Cleviston Haynes Out, Dr. Kevin Greenidge In

It is official, the appointment of the youthful Kevin Greenidge was officially released yesterday. It ended weeks of speculation by the usual suspects an African was shoo-in to take the post.

The broad definition of the role of a Central Bank according to cbben.Thomson

◦ Set and implement the monetary, credit, and other financial sector policies
◦ Provide central banking services to the government and financial sector 
◦ Develop the financial sector and enhance confidence therein

It is fair to say in the context of Barbados the Central Bank and previous governors have been slaves to government’s directives with the exception of the widely influential Dr. Courtney Blackman. Who can forget the term popularized by Blackman that the position of Governor of the Central Bank “is a creature of the minister of finance’. 

It is not surprising to some of us Mottley wanted to make her mark with the appointment in the same way Presidents of the USA fight to influence appointments to the US Supreme Court. The phlegmatic Cleviston Haynes would never have seen his term renewed by the internationally focused Prime Minister Mia Mottley keen on sourcing and implementing policies emanating from international financial institutions, namely the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and International Development Bank (IDB). 

Dr. Kevin Greenidge has been a key influencer of government’s economic policy post 2018 and obviously gained the trust and respect of Prime Minister Mia Mottley. As far as the blogmaster is concerned the sitting Prime Minister under our system of government gets to select the individual to serve as Governor and therefore any selection made will generate political commentary. Greenidge has had the benefit of operating within the bowels of the IMF for many years given his 4 year secondment, the monetary and technical support role the IMF is expected to give Barbados – now operating under a BERT II Program – who better to operate as advisor to Mottley and act as an intermediary with former colleagues at the IMF. One must assume he has also acquired a familiarity with the corridors of associated interests in Washington.

We can assume given the latitude Greenidge was given to interact with the public in his previous role as senior financial consultant to the Government of Barbados, he earned the respect and trust of Mottley. As always we will have to wait to see how he grows into the role as Governor. Will he dispense duties of the office with the panache of a Courtney Blackman or carry the unflappable and stoic demeanor of a Calvin Springer, Kurtleigh King or Cleviston Haynes.

Some continue to argue a central bank has no effective role to play in the Barbados landscape, a small developing country with a culture of deep political involvement in public sector entities supported by an unsophisticated economy and financial environment. Some countries operate without Central Banks, why do we need one?

88 thoughts on “Cleviston Haynes Out, Dr. Kevin Greenidge In

  1. DLP boss opposed to Greenidge as Governor
    President of the Democratic Labour Party, Dr Ronnie Yearwood, is completely against the appointment of Dr Kevin Greenidge as Governor of the Central Bank.
    He said the appointment, announced yesterday and to take effect from March 1, was a slap in the face of Barbadians.
    “Yesterday (Friday), I made the point at our monthly press conference that we hoped that the Governor was not going to be someone who was part of the architecture, or who was part of designing and implementing any of the recent programmes – BERT 1, BERT 2, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) programme.
    “The Central Bank is responsible for monitoring and reporting to the people of Barbados, and giving a credible, independent, unbiased view of where the economy is going and what we need to do so that we can get policy, proper policy, and we can design responses to what is happening locally and internationally for the economy,” Yearwood told the Sunday Sun.
    “So to see this announcement now is a slap in the face to all right-thinking Barbadians. There is no way on God’s green Earth that Dr Greenidge should be any Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, [considering] his previous position defending Government programmes, when you would have the very Governor of the Central Bank, and the reports of the Central Bank, speaking opposite to what Dr Greenidge was saying.”
    The DLP leader said Greenidge should not now be the person to monitor the very programme he was the heart of.
    “Dr Greenidge was not just some side player in the recent economic programmes of Barbados. As much as the Prime Minister has to take responsibility, he is also one of the key players, and now we are supposed to somehow meekly accept that he’s going to monitor and report to us in an unbiased way the programmes that he was ultimately in the trenches fighting for?”
    Yearwood, a lecturer at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, declared that “this is something that we should all reject”.
    Non-political space “It has nothing to do with whether he is qualified or not qualified; that is not the point. Nobody ever questioned his qualifications. They are questioning his ability to be unbiased in a role when he was just operating a few weeks ago in a political space. And now he is coming over to be the Governor of the Central Bank in what is really a non-political place, because sometimes the Governor has to speak some home truths that prime ministers don’t like, or are uncomfortable with. We have had that tussle and that dynamic between Central Bank Governors and Prime Ministers throughout the history of this country.”
    He stressed that the independence of the Central Bank had to be maintained, especially in the current very delicate economic situation.
    “I think he is the wrong pick for this job. He should stay where he is in the IMF or find some other position because he is not the man for this job. His qualifications may be up to par; that’s not what anybody’s questioning. But you can’t move from one day literally selling the Government’s economic policies and programmes and defending them, to now you are the man that we will call on to monitor them . . . ,” Yearwood said.
    “So really it’s not about Kevin Greenidge and not wanting him to get the job. It is that Kevin Greenidge has literally walked through one door and walked through the other door to become Governor, literally after defending the Government’s policies virtually no more than a day ago. It has literally been no time between his role as the architect and now his role as a monitor, and that cannot be right. The two things cannot work together.”

