Benedict Peters, Hugo Chavez, Mia Mottley, Owen Arthur, and Hartley Henry

Submitted by Mark Jones

Who are the common denominators in these matters of meetings set up to meet with Benedict Peters to secure campaign funding and so to the setting up of the meeting with Hugo Chavez to secure campaign funding that former Prime Minister Owen Arthur had the good patriotic sense to refuse to attend?

Well if you heard Owen Arthur’s press conference last week he confirmed that both Mottley and Hartley Henry were the persons who wanted him to visit Dominica to meet with Hugo Chavez to mortgage out our foreign policy for campaign funding which he bluntly refused to be part of and now this more recent confirmation by Benedict Peters lawyer Haynes that confirmed the meeting tòok place with Benedict Peters and Mottley, could campaign funding which most likely is common to both meetings, is this grab for campaign funding so vital that Mottley was prepared to sell out our island’s foreign policy for campaign funding ?

And we are still not sure what Benedict Peters was looking to secure in exchange for his Nigerian money but what ever it was he expected it came at a significant cost to him and nearly at a cost to we Barbadians.

We await a full explanation from Mottley on this and also on the Wire tapping and eavesdropping and a file named POLITICAL, as we await further information as to where she qualified as a Lawyer if she did indeed qualify as it is a known fact that she does not own a Legal Education Certificate therefore we need to know if she did the year of Pupiliage in the UK to become a Registered Barrister who qualified in the UK, we also await her response to the waiver of $ 87 mil tax giveaway to Barclays Bank and her half a million dollars waiver and tax give away to her father,  we also await her response to the matter of Four Seasons.

According to the EFCC, an investigation that began in 2016 showed that Diezani Alison-Madueke, the former petroleum minister; Bernard Otti; Aiteo Energy Ltd; Northern Belt Oil and Gas Company Ltd and others were involved in conspiracy, stealing and money laundering amounting to $300 million.

Mr. Peters is the chairman of both companies, according to the EFCC.

This man Benedict Peters seems to have a mindset to try to affect political outcomes see an extract from a newspaper article.

Mr Benedict Peters is wanted by the agency for allegedly giving $60m to a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, as a part of the $23bn bribe in the last polls.



“Ellangowan”, Strathclyde Drive,

Strathclyde, St. Michael

Tel: (246) 437-8924 Fax: (246) 426-2049


13th May, 2018

The Honourable Mr. Chris Sinckler BY EMAIL AND HAND



Dear Sir

Re: Benedict Peters

I act for Mr. Benedict Peters, a Nigerian international businessman of the highest

repute. My client is a Christian and a major financier of the Gospel of Christ. He has

nothing to do with Islamic radicalism and actively combats Islamic terrorism globally. My

client is the Executive Vice Chairman of Aieto Group and complains that, on Sunday, 6

May 2018, at the launch of the Democratic Labour Party’s election campaign at the Netball Stadium, you defamed him to the assembled audience and persons watching the event on the Internet. My client has seen and heard your speech on the Internet and he is outraged by your allegations, insinuations and innuendos.

In particular, you alleged that my client met with “the leadership of the Barbados Labour Party at the Hilton Hotel” and the said leadership was seeking to get money from my client. You further suggested that my client was “funneling money into the Barbados elections just like the Russians were putting money in the American elections”. You categorically stated that “Nigerian money is trying to influence the outcome of the election” clearly suggesting that my client is the source of such money.

Most egregiously, you made references to Boko Haram, a notoriously renowned

Islamic terrorist organisation, and so interspersed references to my client by name as to suggest that he is involved with that organisation.

In their natural, ordinary and innuendo meanings, your words mean and were understood to mean that –

(a) my client is seeking improperly to influence the outcome of the 2018

general elections;

(b) he is providing large sums of money to the Barbados Labour Party for the purpose of influencing the outcome of the said elections;

(c) he is associated with a terrorist organisation;

(d) he is a criminal or has criminal propensities and/or is associated with Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist organisation that kidnaps school girls;

(e) he is anti-democracy and is prepared to use his money for the improper purpose of influencing the outcome of elections.

