Rush to Sell Hilton: Benedict Peters???

The two main political parties held national political meetings on the penultimate weekend BEFORE the May 24 General Election. After wading through much of the rhetoric and palaver three questions peaked the inquiring mind of the blogmaster. Hopefully they will be answered in the public interest BEFORE the general election.

  • Why the haste to sell the Barbados Hilton hotel BEFORE the 24 May 2018?
  • What is the involvement of the candidate for the City Henderson Williams?

Go to 3:00hr point on the YouTube video to listen to Mia prosecute the Hilton matter.

  • Will Mia Mottley respond to the Benedict Peters charge levelled by the DLP platform?


See pre-action protocol letter sent to Sinckler from lawyer Leslie Haynes on behalf of Benedict Peters.



189 thoughts on “Rush to Sell Hilton: Benedict Peters???

  1. Wunna notice that at the DLP meetings the camera man never show the crowd attending, only the speaker. While at the BLP meetings you can see the crowds, nuff crowds LOL. The town rats didn’t even bother to attend Todd’s meeting. The Dirty Lying Party will get a cut arse they won’t ever forget. It is depressing watching them campaign.

  2. Cant belive how the blp who always said that OSA was the greatest MOF now ridicules his opinión on Mia pork barrell plan
    Even a blind man on a trotting horse see the foolishness in the free giveaways

  3. Mendicant, hand-to-mouth brass bowls with such low self-esteem that they cannot see any way out, but by attaching themselves -like true parasites – onto foreigners ‘with money’.
    Money from any source…. Chinese, IMF, Middle Eastern, Nigerian, Russian, Canadian, …any John will do….

    How low can we go?
    How have the mighty and proud fallen?

    Is it not the ultimate SHAME to be dictated by a final court that is run by foreigners – who themselves are not subject to that court; who consistently shame our legal ‘luminaries’; and who would not accept a SINGLE Bajan on their panel of judges?

    …but wait!!! …!!!
    Nothing can be worse than our acceptance as normal – shiite running daily along our main tourist street, while we continue to eat, play, swim and talk shiite as if all is well with the world, and God continues to hold a Bajan passport.

    We are in the midst of an Egyptian plague of Biblical equivalence.
    Like them, we too will probably wait until our children are dead before we recognise our shortcomings…

    …meanwhile we can continue to discuss the shiite politics and economics that has steered us to this precipice – while ignoring the spiritual realities that are killing our donkeys.

    BBE knows…
    There is only so much you can do for a fool.
    Even when you throw the water in his face – he can still die of thirst.
    Even when you throw shiite in his face – he refuses to clean up his act…

  4. But wait…many people are now advising bajans in the diaspora who have legal proceedings and matters in the supreme court in Barbados…to GOOGLE lawyers around the Caribbean for their representation IN Barbados..

    they are being told that under no circumstances should they hire bajan lawyers, in order to protect themselves from losing their land, properties, money, sanity and lives…up to this morning I got a call from someone in A LAW FIRM about this.

    Karma took over 60 years but she is up in here today.

  5. The reason why barbados is in this quadmire ..Barbadians in general over the years belived in the formula of eat well and be merry ..tommorow would take care of itself
    I marvell at how barbadians can put money in financial institutions and get nothing in return .
    Not going to feel sorry for barbadians now complaining about hard times because out of their mouths they said they had 14 properous years however most did not plan for years of faminine
    Bajans need to stop bitching and belly hurting and start cleaning house first

  6. RE We are in the midst of an Egyptian plague of Biblical equivalence.

    ONE WONDERS WHICH Egyptian plague of Biblical equivalence THAT WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF ?


    RE Even when you throw the water in his face – he can still die of thirst.





  7. This is the second time that the CCJ has stand in favour of foreign interest against barbados interest
    Also what is most noteworthy the CCJ made a directive to jail the person in charge of administrating the law
    Needless to say the writing is on the wall

  8. Simmons would have made it to the CCJ, had it not been for his historically unethical, toxic and destructive relationship with CGI Insurance and Vivek…this is well known in certain circles, his own vile actions to his own people over the decades returned to bite him in the ass..