    Source: Nation

    • Atherley: No issue with appointment
      Former Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley has given the thumbs up to the appointment of Dr Kevin Greenidge as new Governor of the Central Bank.
      The leader of the Alliance Party for Progress told the Sunday Sun yesterday his personal preference for the post would have been former Barbados Labour Party colleague Ambassador Dr Clyde Mascoll, but he had no issue with Greenidge’s elevation.
      “I have no problem with the appointment of Dr Kevin Greenidge. He is Barbadian, he has distinguished himself in his field, he is internationally recognised and he’s done good service for Barbados during his tenure here,” Atherley said.
      He said although he did not always agree with what Greenidge had to say and by extension some of Government’s economic policies, he could endorse the economist’s promotion to Governor.
      The former St Michael West MP said he thought Mascoll had done yeoman service to the country and had paid his dues.
      “But I don’t know of anything that disqualifies Dr Greenidge from holding the post. I feel he could serve the interest of Barbados well. I will be eager to see how he serves. If he continues to communicate in the way he was communicating with Barbadians when he served as a consultant he should do well. I hope when he takes the office he does not feel he is bound by any loyalty to the Government, such that what policies they may want to pursue he would agree to out of partisan sympathy,” he said. (BA)

      Source: Nation

    • Who calling? Look muh heh!

      Nuh name, nuh lock up!

      Doan scroll back!

      But to the topic –

      I agree with the DLP!

      Long time since uh say dat!

  2. Will the money minded Bu posters (no names mentioned) invest their monies in the Reparations Fund that Hilary Beckles will launch month end.

    If I had 5o large like NO/SO I would most definitely take a punt in this ethical investment
    I will bet a penny on a 25 Acca to raise it up

  3. The simpleminded need to understand that it’s the SAME FRAUDS put the story of the African billionaire in the central bank out there complete with video….attention seeking hos/junkies.

    Maybe if they reread my posts they will see the one that said…..the dude is a BILLIONAIRE and Barbados CANNOT PAY HIM….someone else can though…and if that was the case, they are just MONITORING THIEVES so they dont get it in their scammer heads to TIEF the lenders interests too.

    Put ya money in the hands of the dishonest and get Bolt-ed. No one to blame but yaself.

  4. I’ve always been searching for the truth
    but having been told so many lies
    Life like good music never dies
    So the question is posed
    Only who in heaven knows
    Why is a man only respected when he is dead
    Shouldn’t that respect be paid to the living instead
    Alive a man is a sufferer of no mean order
    But dead he has a value of a million and over
    I must die one day you will all hear people say
    yet praying for salvation in corrupted meditation
    pouring of wealth ignoring their health
    but the tree is known by it’s fruit
    there’s no life in lies it’s all in the truth

    Transatlantic slave trade – Lloyd’s Coffee House, Lombard Street
    Jamaica Coffee House in St. Michael’s Alley, Cornhill
    The Slave Trade kickstarted the shitty City of London Stock Market financial district with shares sold in Iniquity from ships and (human) cargoes insurance, to and from the Caribbean

    Now the Reparations Fund set up by a proper author and historian will plant the seed to reverse the curse of Wicked Babylon

  5. Could a “yes” be any more luke warm?
    How many caveats does it take to make a “yes” a “no”/
    From BT (with Translation)
    “He said although he did not always agree with what Greenidge had to say and by extension some of Government’s economic policies, he could endorse the economist’s promotion to Governor.”
    *** I don’t agree wid de man..

    ” I feel he could serve the interest of Barbados well”
    *** could, not will

    ” I hope when he takes the office he does not feel he is bound by any loyalty to the Government, such that what policies they may want to pursue he would agree to out of partisan sympathy,”
    ** I hope he serves the island well and abandon any yardfowl sympathies.

    Sorry guys, I had to be blunt.

  6. Mr Atherley has now become a full fledge politician. The ability to double talk and to chew gum whilst performing pleasing picture perfect pirouettes is greatly admired.

  7. I happened to run across two articles with comments from Ronnie O. As always, I am surprised by the clarity of his thinking and of his speech. His grasp of the issues is outstanding. I have one major criticism:

    Ronnie O
    throws a blow
    then he sits and wait
    and not keep on the go.
    That’s not the way Ronnie O

    Seriously, with a solid team behind him, Ronnie O may just give Mia a run for her money. He has the wit, the gift of gab and clarity of vision.

    Keep on the go, Ronnie O.