The words used by you are completely false, baseless and malicious. They constitute a serious and grave defamation of my client personally and professionally.

They have caused my client great hurt, distress and international embarrassment. My client has never contributed or offered to contribute money to the Barbados Labour

Party, its leader Ms. Mia Mottley or any political or other organisation in Barbados.

He instructs me that he met with Ms. Mottley while on a family vacation in

Barbados and the two discussed global affairs and investment opportunities in Barbados and the wider Caribbean. Furthermore, that since that meeting, back in September of 2016, he has not met with or had any contact with Ms. Mottley or any member of the

Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Indeed, he does not today have a phone number, email address nor other direct contact information for Ms. Mottley or any member of the leadership of the BLP, and, has definitely not contributed, in cash or kind, to the campaign of the BLP, neither before nor since that meeting in September 2016.

I call upon you on or before 15 May 2018, to withdraw and retract the defamatory statements and their imputations made by you and apologise to my client in terms to be

approved by me, for your defamation of him.

If you do not comply with the demands in the preceding paragraph, please be advised that my client will forthwith take such action against you as he may be advised including commencing proceedings in the High Court of Barbados for damages, an injunction and legal costs. In the meantime, my client reserves all

his rights in this matter.

Yours faithfully

Leslie F. Haynes Q.C.

44 thoughts on “Benedict Peters, Hugo Chavez, Mia Mottley, Owen Arthur, and Hartley Henry

  1. You may be awaiting a full explanation, but don’t hold your breath on that, or for satisfaction in any Barbadian court.
    When the corrupt Caribbean leaders started selling their peoples’ birthrights and their votes to Japanese whalers, and Muslim barbarians, we saw what was the beginning of the end.
    Obama started the same corruption in the US with his cronies Holder and Lynch – remember Bubba Clinton’s secret meeting with the corrupt Lynch to “talk about their grandchildren”? They all are convinced of the electorate’s stupidity, which belief came unravelled when they elected Donald Trump (PBOH), and put the boot up professional thieves politicians.

  2. Why is the writer of this article still spreading this propaganda about the nigerian dude when there is information available proving that there is no wanted warrant out for this person in any court in nigeria…or anywhere else.

    Why won’t they talk instead about the useless judiciary that does not dispense justice to the ordinary citizen and which useless Fruendolittle wants to keep that way….without a court of last resort in place to help in the process of actually dispensing justice.

    Fruendolittle is hellbent on taking away any rights black bajans may have through a justice system that does not work and is corrupt.

    That should be the main topic for discussion.

  3. Well well

    Mia Mottley needs to speak or run the risk of being CRUELLY exposed !

    The allegations against her ( at least 2 of them ) borders sharply on CRIMINAL acts !

    The clock ticks ….!

    They will soon be ” unpalatable information revealed that Barbadians will find veey difficult to digest ”

    Speak up Mottley !!

  4. These scruillous revelations speaks clearly to the character of Mottley and infuse with critical thinking the reasons why OSA removed himself as being a member of the blp with Mia as it leader.
    It must have made him sick to the stomach knowing of all the salacious dealings of which Mia participate and her becoming the leader of the blp
    Also her battery of lawyers continuous effort to use the legal arm to disarm those who dare question Mia Mottley actions is frightening
    The media and the every individual is being put on notice by Mia lawyers that questionable or opposing views are not welcome
    Frightening to think that if Mia elected the right to freedom of speech would be erode by use of legal stealth.

  5. David once again you have put my comments in moderation . freedom of speech is a guaranteed right. Just saying

  6. You worrying about Mia…Fractured Fowl…if ya had even a teaspoon of commonsense, you and idiot Fruendel both…yall will be more worried about all the investors who are reading and will read today, all that dumb shit Fruendolittle put out there about eliminating the last resort, non partisan, unbiased courts of appeal..

