It’s Mia Mottley Again!

Mia Mottley,Leader of the Opposition

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition casting her vote in the 2013 General Election – Photo credit: Nation Newspaper

Mia Mottley’s elevation to the position of Opposition Leader  was a predictable one for many. The fact that the decision to replace Arthur was made quickly is positive for the Barbados Labour party (BLP). Mottley will have five years to grow with her team in the eyes of the public. it is accepted that a robust contribution from the opposition bench is necessary to maintain the people’s business. An Opposition bench with an increased majority and a few new and young faces should make life interesting in the new parliament.

Many Barbadians believed the BLP made a mistake when it brought back Arthur to lead the party. BU is sure there was a good reason why a majority of the BLP parliamentary group sided with the decision. Whatever the reason BU hopes that Mia Mottley and the BLP have grown from the experience and set it behind them.

On behalf of the BU household we wish she and her team all the best.

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  1. all the rumour about the pm is ill is not true, he deliberated and would have decided on his cabinet, and i have been informed that there is agreement on who wil go where.

  2. Remember Tyrone Estwick? A wonderful human being who crossed the floor many years ago. His brother, if he is made from that same moral fabric there is no telling that he might make the same decision. To win an election by the hairs of your chinny chin chin means that you will always be in a precarious position.
    Laugh now and enjoy it, there is lots of joy before sorrow.

  3. David the former speaker of the house would be one. i don’t know the second one is but i know for sure they were looking for a new speaker of the house. Will find out tomorrow who is the other person and let you know.

    forget party it is sad that we are in this state when we can’t afford to be in this state now of all times.

    i believe politicians in the pass line their pockets but they did some good for the country along the way. this set of DLP misfits broke a number of election rules along the way and spent an unheard of amount of money on election day buying votes. i for one would not waste sleep over what was done because it was done and both sides do it, just the DLP out spend the BLP.

    but here is my problem, the DLP clowns lead by Stuart really don’t have a clue. they don’t. ac, ! and the likes of TTP could curse me till the cows come home, its not going to change that fact.

    they just see the money. i saw on here someone asking about a tax refund from last year and i had to smile. people cant get tax refunds but JADA could get a $17+ million cheque from govt the day before elections AND they believe people who knew this info would keep it.

    when the shite hit the fan alot of ppl going to be looking for holes.

  4. TO THE POINT | February 27, 2013 at 11:49 PM |

    all the rumour about the pm is ill is not true, he deliberated and would have decided on his cabinet, and i have been informed that there is agreement on who wil go where.

    this tell me you don’t have a clue what is happening. for one, the PM was feeling tired and took some days to rest. they are rumours about him in QEH and a lot of shite. people need to stop that crap but how could one really blame them when PM believes he does not have to talk to the people.

    • @David (not BU)

      Let us hope the PM can deliver a Cabinet and we can get on with the business of running the country. While we are in steady state because of the election mode we were in the world continues on its challenging ways.

    • I cannot wait to hear the announcement f parliament. Lets see if Freuns is fully adleep at the helm.May the good lord help barbados.

  5. I wish nothing good for crooks , but to go home and get out the Peoples way, Soon you all will see things you never expect to see.

  6. @David et al,

    There is no doubt we have serious issues. I hear apparently, de underlings giving so much trouble between themselves, the top man get so disappointed at behaviour, say ‘if wunna aint careful i going over wid Mia an them’ lol.

    On the QEH, no I hear twas a private clinic. With the clowns behind, we best pray for his good health.

    If he retired, you could imagine the bassa-bassa that would occur wid them?

    Yuh really think quick-draw would let poochie lead? Joke.

    • That was hilarious. Poochie and quickdraw would fight to the death of the party.They want leadership so badly.

  7. wunnah here speculating on the man;s healt. David Yjompson had appeared in good health and where is he now/ None of us know what is llurkng inside us. Last month afriend of mind who has appeared to be in the peek of health is under the earth. Ywo other friends are ill, they used to eat healty. be careful what u wish for, it might befall u.

    Sickness or death can befall any of us regardless of age. I loss my mother when she was 39 even thoug lengevity is in my family. One of my family, one of the bright young spark of thos country had to had an operation at 31. BE CAREFUL WHAT US WISH FOR.

  8. @dAVID NOT BU

    u r still in shock, so i will forgive u. Dream on, joseph the dreamer. u can bave some decorun and go get a new blogging name like some here. TAKE YAH LASHES LIKE A MAN. HAVE U SEEN MY INVOLVEEMENT IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE BLP? THEIR BUSINESS IS THEIR BUSINESS. Hope u get the drift, u and just asking. R u a glutton for punishment. Remenber that we sail or sink together in this boat called Barbados/


  9. David

    The DLP administration is in real trouble. The Prime Minister has promoted Poochie and has slapped Quick Draw McDraw and another MP.

