Barbados Integrity Movement Criticizes the Barbados Labour Party for ‘LOUD’ Election Campaigning During the Christian Season of Lent

The following Voice Note was received from Neil Holder the leader of the Barbados Integrity Movement. His audio feedback about observing the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) engaged in a ‘loud’ electioneering tactic during the season of Lent in a country regarded by the many as being Christian minded (BU’s interpretation) is likely to be controversial.


  • This so-called integrity movement is no different than people like William Skinner et al, people with mentalities from a bygone era, who would seek to enslave us with their anachronisms

    The Nlp is right in a season of political warfare to ignore quaint rasssoulery like easter.


  • BIM,

    Why dont you complain about the sewage flowing on the streets of the south coast and the adverse effect it is having on businesses there?

    Why dont you complain about the fact that ordinary Barbadians cannot get buses on a timely basis?

    Why dont you complain about the stupid Amendment to the Road Safety Act that has upset many Barbadians?

    Why dont you complain about the state of the QEH and that ordinary Barbadians are left to suffer in A&E waiting for care for hours and hours?

    Why dont you complain about the lack of garbage trucks to collect the garbage spewed all across our island?

    Why dont you complain about the fact that Parliament has dissolved itself and that this PM refuses to call the election?

    Why dont you complain about the fact that DLP politicians are viewed as corrupt?

    Why dont you complain about the fact that schools are in chaos and that schools are starved of funds to do even the basics even to supply toilet paper?

    Why dont you complain about the state of the roads in Barbados?

    Why dont you complain about the hundreds of young Barbadians who have had their dreams destroyed because their parents cannot afford the tuition fees to send them to UWI or that they cannot get into BCC?

    Why dont you mount your platform and tell people what you are going to do and stop wasting time? Do you think people can wait forever on Fumble?

    What dont you direct your criticism to the PM, have forgotten that he is the PM?


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    Just took a peek at the 2010 census where 52,676 Bajans have declared that they are NOT Christian.

    I’ve just come from a Christian church, but I have nothing against going to a political meeting right after church. My parents did that, my grandparents did that, so why not me?

    And Mr. Holder has further got it wrong. Lent is NOT commemorated all over the world.

    Truthfully the majority of the world’s people declare that they are NOT Christian.

    So even while the majority of Bajans are Christian, in truth in the rest of the world Christianity is still a minority religion.

    if he does not know these things, or knows them but chooses to mislead, I wonder what else he does not know.

    And he would lead us?



  • What the h-e-double hockey sticks is this guy complaining about? There is never a bad time to attempt to begin the process of removing a failed government that has dragged the masses kicking and screaming below the poverty line. It’s not as though most of us believe that that MIa and her merry band will be any less mendicant but they could not be as incompetent as this bunch. At least, even if they are it is better to take the chance. The odds demand that we do. If these guys are returned we KNOW we will be on a swift descent into h-e-double hockey sticks. Jesus is said to have fasted for forty days and forty nights but some of us are on a forced Lenten fast brought on by the policies of the DLP government. Let Jesus or His earthly representatives feed the four thousand if they want peace and quiet for Lent. Man may not live by bread alone but without it he shall surely die.


  • William Skinner

    @ Pachmama

    “This so-called integrity movement is no different than people like William Skinner et al, people with mentalities from a bygone era, who would seek to enslave us with their anachronisms”

    Comrade Pacha , you really scraping the bottom of the barrel, when you have to invoke my humble name in your brilliant offerings. I thank you for the much needed elevation. Every little bit helps.


  • Growing pains of the UPP?


  • The leader of the UPP:


  • This man we have for a PM has clearly outfoxed himself and he is now up the creek without a paddle.

    In an effort to further his illusion and ego that no man or woman can read him, he allowed Parliament to dissolve. He wants so much to hold on to power that we are now into the Lenten season. He somehow ignored his advisers and felt that he could go where no other PM has gone before.

    I am guessing the Fumbling idiot forgot that schools are used on polling day. CXC exams are fixed dates and written exams normally begin May 1/2 and finish late June. So tell me if schools are unavailable where does he plan to set up polling stations should he go past April?

    Is it really in his plan to create a crisis, hence the importation of military equipment?

    Why did Ronald Jones talk about the police will have crack heads and shoot some people? We are not know as rebellious people!