    Yall are too stupid for ya own or anyone else’s good, yall are a public menace and should be in prison….with just a few words, Fruendolittle made absolutely sure that no investor in any part of the world…unless they are planning to invest in dictatorships….will ever invest in the island under Fruendel…

    So you keep worrying about Mia…while we start drafting documents and keep them on standby for any human rights violations….you desperate jackasses.

  7. These damming revelations speaks clearly to the character of Mottley and infuse with critical thinking the reasons why Osa removed himself as being a member of the blp having Mia as it leader
    It must have made him sick to the stomach being aware of all the under hand dealings of which Mia participate and having to follow her leadership
    Also her battery of lawyers continuous effort to use the legal arm of the law to disarm those who dare speak out or question Mia Mottley actions is frightening
    The media and every individual is being put on notice by Mia lawyers that questionable or opposing views are
    not welcomed
    Frightening to think that if Mia is elected the right to freedom of speech would be eroded by the use of legal stealth

  8. David three comments all awaiting moderation
    No David certainly you are not a blp yardfowl which makes me question your claim to Fair and balance

  9. Cometh the hour, cometh those 45 comments grounded only in hyperbole, half truths and Bajaneque cow dung…🤣

    In came the hallowed Trump and out went the Democratic money grabbers who passed and smiled knowingly at the new door men…

    At door two was a fella booting them out. The room was cleared and he opened another door to the right and invited his lobbyist friend with whom he had bought a house years ago while AG in the state of Oklahoma. He then graciously, as any decent southern gentleman would, escorted the wife and lobbyist herself of another close lobby colleague to a comfortable seat in the room. He sat with her to discuss the renewed terms of his ‘rental at fifty bucks a night in her lovely apartment condominium. “Now” he was reported to ask, “this is only be for nights I will be in town, correct. And my daughter can be there also some of those nights, right.”

    “Absolutely so. No problem, whatever” the lady said. It was reported, she continued, “All in order. The rents would be $200 or $300 a night on the open market but considering we have that meeting next week at your offices to discuss and confirm that claw back of that stupid Obama clean air regulation I want you to be comfortable. So we have a deal”. “Great”, supposedly said the honourable and decent Scott Pruitt.

    And further up at door one as the Obama swamp dwelling deep state demons were finally kicked outside stood a Trump fixer. As he planted his boot firmly to the backside of a Dem he opened a new base…ment door and up walked the general counsel from Novartis. Then came an executive from AT&T, one from an investment firm with Russian infused big money and one from a Korean aero space company.

    When they left he had consulting contracts for over $3 million. Not bad for a night’s work. He felt empowered that they had cleaned up, so well. He dialled another executive from Ford Motors and told him about his new Trump linked consultancy too but nothing could be finalized.

    But boy how refreshing to have this Trump breath of clean air and water control in place.


    @45, I am so glad you like half truths and BS as it gives me a chance to report on the startling TRUTHS and total BS emanating from this administration. Now that we have your decent and upright folks in place guarding the doors then life is again settled. Praise be to your Thrump!🤔

    Same shiiite in Bim too. Praise be to Mia!

  10. The polling results clearly have the deceitful, desperate defeated Dems dizzy. So no CCJ and no Privy Council. Someone care to tell me what will be the final court of appeal? #prstuntisover😂🤣

  11. David the only reason you have not release my two earlier comments because it speaks to a deep concern and questions the character of Mia and her under hand dealings during the 14 year period of the blp goverence some or many of which OSA might have known and thought it not befitting for Mia to become leader of the blp
    One cannot help but remember the time and day when OSA removed her as being the leader of the blp
    One cannot help but remember the the time when OSA issued a damming conclusión stating that the blp had lost its soul
    One cannot help but remember the time when OSA removed himself from being a member of the blp party a party which he loved and was of service
    All said he had become bitter and hateful . However as allegations are being level against Mia during this election cycle which exposes the dark side of her character the answer as to why OSA was not in favour or wanted to participate in Mia Mottley leadership of the blp becomes clearly obvious

