Way Forward After General Election

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, President, Clement Payne Movement

THE  TRULY  CRITICAL  POINT I would like all Barbadians to appreciate is that when the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) political regime tells you that the way forward is to divest and privatize state enterprises, abandon social welfare programmes, and retrench public sector workers, it is in effect informing you that it is ABANDONING  any aspiration that the future of our country will be based upon the educated and trained masses of our people owning and controlling the major institutions of our nation.

And if the future of the nation and its economy is not to be based upon the empowerment of the masses of people, then the plan must be to base it upon a continued and enhanced empowerment of the traditional white Barbadian economic elite and the predominantly North American, European and French Creole (Trinidadian) “foreign investor” entities that they are wont to align themselves with.

But none of this should come as a surprise to any of us! We already possess stark and painful evidence of the shameful way in which the DLP regime prostrated itself before the likes of Mark Maloney, Bjorn Bjerkham, Bizzy Williams and the Da Silvas, and  conferred a series of outrageously privileged governmental contracts on these and other members of the traditional business class.

There is no doubt that Barbados is in a state of serious economic crisis, but the way to solve that crisis is NOT to treat trade unions as “the enemy” or to savage public sector workers and their jobs. Nor is it to dismantle the critical educational, health and social welfare mechanisms that are required to produce a mass of trained and empowered citizens who are capable of appropriating and undertaking responsibility for the development of their nation.

The way forward for Barbados CANNOT be to go backward to an era in which ownership and control of our nation’s economy was firmly and squarely in the hands of a traditional white oligarchy!

On the contrary, we must continue to hold on to the notion that the economic and social development of Barbados has to be based on the foundation of a highly educated, cultured, healthy, employed and empowered mass population.


The economic situation that faces Barbados is severe but it is not insoluble. The first order of business for the new Administration that we are going to elect of the 24th of May must be to re-establish the soundness of the finances and credit of our Government, and this can be achieved, but only if the public sector trade unions are treated with respect by the Government and are permitted to use their extensive and intimate knowledge of the Public Service to craft appropriate strategies. Nobody knows better than the public servants  and their  trade unions where the waste, duplication and inefficiency resides in the system . They are therefore much better equipped to craft sensible and humane strategies of change and improvement than often clueless Government Ministers!

We all need to remember that when the “Movement” for the upliftment of the Barbadian masses started in earnest in the 1940’s, it was a “Labour Movement”, with the political party (the Barbados Labour Party) and trade union (the Barbados Workers Union) working together, hand in hand. The spirit of this Movement needs to be revived, but this can only happen if the trade unions are given the respect that they are entitled to.

The other major item on the national agenda has to be the devising of economic strategies to grow and develop the economy. And here again, this is not beyond us! But first of all we need to jettison the self-negating idea that either the traditional white Barbadian businessman or the so-called foreign investor is required to be our saviour. (There is a place and a role for the traditional elite Barbadian businessman and the foreign investor but it CANNOT be a place and a role of primacy!).

Secondly, we must commit ourselves to the notion that we — the tens of thousands of Bajans –will assume the primary responsibility for establishing and developing productive enterprises in our own country, and that we will do so on the basis of elevated standards of education and training for our people in general and our youth in particular.

In other words, our nation’s economic development must arise from our people’s human development, and vice versa. These two spheres of development must therefore be symbiotic and must mutually propel each other. And none of this will be possible if we demolish the “human development” of tens of thousands of our citizens by throwing thousands of public sector workers into unemployment, or if we dismantle or disable the critical human development programmes and structures that public servants man.

