Christian, Lent and Hypocrisy!

easterThis is the season of Lent and this weekend represents the highlight of the season when willl Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Some Barbadians are justified in their argument that Barbadians have shifted from traditional values with an anchor in a Christian upbringing that have served us well up to recent. This is debate for another time.

The blogmaster is of the view that traditional values with its Christian underpinning should be manifested in how individuals that subscribe to the faith treat with their fellow man on a 24/7 basis. It was with great interest a statement credited to Minister of Youth Stephen Lashley’s resonated with the BU household.

Indeed I believe that we need to spend more time in the media highlighting more of the good work that they continue to do. I think there is an overbalance or excessive commentary in print and electronic media and now on social media, which seeks to highlight every possible negative activity of some of our youth,” he said…

I think that it is a national scandal and it gives an embellished reflection of our young people. I have a lot of confidence in the ability of our young people to rise above an over reliance on negativity.

  • Minister Stephen Lashley

Here is a simple point we want to share with the minister. Nothing wrong with his statement if taken at face value. The blogmaster is also concerned about the malicious and ignorant use of social media. However as leaders, the blogmaster is of the view, we must practice what we preach to achieved positive outcomes.

Surely Minister Stephen Lashley is aware that some of the most vile communication shared in the social media space is perpetrated by ministers of government, Senators, parliamentary secretaries and surrogates from the political class (political parties)? The blogmaster can produce the evidence in a heartbeat to support but we will compromise our position- demonstrated for the past 10 years- that what is shared with the blogmaster, stays with the blogmaster.

The BU household extends best wishes to the BU family for the season.

If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see. Let them see.
― Henry David Thoreau


  • Bushie

    You still up and about

    About these ‘codes’

    Yuh really catching at straws now

    Saw the history channel doc many years ago, soon after 9/11

    From the looks of the Jew who came up with it, he seemed like a conman

    A sick conman seeking notoriety

    In any event, almost any book, of some length, will give the same kinds of useless codes.

    Come on Bushie, this is beneath you!

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  • Jesus and judas were buddies.
    Enter the “money tree” bribe for betrayal. If Jesus knew of this why
    not take the neccessary action.
    Remove/replace Judas.
    A bit naieve ?
    Slap my cheek will slap yours.
    Kick my add will kick yours.
    The do gooder of the planet are
    useless trough suckers.
    Religious parasites ….zealots that will
    believe any good story.
    Fake news !

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  • Happy Easter all.

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  • @ Simple Simon
    Celibacy and fasting was invented by miserable men such as you Bushie and Pachamama.
    Count Bushie outta dat….
    Fasting – yes…
    Celibacy – not for shiite!!!
    …ask Islandgal… 🙂
    …better yet… have you checked to see if Bushie is not the ‘Chief’…?

    @ Pacha
    Stop grasping at straws do!!
    Bushie said IF YOU WANT SOME FUN check out bible codes – and you make a big song and dance… LOL

    From the history of the document; its origins; its sales; its promulgation; its legacy; its poetry ….these ALONE put the bible in a class all of its own.
    ….nothing to do with the spiritual ramifications.

    Like it or not, yuh gotta admit – it is SUPER SPECIAL.

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  • Bushie

    We are at a loss as to how you were able to escape the eternal punishment inflicted

    Again today you are contradictory

    Yesterday you argued how your book so special that only the few could understand

    Today you now contend that it is some best seller.

    Both these can’t be right at the same time.

    The only thing about the bible that could be special is the hundreds of years this piece of propaganda has been imposed on your brassbowls.

    Any other book given such dominant marketing, positioning, will do just as well.

    We suppose the Koran is just as popular, if not more so.

    But that will be unlikely to be granted that same ‘credence’, we presume

    But, gallop on.

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  • Yesterday you argued how your book so special that only the few could understand
    Today you now contend that it is some best seller.
    How are these positions mutually exclusive?
    Which one is not true?

    The very ‘battle’ between the Bible and the Koran reinforces Bushie’s point about the supernatural status of the Bible.

    Most Muslins read the koran in the original Arabic – which most do not understand….
    Most christians have multiple (average of four in the USA) bibles at home (apart from access on computers, iPads, smartphones etc) and yet do not know squat about it (many Americans think that Billy Graham gave the sermon on the mount)

    The bible is unstoppable – and its distribution has only been accelerated by competition from the Koran….. and YES – HARDLY ANYONE understands heads or tails what it says…

    not even GP,
    ..who is still struggling with the fact that Jesus spoke in parables – PRECISELY in order to ensure that those brass bowls listening DID NOT get the message…
    …or that the ‘Trinity’ is diametrically OPPOSITE to what the bible ACTUALLY says…

    But if you have any genuine questions – feel free to ask Bushie – who can ask a friend on your behalf….
    ha ha ha

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  • Miller, what merit? I said I am not perfect but much improved. You make that seem negative. No problem giving up possessions because they mean less to me than people. Have always
    given my all in my imperfect way and am preparing myself to give more. I am happiest that way.

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  • But also one can serve humanity in many ways. We are not all required to be wandering preachers. Paul set up churches with Christians who stayed put and owned possessions and used them for good.

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  • @Bush Tea April 1, 2018 9:06 AM “…better yet… have you checked to see if Bushie is not the ‘Chief’…?”

    My eyes were closed.

    Bushie was that you?

    If so you get 10/10.

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