    It will take time for a bajan to make it on to that bench…the cabal that is the bar association and its members are still too incestous and lodge cliquish, they will corrupt the CCJ..

    ….you want people and judges who will apply the law, not circumvent it to help out friends and disenfranchise others and violate their rights.

    …to make matters worse the government through the EBC had the nerve to ignore the ruling of their own supreme court which means they have no respect for their own Constitution, their own court or for human rights.

    unless they start to clean up their acts, which will take years, no one wants any of them around.

  9. Politics is a real nasty game in trute

    Maybe two years ago we were cautioned by William Skinner, when we argued that the DLP will loose the coming elections.

    We could not have envisaged that a DLP regime which has brought Barbados to such ruination could still have a fair change of even coming near to competing, far less winning again.

    Yesterday, as seen above, we tried to tell this emerging tale, with significant push back by some elements. And we expect more twists and turns, both ways.

    Little did we know, at the time of writing, that OSA would make our reading prophetic.

    We must admit that when we heard FJS, on Sunday night, in the ‘Lower Green Market’, keying up OSA for an intervention we imagined that these two had that planned.

    Only an asshole that such a thing happens out of thin air. The next question we are considering is whether OSA intends a ‘Don Blackman like’ intervention.

    OSA has sworn that he will never leave the BLP or Barbados with MAM in charge. He has failed in the first but may feel able to prevent the second. He may well be a game-changing variable.

    In the same way, when we heard about the Nigerian money in the campaign, and the possible involvement of Benedict Peters, a man not unknown to this writer, and knowing a few other things about some other personalities involved, we imagined that there was the possibility of fire from whence came smoke.

    Notwithstanding, most people here, not excluding David, seek to repel from certain truisms.

    We even had a ‘scholarly’, christian, jackass mustering the temerity to venture that Sinckler was not able to repeat his claims, when he had done so the very night before, in more visceral terms.

    Politics! Nasty yes, but interesting as well.

  10. Pacha…Mia is the one now have to come clean to the people about her engagement with campaign financiers, whomever they may be.

    I never liked Owen not being forthcoming with bajans in the last 10 years about why he thought her unsuitable to lead, holding on to that big secret and information so close to his chest for a decade and still playing coy now , not coming out fully and forcefully accusing her of costing the taxpayers millions of dollars, through tax giveaways, that were not hers to give and who knows what else….

    ..this also gives us some insight and a glimpse into his ugly mind, since his hands are not clean either…he has left the citizens with minority leaches and parasites that are difficult to exterminate and he mentions not one word about the hundreds of millions he too cost the taxpayers in losses.

  11. @ Pachamama May 14, 2018 6:35 PM
    “What defamation, what? Don’t you see this is just a political shenanigan to frighten your adversaries.
    There are two defenses to libel/defamation – fair comment or truth. Where is the violation?
    There is no need to be afraid of this Nigerian.”

    Political shenanigan indeed!

    Neither does he (Stinkliar) have to be afraid of the two imaginary men who were overheard by a senior law enforcement official to be plotting to kill him.

    Stinkliar’s imagination is so creatively infused with alarming fertility in that he has painted in the heads of ‘Christian-minded’ Bajans a picture depicting the jihadist presence of a Boko Haram type group amid the local Muslim community on Kensington New Road recently visited by Mottley.

    Stinkliar would be apologizing alright- even if not in the glare of public acknowledgement- the same way he was forced to apologize to the same Mottley in Parliament regarding the big lie he told of not knowing about the increase in remuneration for the Chairman of the NIS.

    Stinkliar is a pathological liar supremely suited to Machiavellian type politics and it is his dying wish to attend Codrington College to actualize his lifelong goal to pupate into another ministerial form and become a man of the cloth.

    Let’s vote Stinkliar for Bishop of Barbados!

  12. Do they even know the difference?

    They even avoid pleadings sessions at all cost, just ask anyone who has had a protracted civil case in the supreme much hell it is to get to that point and even then, attorneys do not turn up, so expect nothing less than DEFIANCE with anything else.

