cockup the now defunct ex government.created .

    Because they live on the island does not mean they know anything about anything….as DLP ministers, senators, yardfowls and hangers on … proved to us all.

  8. Piece…the sargassum provides oxygen for living organisms, suffice it to say that plant life in agriculture can be labeled living organisms…

    I repeat…a young genuis in St. Lucia has turned sargassum into a thriving lucrative business, creating plant tonic from the seaweed for the agriworld, with his ambition, am sure he will soon go global…

    But the nig**s, hewers of wood and drawers of water….are very comfortable in their oppressed state and can never see opportunities and blessings dressed up as……

  9. On another note, that jacuzzi/hot pool located smack dab in the middle of the orginal Crane structure from the 1700/1800s in that photo…is pure heaven, the memories are priceless.

  10. The debate is contrived. There was merit but that value has since changed.

    The larger question is being lost. Why would the framers (whether a UK civil servant’s compilation or not) stipulate such a requirement for a senator and have absolutely no such restriction for a MP!

    Surely then the framers thought citizens could determine by their vote whether a recent ex-pat Bajan could adequately represent them then but took that decisive act to male that determination from the hands of a PM/GG/LOTO in appointing a senator..

    Regardless of why, the fact as many have noted is that we are in a truly global village where domicile places absolutely no restriction on offering valuable input to Barbados nor being truly plugged in to local issues so as effective as the constitutional provision was, it is no longer as “sound and sensible”!

    The Blogmaster made the point of the tremendous capital inflow which ex-pat Bajans provide to the local economy…how can that NOT be considered!

    How can it not be considered that back in ’66 no Bajan politician traveled across the globe seeking advise and money from Bajan expats but do that as de rigeur now!

    Contrived and myopic to see 1966 in a 2018 lens.

    And @Mr Bush Tea what in regular English speak is to “create […] our own realities of what success means”?

    Isn’t the principle of success unequivocal, indisputable and valid wherever or whomever you are!

    Obadale was successful. Period. Similarly, Sinckler was badly unsuccessful as Finance Minister in any language or country.

    Your statement is the type of Goebbels speak of which you have become famous on this blog: it sounds absolutely fantastic but is grand philosophically sounding propaganda!

  11. All that is being created by the Government is illusion.

    That’s what lawyers do, create illusions.

    Let’s suppose that the dire emergency is the South Coast Sewage Issue and getting the money to fix it/build another.

    Wouldn’t we want a real honest to God civil engineer in charge?

    The thought struck me like a bolt of lightning just now.

  12. “LONDON – English cricket authorities are considering fast-tracking Barbadian Jofra Archer’s England qualification, in order to have the high-rated all-rounder available for next year’s World Cup.”

    “It has been reported that informal discussions are ongoing with the view to ECB changing their regulations to ensure Archer would be qualified in time for both events”

  13. @ d p D at 9 :43 AM

    The debate is indeed contrived. The problem to be decided is whose contrivance to accept.

  14. @ de pedantic Dribbler who wrote ” The Blogmaster made the point of the tremendous capital inflow which ex-pat Bajans provide to the local economy…how can that NOT be considered!”

    It does NOT HAVE to be considered because overseas Bajans will not stop supporting friends and family in Barbados.

    Bajans in the diaspora do their moral duty to their ” people “.

  15. Bernard…am sure you are quite happy and relieved to see the eyes of the average bajan, numbering over 260,000 in the majority population…finally opening though…after 52 years, it took decades, but is admirable nonetheless.

  16. Very good point…I do not know of any bajan in the diaspora who does not contribute to the Barbados economy…some go above and beyond..

    … I have relatives just waiting to see which course the Mia government takes before they lend assistance, they do not even want anyone to know their identities, very private people. ..

    It’s about contributing….

    Hope Bushman dont say he dont want it,

  17. Bush Tea

    ‘Perhaps wunna need to declare any particular biases on the issue… 🙂

    There is not one shiite wrong with a stipulation that someone chosen to REPRESENT BAJANS in our Senate must have lived in Barbados in the preceding year.
    It makes CONSUMMATE sense….as Atherley has outlined.