    Why did the clown Steve Blackett talk about blood will flow in our streets during the exam? We are not know to be vicious people during elections!

    What clowns!


  • Correction

    Why did the clown Steve Blackett said in Parliament that blood will flow in our streets during the election? We are not known to be vicious people during elections!


  • Can our constitutional experts tell us if a Barbados government can continue making law even if parliament is dissolved?
    Under the Westminster system of government we would not have this problem unless there is a national emergency, such as war. Another deviation from the much vaunted Westminster/Whitehall model.


  • This point was made to BU a couple weeks ago. This is where an active BSTU and BUT should be all over this issue including the Principals of secondary schools. The political class should not be allowed to shape this narrative by their lonesome.


  • @Hal Austin March 11, 2018 at 2:50 PM #

    NO, government can no longer pass LAWs. If an emergency situation arises and is agreed too by Governor General then the Prime Minister and Ministers can act as an emergency government, although no new laws can be enacted.

    This is Wilys take on Barbados Constitution.


  • This is a clear indication why the electorate is disappointed in these so-called third parties. So many issues you can speak about and you gone off the radar talking about Lent. What about the Trunk Invasion along with local calysonians blasting music left right and center and you saw nothing wrong. Damn hypocrite. Poor politician. Nothing to offer. BTW. UPP had meetings.


  • …………What about the Trini invasion OMG with local calypsonians………..




  • The Barbados Integrity Movement is clearly a misguided contraption of misfits.You serious about asking an opposition party questions when the government is so out of touch with everything and everyone?You could only be a super sized JA!


  • I saw the MOF signed a US$40 million loan two Fridays ago.

    I am amazed at the DLP yardfowls who claim that the DLP inherited a bad economy with so much debt…………yet this government has borrowed more money in 10 years than the BLP borrowed in 14 years and we cannot see what they have done with all of this money.

    Barbados is worse off than under the austerity period of 1991-1994 under Sandi. They borrowed millions from China. After the 21 downgrades they went and borrowed 30 million dollars from FCIB to put into a development bank in Brazil…………I dont even know what became of that money.

    I will always maintain that the dems knew how to win elections but never had a clue how to govern……….hence our predicament.


  • I went unto Bajan Reporter and listened to this man’s interview.

    He has confirmed what we all knew……..the UPP is just a bunch of misfits and losers who only came together with the sole purpose of cutting votes because they cannot win a damn seat.

    This man talks from all sides of his mouth………… Lynette is a puppet for people and she is power hungry, he done with politics, he may run as an independant, they may come back for him after this interview. He is clearly confused and out of touch.

    Imagine he is running as a candidate and asked Lynette for $2 and she did not give him……so he wonders how she would treat the people of Barbados when she treated a colleague like that. What a RH……….should I feel sorry for Lynette……….


  • @ David March 11, 2018 at 2:35 PM #
    The leader of the UPP:

    Can someone tell Lynette she needs to look into the camera when speaking to the nation.


  • TMY

    BIM clearly wants noticing………….he has joined up with another Apostle. Other than being seen in the Worthing area talking about the sewage problem, they are silent when it comes to the DLP who are mashing up our country but trying to be loud in attacking MAM.



  • @Bajan in NY

    Just imagine she is doing a press release and every second, her cell phone is ringing………so unprofessional!


  • Prodigirl

    And the Dems will win again !

    If not for you & the ranting of 7 more posters on BU – no body would the Dems as having any opposition in Barbados 🇧🇧 !

    The rational thinking Barbadians are :

    • Very happy with their government !
    • Laughing 😂 at how the Public Officers ain’t paying Akkani McDowell and the NUPW no attention !!
    • Admiring how King Stuart have the BLP put posters on January 1 , 2018 fuh General Elections in June 2018 !! Posters fade out so badly …. but BLP telling Bajans they interested in ensuring no ….. WASTAGE !!!

    Oh …..What a colossal WASTE !!!

    But then again what can Bajans expect from a DESPOT !!


  • Prodigirl

    You gine fret till you $$$hit your pants !!

    5 more years of hard Labour in yuh tail !!

    Your leader – MAM – have too much baggage !

    Ask Gline Clarke , George Payne , Kerrie Symonds ( 1000 pounds of blubber) , Ronald Toppin & Miller !!!!


  • UPP & BIM

    You are doing wonders out there !