  13. Of course! The pretense that it is pure coincidence is laughable. However, it does not appear that the two-man attack is gaining much traction. In fact, the constant barraging of Mia by Owen has turned off many people. Quite funny watching Owen trying to portray himself as unblemished. It would be interesting if Hartley Henry comes out and names the funders of the DLP’s 2008 campaign. #nastyindeed

  14. The Miller

    We have no desire to defend Sinckler or anybody else.

    Don’t put us in that position. We are merely readers of phenomena.

    We have already made a final determination about these political-managerial class formations.

    In our gaming of the politics, we expect lies, imperfections of all types, to be present, on all sides.

    Notwithstanding, we fell a need to look beyond all this noise to get a sense of what is happening or will happen.

    We need to know what will happen before it does, because nothing else makes any sense. This little political game should not be able to hold any secrets from us.

    And the loathing of any side cannot be helpful in knowing all the truths.

    The Miller, at the end of the day neither you nor us will see any political ‘heaven’ within this system of things, as much as the joys expectant in the defeat of the regime beckons.

    On the one hand, you may be left with ‘blue ball’. On the other, and most certainly, regarless of winner/lose we both are destined for the position ante.

  15. @ Pachamama May 15, 2018 8:39 AM

    That ploy can only fly if MAM is arrested and charged for defrauding the Treasury between today and next Tuesday. But this can only take place if other very senior civil servants who would have ‘administratively’ executed the fraud are placed in the same accused boat and treated as prisoners awaiting bail.

    The same way ministers of the Crown are not accounting officers and cannot be charged for the illegal disbursements of taxpayers’ monies so too they are not empowered to write-off tax liabilities unless approved by Cabinet.

    Otherwise, it would appear to be mere electioneering poppycock being displayed by a politically irrelevant disgruntled 2013 loser and an out-of-touch fumbling fool who cannot see that he has no political clothes on jut like the eponymous Emperor strutting on the stage in front of innocent children called the young voters?

    How could that coward who cannot handle ‘Opposition’ politics be so deceitfully wicked as to take full responsibility for all acts and omissions- both good and bad- which occurred under his leadership from 1994 to 2007 can now be turning his quisling back on his “Mea Culpa” persona?

    MAM has a simple counter to all of this ‘arranged’ collusion designed to put a spoke in her political wheel on the road to Ilaro Court.

    Just repeat over and over the political dressing-down so devastatingly delivered to OSA (the drunkard with convenient amnesia) by the same FJS both in Parliament in 2009 and at the DLP meeting held in the Britton’s Hill area just 2 days before the 2013 general elections.

  16. The lashes Mia is getting is all brought upon by herself. Her bellowing voice of transparency now latches unto her like a leech
    Dont now she will ever squirm her way out of this ditch she has been thrown into without being fully transparent.
    Benedict Peter now as define by dlp govt. “As the gift that keeps on giving

  17. Only the PM with the approval of cabinet could write off tax owing to government. Frenduel made the charge, Owen came to clear his name that he was not involved. That’s all. If Mia, choses to respond, its up to her. After listening to Owen its no doubt that she abused her power at the time. This is just all part of the narrative that the DLP wants to push, that she is unfit to lead. This is the ‘blood-line’ sense of entitlement, she and her family think they have, to do as they like.

  18. Politicians are way too deceitful, someone just asked Owen point blank on facebook:

    “So when you got on the political platform in 2013 and declared to Mia and the island “we need you Mia” did you know then that she cost the taxpayers million of dollars..or did you only just find out.?”

    Facebook commenters are not as forgiving as we are.

    Ah guess the strategy backfired, no one is taking Owen seriously, they are viewing him with contempt on

    Yardfowls are clutching at straws.

  19. Mia has been ignoring all these stories in the past.She would do well to continue to do so.If Stuart thinks that attacking Mia is going to absolve him of his responsibility for the destruction of the Barbados economy or that investors both local and foreign would during the remaining days of this campaign forgive him and his story bunch of losers in the DLP cabinet,he should consult the oracles I have been encountering on the ground all of whom in good old bajan cussing Dem left right and centre.Nuff blinding, chop sutting, sums beeches who don’t give 2 RH bout nobody but Dem selves.