    It is foolish to head down this road and as the days slowly and painfully tick away, it is becoming more and more apparent that at least two MP are heading for the Independent benches of Parliament.

  10. To The Point

    It is not my wish, not in the least. We shall see if the PM can name a Cabinet but as he was to do so last evening and now today, you will agree with me that the longer it takes the more difficult it becomes.

    No one loves the safety of their home cross the street and look to find comfort in the burning house. No BLP members would cross the floor if some of the DLP MP’s are going to the Independent benches.

  11. ‘The body politic, as well as the human body, begins to die as soon as it is born, and carries within itself the causes of its destruction’

    1994 playing out all over again. The Members of Parliament of the DLP better buckle their seat belts the ride is going to be very rough from here on in.

    • To put the world economy in perspective and particularly Europe which is a key market.
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  12. @To the Point, yes, we all know about health and the vagaries thereof, no one is disputing that.

    What we are noting is the implications for the country.

    After all, it was a DLP candidate who got on a platform and talked about his opponents health as being relevant to her being there.

    Dont worry though, you are doing a great job at defend, defend, defend.Your boss will give you brownie points.

  13. David, from what I am hearing the prime minister has agreed to keep sinckler as minister of finance and deputy pm and those is causing friction the DLP administration.

    • @Undersea

      Without knowing if what you are saying is true the obvious is that Estwick will have high expectations after the political campaign. He was used to hammer the economic message and many on BU – including DLPites – believe his was the delivery which resonated most from the DLP platform. Again we reiterate, the country cannot afford any squabbling at the beginning of the term, we hope all works out for the best, and quickly.

  14. Can some explain for me what is the effect of one or two DLP MP’s sitting in the independent benches? Can the government still operate.

  15. And to the point, to PRESS a point. We dont wish anything on the leadr, far from it.

    The VALID concern is, that the ones behind DO NOT HAVE IT to lead, as exhibited by their actions and deeds.

    ‘Bald pooch cat’, gun pulling?

    Potential leaders what!

    Sorry, I dont want that for Barbados.

  16. @Undersea,

    I can’t see how the government would continue. Technically the BLP would have the Parliamentary majority. 16-2=14 vs, 15.

    So, 14, 15, 2.

    The BLP would have to visit the GG and note their majority, unless someone form that side crossed too.

    However, if the two you speak of, hypothetically, merely sat as backbenchers thus expressing disapproval, all it would come down to is the specific votes for various Parliamentary legislation.

    The bright side is that Ministerial travel expenses will be drastically reduced over the next…….. while.

  17. That said, even in that event, maybe the Opposition should wait, let the government sit for a while. That may be the smart thing.One does not know the nest that awaits and hence, to act in haste may be unwise.

    • It is sad but I cannot keep the smile off my face.The very infighting that the dems claimed was rampant in the bees has now raised its head in their nest of vipers. It is not surprising that a bald pooch cat and a gun slinger would treat their leader with scant respect as he attempts to dole out ministerial portfolios. Freundel you have definitely won a phyrrhic victory.

  18. Oh boy, Here we go again, Barbados Underground and its slew of jokers predicting what the Democratic Labour Party will do.

    Same old, same old, no lessons learned.

    We are in for another five years of Goobledegook form Barbados Underground and its idiots.

    Then they will wonder why things did not turn out as they wanted.

    • Stop burying your head in the sand.Freundel your prime minister is having serious issues naming his parliament.

  19. You people on Barbados Underground, with notable exceptions such as AC, but including the Blog owner dont get tired being wrong?

  20. David
    Are those high expectation legitimate? It would seem not if sinckler is left as minister of finance and economic affairs and also made deputy prime minister while estwick is left as minister of agriculture alone, water resources being moved to Lowe.

  21. shai on February 28, 2013 at 7:40 AM

    Stop burying your head in the sand.Freundel your prime minister is having serious issues naming his parliament.
    Where is the evidence of the tripe you have produced above ?

    What does the Constitution of Barbados says on the naming of a government after a General election ?

    Has the incoming Freundel Administration breached those provisions ?

    The BLP were harping that the events in Grenada would be mirrored in Barbados… here is the TREND to note :

    1. Grenadians voted on 19 Feb 2013
    (A) Barbadians voted on 21 Feb 2013 !
    2. Grenadians gave the opposition party 14 seats
    (A) Barbadians gave the opposition party 14 seats
    3. Grenada that voted 2 days before Barbados will install their new Cabinet on the weekend of 3 March 2013
    (A) Barbadians will have their new Cabinet in place by 5 March 2013 !