    How the hell do you get to represent people whose experiences are foreign to your own?
    Only conquering armies (and international pirates such as Emera and the International banks in Barbados) get to do such ….
    Shiite, we may as well put the House of Commons back in charge of our affairs then, if we push wunna arguments to its natural conclusion….

    If we are INCAPABLE of finding two senators living among the 300,000 Bajans to be good representatives then we DO NOT DESERVE to be independent.

    On another note, careful research will show that one of the BIG problems bout here is this nonsense of FOREIGN ideas and philosophies being IMPOSED on Barbados by shiitehounds who go abroad and imbibe of such strange, foreign and INCOMPATIBLE philosophies …. and then inject them into our systems….’

    You show yourself to be the typical closed mind Bajan forever blocking transparency and the rule of law by including only those bajans YOU personally know and perhaps have some of your ‘shiite’ on. Correct me if I am wrong.

    The rule of law applies throughout the world and for 60 years has been flouted to suit politicians of two particular clans – DEMS and BLP. You only want to continue to rule OUR Barbados as a personal fiefdom if it suits you. There are many of us bajans abroad who watch what happens under the present system and our children will return with their strange and incompatible philosophies to take back what is rightfully theirs – build businesses – build homes for their families and live among their relatives WITHOUT a clan of crooked lawyers knocking them down and stealing them blind. These children have NOT been raised as mushrooms.

  18. @ Dribbler
    Boss…. PLEASE don’t rush in where angels (like Gabriel) fear to thread….. telling Bushie ’bout ‘success’.

    This is a topic that is WAYYY above your pay grade. You actually EXEMPLIFY exactly the point that Bushie was making in that you ASSUME that success is defined by what the white people (whose way of life you have adopted) have determined.


    Success is in fact a function of the REAL PURPOSE of life….which can ONLY be determined by the ORIGINATORS of the exercise called ‘Life on Earth’

    To use your example:
    Oba was ‘successful’ ….only if he achieved what he set out to accomplish.
    If in fact, his mission was to win Gold, then how was he successful?

    Suppose Mariposa’s mission in life is to make Artax’s life as miserable as possible?
    …then she is actually an outstanding success.

    It is not at all simple.

    Suppose the ACTUAL, whole purpose of life is to become ‘persons of sound character’?
    How is being wealthy then a ‘success’?
    …and would not a totally penniless – but GODLY character, be an example of ABSOLUTE success?

    This is a ‘simple’ philosophy that Jesus tossed around on a regular basis….
    ha ha ha

  19. There are Honest to God Bajans overseas with access to legitimate funds who would jump at the opportunity of getting Barbados back on track.

    Finance litigation against BP for the damage it has done (if provable) to their country in exchange for a part of the winnings.

    The videos above are pretty telling evidence that something went wrong somewhere.

    We need to find out where and hold offenders liable if we can.

    There will be Bajans who left here long ago who practice law in foreign jurisdictions and who may even be specialists in this kind of litigation.

    Whoever ends up in charge in Barbados must inspire confidence and trust for something like that to happen.

    Otherwise we are stuck with the IMF!!

    We do have options.

    Another option is to give those with funds overseas illegitimately an option of coming clean in exchange for forgiveness of any breach in the existing legislation.

    Come to an arrangement where their illegitimate funds can be made legitimate.

    Forgiveness follows repentance!!

    Then chase the guilty offenders who have chosen to remain guilty to the four corners of the earth!!

    … kind of like a firearm amnesty!!

  20. The years and decades have passed so quickly that some may not even realize it, but our children and grandchildren are dual citizens of various countries and are entitled to have a voice in any government in Barbados…

    My generation did not even know we were Caribbean born citizens of UK by birth, and then dual citizens ftom 1966 independence onward, that information was hidden from most of us, through the nastiness of the insular society and vicious governments. ……but our descendants will assert their rights being more informed and educated, therefore the constitution had to be changed to accommodate the at least 500,000 bajans, their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren now populating the diaspora.

  21. The problem isn’t that the Constitution has become irrelevant, it is that both the Dee’s and Bee’s have ceased to be relevant.

    Lawyers are parasites!!