  20. Only an idiot would believe that, if taxes were written off, Owen Arthur did not know anything about it.

    And this is the same Owen Arthur who was ridiculed by the DLP and their yard-fowl supporters…….. that they now want to hold in high esteem.

    Arthur and the DLP have similar objectives………“Politics makes strange bedfellows.”

  21. The Miller

    Much of what you say is true.

    We have no appetite for a fight with you, for we will loose

    You may continue to live in the hope that a ‘heaven’ beckons.

  22. Owen was know, is know, as a fearless man, one who was not afraid to discipline his Cabinet. If what has been said indeed occurred, my question is why did he not discipline the alleged offender?

  23. lawson May 15, 2018 6:56 AM “I too am a nigerian billionaire.”

    Ya lie!!!

    Aren’t you a retired Canadian plumber?

  24. @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service May 15, 2018 3:18 AM “Lol, lol…at their ages, their navel strings were either incinerated or thrown in the ocean.”

    And once good cultural practices are abandoned, who know what happens? Perhaps people lose their sense of connection to this place?

  25. Don’t mind Lawson, he is a retired fireman, doing plumbing in his spare time, he just wants to impress the girls with the nigerian billionare talk.

  26. @Bush Tea May 15, 2018 7:43 AM “Mendicant, hand-to-mouth brass bowls with such low self-esteem that they cannot see any way out, but by attaching themselves -like true parasites – onto foreigners ‘with money’. money from any source…. Chinese…”

    Please note that I turned down the Chinese money. If they covet my land for housing, then I have chidlren and grandchildren who also need to be housed. And to tell the truth I love my children and grandchildren more that I love any Chinese or his money. If they covet my land to grow foo, then I know how to grow food too, I need to eat too. My children and grandchildren need to eat too.

  27. Exactly….their only connection to the island is the money they can siphon off from the treasury and their various scams for themselves, they cannot even convince themselves otherwise, so disconnected are they from their own history.

  28. @Mariposa May 15, 2018 8:20 AM “most did not plan for years of faminine.”

    But ac/mariposa we did not know that the DLP was going to bring us to 10 years of famine.

  29. Tax write-off is nothing new with any Government. Was the over 19 million write-off to the Barbados Turf Club a problem?
    Was the paying off debt using tax-payers funds for the Paradise hotel complex a problem?
    Can the electorate be informed of the million of dollars in tax waivers for Sandals?
    Who own the land that the cement bond is located? How much rent is collected from this tenant?

  30. @millertheanunnaki May 15, 2018 9:03 AM “Let’s vote Stinkliar for Bishop of Barbados!”

    NO, NO, NO.

  31. @ Simple Simon May 15, 2018 11:03 AM
    “If what has been said indeed occurred, my question is why did he not discipline the alleged offender?”

    By “alleged offender” are you referring to a member of his own Cabinet or to the Permanent Secretary and /or Department Head in the same Ministry of Finance of which he was the substantive minister for 14 years during which the same tax write-off is alleged to have taken place.

    He, Lord Fumble, has asked Bajans to submit to the CoP and DPP any evidence they might possess to substantiate the many claims of corruption perpetrated by members of his administration over the past 10 years.
    Well, why not let him cast the first stone against corruption and lead by example?
    So why doesn’t the same FJS draw the matter to the DPP and the CoP to investigate and you would see who would be the first to be fingered as the chief accounting officer in the same ministry under investigation?

    Perhaps the source of that $75,000 cheque (ac or Fractured BLP or Kevin can confirm whether it was for $75,000 or $750,000 with the help of Stinkliar and his decimal skills) or the evidence of bribery on the Pegasus hotel tapes that was supposed to destroy the 2013 reelection same outlaw of a thieving bastard would be discovered and made public.

  32. Simple Simon . Go to the ant thou sluggard
    Consider her ways and be wise

    If the ants can do it why cant bajans with all the free education
    Never heard of ants receiving any kind education
    They knew well how to prepare them selves for lean times
    Bajans motto of” well it is always another day” has serve them well to bite them in the arse
    Now as they wait for Mia the modern day pied pipper to prepare their last supper of free goodies

  33. So this incident occurred in 1998 when Mia was Minister of Education. Was she acting as PM then ahead of more senior members?