Indeed, the Clement Payne Movement and its sister organization, the Peoples Empowerment Party, long ago outlined the parameters of such a developmental strategy :-

the development of the Education sector as a foreign exchange earning industry;

the construction of a Manufacturing industry comprised of a  cooperative, centralized domestic sector and a high technology export sector;

cultural, heritage, health and sports tourism;

cultural or Arts-based industries;

intensive science and technology based food and agricultural production;

development of a solar energy industry;

a Public / Private sector programme to provide the technical, administrative, managerial and trade-related needs of our fellow CARICOM states;

establishment of a national “Employee Share-Ownership Programme”;

the development of a cooperative or people’s sector of the economy;

a public / private sector partnership in the development and commercialization of unique, indigenous national assets such as our rum, sugar, sea island cotton , classic furniture, pepper sauce, literature, Arts, black belly sheep, Cricket heritage, pottery, etc;

establishment of intensive economic, trade and cultural relations with the Caribbean diaspora, and with Latin America and Africa;

a series of local environmental development projects with funding provided under the Global Warming / Climate Change agenda;

establishment of a national “Knowledge and Technology “Centre / Programme to generate and collate appropriate technology applications for Barbadian producers;

a systematic national programme to dismantle the “log-jam” of un-met human needs, un-employed people, and un-used financial resources; and the list goes on.

The ideas are numerous and powerful, but their validity and potency will only become clear if one is philosophically committed to the construction of a truly democratic and egalitarian Barbados that is owned by the masses of the Barbadian people.

This was the original vision and mission of the Labour Movement. And this must be the vision and mission that we fight for when we line up behind the new , presumably Barbados Labour Party, government and our trade unions in the  months and years ahead.

25 thoughts on “Way Forward After General Election

    The objective of “a truly democratic and egalitarian Barbados that is owned by the masses of the Barbadian people” is one worth striving for, but unfortunately your prescription will not cure our economy.
    The first step must indeed be to restore the soundness of public finances and credit, but you are chasing an illusion when you pretend that it can be accomplished by reducing c in the system. The arithmetic simply does not work. The ONLY way to restore the soundness of public finances is to eliminate the fiscal deficit… this means reducing government spending by at least $400 million within three years. It is impossible to close this gap by reducing waste, duplication and inefficiency. This is the sort of voodoo economics proposed by Solutions Barbados.
    There is absolutely no way to achieve our objective except by reducing the number of people employed by government and slashing the public subsidy to state owned enterprises. There is only one way that I can see to achieve these staff reductions in a humane way… offer generous buyouts to public servants to leave the civil service. The objective is to get them to use this capital to start businesses of their own or become a partner in one of their neighbours’ businesses. We will need to borrow the money to pay them these buyouts, but that will be the burden of all of us to shoulder in order to rebuild Barbados.

  2. The second line of the second paragraph should read:
    “chasing an illusion when you pretend that it can be accomplished by reducing c in the system.”

  3. The second line of the second paragraph should read:
    “chasing an illusion when you pretend that it can be accomplished by reducing waste, duplication and inefficiency in the system.”

  4. we must continue to hold on to the notion that the economic and social development of Barbados has to be based on the foundation of a highly educated, cultured, healthy, employed and empowered mass population.


    I agree!!

    But we have put millions/billions put into getting where we are and it is as if it were all wasted.

    A significant percentage of our students leave secondary school with few if any certificates, that’s not to say they are not educated but it has to be regarded as a bad sign.

    Dropping out is not considered bad.

    Agriculture is kaput and manufacturing non existent.

    We have sewage flowing on our streets and a court that has collapsed.

    Corruption is rife and every now and again the QEH has issues with medical supplies and closes off non emergency surgeries.

    The fiscal deficit exists because no matter how much we spend on social programmes, health, education, culture etc etc, all we seem to have managed to accomplish is to create a feeling of entitlement in many.

    “We want more $$”

    Corruption bleeds the treasury dry.

    Somehow the get up and go of the past has got up and gone!!

    Our leaders are just not up to the job yet still get paid large amounts of money for a lack of performance.

    Pensions for MP’s adds insult to injury.

    Do we really need 30?

    Could we get by with 20?

    Many people will look to be given an extra dollar before they will act to create it.

    Yet there remains a sense of pride and that’s about all that is left.

    All we need is the industry to justify the pride and Government is not capable of creating industry!!

    … and … whether we like to admit it or not there are some jobs that exist in the Government sector just as a means of vote buying

    Some trimming needs to be done at the top, and at the bottom … and corruption needs to be eliminated.

    Waste needs to be cut out.