    Your sterling efforts giving Prodigirl the NINNINGS !!

    He listening to all wunna saying & planning !


  • ” registered electors can receive information about the constituency, polling district and polling station in which they are registered by calling 535-4875.”

    Electoral Department’s website


  • In the Readers section of today’s Sunday Sun, a reader Dereck Foster is submitting a check list of things which are the responsibility of government and which should be used as a guide to deciding if this government is making the country better such that the voting public can determine whether there has been a constant improvement in one’s living standards.

    Have our living standards improved under this administration?
    Have taxes decreased?
    Are the roads better?
    Has garbage collection improved?
    Have sewage and sanitation improved?
    Has water management improved?
    Is public transport better?
    Are the health services better?
    Have government services improved?
    Has the economy improved?
    Have our foreign reserves increased?
    Has government debt gone down?
    Is Freundel Stuart a good leader?
    Has this administration been transparent?
    Is there less corruption?
    Has the government done a good job of solving problems?
    Do I have confidence that this administration can solve the problems of this country?
    Do I trust this administration?
    Should I vote for this administration?


  • Gabriel here are some question I would like answered:
    Questiions I would like my constituency representative to answer
    Are you in favour of legalising same sex marriage?
    Are you in favour of legalising prostitution?
    Are you in favour of legalising the growing and use of marijuana?
    Should corruption among parliamentarians and other government officials be investigated and prosecuted?
    Are you in favour with vote buying?
    Have you ever bought votes?
    Have you ever been given money or other gifts to secure your vote?
    Have you ever gave electors money or other gifts to secure their vote?
    Are you in favour of Barbados going to the IMF to secure a loan to shore up the foreign reserves?
    Should buggery laws in Barbados be repealed?
    Should youth who exit secondaary school without certification or income generating skills be placed in a two year post-secondary school program of apprnticeship, volunteerism, character building, conflict resolution, values education, and entreprenurship as it relates to established and developing sectors of the economy?
    State three programs you would like implemented for the people of your constituency.
    State three programs you would like to see implemented that would benefit the nation at large.


  • Be more specific. Which is your constituency?


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    you missed one question.

    WHO BENEFITTED from the last 10 years of this government and who will benefit from any government going forward.

    you get a lot of pretty speeches leading up to election, but after election whoever is elected, their toxic house negro mentality kicks in and they all immediately forget that it is the majority population who should benefit the most, whose progress takes precedent over everyone else`s, those are the people who made it possible for ministers to be elevated to parliament and are their bosses, the majority…all of that gets forgotten.

    these newly minted ministers never remember anything about young people and do everything in their power to deprive the young of progress in their lives and work overtime to keep them stagnant.

    its the same ugly practice by government ministers after every election cycle.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Bim aka one-man party called Neil Holder Sole Proprietor:

    What are you trying to tell Bajans in your harangue of religiosity?

    Are you saying that the people of Antigua & Barbuda and Granada are nothing but a bunch of stupid heathens with no Christian upbringing and understanding?

    Why don’t you focus on ‘weightier’ matters like the country running out of foreign reserves thereby putting irreversible pressure on the already shaky currency peg?

    Now that would certainly put the Devil’s advocate cat among the Christian pigeons then you will see who is DLP fish from Bim fowl!


  • Let's Not Remember the FAILED DLP

    Poor Lynette, she has been accused and will for this day forward be know as the woman who “wanted run a government by Whatsapp”


  • Is this guy serious?

    Trinidadian calypsonians having been performing in Barbados during Lent, when they don’t perform in T&T during that time.

    Not a word from BIM.

    So many problems in Barbados and these idiots are focusing on Mia Mottley.

    It is clear that these third parties only purpose is to cut votes, as they are not offering nothing else.


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    these brainwashed, hypocritical god and jesus freaks are destructive and should be ignored by the electorate completely.


  • Miller
    Italy,that bastion of Roman Catholic ‘civilization ‘ just had an election in the middle of the Lenten season.I didn’t hear anything from Francis the Pope let alone this joker in we midst name Holder.He’s clearly out of his depth and I hope in future a law is passed that all votes cast for nuisance parties should be divided up equally among the victor and the first runner up.


  • Steupseeeeeeeeeeeeee…

    Dear Pachamama

    Any you and my last girl friend vex with me and consider that I have sinned most heinously because of my stance on th3 current crop of 3parties ….


