‘Natlee’ the Former Prostitute Vying to Expand Her Job Description in the City

News that featured in the local media on the weekend is that adult worker- a euphemistic description for prostitute- Natalee “Natlee” Harewood has declared her interest to contest the City seat when prime minister Freundel Stuart feels to ring the bell.  We know he has to do it in the next couple of months so there is no mystery as to when.

Natlee seems to be popular within the social media space with over 40, 000 Instagram followers in Barbados and overseas AND in the environs of Bush Hill. We have received a few requests to share an opinion on her decision. The truth is there is no need for the blogmaster to be prolix on this matter. The way she conducts herself in public would not encourage the BU household to support her candidacy. Our position has nothing to do with her gender, we simply do not like the fact that she is has to resort to vulgarity to express herself or sell her body. She chooses to be a prostitute and that is her business. We would encourage her if she wants to help people in the City, especially the poor, to reconsider the business of disrespecting her body.

The truth is we have no stomach to debate this matter but have not allowed a personal view of the BU household to prevent discussion in this space.


Join in the discussion, you never know how expressing your view may make a difference.

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