  12. Also in my earlier comments i question the stealth action of Mia lawyers who leans on the arm of the law to curtail individuals freedom of speech
    It is also noteworthy as well as troublesome that these lawyers actions sends a disturbing message to all and sundry driving home a message that questions relating to Mia character would be dealt harshly
    Folks the warning alarm has been sounded.
    Buyer beware

    • @enuff

      Over the years the blogmaster has bought in to the approach that it is better to post the propaganda viewpoints and in turn expose it by posting the facts.

  13. Since David continue not to release another one of my comments which takes on or deals with the stealth action of lawyers seemingly to protect Mia interest as they boldly sends letters to individuals with an intent of depleting individuals or all others to a guranteed right to
    freedom of speech while protecting or trying to protect Mia character by stealth which in effect keeps the public unaware
    This in my mind poses a serious threat to a democractic right as these lawyers tries to impose their legal right to supress the people right to know

  14. Question why is Mottley silent on these allegations
    What is she trying to hid
    If intrue why not clear the foul stench that fills the air from these allegations
    Have not heard Mottley in her own words stated she knew nothing about the granted waivers to her father which begs the questions
    If she did not know or had no involvement than one would expect her voice to refute would be loud and clear
    On the other hand her silence vibrates a sound of deceptive notions

    Btw David what propaganda wasnt there a letter which stated that Mottley had met with Benedict Peters

  15. Lawsuit..

    “Loop has confirmed with a credible source that letters are scheduled to be served tomorrow.

    Roger Forde, the Attorney-at-law representing Elliott Mottley, the father of Mia Mottley, Leader of the BLP, had first broached the idea that defamation proceedings may get underway when his client held a press conference at his offices in Strathclyde on Wednesday, May 16.”

  16. All should be concerned and especially the media houses who dare ask relevant pertinent questions under the leadership of Mia Mottley.

  17. Enuff. doesnt Mia always speak of Transparency and would she not be the first to indicate that information policies or procedure dealing with govt done willfully or knowingly out of the public glare is suspect to under hand dealings or passes the smell test of impriorty
    Therfore in the case of the Nigerian business man and in the way with which she dealt with the meeting between both of them should such a carrying on be suspect of underhand dealings
    Or on a second thought because she is a Mottley she is entitled and exempt from scrutinty

  18. 45govt

    You described Muslim as “barbarians”……………and then referred Trump as “Donald Trump (PBOH)?”

  19. @Desperposa
    WHY should any party leader answer anything? Haven’t they learned from FJS that silence is the best policy?
    We haven’t heard anything about Four Seasons or the accounts of Clearwater Bay???
    If it wasn’t for claims from the LoO, we would have no idea about Hilton other than a sale was being considered.
    No update on BNTCL. No word that one large debt holder has given notice they will NOT roll-over their GOB bond holdings.

    IF, the B’s form the next administration, and take the government by stealth approach introduced by the current D’s and grow it, as the D’s grew the Debt, elected government members may not speak about anything beyond the walls of Parliament.

    Do you appreciate, the one consistent argument against the D’s, as even stated by your own Senator Suckoo, is they do NOT communicate?

  20. 45govt


    Muslims do not understand “alayhi wa salām,”…….yet they use this expression to honour the esteem Prophet Muḥammad ibn ʿAbdullāh (PBUH) and any other Prophet or Imam of Islam?

    And you want to justify using PBUH (peace and blessing be upon him) “salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam” after the Trump’s name……….to honour a compulsive liar, who, according to “The Fact Checker’s” database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement uttered by him……….

    …………has knowingly and shamelessly made over 3000 false and misleading statements since he became president of the USA?