    What we have is a Bunch of Lousy Parasites and a Den of Lying Parasites.

    They both need to go and retool and come again.

    Neither one is capable of solving our problems, just creating illusions!!

  22. Call an election, Bajans who can solve our problems will come forward having witnessed the debacle unfolding.

    Duty, not getting rich quick will drive them

  23. It is amazing how wunna people jump from a VERY simple point and extrapolate the argument to some extremely SILLY extreme.
    Where did anyone say that overseas Bajans are not valuable – and indeed, not a resource to be tapped?
    The discussion is STRICTLY about being appointed to our SENATE.

    The SENATE is meant to be an ‘upper house’ that is there to protect ordinary people from the POWERFUL (and potentially ruthless) Lower house of maniacs.

    Bushie ALWAYS wanted Caswell there… because he UNDERSTANDS local conditions, nuances, quirks, language, and he ain’t frighten for a fella….

    What does a overseas Bajan bring to THIS PARTICULAR table?
    – unfamiliar with the local situation (as all o wunna (especially Hal) demonstrate everyday…)
    – they base arguments on OVERSEAS realities (like Trump, Justin T, and the house of Lords)
    – They may be beholden to the government for ‘bringing them home’ – an thus can’t pick their teeth…
    – Most have become adopted albino-centrics by attrition… Bajans are NOT about the hard work involved in capitalism..
    – …and then….they all talk funny…

    The SENATE should contain representatives of BAJAN society –
    OK…perhaps they should be a few senators appointed by wunna semi-foreigners then…. Send Hal
    ha ha ha

  24. TheBIG NEWS OF THE DAY ANNAKANI SOLD THE MEMBERSHIP OF The NUPW for pennies as a settlment for wage increased and has been called by senator Caswell a political prostitute LMFAOFF

  25. Lol..I think it would be good to have at least 10 dual nationals in any government going forward starting from next election…

    ……when the Bushman does the math and multiplies over 500,000 bajans in the diaspora by $$$$$$$$$$2,500 annually…he will get a better sense that talking funny is small potatoes as opposed to……knowledge and experience. …2 powerhouses all on their own……the money is also a huge conversation piece, since no one in their right minds refuse remittances…

    …. but…the days of Bushman and his cousins on the island saying brutally …”ya can send the money to Barbados, but do not come back, wanna tink wunna could come bout hey and change tings, wunna betta go back wey wunna come from”……..ends this year, as Mia has wisely indicated..

    It is not like the majority population get much of anything now from the minorities who love to jump in front of everything and hog the show….and have been for 60 years.

    It is time that bajans in the diaspora take their rightful place in the parliament..

    But keep Ha, Ha out of the parliament or ya will never get a constitution drafted by bajans and ratified in a Barbados parliament.

  26. The last administration ensured that the party didn’t win the election knowing that the coffers are bare and it would be impossible to pay Credit Suisse for the US$225 million loan repayment due this month along with bond repayment and a host of other loans. That was a master move by the party. BTW. The two downgrades cannot be the responsibility of an administration who are now going through the financial status of the country.

  27. @ WW&C
    It is time that bajans in the diaspora take their rightful place in the parliament..
    The parliament of their adopted countries.

    Old Bajan saying…. “Yuh can’t expect to be in Church and in Chapel too…”

  28. It is time that Bajans in the diaspora understand their true value to Barbados.

    Stay where you are but send money and barrels filled with “stuff “.

  29. Bushman..there is no international law that says bajans cannot have their voices heard in both dual citizens…no law at law.

    Is it not wonderful that you are seeing all of this come to pass, stick around another 20 years and ya will see even more..

  30. Well Well: “I do not know of any bajan in the diaspora who does not contribute to the Barbados economy…some go above and beyond..” and “our children and grandchildren are dual citizens of various countries and are entitled to have a voice in any government in Barbados…”

    Where exactly do you live and who are these bajans of whom you speak? What a sweeping statement. How many do you actually know? And in the diaspora! I live among and am aware of many who have lived abroad for many years, do not visit Barbados, and have no interest in contributing to Barbados. As for children and grandchildren to whom you refer, how many of them are even interested in having a say in governance of Barbados? Furthermore, what gives them entitlement? The present debate around the residence qualifications would not have arisen if the principals had displayed the honesty to turn down the overtures or invitations to serve in the senate etc. Certainly, skills notwithstanding, it should have been clear that one needs to have a good feel for the local environment to be equipped to take on such responsibilities, particularly at this time. And it is totally unfair to bypass a wealth of local talent.