    • Ex-Central Bank Governor hailed for a ‘successful stint’
      By Tony Best
      A calming influence, sound management and a boost to the Barbados Central Bank’s domestic and international image.
      They were some of the key factors and the results which, when combined, explained why Cleviston Haynes’ four-year stint as Governor was described as being “very successful” by Winston Cox, himself a former Central Bank Governor.
      He said Haynes was a sound chief executive who understood the financial institution’s role in Barbados’ economic and fiscal management and the part he had to play in that equation.
      “I would definitely say that Cleviston’s presence at the helm of the Central Bank brought a very calming influence and a (sound) administrative influence on the bank,” said Cox, who served for 18 months as the bank’s Governor during the Owen Arthur administration in the late 1990s.
      Successful time
      “He had all of the necessary qualities to provide the kind of leadership as a manager and a policymaker which the bank needed at the time”.
      “I think he had a very successful time in helping the bank to settle down and to regain some of its prestige,” added Cox.
      The top economist said the Governor’s role in Barbados is part of the top policymaking and implementation apparatus for the country’s financial affairs. He said: “What you don’t want is a situation in which the bank is under the thumb of the minister when it came to selecting personnel.”
      He described the Governor’s position as a “very influential one”, domestically and internationally” and was quick to add that the person who sits in the Governor’s office must be able to inspire confidence in and respect for the institution’s leadership. That was in addition to demonstrating a keen understanding of the republic’s economy and the way it works, contending that in both areas, Haynes showed he was a capable executive.
      “Cleviston demonstrated that understanding of the economy and showed that he was well qualified for the position.”
      He described Haynes as a “good” Governor, but declined to attach a grade to his performance.
      Cox said Haynes had done well as a key member of the decision-making team that helped to put the Barbados economy back on a growth path.
      Former Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley recently called on the Mia Mottley administration to explain why Haynes was leaving, stating: “I have my concerns that we are not renewing the contract of the Central Bank Governor.
      “The economy is on the rebound, we have been stabilising ourselves and doing the right things for the last few years so why is his contract not being renewed?” Haynes’ contract came to an end on December 31 and last week, he spent his last day in office. Cox explained that any Governor’s appointment, length of service, continuation in office, termination or renewal of contract were all in the hands of the Minister of Finance, who in this case was Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley.
      However, he did question why Barbadians had to wait until after Haynes had left office to find out who would succeed him.
      “You know when the Governor’s contract is going to end and that should give you (Government) some runway for having a candidate whom you want to put in place and you expect to have that announcement even before the Governor leaves office,” said Cox.
      “I am disappointed but I am surprised that the Government would have allowed the contract to expire without being in a position to announce a successor. It is a known event.”
      The Central Bank yesterday announced the appointment of Dr. Kevin Greenidge as its eighth Governor, effective March 1.
      ‘I think he had a very successful time in helping the bank to settle down and to regain some of its prestige.’

      Source: Nation

  8. “The Central Bank is responsible for monitoring and reporting to the people of Barbados, and giving a credible, independent, unbiased view of where the economy is going and what we need to do so that we can get policy, proper policy, and we can design responses to what is happening locally and internationally for the economy,” Yearwood told the Sunday Sun.”

    “The latest economic review by Central Bank Governor Cleviston Haynes is not a true reflection of the current state of Barbados’ economy.

    In giving the review the Central Bank Governor said the country’s gross domestic product had grown by 10 per cent in 2022 and was expected to increase by between four to five per cent this year.

    However, in an interview with Barbados TODAY, Dr Yearwood maintained that those figures did not paint the real picture.

    At this particular moment we are optimistic about the 10 per cent but we also have to be realistic about where we are. It’s not about gloom and doom, but if we don’t paint the truth, the policies that we need to roll out will not align and this is something that Governments never seem to understand.

    You have to paint the correct picture so that the policies that you want align to get us where you want. When you try to hedge and smudge the actual story then the policies don’t line up properly, the country doesn’t line up properly, the country doesn’t understand the heavy-lifting that we may need to do,” Dr Yearwood said.

    When you try to cherry-pick and paint that we have had 10 per cent growth, then come and explain that that 10 per cent doesn’t get us back to where we need to be. When you do the calculations the economy has only grown by 1.6 per cent. If you say that then, people understand that we have to get economic activity up. But if we don’t tell that story you are not giving the full picture and therefore your policy alignments are always going to be off.” [Barbados Today…… January 27, 2023]

    In MY opinion, as a UWI lecturer, Ronnie Yearwood’s views on politics and the economy are overly simplistic.

    His above comments clearly indicate he did not believe former Govenor Cleviston Haynes’ gave Barbadians a “CREDIBLE, INDEPENDENT, UNBIASED view of where the economy is going.”

    Obviously, Yearwood will never be supportive of whoever is appointed Central Bank Governor under this current BLP administration.

  9. This man will definitely be serving two masters. His old boss and his new boss. Just an old lady’s opinion. (I hope the apostrophe is in the right position.)

    • @ Dame
      What two masters?
      He is there to oversee our ONLY master’s will –
      the IMF….the Piper that we now owe…

      Barbados has become a mendicant “Parro-State” going around the damn world begging and complaining – much like Gearbox did in Bridgetown,

      Obviously the IMF/ World bank/ WHO etc have decided to use us as pilot projects for their various dastardly global schemes vis a vis:
      – The Covid 19 Vaccine culling scam
      – The conversion of our children for future bulling services
      – The Digital currency and ID scheme which will monitor and control every brass bowl Bajan like the sheep we are..
      -The various OECD financial restrictions that are designed to kill ALL local business, and transfer assets to foreign interests.

      Greenidge is the perfect fit for the job. He would have been a great ‘plantation watchman’ back in the old days too…
      Great ability to hold his nose and talk shiite as directed …while pelting licks in black donkeys….

  10. Lol… Bushman….wuhloss.

    “tardly global schemes vis a vis:
    – The Covid 19 Vaccine culling scam
    – The conversion of our children for future bulling services
    – The Digital currency and ID scheme which will monitor and control every brass bowl Bajan like the sheep we are..
    -The various OECD financial restrictions that are designed to kill ALL local business, and transfer assets to foreign interests.”

    All voluntary, wuh i int seeing Hiel HitSchwab or Lord god Rothschild holding no gun to nuhbody head.

    ….there are countries that are actively resisting these agendas while your traitors embrace them, dont say a word to the people and IMPLEMENT THEIRS and the EVIL of others IN COMPLETE SILENCE..with no care for what the population think…hope they know their comeuppance is right around the corner…soon come..

    They so covet world stage attention, love to be seen performing slick talking pony tricks on stage to please…..they dont care what happen to any of the Afrikan people

    . Had to relay that to a very influential person on the continent recently who was asking very pointed questions.