  5. No surprise the very shady and unethical Fruendolittle will want to preserve the failures, injustices and incompetence that is the rule in the present supreme court and judiciary, by removing it from under the glare of the CCJ…that continues to call for changes. Another valid reason to never allow Friendel and his useless gang to ever enter the people’s parliament again..

    spoke to a friend, a businessman, recently who had his home broken into and tens of thousands of dollars in equipment stolen…two weeks later they caught the accuseds, nine years later, he had to dissolve the case himself because it was still lingering in the court system, he had no time to spend another 9 years waiting for closure in a useless judiciary. .

    that is what Fruendolittle wants to continue to preside over, chaos, no justice for black people and inherent mediocrity. Barbados will not see any investors on their shores ever again, if Fruendolittle ever blights the parliament again with his presence.

    Many, many people will see to that. There will be grounds to keep the island under constant human rights and UN watch.


    “The Prime Minister also said Barbados would not be going back to the Privy Council.”

  6. Even after pòndering off and on for the last hour, it totally still escapes me how black men and women in leadership roles who claim to have been so welll educated over the last 60 years under the blighted UK wesminister system. ….could be all still so stupid.

  7. Frundel wants to leave the CCJ.

    No wonder if you look at the very low intellectual quality of most Barbadian judges and their inexistent work ethic. You do not need to be bright and right in Barbados to become a judge, all you need are certain connections and a 3rd rate exam from UWI.

    Welcome to Mozambique and Venezuela, welcome to the 4th world!

    Nothing chaned since the old and ugly days on the plantation.

  8. Commie Sing Song’s Regurgitation of his last article “Analysing Barbados Predicament and looking forward to the future” is now rearranged as “Way Forward After General Election”. Wow Commie is like a Malignant Cancer with a Ruse of trying to take over the whole body… Lord please save us from this assault on our Senses.

    Take Note People… Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight Statism. Marxian’s coined the dictum: “If socialism is against human nature, then human nature must be changed.”

    Can’t you not see that you are being played by the likes of Commie Sing Song when he isn’t dangling the political carrot of Reparations before your face to buy into his Socialist Ploy while Parroting that Collectivism or Mob Rule is the way forward?

    State interference in economic life, which calls itself economic policy, has done nothing but destroy economic life. Prohibitions and regulations have by their general obstructive tendency fostered the growth of the spirit of wastefulness.

    It is vain to fight totalitarianism by adopting totalitarian methods. Freedom can only be won by men unconditionally committed to the principles of freedom. Depressions and mass unemployment are not caused by the Free Markets but by Government INTERFERENCE in the economy.

    Socialism is not in the least what it pretends to be. It is not the pioneer of a better and finer world, but the spoiler of what thousands of years of civilization have created. It does not build, it destroys. For destruction is the essence of it. It produces nothing, it only consumes what the social order based on private ownership in the means of production has created.

    The interventionists do not approach the study of economic matters with scientific disinterestedness. Most of them are driven by an envious resentment against those whose incomes are larger than their own. This bias makes it impossible for them to see things as they really are. For them the main thing is not to improve the conditions of the masses, but to harm the Entrepreneurs and Capitalists even if this policy victimizes the immense majority of the people.

    It is inherent in the nature of the capitalistic economy that, in the final analysis, the employment of the factors of production is aimed only toward serving the wishes of consumers.

    The root of the evil is not the construction of new, more dreadful weapons. It is the spirit of conquest.

    A wealthy man can preserve his wealth only by continuing to serve the consumers in the most efficient way.

    The characteristic mark of economic history under capitalism is unceasing economic progress, a steady increase in the quantity of capital goods available, and a continuous trend toward an improvement in the general standard of living.

    Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer. Socialist like to DIVIDE the WEALTH they do not know how to MULTIPLY the WEALTH.

    The ENTREPRENEUR profits to the extent he has succeeded in serving the consumers better than other people have done. Communist like Commie Sing Song are Anti-capitalist…There method is CONTROL, CONTROL and MORE CONTROL of WHAT RIGHTFULLY BELONG TO OTHERS.



    Vladimir Sliva

    “I rarely share articles from the communist media – here, some of the truth made it out! The article simply fails to provide the analysis. Since I lived in socialist Czechoslovakia for 23 years, I think I can try to add that part: The majority of Venezuela adults are finally living their dream and enjoying benefits of socialism. (Their children dying from hunger get it from different perspective.) Same dream to be fulfilled for those voting for communist “democrats” and RINOs in the USA, the rest of us will be forced to enjoy the “benefits”.