  34. @ Mariposa May 15, 2018 12:15 PM
    “Now as they wait for Mia the modern day pied pipper to prepare their last supper of free goodies”

    It seems that this female pied piper has not learnt from her male predecessors who not only promised in 2008 milk and honey but came back in 2013 and gave them hell on earth by fooling the DLP rats into staying the course with them while promising a reliable public transport system free of cost to the old and the young on their way to a free UWI education.

    Haven’t these same old and young simple folks been let down after being comforted with empty promises that there will be No Privatization of the TB under that dear loving party or would any socially-retrograde step be taken such as making ‘working class’ UWI students pay for their own tuition even if they shop at Carlton Supermarket on Black Rock?

  35. @Northern
    The B’s mini Manifesto is a joke, nuff sweet sounding titles, but when you examine the content within each heading, it is weak. Very weak. Their only excuse is they are unsure what they’ll find.
    Is the full-fledged document any better? We know what they will find – that the cupboard is as bare as a baby’s bum so all our promises are kaput.

    • How is any manifesto to be taken seriously if it is not a social contract AND performance by both parties confirm a cherry picking of the promises to be implemented.

  36. David;

    Do you have access to an unedited version of Owen Arthur’s press conference yesterday? If you do, could you post it on BU?

  37. Look miller the dlp went into their first year of goverence being told that barbados was running on all four cylinders and the foreign reserves had reached their desired levels with the economy holding a billion surplus in financial support
    Sound good on paper but what was not expected by govt was a high level of debt which for all purposes eroded much of the gains and govt having to depend on populace to make sacrifice in order to pay the external as well as internal
    Yes the govt did lay out a plan as given the financial statictics of the period going into 2008 which by all means shown a healthy economy
    Now i rather not remind all and sundry as to how barbados economy was also hit by the financial global meltdown which is on record for all to see.
    Now in 2018 we are where we are looking for a better or alternative solution to tackling barbados debt
    However no one in their wildest dreams would have expected that the blp opposition lead by Mia mottley would use a fiscal pork barrell strategy to lie and deceive the public all in the name of getting votes knowning full well that barbados high debt cannot absorb the kind of election giveaways she proposes
    Yes it is not as if she does not know of barbados debt problem but for Mia to take the electorate along a course of furthering the economic stress of barbados economy is blasphemy.
    All of what she knows and states in her manifesto most of which are boldfaced lies and the type of election engineering to fool the people mind exposes her character and the need for desperation to what she belives is a privilege to entitlement

  38. Looks like everyone from DBLP gotta now go back to the drawing board and come up with more lies and snitching on each other about which of the 2 political parties stole what from the citizens while in government, to convince the electorate to vote for the political party who is trying to project that they stole the less over the last 10 cycles = 52 years of both parties governance combined…what a thing..

    but don’t mind me, I just woke up, so my mind is fresh and the brain is

  39. …to convince the electorate to vote for the political party who is trying to project that they stole the least over the last 10 ELECTION cycles = 52 years of both parties governance combined..

    yall really think ya will get away with it again this time around though?

    In case none of you noticed, it is 2018, not 1950 and not 2013.

  40. Who wants to read that nonsense and risk coming away sick to their stomachs
    Mia cannot have it both ways with free giveaways in one hand and the IMF in the other
    She has already shone the light if hypocriscy on herself.



  42. In most civilised countries during elections there are televised debates. These usually involve the leading political parties. Are we going to have a televised debate this election (2018)?
    Asking for a friend.

  43. …..”Bajans need to stop bitching and belly hurting and start cleaning house first”…….as per the dlp yardfowl

    This is the only true thing you have ever posted on BU.

    We intend to do just that in 9 days time.

  44. After Mia made some serious remarks concerns the proposed sale of the Hilton Hotel,VoB 5.30 pm news featured Justin Robinson confirming that the proposed board meeting which Mottley correctly reported was on the cards for whitmonday ,has been called off.

  45. It will be so good to see the backs of those tiresome yardfowls transformed into frothing at the mouth opposition yardfowls.