  31. Time will tell if this deceptive move by Mottley to the Union bears fruit when the IMF comes collecting LMAOFF

  32. Look what came up on random lay on my Ipod when I was out for my daily walk, think RPB will ework the lyrics? Mottley for Thompson and DLP for BLP?

    @Hants have you voted yet?

  33. Enuff buddy….can you tell us how it is your personal friend Vivek knows who the drug dealers who got invited to the opening of parliament are…even I that know a few things about what goes on in Barbados …don’t know not even one of them…how is it he knows all of the drug dealers so well..

    Ah see from the below article that Vivek as the fourth estate through barbadostoday , is making sure he stays right on top of Mia..very interesting times ahead..

    ‘At a time of spiralling gun violence, mayhem and murder in Barbados, and with the illegal drug trade at the core of this dilemma, a recent occurrence does not bode well. Players in the illicit drug trade and well-known to members of the Royal Barbados Police Force and the average Joe were part of the 900 invitees at yesterday’s parliamentary activities. It was their right as citizens to be there. But that they had official Government invitations must have been particularly galling to law officers who perhaps rubbed shoulders with them yesterday but must continue to pursue them tomorrow. Every youngster inclined to follow such a deviant path must have been emboldened at that aspect of yesterday’s spectacle which, among other things, suggested that crime, in fact, does pay. The optics there were not an illusion.”

  34. @Maripoor-rakey You are severly mistaken!!!!!!The big news of the the day is that in just 14 days of Rt Hon Mia Mottley being PM we have had more decisive action…more leadership demonstrated….than 8 years of Fumble “leadership” i hope wunna DEMS watching to see how a true PM behaves….looooord……. after Sandi, Thompy and Fumble i will have to say wunna lacking in terms of leaders…I mean Mr Barrow died since June 1, 1987, so it is just over 31 years wunna didn’t have a proper PM / Leader !!!!!…tsk tsk tsk, i think the best thing the DEMS can do is shrivel up and DIE!!!!….I also heard on brass tacks some DEM supporters e.g. Left Brain (who should be called NO Brain after today) and man with the feminine voice talking UTTER CRAP. I mean this is the result of over 60 years of free education in this country!!!! but then again the electorate voted overwhelmingly for the BLP so i guess a few people just was not born with basic intelligence!!!!!!!
    “That’s the point, this present way keeps 41,000 out of the equation and assures discontent from the word go.” @ John i will have to ask what age you are because it sound like you were born yesterday. That is a deficiency present in every democracy,,,no matter the type….so what are you suggesting anarchy or dictatorship!!!!!!! The irony is that if it is one election that there was overwhelming support for one leader it is this one…..Using your theory there would have been discontent in every single election in the history of the world!!!!….The reality is that people prefer democracy…and accept that when their party does not win a government but are glad they can at least vote.
    @Caswell your comment regarding the NUPW hurts every single logic centre in my BRAIN!!!!!!!….firstly, under NO GOVERNMENT would the NUPW get 23% BLP, DLP, I Pee Pee, NOOOOONNNEEEEEEEE!!!!!! especially if it had to be retroactively paid…..the point is that the DLP showed no good faith to negotiate with the NUPW to give even a 1%……the DLP categorically removed any discussion about pay increases ….the Rt Hon Mia Mottley has called in the IMF…wunna should be lucky that the union get any at all!!!!…in fact i’m very surprised they got…because the reality is that the public sector may have be cut!!!!!!!…but unlike some people…i wasn’t born yesterday…how can the Rt Hon Mia Mottley can give some sort of pay raise and the DLP could not give any over 10 years….something is not right here. I fail to believe Akanni did not support any pay increase if negotiated…if he did then i would clearly be in the wrong. All these things must be brought to light!!!!!!!