    So why the FUSS ??

    • How absolutely blind! !. Are you listening to yourself? I await the announcement and thr fallout with bated breath.

  22. @undersea

    BU regards the MoA as one of the more important ministries but you have to admit it is limited in what it can do based on the MoF. The position of MoF is critical in the prevailing climate.

  23. David
    The Prime Minister cannot name the Cabinet he wants as open warfare has broken out. Estwick and another MP have declined the PM’s invitation to join his Cabinet in favor of moving to the independents bench in Parliament. Sinckler the admitted leader of the Eager 11 and the person who refused to comply Cabinet decisions for a year and a half is made MoF&EA and Deputy Prime Minister while Estwick is screwed over, AGAIN? This DLP administration is in real trouble. Someone better whistler to the PM to do the right thing or its 1994 all over again.

  24. A few words to the BLP supporters; Don’t start counting chickens yet. A few words to the DLP gloaters, headed by AC; Nice start!!! We will see what happens in the days, weeks and months to come.
    A few words to TTP; Blogger 2012 is a good example of blog name changing.




    Requel Gilkes
    (from facebook)

    All I can reply is that they are just plain stupid. Just like here on Barbados Underground.

    Bunch of idiots. The blind leading the blind!

  26. Its amazing BLP bloggers predicting the worse for Dems as theyve done from 2008 in opposition. Every one of their wishes and predictions were proven wrong down the biggie the winnning of the elections by a landslide. Now they are back at the beginning of a new term in opposition where they belong for at least 10 more years to whine and cry like little children.

    Look Mia in spite of her toothy broad grin must watch her back. She get ambush before. Payne’s legacy for 28 wasted years in HOA is back stabbing with his confidante Judas Iscariot Dale riding shotgun. Youve got 1000 lbs of blubber the wife beater who Mia fired, Wuk fuh Wuk and Toppin no gooders waiting to join whoever plotting. Last but not least Owen still lurking. If as BLPites say Freundel in hospital on his death bed Owen bet your last Grantley already saddle up to gallop back to Roebuck St and Mia capsize again. History repeats itself.

    A word to the wise leave out the death wishes for the Dees of the past five years. Bajans rejected the fortune tellers, obeah men and soothsayers of the BLP last week. Why not do a SWOT analysis on your defeat think about Barbados which you pretend to love and bring constructive proposals to work with the government to push Barbados forward.

    The BLP were beaten (and demoralised) on Feb 21 no crying no wishing implosion for the DEms, no praying for thier leaders ill health, no denial, no crocodile tears no vote buying red herrings is going to change the result. The Bees are in opposition again for five more years unless something unforseen occurs on either side. Get accustomed to it you wi;ll be tired of Fruendel black and proud face and royal broad nose. Thank Jesus if we do not see the idiot author of that narrative muscle mary again.The lashes muscle barney mary take from the imperious Fruendel is the stuff of aesop’s fables. mary Muscle done and dusted good riddance to bad rubbish. Dems now Dems again. Get used to it BLP yardfowls.

  27. Mr. Carson Cadogan, why becoming insulting when people are merely offering views. Calling us all idiots?

    After all, some of us humble citizens do not have your political experience and acumen.

    If so, why are you hanging out here …contributing?

    That said, when the Cabinet is named and Dr. Estwick and another are named to the wonderful cabinet, I will humbly shut up, knowing I am an idiot, a humble citizen and have little to offer, as per your accuracy.

    I note how many of you here were calling for the doctor to be named MOF after the election, I would give you the beneift of the doubt and accept it was not just because you realised that with the scant majority, he would want it and demand it.

    If he is not named to Cabinet however, will you admit tha we are wrong?

    Remember, time longer than twine.

  28. Crusoe

    I am trying to help. They are some opinions that are not worth expressing. I am hoping that you all dont make the same silly mistakes that you have made over the past five years, but no one is listening. You are moving headlong with all kinds of ridicoulous nonsense once again. If it didnt work for you over the last five years what makes you think that it will have sucess this time around.

    Grow up.

    Dont make me think that Errol Barrow made a huge mistake educating you all and you made no effort to benfit from it.

  29. The de facto MOF is Dr Worrell at the Central Bank , whoever is named MOF will follow the script of Dr Worrell. A note about Dr Estwick , he is the mouthpiece for Dr Howard of the UWI; the economic analysis of OSA 14 years as MOF was the work of Dr Howard.