  46. @David
    “Agree with you Pacha, all orchestrated”.

    I could not agree with you more, David.

    After all that Stuart and the dems did to him in 2013…….after he helped Fumble to remain leader by not siding with the gang of 11…….he took a private note passed between the two of them and exposed OSA’s hatred for MAM……OSA lost in 2013…….so that was good until the Stinkliar was trying to get help last year and then Fumble who is said to be very spiteful got his ultimate revenge on OSA by publicly humiliating him by not allowing Stinkliar to give OSA the pick as Head of the Advisory Council on Economics.

    Every way I go, I hear people cussing OSA every time he opens his mouth………..I am so over him and so disappointed in the way he has treated the party which made him.

    No wonder Billie Miller is taking to the platform this week!

  47. I had tremendous respect for Owen Arthur since the early 80’s when he lectured on the Hill and am sure he still has the interest of this country at heart however I think he should withdraw from this political brouhaha which the desperate Dems are manufacturing for him to fight their perceived war with the highly intelligent leader of the Bdos Labour Party.We understand Stuart’s dilemma.His very poor management of the country’s resources human and material and worse of all the very likely prospect that his legacy will be that of the first sitting prime minister being soundly beaten by a woman.

  48. What am I saying..on second thoughts, ya don’t want them as opposition yardfowls either, that political party want disbanding once and for all, too toxic.

  49. Ah the dlp pulled another rug from under Mia feet not allowing her the satisfaction of another rave and ranting march
    Now with another political card snatched and toss into the sewer system out of her hand we wait with baited breath what other clandestine attacks she has plan for the barbados economy

  50. David

    Indeed, we shall be looking

    They best option would be to also indict the DLP and its leader on even more profound charges.

    But that maybe a bridge too far.

    We would not suggest attempting to answer these charges.

    That is what the DLP wants

    But not to answer, also surrenders ground. And the arrows will not stop coming.

  51. The BLP is conducting a well organised campaign.

    They told Barbadians to wait, the election would come……Fumble had all the cards……though the date was not so secret as I was told that he had the date circled on his desk calendar……so for them to be so disorganised is astonishing…..though just like every thing they have done, they messed this election call badly.

    So there is no need for MAM and the BLP to answer the Stinkliar or Fumbles…….people dont want to hear a word from these two……..we could not get answers from these for years, why should they be talking to us now?

  52. That certainly answers my question…so barbadostoday did also get a cease and desist letter from the Peters/Harris attorney Leslie Haynes re mentioning boko haram … is that not a conflict of interest somewhere in there..Haynes is the senior attorney for CGI Insurance Harris, now also the attorney for the aggrieved Peters, send a warning letter to Harris’ newspaper, on behalf of Peters…..when will the lawyers/QCs in Barbados stop that clearly unethical and dishonest behavior..

    The level of instruction the senior attorneys on the island have gotten from their insurance company clients is one of dishonesty, lies, deceit, corruption and destruction and abuse of the lives of claimants while misusing the supreme court of the land.

    How is it no one likes when the shoe is on the other foot…Harris of all people bitterly complaining through his newspaper…… complaining while he is still abusing injured people in the supreme court.

    “We may not always agree with everything Mr Sinckler says, but on the point of us having a right to ask questions with a view to knowing “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, we are certainly at one with him.

    And having, also like him, been threatened with legal action for merely seeking to find out the truth in an editorial last week about Mr Peters’ involvement, if any, in Barbados, we are also of one mind with our Minister of Finance in terms of how we respond to ridiculous and downright stupid threats.

    In fact, it makes us question sometimes the level of legal instruction that some of our most senior attorneys have been exposed to.

    For since when is it illegal to ask a question in Barbados, particularly of the leader of the Barbados Labour Party Ms Mia Mottley who aspires to be our next Prime Minister?

    Is this no longer a democratic country and is it not the duty of the fourth estate to keep those who aspire to leadership to account?

    We vividly recall that on the last occasion that we dared ask Ms Mottley to come clean on her legal qualifications, we were threatened will all manner of legal fire and brimstone.