  35. Willie..if you read again…saying I do not know of any Bajans..refers to the bajans in my immediate circle of friends, family and acquaintances…it’s impossible for me to know every bajan…I should not have to even explain that to you..

    What unfair what…what have any of these permanently domiciled bajans contributed so far in 60 years except more of the same…being oppressed by a handful of minorities and corrupt greedy politicians, thieving lawyers and backward behaviors…it’s not even worth discoursing any further because ya cannot bring any proof to the contrary…if by some miracle ya can, please do.

  36. Remember all those bonds floated by the then CBB Governor Dr Delisle Worrell….stupid Bajans bought into Worrell and Stinkliar lies that the economy was returning to growth and they went and buy up the bonds………

    Both Worrell and Stinkliar knew that eventually they would not be responsible for repaying these bonds when they matured but they went ahead anyhow and tricked Bajans.

    Now having left the country in a perilous state………..the badly beaten dems are out in their numbers today lambasting MAM and her economic team….these downgrades would have happened even if the DLP had been returned to office……the country is broke.

    A journalist told me yesterday……the BLP is going to have to get its PR in place and to watch out for the dems coming out of the wood works………low and behold today they were out in their numbers with the badly beaten Steve Blackett trying to be nasty as he is wont to be……..hung up when the moderator asked him where was he when there was downgrade1,2,14 etc.

    Dems get lost……..nobody cares about what you all have to say. Dr Worrell should be the last to give advice……..he gave Stinkliar bad advice for 9 years and look where are today!

  37. That type of attitude clearly highlights why most bajans in the diaspora dont bother…instead of embracing your fellow bajans who might just carry the key to stop you, your children and grandchildren from further abuse, victimization and disenfranchisement at the hands of minorities and government ministers, politicians and lawyers…ya prefer to lament that these same knowledgeable bajans who would present themselves to make those changes and free you from certain further mental enslavement and abuse…are unfairing you…you who would not even be allowed anywhere near the parliament or given any voice…prior to the recent election..

    lol..that assbackward thinking kept you and yours marginalized, sidelined and unable to even pursue medium and large business ventures in your own place of domicile for over 60 years..

    So check yaself again….

  38. What did Harriet Tubman say again…” I would have freed 1,000 more slaves, if only they knew they were slaves.”

    How apt, even today….hundreds of years later in a never ending cycle of self induced mental enslavement..

  39. For your enlightenment, Well Well, I happen to have left Barbados years and years ago (in case you are referring to my comments on unfairness etc. and why ‘most bajans in the diaspora don’t bother’). I visit and contribute to Barbados in many ways but would not presume to impose myself on the country beyond that. That is not to say others should not. You are free to have your opinion, please have the respect to allow me mine. The number of entries one makes on this board is not commensurate with how right they are. You seem to believe that you are the fount of all knowledge and others’ opinions are worth nothing. You must live in an elevated world. Carry on smartly.

  40. Willie…you just embarrassed a whole cross section of bajans living in the diaspora and even highlighted why living outside of Barbados does not necessarily mean that you learned anything in the X amount of years ya lived outside…which makes the Bushman’s argument register a notch.

    Piece’s 15 second attention span for certain people comes into play…

    who cares if you contribute or not…let others who have the will, knowledge, experience and expertise decide if they want is not your choice to long as you are happy where you are..

    .I don’t believe anyone asked you..

    Why do my contributions bother so many people anyway…and theirs do not even register in my things to care about.

  41. @Sarge
    wha dat….you had a random lay on your daily walk? Hope you didn’t drop any sweat (or other fluids) on the electronic ballot.

  42. In saying that..all that we are saying is moot..and I am not the one you should be arguing with, if you don’t like the amendment that allows bajan duals to participate in the island’s governance, after it is legislated…take a trip to Barbados and reverse it, if that does not work…when bajan duals present themselves as candidates for the next election as some I know are planning..try to stop them.

    I don’t even know why you are taking this up with me, I am not the one amending the constitution, but agree with it, my opinion to which I am entitled…so take your anger at the amendment up with those who are futuristic and see the need for progress and a balance in the society compared to what now obtains…why you would engage me on this is pretty petty to say the least.