    Same with our Country Barbados, same Putrid Godless Ideology veiled the minds of the people.

    Beware Barbados this is what Come Sing Song the Pied Piper is Playing his Fiddle for Bajan’s to lead them to Destruction…Remember to Scroll through the presentation. This is what Full Blown Socialism looks like a vivid reality of what is happening to our neighbors in Venezuela.


  10. Nothing chaned since the old and ugly days on the plantation.


    There is no comparison.

    What exists today never existed in Barbados in the past.

    The biggest difference is that in the past, people were held accountable when they screwed up, regardless of station in life.

  11. Here is an example … Valentine Jones (III) convicted of fraud in 1809!!

    Does anyone know of a single instance when a politician has been convicted of fraud, far less brought before the court?


    Valentine Jones was the third generation in the a Jones family who settled in Barbados in the 1600’s.

  12. Pension Gratuity

    Minister. $4,761.94. $238,096.88 (After 8 years service)

    Minister. $6,349.25 $317,464.50 (After 12 years’ service)

    Was the Speaker a minister?

    What was the sum of money he was alleged to have stolen?

  13. “They plan to create a new model for the creative industries starting with the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), the Crop Over Festival and the National Festival for Creative Arts (NIFCA).

    According to their manifesto the party also plans to create a National Theatre of Performing Arts and a National Art Gallery which acquires and houses the work of Barbadians and provide a workspace for artists and activities.”


    • @Hants

      You are a BU blogger who is always ‘scavenging’ for good info on the WWW. By any chance have you seen info confirming if Chris Sinckler was able to construct the creative arts Centre in Deacons he promised moons ago?

  14. @ David May 20, 2018 4:26 PM

    Here is the evidence straight out of the lying horse’s mouth as he spoke, “shortly”, in his 2011 Budget Presentation:

    “Finally on a recent State visit to China the Honourable Prime Minister in his very fruitful deliberations with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao engaged the continued interest of Barbados in developing a dedicated home for the performing arts in Barbados. The government of China equally expressed its desire to see that such a facility could become a reality in Barbados in the very near future.

    To this end, it would be remiss of me to let pass this opportunity to inform the country that following months of analysis and consultation, this government has decided to move ahead with the construction of a brand new multi-purpose state of the art Cultural and Performing Arts Centre.

    It is expected that the Centre will be financed and constructed through a grant from the Government of the People’s Republic of China and it is proposed that it will be located, once the Town Planner approves, on the land at Spring Garden opposite the Brandon’s Beach facility in the constituency of St. Michael North West. Further details on that too will be revealed shortly.”

  15. The PM should state WHO, WHEN and WHERE this proposal for a multi-purpose state of the art Cultural and Performing Arts Centre originated and be situate at the location where Preconco has built its bond on SPRING GARDEN.

    The primary concept was laid before all relevant Government ministries in the early nineties (1991) who could have effected its realization. It was conceptualize to expose Cruise Ship passengers to Bajan arts and culture to capture additional foreign exchange. In response, they were pointing to A NEW Kensington Oval. An objection to KO was based on that being a sports facility.

    Its MARKETING management was designed around the options of given activities available on the island, the decisions were to be made by visitors BEFORE DOCKING at the port. They were to given transportation vouchers to activities destinations and all Forex collected by the Ship be submitted to officials of the Inland revenue/ Port Authority.

    The most prominent International Bajan artistes were to be showcased when maximum cruise ship and visitors were in port.

    JODA PRODUCTIONS must be recognized for their efforts in much of what is now the Cultural Industries push.

  16. De honey looking sweet so de Bees swarming de hive.

    “Taan Abed was a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) supporter, then he became a member of the Democratic Labour Party

    (DLP), later ran as an independent but tonight declared he was back in the beehive.”

  17. If the DLP win by more than three seats, Sinckler will be PM. Tell the press get their cameras ready to catch the surprise on Froon’s face, when de fellas tell him to go way.

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