    Now, lo and behold, a week after Ms Mottley was asked by us “to set the national record straight on the BLP’s relationship, if any at all, with Mr Peters and indeed Boko Horam”, another poisonous package of weak legal smoke arrives, couched in cowardly threats and making malicious claims that were never once made by us. If you doubt us, visit our website and re-read our May 7 editorial entitled We need not court trouble with any Boko Haram for yourself.”

  53. If the bar asdociation and the disciplinary committee were not themselves so clearly corrupt, none of these decades old destructive things could ever happen in the supreme court.

    On every document I have seen, it’ states very clearly that Haynes is the lead defending attorney for all of CGIs/Harris’ personal injury cases, he even turns up in court to try to intimidate and frighten injured people I am told and saw for myself on one occasion him believing he could intimidate an elderly badly injured claimant..

    …..all the other times his little useless minion junior lawyers appear in the court to delay the court process for years on end, as I have seen on more that one occasion,,,… why would Haynes’ office be sending a cease and desist letter to an entity belonging to his own client Harris …on behalf of a new client.

    And people want to take issue with the CCJ..for clearly understanding that this level of dishonesty in attormeys is part of the problems plaguing and aiding in the destruction of.supreme court.

  54. And just to top it all off…..

    I am so speechless right now, could barely type what I typed above.

    “In the meantime, like Mr Sinckler, we would want Mr Peters, Mr Haynes all and sundry to know that we will not be silenced in Barbados. Our navel strings are buried here – very deeply so – and we will not be bullied by anyone – whether they be Bee, Dee or any complexion in between.”

    As long as Harris remembers, Peters is a billionaire, on the Forbes list and all…..while he is not,…lol

  55. Will a new BLP government restructure the regulation of financial services? Will it reform the criminal justice system, bearing in mind that the England and Wales common law system that it is based on went through a radical reform in 1971, nearly 50 years ago? Will aa new BLP government abandon the archaic system of having police prosecuting cases, leaving that to the DPP’ office, given that Barbados has an average of 1 lawyer to every 280 citizens? Will a new BLP government campaign to remove the headquarters of the CCJ from Trinidad, unless TnT joins the CCJ?

  56. @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service May 16, 2018 5:26 AM
    “We vividly recall that on the last occasion that we dared ask Ms Mottley to come clean on her legal qualifications, we were threatened will all manner of legal fire and brimstone.”

    And what did the author of that statement so full of Arthurian vindictive bile do?

    Did Ms Mottley “come clean on her legal qualifications” or did she slap a law suit in your backside costing your electronic rag sheet a tidy sum settled out of court?

    Since Ms Mottley has not yet produced her LEC to the Registrar why have you stopped prosecuting the LEC case against Ms Mottley?

    Didn’t she figuratively tell you to “F” off; a luxury the corrupt Chris full of misplaced braggadocio dare not entertain with Benedict?

    BTW, K J, Ms Mottley will get the money to buy garbage trucks from the same NSRL collected from Bajans from September 2016 to May 2018.

    Why don’t you ask the same pathological liar why was the money collected not used for the purposes given in his 2016 budget which would be ring-fenced for the purchase of garbage trucks and related equipment along with the funding the public health services?

    Since you like asking questions why not ask the same compulsive liar why he cannot come clean on the Four Seasons sale or even the Brandons Performing Arts Centre to be grant funded by Chinese since 2012.

    While you are in your investigative mood why not ask him if he is still in fear of his life; not from Mr. Peters the Benedictine monk in the Friar of Boko Haram but the two imaginary assassins in Barbados whom he told Parliament about a couple years back.

  57. Miller…that there is a very vile and repugnant pit of vipers, as someone well familiar with that circle just said to me…

    Benedict Peters better familiarize himself very quickly with the lay of the land or he will see some serious millions sucked right out of him…..none of this is coincidence.


    Haynes is the lawyer for Harris who just got sued, faux or not, by Mia;

    Haynes is the lawyer for Mia, who just sued Harris;

    Haynes is the lawyerer for Peters, now suing Harris et al…and who obviously does not know that Haynes is the catalyst for most everything that is wrong in the Supreme Court. …lol

    Someone else just said they should all be boiled in hot oil.