  • Let's Not Remember the FAILED DLP

    Charleston says MONEY flowing into the UPP. Who is paying and what are they getting in return?


  • And they walk amongst us.

    In the VOB 12:30 news today, MAM offered a suggestion for why our esteemed prime minister (all lowercase) may be holding off on calling an election date. It has nothing to do with strategic planning, political savvy or superior intellect. Her opinion is that the great one is not calling the election date because there is a Commonwealth Heads meeting coming up in the UK shortly and it may be the last one hosted by Queen Elizabeth ll. So our Little African Despot, knowing full well that this is the last FREE FIRST CLASS airline ticket and brand name hotel he will EVER enjoy on the heads of Barbadians, is holding off calling an election before the meeting. Good Lord, say it ain’t so.


  • Well it’s official !!

    There will be no General Elections in Barbados 🇧🇧 in March 2018 !!

    March 31 , 2018 …….would mark 90 days since the BLP mounted their posters – ILLEGALLY on the Barbados Light & Power (BL&P) electric poles !!

    So here it is the BLP can mek the BL & P wait fuh 90 days to tek down those posters – that are ILLEGALLY mounted on electric poles across Barbados !!!

    But don’t want to wait fuh 90 days for His Majesty Freundel Jerome Stuart to LEGALLY announce General Elections date in Barbados 🇧🇧 for 2018 !!

    Talking bout a Blighted Labour Party !!!

    Barbados deserves better !!


  • Clearly the man was not in the inner circle, what does he know.


  • NorthernObserver

    Bim ranked #1 on the World DSI


  • NorthernObserver

    And while Bim’s score did not change in the last months of the year, it was #8 @ 8.8 after 4 months of 2017, so the others ahead all rolled back.


  • Let's Not Remember the FAILED DLP


    He made a good point tho………….check the UPP headquarters and see if money pouring into its coffers.


  • Let's Not Remember the FAILED DLP

    Basically he said Lynette too cheap to lend someone (a comrade) $2, she wants to run a government by whatsap and that based on the fancy headquarters money MUST be flowing into the UPP from somewhere.


  • @ FearPlay March 12, 2018 at 2:13 PM #

    “In the VOB 12:30 news today, MAM offered a suggestion for why our esteemed prime minister (all lowercase) may be holding off on calling an election date. It has nothing to do with strategic planning, political savvy or superior intellect. Her opinion is that the great one is not calling the election date because there is a Commonwealth Heads meeting coming up in the UK shortly and it may be the last one hosted by Queen Elizabeth ll. So our Little African Despot”…



    Can you even imagine this loiterer in office, though?

    This is a man whose rhetoric prior to his unfortunate rise to a position he never deserved to be in and who is now holding us to ransom……..was so anti white and anti plantocracy that I cannot understand how he could oversee a cabinet who has given even the kitchen sink to three or four white men.

    He previously hated whites judging from his rhetoric…… why does he want to be in the Queen’s presence? What a hypocrite!

    The dems said that the poor black man was to get 40% of all government contracts…….these money donors in turn returned our tax dollars to the dlp in various forms. The poor black did not even get 4% but yet they would want these same black people’s votes.

    They who previously hated the white man has bent over backward and given away our……the taxpayers assets to these few white men and has even given one the high honour of sitting on the board of our Central Bank and one on LIAT’s board……..a man who is hardly an intellectual and dont know crap about an airline. This man apparently call the shots and these pathetic ministers cannot say no.

    This is what we have come to as a nation with these idiots!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “So our Little African Despot, knowing full well that this is the last FREE FIRST CLASS airline ticket and brand name hotel he will EVER enjoy on the heads of Barbadians, is holding off calling an election before the meeting. Good Lord.”

    Why would you be surprised that Fruendel is so shallow, petty and trifling, that is all any of them have displayed for 10 years, that is why nothing worthwhile ever got done, no progress for people or island..

    More the reason to kick their shallow asses out of government permanently, they are a bunch of black people who have no depth or intelligent thought, at least they showed their tru colors, now punish them..


  • @Let’s Not Remember the FAILED DLP March 12, 2018 at 2:47 PM #


    He made a good point tho………….check the UPP headquarters and see if money pouring into its coffers.

    This serves Lynette right. In her haste to attack MAM and pull down the BLP, she has allowed fringe elements to be part of her coalition.