  11. How amazing!!!
    Haynes or Greenidge makes no difference at all.

    Only ignorance could muster the notion that an agent of the IMF, from the bossom of empire, could ever deliver goals outside those determined by Washington.

    What have been the broader goals of Washington? Why double down on the looming castasthropic failure of empire? This national mindlessness can only serve to re-enforce the pipedream that some different kind of tinkering will deliver the country more central to Western perceived prosperity beyond the acquisition of higher and higher levels of debt slavery. Cognitive distortions!

    When Mottley and her minions here and elsewhere, continue to play this shell game, as appropriately laced with fictionalized psuedo economic numbers, failure is even more certain than ever. How can such a following of the practitioners of the greatest Ponzi scheme known to man lead to development, sustainable or not? Thankfully, the end of this system of things shall not be long. And even for Greenidge this salvation will deliver him too from the house of cards he pretends to master.

  12. But Dame, his old boss was MAM and his new boss is MAM. Her boss is the IMF.
    We should count our blessings. Former Gov Cox held the same position immediately prior to being named Gov, as does former MoF Big Sinck. Imagine Gov Sincklar….
    To answer @David final question, the CB is apparently a very good training ground. Dr.G worked there, as have several other person’s in other Caricom nations CBs. We have to find employment for our people.

  13. Everyone who knows what is actually happening is looking forward to the SPLAT…

    You will note all the pie in the sky comments come from those who have no clue…or are so trapped in a make believe’s the best they can deliver.

  14. Pacha, Bushman….saw some breaking news, at least 2 countries are throwing out prosecutions. When that speeding train takes off….all anyone wants to see are handcuffs especially on these fake leaders, jokers extraordinaire who believe they are invincible…their DOWNFALL will be seen and felt around the globe.

    Rizza Islam knocked it out the ballpark yesterday. Cant believe people are so behind in reality…but that’s on them.

  15. David Bu not surprised by Dr Uearwood, s response.This political neophyte continues to disappoint with his public utterences.It maybe time one of the older heads like Mr Sealy, Dr Estwick or Mr Lashley have a word with him.I can predict from now Dr Yearwood will received the same outcome as his predecessor Ms Depeiza.He brings nothing to the table in terms of soluyions to inspire bajans.As for the appointment i am happy for Mr Greenidge who based on his performance as advisor durimg covid clearly understands what is required.Off topic still very disappointed with the brasstacks programme.Whst we have now is five anti government moderators, Mr Ellis, Mr Blackman, Dr Hinds, Ms Jemmottand Mr Wulkinson allowing these dems to call and rsmble on making some wild ststements without being challenged to produce the evidence to support the statements.Last week i heard one of them refer to Ms Mottley as Mia with Mr Ellis while another refered to Dr Sonia Browne as sonia with Ms Jemmott.This is unacceptable and these moderators need to do a lot better.Most of them seem to be dems in my view amd perhaps the reason so much nonsense is allowed to go on air.There is no moderator at Starcom now since Mr Wickham has been fired to represent the government hence there is no balance.The management at starcom
    needs to adress this matter urgently by replacing some of the current moderators.I gone.

    • Understand the point Dr. Yearwood is making but then it begs the question – is the central bank an independent institution giving reporting lines AND historical evidence.

  16. Doctor Who will always adopt a reactionary and dismissive reflex response to everything Government does as part of his job description.
    All regulatory roles are part of the industry and central banks may not be influenced by election focused politicians but will be influenced by Government policy rules especially debt management.

  17. Dr.Greenidge is certainly well credentialled and is a deserving candidate for the position but Dr. Yearwood has a point, however, abiding by the proposition that the Gov of the CB is a creature of the MOF then “no doubt universe is unfolding as it should” and what Mia wants Mia gets.

  18. DLP has no representation in Parliament and can only speak via Media about anything they are dissatisfied with. The system of Government requires parties to win seats in order to participate in matters with a voice that has some weight as opposition so they are caught in a Catch 22 dilemma conundrum circumstance.

  19. Mia reduced her advisory team

    Obama would oppose ANY selection that Mia makes unless it was a DLPite

    Obama need better advisors. If this is going to be the kind of attack he is going to make then he need to leave that to his attack dog. BLPites can easily counter that with his (blp) history that his election as DLP president was a slap in the face of all true DLPites

  20. @ David,
    I admit to reading very little these days from the established Barbados media houses. I prefer to source my news from other platforms. The link below is instructive. Was it reported on by our journalists?

    @ David,
    We seem to be be going back to the bad old days when commentators singled out individuals in order to disrupt your forum. This led to many people deserting the BU platform – what a pity.

    @ David,
    Have you noticed how Dr. Kevin Greenidge is armed to the teeth with qualifications for what must be the most important job in Barbados. Could you explain to me why, in Dr Greenidge, Barbados was able to find a “suitably qualified applicant” and a Barbadian – to boot – for this post. It has been the case for a very long time that companies doing business in Barbados companies have struggled to find “suitably qualified candidates” to fill vacancies. Irrespective of what we think of the UWI (I know Bush Tea is no fan!), Barbados has produced large numbers of graduates, a fair number of them have studied up to Masters and PHD levels.

    • @TLSN

      The appointment of Greenidge is political. Barbados is one of the islands when too much is defined by the political. Then again it could be worse with racial and ethnic considerations featuring more. Life in the tropics.

      On your other point, BU has always been a mirror of how we interact in wider society.