  30. AC

    I see that you have been having your own fun with my predictions.
    My predictions would have held true if not for the variables that were present on election day. BUT the elections are over, the present is what we must deal with whether we want to do so or not. As far as I am concerned , that chapter (elections) is closed, over , done.

    Your leader has his hands full with so slim a margin.
    This so-called victory is really a rejection of the DLP .
    40% did not vote which is no ringing endorsement of the Government.
    Coming out of the elections, the DLP has more to worry about than the BLP , so enjoy it while it lasts.

  31. Carson C. Cadogan | February 28, 2013 at 11:32 AM |

    Let me ask a question, is there any difference between Barbados Underground and the Nation newspaper?


    the difference is that the nation does not have to put up with you BS all the time. 😀

  32. @CC ”Dont make me think that Errol Barrow made a huge mistake educating you all and you made no effort to benfit from it.”

    😉 You the guru? I must however, congratulate you. I dont know how you did it, but however you escaped the nuthouse is a wonder.

    Definitely two cans short of a six pack, nuttier than a bowl of planters.

    Maybe its the same kool aid that has you enthralled with whatever the DLP does, that enabled you to fool the nurses when you escaped. Good stuff.

  33. The S&P on July 17th downgraded Barbados to junk bond status. This was major news due to Arthur and the BLP. Immediately after announcement of the S&P downgrade Arthur went about ranting and raving “Call the election!!! Let us get this behind us [the election] and let all the fundamental decisions that must be made about the countries future be made in a period of calm and seriousness rather than in a period of electoral frenzy” . Mottley, before the July 17th S&P downgrade, speaking in the house of asssembly (June 2012) called for Prime Minister Stewart to step down or call an election, reduce the burden now so people can breath again she said.

    Arthur and those BLP folks put on a good clown show and got good laughs, “economy is a mess right now, we will fix it”. Then, Mottley fusses to the Nation News (July 2012) that government owes more than $100 million to the University of West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus and called for an “urgent” permanent solution to the mounting debt problem. Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Government at moment may owe Al Barrack $77 million, a mounting debt problem that occurred because Arthur was into folly with Julie Price, had hit upon one of his drinking binges and or was sleeping but didn’t fix that problem – Al Barrack. Barrack has in his possession a court ordered judgment, Bajans must pay. Mottley herself has taken possession of property that posibly belongs to the Violet Beckles estate not her. David Thompson investigated Violet Beckles claim of which involves the BLP administration, and the National Housing Commission (NHC), a government entity. . . . . moving tax numbers from one person with deed to another person with no deed and no proof of sale. . . . massive land fraud.

    Speaking at a political meeting at the corner of Deacons Road, Owen Arthur said “the island had been humiliated by the recent S&P downgrade.” We have been reduced to junk status and someone has to be held responsible for it. He Arthur said also that the S&P downgrade report must be taken seriously, but what about Violet Beckles? That old woman has been humiliated by massive land theft and fraud perpetrated by corrupt lawyers and high authorities in Barbados. This must be taken seriously. This must be taken seriously. Someone has to be held accountable.

    The general election faced Barbarians 02/21/2013 involving both the DLP and BLP and a few independents. The election has come and gone. One party [BLP] is a winner the other party [DLP] a looser. It’s just an election. There will be others. This one is certainly a memorable one.

  34. David (no BU)

    How much money do you want to bet David Estwick is not going to what he had before the elections?

  35. Some said that President Obama’s administration [United States] would be only one term. Some said also that the DLP administration lead by Stewart would be one term. Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

  36. The same old propaganda and untruths that defeated the BLP such as slander and perception continuesc to raise its ugly head among the BLP faithuful who for the life of me can.t seem to uderstand that they have misjudge PM in all of their predictions.Ask Observing who miscalculated everything going wrong for the DLP “mind you” with his observant eye.

  37. I will continue to say I am glad that these two parties are not getting it easy after all their games, they are being paid by the taxpayers and richly deserve all the discomfort and misery they are experiencing for the stunts pulled on the taxpayers by both parties over the last 9 years.

  38. Stopping political ragging won’t happen because the BLP group is just too petty. The BLP throughout the year embarked upon numerous issues, any and everything they could think of to sink the DLP ship with only pettyness a lot of pettyness.

    Arthur just months ago reported to Midweek Nation that REDjet might still be flying if government has honored its commitment to the collapsed airlines. Arthur, apparently did not consider FACT that Bajans owe REDjet nothing, absolutely nothing but may Al Barack millions. Barrack has in his posession a court ordered judgment; REDjet does not.