    As de Pedantic dribbler would say “freaking amazing.”

  21. Isnt Mia the one voice always preaching Transparency then if she cant walk the walk then why RH talk the talk
    Her silence cannot be compared to FS distancing himself from the cackles and the blp agitators but Mia beliving in her selfworth of entitlement to do as she please
    Btw Mia says that the law firm to which she is an associate owes thousands of money in back taxes.

  22. Mia Mottley

    We Barbadians need answers :

    • Why did you try to force our beloved Owen Arthur into the hands of the late Hugo Chavez ?

    • Why did you waive millions of dollars in arrears of Income Tax for your father – causing thousands of other Barbadians to not get their income tax refunds, on time ?

    • Why did you waive 87 million of dollars for Barclays/CIBC merger – before the legal opinion of the Solicitor General was received ?

    • How come Jose y Jose – # 1 in the # 2 business – can get contracts totaling $ 36 million to fix & construct roads ?

    • Why would any FEMALE voter in St. Michael North – East have to take a photo of their ballot – to prove to you , they voted for you ?

    • As Minister of Education – responsible for Edutech – why did you send all the legal work to Sir Henry Forde’s law chambers !

    • Are you still proud to know that your father’s law firm still owes the Government of Barbados millions in back taxes – which you said you will not REPAY in 30 years time ?

  23. The one and only feature that has fallen flat is Mia character which would take a hefty beating and a huge price to pay at the polls
    Btw tell Wickham if he is holding on to the poll result for a last minute momentum to influence the voter tell him the last time he tried that trick it blew up in his face

  24. lol..yardfowls got chased off barbadostoday by commenters after posting nonsense all day..and are now back on BU..yall don’t get tired of being insignificant and irrelevant though.

  25. My good lady silence is silence. Always comparable, cause in both cases you have NOTHING.

    and FYI since the dawn of this century, BOTH the B’s and the D’s have promised transparency and integrity legislation at every election, and after 2 terms for each, and 18 years into this century nothing from either party when in power. That’s consistency for you.

  26. Eyes wonder and ears want to know why in hot barbados Mia is wearing a long scarf most seen worn in the winter months
    Eyes and ears wants to know what could she be hiding under that scarf hanging around her neck

  27. Hahaaaaaa. Ask Santia, Cynthia, Prescod and Kerrie why they wear scarves too. And FYI those are not winter scarves you donkey. Whatever she’s hiding didn’t show up in her close up interview earlier when there was no scarf. If Froon spoke to Bajans as much you would know the need for a scarf. Y’all are crazy af, very much like some Trump supporters who were convinced Hilary had a body double.🤣🤣🤣

  28. For an outline of the devastating and destructive management of this Democratic Labour Party administration 2008-2018 read the comments and views of their former appointed Ambassador to the UN and the OAS who STEPPED DOWN IN 2016 AFTER 8 YEARS IN THE POSITION,SHELL SHOCKED” according to Tony Best writing in today’s Sunday Sun newspaper on page 32A.

  29. I think Mia was wearing a turtle neck sweater for that interview lol
    Anyhow back to the long scarf u mentioned 4 others all i can say maybe one fool makes four more fools in hot barbados

  30. @Artax
    You described Muslim as “barbarians”……………and then referred Trump as “Donald Trump (PBOH)?”
    Some of these people are as delusional as the guy they hero worship. One of his rabid media supporters put the idea in his head that he could win the Nobel Peace Prize if he was able to negotiate nuclear agreement with NK that’s why he was so gung ho about the talks and calling Kim “honourable” just a few months after he had the parents of Otto Warmier whom the N Koreans sent back to the US comotose and who died a few days later) at his SOTU.

    He is more likely to win the Nobel Prize for literature (for his tweets) than the Peace Prize.

  31. @ Sargeant..

    “(Trump) is more likely to win the Nobel Prize for literature (for his tweets) than the Peace Prize.