  21. Waru
    These people are lost. From top to bottom. They just grabbong at straws and straw women. Except for Bushie deh ain’t nuh real men bout dey.

    Bushie, even a blind man could see your truisms. That the same level of BS is still being pumped, liberally, inspite of incontrovertible evidence should tell us that straw “men” like Mottley and Greenidge are feckless shite-ters.

  22. Yeah…we gotta remind people that finding a big salaried job for one person is not exactly…finding work for the people… when 3,000 got laid off and the retrenching int done yet..

    They are keeping up all pretenses while falling rapidly…the fall is ALWAYS quicker than the rise…higher they climb the HARDER THEY FALL.

    People have already moved off the grid to save themselves…but the mentally slow are still belching colonial politics that is on a fast tracked freeway to kill them…still blase and nonchalant. Still playing the… the best Slave in the Caribbean…game.

    I wish them all the luck they deserve. Am focused on protecting me and mine.

    They will soon see exactly which god they have always been serving, in their quest to disrespect their ancestors and ancestry.

  23. “We seem to be be going back to the bad old days when commentators singled out individuals in order to disrupt your forum.

    @ David

    Let’s be fair. The above comments are dishonest, malicious and deceitful.

    • @Artax

      People are free to share their views even if incorrect or malicious. The important thing is to focus on meaningful and substantive matters and not be distracted.

  24. What’s is his SALARY. Coming from a senior IMF position and US$ pay I suspect he’ll be Barbados highest paid civil servant, somewhat like NY US Consular off maid. Glad to see Barbados has unlimted funds for civil servants, good work to the black tax paying slaves.

  25. First, I would agree that Mr Yearwood is able to break down difficult topics and present them in a simple manner.

    Two, it is unfortunate that Dr Yearwood has the DLP label attached to him. His well-reasoned and persuasive arguments are instantly dismissed by some. It is obvious that their litmus test is unable to differentiate between a simplistic argument or a reasoned and simple explanation.

    Indeed, you can measure the strength of Dr Yearwood’s explanation when it causes Lorenzo to jump out of his cave wielding his primitive ” B vs D” club and using it bash talk show hosts. Lorenzo’s idea of free speech is one that sings the praise of Mia.

    I will submit to you an example of Ronnie O at his very best.

  26. “Let’s be fair. The above comments are dishonest, malicious and deceitful.”

    the seeds of poison have been planted into the blogmasters psyche

  27. It bothers me that the SSL Bolt situation has not drawn any comments from the authorities in Barbados. I expected at least a word of reassurance that the GoB had (would have) checks and balances in place so that this problem is unlikely to occur.

    I don’t want to hear “oops, we thought we had it covered” after several persons are robbed.

  28. There cannot be any agreement, because a significance difference exists between being “able to break down difficult topics and present them in a simple manner,”……

    …… and having a simplistic view on “difficult topics,” which is essentially addressing an issue with false simplicity by purposely ignoring complicating details….. something synonymous with politicians to appease party supporters.

  29. As I sat and thought of Mia Mottley and her 40 consultants, I thought of Ali Baba and the forty thieves.”
    It is surprising how the stories are parallel and at the same time so divergent.
    Forty thieves ==> forty consultants
    “Open Sesame” ==> “Open IMF”
    Hides loot ==> Gets loot out in the open

    Have a great day Barbados, Have a great day – all.
    (Back to regular programming)

  30. If there’s any “distraction” it would be of the typology which got us in this state in the first place.

    The kind which has delivered backwardness by following the same type of people, with a tired illogic and expecting different results.

    Historically, anytime public policy becomes such a religion, which it has long been. Where assholes continue to lionize, pun intended, the current dictator. Where a whole country, given the most recent popularity contests, has drunk the cool aid, calamity cannot be far off.

    And even when all the internal and external matrices point to an unavoidable precipice, deep devotion to the maximum leader and her most favoured beverage is intellectually justified by sick minds as the drink of choice.

  31. Constitutional Reform meeting on February 16 with BLP council and members and BLP headquarters

    My spider’s senses are tingling. Am I the only one who is fearful of the outcome of this meeting?
    1) Will all be allowed to enter or is this just for the BLP party faithful?
    2) Don’t you see anything wrong with having the Constitutional Committee (CC) meet with just 300 angry and vociferous Lorenzos?
    3) Is this a meeting for suggestion or comments or will the CC be given a BLP list and BLP marching orders?
    4) Is this to get input for a constitution for the nation of Barbados or just to suit the whims of the twenty-something percent of voters who voted for the BLP?
    5) Should this partisan BLP meeting be held when the constitution is being formed or should it be held after we have a national constitution? There is a difference between commenting and instructing.
    6.1) Have the leader of this committee lost his sense or his courage?
    It is not too late for him to say no at this attempt to coerce the CC.
    6.2) Can he tell us what pressure was brought to bear on him to exclude a large segment of the population?
    6.3) Or is he just a political lackey?

    This development makes it difficult for me to concentrate.

    For those of you who cannot put two and two together, here is an example….
    Imagine you are suspicious of your partner and you follow him/her all over the island from bar to bar. Then just before the big party, the route change and your partner dart into the side piece’s house (not a bar) and you cannot enter. What are you going to think? The big joke is .. it will be you who get screwed.

    • The Constitutional Reform Commission has been meeting with different groups to facilitate feedback, it is obviously the turn of the BLP.