  43. @Northern

    It should be “random play” although I almost got laid out by a red wing blackbird, those things are vicious this time of year third time I’ve been dive bombed but he/she missed each time. I got to invest in a hard hat.

  44. @Hants
    Yours @9.47 am

    Is that the same Jofra Archer that Conde Riley was hoping to sign with a local club in the hopes that he could play for Barbados?

    If he hasn’t resided in Barbados for the preceding 12 months he shouldn’t be eligible to play for Barbados. BTW cricket fans not to worry the English has taken him off your hands.

  45. Ah guess the diasporan yardfowls ain’t take too kindly to having their political party dismantled and humiliated worldwide…lol

    NB: I was not the one woman electorate who did it, was planning to be there but took a fall and could not make it, so I did not even help…this time..

    ah go have a lot of fun with this one. ..cause I never ever give a break to those who spent decades in the diaspora and still cannot see progress for their own people, they must think Barbados is a perpetual primary school of 11 plus children..who are waiting their turn to decimate the parliament, judiciary and everything else now so dysfunctional on the island.

  46. One thing we know it is because of Mia wreckless advice to default on the debt that the bonds interest had decrease.
    Annankani also yesterday got a first hand taste of what deceptive intentions are as he ws forced to sallow a bitter pill by Mia. Lol

  47. @ Sargeant,

    Yes. Its the same Jofra Archer. He is ready for Test cricket.

    I voted an hour ago for her hotness Mitze even though she might lose.

    Good day for West Indies and Barbados cricket.

    “Herath to Dowrich, 1 run, there it is! Leaps off the floor, punches the air, strips off his helmet and he’ll soon be with his proud team-mates. On the stroke of tea, Dowrich stabs a length ball on leg stump through square leg to become West Indies’ first wicketkeeper centurion against Sri Lanka. This is also the slowest hundred by a West Indies wicketkeeper, but if you know context, you know that’s not a worry at all. A top class innings, his second in Tests.

  48. I guess this will get the yarifowl’s goat up even

    Bushman though…you do realize that the person who drafted the constitution never even lived in barbados,,lol

    This might be only one of two opportunities for Willie and Bushman to stop this amendment on Friday, they better don’t miss the opportunity..

    “Two new senators were today sworn in at Government House.

    They are Delisle Bradshaw and John Williams who took the Oath of Office before Governor General Dame Sandra Mason.

    The two former Ministers of Government will temporarily sit in the Senate as replacements for Senators-designate Rawdon Adams and Kay McConney, who were absent from the May 31 swearing-in ceremony.

    Adams’ and McConney’s absence, as earlier pointed out by Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Dale Marshall, related to the Barbados’ 1966 Constitution which stipulates that a Senator must be an ordinary resident in the country for 12 consecutive months before being appointed.

    Adams is the son of late Prime Minister, Tom Adams, and has been resident in Barbados after relocating here almost 12 months ago, while McConney currently lives in Canada, and would have to resume residence in Barbados.

    On Tuesday, June 5, following the official opening of Parliament, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley took the necessary step towards amending the island’s Constitution to provide for the appointment of both to the Senate.
    The Senate is expected to meet for the first time on the Constitutional Amendment tomorrow, Friday, June 8. (BGIS)”

  49. The more one ponders on the constitution drafted by a privy council civil servant in London, the more revelations take shape and manifest, many of us need to analyze the why of the many intents to be found in the document instead of trying to uphold someone else’s fantasies from 1966..or as I said previously…20 or more years before 1966..

    If you can see the intent in the document…you can understand the why, if you care to.

    What is tickling me to no end are the many contradictions to be found in the document, because the monarchy always want to have things both ways at other people’s expense…….for centuries.

  50. ya like that one…lol

    Even I sympathize with those caught up in an idea drafted by a privy council civil servant who never even lived in Barbados who thought it cute to legislate excluding bajans who live outside of Barbados from having any voice in the parliament…even though they are dual citizens.

    As we go along am sure there will be more exclusion clauses dreamed up to make life miserable for those who were born on the island.

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