  58. It is well known and I have a copy of the letter to prove it, one claimant had to get rid of their plaintiff’s lawyer with Haynes’ office as the defendant attorney, because low and behold ond day the claimant receives a copy of a letter sent to someone on their behalf from their attorney…and in the heading recognized the defending attorney is the consulting attorney for their plaintiff’s attorney in their case…….Haynes of course…

    …now who does that wicked and obviously criminal crap…how could that even be fair to the claimant.

    Exactly why is Barbados’ legal system that broken and who is going to fix it.

  59. I bet if we dig a little deeper, we will find that Haynes will also be the consulting attorney for Sinkler in any lawsuit filed against Sinkler on Peters behalf…it is the nature of those beasts, if I did not have hard copy evidence as proof of these unethical behaviors by attorneys, I would not believe they could be so vile and reckless with people’s cases.

  60. Actually, now that I have checked the letter, I made an error, it does not say consulting attorney…it says as clear as day Leslie Haynes…CO-COUNSEL….causing my blood to boil even more…

    How the hell could the defendant attorney with his own client, the insurance company, be co-counsel to the plaintiff’s attorney representing the injured claimant…suing the insurance company.

    Under which frigging law in the world is that legal.

  61. For those who do not get who a co counsel is:

    “co-counsel n

    an attorney who assists in or shares the responsibility of representing a client.”

    that co counsel also controls what happens in the client’s, even if not his client, case, everything.

  62. It is very insightful that from the Attorneys General, to the Chief Justices, to the Registrars, to the Bar Association and Disciplinary Committee all know what Haynes has been doing re this criminal conflict of interest for decades and yet never thought it important or beneficial to the judiciary and claimants that he be brought to justice or disbarred or even disciplined for this vile and disgusting and clearly criminal behaviour, since it is a practice deemed normal by all of them over the years.

    I have learned that there are disciplinary complaints against lawyers still ongoing for this wicked practice of defense and plaintiffs attorneys being co counsel for the same clients/plaintiffs/defendants in the same case.

  63. Now that it is all out in the open and no longer a secret, well kept or otherwise, what will the Chief Justice and the Registrar do about this well known blight on the judiciary…who, as long as he cannot be counsel for the defendant and co counsel for the plaintiff in the same case, maliciously prolongs the case for years in the supreme court destroying the lives of injured people and abusing the elderly…in the process.

    I hope they are not all waiting for a well publicized lawsuit regionally and internationally against him and possibly them for elder abuse which will embarrass them, the government and the island all over again.

    Do something about Leslie Haynes.

  64. If we were smart, we would ask ourselves the question:
    Why would ANYONE want to take on responsibility for a broke, dilapidated, shitty, little place that is highly in debt and in which multitudes of problems abound?

    It then becomes clear why KNOWN COMPETENT potential leaders (some of whom we can name) have shown ZERO interest in the role.
    If they did, we would expect them to; be forthright, be open, to have a workable plan in mind, and to seek to bring ALL Bajans on board with their recovery plan….
    Smart peoples would SEEK OUT such persons and ENTICE them to lead us to safety…. but NOT brass bowls.

    On the other hand, we should expect that vultures would always be waiting to pick the national skeleton of any remaining meat…
    Such vultures would of course be secretive about their intentions – holding back any ‘manifestoes’ to the last minute; refusing to be forthright about their “vulturistic” background; attacking anyone who questions their intent; and having no SENSIBLE plan of recovery – but of course making promises of ‘bliss’ to entice the brass bowl carcass to be as compliant as possible…

    It is REALLY interesting that politicians should now seek to use libel suits to resist providing answers to questions that SHOULD have been unnecessary in the first place – as this information should have been provided UP FRONT in the name of transparency.

    But the nature of life is such that stupid animals get themselves eaten every single day by predators and vultures.
    There is a level of idiocy at which Nature kindly allows the vultures to do their work….

  65. lol…the defamation lawsuits during election AMONG political candidates who are best friends, business partners, fellow lawyers …. among other incestous relationships have for decades been a blight on the island, intended to distract the electorate…and impress dumb yardfowl supporters, while passing money to each other legally.

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