  32. If anybody thinks that this shadow dancing, becoming the darling of the Washington Consensus or finance capitalism, as represented by the IMF which is the main artery of American empire or elevating another IMF stooge as GoCB will make any difference to those who rule in Washington, and we mean the corporate elites, not the Republican-Democrat duopoly placeholders, deh lie.

    Evidence! Check how American corporate elites are using the NATO war on Russia to bring Germany to its knees. Transferring whole industrial sectors to American territory, charging the Germans 4 to 9 times the Russians did for gas. Empire has no conscious.

    The IMF stooge Greenidge will continue to serve his masters during and after being governor. All of this emotional poppycock around Greenidge has no purchase.

  33. Weak willed slow learners are easily impressed, proud about the most basic and trifling, and even easier misled..

    It’s no secret the times we are living in, yet not even that can penetrate their dazed state.

    I could never get what attracts them to the unimportant….chasing shadows…waterfalls, in a shimmering white world, while reality beckons.

  34. Pacha..etc . Check out tuffgong tv for entertainment.

  35. This lady Waru is still continuing to moslead the forum.I believe she was one on here pushing an avenda about the government hiring some ugandan billiomaire to fill the post of govenor.Another big lie from in my view dishpnest commentator.She and her tag team needs to stop spreading untrue malicious statements.As for 5he comedian Gazzerts the onlu person the political simpleton could impress is dems like you.No wonder as you stated he breaks down complex issues into simple meaning is because he is a political simpleton who whenever an election is called will struggle to win a seat fsr less a government if he is not replaced before.I gone.

  36. Liitle Slave….ya int got nutten to do…stop lying..

    ..if ya bored and tired i can rearch out for a contact number let ya massas know ya ready to go…just give me the word…

  37. We must still wonder what became of Barrow’s plea that the constitution be repatriated from Washington.

    But like the Washington elites their kef and kin in Barbados just proceed to make it up as they go along.

    What the rassoul difference would a new or revised constitution make if the independence constitution is still ensconced in Washington at the very IMF.

  38. Pacha…only the soft in the head and slaveminded are still fooled.

    There is a letter going around where the pimps for politicians at CBC will no longer be paid on time. If anyone deserves to suffer it’s those Slaves. They have trapped themselves in their own demise for decades pimping for useless politicians and will now reap their grapes of wrath.

  39. “We We must still wonder what became of Barrow’s plea that the constitution be repatriated from Washington.”

    Those frauds can’t do a thing when they are so expertly shackled to the Monroe Doctrine. Which am sure they signed up for during Barrow and the other misfit’s time…

    .These pretenders can only wag the dirty, conniving red rags in their lying mouths to the fools and fowls, Slaves who would believe them. No one else..

  40. The Barbadian leader also reiterated the need for small island developing states to be able to access funding at cheaper interest rates, especially in light of the growing debt they have taken on to deal with the impacts of climate change. (BT)

    “We also need to recognise that having arbitrary numbers for debt sustainability in the context of small islands developing states does not work. We’ve been doing coastal preparation since the 80s. Part of our debt is, in fact, to prevent the worst to our coastal environment. For every dollar of prevention, you save seven dollars in recovery expenditure, we know that. But when you are then told that your debt-to-GDP does not admit of you spending enough money to renew a school infrastructure that is more than 150, 200, 250 years in some instances, how then do you provide the support systems for people to be relocated both pre- and in many instances, post-disaster? (MIA)

    Too many of us like to pick holes in others. We are told that we cannot discuss matters that are above our station. We are led to believe that only those who have an armful of qualifications are predisposed to govern us.

    The second paragraph by Mia is disingenuous. She knows that the majority of Barbados debt problem is rooted in corruption, both current and historical. To, partially, blame Barbados’ debt problems on remedial coastal work, is a bold faced lie. The debt crisis is due almost entirely to the misappropriation of government spending. The vast majority of loans received by Barbados governments since at least the early eighties would have been spent propping up foreign owned businesses, our beloved tourist industry, white domestic Bajan businesses, and our MP’s along with their cronies.

    I love the acronym, KISS: keep it simple stupid. It does not take an Einstein to understand why Mia is crawling on her knees searching for those elusive loans. My message to Mia would be to recognise that her government has an addiction problem. They must learn to wean themselves of this craving. It will not be easy. However in years to come Barbados will be in a better state.

    On a lighter note, it is good to see that Lorenzo has been allowed out of his kennel.

    • @TLSN

      There is always corruption when humans and politicians are in the equation. You should consider our biggest problem is an inability of our leaders to shape a relevant vision and policy agenda for SIDs. Add this shortcoming to a consumption behaviour of the population that is aligned to foreign interests. The two one can argue go hand and glove.

  41. @TLSN
    MAM, has simply jumped on a bandwagon created by others, climate change, as a basis for getting loans and expanding what they may be available for. And their terms.
    She, and many other leaders, can be confident they will not be called out for corruption by another govt or any bi/multi lateral loan agency. Nor will they be questioned on any misdirection of funds.
    As you noted MAM didn’t begin this trend, but has continued.
    And while we can debate the direction of funds over time, a point has been reached without loans, many will be sent home. You cannot borrow to support employment so you have to massage the loans.
    The IMF boss spoke publicly recently, speaking to the critical debt situation in several nations, and her attempt to bring the lenders and borrowers together. Appreciate this benefits the IMF and sister organizations, who are on the hook for potential billions in bad loans. Yet the same lenders, outside the private sector, are also the IMFs biggest guarantors.
    Until a national revenue source beyond the existing is found, the debt game continues.