    The recent S&P downgrade was made MAJOR NEWS due to Arthur and the BLP. Arthur and the BLP surely had not forgotten that Richard Francis, an S&P associate in 2005. . . . stated that the [Barbados] deficit of 10% was too high and the debt level between 43 and 50 percent of GDP, although less than half of Jamaica’s and even smaller than St. kitts-Nevis’ was unacceptable and should be reduced if the island were to maintain its high credit rating. Francis further stated that the S&P worried about the Barbados deficit which should jump even more. Barbados before 2008 was financially unstable. Three S&P downgrades proves this.

    The BLP group are rather vindictive but petty.

  39. just asking

    “WHY is Carson attacking BU ??
    IS this a sign of post election arrogance ?”

    One does not need “election arrogance” to point out that if you do things the same way all the time you will get the same results all the time.

    this blog going down the same road as the last five years, you dont need a degree in rocket science to see that.

    But then again you blp people are so dumb. Especially YOU!

  40. JUST ASKING | October 14, 2012 at 8:25 AM |


    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

    How are you going to deal with this result Freundel Stuart ?
    Will you fantasize it away ?

    Do you remember those famous words, “just asking”?

  41. The BLP is seriously injured and in need – major surgery. Replacing Owen is just a bandaid solution.

    Mottley likely is better than Kerri Symmonds and Dale Marshall but not much better than Owen Arthur. In fact, Mottley compared to Julia Gillard [Prime Minister, Australia] is a political misfit. She [Mottley] is a follow the leader person and followed the leader, Owen Seymour Author. The Republican Party [United States] could not offer Americans better than Mitt Romney. They [United States Republican Party] pushed him [Romney] to the forefront because they couldn’t push to the forefront because there was no one else better than him. The Republicans have nothing to challenge Barack Obama and or Hilary Rodham-Clinton and or a few others under the Democratic Party umbrella. The BLP [Barbados] could not offer Bajans better than Arthur. They [BLP] pushed him [Arthur] to the forefront because there was really no one else better than him, not even Mottley. The BLP alike the Republican Party [United States] is seriously injured and in need – major surgery.

  42. Just to show how blp people dont learn

    in the run up to the 2008 elections a GeorgeBell/CHAPO poll came out showing that the BLP would win the elections with a commanding majority. The Blp supporters started to beat their chests with great glee.

    The actual results were the complete opposite.

    In the run up to the 2013 elections, Lord Almighty PETER WICKHAM came out with a poll which showed that BLP would win the elections with a commanding majority. The BLP supporters started to beat their chests with great glee.

    The actual results have them on the opposition benches once again.

    They should have wary of polls. But they fell for them again.

  43. After the election [United States] November 2008
    Senator John McCain – Republican Party: What you Say?
    Barack Obama & the Democratic Party [United States]: Hit the road jack!

    After the election [Barbados] January 2008
    Owen Arthur – BLP: What you say?
    David Thompson & the DLP: Hit the road jack!

    After the election [United States] 11/06/2012
    Mitt Romney – Republican Party: What you say?
    Barack Obama & Democratic Party: Hit the road jack and don’t come back no more!

    After the election [Barbados] 02/21/2013
    Owen Arthur: What you say?
    Stuart & the DLP: Hit the road jack and don’t come back no more!

    Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

    • Wait a minute, werent there prominent homosexuals in the dlp.real nuff too.

  44. If a man lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. See Old Testament/Leviticus 20:13. Mottley indeed talks like a man. She embraces some feminism (lipstick and earrings) but allows a masculine physique. She does not attrack the typical man because she’s one of them analogous. She, Mottley may want to be a lesbian, that’s her progrative but not allowed via bible scriptures. God almightly made her and in doing so gave her female organs. She should cohabit with a man, only a man, but now that is a problem because she does not attrack the typical man; she’s one of them analogous. LOL

    Mottley as Leader of the Opposition is a better choice, better than Kerri Symmonds and Dale Marshall but not much better than Owen Arthur. In fact, Mottley compared to Julia Gillard [Prime Minister, Australia], Angela Merkel [Chancelor, Germany], also ex-secretary of state [United States] women, Condoleezza Rice and Hilary Rodham-Clinton she is a political misfit – unable to approach those thrones. She [Mottley] is a follow the leader person and followed the leader, Owen Seymour Author. Owen Arthur, months before the election challenged Prime Minister Stuart, “call the election” assuming he would be crowned “the winner”. Mottley, did the same, challenged Prime Minister Stuart “have mercy on the people of Barbados” she said. . . . “step aside. . . . call an election, immediately”.

    There is nothing like a good laugh, especially now, Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley.

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