    Could you enlighten us as to what the Obamination got his for, other than being black?

  32. Wait….yardfowls fizzled out since yesterday, when ya are a liar and fraud, it is difficult to even keep a conversation going for

    “Bajan mortgages gone to Mexico
    Article by
    George Alleyne Published on
    May 21, 2018
    One of the five commercial Banks in Barbados has sold its portfolio of overdue mortgages to a Mexican company that will be pursuing Barbadians for the money with an added charge.

    Addressing a Barbados Labour Party meeting in St Philip North on Saturday night, the party leader , Mia Mottley said that the bank sold the rights to that collection of mortgages with late payments for less than 30 cents on the dollar.

    “So, if the mortgage portfolio value was $300 million, they sold it for under a $100 million,” she said without giving an indication of when the transaction took place.

    But she said that the Barbadians who have been behind with payments on these housing loans now have to deal with this Mexican company that wants to recover the money and, in the process, try to make an extra 20 to 30 cents on the dollar from what they’ve paid.

    “So, they want to recover at least $200 million for that portfolio,” she said.

    Mottley said that this should be of special concern to residents of St Philip North, “because I know that a lot of the houses that are being foreclosed upon are in new developments in St Philip”.

    She blamed incumbent constituency member or parliament, Michael Lashley, along with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Finance Minister Chris Sinckler who live in the district, for not taking action to protect the large number of Barbadians defaulting on their mortgages since 2008.

    “But you have been left to the vagaries of the winds,” she said to those attending the meeting.

    “It is heart-wrenching … How does a government sit idly by, not open their mouth and see that people who have lost their jobs, or people who are in strict conditions of hardship, cannot pay their mortgage and a government does not once intervene?”

  33. Now we know this, what will a future BLP government do about this. Will it introduce legislation forcing lenders to obtain a court judgement before repossessing the property? Will a future BLP government compel lenders to reach an agreement with lenders – such as payment holidays, an interest-only period, or repossession and resale at market value? Will a future BLP government introduce new legislation making the borrower the beneficiary of any mortgage indemnity guarantee cover?

  34. Could you enlighten us as to what the Obamination got his for, other than being black?
    To the enlightened, that alone places Obama head and shoulders above most of the other Nobel awardees….. but only to the enlightened….
    To have been born as a natural heir to the BBE kingdom ‘trumps’ most other conceivable assets…

    Obama and his family stands out like a beacon of classiness that was bound to piss off the albino-centric pretenders of this world who, despite their materialistic predispositions, are ACUTELY aware of their “non-heir status”.

    It is precisely the envious disdain for such BLACK classiness that have fuelled the backlash of the election of the class-less moron Trump, whose SOLE claim to fame is the possession of lots of money – mostly from dubious sources in Russia, from a fake university, and from countless business scams that ruined many lives in the process.

    The bushman is pleasantly surprised that persons of 45govt’s ilk did not succeed in crucifying the big ‘O’… for behaving like he was some kinda prince, son of BBE .. or some shiite….

    Bushie is only adopted – and the ‘ BU demons’ all bout the place building crosses…
    ha ha ha

  35. Bushie
    Remember Trump airlines operated from NY to Barbados but the Tourist Board under the able chairmanship of Clevedon Mayers had to pay Trump to fly in to Bdos and which the board could not sustain given the failure of Trump to deliver the goods to this little Sh…hole country.

  36. @ Bush Twat

    Could you enlighten us as to what the Obamination got his for, other than being black?
    “To the enlightened, that alone places Obama head and shoulders above most of the other Nobel awardees….. but only to the enlightened….”

    But you are not enlightened, either physically or mentally. You are a dark moron with a dark brain. I notice you are unable to tell anyone but your own demented persona what it was the Obamination got the Nobel Prize for.

    Have another go, you racist cretin..

  37. Trump said “I love the uneducated”, is there an APB for a missing one of his supporters? He seemed to have wandered off the reservation.

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