  42. Past is past
    Future is future
    Present is present
    Live in the moment
    Point is it is time for a new Republic to get their act together and shine

    I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad I had to tighten the fuck up, but I’m here for the crown Board of Education vs. Brown I was bored of education, left the town Fuck a résumé and fuck a cap and gown Fuck a background check, back ’round when I get the check Nigga, that’s now I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad I had to tighten the fuck up, But I’m here for the crown, crown (oh, shit) I was just fucked up, I was just down, down bad I had to tighten the fuck up, But I’m here for the crown, crown, crown, crown

  43. “She, and many other leaders, can be confident they will not be called out for corruption by another govt or any bi/multi lateral loan agency. Nor will they be questioned on any misdirection of funds.”

    In these cases lending nations should void diplomatic passports seeing as this sense of immunity from prosection once corrupt politicians have them in their possessions fuels and facilitates the thefts of billions of dollars from the people generationally because there is no accountability and the lender countries can also be blamed for these crimes by crooks…when they allow it to happen by their silence, nonaction and are complicit.

    Taxpayers should not have to repay any loans stolen under the cover of diplomatic passports..

  44. The grapevine says INVESTIGATIONS have started.

    So if ya are headed to the continent or the continent is headed to the diaspora…be very careful of which airlines you use…2 airlines have been made famous so far, one from Antigua and another from Nigeria…the popular sentiment is that it’s Nigeria’s private company nationals involved in these scams with their famous Caribbean partners.

    More the reason to void diplomatic passports in the region. They will be used for fraud and thefts as always..

  45. They can try their setup again, making a pappyshow and mockery of the empty heads on BU as usual. Then watch and weep at the outcome. ..which is likely to be the final one.

  46. One small point. For greater transparency the commission should do the following
    (1) Have a list of all past and planned meetings with date/time location
    (2) For meetings that have already happened, have a link to the video recording
    Date/Time Location Topic Recording
    2/1/2022 Maycocks Bay No constitution for St Lucy (link or file)
    2/1/2023 Lorenzo’s Shack No constitution for DLP (link or file)
    2/16/2023 BLP HQ Lorenzo is right (posted later)
    3/3/3203 DLP HQ What are we doing here (posted later)

  47. It took me a while to figure it out….
    Someone found 555 stash and is smoking it up.
    This is the only sensible explanation for decreased 555 activity and some of what I read here.

  48. @David,
    I spent some time (yesterday and today) reviewing the website and found it lacking what I mentioned.

    What I described should be part of the homepage of the site. They need to put up a schedule that includes possible future meeting dates, times, locations and topics. Links to videos of past meetings should also be on the home page; I shouldn’t have to scurry around the internet to find videos of past meetings – one stop shopping.

    If anyone can point me to where this information is one place (up front), I will tender my apologies to the CRC.

    • The commission publishes meetings in the media. The average person unfortunately doesn’t scour websites for meeting times far less attend when they are made aware.

  49. I told yall the Slave minds are CRAZY…check out this level of madness…with THIEVES in charge..and access to other people’s money. Stop allowing thieves full access to your money.


  50. The 0O0O0
    when you are wrong
    you are really really wrong
    you should spread your wings and take flight
    look up and see the light
    Tea Party Main Mix

  51. Pacha…everything has gone haywire, but while all of this is happening and stunning evabody. Ya would think that haters got better things to do , but no, they still believe they can setup to do something about or to me. When they got SO MUCH TO WORRY ABOUT. Wuh i int got that kinda worries. Imagine that, they will never learn. Only one thing to do with these types of clowns.

    A feeble setup that was so badly orchestrated that they are the ones ended up discredited. And did it all by themselves to themselves. When all they had to do was read my previous comments and save themselves the colossal embarrassment of evabody now laughing at them…

    But they were so sure that they had it nailed, just like their incompetent political masters…they didnt do their due diligence…Hate will finish them off fuh sure…they have become way too obsessed.

    Haters are extremely evil…damaged Slave minds.

    I await the next try. They better make it a good one, their best ever, cause i have nowhere to house prisoners, wont want those types too close anyway.

  52. Today we hear a State Department spokesman, Ned Something, when asked whether the USA will wave their criminal sanctions on Syria, Turkeye snd other countries now experiencing the massive earthquakes of yesterday.

    That son of a bitch retorted that in relationship to Syria that that government had engaged in war on its own people for 12 years. The truth is that the USA, through their terrorist proxies, was seeking to overthrow the Syria government since the buller, Obama, was in office.

    America a country which currently still occupies parts of Syria and is daily stealing its petroleum resources, as ordered by Trump, and its farm produce from its sole bread basket region in the north east.

    We wonder the basis on which the Bajan slaves, house and field, could continue to profess such deep love for their criminal master, represented by the IMF, when in catastrophic humanitarian circumstances that that Great Satan, as dubbed by Ayatollah Khomeini, could actively seek to prevent populations under rubble from humanitarian aid.

    Maybe the justice of Ntr will act against such slaves soon as balance is restored.

  53. Ma’at..the Africkan female will have to provide the blance needed…soon come.

  54. The day i released the photos from the Save our Children Event my site was jampacked with HUNDREDS OF VISITORS ACROSS CONTINENTS so let that KILL THE HATERS…int a thing they can do about that now

    … and i int even RELEASE the videos yet….soon come.

    Tek dat.