    This man was with PDC, what did she expect? The man is so destitute that he had to ask Lynette for $2………..and this is whom she named as a candidate to run in St Philip West, a constituency from which she ran away?

    The man believes that money is flowing into the UPP coffers and more will come as a result of Maria Agard’s deceitful and conceited maneuver.

    These two deserve each other.


  • Prodigirl

    The UPP got you bawling 😭 !!

    Lynette & Maria knows all the BLP dirty deeds……so who better to spill them ?

    After Maria exposed the BLP on the South Coast Sewage project scam …..the Bees ain’t catch themselves on the sewage topic !!!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Prodigal Son March 12, 2018 at 3:01 PM
    “He previously hated whites judging from his rhetoric…… why does he want to be in the Queen’s presence? What a hypocrite!”

    Excellent contribution there, Prodigal!

    This is not only the ‘perfect’ example of hypocrisy at its ‘apex’ but also the betrayal of a people whose pride has been shattered to pieces as a black nation once considered a model for what could be achieved without violent revolution or stifling dictatorship.

    He Lord King Fumble Dumble Stuart has sold his own people down the river to the modern-day plantations of Bjerkham and Maloney for less than a mess of pottage and like niggers in a woodpile he has pulled wool over the faces of his own poor black people.

    This is the same ugly man with ‘massively’ big social-class chips on his shoulders.

    This monstrous hypocrite -with his ‘weighty’ hang-ups about which secondary school he and his poor-rakey low(e)class ministers attended- needs to drop the pretence of playing to the working-class gallery.

    Didn’t Ministers Messrs Sealy and Inniss and others in his Cabinet attend the so-called elite colleges?

    What is he saying here other than his Minister of Education has been an abject failure in not levelling the secondary education playing field as he so boastfully likes to claim by nauseatingly invoking the now failed Errol Barrow’s experiment in social engineering?

    Can that deceitful lying pompous arrogant jackass who has been pushing the Barbados Republic agenda for the longest of time tell his dear loving people why he still wants to savour (for his last time) the intoxicating pomp and pageantry in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen?

    Hasn’t the ugly fool ever heard of the saying a political cockroach has no right to attend a fowl-cock party?
    The man would be nothing but a politically expired misfit standing out like a bleeding thumb only to be the butt of jokes at the expense of poor devalued Bajans.
    As my Jamaican brethren would say:
    “Darg among doctor, cockroach among shaver.”
    To translate and explain for the non-Jamiacan:
    “A dog among doctors, a cockroach among shavers”.
    ‘So King Fumble should stick to the surroundings to which he is most fitted. That is in the cesspool on George Street and its 30 tributaries’.


  • What is the status of the plan to transition Barbados to. Republic?


  • Miller

    You really intoxicated 😵 tonight !!

    Stop drinking that MILLER brew !!

    His Majesty King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart can afford to make plans to meet the Queen 👸 in London !!!

    King & Queen is a perfect match !!!

    How absurd would it look 👀 Queen 👸 Bee meeting Queen 👸 of the UK !!!!

    Nah … that would look too …..QUEER !!!

    Hah hah ha………I am off to LONDON !!!


  • Excellent, miller!


  • Well Well @ Cut and Paste @ Your Service

    Bajans should know they will be wasting their tax dollars voting to reelect Dennis Lowe…

    why dont you tell the taxing citizens that also, Fractured and Deceitful.

    some parts of the island has not had garage collection for many weeks.

    how long ya think it would be a secret for, i have known for weeks.


  • There is plenty of food on the table, but it is not fine dining/fare.
    Excuse me from the table.


  • Is that really you, Piecey, leaving that tell-tail trail of breadcrumbs all over the phuking internet, like fingerprints on a smoking gun? Even your fictitious grandson, at five years old, could track this shyte, so you can bet your dreary life that you’re on somebody’s radar. It’s almost as if you want to be named.

    By the way, Piecey, shyte paperbacks from the 1970s are not a good basis for a life well-lived. “De Igah Sankshun” and “Tree Days o de Condor” are not supposed to be guides to life, no matter how much you love that whole “terminate with extreme prejudice” vibe.

    Know what I like about the Bush, Piecey, and indeed the whole internet? No eminents. Me, Harold Hoyte, Patrick Maxwell, Bobby Pitcher, Jeff Broomes, a judge, and you.


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