  55. I know this is a Bajan trait, but…
    Empty boasting reflects poorly on the qualities of the braggart.
    self praise is no praise or recommendation it sounds stupid
    Praise of oneself is worth nothing, as one cannot be objective of one’s own work or accomplishments

    the month of February is Black History month in Amerikkka ..
    a Middle school in NY served the racist trope of fried chicken, waffles and watermelon on 1 February

  56. Waru

    Last time we called for that Great Satan to be confronted by a mushroom-headed deckie it was only Bushie who saw the required justice evoked.

    This came after the dictatorial head slave, urged by a private message, delivered an outpouring of emotion from the spectre that the financial slave master should face such an accounting, pun intended.

    Slavery ain’t done. Can’t done otherwise. But pig guts, pig foot and pig head are sufficient to keep the niggers feeling part of the Western, White world.

  57. Let them keep it up. If they think the white world got time for their type when it’s time to move forward, they are very wrong. They will soon see..

    Even though they would destroy each other to be part of a criminal white world that exploits oppress and steal from them. The Slaves are still determined to remain it and would hate you for not being dumb enuff to do the same..

    .I already told them there are no more Harriett Tubmans to shoot Slaves to drag them along…mindsets like mine wiould shoot them and leave RIGHT THERE for someone else to bury.
    No one needs dead weight Slaves stopping their progress,.and i got a bad back, int looking to lift a fella..

    The Slaves are an embarrassing shame and disgrace to our ancestry. Look how they would attempt to destroy someone who looks like them to appease criminal demons hellbent on selling children..the traitor Slave.

  58. Pacha..i took a couple days off between projects, a break before resuming another project. Never even thought these lowlifes kept it in their heads that i was still their favorite target, even though they know how i can get, but that is the wickedness of the slave mind. Good thing i am always ready and on the look out because i know they are our biggest problem, the biggest threat to Afrikans’ survival progress and lives..

    When you show me once that you are dangerous and untrustworthy, you dont have to show me twice, as am fully aware of the serious threat they represent to conscious Afrikans..ask Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and thousands more the niga Slaves set up to get killed..and as some countries were very recently warned, given the julia clarice brown video, they must be monitored 24/7 because they cannot be trusted not to sellout or betray, with their damaged minds..we are on to them and ON THEM LIKE WHITE ON RICE

    The Slaves are in the crosshairs and if they think not they are very wrong. I spent YEARS making sure they are, making sure they STAY THERE…..i do NOTHING HALF WAY ….i want THEM GONE, curse and blight on our earth is what they are and always will be….

  59. Wonder if the lesson’s been learnt…….doubt it.

    When ya setting plots and digging graves for others, always dig two…cause ya never know who is also setting up and digging MASS graves for you.

    The nasty Slave minds will no longer be allowed to setup Afrikan centered, conscious people or kill our prophets so you can remain Slaves.

    No one cares about your Slave status, you are welcome to it, seeing how it has greatly reduced and degraded your poisonous minds to nothing……but you will be VERY SLOWLY CRUSHED for your evil actions against the melanated conscious…

    I am adamant that none of my future generations are to meet any evil Slave minds even if i have to destroy each and every one of you to achieve that…

    You are being monitored WORLDWIDE…i set that in motion…YEARS NOW..because i know first hand the dangerous threat you are to Afrikan people, …doing things at the international level…gets more BANG..

    You had absolutely no reason to hate me before but ya did….now ya really have something to hate me for so now what….LET’S GO.

  60. TLSN.. when you are a customer and have a substantial amount of YOUR MONEY deposited., the scummy little tellers act like you came to the bank to take their money…they push up their faces, cut their eyes at you, throw remarks at you to their fellow scummy tellers…

    ..these nigas are unprofessional untrained.extremely evil in mind and would set up to rob your accouuts while badminding it..they have been doing it FOR DECADES……the stinking niga Slave again..

    .they dont do that to the criminal minorities who rob the vat treasury and pension fund by the billions…they would help them rob YOUR account though…as thousands of victims will tell you..

    They nearly killed that woman because they were stealing her money…she barely got away with her life.

    It was christmas day for me to top of what i was doing when their political masters threw all their names, addresses, ID card information out there in cyberspace for the world to see and know who they are.

    Wonder wuh #vindicated gotta say bout dah…….

  61. “Did you read this article? There is stealing occurring in your neck of the woods also?”

    Standard response 1 (SR1)
    It happened elsewhere, so good or bad, it should happen here. We are people too.

    Is there so sympathy for victims who follow the instructions of Solomon. “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest”.

    Do we still follow the 8th commandment? “Thou shalt not steal”.

    Let us abandon SR1 for criminal matters.

    • The simple point is that reporter theft at banks is low compared to the UK. The other point is that the loss is at the bank not the customer once proved to be by the financial institution.

  62. “Standard response 1 (SR1)
    It happened elsewhere, so good or bad, it should happen here. We are people too.”

    Yep…the typical Slave response…

    Wuh it does happen everywhere…wuh we culd tief too….wuh we int nuhbody?

    The total REDUCTION and complete destruction of the Afrikan mind into permanent slavehood. That’s what they are nostalgic for and would destroy Afrikan minded people to keep in play…the dirty Slave mind..

  63. That too they are famous for…as world-class, first world thieves…small island criminals, putting some of the most vicious thieves across the earth to shame..

  64. Has Brother Donville been released from federal lockup yet….someone said it’s this month..

    In that case, .who will be his replacement to warm the prison cell bed…

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